Top 18 Strongest Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End Characters

Strongest Frieren Characters


Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End is a story that took the entire anime fandom by storm. No one was expecting such a beautiful story from an anime that was released in this generation.


And that’s one of the many reasons why it managed to become one of the most remarkable stories in the anime realm. The fact that people look up to this show and continue to do so even to this day, proves that Frieren is something that we all want to admire.


And one such aspect of admiration towards this series could be strength. Therefore, today we will be looking at some of the strongest characters in Frieren and learn more about them.


I hope you enjoy this.




1. Demon King


The Demon King is one of the most formidable characters in all of Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End. What makes him worthy of so much recognition as one of the strongest characters is the fact that he has lived for thousands of years, making him quite experienced and capable as a warrior.


Moreover, the sheer influence that this entity has is just insane and that’s one of the many reasons why this beast is placed here on our list. I don’t think there’s much of a surprise seeing the Demon King in this position.


And that’s why you need to appreciate his presence in the show. His menacing armour can make you lose your mind and his strength can shrink your heart.




2. Serie




Serie is that one elf who will make you understand that elves aren’t second to anyone when it comes to strength. The fact that this character is often regarded as a warmonger, goes on to show the true potential that she holds.


Serie has some of the most insane levels of strength that you can watch in this anime. She is often appreciated for the fact that she is a thousand years old and her skill and expertise far exceed anything that we have seen in the anime.


The fact that her restrained aura is on the same level as Frieren’s unrestrained aura proves that she is a beast on her own. If you are someone who hasn’t seen her yet, make sure that you do so as soon as possible.




3. Hero Of The South


His name is still unknown. However, that doesn’t change the fact that his title is more than enough to give you an idea of how incredible this character is. And Hero of the South isn’t the only title this character has gotten.


He is also known as Humanity’s Strongest which, I won’t lie, reminds me of Levi Ackerman but alright. Moreover, his valour has been placed forward in the series in the form of stories.


And those stories involve him fighting some insane characters such as the seven sages. Therefore, we can rest assured that this man is definitely one of the best and strongest characters that are present in the series. Make sure that you enjoy him.



4. Schlacht


This man is an absolute beast. And you can’t expect anything but sheer awe when you get to know this monster. Schlacht is one of the most powerful characters in the entire series.


And the reason why that is the case is because he can see the future. That’s right, this man can literally see the future and fight accordingly. That has been the most overpowered skill that anyone has ever gotten.


However, that isn’t all that he has going on for him. In fact, he is also appreciated for the fact that he was the right-hand man for the Demon King himself, making him a remarkable character.


And while we do have a clue about the person who managed to take him out, we can’t deny that this beast was a force to be reckoned with.



5. Macht


Macht is often appreciated within the anime as one of the strongest mages ever. The fact that this man legitimately calls himself, the strongest of all the Seven Sages of Destruction, proves that he is a monster in disguise.


Not only that, Macht is quite an incredible character considering how entertaining he is. And let’s not forget his physical prowess altogether. While most of you may assume that this man won’t have much physical strength since he is a mage, Macht manages to shake the audience from the core with his actions that allow him to outperform anyone in the story.


There’s no denying that this person is someone you need to look up to.



6. Frieren




The main character of the show isn’t as low as you might expect. Instead, she is one of the most appreciated characters in the entire series. And there have been countless instances of her showcasing how beautifully powerful she is.


What gives Frieren an edge over anyone who is against her is the fact that she has experience. And that experience and age gap allows her to overcome any challenge that she faces on her journey.


Not only that but the sheer skill and strength that this woman possesses is absolutely surreal, making her presence in a list of strong characters from her show, very easy to understand and appreciate by fans all around the globe. They might call him “Lazy” but her capabilities say otherwise.



7. Himmel




Himmel is regarded as Himmel the Hero. And that’s quite impressive considering the sheer amount of contribution that this character has made in the series. He was responsible for leading a group that managed to take the Demon King head-on.


And that’s how he got his nickname. The best thing about this is that Himmel is someone who happens to have a lot going on for him. His personality has always been that of a Hero and morals and ethics are something that can shake anyone from the core.


Therefore, fans loved the way his character was portrayed and appreciated that in the world of Frieren and the intricacies that this story has to put forward.



8. Flamme




She was regarded as one of the most skilled and powerful mages in history. And that’s an impressive title if you ask me. Flamme is the reason why Frieren is here with us.


After all, this woman was the one who took care of Frieren when her village was run over by the Demons. And so, her presence in the series is heavily appreciated and respected by fans all around the globe.


Moreover, the fact that she is a great mentor, proves that this person has all the right in the world to stand here. You can’t overlook this element at all.


It is just such a beautiful experience to witness. So make sure that you also get a chance to experience and appreciate this woman.



