The God Of High School Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

The God of High School Season 2 - Everything We Know So Far


The God of High School is a captivating anime series that originally stemmed from a South Korean manhwa published as a webtoon, created by Yongje Park. At its core, the story follows Jin Mori, a 17-year-old martial arts prodigy hailing from Seoul, South Korea.


The series unfolds within a unique universe comprising three distinct realms: The Human Realm, the Sage Realm, and the Heavenly Realm. The Human Realm closely mirrors our world and is predominantly inhabited by humans, ranking as the least potent of the three realms.


In contrast, the Sage Realm, also referred to as the Demon Realm or Taoist World, teems with mythical creatures like Dragons and Minotaurs. Lastly, the Heavenly Realm houses formidable gods from various mythologies, including the Jade Emperor and Hercules.


The storyline of “The God of High School” revolves around Jin Mori and his companions participating in an extraordinary tournament where they can directly harness power from the gods, termed “Borrowed Power” or “Charyeok” in Korean.


As the narrative unfolds, they stumble upon a mysterious organization pledging to fulfil the tournament’s victor’s wishes. Known as the God of High School tournament, it beckons South Korea’s high school students to engage in a martial arts competition, with the winners earning the chance to realize a cherished desire.




Official Announcement of The God of High School Season 2


The official announcement and release date of “The God of High School” Season 2 remain a topic of uncertainty and anticipation within the anime community. Despite the absence of an official renewal from MAPPA, fans continue to hold out hope for a second season due to the anime’s positive reception.


Originally based on South Korea’s Naver Webtoon, the manhwa boasts over 300 chapters, and the first season of the anime concluded around Chapter 112. This, combined with a cliffhanger ending, suggests that there’s more of the story left to be adapted.


The conclusion of Season 1 left viewers with Mori losing his divine memories, with Mira and Daewi determined to seek out the Monkey King to restore them, further emphasizing the need for a continuation.


While the official Twitter account for “The God of High School” has been silent for a while now, there is still hope that the series will receive a green light for Season 2, especially considering its nominations and awards at the Crunchyroll Anime Awards.


The lack of updates on social media and from the production studio has left fans eagerly awaiting any news of a new season. With ample source material and the ongoing popularity of the series, it’s reasonable to expect a second season eventually, but as of now, no official announcement or release date has been confirmed.




Previous Season and Episodes of The God of High School


The anime “The God of High School” is an adaptation of a renowned South Korean webtoon penned by Yongje Park. Its inaugural season graced screens from July 6 to September 28, 2020, offering viewers an exhilarating journey through 13 episodes, each with an average runtime of approximately 23 minutes.


The series garnered widespread acclaim and earned prestigious nominations, including recognition in categories like Best Animation, Best Combat Scene, and Best Score during the esteemed 5th Crunchyroll Anime Awards. It swiftly established itself as one of the standout anime releases of 2020, often drawing comparisons to the groundbreaking visual and narrative achievements of “Demon Slayer,” which secured Crunchyroll’s Anime of the Year honour.


The anime has received a generous rating of 7.07 from almost 500,000 users on MyAnimeList. The reviews are also positive with only a few criticisms regarding the pacing of the story.




Where to Watch the Show 


The God of High School anime is now available on Crunchyroll in Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States, offering a broad international audience access to its thrilling content.


Viewers in these regions can enjoy action-packed battles, intricate plots, and vibrant characters through Crunchyroll’s convenient streaming platform. This availability showcases Crunchyroll’s commitment to making anime accessible across North America and Europe, strengthening the global anime community.




Google Trends Data Analysis


“The God Of High School Season 2” as a term on Google Trends, seems to have garnered a lot of attention in the past few months. The graph shows constant movement which is a positive sign since it highlights the fact that the anime is in constant search.


The sequel of this anime is being demanded by fans all around the globe and such a graph is nothing less than a green signal for another season. While it doesn’t solidify anything, it does give us an idea of how desired the second season of The God Of High School is.


And that’s why this trend is something that should bring solace to the hearts of all those who are looking forward to another season.



Social Media Engagement


We can find mixed opinions on social media platforms regarding the sequel of The God Of High School. Firstly, there’s a group that seems to have accepted the fact that there won’t be another season.


