Prison Break Season 6: Everything We Know So Far

Prison Break Season 6: Everything We Know So Far


Most people who are into television shows and web series are duly aware of the fact that Prison Break is one of Fox’s most successful network television shows of all time.


When it first made its debut on the channel in 2005, it managed to grab eyeballs and turned out to be a massive success. In fact, the first four seasons of the program helped it amass a huge following across the globe.


Today, it is widely regarded as one of the most thrilling shows to have ever hit our small screens. The story starts with showing an engineer named Michael Scofield installing himself in a prison he helped design.


He does so to save his falsely accused brother from a death sentence. What follows is a series of thrilling events that keep the viewers engaged for the next few seasons.


That said, the success of the show can be gauged from the fact that it spawned a video game, the spin-off series Prison Break: Proof of Innocence for mobile phones, online webisodes, an official magazine, and a novel, among other merchandise.


Needless to mention, a lot many movie buffs across the globe consider the first four seasons of Prison Break to be peak entertainment. And, even though the fifth season may have failed to recreate the magic of the previous seasons, fans will perhaps never stop asking for more when it comes to this particular series.




Official Announcement of Prison Break Season 6


Rumours were rife that Prison Break was initially cancelled after its fourth season because of creative problems. However, it did return with a fifth season, which did not really open to unanimously positive reviews.


One reason for the same could be that the writers themselves felt that all the possible stories had played out and that they had no specific direction to take the fifth season.


Irrespective of what they initially believed, the fifth season did see the light of day, albeit with mixed reviews. Those who managed to sit through its episodes were convinced that the television series was now running past its optimal length.


That could be one reason why the plans for another season may have been called off. Also, it’s said that not only did Fox end up losing interest in a fresh season but even Wentworth Miller stepped back from reprising his central role.


So, when you don’t have one of Prison Break’s main characters, Michael Scofield, it is understandable that the makers may perhaps not want to go ahead with the story anyway.


But, the fact that the series almost returned for a sixth season after being cancelled twice speaks volumes about its popularity. That being said, we’d like to add that the show became extremely repetitive as it went on, especially in the fifth season.


Needless to say, its concept does not fit a five or six-season run given that most of what is shown will come across as incredibly familiar to most people.




Previous Seasons and Episodes of Prison Break


Those who have seen the show thoroughly have enjoyed seeing structural engineer Michael Scofield trying his best to prove his brother Lincoln’s innocence, no matter what it takes. At the same time, the duo and their mates are forced to withstand a shadow organization known as The Company, led by high-ranking politicians and other well-off and connected people.


In the first season, we catch the brothers escaping prison. The second shows them and their fellow prison mates being on the run while the brother’s roles are smartly reversed in the third season.


Come the fourth season the battle between the brothers and The Company becomes far more threatening as they are tasked with retrieving intel from within the organization. The five seasons of the series comprise 90 episodes, whose runtime ranges from 42-45 minutes or more.


Some of the best-rated episodes according to IMDb are Go (Season 1, Episode 21), Flight (Season 1, Episode 22), Riots, Drills and the Devil: Part 1 (Season 1, Episode 6), Riots, Drills and the Devil: Part 2 (Season 1, Episode 7), and Tonight (Season 1, Episode 20).




Where to Watch Prison Break


Prison Break is available for streaming on Disney+ in the United Kingdom and Canada. On the other hand, the American audience can stream all five seasons of the show on Hulu.




Google Trends Data Analysis for Prison Break Season 6


It is no secret that plans for a fresh season of Prison Break have petered out. By now, fans of the series are also aware of the fact that they may not be able to see some of their favourite characters return.


In fact, many even believe that cancelling the show to protect its legacy was perhaps the right decision. While most of them feel that the show shouldn’t have returned for a fifth season, some seemed to be okay with it.


But, it is difficult to deny that the Prison Break audience has definitely thinned post the premiere of the fifth season. Not only did the season open to mixed reviews but it also wasn’t streamed as much online.


Indeed, the fact that people were not as keen to revisit similar stories became quite evident with the launch of the last Prison Break season. That’s perhaps why the search trends pertaining to the sixth season aren’t any better on Google.


Despite its initial success, the show has somehow lost viewers in the past couple of years, and the coming of season 5 didn’t help its cause either. Therefore, it’d be safe to assert that the series has very little chance of rebuilding its audience; a task which seems next to impossible without Wentworth Miller starring as Michael Scofield.


While it was certainly full of unexpected turns, it was only about time before it became too predictable to maintain its enigma.



Social Media Engagement for Prison Break Season 6


It’s been clear for quite some time now that there may not be a sixth season of Prison Break and that its leading man doesn’t want to play straight characters anymore.


So, of course, these updates were bound to make it to social media after having come to the fore through the press. While not many people have been sharing their thoughts on a potential sixth season of the show of late on social media platforms, there have been some who have been seen quoting Dominic Purcell’s Instagram posts on the potential revival of the series.


Irrespective of whether we get to see a new season or not, what manages to impress us is the fact that people have been incredibly loyal to the show so far.


Sure, some ardent fans of the show were a tad disappointed with its last instalment, but there are no questions about the fact that they might also be the first ones to watch a fresh season if it’s ever planned and released.



Expected Plot of Prison Break Season 6


A devoted follower of the crime drama series Prison Break will always find an excuse to get back to the series. But, it only helps if the plot is worth spending time on.


So, yes, we do know that no official word is yet out on the sixth season, there is no harm in at least guessing what it could be all about.


Several theories suggest that if a new season does indeed come out, it’ll only make sense to see the formidable gang return to carry out their plan. However, we are not sure if Wentworth Miller’s Michael will be seen organizing every detail of an escape with a primary plan and a secondary plan in place.


