Romantic Killer Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

Romantic Killer


Romantic Killer springs from Wataru Momose’s manga, serialized in Shueisha’s Shonen Jump+ between 2019 and 2022. The plot follows Anzu Hoshino, a high schooler uninterested in romance. Suddenly, she’s whisked away to a world where she’s the lead in a dating sim game, pursued by charming guys.


Despite this, Anzu remains resolute in avoiding romance. Produced by Studio DOMERICA, recognized for works like “Subarashiki Kono Sekai the Animation” and “Seven Night Revolution: Eiyuu no Keishousha,” the show’s debut season hit Netflix in October 2022.


This romantic comedy delves into love, friendship, and self-discovery, narrating a heartwarming tale of a girl embracing her true self, and defying societal expectations. With lauded humour, animation, and characters, “Romantic Killer” is a delightful anime sure to captivate enthusiasts of the genre.




Official Announcement of Romantic Killer Season 2


Romantic Killer, a delightful Japanese Netflix Original romantic comedy anime series, draws inspiration from Wataru Momose’s manga of the same name. Guided by the direction of Kazuya Ichikawa, the adaptation of this award-winning manga has swiftly become available for streaming on Netflix, captivating audiences.


Presently, the show’s future on Netflix remains shrouded in mystery, leaving fans to eagerly anticipate news of a second season. Though an official announcement regarding the exact release date of “Romantic Killer” Season 2 is yet to emerge from Netflix, enthusiasts can find solace in the hopeful prospect of its return.


While tentative estimations place the potential release within the second quarter of 2024, the possibility of an earlier arrival lingers. And since the source material has been adapted completely, the chances for another season drop drastically.


Should Netflix opt to prolong Anzu’s escapades, Season 2 could grace screens as early as September or October 2023. With the absence of a precise date confirmation, the production team’s intentions to deliver another season remain obscure.


This anticipation fuels the excitement for the continuation of the heartwarming narrative, promising more laughter, romance, and self-discovery. As fans eagerly await official updates, the projected timeline for “Romantic Killer” Season 2 evokes anticipation for the enchanting world that will once again unfold on their screens.




Previous Seasons and Episodes of Romantic Killer 


Romantic Killer stands as a comedic romance anime that ingeniously satirizes the conventions prevalent in otome games and reverse harem tales. The series traces the escapades of Anzu Hoshino, an unwilling high school protagonist who staunchly evades romantic entanglements, yet finds herself embroiled in an actual dating game orchestrated by Riri, a diminutive sorcerer.


Her journey introduces a bevy of dashing young men who succumb to her charms, despite her steadfast resolve to preserve her single status. Derived from Wataru Momose’s manga, which graced the pages of Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine from 2019 to 2021, the anime adaptation emerged from the creative hub of Domerica studio.


Streaming globally on Netflix in October 2022, the series spans 12 episodes, each clocking in at 26 minutes. Its uproarious script, vibrant visuals, and endearing characters garnered widespread acclaim. Garnering an impressive score of 8.05 out of 10 on MyAnimeList, drawing from over 92,000 user evaluations, the anime stands as a testament to its resounding popularity and the collective enjoyment it has offered to its ardent audience.




Where to Watch Romantic Killer 


Romantic Killer is a series exclusively available on Netflix. Since it is an ONA, the show hasn’t aired on TV and instead, is only accessible through online platforms. The anime can be watched only on Netflix and that can be a concern for a few since the Netflix subscription is an issue.


However, since Netflix provides a wide variety of anime on its platform, paying for the subscription is well worth it. The company is very passionate about the idea of anime and tries to bring necessary improvements for the betterment of the industry.




Google Trends Data Analysis for Romantic Killer 


The graph instantly showcases a sudden spike in searches during the transition from October to November in 2022. This is because the anime was released on 27th October 2022 and all the episodes were available in one go.


Therefore, all those who binge-watched the series and loved it went straight to Google for the demand of another season. However, ever since then, the show has had a stagnant growth rate with no notable spikes.


This showcases that the anime had its fair share of hype but it died down pretty quickly. And ever since then, there hasn’t been any increase in the search for the next season.


It is quite common for many anime to face this since not all of them can reach the level of hype that typical Shounen anime do.



