Ambitions Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

Ambitions - Will There Be A Season 2


“Ambitions” is a captivating TV series made for the Oprah Winfrey Network and debuted in 2019. Created by Jamey Giddens, the show revolves around the intricate web of personal and professional rivalries that unfold among the city’s wealthy and influential residents.


The series boasts a talented ensemble cast that includes Robin Givens, Essence Atkins, and Brian White, among others. Robin Givens plays Stephanie Carlisle Lancaster, a formidable attorney who is determined to conquer Atlanta’s legal and political landscape.


Essence Atkins takes on the role of Amara Hughes, a former college friend of Stephanie’s, whose arrival in town sets off a chain of explosive events. Brian White portrays Evan Lancaster, Stephanie’s husband and a powerful businessman/Mayor whose ambitions often clash with Stephanie’s own.


Internationally, “Ambitions” has garnered attention for its compelling storytelling and the strong performances of its cast. Its intricate plotlines, filled with betrayals, secrets, and power plays, have resonated with audiences around the world.


The series has been praised for its suspenseful twists and turns, making it a must-watch for fans of gripping drama.




Official Announcement on Ambitions Season 2


The series Ambitions had a promising debut when it was greenlit straight-to-series by the Oprah Winfrey Network in April 2018. It premiered in June 2019 on the channel, but in January of the next year, the show was cancelled by OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network).


No clear reason was given for the cancellation, and the cast was also vague about the matter. The cast simply said that their guess was as good as ours. The series was not picked up by any other network either.


So, it is safe to say that the show was cancelled for good, and we might not see Ambitions season 2.




Previous Seasons and Episodes


Ambitions season 1 had eighteen episodes and they were approximately 45 minutes long. The series was created by Jamey Giddens and Will Packer, with the showrunner as Kevin Arkadie. The series was a drama that dealt with themes like politics, greed, infidelity, deceit, etc.


There were two primary rivalries in the series; one was between Stephanie Carlisle and Amara Hughes, and the other was between the Carlisles and the Purifoys. Stephanie and Amara are feuding over who gets the heart and affection of Titus Hughes.


While Stephanie is married to Evan Lancaster, he has many affairs and bigger ambitions than her. So, she wants to take Titus away from Amara, who was once her best friend.


Carlisles and Purifoys have a family feud, with Carlisles, a family of renowned attorneys, slapping a class action suit against the company owned by Purifoys. There are many other minor feuds among different characters that make up the plot for season 1.




Where to Watch the Show


You can watch the show Ambitions Season 1 on CTV or UMC Amazon Channel in Canada. While viewers in The USA and the UK can watch it on Starz, Lionsgate, FuboTV, Tubi, etc.




Google Trends Data Analysis


Google Trends for the TV series Ambitions have been average, with constant fluctuations in the trends. Followers of the show have appreciated the masterful plot, intrigue, and drama that the show offers.


However, they seem to have moved on from the series after it was cancelled. When we observe the trends for Ambitions season 2, the numbers are below average with greater fluctuation.


Not many followers are interested in season 2 of the show. This is a telling sign that the fans have moved on and are uninterested in the show.



Social Media Engagement


The trends on social media for the TV series Ambitions are not strong. Facebook and X (Twitter) do not show any activity on this topic. Although there are a few articles about the show, they have not been shared or discussed as rigorously as when the show was on-air.


There is no buzz around the next season of Ambitions either. This is a sad trend as the show was popular in its day and had many fans. However, the number of new shows with similar premise indicates that there is no dearth of drama.



Expected Plot of Upcoming Season


The plot of Ambitions revolves around intrigue, scandals, controversies, deceit, and backstabbing. There can be no shortage of such plotlines when you have two women fighting each other. There is also the rivalry between two powerful families and an ambitious mayor who plans to become the governor of the state.


Considering the above points, if Ambitions Season 2 were to become a reality, we could see more drama, dirty laundry, scandals and excitement. Amara and Stephanie’s fight has not reached a conclusion, with the both of them still at each other’s throats.


Titus has faced a dangerous circumstance, and how he will get out of it and who will support him remains to be seen. Stephanie and Evan’s marriage is on the rocks, with some of Evan’s dirty secrets being exposed.


This could affect his future political career. Rondall Lancaster also faces challenges when it is discovered that her share in the Lancaster legacy had been signed away to Greg Peters by her cousin. In this way, there is no dearth of drama for season 2 of Ambitions.



Important Characters In Ambitions


1. Stephanie Carlisle Lancaster

Stephanie Carlisle Lancaster


Stephanie Carlisle Lancaster, portrayed by Robin Givens in “Ambitions,” is a central character and the epitome of ambition and power. She is a formidable attorney in Atlanta, known for her intelligence and cunning.