9. Qual




While some may appreciate him for his loyalty towards the Demon King, others speculate that his strength might have been more than that of the Demon King himself. And while this speculation may seem a bit over-the-top, there’s no denying that this man and the way he deals with his opponents is insane.


The sheer intelligence and knowledge this character holds are just unreal. And the spells that he has created are far off the charts, making him a beast that can’t be overlooked at all.


It isn’t surprising that this character managed to make it to a list filled with strong characters. After all, he himself is one of the best ones out there.



10. Aura




Being part of the Seven Sages creates a situation where you can’t help but get yourself labelled as one of the strongest characters in the show. And Aura has had countless instances to prove that she is far beyond anything that we have seen in the show.


The fact that she was able to be part of a battle that is often regarded as one of the best in the show definitely says something. The ruthless and power-hungry nature of this character just adds more depth and personality to her, making her a force to be reckoned with.


Don’t be fooled by her petite looks, she is a beast and you need to look out for her as she takes charge.



11. Stark




Stark managed to become a hero without even trying. And that should tell you the level that this man possesses as a character. While his outer appearance says that he isn’t all that special, his personality and history changed the spectrum very quickly.


Firstly, Stark managed to take care of the demons attacking his village. And he did so without planning out anything, allowing him to be recognized as the Hero of his village.


Moreover, the fact that this man is a beast when it comes to socializing and his ability to get along with children, allows us to see a sweet side to him that needs more recognition from fans all around the world.



12. Fern




Fern is the one who is learning from Frieren. And that’s why you need to make sure that this character manages to make a lasting impression on your heart. There’s no denying that her personality is something that is bound to show resilience and strength as she has managed to overcome a lot in her life.


The fact that she was orphaned and rescued at a very young age proves the fact that Fern was meant to be a strong individual in the story. Moreover, thanks to her upbringing, she is seen to be having kindness and perseverance as part of her character.


This makes her a lot more fun, interesting, and deep to watch on screen. Therefore, you need to watch this character at all times in the show.



13. Eisen




Eisen is one of the key members who allowed the team to take down the Demon King. And that’s why, his contributions can’t be ignored. Eisen is one of the lead characters in the show and happens to be quite impressive when it comes to melee combat.


In fact, he is known to be a saviour with his defence strategies. And such strategies allow him to be a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. However, more than that, those strategies allow him to become a formidable ally who can take on a lot more than you might expect.


There’s a reason why Eisen is one of the most loved and appreciated characters in the series. So make sure that you respect his presence.



14. Heiter




The sheer healing capability of this character is absolutely insane. And that’s one of the many reasons why this character is placed here on this list. He was part of the original team that managed to take down the Demon King.


And his skills played a crucial role in the success of the group. However, his personality is often referred to as “corrupt”, making him a character that is often viewed in a negative light.


But there’s no denying that he isn’t a bad person overall. So if you are someone who is overlooking what Heiter is doing in the series, make sure that you notice the depth of his character. He is quite an impressive personality.



15. Lugner




This man managed to catch everyone off-guard. And that’s one of the many reasons why his character is quite interesting to watch on screen. Lugner was one of the notable villains in the series who somehow deceived our main group into believing that he was out there looking for peace.


However, the truth happens to be something completely different and soon enough, we realize that this man is a magician when it comes to manipulation. You can see the traits that make him so formidable such as his ability to be calm under pressure.


And that’s how you know his character was created with a lot of thought being put into him.



16. Linie




Linie, while may not look like a remarkable beast, is quite something on the battlefield. She is often appreciated and recognized for her presence alongside Aura. And that’s why her character is placed here on our list.


Moreover, the fact that this girl is someone who doesn’t understand human emotions and instead does her work like she is supposed to, proves that she is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to battlefield.


Why? Because when the sword is against you, it is your emotions that make it so that you end up losing a lot in your battle. And that’s why, her personality allows her to be a befitting person in the story.



17. Draht




Aura the Guillotine kept Draht as one of the executioners for her. And that’s how he managed to grab our attention on screen. His skills lie in the fact that he has magic threads.


And these threads make it so that Draht can take down enemies easily. That’s quite impressive if you ask me. And let’s not forget the attitude that this man throws to the audience.


I mean the way he deals with other characters, gives him the necessary image as he flourishes as a cunning and deceitful beast. Draht is someone that you need to keep your eyes on as much as possible. He manages to pose a lot of threat to a lot of people in the story.



18. Denken




Denken is often appreciated for the fact that he managed to enter the First-Class Mage Exam. And he did so while being one of the most recognized skilled candidates. This goes on to show that Denken is no ordinary man.


Instead, he is someone who will continue to pay attention all for himself. Denken may seem like a villain but he isn’t. Instead, he is just a character who ends up being too focused on himself, making him somewhat of a narcissist.


However, despite that, this man is often appreciated for the fact that his strength is on a completely different level. But as he uses his mana, his overall charm becomes less reliable.


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