The Wilds Season 3: Everything We Know So Far

The Wilds - Will There be a Season 3


“The Wilds” is a popular Prime Video series that first premiered in December 2020. Created by Sarah Streicher, this teen drama series combines elements of survival, mystery, and psychological drama.


The show revolves around a group of teenage girls from diverse backgrounds who find themselves stranded on a deserted island after their plane crashes. As they struggle to survive, the girls must confront their personal demons and forge unexpected bonds.


One of the series’ unique aspects is its nonlinear storytelling, which alternates between the girls’ experiences on the island and their lives before the crash. This narrative technique allows the audience to gradually unravel the complexities of each character’s backstory, adding layers of intrigue to the overall plot. ”The Wilds” received generally positive reviews from both critics and audiences.


Critics praised the show for its strong character development, complex relationships, and thought-provoking themes such as identity, trauma, and the pressures faced by young women. The performances of the ensemble cast, including Mia Healey, Sophia Ali, and Rachel Griffiths, were also well-received.


Audiences were drawn to the series for its suspenseful storyline and the relatability of the characters. The show’s portrayal of teenage struggles and the strength that emerges from adversity resonated with viewers.


Many also appreciated the diversity of the cast and the exploration of LGBTQ+ themes.




Official Announcement on The Wilds Season 3


The Wilds is a drama that was made by Amazon Studios by Sarah Streicher. It was made by Amazon to be telecast on Amazon Prime Video. Hence, they hold the right to renew or cancel the show.


The show premiered on December 11 2020, and based on the success of the first season, Amazon greenlit season two. The second season did not receive the same level of praise and appreciation from fans and critics.


This led to the abrupt cancellation of the show. The first season of The Wilds got a rating of 7.3 on IMDb and a 92% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes.


Encouraged by this, season two was made but it did not live up to the standards of its predecessor. Season two got an average rating of 6.6 on IMDb and a Rotten Tomatoes score of 80%.


Faced with declining numbers, Prime Video announced the cancellation on July 28, 2022. There is no hope for the renewal as the numbers have spoken.




Previous Seasons and Episodes of The Wilds


The Wilds is a drama created by  Sarah Streicher for Amazon Prime Video. It had two seasons before it was cancelled. Here, we are going to give you a rough idea about the series and help you get updated on the show.


The Wilds Season 1 was released on Amazon Prime Video on December 11, 2020, and it had 10 episodes. The first season followed a group of young girls who set off to Hawaii on an empowerment retreat called the Dawn of Eve program.


Their plane crashes on the way to Hawaii, and they are stranded on a deserted island. The group has to come together and overcome all differences to work as a team and survive.


The concept might sound tried and tested, but it received a good twist, and this set the show apart. The audiences loved the concept, so Amazon greenlit season 2 and telecast it on May 2, 2022.


It saw the comeback of the old team along with a new group of young boys who faced the same situation when they set off on a retreat called Twight of Adam.


The twist that worked in season 1 became old in season 2 and lost its sheen. As the ratings fell, the show was cancelled without warning. This shocked the audience, considering that season 2 ended with a cliffhanger.




Where to Watch the Show


The Wilds was made by Amazon Studios and is available on Amazon Prime Video in all regions, including the USA, UK, and Canada.




Google Trends Data Analysis


On Google, the search trend for The Wilds has been slightly above average. It fluctuates regularly, but it stays on the higher side of the average. Prime Video has been streaming season 2 on May 6, 2022, and in the past 12 months, the interest in the show has not gone down by much.


However, the curiosity or interest in The Wilds season 3 has not been that great. It is less than the previous seasons, and it shows a declining trend. The fans of the show clearly felt that the creators could not give them any more novel perspectives or twists.


Incidentally, there was a petition to revive the show for season 3. However, it also has not received much attention or affection from audiences.



Social Media Engagement


Social media is also silent about the series The Wilds season 3. There have been a few articles that have created a small ripple on X (Twitter) and on Facebook.


However, there has been a lull in the activity online regarding the show. The change petition also did not cause many fans to flock to X or Facebook to share the excitement.


There have been fan groups who have discussed the show and its cast. The cast also tried to keep the crowd excited with a few posts and shares on X, but none of them caused any major buzz.



Expected Plot of Upcoming Season


The premise of the series, The Wilds, is to test a group of youngsters on how well they survive in adverse conditions and their survival skills. In The Wilds season 1, we see the founder of the programme, Gretchen Kline, monitor and test a group of young girls stranded on a deserted island.


In season 2, we see a similar scenario where a group of boys are stranded on another deserted island at the same time as the girls. They face similar struggles for surviving on the island and overcoming personal conflict.


Towards the end of the season, we discover that all the struggles of the group were an experiment by a powerful organisation, and the founder of the organisation has an agenda against patriarchy.


The experiments and experiences were an effort to prove that women fared better than men in organising, surviving, and leading groups. If there were to be a season 3, we would have a chance to see the end result of this experiment.


Would the girls and the boys work together to prove a point or defeat the purpose of Gretchen Kline? The fate of the two snitches from the girls’ group and boys’ group also needs to be discovered.



