Star Trek: Picard Season 4: Everything We Know So Far

Star Trek: Picard


If you’re someone who has seen the Star Trek movies, you may have thought that the voyage of Patrick Stewart’s Jean-Luc Picard has come to a close. However, things got a tad interesting when we saw the actor returning as the popular character in Star Trek: Picard, which debuted on Paramount+ in 2020.


The first couple of seasons of the show polarized audiences with a fresh cast and stories that didn’t quite involve Starfleet. But, the third season was greeted with aplomb as it pretty much marked its return to form.


We were introduced to an epic space story with personal consequences for Jean-Luc Picard. In the last season, we saw Patrick Stewart reuniting with Jonathan Frakes, Gates McFadden, Brent Spiner, Michael Dorn, Marina Sirtis, and LeVar Burton.


Each of them seemed more than eager to reprise their Next Generation characters. Aside from Picard, it was Captain Will Riker who managed to make an impression with a looser, funnier, more melancholy vibe than ever before.


Now that the third season turned out to be a success, it has left us all wondering if the fourth edition of the series is going to see the light of day in the near future. Well, let’s find out.




Official Announcement of Star Trek: Picard Season 4


Ever since the third season of the show culminated, conflicting statements have been made discussing whether it was the end for Picard and his crew. However, we believe that it has been repeated time and again that the third instalment of the show was going to wrap the story.


Matter of fact, the cast members and creatives have even referred to the third season as the “final season” in the recent past. Sure, Star Trek: Picard season 3 was a success, but it’s time we make peace with the fact that there are currently no plans to take the fourth season into production.


Also, it is imperative to mention that Patrick Stewart, who is in his 80s, can’t allow the contemporary television production schedule to take a toll on his physical health. We say so because it did get a tad intense for him throughout the show’s three seasons.


That being said, one has to take into account the fact that the acclaimed actor struggled to get through the later seasons of Star Trek: The Next Generation’s seven-season run. And, since he plays the top character in Star Trek: Picard, it’d be tough for the makers to continue the series if he isn’t really game for it.


While the door is opened for the fourth season, the series was always supposed to last for just three seasons. That being said, Stewart has also gone on record to state that he might just be interested in making one final film alongside the Star Trek: The Next Generation star cast.




Previous Seasons and Episodes of Star Trek: Picard


The possibility of the fourth season of Star Trek: Picard has been on the minds of Star Trek and Patrick Stewart fans following the culmination of the third season in the first half of 2023.


While the first two seasons opened, more or less, to mixed reviews, the third one managed to strike a chord with the audience and turned out to be a success.


Perhaps its most celebrated aspect was the dramatic return of the cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation; a move that was welcomed by the fans of the franchise. Matter of fact, the third edition of the show was designed to be the final story for the crew of TNG.


However, we must admit that much of the cast has expressed their willingness to return to the franchise in some capacity in the future. Now that we have seen that the entire Star Trek: The Next Generation cast survived towards the end of the third season, it’s easy to guess that they could easily make a solid return for a potential Picard season 4 or a new Star Trek: Legacy series altogether.


Until then, you can catch all the drama unfolding in the first three seasons spanning 30 episodes. Some of the top-rated chapters in the series are titled The Last Generation, Võx, No Win Scenario, The Bounty, and Imposters.


You’d be surprised to know that the best episodes of the show have all come in the third season itself, which speaks volumes about its success. Each of these episodes has a runtime of 39–62 minutes.




Where to Watch Stark Trek: Picard


The three seasons of Star Trek: Picard are available for streaming on Paramount Plus in the United States of America and the United Kingdom. One can also stream the show on Amazon Prime Video in the UK.


In Canada, the three seasons of the show are available for streaming on CTV, Apple TV, and Paramount Plus, respectively.




Google Trends Data Analysis of Star Trek: Picard Season 4


Now that season 3 has concluded and the fourth season is not on the horizon, it is safe to assume that the interest of the viewers will drop steadily. Matter of fact, the search trends concerning the fourth season of the show haven’t shown promising trends on Google.


While there was an increase in the number of viewers who were interested in the fourth season, it started to subside following the conclusion of the third season. Suffice it to say that the viewers might have been able to guess that the show may not be renewed for a new season.


Thankfully, fans of the franchise got the pleasure of seeing the beloved cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation reunite for one final adventure. Indeed, the response to the third season showcased that they couldn’t get enough of the crew and that they will always be welcome on-screen.



