High-Rise Invasion Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

High-Rise Invasion - Update On Season 2


High-Rise Invasion is a Japanese Netflix anime series based on the manga of the same name by Takahiro Oba. Its ONA anime series was telecast on Netflix in 2021 in a 12-episode show directed by Masahiro Takata, written by Touko Machida and produced by Zero-G.


High-Rise Invasion falls within the horror and psychological thriller genres. Set in a surreal world, it follows protagonist Yuri Honjo as she navigates a high-rise cityscape filled with masked killers and a mysterious master.


The voice cast includes Haruka Shiraishi as Yuri, Shiki Aoki as Mayuko Nise, Yûichirô Umehara as Sniper Mask, and Junya Enoki as Rika Honjo. This is the Japanese cast, but Netflix also offers an English dubbed version.


The series explores themes of survival, fear, and the human psyche within a nightmarish urban environment. With its unique premise and intense storytelling, High-Rise Invasion captures the struggles of its characters as they fight to stay alive amidst a deadly game of survival.


The anime fans of the series praised the portrayal of the villains but were disappointed with the show’s concentration on party shots.




Official Announcement on Season 2 of High-Rise Invasion


In 2020, at the Netflix Anime Festival, it was announced that the manga series: High-Rise Invasion will be adapted as an ONA anime series. By this time DeNA’s Manga Box app had already serialised the entire High-Rise Invasion volume between 2013 and 2019.


Kodansha had also released it in twenty-one tankōbon volumes. This meant that there was sufficient material to make at least two seasons of the anime series. After the release of the first season of the series, fans have been patiently waiting for season 2.


Yet, Netflix has not announced any news on the next season. They have neither cancelled the show nor have they renewed the next season. This has left the audience in a limbo between hope and waiting.


But there is a full chance of seeing the characters coming back for a new season. Especially after the cliffhangers that we saw in the season 1 finale. If you are curious about what happened, here it is.




Previous Seasons and Episodes of High-Rise Invasion


High_Rise Invasion, the anime series, starts with Yuri Honjō, a young high schooler, mysteriously finding herself in a high-rise building. She witnesses a brutal murder, and despite all her efforts to get away or find help, she finds none.


Initially, she thinks she is alone in this scary place but slowly finds other teenagers trapped in similar situations like her. Some are friendly and assist her, while others do not.


Slowly, Yuri learns the rules of this world where there are corrupt officers, angels, and god candidates who can give commands to kill others. Yuri discovers that her brother Rika is also stuck in this world.


She also makes new allies like Mayuko Nise,  Kuon Shinzaki, her angel Sniper Mask, etc. Yuri also discovers complicated plots and schemes by another god candidate who is hungry for power, Aikawa.


Over the course of 12 episodes of this season, we see the introduction of the world and the unveiling of this sinister plot. By the end of the season, we see that the siblings, Yuri and Rika, might be pitted against each other as part of Aikawa’s master plan.




Where to watch the show


The show was announced by the Netflix Anime Festival. High-Rise Invasion can be viewed by fans in Canada, USA, and Great Britain on their Netflix app. We can also stream it on Netflix Basic with Ads.




Google Trends Data Analysis of High-Rise Invasion


The season of the show ended in 2021 on Netflix. However, the popularity of the anime series continues to capture fans to this day. The series has received both praise and criticism from audiences.


While some praised the character of the villains in the plot, others criticised the lack of character development of the protagonist and her friends. The world of High-Rise Invasion and how the participants were brought in or chosen is not clearly laid out.


As a result of these varying opinions, this Netflix anime series had a bumpy popularity graph with peaks and drops in search trends. However, the audience’s curiosity about season 2 is not very high.


They are not too keenly awaiting the news. It could be due to the availability of the manga series.



Social Media Engagement of High-Rise Invasion:


The social media engagement of the anime series is slightly on the lower end of the graph. We have a few dedicated anime fans who have endorsed the series and await news of the series.


However, considering the fact that the Netflix original run ended in 2021, the fans appear to have moved on. We can see activity only on Facebook and X (Twitter), where the anime series is discussed in detail with character analysis.