Important characters of The Wilds


In each of the seasons of The Wilds, different sets of characters shine through or leave an impact. Some are heroic while some are treacherous.


1. Gretchen Kline

Gretchen Kline


In the series “The Wilds,” Gretchen Kline, portrayed by actress Rachel Griffiths, plays a pivotal role as the enigmatic and morally complex founder of the Dawn of Eve organisation. Gretchen is a charismatic and influential figure who orchestrates a social experiment gone awry, where a group of young women find themselves stranded on a remote island after a plane crash.


Her role in the series revolves around manipulating and observing the girls’ struggles for survival in order to further her own mysterious agenda. As the story unfolds, viewers gradually discover her motivations and the depths of her manipulation, making her a central figure in the show’s overarching themes of identity, resilience, and the consequences of unchecked ambition.


Gretchen’s character adds layers of intrigue and complexity to the narrative, keeping viewers engaged and questioning her true intentions throughout the series.


2. Dot Campbell

Dot Campbell


Dot Campbell, played by Shannon Berry, is a resilient Texan who exudes dependability owing to her maturity beyond her years. Her upbringing, marked by adult responsibilities, grants her a grounded and practical demeanour on the island.


Dot’s affinity for survival media makes her an invaluable asset, often taking the lead when tasks arise. She shoulders not only her island responsibilities but also cares for her terminally ill father in flashbacks, a testament to her salt-of-the-earth, everyman, and caregiver qualities.


She even demonstrates medical know-how, likely stemming from her father’s illness. Dot’s introverted tendencies stem from a past involving drug dealing and supporting her father, leaving her with limited social interactions before the crash.


3. Leah Rilke

Leah Riike


Leah Rilke, portrayed by Sarah Pidgeon, takes centre stage as the main character in “The Wilds.” Leah’s preference for solitude finds her immersed in reading, writing, and keenly observing her surroundings.


Her life takes an unsettling turn when she forms a troubling connection with a much older author, leading to a forbidden and destructive relationship. Leah is characterised by her intelligence, wit, and occasionally a warm and affectionate side.


Her imaginative and analytical nature occasionally becomes an obsession, leading to accusatory tendencies she strives to control. The burden of guilt weighs heavily on her due to these obsessions. Leah is deeply affected by gaslighting and she confronts those who engage in it.


4. Seth Novak

Seth Novak


Seth Novak is one of the main characters of Season 2 and is portrayed by Alex Fitzalan. He comes across as a kind-hearted, helpful, warm person in the initial episodes.


On the surface, he is a nice guy, but underneath, he hides his psychotic nature well. As the series progresses, his unhealthy rage, obsessive nature, and cruel heart are revealed through his actions.


Despite his manipulations and whitewashing of facts, his true nature is displayed in front of everyone, time and again. Seth is a deeply untrustworthy person with anger issues and many psychotic behaviours.


When he is revealed to be one of the snitches for the organisation, he tries to trick everyone and escape.


5. Kirin O’Connor

 Kirin O’Connor


Kirin O’Connor is introduced as a typical high school jock. He is short-tempered, aggressive, impatient and a self-appointed leader. Kirin is played by Charles Alexander. He was suspended from high school for homophobic slurs, and his scholarship was cancelled due to the actions of Ivan.


Despite his negative image, as the series progresses, we get to see a softer and more heroic side of Kirin. It turns out that he is a caring and protective friend who might not be a homophobe after all.


He is a misunderstood guy who uses his anger to do the talking. Kirin is also a strong leader who stands up for his team in their hour of need and accepts his faults.


He slowly mends his relationship with his enemy, Ivan and makes new friends with Josh.



Important Crew Members and Their Work


1. Show Creator- Sarah Streicher

Sarah Streicher


The creator of “The Wilds,” Sarah Streicher, delivered her best work through a compelling blend of intricate storytelling, impeccable character development, and thought-provoking themes. Her adept direction ensured a seamless fusion of drama, mystery, and survival elements, captivating audiences from the very first episode.


Streicher masterfully orchestrated an ensemble cast, allowing each character to shine individually while weaving their personal narratives into a larger interconnected web of intrigue. Her ability to delve into complex psychological dynamics and explore themes like identity, trauma, and the resilience of the human spirit set the show apart.


Furthermore, Streicher’s visual storytelling skills, innovative narrative structure, and attention to detail elevated “The Wilds” into a gripping, emotionally resonant series that not only entertained but also challenged viewers to question societal norms and the essence of human nature.


2. Show Directors- Alison Maclean, John Polson, and Ben Lucas

Alison Maclean


Alison Maclean, John Polson, and Ben Lucas are directors of various episodes of “The Wilds.” Alison Maclean’s episodes were marked by artistic flair and a keen eye for visual storytelling that added depth to character development.


Her direction emphasised the emotional intricacies of the characters, drawing viewers deeper into their journeys. John Polson’s work was characterised by his ability to build tension and suspense, heightening the show’s mystery and intrigue.


