In The Dark Season 5: Everything We Know So Far

In The Dark


In The Dark is a crime drama telecast on The CW channel. It premiered in 2019 on The CW and ran for four seasons, ending in 2022. The series was written by Corinne Kingsbury and depicted a world of crime, police procedure, and drama.


The series follows the life of a visually impaired young woman, Murphy, who makes poor life choices due to her disability. She works at a training centre for guide dogs that her parents run, and her best friend is her colleague, Jess.


At the start of season one,  Murphy stumbles upon the dead body of her other best friend, Tyson, who also happens to be her drug dealer. Murphy decides to solve the case herself with the help of some of her other friends and runs into all kinds of trouble.


The audience found the series quite entertaining, and the performance of Perry Mattfeld as Murphy was praised. The compelling storyline was a major draw for the audience. IMDB gave the series an overall rating of 7.5, and it had a successful run until it was cancelled by The CW in May 2022.




Official Announcement On In The Dark Season 5


The series In The Dark had a decent run since its premiere in 2019. It was telecast on The CW for viewers in the USA and on Bravo! for Canadian viewers.


There were four seasons in total between 2019 and 2022 when the series ended. After the fourth season was renewed, it was announced that this season would be the last season of the series.


The show was cancelled due to a corporate merger between Warner Bros. and Discovery. As a result of this merger, quite a few series were cancelled and In The Dark was one of them.


The show creator Corinne Kingsbury disclosed that they had an inkling that the show might not get picked up. So, they had planned two different finales for the season, one with a cliffhanger and another with a more wrapped-up conclusion.


With the decision to axe the show, they chose to wrap up in the finale.




Previous Seasons and Episodes of In The Dark


In The Dark is a police procedure-crime drama that revolves around the struggles of a young woman, Murphy Mason. She is visually impaired and only has two best friends she can confide in.


When one of her best friends, Tyson, is found dead, she panics. To make matters mysterious, the police cannot find his body as reported by Murphy. She is frustrated with the police, who do not believe her, and the rest of her co-workers, who don’t understand her pain.


This leads her to rely on an unsavoury crowd to solve the case and an unhealthy lifestyle to distract her grief. This is the broad premise of the series, which ran for four seasons.


Each of the four seasons had thirteen episodes. We see Murphy battle alcoholism, drug abuse, casual dating, and even commit crimes and evade police investigations. This dark and twisted tale of a blind girl who cannot reconcile with the unfairness of fate and life, in general, attracted fans.


They equally praised and criticised the show. The performance of Perry Mattfeld was highly praised but it also angered some critics who wanted a visually impaired actress to play the role.


Be it praise or critique, it entertained and attracted fans with its different plot and strong performance.




Where to Watch the Show


The series continues to be telecast in Canada on the channel CTV 2. Viewers from the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom can watch the four seasons of “In The Dark” on Netflix and Netflix Basic with Ads.




Google Trends Data Analysis of In The Dark Season 5


The series In The Dark was cancelled as a result of a corporate merger in The CW Network, between Warner Bros., and Discovery in 2022. Since then, the curiosity and interest in the show have been on a downward trend.


There is some dissatisfaction with the ending of season 4, yet most fans and viewers have accepted the finale. In the past twelve months, people moved on to newer shows and forgot about In The Dark.


The search trends of “In The Dark Season 5” are quite low and have not recovered during the past year. The protagonist appears to have taken her revenge, so most fans appear to have accepted the series’ ending.


There was a change petition to revive the series in September 2022, and the search trends were at their peak during that month. However, the petition has not met its requirement of 500 signatures yet.



Social Media Engagement


The social media engagement of the series “In The Dark” has been healthy in the past twelve months. Most of the discussions and comments were on Facebook and X (Twitter).


People have been discussing whether the show should be revived by Netflix or not. When The CW cancelled the series as a result of a corporate merger, it closed the doors on the series.


However, it is now available on Netflix for viewing and fans of the show are hopeful that it could be revived for a new season by Netflix. The discussion also revolves around the possible storyline of season 5, and we get to see lively discussions on X among the fans.



