What’s the Buzz About Acro Trip? A Fresh Take On Magical Girls

Acro Trip


Acro Trip. Based on a manga of the same name written by Yone Sawata, Acro Trip is an anime hitting our screens in 2024. And since this is a magical girls’ show, fans have started speculating what this anime would have to offer to the audience. This speculation is even stronger since the series is based on a shoujo manga and that has allowed fans to hope for something new and fresh.


But since the hype for it isn’t all that much yet, you might have a hard time trying to come across useful information regarding this anime. But we would like to solve your problem and give you an overview of what this anime is and what you should be looking forward to, when you are planning to watch it.


So without any further ado, let’s hop into it.




What is Acro Trip all about?


With the release of the new series Acro Trip right around the corner, fans have started wondering what this anime will have to offer. What will be the story? What is the overall premise? Why should they watch it? Let’s answer all these questions and more. If we talk about the narrative of the show, it is quite simple yet has a ton of potential.


The series focuses on a girl named Chizuko Date. No, not Chizuru Mizuhara, Chizuko  Date. And she is an otaku who is head over heels for her beloved magical girl named Berry Blossom. Chizuko lives in the Niigata Prefecture and there, Berry Blossom is a protector who goes on to save the citizens from the evil actions of Fossa Magna.


More specifically, Chroma, the leader of Fossa Magna and his actions are always detrimental to the city. And thus, Chizuko is just so much in love with this girl. However, the rest of the city isn’t as impressed with Berry Blossom, mainly because the opposition leader Chroma is considered to be very weak and inept as an evil head.


This creates a situation where people aren’t really appreciative of Berry Blossom and her efforts. However, Chizuko isn’t going to let this slide. She will be entering the realm of Magic to bring more attention to Berry. But this decision might lead her to a path that she wasn’t expecting.


After all, being a magical girl is not as easy as it may seem. And the complexity of this profession is what brings so much love and anticipation from fans with regard to this show. People are hoping for some Madoka Magica stuff from this but we would have to wait if the story would unfold in that direction.


Till then it is a light-hearted comedy-fantasy series that will bless us very soon. Therefore, we would have to wait for the show to release and make us fall in love with it. The anime is based on its manga counterpart and the manga is quite something on its own.


Fans are speculating that this new anime has a lot of potential in terms of making a name for itself in the anime realm. However, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that waiting for some action is the best we can do right now. So just wait for this anime to hit the TV and hope for an experience that would be one of a kind.




Fans weren’t expecting THIS from the trailer



Acro Trip is a series that is extremely new for the anime medium. The manga of this anime isn’t necessarily all that popular and so, fans were having low expectations when the series was originally announced. After all, the anime studio making this anime is also extremely new. However, things started to take some interesting turns when this anime took the beautiful animation route in the trailer.


The trailer for Acro Trip showed the instance that made Chizuko fall in love with Berry Blossom and the realm of magical girls. Moreover, since the show is a shoujo series, the story had its fair share of feminine screenplay depiction. However, the biggest surprise factor for fans was how gorgeous the trailer looked on screen.


When we are talking about a completely new anime studio, we can’t expect them to give One Punch Man-level performance right from the get-go. That’s just not going to happen. However, Voil did manage to create an eye-catching trailer for the audience when they highlighted the beautiful combination of bright colours with contrasting art styles and a fluid animation on the screen.


There was an extremely small fight sequence but that fight sequence also looked incredible for a studio that has started its business very recently. Moreover, fans weren’t expecting this anime to be so filled story, especially when looking at it from a foreign perspective. As stated earlier, since this is an anime from a studio that isn’t established well enough, fans didn’t have many expectations from the anime.


However, the trailer seems to have shocked the audience enough to make them anticipate the potential for both the anime as well as the creators. In particular, the sleek modern anime look that the series has is absolutely brilliant. The choreography of that small fight sequence is very capturing and the expression of emotions in the trailer was very well done.


Overall, the show is just amazing, to say the least, and this has created a situation where fans have been overwhelmed with what they will be offered. Moreover, in some trailers, there’s also a depiction that highlights that this story will feature a few more interesting characters and the way our main characters’ world will unfold will be amazing to witness on screen.


A great show with a ton of capabilities to shock the audience. But it is always a matter of great execution to see how things will unfold.




Voil will change the anime landscape


Studio Voil


The success or failure of any anime lies in the hands of the studio that is responsible for animating it. I mean just look at One Punch Man, if it wasn’t for Madhouse, that show wouldn’t have been our subject of discussion at all. Similarly, shows like Attack on Titan, Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress, and Vinland Saga for Studio WIT have been very successful, all thanks to WIT’s capabilities to adapt a historical theme show on the screen.


MAPPA is also responsible for insane anime like Jujutsu Kaisen and Chainsaw Man. While the stories of these anime were amazing, the animation just added more flavour to them, making them a feast to watch. And if we are talking about animation, we can’t forget UFOtable and Demon Slayer. That show is just a work of art.


This is why you need to watch out for the studio that is responsible for an anime. So which studio is responsible for Acro Trip? Well, it’s Studio Voil, an extremely new studio that is making a debut in the anime industry with the release of Acro Trip itself. What?