They don’t have any concrete explanation. They just believe that on the basis of their intuition. On the other hand, there’s another group that seems to be craving a sequel and is looking forward to it with all their hearts, especially after Tower of God received a sequel.


That’s why people are expressing mixed opinions about the sequel of this anime. Regardless, just the fact that people are still talking about this anime despite it being 3 years old is what serves as good news for all the fans out there.



Expected Plot of Upcoming Season


The plot of The God of High School Season 2 is anticipated to delve into the gripping “Jin Taejin Arc,” following the narrative of the webtoon starting from chapter 113.


This new season promises to take viewers on a thrilling journey that explores the backstory of Jin Mori’s enigmatic grandfather, Jin Taejin. The story will revolve around Jin Taejin’s mission to North Korea, driven by rumours of a dangerous nuclear weapon hidden there.


As he embarks on this perilous adventure, the audience will witness a series of flashbacks that shed light on his character and motivations. Meanwhile, in the present day, the aftermath of The God of High School Tournament sets the stage for Park Mubong’s emergence as a complex anti-hero figure.


This intriguing shift in the narrative dynamics adds layers to the story, promising a deeper exploration of characters and their evolving roles. Furthermore, the introduction of the gods into the storyline marks a significant turning point, setting the stage for a battle of epic proportions and challenging Jin Mori’s very existence.


Season 2 is poised to be a captivating continuation of the series, blending action, character development, and supernatural elements to keep fans on the edge of their seats.



Important Characters of The God of High School


The beauty and elegance of this show lie in the hearts of the characters that are showcased within it. And so, it is important for us fans to take a closer look at these characters and admire their complexity and nature in the most passionate way possible.


By the way, we have spoilers in this segment so read them at your own risk.


1. Jin Mori

Jin Mori


Jin Mori, also known as Sun Wukong, is the central character in The God of High School, attaining Supreme God status after RagnarÖk. However, he had to adopt the alias Dan Mori due to betrayal by Park Mujin.


To rescue his sister and seek vengeance against Park Mubong, he reveals his true identity as Sun Wukong. During a decisive clash with Park Mubong, Jin Mori’s identity as the god Maitreya emerges.


Post-battle, Mori attains Nirvana and faces a crucial choice from Xuanzang. He opts to become an almighty being (Buddha) while remaining connected to the world, enabling him to enjoy a happy life with retained powers.


Following Park Mujin’s demise, Mori Jin becomes the world’s adored absolute god and lives with Dan Ahan as Park Taejin’s adoptive parents.


2. Han Daewi

 Han Daewi


Han Daewi, a key figure in The God of High School, was renowned as a member of the legendary Mad Cows duo and an adept fighter who joined the God Of High School Tournament.


During Ragnarök, he received Okhwang’s Wisdom of the Sage and was chosen as the next Jade Emperor. Seventeen years post-Ragnarök, he elevated to the status of one of The Six, bearing the title of the Wise of the East, with his organization ranking second in power after the World Government.


In the wake of the “Advent of Maitreya,” Nox disbanded, and he attained godhood by harnessing divine power from Okhwang. After Park Mubong’s demise, Han Daewi enjoys a contented life alongside Yu Mira and serves the World Government, now under Park Ilpyo’s leadership.


3. Yoo Mira

 Yoo Mira


Yoo Mira, a central figure in The God of High School, holds the prestigious position of the 25th Master of the Moon Light Sword Style and was extended an invitation to partake in the God Of High School Tournament.


During the course of the World Tournament and RagnarÖk events, Ultio R bestowed upon her Okhwang’s pilfered physical power along with the Original Greed. This act garnered recognition from Sang Mandeok, designating her as the heir to the Jade Emperor.


Additionally, she acquired Gáe Bolg from Seo Han-Ryang, the 27th Leader of the National Assembly of the Homeless, and was chosen by the five “family” leaders to assume the role of the 28th Leader.


4. Judge Q

Judge Q


Once a member of the Judges, Judge Q held a crucial responsibility in enlisting and mentoring Han Daewi for the G. O. H Tournament. According to Mujin, his lineage traces back to a Joker, although Xiao Chen speculates that he may have affiliations with the Clown Bloodline.


Seventeen years post-RagnarÖk, he triumphs over Kim Dusik, earning his place among The Six. Additionally, he forges a meaningful relationship with Han Daeryeong, culminating in their marriage and the joyous addition of three children to their family.