Dedicated fans of the manga series have shared and revisited the posts through social media. The suspense about the future of the main character Yuri and her brother Rika, is a major draw for the audiences who continue to discuss plotlines.


If you are also keen to find out more, then read on as we have an update on it too.



Expected Plot of Upcoming Season 2 of High-Rise Invasion


The first season of “High-Rise Invasion” covered material until chapter 149 of the manga. The manga has a total of 258 chapters, and also has a sequel called High-Rise Invasion Arrive.


The series received good reviews from manga fans and critics alike. There is a considerable amount of material from the manga that can be adopted for a second season. Season 1 ends with Mayuko’s defragmentation being complete and her skills matching that of Archangel’s.


Kusakabe escapes, and Aohara is killed by Archangel. Archangel survives and ends up being controlled by Yuri after she gains the ability to match wavelengths with Archangel. Yuri then declares that she will venture to save Rika from Aikawa.


Season 2 is expected to cover the manga’s material from chapter 150. This may include more information on the creation and purpose of the strange world, the masks and Yuri’s journey to save Rika.


It may also explore Sniper Mask and Kuon’s relationship, Yuri’s confrontation with Aikawa, and her fight against the other God Candidates.



Important Characters of High-Rise Invasion


1. Yuri Honjo

Yuri Honjo


Yuri Honjo takes centre stage in High-Rise Invasion as the lead character. Linked by blood to Rika Honjo and Yuka Makoto, she becomes a God Candidate via the Faceless Mask.


Renowned for her kindness, others in the story quickly notice her compassionate nature. Displaying strength, independence, and intelligence, Yuri adapts her actions based on her environment, her innate abilities supplementing her mental fortitude.


Her powers include Self Enhancement and Mask Manipulation, granted by the Faceless Mask. She is voiced by Haruka Shiraishi in Japanese and Suzie Yeung in English.


2. Kuon Shinzaki

Kuon Shinzaki


Known as the Railgun User, Kuon Shinzaki was a delicate and innocent God Candidate. Her refined demeanour concealed her unfamiliarity with the perilous reality around her. Despite her initial naivety, her journey alongside the Sniper Mask unveiled her abilities all while maintaining her modesty.


Evidently infatuated with Sniper Mask, she even indulged in fantasies of marriage. Kuon possessed several capabilities, including the Faceless Mask, evading Mask attacks, and hibernation suspension. Notably, she controlled the Railgun system, demolishing structures by inputting precise target coordinates.


She is voiced by Akira Sekine in Japanese and Stephanie Sheh in English.


3. Sniper Mask

Sniper Mask


Yuka Makoto, also known as Sniper Mask or “Mr. Mask,” plays a complex role in High-Rise Invasion as an anti-heroic supporting character. He’s Rika Honjo’s brother and Yuri Honjo’s stepbrother.


He is voiced by Yûichirô Umehara in Japanese and Jonah Scott in English. Initially, he is under the mask’s influence, but an explosion damages his mask, restoring his consciousness and partial memories.


He forms connections with Kuon and Yuri, eventually breaking free from the mask’s commands with help. Sniper Mask’s intelligence shines as he makes calculated decisions and displays care for those close to him.


Proficient in marksmanship, short-range combat, and mask manipulation, he wields unique skills. With Kuon’s powers, he gains Faceless Mask abilities, reinforced strength, and the capability to manipulate Guardian Angels. His mask provides exceptional hearing, and Kuon’s influence grants him control over the railgun system.


Forced defragmentation elevates his Angel abilities, enabling him to combat formidable opponents.


4. Rika Honjo

Rika Honjo


Rika Honjo, originally known as Rika Makoto, serves as Yuri Honjo’s elder brother and later becomes Mamoru Aikawa’s apostle. In battles, his dependable presence is evident through his skilled combat and experienced movements.


Despite portraying a courageous image, his true motivation lies in reuniting with his sister. Rika battles his own nervousness and supports Yuri’s heroic role, secretly acknowledging her as the true hero of their realm.