Social Media Engagement for Romantic Killer


A general consensus on social media platforms about Romantic Killer is that people absolutely loved it. They loved the story, the characters, the premise, and the animation. Moreover, almost all of them have pushed their appreciation with a demand for another season.


This is great since it showcases that fans are enjoying the show with all their heart. However, another consensus that was witnessed amongst fans was that they all agreed that another season might not happen.


Since the source material has already been adapted, it is very unlikely that the series will get another season. And fans are acknowledging this fact. Therefore, they all are hoping for one but have reached a common ground that they will most likely not get one.



Expected Plot of Romantic Killer Season 2 


In the world of Anzu Hoshino, a high school scholar deeply captivated by video games, romance and fashion are relegated to the realm of triviality. Her fervour for gaming is unmatched, while matters of the heart and style are shrugged off as mundane and overrated.


Yet, a sudden twist of fate orchestrates a collision between her reality and the enchanting realm of Riri, a mystical sorcerer hailing from the Magical World. Riri’s mission to avert the impending demise of their world thrust Anzu into a whirlwind of transformation.


Inexplicably transported into a dating simulation game, Anzu encounters a trio of remarkably dissimilar and attractive men, each beckoning her towards an unfamiliar path. A scion of opulence living within a cocoon of privilege, a compassionate and athletic confidant ever ready to lend support, and an irresistible idol evoking the adoration of countless admirers.


Though smitten by Anzu’s allure, she remains impervious to their charms, resolutely yearning to return to her beloved video game haven. The stage is set for a captivating narrative: Will Anzu manage to extricate herself from this unexpected scenario, regaining her treasured gaming sanctuary?


Or, amidst the labyrinth of choices and emotions, could her heart steer her towards an unforeseen romantic connection? As Anzu navigates this uncharted territory, the enthralling story unfolds, blending humour, romance, and the yearning for familiarity.



Important characters in Romantic Killer 


Before we move forward in our article, I feel that it’s important for us to take a closer look at some of the most important characters in this anime. After all, it’s all because of them that we have been able to attain such insane levels of dopamine.


1. Anzu Hoshino

Anzu Hoshino


Anzu Hoshino, the main character of the story, embodies the role of an “anti-heroine.” As a first-year high school student, she unabashedly prioritizes video games, cats, and chocolate as her top passions.


Unswayed by the allure of real-life romance, she adeptly thwarts Riri’s orchestrated shojo manga-esque scenarios. Anzu stands out for her logical mindset and compassionate nature, readily supporting her friends in times of need.


Beneath her resilient exterior, her Achilles heel emerges in the form of an intense aversion to cockroaches. With her unique blend of traits, Anzu is a captivating lead who navigates the intricate landscape of the story with a mix of pragmatism and empathy.


2. Riri



Riri, a skilful wizard, wields a star-shaped magic wand to weave spells of romance. Anzu possesses the unique ability to perceive and interact with Riri in their wizard incarnation, a distinction that sets her apart.


Riri further manifests in two human forms, visible and audible to ordinary humans. One guise assumes that of a girl who introduces herself as Anzu’s cousin. The other form belongs to Rio, a boy who asserts his identity as Riri’s twin brother.


This enchanting duality adds an intriguing layer to Riri’s character, as their presence spans both mystical and human realms, entwining their fate with Anzu’s in a captivating narrative.


3. Tsukasa Kazuki

Tsukasa Kazuki


Tsukasa Kazuki, a key figure in Romantic Killer, assumes the role of a supporting character. As Anzu Hoshino’s initial romantic contender, Tsukasa garners attention for his handsome visage, yet deliberately evades romantic advances, rejecting them outright.


His outward demeanour is one of detachment and reserve, though a deeper layer is unveiled when it’s disclosed that his past self was warm and compassionate, capable of forging connections with ease.


This revelation underscores his current aloof façade. Tsukasa’s appearance is striking, with a tall, slender frame, fair skin, neatly cropped orange hair, and captivating orange eyes. His multi-faceted persona contributes to the intricacies of the narrative, painting him as more than meets the eye.


4. Junta Hayami

Junta Hayami


Junta Hayami, affectionately known as Tonta, takes on a supporting role in the Romantic Killer series. Designed by Riri as Anzu Hoshino’s childhood friend, Junta assumes the mantle of her second romantic prospect.


