Sharp Objects Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

Sharp Objects


Sharp Objects hit our small screens in 2018. Based on the novel by Gillian Flynn, the thriller series won over many a critic courtesy of the outstanding performance by the versatile and believable Amy Adams, who was wonderfully supported by actors such as Patricia Clarkson and Eliza Scanlen.


The drama was originally billed as a miniseries and managed to cover the entirety of Gillian Flynn’s novel. However, several hints were dropped about the fans possibly returning to the small town of Wind Gap again.


Sure, the author did not publish a sequel to her bestseller, but the viewers thought that the network might order a follow-up soon. As noted, it hasn’t happened yet. Be that as it may, those who are willing to sit through the series should know that it’s been acknowledged for its visuals, dark atmosphere, splendid direction and performances.


Matter of fact, Sharp Objects received several nominations both at the Primetime Emmy Awards and the Golden Globe Awards. But, will the acclaimed series be renewed for a fresh season?


Let’s find out.




Official Announcement Of Sharp Objects Season 2


Let’s just start by putting it out there that showrunner Marti Noxon has gone on record to state that she and the author-producer have discussed the future of the creepy drama. However, it’s been a while now and things cease to be clear concerning the second instalment of the show.


Either way, at least one HBO executive went on to cast doubt on the aforementioned prospect when asked about the future of the series. Casey Bloys, HBO’s president of programming, sounded quite certain went he stressed that there may not be a second season of the show no matter what the rumours say.


Needless to say, it looks like our time with Camille Preaker has truly come to an end. That said, it is imperative to mention that lead star Amy Adams, who plays Camille, has shown no interest in reprising her role.


One reason for the same could be that it’s a very dark character that is a part of a very dark material. Be that as it may, the team seems to be content with Sharp Objects living as a limited series.




Previous Season And Episodes Of Sharp Objects


In Sharp Objects, we catch the self-destructive crime reporter Camille Preaker returning to her hometown after having supposedly treated her mental illness. The purpose of her visit is to solve the murder of two young girls.


However, while in Wind Gap, she is pushed to confront her own demons too. Amy Adams does a fantastic job of portraying a troubled reporter struggling with alcoholism. Not only that but she also has a grueling pattern of self-harm and unexplored childhood trauma.


These issues are revealed in the first three episodes, leaving a lot to be explored in the forthcoming chapters. The series has a total of eight episodes and the best ones are titled Milk, Falling, Fix, Ripe, and Closer.


Each of the episodes is 55-61 minutes long.




Where To Watch Sharp Objects


United States of America:

The is available for streaming on Max and Spectrum in the United States.


United Kingdom:

Viewers can catch the series in the United Kingdom on Sky and Now.



In Canada, Sharp Objects is available for streaming on Crave.




Google Trends Data Analysis Of Sharp Objects Season 2


Since the first season of Sharp Objects debuted a handful of years ago, you may have believed that the interest in its second season would have seen a major decline.


While there certainly have been periods of a fall, they have been followed by a surprising rise. Needless to say, people who have seen the first season still search for the second season, as shown in the show’s Google trends data analysis.


So, even though it looks like Sharp Objects Season 2 isn’t going to happen, people seem to have looked it up on Google in the past twelve months. That being said, we believe that the stakeholders think that one season was right for the series.


Also, the actors seem to be less than willing to return to the story anyway. While there is no big push for a second season yet, the search trends related to it on Google indicate that it should get an extension on HBO owing to the seemingly unending audience interest.


Even if people firmly believe that a sophomore outing of Sharp Objects is unnecessary at this point, it doesn’t really stop its fans from sharing their opinions regarding the same on social media.


So, irrespective of whether there’s going to be a follow-up to its buzzy first season, people continue to look the series up every now and then.



Social Media Engagement For Sharp Objects Season 2


A lot of people on social media believe that the chilling thriller should have continued since it opened to positive reviews. While that may be a fairly understandable position, what is also worth understanding is the fact that not all good things can stand the test of time.


The case perhaps is no different with the Amy Adams-led project. The interest of those who have seen and enjoyed the first season of Sharp Objects can be gauged by the fact that some of them have gone on to start threads on Reddit asking questions about its possible return.


Not only that but some users on X have also shared their disappointment with the show not being renewed for a fresh season. On the other hand, there is a rather plausible take that suggests that a second edition is unlikely since Gillian Flynn hasn’t come up with a sequel and the director has passed.


Either way, the point to be noted here is that a section of the audience has been waiting for years now hoping for the series on HBO to somehow extend its storyline.



Expected Plot Of Sharp Objects Season 2


Showrunner Marti Noxon has taken the liberty to state that she originally saw Sharp Objects as a returning series for she wanted to tell its story over multiple seasons. However, as of this moment, the second season appears to be a far-fetched claim.


Be that as it may, it can’t possibly stop us from guessing what the second season could have felt like had it seen the light of day. We believe that an extended story of Wind Gap and its citizens could have made the second season a possibility, with the focus primarily being on Camille (played by Amy Adams).


The plot could have definitely been longer and more complex than that of the book, which would have helped bring the show’s core audience back. That being said, it is imperative to mention that Adams doesn’t want to revisit her character.


Not only that but even the makers now believe that the show ended on the right note and, therefore, should be seen as a one-and-done project. Either way, it will now be incredibly difficult to assemble the high-profile cast for a new season, for they all seem to be occupied with multiple projects at the moment.