Stephanie is a woman who stops at nothing to achieve her goals, whether in her professional life or personal relationships. Her character is marked by a complex mix of determination, ruthlessness and vulnerability.


Stephanie’s role in the series is pivotal as she navigates the high-stakes world of Atlanta’s legal and political elite, often engaging in intense power struggles and rivalries. Her character’s pursuit of success and her relentless desire to maintain her position in society serve as driving forces behind many of the show’s dramatic plot twists.


Stephanie’s character embodies the show’s themes of ambition, betrayal, and the high cost of success.


2. Evan Lancaster

Evan Lancaster


Evan Lancaster, portrayed by Brian White, plays a significant role as a central character. He is a wealthy and influential businessman in Atlanta and the city mayor, married to Stephanie Carlisle Lancaster.


Evan is ambitious, charming, and possesses a magnetic charisma that draws people in. His character is often caught in the power struggles and family dynamics. Evan’s role revolves around his efforts to expand his power to run for Governor while navigating the intricate world of Atlanta’s elite.


He must balance his ambitions with his marriage, which is frequently strained by their conflicting desires for power and success. Evan’s character provides a compelling contrast to Stephanie’s as he grapples with loyalty, betrayal, and moral dilemmas, making him a central figure in the complex web of relationships and power dynamics that drive the series’ gripping narrative.


3. Amara Hughes

Amara Hughes


Amara Hughes, portrayed by Essence Atkins, is a pivotal character known for her intelligence, integrity, and determination. Amara is a lawyer who returns to her hometown of Atlanta and becomes entangled in the city’s high-stakes legal and political world.


Her nature is marked by a strong sense of justice and a desire to make a positive impact on her community. Amara’s character represents a stark contrast to some of the more morally compromised characters in the series.


Amara’s nature is defined by her unwavering commitment to doing what is right, often putting her at odds with the ruthless ambitions of others. Her character adds depth and a sense of ethical grounding to the storyline, making her a compelling and relatable figure in the midst of the show’s intrigue and drama.


4. Titus Hughes

Titus Hughes


Titus Hughes, portrayed by actor Kendrick Cross, is a significant character. He is Amara Hughes’s husband and plays a crucial role in the plot. Titus is a prominent attorney who works alongside his wife Amara in the legal profession.


His importance to the plot stems from his position as a stabilising and supportive figure in Amara’s life. He provides her with emotional support and serves as a moral compass, often encouraging her to stand by her principles even in the face of adversity.


Titus becomes entangled in the power struggles and legal battles that unfold in the series. His character represents the juxtaposition of ethical values against the backdrop of the morally ambiguous world of high-stakes law and politics.


His unwavering support for Amara and his own commitment to justice make him an integral character who adds depth and moral complexity to the series’ intricate narrative.


5. Rondell Pauline Lancaster

Rondell Pauline Lancaster


Rondell Pauline Lancaster, portrayed by actress Brely Evans, is a driving force in the show’s narrative. Rondell is Evan Lancaster’s sister, and her role is instrumental in shaping the story.


Rondell is a strong-willed, independent woman who runs her own restaurant, Thelma’s Place, in a less affluent part of Atlanta. Her character serves as a counterpoint to the elite world inhabited by her sister Stephanie.


Rondell’s role revolves around her determination to make her restaurant a success, despite facing various challenges, and her desire to protect her community from the encroachment of powerful developers. Her character brings depth and authenticity to the series, highlighting themes of family, community, and the clash between ambition and moral values.


Rondell’s resilience and unwavering commitment make her an essential and relatable character in “Ambitions.”



Important Crew Members and their Work


1. Creator – Jamey Giddens

Creator - Jamey Giddens


The TV series “Ambitions” was created by Jamey Giddens, a talented writer and producer known for his work in the soap opera and drama genres. Giddens’ success can be attributed to his ability to craft engaging and intricate storylines that captivate viewers.


Prior to “Ambitions,” he gained recognition for his contributions to popular soap operas like “All My Children” and “One Life to Live.” Giddens’ expertise in character-driven narratives and his skill in weaving together complex relationships and power dynamics were evident in “Ambitions.” The show’s success can be credited to his ability to create a world filled with intrigue, ambition, and moral dilemmas, all set against the backdrop of Atlanta’s high society.


His storytelling talents have resonated with audiences, making it a compelling and successful series that keeps viewers hooked with its intricate plot twists and well-defined characters.


2. Directors – Benny Boom and Angela Barnes

Benny Boom


Directors Benny Boom and Angela Barnes played pivotal roles in contributing to the success of the TV series “Ambitions.” Benny Boom, known for his expertise in directing dramas and urban-themed content, brought his creative vision and storytelling skills to the series.