Once an overweight youth with unkempt hair veiling his gaze, Junta’s transformation unfolds, revealing a tall, muscular frame with tanned skin and short black hair. Dubbed the “rookie baseball star” in his school, his amiable and congenial disposition wins hearts, notably Anzu’s.


Despite his calm exterior, Junta’s willingness to stand up for his friends, especially Anzu, showcases his readiness to confront challenges head-on. His character adds depth and dynamism to the narrative, underscoring the intricate interplay of relationships and emotions.


5. Saki Takamine

 Saki Takamine


Saki Takamine, a pivotal figure in the Romantic Killer series, takes on the role of Anzu Hoshino’s steadfast best friend. With exquisite beauty, fair skin, and a slender frame standing at 159 centimetres, Saki possesses a striking appearance.


Her shoulder-length dark-purple hair, elegantly parted to the right, and matching irises enhance her allure. Though she previously sported chin-length hair, middle school saw her donning two low pigtails. Much like Tsukasa Kazuki, Saki grapples with unsought attention from admirers.


Her friendship with Anzu, originating from a middle school encounter, holds immense value, marking a turning point in Saki’s life. Through this bond, Saki blossoms, fostering self-assurance and evolving into a more confident individual.


Saki’s role augments the narrative’s depth, spotlighting the profound impact of friendship on personal growth and resilience.



Important Crew Members of Romantic Killer 


Let us take a moment to appreciate all those who bestowed their creativity and efforts onto this show. These are the people you should thank if you enjoyed this anime from your heart.


1. Kazuya Ichikawa

Kazuya Ichikawa


Kazuya Ichikawa, the adept director, helms the anime rendition of Wataru Momose’s manga masterpiece “Romantic Killer.” Collaborating with DOMERICA, the anime graced Netflix screens in October 2022, resonating with audiences and securing a renewed season on the platform.


Beyond “Romantic Killer,” Kazuya Ichikawa boasts an illustrious portfolio, steering other acclaimed series such as “Keppeki Danshi! Aoyama-kun” and “Shakunetsu Kabaddi.” His directorial prowess shines through, orchestrating captivating narratives that captivate and engage viewers, evident in the resonating success of “Romantic Killer.


2. Mikako Komatsu

Mikako Komatsu


Mikako Komatsu is a prolific Japanese voice actress, renowned for her contributions to TV, video games, and film. Within the anime adaptation of Wataru Momose’s “Romantic Killer,” she breathes life into Riri, an endearingly exasperating magical entity.


This anime creation, produced by DOMERICA, debuted on Netflix in October 2022. Mikako Komatsu’s vocal artistry extends across prominent works, including The Garden of Words, hailing from the visionary Makoto Shinkai, her portrayal of Izumi Shimomura in Ajin, and her embodiment of Rebecca Bluegarden in Edens Zero.


Komatsu’s versatile talent elevates characters and narratives, leaving an indelible mark on the anime landscape.


3. Wataru Momose

Wataru Momose


The creative mind behind the manga gem “Romantic Killer” is Wataru Momose. This enthralling series found its serialized home on Shueisha’s Shōnen Jump+ platform, spanning from July 2019 to June 2020.


The narrative’s essence is condensed into four tankōbon volumes, encapsulating its magic. A novel net animation version, skillfully brought to life by DOMERICA, graced Netflix screens in October 2022, expanding the story’s enchanting reach.


Wataru Momose’s artistic prowess extends to other engaging manga projects, including “Boku to Jinginaki Ojisan.” Through these narratives, Momose’s ingenuity continues to captivate readers and viewers, etching a unique presence within the vibrant world of manga and anime.





YURiKA, a distinguished Japanese singer, lends her melodious voice to the opening theme song of the anime rendition of Wataru Momose’s “Romantic Killer.” This captivating track bears the title “ROMA☆KiRA.” YURiKA’s resonance within the anime sphere is undeniable, with her contributions extending to numerous beloved series.


Notably, she has graced the soundscapes of “Beastars,” “Little Witch Academia (TV),” and “Houseki no Kuni,” elevating these narratives with her musical prowess. YURiKA’s versatile talent and dynamic vocal expressions add depth and emotion to the worlds of anime, forging a melodious connection between storytelling and sound that resonates with audiences far and wide.