5. Park Ilpyo

park ilpyo


Park Ilpyo, renowned as The Siddhartha and a formidable fighter, claims the prestigious Meridional Jeolla Province Championship in the G. O. H Tournament, securing his spot among the country’s top 3 martial artists.


In the aftermath of RagnarÖk, a 17-year interval sees him ascending to The Six and initially serving as an instructor for Ssam-Su Taekkyeon. However, his path takes a different turn when Park Mujin compels him to join the Judges, an organization now under Mujin’s control following Mubong’s fall from power.


Another 17 years elapsed after Park Mubong’s demise, witnessing the emergence of Park Ilpyo’s new organization, the Ex-Judges.



Important Crew Members of The God of High School


There were countless brilliant minds working behind the scenes to make this anime a reality. And as anime enthusiasts, we must make an effort to appreciate them. Therefore, here we have 5 crew members who contributed significantly to the making of this series.


1. Joseph Chou

Joseph Chou


Joseph Chou, a notable figure in the entertainment industry, discovered his passion for Japanese anime during his upbringing in Korea. Originally aspiring to be a director, he shifted his career path to become a producer.


Chou’s significant contributions include his involvement with Warner Home Entertainment, where he played a pivotal role in The Animatrix’s development. Following its success, he led a dedicated division focused on Japanese anime projects and collaborated with industry giants like Shinji Aramaki and John Woo.


His impressive portfolio boasts projects such as Halo Legends, The King of Fighters, and Neon Genesis Evangelion. Notably, Chou produced “The God of High School” anime series, solidifying his esteemed status in the animation industry.


2. Alisa Okehazama

Alisa Okehazama


Alisa Okehazama, a skilled composer and musician originating from Owari, Aichi Prefecture, embarked on her professional journey after graduating from music school in 2016. Initially, she took on the role of a soundtrack production assistant, involving tasks such as supporting digital music production, managing score creation and data schedules, and overseeing workflow organization.


Okehazama’s forte lies in crafting bold EDM compositions utilizing synthesizers. Her remarkable contributions to the anime industry are exemplified by her work on popular series like “Jujutsu Kaisen,” “Jujutsu Kaisen 0,” and “The God of High School.”


3. Sierra Leoni

Sierra Leoni


Sierra Leoni held a central role in the development of “The God of High School” anime series. As the production manager, she oversaw the entire production workflow, managing tasks such as scriptwriting, animation, editing, and post-production to keep the project on schedule and within budget.


Leoni’s responsibilities necessitated close coordination with different departments, resolving production issues, and making crucial decisions to ensure project continuity. Her diligent contributions played a vital role in bringing the “The God of High School” anime series to a successful fruition.


4. Seong-Hu Park

Seong-Hu Park


Seong-Hu Park, also known as Sunghoo Park, is a South Korean anime director and animator based in Japan. He rose to prominence for directing the anime series “The God of High School” and the first season of “Jujutsu Kaisen.”


His creative influence extends to other popular series such as “Garo: Vanishing Line” and “Yuri!!! On Ice,” where he contributed in various capacities, including storyboarding, episode direction, animation supervision, and key animation. Park’s outstanding contributions have earned him multiple award nominations, highlighting his exceptional skills and dedication.


In 2021, he took a significant step by founding his own animation production studio, E&H Production, solidifying his position as a highly regarded figure in the animation realm.





MAPPA Co., Ltd., a prominent Japanese animation studio located in Suginami, Tokyo, was founded in 2011 by Masao Maruyama, a co-founder and former producer of Madhouse. The name MAPPA stands for “Maruyama Animation Produce Project Association.”


Over the years, MAPPA has gained recognition for its production of acclaimed anime series such as “Terror in Resonance,” “Yuri!!! on Ice,” “In This Corner of the World,” “Kakegurui,” “Banana Fish,” “Zombie Land Saga,” “Dororo,” “Dorohedoro,” “The God of High School,” “Jujutsu Kaisen,” “Attack on Titan: The Final Season,” “Vinland Saga Season 2,” and “Chainsaw Man,” among others.


As of April 2023, the studio employs 360 individuals between its Tokyo and Sendai branches. Despite facing criticism related to its work culture and compensation, MAPPA continues to hold a significant position in the anime industry.



