The Last Tycoon Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

The Last Tycoon


Based on the unfinished novel by beloved writer F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Last Tycoon stars Matt Bomer, Kelsey Grammer and Lily Collins in the lead. In the nine-episode season, we are transported to 1930s Hollywood where the power struggle between the industry’s first wunderkind studio executive, his mentor, and the current head of the studio is unleashed.


The show does a fantastic job of showcasing the complicated and equally demanding professional and personal life of a bigwig Hollywood executive. Since the drama is set in the 30s, the costumes and scenery are gorgeous to behold.


However, despite the handsome execution, the project opened to generally mixed reviews. Amazon decided to time-travel back to the beginning of Hollywood with this ambitious show. Written and directed by Billy Ray, The Last Tycoon’s first season comprised nine episodes.




Official Announcement Of The Last Tycoon Season 2


While the first season of The Last Tycoon may have appealed to its target audience, it’s not sure yet if it will return for a second edition anytime in the future.


If you have been through the debut season, you’d know that it slightly deviates from and adds to Fitzgerald’s unfinished work. It goes on to provide a contemporary commentary of sorts on era-appropriate elements like unionization, women’s rights, and the rise of Nazi Germany.


Since the show decided to add certain elements to its source material, we can be sure of the fact that more stories can be planned to further what’s already been depicted in the first edition.


Sure, the story may go beyond where the novel concludes, but no official word regarding the same is out yet. It’s been said that Fitzgerald was about halfway to his conclusion when he bid adieu to the mortal world.


Be that as it may, we are certain of the fact that co-showrunners Billy Ray and Christopher Keyser have a plan for the series’ future that goes far beyond what’s been penned in the past.


There is a strong possibility that they might just be waiting for Amazon to give them a green signal. Since the makers seem to have a good idea of where the second edition may go, they must have been disappointed to learn that Amazon may not renew the story after all.


Rumours are rife that the stakeholders at the streaming giant are instead eager to bankroll shows that can make the biggest difference around the world.




Previous Season and Episodes Of The Last Tycoon


In this lovely period piece, we are introduced to a handful of characters that are played ably by talented screen performers. The power struggle between a young and enthusiastic studio executive and his immediate superior may not excite everyone, but it certainly does get the job done for the fans of the genre.


The pricey project managed to bring to light the machinations of the Hollywood studio system in the 1930s with conviction in the first season. That being said, many believe that the unfinished novel, which revolved around the character Monroe Starr, was, in fact, modelled after producer Irving Thalberg.


The Great Gatsby and This Side of Paradise author may not have been able to finish his story but its makers tried their very best to do justice to it; all while trying to add elements that’d perhaps attract mainstream audiences today.


The first season of the show comprised nine episodes, each of which was 51-61 minutes long. Some of its top-rated episodes are titled Eine Kleine Reichmusik, An Enemy Among Us, Oscar, Oscar, Oscar, Burying the Boy Genius, and More Stars Than There Are in Heaven.




Where To Watch The Last Tycoon


The Last Tycoon is available for streaming on Amazon Freevee and Amazon Prime Video in the United States of America. While the show can be streamed on Amazon Freevee in the United Kingdom, viewers in Canada can catch it comfortably on Prime Video.




Google Trends Data Analysis Of The Last Tycoon Season 2


Now that it’s been confirmed that Amazon has cancelled The Last Tycoon after one season, it is obvious that the interest of the viewers in the series would decline. When it comes to this 30s-set period drama, the case is no different.


In the last twelve months, we have seen the show withstand a period of decline time and again; especially when it comes to the search trends related to its third season.


However, what’s interesting to note here is that those periods have been surprisingly followed by a rise in search trends. Amazon, on the pretext of finding a “large-scale hit”, has come up with a decision to let go of the series for good.


While only time can tell whether the decision that they’ve taken is wise, what, however, is fairly clear that the search trends related to the third season of the show aren’t going to see a dramatic rise unless the stakeholders come up with an update on its renewal.