DOMERICA, a Japanese animation studio with origins tracing back to December 2010, has made a significant mark in the world of anime production. Their creative endeavours encompass a range of captivating series, among them “Subarashiki Kono Sekai the Animation,” “Seven Night Revolution: Eiyuu no Keishousha,” and “Flying Witch Petit.” One of their notable achievements is the anime rendition of Wataru Momose’s “Romantic Killer,” a series that landed on Netflix screens in October 2022.


DOMERICA’s commitment to bringing stories to life through animation shines brightly, contributing to the rich tapestry of anime narratives that resonate with diverse audiences.



Similar shows to Romantic Killer 


If you enjoyed Romantic Killer with all your heart then the following anime are going to be very captivating for you. These are 5 anime that you should watch if you love Romantic Killer.


1. Uncle From Another World

Uncle From Another World


Following a fateful truck accident, Takafumi Takaoka’s uncle, Yousuke Shibazaki, enters a 17-year coma. Emerging with tales of a magical realm named Gran Bahamal, Yousuke’s claims are met with scepticism until a levitating water incident sparks intrigue.


Together, they established a YouTube channel to showcase Yousuke’s newfound magic. Takafumi takes on the task of acquainting Yousuke with the modern world, delving into the internet and even the ’90s console war’s disheartening conclusion for SEGA enthusiasts.


Leveraging Yousuke’s otherworldly wisdom, the duo expands their online presence, navigating through comments and trolls. This atypical journey weaves the story of an uncle and nephew, promising a venture beyond the ordinary.


2. WataMote



Tomoko Kuroki, having navigated 50 simulated high school scenarios and engaged with over 100 virtual suitors, anticipates conquering her actual freshman year. However, reality paints a different picture – Tomoko is an introverted, socially awkward individual, blissfully unaware of her own disposition.


Supported by her close friend Yuu Naruse and buoyed by her brother Tomoki’s affection, Tomoko ventures into the realm of high school. The series, titled “Watashi ga Motenai no wa Dou Kangaetemo Omaera ga Warui!”, tracks her journey to triumph over internal barriers and embrace a fulfilling life despite her social complexities.


3. Spy x Family

Spy x Family


Within the fragile peace between neighbouring nations Ostania and Westalis, the vigilant spy known as “Twilight” battles corrupt forces to preserve innocence from war’s horrors. Disguised as “Loid Forger,” a prominent psychiatrist in bustling Berlin, Twilight’s true mission is to gather intelligence on elusive politician Donovan Desmond.


Aided by assassin Yor Briar posing as his wife and Anya, a telepathic orphan as their daughter, Twilight crafts a complex plan centred on Anya’s enrollment at Eden Academy. Amidst woven deception, secrets unravel, unveiling an unconventional yet loving family bound by more than pretence – a discovery that underscores the supremacy of their shared affection.


4. Kiss Him, Not Me!

Kiss Him, Not Me!


Kae Serinuma, a kind-hearted second-year high school student and devoted otaku, nurses an uncommon fascination with BL (Boy’s Love). Envisioning romantic ties between her male classmates, her imaginative tendencies set her apart.


Simultaneously, her prominent feature is her weight. A tragic incident involving her cherished character triggers a bout of depression, causing her to abstain from eating and school for a week.


Unexpectedly, her seclusion results in a remarkable transformation—she sheds weight and emerges remarkably beautiful. This shift captures the attention of four boys at her school, each vying for her affection.


5. My Dress-Up Darling

My Dress-Up Darling


High schooler Wakana Gojou immerses himself in the delicate craft of hina doll making, harbouring dreams of matching his grandfather’s expertise. Amidst peers immersed in trendy pop culture, Gojou finds solace in crafting doll garments, concealing this unique passion from the world.


The entrance of Marin Kitagawa, exuding confidence and elegance, presents an unexpected connection. Kitagawa, surrounded by peers, uncovers Gojou’s sewing skills and reveals her own pursuit of cosplay. Acknowledging her need for his sewing acumen, she seeks his collaboration.


Collaboratively crafting cosplay ensembles, their worlds converge, forging an unlikely bond between two individuals from contrasting realms.


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