Yes, Acro Trip is the first anime for this studio. However, Acro Trip won’t be the only anime that this studio would be creating. While Acro Trip is scheduled for 2024, Voil already has plans for another anime named “Egao no Taenai Shokuba desu” which is meant to be released in 2025.


Yup, this anime has only 2 projects in line. And yes, it isn’t the most groundbreaking number for fans to look forward to. However, this studio promises to bring some remarkable changes in the anime realm with its presence. After all, their philosophy is to create the future of anime, and they engage in the planning and production of animation projects.


If we look at the name, Voil, it is actually a combination of the word “Boil” which is meant to symbolize enthusiasm and bubbling talent with the letter “V”. And this letter is meant to highlight terms such as “Victory”. This should give you an idea that they are committed to creating successful projects.


Their corporate colour of purple is meant to represent the combination of red which symbolizes passion and blue which symbolizes calm. The studio was established in March 2022 and is led by representative director Takeo Ootaka. We can rest assured that this studio might end up being one of the greats in the upcoming time, especially in terms of anime that focuses around girls as we can see with the line-up for this studio so far.


Let’s see how it goes.




Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Episode Director will take matters into his own hands for Acro Trip


Acro Trip is being directed by none other than Ayumu Kotake himself. And let’s just say that this man has worked on a ton of incredible shows in his life. First and foremost, he has been responsible for the Storyboard (ep 15), Episode Direction (ep 15), and Key Animation for Gurren Lagann anime.


So you can rest assured that this man knows his stuff in the anime realm. Moreover, he has also worked as a key animator for Naruto Shippuden. Pretty sure you guys don’t need any introduction for Naruto Shippuden. Plus, he was also a storyboard artist for Vinland Saga. And obviously, he was the episode director for Idolmaster.


After this, you will be able to relax well. I mean he knows his stuff when it comes to magical girls as well. And so, it is only fitting that we assume his excellence in this anime will be far beyond expectations. All in all, he is very capable. While he hasn’t been a director for any of the anime directly, he has been playing his part in popular shows such as Pet as Assistant Director or episode director for Hanamaru Youchien.


This anime will be a huge responsibility on his head. However, since he has experience in the anime industry and has worked on a wide variety of shows, fans can expect some spectacular performances. However, we have to keep in mind that any animation studio isn’t a joke to handle.


People tend to forget that the start is always the roughest and even the most talented fumble when it comes to the beginning. Therefore, if you end up not liking the overall portrayal of this anime then don’t look down on Ayumu Kotake. There are infinite factors that play a crucial role in making an anime successful.


And so, he would have to get used to the essence of anime creation. And this procedure might take a while. If he ends up creating a brilliant anime without any absolute experience as director then that would be magical, pun intended. However, even if he doesn’t we already know from the trailer that he is a man with skill and just needs time to polish himself into an incredible beast who will be leading the direction game in the long run.


However, as fans, we can just speculate and wait for how things will turn out. Let’s hope for the best since we will be investing a fair share of our own time into watching this anime and praying for it to be something that will shake us from the core.



Loved Solo Leveling OSTs? Then Acro Trip will be a feast for you!


Want to know why you will be having a feast with this anime’s score? That’s because the man, the myth, the legend, Tanaka Ryou will be working as the sound director in the series. He is a magician and his capabilities far exceed that of anyone else in the industry.


I mean even after watching the trailer, you can rest assured that the anime will have great OSTs and the overall sound department will be taken care of. However, just to give you even more assurance, there are the anime that Tanaka Ryou has worked upon as the Sound Director: “K” (TV, Fall 2012), “Inuyashiki” (TV, Fall 2017), “Ore dake Level Up na Ken” (TV, Winter 2024), “Seitokai Yakuindomo” (TV, Summer 2010), “Hataraku Saibou Black” (TV, Winter 2021), “Granblue Fantasy The Animation” (TV, Spring 2017), “Peach Boy Riverside” (TV, Summer 2021), “Otonari ni Ginga” (TV, Spring 2023), “Tensei shitara Dainana Ouji Datta node, Kimama ni Majutsu wo Kiwamemasu” (TV, Spring 2024).


Yup, that’s a lot. And that’s why we need to appreciate the creators for having him on board. I mean just look at the pool of sounds he has worked on and just how varied it is. There’s no way anyone can match that level of variance and capability. This is why he is one of the most admired people in the anime industry.


However, there’s a side of the story that most people don’t seem to understand. And it isn’t their fault but it is definitely something that needs more discussion. People don’t understand how crucial music can be when it comes to having a beautiful anime-watching experience. However, what they need to understand is that a lot of amazing stuff that allows us to have an unreal vibe while witnessing the show, tends to go unnoticed.


And music is one of them. Thankfully, fans these days are acknowledging the importance of sound direction and that’s where talents like Tanka Ryou are able to make a name for themselves. Keep in mind, that the rhythm of a show is crucial in making it an experience worthwhile. So make sure that you witness the anime with all your heart as it will take you on a ride.


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