Top 5 Similar Shows To The God Of High School


Here are 5 anime that you should watch if you enjoyed the high-octane action, narrative, or characters of The God Of High School. Let’s just say that all these anime will give you the chills that you need and entertain you to the fullest extent.


1. Tower of God

Tower of God


In a mysterious tower that fulfils the desires of chosen individuals known as “Regulars,” wealth, fame, authority, and more await those who ascend to its pinnacle. Twenty-Fifth Bam, whose life was confined to darkness and an unattainable light, undergoes a transformation when Rachel enters his world.


However, Rachel’s departure to climb the Tower shatters Bam’s existence. Determined to follow her, he sets his sights on the tower, and an extraordinary event occurs. Thus, the journey of Bam begins—a young boy who defied the Tower’s selection and opened its doors by his own will.


These extraordinary individuals, referred to as “Irregulars,” continually reshape the Tower’s very foundations with each step they take inside.


2. Jujutsu Kaisen

Jujutsu Kaisen


Yuuji Itadori, a high school student, leads a routine life split between the Occult Club and visiting his sick grandfather in the hospital. However, his world takes a dramatic turn when he unintentionally comes into contact with a cursed artefact.


Ingesting this item triggers a series of supernatural events, propelling Yuuji into the unsettling realm of Curses—horrifying beings born from human negativity. The object, which happens to be a finger belonging to the powerful demon Sukuna Ryoumen, grants Yuuji unexpected abilities, revealing the grave threat these Curses pose to society.


As he enrols in the Tokyo Metropolitan Jujutsu Technical High School, Yuuji embarks on an unalterable journey, embracing the role of a Jujutsu sorcerer.


3. Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Z


Five years after emerging victorious in the World Martial Arts Tournament, Goku finds contentment in his peaceful family life. However, tranquillity dissipates when an enigmatic stranger named Raditz emerges, claiming to be Goku’s long-lost brother.


Raditz unveils Goku’s true heritage as a Saiyan, a nearly extinct warrior race whose home planet met a tragic fate. Goku’s initial purpose on Earth was conquest, but amnesia from a childhood injury transformed him into a benevolent defender of the planet.


Raditz’s attempt to enlist Goku fails, and he warns his allies of an impending peril that could spark an intergalactic conflict. A fierce battle over the seven mystical dragon balls looms, where only the mightiest will prevail in the legendary saga of Dragon Ball Z.


4. Noblesse



Cadis Etrama di Raizel, or “Rai,” the formidable Noblesse, is discreetly enrolled in Ye Ran High School by his devoted servant, Frankenstein, to elude the watchful gaze of the Union, an enigmatic organization determined to eliminate Rai.


Rai begins an ordinary student life, assimilating into human society and building relationships with his classmates. However, tranquillity is short-lived, as Rai must rescue his friends from the clutches of the Union, who had abducted them.


Simultaneously, M-21, a former Union agent turned renegade during the rescue mission, joins the school’s security staff under Frankenstein’s guidance. While M-21 appears as a model employee, his past Union ties weigh on him.


Further complicating matters, Nobles Regis K. Landegre and Seira J. Loyard also enrolled to investigate the Noblesse. As the Union intensifies its pursuit of M-21 for vital information, Rai must conceal his true identity while safeguarding his loved ones.


5. Tenjho Tenge

Tenjho Tenge


High school often signifies a fresh start—a chance to explore new subjects and form friendships. However, for Souichiro Nagi and Bob Makihara, it means something entirely different: an opportunity to rise as the top fighters in their school.


Yet, their ambitions face a significant hurdle at Toudou Academy, an institution with a unique focus. Instead of traditional subjects, Toudou Academy’s sole mission is to revive martial arts in Japan.


Souichiro’s quest for supremacy takes an unexpected turn when he clashes with upperclassmen Masataka Takayanagi and Maya Natsume, who effortlessly quell the freshmen’s aspirations. Rather than deter them, this encounter ignites their competitive spirit.


Who are the formidable fighters at Toudou Academy? Do they surpass Masataka and Maya in strength? And why is Maya’s younger sister keeping a watchful eye on Souichiro? Uncover the answers to these intriguing mysteries in the anime series Tenjou Tenge!


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