Little Fires Everywhere Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

Little Fires Everywhere


“Little Fires Everywhere” is an American miniseries directly streamed on Hulu in March 2020. The show is a drama series adapted from the book of the same name written by Celeste Ng in 2017.


It was selected by Reese Witherspoon for series adaptation along with Kerry Washington and showrunner Liz Tigelaar. The drama revolves around the seemingly perfect Richardson family and The Warrens. The Richardson family has parents, Elena and Bill, along with four children, Lexie, Trip, Izzy and Moody.


While the Warrens are a mother-daughter duo, Mia and Pearl. At the offset, the Richardsons appear to be just another suburban family, living their mundane life, with ups and downs.


As the Warrens come into the picture, they slowly start to unravel, and all the skeletons in the closet come tumbling down. This drama series was met with generally favourable reviews.


The critics, however, felt that the story was playing it safe without dealing with the difficult questions in a satisfactory manner. They also praised the performance of Kerry Washington and Reese Witherspoon, who made sparks fly whenever they had a face-off.


The drama received several nominations at the Primetime Emmy Awards, SAG Awards, Image (NAACP) Awards, and more. It was nominated for its music, overall production work, direction work, the performance of Kerry Washington, Lexi Underwood, and more.




Official Announcement on Little Fires Everywhere Season 2


This drama is an adaptation of a novel of the same name. The show creator faithfully enacted the series to mirror the book, so there is a start, middle and ending to the story.


As the book by Celeste Ng ended, so did the miniseries. As per the show’s creator, Liz Tigelaar, she would love to come back with another season, but at the same time, she does not want to create a new series that is different from what the author envisages.


If Celeste Ng releases a sequel to her novel, we could get a season 2. As of now, the Tigelaar and the other producers like Kerry Washington are not keen on making a second season.


Their plan from the start had been to make an eight-part miniseries that covered the novel.




Previous Season and Episodes


Little Fires Everywhere is an eight-part miniseries and a stand-alone show without any spin-offs. There were eight hour-long episodes in this miniseries that were released on Hulu for streaming. The mini-series followed the Richardson family that slowly unravelled under the burden of dark secrets from the past.


The fragile framework of the family broke down under the strain of relationships within and outside the family. There are parallel stories that involve the family of McCullough, who adopts the child of Bebe Chow, a poor immigrant worker who cannot afford child care.


However, this story also revolves around motherhood, family ties, and relationships. The episodes in this miniseries alternate between the past events of that character and their present situation to build the story and narrate the events.


This gives us a 360-degree view of how things came to be as they are.




Where to Watch the Show


Little Fires Everywhere is available for viewing online on different platforms in different countries. For viewers in the United States of America, you can stream it on Hulu. Viewers in Canada and the United Kingdom can stream and watch the show on the Amazon Prime Video app.




Google Trends Data Analysis


Little Fires Everywhere was a very successful book by Celeste Ng. Therefore, when Reese Witherspoon and Kerry Washington decided to make a miniseries out of the book, it was highly anticipated.


The cast of the series was also packed with big names and did not disappoint its fans. Due to all the above reasons, Little Fires Everywhere continues to be a trending topic on Google search.


Fans, readers and general audiences are hungry for all kinds of news on this series and this made the show a consistently popular topic online. If we specifically search for “Little Fires Everywhere season 2”, the search trends have seen some ups and downs.


The various comments from the cast and crew have given hope and crushed their hope for a new season at the same time. While the writers and show creator, along with the younger cast members, are willing and interested in a new season, Dedicated book fans like Washington feel that they should stay true to the book and end the series without a new season.



Social Media Engagement of Little Fires Everywhere Season 2


The social media buzz about the novel by Celeste Ng is high. Many fans of the book have discussed the importance of the book and the faithful adaptation of it into a miniseries.


The author herself said that she was satisfied with the show creator for retaining the focus of the novel on the issue of race and racial tension. Most of the articles, discussions, and debates online are focused on the book and the eight-part miniseries.


Whereas, when we search with the specific term ‘Little Fires Everywhere season 2’, there is no buzz about it. In a way, this shows that the fans are happy with the miniseries and do not want to create a season 2 without the author Celeste Ng.


Most of the social media engagement is on Facebook and X (Twitter). On these social media platforms, we can see YouTube videos, newsletters, articles, etc., about the characters of the series and the portrayal by the actors.


The performance of Kerry Washington and Lexi Underwood has received the most praise among all the cast members.



Expected Plot of Upcoming Season of Little Fires Everywhere


As the plot of Little Fires Everywhere closely follows the story in the novel, it reaches its end at the end of the novel. As a result of that, there is no further plot or chance for a new season of the show.


However, if we view it as independent of the novel, there are many options to continue with the series and many characters that deserve a story of their own. So, here are a few plot avenues that can be explored.


At the end of season one, we see Izzy run away from her mother and family while Elena is determined to find her. In the new season, we can hope to see Elena reconcile with her past and reach out to Izzy.


It would be interesting to see how Izzy reacts to it, considering all her frustration and anger with Elena. Another avenue for the new season could be Pearl’s search for her father.