The streaming service’s decision to tighten its financial belt and search for a broad hit has played the biggest role in The Last Tycoon’s demise. However, we believe that there could be other reasons at work here as well, for the series wasn’t exactly the mainstream audience’s cup of tea.



Social Media Engagement For The Last Tycoon Season 2


You may feel that a show that has been called off after just one season may have failed to evoke a ton of reaction from the public. However, for good or for bad, The Last Tycoon has managed to push people who’ve seen it to have a perspective.


On a social media platform like X (Twitter), there have been posts demanding the show return for the second season for there is so much more to say about Hollywood and its impact on America and the world.


On the flipside, many believe that the period drama series didn’t need another push for it could have only run for a single season, given that its source material was unfinished in the first place.


Matter of fact, there are a select few people who found the series to be sleep-inducing at times. Be that as it may, a large chunk of the audience is miffed with the streaming giant and is willing to save the show by organizing a virtual protest.


Needless to mention, they seem to have taken to its fascinating characters, period setting, and patient storytelling. It is not surprising then that they have been quite vocal about conveying their disappointment over Amazon’s rather surprising decision.



Expected Plot Of The Last Tycoon Season 2


The nine episodes of the first season familiarize us with the power struggle between Monroe Stahr and his boss, Grammer’s studio head Pat Brady. Through their story, we also pretty much get to understand the machinations of the Hollywood studio system in the 1930s.


Now that all plans for a second season have been scrapped, we are not exactly sure what events could have possibly been touched upon next. That being said, it is imperative to mention that the debut season of The Last Tycoon opened to generally mixed reviews.


Sure, the costumes and scenery were gorgeous to look at but the show managed to appeal to only a certain section of the audience. Despite this, the showrunners firmly believed that they would need as many as five seasons to tackle this quintessentially American tale.


Suffice it to say that they may perhaps still be waiting to see if Amazon decides to pick up this series for another season. While the show certainly does bring to light what being a part of Hollywood may have felt like decades ago, there are several other elements to juggle as well.


Besides its obvious political undertones, there is also a subplot that shows Monroe’s passionate struggle to make his dream motion picture called American Dream. Needless to say, these subplots can easily be furthered in the second season.


Add to that the fact that the relationship drama amongst the cast can also be explored deeply.



Top Characters In The Last Tycoon


The following characters and the relationship that they share among themselves help you sit through the period drama series.


1. Monroe Stahr

Monroe Stahr


Monroe Stahr pretty much resembles the youth of today. While the enthusiastic man is certainly interested in the artistic value of motion pictures, he is also someone who’d like to make a ton of money soon.


Since he lost his beloved wife to death, he tries to make up for the loss by swamping himself with work. That being said, his efforts are not always appreciated by his employees even though he is extremely interested in their welfare.


2. Kathleen Moore

Kathleen Moore


Kathleen Moore is someone with whom Monroe seems to be having a passionate affair. Even though she is his mistress, she does remind him of his dead wife in more ways than one.


Over time, we see her getting married to another man, but, surprised as you may be, she continues her affair with Stahr.


3. Pat Brady

Stahr’s partner Pat Brady is perhaps only interested in making money. Despite being bold, audacious, and calculative about his ways, he doesn’t seem to understand a lot of technical things things about the industry.


This could be one reason why Stahr doesn’t appreciate the fact that he opposes his policies.


4. Cecilia Brady

Cecilia Brady is not only the dead daughter of Pat Brady but also the narrator of the story. We get to learn that she is someone who ends up falling for Stahr, who doesn’t pay her much heed.


Sooner than later, we see her getting involved with another man but ends up suffering a complete breakdown. You get to learn that the lady is relating the story from a tuberculosis sanatorium.


5. Wylie Whyte

Wylie Whyte is a screenwriter who wishes to wed Cecilia. However, one can perhaps notice that this attempt to marry her may just be a way for him to gain her father’s influence.