Top Characters In Sharp Objects


The following characters do their best to keep you on your toes and keep the darkness alive in Sharp Objects.


1. Camille Preaker

Camille Preaker


Portrayed by the outstanding actress Amy Adams, Camille Preaker is a journalist who works in St. Louis, Missouri. When the story commences, you feel that her biggest ambition is to perhaps write articles just good enough to please her editor.


However, soon into the series, she is sent to investigate two murders of pre-teen girls that occurred in Wind Gap; a small town in the south of the state where she originally hails from.


We also simultaneously discover that Camille has a tendency to harm herself, which is why she had been committed to an institution in the recent past.


2. Amity “Amma” Crellin

Amity "Amma" Crellin


Eliza Scanlen plays Camille’s 13-year-old half-sister Amma in what can be considered her breakout role. While the girl happened to be the leader of her clique, she didn’t share a relationship with her elder sister before her Wind Gap visit on duty.


Amma believes in enjoying her freedom and seems to like nothing more than roller skating the depleted streets of Wind Gap in peace. She doesn’t take to her mother’s extreme surveillance well and wants out of the small town as soon as she ages a bit more.


3. Adora Crellin

Adora Crellin


Patricia Clarkson takes to Adora Crellin like a fish takes to water. She is so good at playing the part that you feel that it was written exclusively for her.


Adora is someone who managed to inherit a profitable pig farm and, therefore, doesn’t really need to sweat it out at work. Matter of fact, she usually spends her days drinking cocktails and dancing with her passive husband.


Since she holds the opinion that whatever Camille and Amma do reflects on the entire Crellin clan, she doesn’t appreciate the former going about questioning the grieving families in Wind Gap.


Needless to say, she can come off as superficial at times.


4. Detective Richard Willis

Detective Richard Willis


Detective Richard Willis is assigned to investigate the two murders in Wind Gap. While Camille is familiar with her home town’s twisted aura and particular brand of madness, Detective Willis is only just realizing how hostile and confusing a place it can be.


It is not surprising then that he wants to solve the case as soon as possible and then swiftly head out of Wind Gap.


5. Young Camille

Young Camille


Young Camille, played ably by Sophia Lillis, manages to make an impression despite her short screen time. When we are allowed to take a peek into Camille’s past, we get glimpses of her tough childhood in Wind Gap.


Not only do we see the conditions under which she and her sister came of age but we also realize that their mother’s presence didn’t really make life easy for them.


Be that as it may, most of the town’s residents thought of the young Camille to be a tad wayward.



Important Crew Members Of Sharp Objects


Aside from the talented star cast, the following people are responsible for bringing Sharp Objects to you.


1. Marti Noxon

After having confessed that she wanted Sharp Objects to continue for multiple seasons, creator Marti Noxon had shot down rumours of a return in the recent past. Aside from the aforementioned show, she is known for her work as a screenwriter and executive producer on the supernatural drama series Buffy the Vampire Slayer.


She has also served as an executive producer on shows such as Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce, UnREAL, and Code Black.


2. Jean-Marc Vallée

Canadian filmmaker, film editor, and screenwriter Jean-Marc Vallée had studied film at the Université du Québec à Montréal before turning to making critically acclaimed short films. While his debut feature Black List opened to positive reviews, he received further acclaim and financial success with the release of C. R. A. Z. Y.


He has directed all the episodes of Sharp Objects.


3. Amy Adams

The brilliant Amy Adams did double duty as an actor and an executive producer on the HBO miniseries Sharp Objects. She delivered a stirring performance playing the central protagonist in the project.


The actress is known for both her comedic and dramatic roles and has featured in several critically and commercially successful motion pictures over the years.


4. Ronald Plante

Canadian cinematographer Ronald Plante has worked on the cinematography of Sharp Objects. The man is best known for being a multiple Genie Award and Prix Iris nominee for his work in Canadian full-length features and television.


5. John Paino

Production designer John Paino has taken care of the production design of Sharp Objects. His work ensured that the show’s production values do justice to its storytelling and setting. Aside from the aforementioned series, the man has worked in projects such as The Last of Us, Demolition, Kill the Messenger, and Wild, to name a few.



Shows Similar To Sharp Objects


If Sharp Objects managed to strike a chord with you, the following shows promise to provide enough substance to keep you hooked as well.


1. Mare of Easttown

Mare of Easttown


This award-winning series stars the magnificent Kate Winslet in the lead. She plays a complex yet able detective in a small Pennsylvania town, which seems to be falling apart following a murder.


2. Top of the Lake

Top of the Lake


Top of the Lake introduces us to a diligent detective who starts investigating the disappearance of a 12-year-old schoolgirl in a small town. Slowly but steadily, we find her getting increasingly drawn to the case; so much so that it gets to the point of obsession.


3. Broadchurch



Broadchruch, like Sharp Objects, is also set in a small town. We see a media frenzy finding its way into the town following the murder of a young boy. Sooner than later, the attention threatens to tear the community apart.


4. Happy Valley

Happy Valley


There might be happiness in its title but Happy Valley doesn’t really carry a happy vibe. It is essentially a Yorkshire-based crime drama whose aim is to familiarize us with the personal and professional life of Police Sergeant Catherine Cawood.


5. The Undoing

The Undoing


In The Undoing, we witness the well-off lifestyle of a New York therapist crashing after she and her family get involved in a murder case. The show must be seen for the modern twist that it provides to an old-school, classical “whodunnit” tale.


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