Abigail Adds a Bloodthirsty Twist to Classic Universal Monsters



Abigail is an upcoming horror thriller film set to release in 2024. It is directed by the duo Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett, collectively known as Radio Silence. According to reports, the film promises to be terrifying, entertaining, and gory.


The movie is expected to breathe new life into the vampire genre with its fresh concept and inventive touch. The filmmakers are aiming to take on a new horror subgenre, offering a new spin on the classic Universal Monsters vampire tale.


As a result, the full-length feature is highly anticipated by horror fans, especially those who enjoyed the wildly entertaining Ready or Not and the last two Scream films directed by the same duo.




What is the basic plot of Abigail?



Radio Silence’s Abigail tells the story of a cute little ballerina who hides a monstrous secret. The movie aims to be a hit by incorporating horror elements into the plot.


The story begins with a group of people abducting and taking care of the daughter of a dangerous crime boss. They soon discover that the little girl is actually a vicious vampire who thirsts for human blood.


Chaos ensues as they realize that the 12-year-old girl maybe even more dangerous than her father. The plot promises non-stop action and entertainment for fans of the horror genre.


However, the motion picture has big shoes to fill, as there have been many vampire flicks over the years, with only a few of them receiving recognition. Abigail aims to reinvent the genre with its meaning, novelty, and humour.


The movie adds yet another vampire to a long and storied canon of monster flicks.



Abigail is your trademark crowd-pleasing horror


It is widely agreed that Abigail is one of the most clever and original vampire movies of recent times, despite some critics’ negative opinions. The film expertly balances scares and humour with impeccable timing and introduces compelling new heroes as well as delightfully terrifying villains.


According to those who have seen the full-length feature, it is a thrilling horror film that delivers shocking gore and special effects. The captivating performances and moments elevate the storytelling, and the film is expected to include a few twists to keep the horror going.


In short, Abigail meets all the criteria for an exciting, heart-pumping movie that will make us jump out of our seats. Although opinions on the story may be divided, one thing is for sure – it is the most inventive Universal Monsters movie since The Invisible Man in 2020.


Alongside the obvious vampire story that it comprises, it also serves as a multi-genre feature in more ways than one. Therefore, do not be surprised to find it to be a locked-door mystery, a slasher and a haunted house flick all at once.



Abigail is as quirky as it is terrifying


Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett


Abigail aims to provide entertainment rather than elevate the genre, and it succeeds in doing so. The movie boasts impressive visuals and stunning sets. However, the entertainment factor truly reaches its peak as the production value is enhanced by fantastic action and gory body explosions.


Sooner than later, we catch Dracula’s Daughter ominously warning one of her captors, “I’m sorry about what’s going to happen to you.” This dark foreshadowing sets the tone for what promises to be a thrilling and intense experience for horror fans.


The movie pulls out all the stops to entertain its audience, with plenty of blood, scares, and profanity. Indeed, no aspect of the horror genre is left unexplored in this chilling reboot.


The directors Bettinelli-Olpin and Gillett deserve credit for doing their best with the limited narrative they were provided. While the horror factor is certainly present, the duo also focuses on deriving strength from the many action sequences, some of which are among the best in any of their previous works.


It’s not surprising then that they have managed to achieve the desired level of gore in Abigail. Those who love horror movies and are familiar with the directors’ previous work will know what to expect when watching the film in a theatre.



Who do you root for in Abigail?


If you’ve watched the trailer of the movie Abigail, you might find yourself in a bit of a dilemma. The story revolves around a group of criminals who kidnap a wealthy man’s daughter.


However, they soon realize that the girl they have abducted is actually a merciless vampire who is thirsty for blood. The kidnappers are portrayed as bumbling fools, while the girl they’ve taken is a bloodthirsty monster.


This puts the viewers in a major dilemma regarding who to root for. Although we feel sorry for the goons who kidnapped a child, we are horrified when she starts to kill them one by one.



Abigail comprises compelling characters and performances


Actors Kathryn Newton and Angus Cloud


Abigail makes a lasting impression thanks to its quirky and entertaining cast of characters, each with their own unique personalities. Although pitting characters against each other is a common trope in horror films, it works well in this particular movie.


It’s worth noting that the story wouldn’t be as effective without the excellent performances and strong chemistry between the actors, which has earned it the nickname “The Horror Breakfast Club” among many fans.


Actors Kathryn Newton and Angus Cloud have successfully brought the movie’s comic relief to life. In addition, Dan Stevens and Alisha Weir hold their own and prove to be the chaotic duo that benefits the film the most.


They are all supported by the inclusion of Melissa Barrera, who strives to make her presence felt. However, it has been reported that the latter character falls flat after a point, which hinders the story from pushing its limits.


Weir, an Irish actress, debuted in the 2018 horror thriller Don’t Leave Home. She also appeared in Wicked Little Letters and Darklands. Let’s hope Abigail is her turn to shine brighter and consolidate her position as a screen performer.



Other supporting performances in Abigail


Aisha Weir


It is challenging to remain angry at the movie, even though it may not appeal to everyone. However, it is worth noting that it delivers what it promises in its marketing.


Although the directors could have made an effort to match the level of Ready or Not, they failed to do so. While we cannot accuse the movie of false advertising, we are left with a group of unoriginal and predictable characters.


Aisha Weir headlines the story as Abigail, the titular tiny dancer vampire. She utilizes her unique screen presence in the film to show her horror range and versatility. Needless to say, she comes across as both terrifying and sincere in her act.


As mentioned, Lisa Frankenstein’s Kathryn Newton does her best as the group’s bimbo techie. She, along with the late Angus Cloud, provides much-needed comic relief to this vampire tale. They are joined by Dan Stevens and Kevin Durand, both of whom portray an easily frustrated team leader and not-so-bright muscle for the crew respectively.


Durand’s Peter is arguably the most sympathetic character in the team of bickering misfits. But, it is the alluring and observant Joey (Melissa Barrera) who is pretty much the face of the crew.


She is the only one allowed to talk with Abigail. However, her character is thinly developed and uninspired; therefore, not allowing the actress to do full justice to it. Other actors in the supporting cast are Giancarlo Esposito and William Catlett.



Abigail culminates with an effective overreaching message


There aren’t many characters in the story of Abigail who have been given a backstory. Of those who have been provided with one, only Weir manages to stand out. The reason behind this is that the titular character, Abigail, has been given the most complex and rich history and motivations.


Even though there are a few twists and character choices in the story, Abigail takes its own sweet time to earn its satisfying ending. In the process, it ends up delivering a message about family and accountability.



When will Abigail hit the screens?


Abigail is set to hit the cinemas on April 19, 2024. While it may not be your perfect horror or vampire flick, it certainly makes for a perfect weekend watch which doesn’t prompt you to put your brain to use.


Horror fans will be amused by its scary elements, but, the one person who delivers in the true sense of the word is Weir, who is almost unrecognisable as the titular character.


So, the least you can do is watch out for Abigail!


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