Your Honor Season 3: Everything We Know So Far

Your Honor


Adapted from an Israeli television series called Kvodo, Your Honor made its debut on Showtime and spanned two solid seasons. The crime drama series marked the return of the brilliant Bryan Cranston following his super-successful portrayal of Walter White in one of the world’s best-rated shows, Breaking Bad.


Your Honor tracks the journey of a respected New Orleans judge and his son, Adam. As the latter gets entangled in an unfortunate hit-and-run case involving a member of a prominent mafia family, his father does everything in his capacity to bend the law to protect him at any cost.


Sooner than later, we catch Cranston’s Michael Desiato trying to cover up his crime. While the series certainly was inspired by Israel’s Kvodo, it managed to put a uniquely American spin on the story with its New Orleans setting; something that its audience really took to.


Add to that the fact that its gripping drama and intense performances ensured that it became successful enough to earn a second season.




Official Announcement of Your Honor Season 3


Ardent viewers of Your Honor are well and truly aware of the fact that its creator Peter Moffat had originally conceived it as a single-season show. Since it managed to garner ratings higher than any other Showtime series, they were pushed to bring it back for another season, and rightfully so.


Ever since the culmination of the second season, people have been wondering if the makers are willing to keep the success going with a third season. Unfortunately, they have decided to cancel the show citing the reason that it was always meant to be a limited story with an ending in sight.


So, as of today, Your Honor will not be coming back for a third season. The thoughts of its makers were echoed by Bryan Cranston during a podcast in 2022 when he went on to state that the second was, indeed, the last season of Your Honor.


This might have been a change for the charismatic actor as well for he is accustomed to participating in TV shows such as Malcolm in the Middle and Breaking Bad, which continued for several seasons.


That said, the leading man of the show hasn’t shied away from confessing that the network has expressed interest in continuing the show for a third season. But, there’s a catch to the situation: he may not appear in it due to the direction the story was seen taking during the big finale of the second season.


Irrespective of whether he headlines the third season, Cranston has made it clear that he’d be fine producing it for the network.




Previous Seasons and Episodes of Your Honor


Watching Michael Desiato face his moral dilemmas in the show is truly a highlight that cannot go unnoticed. This, coupled with the drama of his son’s involvement in a hit-and-run, ensures that you stay glued to your seat as a viewer.


The first episode aired in December 2020 and the show turned out to be a critical success soon after. Aside from the cast, credit has to be given to its writers for coming up with episodes that explore the moral and ethical implications of Desiato’s decisions.


So, as the story progresses, a ton of suspenseful and thrilling moments start driving the show. However, its true beauty comes to the fore when the complexity of making astounding choices in a morally ambiguous and impassive world is showcased.


In our humble opinion, the five best episodes from the first two seasons are Part Seventeen (Season 2 – Episode 7), Part Ten (Season 1 – Episode 10), Part One (Season 1 – Episode 1), Part Twenty (Season 2 – Episode 10), and Part Sixteen (Season 2 – Episode 6).


Each of the episodes is about an hour long and provides us with multiple captivating characters to focus on despite revolving primarily around two.




Where to Watch Your Honor


1. United States of America

In the United States, the first two seasons of the show are available for streaming on platforms like Showtime, Fubo, Paramount+, DirecTV, The Roku Channel, and Spectrum.


2. United Kingdom

In the United Kingdom, both seasons of Your Honor are available for streaming on platforms like Paramount+, Prime Video, and Apple TV.


3. Canada

In Canada, the viewers can catch both seasons of the show on Crave.




Google Trends Data Analysis for Your Honor Season 3


If the makers of any show announce that its future remains uncertain, it’s a given that there’s going to be a decline in the number of people who look it up on the internet.


The case is quite similar to Your Honor which has been showing a flat pattern on Google of late. When Your Honor was renewed for a second season, the searches related to the same started showing an upward trend.


These searches peaked briefly when the season climaxed in March 2023. However, there was a steep decline in the number of people who were searching for the legal drama series online post-April 2023.