Social Media Engagement for Star Trek: Picard Season 4


While Star Trek: Picard season 4 seems unlikely, one can’t avoid listening to the fans who may have been waiting for a new season or a spin-off series/movie with bated breath.


Matter of fact, some of them have been quite vocal on social media and have gone on to express that they would love to see Patrick Stewart and the rest of the cast make a swashbuckling return once again.


Picard debuted on Paramount+ in 2020 with Stewart back in the franchise and peaked in 2023 with its third instalment. Sure, it had to go out with a bang since it was repeatedly billed as being the last outing.


Now that it is fairly clear that we may not be able to catch the cast returning with a fresh season, fans seem to be making peace with the fact that Star Trek: Picard was indeed envisioned and planned as a three-season series.


Even if the show ceases to go on for more seasons in its current form, some people on X (Twitter) have been discussing if there is a vague possibility of it returning as a full-length feature.


Since the series managed to make it to the list of the better shows of 2023, they seem to be hoping that the new year proceeds with news on a potential fourth edition.



Expected Plot of Star Trek: Picard Season 4


Yes, we all know by now that Star Trek: Picard wasn’t supposed to be extended following the conclusion of the third season, for three instalments is how the story was imagined in the first place.


Even though producer Akiva Goldsman went on record to state that they are open to making as many seasons as Patrick Stewart wants to do, things have only really gone in the opposite direction.


What’s interesting here is that even the leading actor has mentioned that he hasn’t closed all doors and that he’d be willing to do more Star Trek. Indeed, there is enormous potential for matters in what the makers can do, but they do not seem to be working on the fourth season or a full-length feature yet.


Having said that, Star Trek: Picard had enough elements that could give birth to future standalone content. If the team desires to spin Picard off into another series, it could be titled Star Trek: Legacy.


And, yes, the story could pick up with the crew of the USS Enterprise-G, with Jeri Ryan’s Captain Seven of Nine at the helm of affairs. We are expecting this to happen because the third edition concluded with Seven in the Enterprise’s captain’s chair.


We could also catch Jean-Luc and Beverly Crusher’s son Jack and a few other characters from Picard continuing their role in the spin-off project if at all it goes into production.



Top Characters in Star Trek: Picard


These characters are the reason you ended up liking Star Trek: Picard and relished it for four seasons.


1. Picard

Picard (Star Trek: Picard)


This natural-born leader, scholar, and adventurer is pretty much the hero of the show. He may have had his share of anguish and despair but the revered admiral hasn’t let go of the warmth that defines him.


His many complex experiences have ended up making him a tad reserved, which is perhaps why he is still single. While he certainly is stubborn, he balances his well with his magnanimity.


Indeed, there is a reason why he’s had friends who continue to remain loyal to him.


2. Elnor

Elnor (Star Trek: Picard)


Elnor is someone who is positively influenced by both Picard and the order and has, therefore, embodied the best of what one could have become having both influences. Allowing the inquisitive man to enter into the main Picard narrative meant another expansion of Romulan culture with the introduction of the Qowat Milat.


While his candour makes him the most honest character on the show, it also helps in bringing his sweet nature to the fore.


3. Cristóbal Rios

Cristóbal Rios (Star Trek: Picard)


Let’s just start by saying that Cristóbal Rios is the reason fans of Star Trek have a Chilean captain to admire. He may come across as a tad disturbed and a loner at first, but there’s certainly more to him than what meets the eye.


A charming team man, he has a heart of gold which allows him to form a bond with others and win over Teresa, her son, and his shipmates.


4. Laris/Tallinn

Laris/Tallinn (Star Trek: Picard)


Orla Brady makes a splash with her spectacular appearance as both Laris and Tallinn. She manages to bring the two Romulans to life with ease in the same season. Both the characters appear to be somewhat similar since they are both talented, caring, and can easily connect with others.


However, it is Tallinn who wins the trust of Renée with her innate goodness and affability. Not only that but she also gets Picard to open up over time.


5. Seven

Seven (Star Trek: Picard)


Seven’s humanity has grown as she has come a long way since her time on Voyager. Even though she is still carrying some trauma from her previous life as a Borg, her work with the Rangers is rewarding, to say the least.


Over time, we realize that her tough life has provided her with a tough exterior. That being said, she seems to have become more outgoing and at ease without the unavoidable intricacies of her implants.



Top Crew Members of Star Trek: Picard


Apart from the talented star cast, the following people are also responsible for bringing to life the story of Star Trek: Picard.