Proficient with a mallet, he reads opponents’ actions adeptly. As Aikawa’s apostle, his power substantially increases. Displaying extraordinary reflexes, he even outpaces Aikawa in catching a bullet. He engages Sniper Mask on even footing and effortlessly surpasses Wrestler Mask and other powerful angels, showcasing his immense potential and untapped strength.


5. Aikawa



Mamoru Aikawa emerges as a key antagonist in High-Rise Invasion, once a God Candidate executed by the Administrator for transgressing the organ’s rules. His traumatic past fuels his hatred for the betrayed and his belief that they deserve death.


He is voiced by Jun Fukuyama Mamoru ardently propagates his doctrine that betrayal warrants demise, motivated by an aversion to betrayal stemming from his fear of it. Manipulating masks and angels, Mamoru wields immense power.


He controls thirty angels and exhibits the unique ability to sense conscious beings around him. His self-reinforced strength, intuition of opponents’ levels, and understanding of God’s Code are notable. His range of abilities includes mask manipulation, avoiding angel attacks, angel manipulation, consciousness observation, strength augmentation, and generating apostles with deep brainwashing.



Important Crew Members and their Work


1. Masahiro Takata – Director

Masahiro Takada


Masahiro Takata is the director of the anime series that is based on the manga series of the same name. He worked with Zero-G animation studio to create and bring to life a popular manga story.


He has worked in other anime series like Yes ka No ka Hanbun ka, The Iceblade Sorcerer Shall Rule the World, etc.


2. Touko Machida and Bob Buchholz – Writers

Bob Buchholz


Touko Machida has adapted the manga series into episodes for the anime series. The entire Japanese version of the series High-Rise Invasion was written by Touki Machida. Bob Buchholz wrote the English version of the series for Netflix.


Apart from this series, Touko Machida has also written for other anime series like Boruto: Naruto Next Generation, Samurai Champloo, Wolf’s Rain, etc.


3. Tsuina Miura – Manga writer

The series of High-Rise Invasion is adapted from the manga series of the same name. This manga was written by Tsuina Miura. There is also a sequel to it in High-Rise Invasion Arrive.


The author also created another popular manga series: Ajin: Demi-Human, and its sequel.



Similar shows and where to watch them


High-Rise Invasion is an anime series that belongs to genres like action, dystopian world, etc. The characters of the series are mysteriously sucked into a world governed by the Administrator who controls who lives or dies.


If you like shows of this genre, we have more anime shows that you can enjoy, some of which are listed below:


1. Darwin’s Game

Darwin’s Game


Darwin’s Game is also a manga series that was adapted into anime. The plot of this series works on the principle of ‘Survival of the Fittest’. The stronger players can kill weaker players and this game of life and death is controlled by the Game Master.


Kaname Sudō is invited to play the Drawin’s Game by his friend, and he joins without realising the threat to his life. After he sees that death is the only way out of the game, he becomes determined to win the game.


He strives to become the best player so that he can capture and punish the Game Master. The show is available on Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus, and Funimation.


2. Tower Of God

Tower Of God


Tower of God is a Korean manhwa series that was released on Webtoons. The anime version of the series is available on Crunchyroll for streaming. The series follows the life and journey of a young boy called Twenty-Fifth Bam.


He lives beneath a mysterious God Tower for most of his life along with his friend Rachel. However, after Rachel enters the God Tower, he is forced to follow her and find her.


Inside the Tower of God, Bam meets many challenges, allies, and dangers in an attempt to find Rachel and reach the top of the tower.


3. Psycho-Pass



Psycho-Pass is an anime series set in a dystopian future that is similar to the movie Minority Report. The Sybil System monitors the biometric data of all citizens and determines the likelihood of criminal activity.


If the Crime Coefficient Index (Psycho-Pass) shows a likelihood of crime, the person is arrested by the Crime Investigation Department. The protagonist works for the Crime Investigation Dept. and encounters a unique criminal who successfully evades the Psycho-Pass time and again.


This criminal needs to be apprehended, but the bigger question is, why did the system not recognize the criminal? This series is available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Crunchyroll and Funimation.


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