While she loves her mother and will follow her everywhere, Pearl is still curious about her father and wants to find him. All these are plot ideas that Celeste Ng could follow up on for her next book on the Richardsons and Warrens.


Without Celeste Ng writing the book, the creators of the series are not keen on doing a season two.



Important characters of Little Fires Everywhere


1. Elena Richardson

Elena Richardson


Elena Richardson, portrayed by Reese Witherspoon in the miniseries “Little Fires Everywhere,” is a complex character defined by her suburban privilege and outward perfection. A determined journalist turned homemaker, Elena embodies the rules and order of Shaker Heights.


Beneath her polished exterior, she struggles with a desire for control, often clashing with her nonconformist daughter Izzy. Her interactions with Mia Warren, a mysterious artist, reveal her underlying biases and insecurities.


As the narrative unfolds, Elena’s facade of stability unravels as she confronts uncomfortable truths about her life choices, motherhood, and her own identity. Witherspoon portrays Elena’s multifaceted personality, showcasing her internal turmoil and the façade she maintains to fit into her picture-perfect community.


2. Mia Warren

Mia Warren


Mia Warren, brought to life by Kerry Washington in the miniseries “Little Fires Everywhere,” is an enigmatic and free-spirited artist. With a mysterious past, she arrives in Shaker Heights with her daughter Pearl, leading a nomadic lifestyle that contrasts the town’s conformity.


Mia’s empathy and creative spirit are evident in her art and interactions while her enigmatic nature fuels suspicion among the town’s residents. She becomes both a friend and foil to Elena Richardson, challenging her perspectives and disrupting the suburban status quo.


Mia’s complex layers are skillfully portrayed by Washington, capturing her fierce independence, maternal devotion, and the secrets that drive her choices, making her a catalyst for the show’s exploration of privilege and identity.


3. Linda McCullough

linda mccullough


Linda McCullough is portrayed by Rosemarie DeWitt. Linda is a close friend of Elena Richardson and embodies the affluent, conformist ideals of Shaker Heights. She struggles with infertility, which fuels her desire to adopt a Chinese-American baby.


Her pursuit of adoption exposes her deep-seated prejudices and internal conflicts as she becomes entangled in the custody battle central to the series. Linda’s journey showcases the complexities of privilege, motherhood, and the tension between personal desires and societal expectations.


DeWitt captures Linda’s emotional turmoil and evolving understanding of the ethical and moral grey areas that challenge her seemingly perfect life.


4. Pearl Warren

Pearl Warren


Pearl Warren, portrayed by Lexi Underwood in the miniseries, is a thoughtful and observant teenager. Raised by her artistic and nomadic mother, Mia, Pearl finds herself in the affluent and structured world of Shaker Heights.


Her friendship with the Richardson family’s children, particularly Moody and Trip, exposes her to a life of privilege and stability that she’s never experienced. Pearl grapples with her own identity, torn between her loyalty to Mia and her yearning for acceptance and belonging.


Underwood skillfully portrays Pearl’s coming-of-age journey, capturing her curiosity, vulnerability, and internal conflict as she navigates the complexities of adolescence and her evolving relationships in a community defined by secrets and contrasting worlds.


5. Izzy Richardson

Izzy Richardson


Izzy Richardson, played by Megan Stott, is a complex and rebellious teenager. The youngest of the Richardson children, Izzy is a stark contrast to her family’s picture-perfect lifestyle. Her artistic and nonconformist nature clashes with her mother Elena’s expectations, leading to a strained relationship.


Izzy’s struggle for individuality and acceptance is a central theme as she navigates her identity amidst the suffocating norms of Shaker Heights. Her bond with Mia Warren, an unconventional artist, becomes a source of understanding and validation.


Stott’s portrayal captures Izzy’s emotional turmoil, defiance, and vulnerability, highlighting her journey towards self-discovery and the desire to ignite her own path, even if it means lighting fires of change.



Important Crew Members and their Work


1. Writers – Celeste Ng, Liz Tigelaar, and more

Celeste Ng


The writers of the miniseries deserve the first praise for the success of the series Little Fires Everywhere. It is a drama based on the novel by Celeste Ng; she was inspired by her experiences as a Chinese American living in Shaker Heights, Ohio.


The novel by Celeste Ng was adapted into a miniseries for Hulu by a group of writers, including Liz Tigelaar, Shannon Houston, Harris Danow, Attica Locke, and more. They did a great job of translating the conflict between relationships, hidden characteristics, and unsaid rules of the society regarding race relations.


The group of writers have worked on many successful projects, some of which include Station Eleven, Lovecraft Country, Dead To Me, Daisy Jones & the Six, Empire, When They See Us, etc.


2. Directors – Lynn Shelton, Nzingha Stewart, Michael Weaver

Lynn Shelton


The directors of the miniseries did an outstanding job in bringing to life the story of suburban life in Shaker Heights, Ohio. The series was directed by Lynn Shelton, Nzingha Stewart, and Michael Weaver.