One reason for the same could be the official announcement of its cancellation. Even though the network declared that every episode in season 2 witnessed an increase in the audience from the previous week, the search trends on Google concerning the third season have a rather dim tale to tell at the moment.



Social Media Engagement for Your Honor Season 3


By now, we all know that Your Honor may not be renewed for a third season. Needless to say, the implications of the decision can be felt across social media platforms for people seem to be engaging a tad less in discourses talking about the probability of revival.


That said, a lot of readers must have found their way to the hundreds of articles written about the third season of the show in January 2023. March was another month that saw a ton of write-ups related to the show being published owing to the fact that the second season ended at the time.


On a handful of independent websites and social media platforms, various users can be seen criticizing the network’s decision to cancel the show. While some were appalled at how such a smartly penned and creative show could be cancelled when it should be promoted even more, others were vocal enough to state that they were thinking of unsubscribing to Showtime altogether for their contentious decision.



Expected Plot of Your Honor Season 3


While the fans have almost made up their minds to say goodbye to Michael Desiato, the leading man of the show has gone on to express his appreciation for Showtime’s interest in a third season.


Needless to say, if the series is renewed for a third season, we can catch the characters dealing with the aftermath of the events depicted in the previous seasons. Michael may have been seen trying to dismantle the mafia that has plagued New Orleans and the regions surrounding the place, but he sure can also be shown coming to terms with new and brutal challenges in a fresh season.


Also, if a new and formidable antagonist is introduced, the tension and complexity in Your Honor could certainly escalate. Expectedly, the viewers can be taken on a ride full of twists and turns that can potentially make the series even more watchable.


Indeed, if the show has to be renewed for a third season, its creators have to ascertain that there is a compelling plot in place that allows them to go ahead with their decision.


That said, if the network and the makers decide to focus on Bryan Cranston’s character in the new season as well, we can expect a prison drama along the lines of Prison Break; for it’d be exhilarating to see what happens when a judge is behind bars.



Top Characters in Your Honor


1. Michael Desiato

michael desiato


Bryan Cranston’s Michael is a star judge in New Orleans who has been gifted the ability to tell when witnesses and defendants are lying. He uses his wit and intelligence to ask them simple questions and read their body language before making a judgement.


While it is clear that he misses being a lawyer, it is also soon revealed that he can bend the laws if his family is in trouble. His brilliance comes to the fore when we catch him going to extreme lengths to cover up for his son.


Indeed, he is super smooth at it.


2. Jimmy Baxter

Jimmy Baxter


Jimmy Baxter is an intimidating man whose reputation precedes him. He believes that his son’s death was a murder and not simply a case of hit-and-run. And, since he likes nothing more than to inflict pain on others, he wants payback for his son’s death.


That said, there have been several where he’s been fooled rather easily by Michael. But, that doesn’t negate the fact that his fury and scary reputation make him the perfect villain.


In order to get what he wants, he can be seen being careful and thinking twice before taking a call.


3. Lee Delamere

Lee Delamere


One of the major twists in the show is Lee Delamere’s relationship with Michael. While she is introduced as a successful lawyer who has won plenty of complicated and high-profile cases, her life takes a drastic turn when Michael trusts her to take on his son’s case.


This is because, in his experience, he hasn’t come across anyone as smart or hard-working as her. However, fate has other things in store for her for she is seen losing her lucrative job soon after having accepted Kofi’s case.


But, there are several moments in the show where her intelligence is on display.


4. Frankie



Frankie is exactly the kind of man you need if you’re hell-bent on building your reputation in the underworld. He is the first man to chance upon a piece of evidence that links Adam and Michael to the hit-and-run case and does everything in his capacity to discover who is responsible for it.


We find him sticking to Jimmy’s side and helping him zero in on the gas station that Adam may have stopped at. He serves pretty much as Baxter’s right hand and can be seen taking orders from him and doing whatever he’s asked to.


Needless to say, he is loyal, committed, and quite intimidating.


5. Nancy Costello

Nancy Costello


Amy Landecker’s Nancy Costello may be a by-the-book detective but she finds it tough to see through Michael and his many schemes. He lies to her time and again and can be seen using her to cover up for his beloved son.