Important Crew Members Of The Last Tycoon


The following crew members have put their best foot forward in making sure The Last Tycoon is liked by its target audience.


1. Billy Ray

Captain Phillips writer Billy Ray did his best writing and directing the HBO drama series project based on F. Scott Fitzgerald’s unfinished novel. An able screenwriter and film director, he started writing for television and movies in the first half of the ’90s with Color of Night.


Aside from the aforementioned projects, he has also worked on 2019’s Richard Jewell. Born in Los Angeles, and raised in Encino, Los Angeles, California, Ray started to both write and direct in 2003 with Shattered Glass.


2. Scott Hornbacher

Aside from Billy Ray, Scott Hornbacher has also helmed a couple of important episodes in the debut season of the series. The man began his career in the entertainment industry by working as a production assistant for films in the 1980s.


Today, he is known to have served as a producer and director on the AMC drama series Mad Men, which won the Primetime Emmy Award for Best Drama Series in 2008 and 2009.


It is imperative to mention that he has also worked as an assistant unit production manager for the second season of the hit HBO drama series The Sopranos.


3. Andrew Scott Berg

Andrew Scott Berg has served as a consulting producer on the 30s-set drama series. Professionally a biographer, he has written biographies on personalities such as Katharine Hepburn, Woodrow Wilson, and Charles Lindbergh.


Aside from The Last Tycoon, the man has also written the story of the controversial film Making Love, which was one of the first features to touch upon the subject of gay romance.


4. Mychael Danna

Canadian composer Mychael Danna is known for his work on both film and television. The acclaimed personality has gone on to win the Golden Globe and Oscar for Best Original Score for his work on the critically acclaimed full-length feature Life of Pi.


The man has also received an Emmy Award for Outstanding Music Composition for a Miniseries, Movie or a Special for his work on the miniseries World Without End.


5. Daniel Moder

Cinematographer Daniel Moder has made his presence felt in motion pictures through his work on Secret in Their Eyes, The Mexican, and Fireflies in the Garden, to name a few.


He has taken care of the cinematography department of The Last Tycoon and has done a fairly good job at it. The man has earned a well-deserved Primetime Emmy Award nomination for his work on the television film The Normal Heart.



Shows Similar To The Last Tycoon


If you truly grew fond of The Last Tycoon, there is a strong possibility that you’ll end up enjoying these shows as well.


1. The Deuce

The Deuce


Set in 1970s Manhattan, The Deuce is a period drama that strives to showcase what life used to be like in New York City, with porn and prostitution at their peak.


Indeed, its portrayal of the prostitution business that was publicly executed at that time is hard-hitting and, therefore, remarkable. The series is toplined by actors Maggie Gyllenhaal and James Franco.


2. Hollywood



Netflix brought to us this miniseries in mid-2020. The story, which is set in post-World War II Hollywood, introduces us to a pack of aspiring actors and filmmakers, who are willing to do everything in their capacity to make their dreams of making it big in the entertainment industry come true.


3. Boardwalk Empire

Boardwalk Empire


In this period crime drama television series, we are introduced to the treasurer of Atlantic City, Enoch Thompson, who happens to be friends with both gangsters and politicians. Needless to say, his connections lead the federal government to take a special interest in his life.


4. Mr. Selfridge

Mr. Selfridge


This British period drama television series tells us the story of Harry Gordon Selfridge and his department store, Selfridge & Co., in London. Set in the early 1900s, we catch the titular character moving to Britain and opening one of the most luxurious chains of high-end department stores known as Selfridges.


5. Z: The Beginning of Everything

Z: The Beginning of Everything


Z: The Beginning of Everything tells us the story of Zelda Sayre Fitzgerald. We catch the talented and equally pretty Southern belle becoming the original flapper and icon of the wild, flamboyant Jazz Age in this 1920s-set period drama series, which has been headlined by the charismatic Christina Ricci.


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