Pretty Smart Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

Pretty Smart Season 2: Everything We Know So Far


“Pretty Smart” is a comedy series created by Jack Dolgen and Doug Mand. This Netflix series explores the dynamics and humorous interactions that arise when highbrow sensibilities are immersed in the laid-back and eccentric world of new housemates. “Pretty Smart” centres around Chelsea, a highly educated and self-appointed intellectual individual aspiring to be a novelist.


Her life takes an unexpected turn when she is compelled to move in with her easygoing sister and her quirky group of friends. The show offers a comedic take on the clash of personalities and values, highlighting the challenges and growth that occur as Chelsea navigates her new life in this unconventional household.


The show was released on October 8, 2021. The show highlights the importance of friendship, personal development, and accepting one another’s differences. As Chelsea and her eclectic group of friends navigate life’s ups and downs, they provide support, understanding, and life lessons to each other, ultimately forming a close-knit, unconventional family in the bustling backdrop of Los Angeles.




Official Announcement of Pretty Smart Season 2


Pretty Smart is a Netflix show that premiered in October 2021. The show received mixed reviews from critics, but the fans seemed to love the show. The show was not renewed for many months by Netflix, before announcing its cancellation in April 2022.


As of now, the fate of “Pretty Smart” Season 2 remains uncertain, but there’s hope and anticipation among fans and the show’s creators for the story to continue. Jack Dolgen, one of the show’s creators, has encouraged fans to spread the word and binge-watch the series, hinting at the possibility of a renewal.


The cast members are also eager to see how the story unfolds, with Emily Osment expressing excitement about the potential for Season 2.




Previous Season and Episodes


Season 1 of “Pretty Smart,” has 10 episodes in it and each episode is 30 minutes. The show revolves around the lives of two sisters, Chelsea (Emily Osment) and Claire (Olivia Macklin), who couldn’t be more different.


Chelsea is a Harvard-educated intellectual and aspiring novelist, while Claire is a carefree and not-so-intellectual waitress. Chelsea, recently dumped by her boyfriend, is forced to move in with Claire and her three equally non-traditional roommates: Grant, a handsome personal trainer, Solana, a former lawyer turned healer, and Jayden, a social media influencer.


Throughout the season, the characters grapple with their struggles. Chelsea struggles to finish her novel and fit into the laid-back LA lifestyle. Solana tries to find her identity as both Solana (Cinthya Carmona) the healer and Allison the lawyer.


Jayden (Michael Hsu Rosen) attempts to balance his online persona with his real life, ultimately confronting his overbearing mother. Claire’s love life is complicated, particularly with Grant (Gregg Sulkin) her ex-boyfriend and Dave her current boyfriend.




Where to Watch the Show


All ten episodes of Pretty Smart season 1 are available for streaming in HD 4K on Netflix. Viewers in the UK, the USA and Canada can stream the show on Netflix.




Google Trends Data Analysis


Google Trends for the TV series Pretty Smart show that the series was popular and many followers and netizens were interested in the series. However, the trends also fluctuated wildly between highly popular and low interest.


Observing the trend over the past twelve months, the popularity of the show can be described as mildly popular with sudden periods of high interest.



Social Media Engagement


Social media activity of the series Pretty Smart has always been on the lower side. While fans loved the comedy series, there was not much hype about the show. The mixed ratings by the critics also did not help with the popularity of the series.


On Facebook, X(Twitter) Reddit, etc., there was no buzz or excitement about the chances of renewal of the series. Despite the cast of the show urging the fans to binge-watch the series, the fans and audiences did not seem to be moved by any of it.


The buzz of social media was pretty mellow for Pretty Smart.



Expected Plot of the Upcoming Season


In Season 2 of “Pretty Smart,” viewers can expect a rollercoaster of emotions and a tangled web of relationships as the love triangle involving Claire (Olivia Macklin), Dave (Kevin Miles), and Grant (Gregg Sulkin) takes centre stage.


The cliffhanger from the previous season left fans hanging, with Claire breaking up with Dave and sharing an unexpected kiss with Grant. As Chelsea (Emily Osment) enters the picture, wanting to pursue a relationship with Grant but also seeking Claire’s approval, the stage is set for some compelling drama.


While the direction of the love triangle remains uncertain, the cast members themselves are unsure about the outcome. Emily Osment, who plays Chelsea, is eager to see how the story unfolds, suggesting that the writers could take it in multiple directions.


Gregg Sulkin, who portrays Grant, appreciates the unique dynamics with both Claire and Chelsea, leaving the door open for any possibility.