For some reason, Costello is unable to learn of the deep mess that his good friend has gotten himself into. Be that as it may, she is a veteran in the police force who is known to have handled hundreds of cases over the years.


She tries to do her job efficiently and is glad to be of help to Michael since she’s unaware of his secrets. Moreover, her efforts to get to the bottom of the case she’s working on are what makes her stand out.



Important Crew Members of Your Honor


1. Peter Moffat

Peter Moffat


Writer/creator Peter Moffat has been of the firm opinion that Your Honor was a story that needed to be told. He believes that most parents in Judge Michael Desiato’s place would have done exactly what he did to protect the life of his child.


The British playwright and screenwriter has done a fine job at ensuring that his show excels as a taut thriller.


2. Peter Sollett

Peter Sollett


Peter Sollett is a filmmaker who commenced his professional journey with the promising indie film Raising Victor Vargas. He is credited with directing the maximum number of episodes in Your Honor.


Born in Brooklyn, New York, he has also helmed the movie Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist.


3. Brandi Nicole

Brandi Nicole


Besides Peter Moffat, Brandi Nicole has also served as one of the writers on the show. While she is a writer here, the lady has also tried her hands at acting and producing projects.


4. David Buckley and Volker Bertelmann

David Buckley


German composer and pianist Volker Bertelmann has made his presence felt in the show courtesy of the music he provided. The man usually performs and records under the name Hauschka and has been a recipient of an Academy Award and a British Academy Film Award for his fantastic work on All Quiet on the Western Front.


In Your Honor, he is aided by David Buckley, who happens to be the composer of film and television scores. Over time, he has collaborated with some well-known filmmakers in Hollywood.


5. John Lindley and Crescenzo G.P. Notarile

John Lindley


Cinematographers like John Lindley and Crescenzo G. P. Notarile have done their best to do justice to the storyline of the show through their work. The former is known to have worked in films like Field of Dreams, Bewitched, Pleasantville, and You’ve Got Mail.


On the other hand, Crescenzo G. P. Notarile is known for his visual style. While he has contributed to Your Honor, he has also served as Director of Photography on the third season of Star Trek: Discovery and the second and third seasons of Star Trek: Picard.



Shows Similar to Your Honor


1. Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad


The first and most important thing that Your Honor and Breaking Bad share is their phenomenal leading man. In both the shows, Bryan Cranston’s characters are seen going all out to protect their families.


While Your Honor is an intense thriller, Breaking Bad is an award-winning series that is widely considered to be one of the best ones to have ever hit our television screens.


2. Kvodo



Showtime’s Your Honor is directly inspired by this complex and gripping Israeli series that went on to win several awards within its home country. The show follows the same plot as Your Honor and also ran for two seasons.


So, if you’re someone who has really taken to its English-language version, we are certain that you’re going to relish this one as well.


3. For Life

For Life


Anchored by Nicholas Pinnock, this legal drama traces the journey of a man who has been wrongly convicted and imprisoned. His story takes a rather unusual turn when he decides to overthrow his conviction.


Not only does he decide to become a lawyer to fight his own case but his character sketch also offers a unique perspective on the U.S. criminal justice system.


4. Dexter: New Blood

Dexter: New Blood


One reason why there was a lot of excitement around New Blood is that it was the much-awaited revival of the beloved Showtime series Dexter. Sure, the leading protagonist here happens to be a serial killer but you’ve got to give it to its makers for having surprised us with a plot that shows a father’s entire life turning upside down because of his son.


We catch the infamous killer Dexter Morgan getting tracked down by the son that he seems to have abandoned.


5. Defending Jacob

Defending Jacob


This Apple TV+ miniseries, which is eerily similar to Your Honor, happens to be an adaptation of a best-selling namesake novel by William Landay. The show is toplined by the charismatic Chris Evans, who portrays a district attorney whose life takes a rather dramatic and dark turn after he discovers that his teen son has become the prime suspect in a murder.


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