Expected Plot of In The Dark Season 5


Although season 4 ended on a decisive note with Murphy taking revenge on the murderer of her ex-boyfriend, many fans still hope for a new season. They still hope to see more of Murphy Mason’s chaotic life and her bad life choices.


The show creator, Corinne Kingsbury, stated that she was aware of a possible cancellation of the show. Hence, she wrote the season 4 finale as a closure. Yet, fans were hopeful for more.


As per fan discussion and the possible options available to the writers, season 5 could continue to dwell on how Murphy Mason evades arrest. We see Murphy and Felix drive away into an unknown future at the end of season 4.


This can be explained in season 5. Another possible option would be to depict the shenanigans of a blind Murphy as she lives her wildlife on the run with the police chasing her.


Murphy’s wild antics were quite entertaining to the viewers.



Important characters of In The Dark


1. Murphy Mason

Murphy Mason


Murphy Mason, portrayed by Perry Mattfeld, is a complex and defiant protagonist. Blind and fiercely independent, Murphy’s abrasively witty demeanour hides her vulnerability and pain stemming from her tough life experiences.


Engulfed in a world of cynicism and rebellion, she navigates her days with a sharp tongue and a propensity for self-destructive behaviour. Her journey takes an unexpected turn when she becomes entangled in a murder investigation, forcing her to confront her own demons and the consequences of her choices.


Murphy’s journey from one bad decision to another is the crux of the series. It adds to the dark humour, wackiness, and unhinged attitude of the show overall.


2. Darnell James

Darnell James


Darnell James, a pivotal character in the TV series “In The Dark,” is played by Keston John. He is deeply entrenched in the criminal underworld, operating as a drug dealer.


Despite his illicit activities, he displays genuine loyalty and concern for Murphy’s well-being. Darnell’s complex morality and his connection to the central plot, including the murder investigation, add layers of intrigue to the storyline.


His interactions with Murphy offer a glimpse into the loyalty and friendship that transcend their troubled circumstances. Darnell appears a bad guy on the surface due to his drug dealing way, but he is a pitiable character who loses most of his loved ones.


Despite that, Darnell does not lose focus like Murphy.


3. Felix Bell

Felix Bell


Felix Bell is another important character from “In The Dark”, portrayed by Morgan Krantz. He is introduced as a co-worker of Murphy’s at the training centre of Guide Dogs that is run by Morgan’s family.


He slowly develops into a loyal and dependable friend that Murphy can always rely on. He is mostly overlooked as a loser by his family and friends despite being the only capable and sensible person at the training centre.


Although Felix appears to be a nervous and bumbling character, he comes through for Murphy during all her difficult times. He is one of the few friends who sticks with her till the end.


4. Max Parish

Max Parish


Max Parish is another one of the main characters and is portrayed by Casey Deidrick. He starts off as the owner of the food truck business, but in the background, he is an associate of Darnell who is laundering money for him.


Max appears to be a brash, arrogant, and difficult guy to deal with. However, as the series progresses, he uncovers his true nature as a loyal friend, confidante and dependable boyfriend of Murphy’s.


He breaks up with Murphy after being fed up with her antics, but he cannot seem to get over her, and he eventually gets engaged to her. His death was a severe blow to Murphy.


5. Jess Damon

Jess Damon


Jess Damon is one of the two best friends and roommate of Murphy Mason. She is played by Brooke Markham. Jess is a lesbian veterinarian who works at the guide dog training centre.


She tries to be supportive and understanding with Murphy. Jess does her best to put up with Murphy’s wild antics and bad decisions at the cost of her own sanity.


She is the most lovable, patient, and understanding person around Murphy. That is until she fakes her own death to get away from Murphy and her wild world.



Important Crew Members and their Work


1. Series Creator – Corinne Kingsbury

 Corinne Kingsbury


Corinne Kingsbury played a crucial role in the success of the TV series “In The Dark” as its creator. Her creative vision, storytelling expertise, and ability to craft complex characters contributed significantly to the show’s appeal.