Important Characters of Pretty Smart


1. Chelsea



Chelsea, portrayed by Emily Osment, is the central character in “Pretty Smart.” She’s a highly educated intellectual with aspirations of becoming a novelist. At the beginning of the series, Chelsea is in a vulnerable state after being unexpectedly dumped by her boyfriend.


She moves in with her sister Claire and her eclectic group of roommates in Los Angeles. Chelsea initially struggles to adapt to the laid-back West Coast lifestyle and feels like a fish out of water.


However, as the season progresses, Chelsea undergoes personal growth, forming deeper connections with her sister Claire and her friends. She faces challenges with her writing career, grapples with her feelings for Grant, and ultimately learns valuable life lessons about love, friendship, and self-discovery.


2. Grant



Grant, portrayed by Gregg Sulkin, is one of the key characters in “Pretty Smart.” He is a distractingly handsome personal trainer with a kind and supportive nature. Throughout the season, Grant plays a pivotal role in Chelsea’s life, offering comfort and guidance when she faces emotional challenges, including her breakup and writer’s block.


He also becomes a source of unexpected life lessons for Chelsea, and their growing connection leads to a budding romance. Grant’s journey involves navigating a love triangle with Claire, her boyfriend, and Chelsea herself.


He grapples with his feelings for both women, initially hoping for a reconciliation with Claire but eventually developing genuine affection for Chelsea.


3. Solana



Solana, also known as Allison, is a multifaceted character in “Pretty Smart,” portrayed by Cinthya Carmona. She brings a unique blend of experiences to the group as a former lawyer who has transitioned into a healer.


Solana’s journey revolves around finding her identity and reconciling her two distinct personas: Solana the healer and Allison the lawyer. Throughout the season, Solana’s background as a lawyer comes in handy, providing valuable insights and problem-solving skills to her friends.


She plays a supportive role in Chelsea’s life, using her lawyering skills to deduce information about Chelsea’s breakup.


4. Claire



Claire, portrayed by Olivia Macklin, is one of the central characters in “Pretty Smart.” She represents the carefree and easygoing spirit of the West Coast lifestyle, in contrast to her sister Chelsea’s intellectual and structured world.


Claire has her share of relationship struggles, mirroring the complex dynamics within the group. Claire’s journey throughout the series involves her desire to reconnect with Chelsea, her sister after their parents’ separation caused a rift between them.


She is determined to bridge the gap and rebuild their sisterly bond. Her character development is marked by moments of vulnerability and self-discovery, as she navigates her love life, particularly with Grant, and seeks personal growth.


5. Jayden



Jayden, portrayed by Michael Hsu Rosen, is a key character in “Pretty Smart.” He embodies the social media-driven culture of Los Angeles as an Instagram influencer. Throughout the series, Jayden grapples with the challenge of finding a balance between his online persona and his real-life self.


His character arc revolves around his journey to be more present in the real world and establish boundaries, especially with his overbearing mother, who also serves as his manager. Jayden’s growth is marked by his realisation that he needs to separate his personal and professional life, ultimately reconciling with his mother as they redefine their relationship.


Jayden’s presence adds depth to the group dynamic, highlighting the contrast between the online and offline worlds in a city known for its social media culture.



Important Crew Members and their Work


1. Creator – Jack Dolgen

Jack Dolgen


Jack Dolgen, the creative force behind the TV series “Pretty Smart,” is a talented writer, composer, and producer whose work has left an indelible mark on the world of entertainment.


Born with a gift for storytelling, Dolgen has skillfully woven his creative vision into the fabric of the show, crafting a narrative that resonates with audiences. Prior to “Pretty Smart,” Dolgen made his mark on the critically acclaimed series “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend,” where his contributions earned him recognition and accolades.


His ability to infuse humour, wit, and emotional depth into his work has set him apart in the industry. Through “Pretty Smart,” Jack Dolgen continues to showcase his talent and dedication to storytelling, promising an engaging and thought-provoking viewing experience for audiences worldwide.


2. Directors – Pamela Fryman and Phill Lewis

Phill Lewis


Pamela Fryman and Phill Lewis are the prominent directors who worked on Pretty Smart. Pamela Fryman is a highly respected television director and producer renowned for her work on hit shows like “How I Met Your Mother.”  Her directorial skills have the ability to capture the essence of character-driven humour.


Fryman’s fame stems from her extensive career, which includes numerous awards and nominations, as well as her knack for nurturing memorable performances from actors. Phill Lewis, on the other hand, is a multifaceted talent known for his acting, directing, and producing prowess.


He gained fame through his role as Mr. Moseby in Disney’s “The Suite Life of Zack & Cody” and “The Suite Life on Deck.” Lewis has also directed episodes for several popular TV series, showcasing his versatility behind the camera.