His episodes featured skilful pacing and dynamic storytelling, keeping audiences on the edge of their seats. Ben Lucas contributed a fresh perspective, infusing his episodes with a sense of realism and authenticity.


His direction grounded the show in the harsh realities of survival, highlighting the psychological and physical challenges faced by the characters.


3. Show Writers- Sarah Streicher

Sarah Streicher


Sarah Streicher, the creator and head writer of “The Wilds,” laid the foundation for the series with her exceptional storytelling skills. She crafted a complex narrative that seamlessly weaved together multiple character arcs and timelines, creating a compelling mystery that kept viewers engaged throughout.


Leon Chills, as one of the show’s writers, contributed to the depth and authenticity of the characters’ experiences. His writing brought richness to the dialogues, exploring the psychological and emotional aspects of the characters’ struggles, trauma, and growth.


Melissa Blake’s writing on “The Wilds” added a layer of social and feminist commentary, addressing themes of identity, gender, and societal expectations. Her scripts provided a thought-provoking backdrop against which the characters’ journeys unfolded.



Similar Shows and Where to Watch Them


1. Yellowjackets



“Yellowjackets” is a gripping TV series that seamlessly blends elements of mystery, drama, and psychological horror. Created by Ashley Lyle and Bart Nickerson, the show follows the harrowing tale of a high school girls’ soccer team, the “Yellowjackets,” who crash-land in the wilderness while en route to a competition in 1996.


As they struggle for survival, the series intricately weaves between their past and present, exploring the traumatic events that unfolded during their time stranded in the wilderness and the enduring psychological scars they carry into adulthood.


With a talented ensemble cast, including Melanie Lynskey, Juliette Lewis, and Christina Ricci, “Yellowjackets” unravels a captivating and eerie narrative that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats while delving into themes of trauma, secrets, and the blurred lines between reality and horror.


The show has a rating of 7.8 on IMDB, and you can watch it on Paramount +, Showtime, etc.


2. Wrecked



“Wrecked” is a comedy TV series that parodies the popular survival and adventure genre. Created by Jordan Shipley and Justin Shipley, the show revolves around a group of strangers who find themselves stranded on a deserted island after their plane crashes.


Drawing inspiration from classics like “Lost,” the series humorously explores how this diverse and often inept group copes with the challenges of survival while attempting to adapt to their newfound tropical home. “Wrecked” is known for its clever satire and absurd humour, as the characters encounter bizarre obstacles, ridiculous situations, and unexpected alliances.


The ensemble cast, featuring talents like Zach Cregger and Asif Ali, brings a mix of slapstick and witty humour to the screen, making “Wrecked” a hilarious and entertaining take on the survival genre that consistently surprises with its irreverent and comically chaotic twists.


3. Lost



“Lost” is a critically acclaimed TV series that initially aired from 2004 to 2010. Created by J. J. Abrams, Damon Lindelof, and Jeffrey Lieber, the show is a captivating blend of science fiction, drama, and mystery.


It follows the lives of a diverse group of plane crash survivors who find themselves stranded on a mysterious, seemingly uninhabited island in the South Pacific. As the survivors work together to survive, they uncover the island’s enigmatic secrets, including supernatural occurrences, ancient mythology, and a mysterious group known as “The Others.”


The series is renowned for its intricate storytelling, complex characters, and mind-bending narrative twists. ”Lost” received widespread critical acclaim during its run and holds a rating of 8.3/10 on IMDb, showcasing its enduring popularity and the impact it had on television storytelling.


Its intricate plot and memorable characters have left a lasting legacy in the world of television.


4. Manifest



“Manifest” is a supernatural drama TV series that premiered in 2018 and was created by Jeff Rake. The show revolves around Montego Air Flight 828, which experiences a brief period of turbulence during a routine flight but lands safely.


However, upon landing, the passengers and crew discover that five and a half years have passed for the rest of the world, while for them, it feels like no time has elapsed.


The passengers grapple with their newfound abilities, visions, and a mysterious calling that compels them to solve various mysteries and prevent impending disasters. Simultaneously, they face scepticism and government scrutiny.


The series delves into themes of fate, destiny, and the unexplained as the passengers work to unravel the mystery behind their shared experiences. ”Manifest” received mixed reviews from critics but gained a loyal fan base.


It held a rating of 7.2/10 on IMDb, indicating its popularity among viewers.


5. Hanna



“Hanna” is a TV series based on the 2011 film of the same name. Premiered in 2019, it is a gripping thriller created by David Farr that follows the extraordinary journey of the titular character, Hanna, a young girl raised in isolation by her ex-CIA operative father, Erik Heller, in the remote forests of Poland.


Trained to become an assassin, Hanna possesses exceptional combat skills and intellect. As the series unfolds, Hanna escapes her secluded life and embarks on a mission to uncover the truth about her identity while evading ruthless intelligence agents who are pursuing her.


Along the way, she forms unexpected alliances and confronts the complexities of the modern world. The show combines action-packed sequences with themes of identity, family, and self-discovery, making it a compelling and suspenseful addition to the espionage thriller genre.


The series had an IMDB rating of 7.6.


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