His direction helped establish the show’s dramatic tone, ensuring that the complex plotlines and character dynamics were effectively portrayed on screen. Angela Barnes, an experienced television director, added her own unique perspective and insights to the series.


Her contributions likely included attention to character development, pacing, and maintaining a cohesive narrative flow. Together, Boom and Barnes ensured that the show’s visual and storytelling elements were finely tuned.


Their expertise and creative input likely played a crucial role in attracting and retaining viewers, making “Ambitions” a compelling and successful TV series.


3. Writers – Jazmen Darnell Brown, Trey Anthony and Gabrielle Fulton Ponder

trey anthony


Jazmen Darnell Brown, Trey Anthony, and Gabrielle Fulton Ponder are writers who have each made significant contributions to the world of entertainment and literature. Jazmen Darnell Brown is known for his thought-provoking storytelling and has gained fame for his works, Saints & Sinners, The Quad, BMF, etc.


Trey Anthony is a renowned playwright, comedian, and television producer. She achieved widespread fame with her groundbreaking play “Da Kink in My Hair,” which explored the lives of Black women.


Her work has not only earned her acclaim but has also had a lasting impact on discussions surrounding race, gender, and identity in the arts. Gabrielle Fulton Ponder is recognized for her talent as a writer and journalist.


Her work has been featured in various publications, and she has earned a reputation for her insightful storytelling and commentary on important social issues.



Similar shows and Where to Watch Them


1. BMF

BMF (Black Mafia Family)


“B. M. F.” (Black Mafia Family) is a gripping crime drama series that premiered in 2021, co-created by Randy Huggins and Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson. Inspired by the true story of the notorious Detroit-based drug empire, it follows the rise and fall of the Flenory brothers, Demetrius “Big Meech” and Terry “Southwest T.” 


The series delves into their journey from humble beginnings to becoming major players in the drug trade while navigating complex family dynamics and law enforcement scrutiny. “B. M. F.” explores themes of power, loyalty, and the impact of crime on communities, delivering a gritty and intense portrayal of a criminal empire’s ascent. You can stream it on Starz or DirecTV.


2. Being Mary Jane

Being Mary Jane


“Being Mary Jane” is a compelling TV series that originally aired from 2013 to 2019. Starring Gabrielle Union as Mary Jane Paul. It revolves around her life as a successful TV news anchor, balancing career ambitions with personal challenges.


You can stream it on Paramount+ and BET+. The show explores themes like love, family, and self-discovery while tackling relevant social issues. Mary Jane’s complex character and the series’ unflinching portrayal of her struggles make it relatable and thought-provoking.


With its engaging storytelling and strong performances, “Being Mary Jane” resonated with viewers, offering a glimpse into the multifaceted life of a modern, career-driven woman.


3. Dynasty (2017)

Dynasty (2017)


The 2017 series “Dynasty” is a modern reboot of the classic ’80s soap opera. It centres on the wealthy and dysfunctional Carrington family, led by the formidable patriarch Blake Carrington, played by Grant Show.


The show explores their opulent lifestyles, corporate power struggles, and tangled relationships. Watch it on Netflix. The arrival of Blake’s new wife, Cristal Flores (Nathalie Kelley), sparks intense conflicts, adding to the drama. “Dynasty” is known for its glitzy fashion, scheming characters, and high-stakes intrigue, making it a guilty pleasure for fans of over-the-top melodrama.


It combines elements of wealth, power, betrayal, and secrets, making it a captivating and updated take on the classic original.


4. Saints & Sinners

Saints & Sinners


“Saints & Sinners” is a thrilling TV series that premiered in 2016. Set in the fictional town of Cypress, it delves into the lives of the members of a prominent Southern Baptist church.


Beneath the veneer of religious piety lies a web of scandal, corruption, and moral ambiguity as the town’s prominent families grapple with hidden secrets and ruthless ambitions. The series can be streamed on Hulu.


The show is known for its intricate character dynamics, intense drama, and suspenseful plot twists, making it a rollercoaster ride of intrigue, power struggles, and ethical dilemmas. “Saints & Sinners” offers a gripping exploration of the human capacity for both righteousness and sin within a seemingly devout community.


5. Greenleaf



“Greenleaf” is a compelling TV series that aired from 2016 to 2020. Created by Craig Wright, it revolves around the powerful and charismatic Greenleaf family who run a mega-church in Memphis.


The series delves into their complex lives, interwoven with scandals, family dynamics, and spiritual conflicts. Watch the series on Netflix. At its heart is Grace Greenleaf, played by Merle Dandridge, who returns home after a long absence and becomes embroiled in uncovering dark secrets within the church.


“Greenleaf” explores themes of faith, ambition, hypocrisy, and the intersection of religion and personal morality, delivering a riveting blend of drama and spirituality that captivated audiences.


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