The work of Shelton received a Primetime Emmy nomination as well. They expertly weave the tale of the Richardsons and Warrens while connecting the present events to a secret past that throws light on the skeletons in their closets.


These directors have each worked on multiple well-acclaimed series and brought all their experience to the table for this show. Some of the shows they directed include The Morning Show, GLOW, Fresh Off The Boat, Daisy Jones & The Six, From Scratch, Good Girls, Californication, etc.


3. Musical score – Mark Isham, Isabella Summers

Mark Isham


The musical score by Mark Isham and Isabella Summers received special praise from critics and fans. They released the official soundtrack for the show through Hollywood Records in 2020.


While the original score for the series composed by Isham and Summers received a nomination at the Primetime Emmy Awards, the original song ‘Build It Up’ by Ingrid Michaelson was also nominated for music and lyrics.


4. Show Creator – Liz Tigelaar

Liz Tigelaar


Liz Tigelaar was the showrunner of Little Fires Everywhere and gained much acclaim for her excellent work. She is a seasoned producer and writer known for her skilful storytelling. With a career spanning various hit TV series, Tigelaar’s ability to adapt complex narratives to the screen is evident in her work on the acclaimed adaptation of Celeste Ng’s novel.


Her leadership brought the intense mother-daughter dynamics and societal themes to life, earning praise for its authenticity and depth. Tigelaar’s commitment to addressing relevant issues through her projects and her knack for character-driven drama underscores her significance in modern television.


Her work on “Little Fires Everywhere” solidified her reputation as a prominent figure in the industry.



Similar Shows and Where to watch them


This series has been adapted from a novel and revolves around family dramas and interpersonal relationships. If you love such dramas, then here are more series along the same lines.


1. Big Little Lies

Big Little Lies


“Big Little Lies” is a gripping TV series that delves into the lives of a group of seemingly perfect women living in Monterey, California. As the show unravels, their picturesque lives are revealed to be rife with secrets, lies, and complex relationships.


The series based on Liane Moriarty’s novel masterfully navigates themes of domestic abuse, friendship, identity, and society’s facade. With an ensemble cast led by Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, Shailene Woodley, Laura Dern, and Zoe Kravitz, the show expertly intertwines personal dramas with a central murder mystery that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats.


Garnering critical acclaim for its storytelling and exploration of relevant issues, “Big Little Lies” captivates audiences with its blend of dark intrigue and emotional depth. The show has received a rating of 8.5/10 on IMDb and 89% on Rotten Tomatoes, reflecting its widespread appeal and quality.


2. Nine Perfect Strangers

Nine Perfect Strangers


“Nine Perfect Strangers” is a captivating TV series based on Liane Moriarty’s novel. Set at a luxurious wellness retreat, the show follows nine strangers seeking transformation and healing under the enigmatic guidance of a charismatic leader played by Nicole Kidman.


As the guests delve into their pasts and confront their issues, the resort’s unconventional methods push them to their limits, unravelling secrets and forging unexpected connections. With a stellar ensemble cast including Melissa McCarthy, Bobby Cannavale, and Regina Hall, the series skillfully balances drama, mystery, and moments of dark comedy.


The exploration of personal growth, trauma, and human vulnerability is intertwined with a sense of intrigue that keeps viewers engaged. “Nine Perfect Strangers” has garnered mixed reviews, with praise for its performances and premise.


The show holds a rating of approximately 5.8/10 on IMDb and 48% on Rotten Tomatoes, showcasing a range of viewer opinions.


3. High Fidelity

High Fidelity


“High Fidelity” is a TV series that offers a fresh take on Nick Hornby’s beloved novel and its previous film adaptation. Starring Zoë Kravitz as the music-obsessed record store owner, the show reimagines the story with a gender-flipped lead while retaining its exploration of love, relationships, and the emotional attachment to music.


The series blends modern sensibilities with a nostalgic charm, following the ups and downs of the protagonist’s romantic life and her interactions with friends and ex-partners. Kravitz’s compelling performance and the show’s eclectic soundtrack contribute to its appeal.


While praised for its diverse cast and contemporary approach, “High Fidelity” faced criticism for not fully breaking away from its source material. The show’s cancellation after one season left fans disappointed.


It holds a rating of about 7.5/10 on IMDb and 86% on Rotten Tomatoes, reflecting its modest but dedicated following.


4. Tiny Beautiful Things

Tiny Beautiful Things


“Tiny Beautiful Things” is a poignant and heartfelt TV series based on Cheryl Strayed’s collection of advice columns. Starring Nia Vardalos as the empathetic and wise “Sugar,” the show revolves around her compassionate responses to letters seeking guidance on life’s challenges.


With each episode, the series delves into deeply personal and universal struggles, offering heartfelt insights and empathy. The performances and writing create an emotionally resonant experience that touches on themes of love, grief, identity, and healing.


While the show doesn’t shy away from difficult topics, it offers a sense of hope and connection. “Tiny Beautiful Things” has been praised for its authenticity and the way it translates Strayed’s work to the screen.


The series holds a limited number of reviews but maintains a rating of approximately 7.7/10 on IMDb, reflecting its impact on audiences.


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