By conceiving a unique premise—an irreverent blind woman solving a mystery—Kingsbury captured audiences’ attention and offered a fresh perspective on the crime genre. Her knack for balancing humour and drama added depth to the narrative, resonating with viewers on multiple levels.


Prior to “In The Dark,” Kingsbury achieved success with her work as a writer and producer on various TV projects, showcasing her versatility and storytelling prowess. She also worked in The Newsroom, Fam, Old School, etc.


2. Series Writers – Various

Yael Zinkow


The writers of “In The Dark” indeed did a commendable job with the plot, contributing significantly to the series’ success. They include Corinne Kingsbury, Anna Fisher, Jess Burkle, Yael Zinkow, Malarie Howard and more.


They skillfully crafted a compelling storyline that merged elements of mystery, comedy, and drama, keeping viewers engaged throughout. Apart from “In The Dark,” the writers have also been involved in other notable projects, some of which are American Gothic, Bones, No Tomorrow, Ghost Story Club, etc.


Their diverse body of work showcases their storytelling prowess across various genres, highlighting their ability to create relatable characters and emotionally resonant narratives.


3. Series Directors – Various

 Anna Mastro


The series “In The Dark” has had multiple directors across seasons, making it challenging to pinpoint specific individuals. However, some notable directors who have worked on the show include Anna Mastro, Ryan McFaul, Steven K. Tsuchida, and Brian Dannelly.


Anna Mastro is known for her work on various TV series and has directed episodes of shows like Shameless, The Bold Type, and Jane the Virgin. Brian Dannelly, on the other hand, gained recognition for directing the cult film Saved! and has also directed episodes of popular series like Weeds, GLOW, and Riverdale. Their contributions to “In The Dark” likely brought their unique directorial styles and storytelling expertise, contributing to the show’s overall visual and narrative impact.



Similar Shows and Where to Watch Them


If you love the humour, darkness, and crime drama theme of In The Dark, you would also be interested in shows with similar themes. Here are a few such shows you can follow while you wait for the latest season of In The Dark.


1. Imposters



“Imposters” is a dark comedy TV series that aired from 2017 to 2018. The show revolves around a con artist named Maddie, played by Inbar Lavi, who marries people and then disappears with their money.


However, her targets soon team up to track her down, leading to unexpected alliances and intriguing plot twists. The series blends elements of drama, humour, and suspense as the characters navigate the complexities of love, trust, and deception. ”Imposters” received praise for its engaging storyline, character development, and witty dialogue.


The show’s unique premise and the performances of its cast members contributed to its cult following. As for the rating, “Imposters” received generally positive reviews from both critics and audiences, with a rating of around 7.7/10 on IMDb. You can watch it on Netflix.


2. Dead to Me

Dead to Me


“Dead to Me” is a dark comedy TV series that premiered in 2019 and has gained significant popularity. The show centres on the unlikely friendship between Jen, played by Christina Applegate, and Judy, played by Linda Cardellini, who meet in a grief support group.


As the story unfolds, it is revealed that Judy harbours a dark secret that impacts both their lives. The series masterfully balances humour and drama while exploring themes of grief, loss, and personal growth.


The chemistry between the lead actresses and the intricate plot twists have contributed to its success. “Dead to Me” has received positive reviews for its compelling writing, strong performances, and emotional depth.


As for its rating, the show has garnered an IMDb rating of around 8.0/10, reflecting its popularity and acclaim among viewers. You can watch it on Netflix.


3. The Sinner

The Sinner


“The Sinner” is a gripping mystery and crime drama TV series that debuted in 2017. Each season follows Detective Harry Ambrose, played by Bill Pullman, as he delves into the psyche of a seemingly ordinary person who commits a shocking and inexplicable crime.


The show explores the motives and psychological factors that drive these acts, revealing dark secrets and hidden traumas. With its intense storytelling and intricate character development, “The Sinner” has captivated audiences by unravelling complex mysteries while also delving into the complexities of human behaviour.


The series has received acclaim for its suspenseful narratives and Pullman’s compelling performance. “The Sinner” has an IMDb rating of around 7.9/10, reflecting its positive reception and lasting impact in the crime drama genre. You can watch it on Netflix.


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