3. Writers – Doug Mand and Jim Brandon

Doug Mand


Doug Mand and Jim Brandon, who worked on Pretty Smart, are a dynamic duo in the world of comedy writing, known for their creative brilliance and contributions to various television and film projects.


Together, Doug Mand and Jim Brandon have collaborated on numerous successful ventures, including writing for hit shows like “How I Met Your Mother” and “Arrested Development.” Their witty and sharp comedic sensibilities have consistently delivered laughter to audiences, and they are celebrated for their ability to craft clever, memorable jokes and storylines.


Their unique brand of humour and their knack for creating relatable, humorous situations have endeared them to both viewers and industry peers. Whether it’s scripting sitcoms or providing comedic content, Doug Mand and Jim Brandon continue to leave their mark on the world of comedy, earning well-deserved recognition and acclaim.



Similar Shows and Where to Watch Them


1. New Girl

New Girl


“New Girl” is a popular American television sitcom that originally aired from 2011 to 2018. Created by Elizabeth Meriwether, the show revolves around the quirky, offbeat, and endearing life of Jessica Day, played by Zooey Deschanel.


After a bad breakup, Jess moves in with three single men in a loft apartment in Los Angeles, and their ensuing adventures create a hilarious and heartwarming series. The show is known for its distinctive humour, witty one-liners, and a cast of unique and lovable characters.


In addition to Jess, the main characters include Nick Miller, Schmidt, Winston Bishop, and Cece Parekh.  ”New Girl” is celebrated for its portrayal of friendships and the ups and downs of adulting.


It explores themes of love, career, and self-discovery while maintaining a light-hearted and humorous tone.


2. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt


“Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” is a critically acclaimed sitcom created by Tina Fey and Robert Carlock, originally produced for Netflix. The show, which premiered in 2015 and ran for four seasons, is known for its unique premise and irreverent humour.


The series follows the life of Kimmy Schmidt, played by Ellie Kemper, a woman who was held captive in an underground bunker for 15 years by a doomsday cult leader, the Reverend Richard Wayne Gary Wayne.


After being rescued, Kimmy decides to start a new life in New York City, embracing her freedom and attempting to make up for lost time. What sets “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” apart is its distinctive blend of dark themes and comedy.


The show is celebrated for its witty wordplay, social commentary, and satire of various aspects of modern society, including technology, fame, and identity.


3. The Good Place

The Good Place


“The Good Place” is a critically acclaimed and thought-provoking comedy series created by Michael Schur. It originally aired on NBC from 2016 to 2020 and is known for its unique take on the afterlife, blending humour with moral and philosophical dilemmas.


It is now on Netflix. The show’s premise revolves around Eleanor Shellstrop, played by Kristen Bell, who wakes up in the afterlife and is welcomed to “The Good Place,” a seemingly perfect utopian heaven designed for those who lead morally exemplary lives on Earth.


However, Eleanor quickly realises that there has been a mistake – she doesn’t belong there.  ”The Good Place” masterfully explores complex ethical and philosophical concepts while delivering clever humour. It delves into questions of morality, free will, and the nature of human behaviour.


4. The Crew

The Crew


“The Crew” is a comedy series that premiered on Netflix in 2021, created by Jeff Lowell. It revolves around a fictional NASCAR racing team called the Bobby Spencer Racing Team and its efforts to stay competitive in the high-stakes world of professional racing.


The show combines elements of workplace humour, sports, and family dynamics, offering a lighthearted take on the world of motorsports. The central character is Kevin Gibson, played by Kevin James, who is the crew chief for the racing team.


Kevin faces numerous challenges as he tries to adapt to changes in the team, including a new, young, and tech-savvy owner named Catherine Spencer (Jillian Mueller). The clash between old-school racing traditions and modern technology forms a recurring theme throughout the series.


Kevin’s close-knit crew includes loyal and quirky members like Chuck, Jake, and Beth, who add their comedic elements to the show.


5. Friends From College

Friends from College


“Friends from College” is a Netflix comedy-drama series that ran for two seasons from 2017 to 2019. Created by Nicholas Stoller and Francesca Delbanco, the show explores the complex relationships and lives of a group of Harvard University friends who reunite in New York City as they navigate the challenges of adulthood.


The ensemble cast includes Keegan-Michael Key, Cobie Smulders, Annie Parisse, Nat Faxon, Fred Savage, and Jae Suh Park, among others. Each character brings their unique quirks, flaws, and histories to the group, leading to comedic and often awkward situations.


The series delves into themes such as friendship, marriage, career aspirations, and the difficulty of letting go of the past. It showcases the messy, intertwined lives of friends, including infidelity, career changes, and the struggles of balancing personal and professional lives.


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