While the leading man may not be sure about revisiting his character at the moment, we must not forget that both Michael and Sara have successfully come back from the dead in the past.


Indeed, we can’t really claim to know things unless we actually do know them. That said, we are certain about the fact that fans will be pleased to see plenty of series veterans making a swashbuckling comeback in a fresh season.


But, until Prison Break is officially renewed, let’s not go overboard and start expecting things here already.



Top Characters in Prison Break


1. Theodore “T-Bag” Bagwell

Theodore "T-Bag" Bagwell


Robert Knepper’s Theodore “T-Bag” Bagwell has got to be one of the most despicable human characters on any television show ever. That’s one reason why he was always able to grab our attention with his antics.


Now, we don’t condone most of the things he does but he needs to be given more credit for being super smart with the resources he has. While his creepy charisma helps him get whatever he wants, he also has moments of unexpected tragedy and depth.


2. Michael Scofield

Michael Scofield


Wentworth Miller, as the beloved Michael Scofield, pretty much anchors Prison Break. He has a big heart and is the mastermind behind every major breakout in the show. Needless to say, he has a brain unlike any other, and he puts it to great use.


Even though Scofield is a loving partner and brother, it is difficult for his loved ones to completely understand him. There is an air of enigma about him, which makes him come across as incredibly charming.


3. Lincoln Burrows

Lincoln Burrows


Lincoln Burrows uses his muscle strength in situations where Michael ceases to use his brain. The duo complements each other wonderfully, with the former being at the heart of most things in the series.


Played by a convincing Dominic Purcell, Lincoln is someone who relies on his fists. Also, he seems to function best when he is around his brother. Together, they truly are a force to be reckoned with.


4. Alexander Mahone

Alexander Mahone


Alexander Mahone makes a slightly late entry in the story but he manages to make a rock-solid impression. This conflicted individual really holds his own among a plethora of likeable characters in the series.


It isn’t surprising to see why most people didn’t take to his personality. He was difficult to sympathize with due to some of the things that he did. At one point in time, we even feel that he doesn’t think twice before killing people.


5. Fernando Sucre

Fernando Sucre


If there’s one word that can accurately describe Amaury Nolasco’s Fernando Sucre, it’s ‘loyalty’. So, whenever we used to catch Michael’s big-hearted pal in action, we couldn’t help but like him.


He puts his life on the line for his friend several times during the course of the series. Sucre may not be seen as a leading character but he certainly carries a goodwill that’s difficult to match by any other individual in the story.


Indeed, a major chunk of the credit goes to Nolasco for bringing warmth to the role. Therefore, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to claim that Sucre, with his magnificent attitude to boot, might just be the most loyal wingman in the history of television.



Top Crew Members of Prison Break


1. Paul T. Scheuring

Paul T. Scheuring


A screenwriter and director of films and television shows, Paul T. Scheuring is the creator of the hit crime drama series Prison Break. Born in Aurora, Illinois, he has also served as an executive producer and head writer of the same.


2. Bobby Roth

Bobby Roth


Bobby Roth is credited with directing the maximum number of episodes of Prison Break. He is a television and film director, screenwriter and producer, whose 1984 film Heartbreakers made its way into the 35th Berlin International Film Festival.


3. Kevin Hooks

Kevin Hooks


Kevin Hooks may have had an experience directing television shows and movies but he has also tried his hands at acting. He can actually be seen playing a part in Aaron Loves Angela, Sounder, and The White Shadow.


The man served as a director and producer on Prison Break and is also credited with helming the feature Prison Break: The Final Break based on the series.


4. Ramin Djawadi

Ramin Djawadi


This well-known Iranian-German film score composer, conductor, and record producer has made his presence felt through his work in various TV shows and motion pictures over the years. While he certainly has composed the score for Prison Break, he is also known for his scores for the mega-hit HBO series Game of Thrones.


5. Fernando Argüelles

Fernando Argüelles


Fernando Argüelles has provided the cinematography for at least 32 episodes of Prison Break. A member of the Spanish Society of Cinematographers (AEC), he was born in the capital of the Asturias Province of Spain, Oviedo.


He also serves as one of the members of the International Cinematographers Guild.



Shows Similar to Prison Break


1. Escape at Dannemora

Escape at Dannemora


Created and written by Brett Johnson and Michael Tolkin, Escape at Dannemora traces the journey of a female prison employee named Tilly, who seems to be battling an existential crisis.


Sooner than later, she gets romantically involved with a couple of prisoners and helps them escape. Just like in Prison Break, a manhunt is launched to look for them.


2. Breakout Kings

Breakout Kings


A lot many viewers are of the opinion that Breakout Kings has a Prison Break-like story squeezed into every other episode, which works for them. In it, we catch a squad of US Marshals making a deal with several convicts to apprehend escaped criminals.


If they agree and subsequently succeed, there is a possibility that their sentences will be significantly reduced.


3. Money Heist

Money Heist


The popular series Money Heist introduces us to an unusual group of robbers who attempt to carry out the most perfect robbery in Spanish history, for they aim to steal over 2.4 billion euros from the Royal Mint of Spain.


As the story progresses, we see how the unusual turn circumstances motivate the actions of the group, which paves the way for several other thrilling events.


4. Ozark



Netflix’s Ozark stars Jason Bateman as Marty Byrde, a financial advisor who ends up embroiled in a life of crime and, therefore, has to take extreme measures to ensure the well-being of his beloved family.


After he moves with his clan from Chicago to the Missouri Ozarks, he has to face constant danger from the cartels and the law enforcement agencies alike.


5. True Detective

True Detective


Those who have seen True Detective consider its first season to be a massive success. However, the show failed to repeat its success with the release of the second season.


In it, we witness police officers and detectives around the United States of America coming to terms with the dark secrets that encircle them; all while investigating homicide cases.


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