1. Akiva Goldsman

Akiva Goldsman (Star Trek: Picard)


Known for making motion pictures and adaptations of popular novels, Akiva Goldsman has penned more than a dozen episodes for the science fiction television series Fringe. He has also worked on features such as The Client, Batman Forever and its sequel Batman & Robin, I, Robot, I Am Legend, and Cinderella Man, to name a few.


The man is credited with co-developing co-developing the DC Comics TV series Titans and the Paramount Plus series Star Trek: Picard.


2. Kirsten Beyer

Kirsten Beyer (Star Trek: Picard)


This science fiction writer is perhaps best known for her novels based on the Star Trek: Voyager television series. Aside from that, she is also known to have served as a staff writer for Star Trek: Discovery, and co-creator and executive producer of Star Trek: Picard.


Add to that the fact that Kirsten Beyer has written for the media franchise Buffyverse.


3. Michael Chabon

Michael Chabon (Star Trek: Picard)


You might know Michael Chabon primarily as a novelist, columnist, and short story writer, but he is also an able screenwriter. The man, who is known to previously have been cynical about Hollywood, joined the writing team of Star Trek: Picard and was named showrunner in July 2019.


He has confessed to being a Star Trek enthusiast in the past.


4. Jonathan Frakes

Jonathan Frakes (Star Trek: Picard)


Jonathan Frakes managed to grab eyeballs for his portrayal of Commander (later Captain) William Riker in the television series Star Trek: The Next Generation. He has served as the host of the anthology series Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction and is known to have helmed at least six episodes of Star Trek: Picard.


5. Jeff Russo

Jeff Russo (Star Trek: Picard)


Credit goes to Jeff Russo for ensuring that the music of Star Trek: Picard does justice to its storytelling. One of the two founding members of the rock band Tonic, the man has served as a composer on various movies and television shows, including Snowfall, Fargo, Legion, Counterpart, Star Trek: Discovery, and Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, among others.


He was also a founding member of the acoustic rock band Low Stars.



Shows Similar to Star Trek: Picard


If you’ve truly liked Star Trek: Picard, these are five great shows that you might end up liking as well.


1. Star Trek: Discovery

Star Trek: Discovery


Fans of Star Trek will tell you that the return of Star Trek: Discovery pretty much signified the successful return of the franchise on television. In the story, we catch Michael Burnham and her teammates in the USS Discovery travelling into the far reaches of space.


Their only aim seems to be to meet new lifeforms and discover new planets. If you’ve seen both Discovery and Picard, you’d know the former set the pace which the latter would eventually follow.


2. The Orville

The Orville


The Orville provides a twist on the classic Trek formula and ends up surprising you with its amusing story and elements of humour. A befitting tribute to classic sci-fi, it introduces us to a crew of a spaceship that embarks on an adventurous journey in outer space some four hundred years into the future.


They encounter new and dangerous situations and try to make sense of the things they discover.


3. Star Trek: The Next Generation

Battlestar Galactica


Star Trek: The Next Generation goes on to tell you how Captain Jean-Luc Picard and his crew rose to fame in the first place. The show serves as a goldmine for fans of the franchise and introduces us to Picard’s adventures; all while showing how he morally guides his crew as they seek out new planets and life forms in space.


Needless to say, fans of Picard need to follow Picard’s arc from the beginning, and The Last Generation is perhaps the place to start.


4. Battlestar Galactica

Battlestar Galactica


Battlestar Galactica is an ambitious science fiction series that has managed to carve a niche for itself in a world populated with the Star Wars, Star Trek and Avatar franchises.


In the show, we see how a group of humans aboard a battleship are forced to abandon their planet after having been mercilessly attacked by Cylons. Sooner than later, they start looking for Earth to find a new home for themselves.


The show resembles elements of Star Trek: Picard and is comparatively darker and a bit more gripping than any other series in the same genre.


5. Babylon 5

Babylon 5


Thriving on its depiction of diplomacy and the fragile relationship between alien races, Babylon 5 is a science fiction show that fans of the Star Trek franchise might easily take to.


In the story set in the mid-23rd century, we are introduced to the Earth Alliance space station Babylon 5, which happens to be a centre of racial tensions, political intrigue, and various wars.


As you sit through it, you’ll certainly realize that the show acts as a microcosm of the real world. Also, the show comprises human characters who are committed to the preservation of peace just like Captain Picard.


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