Grimgar of Fantasy And Ash Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

Grimgar of Fantasy And As Season 2


Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash is an anime series crafted by A-1 Pictures. The tale unfolds within the enigmatic realm of Grimgar, where the protagonist, Haruhiro, and a group of fellow young adults find themselves abruptly transported.


Strangely, they retain no recollections of their past lives, knowing only their names. Their unforeseen role in this new world casts them as Trainee Volunteer Soldiers tasked with hunting formidable goblins.


The series meticulously portrays their collective journey as they grapple with survival, attempting to carve out a meaningful existence in their roles as volunteer soldiers. Their induction into this arduous life is orchestrated by the enigmatic Chief Britney, and while some adapt more readily, others struggle.


Contrary to appearances, this is no mere game, devoid of second chances or respawns; here, the thin boundary between life and death looms constantly. Now, it falls upon this disparate assembly of unlikely warriors to unite and endure in a realm where survival and demise tread a delicate precipice.




Official Announcement Of Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash Season 2


The official announcement and release date for “Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash” Season 2 remain shrouded in uncertainty. Despite the first season’s widespread support, it struggled to generate sufficient revenue for a second season.


However, the light novel series on which the anime is based continues, with 19 volumes available, leaving ample source material for adaptation. A second season could be possible if A-1 Pictures announces its renewal in 2023 or if another animation studio takes up the project.


While some rumours have circulated, there has been no official confirmation from A-1 Pictures or Mutsumi Okubashi regarding Season 2. Despite its popularity, the first season’s sales figures did not meet expectations.


Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash Season 1 promptly became popular after its release. It did well in the Blu-ray, and DVD sales as the anime sold 4,571 copies. However, the creators had anticipated a better sales figure according to the success of the light novel, so the sales turnout was a disappointment to them.


Nevertheless, the light novel series offers substantial material for further episodes. It’s worth noting that A-1 Pictures has been occupied with various projects, potentially affecting the prospects of a second season.


As the wait continues, fans can only hope for an official announcement that will bring “Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash” back to the screen.




Previous Seasons and Episodes Of Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash


Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash consists of a single season that started on January 11, 2016, and ended on March 28, 2016. The show featured a total of 12 exciting episodes that made anime fans lose their mind.


Each episode has a runtime of approximately 24 minutes and these episodes are extremely interesting to watch. Fans have showered ‘Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash’ with positive reviews, reflecting their appreciation for its unique approach within the fantasy genre and its dedication to character development and intricate detail.


On MyAnimeList, the series boasts a score of 7.651, based on an extensive user rating pool of over 369,564. This acclaim centres on the organic growth of characters and the profound effort invested in their development and characterization.


Anime News Network echoed these sentiments, characterizing the series as distinct, slow-paced, and remarkably thoughtful. They commended the overall aesthetics, including attractive character designs and nuanced character animations. Fans lauded its realistic treatment of fantasy elements, emphasizing the depth it adds to both characters and the narrative.


The art and music were also lauded for their visual and auditory excellence.




Where to watch Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash


Fans of ‘Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash’ residing in different regions have several streaming options to enjoy this anime series. In the United States, viewers can catch it on Hulu, Crunchyroll, and FUNIMATION, ensuring accessibility for a broad audience.


For those in the United Kingdom, Crunchyroll and FUNIMATION provide the platform to dive into the fantasy world of Grimgar. Canadian fans also have the opportunity to stream the series on Crunchyroll, making it convenient for anime enthusiasts across North America to engage with the captivating story and characters of this beloved show.




Google Trends Data Analysis


The graph for Grimgar of Fantasy And Ash Season 2 seems to be quite interesting. There seems to be a lot of movement within the limits of this data and that indicates the fact that the series is being constantly searched by fans.


Moreover, the show seems to peak from April 23 2023 to April 29 2023, highlighting the fact that the show was quite in discussions during this time frame. While there isn’t any concrete reason as to why the show is so popular during this segment, it does highlight the fact that fans of the series are still hoping for an experience from the original series.


Therefore, the graph overall is positive. However, the bottoms do act as a matter of concern.



Social Media Engagement


The social media platforms have quite a few posts of expression from enthusiasts of the show. They are highlighting the fact that there might not be another season because the anime didn’t get enough viewers and the light novel hasn’t ranked in the Top 100 for a while now.


Fans eager for a continuation of the series have expressed their desires on social media and forums, hoping to catch the attention of anime studio members and directors. This approach has proven successful for some shows, with revival or continuation occurring after several years, suggesting a potential return in 2024, although this remains speculative.


Needless to say, there’s a group that is still extremely hopeful for a sequel.



Expected Plot Of Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash


In the anticipated Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash Season 2, viewers can look forward to a deeper exploration of the enigmatic world of Grimgar and the journey of our protagonists.


Having covered the initial volumes of the light novel in the first season, Season 2 is expected to delve into the narrative from the 3rd volume, unveiling the group’s path and their prolonged stay in this unfamiliar land.


Questions surrounding the potential abandonment of their hometown may also come to the forefront. Haruhiro, who assumed leadership after Manato’s tragic demise in the first season, may find himself facing new challenges in this season.


With Mary stepping into the role of the group’s priest, the dynamics within the team could evolve, possibly resulting in the emergence of additional leaders. Flashback sequences may provide insight into their previous lives, showcasing elements of modernity such as aeroplanes and smartphones, gradually unveiling their mysterious journey.


While there’s uncertainty surrounding the release of the second part, if it were to materialize, it might continue the story from volumes 3 and 4 of the light novel series.


New characters could make their debut, adding intrigue to the plot. Haruhiro’s struggles as a leader, his growth, and how he copes with high-pressure situations may take centre stage. As the group becomes more formidable and explores new locales, they are likely to encounter unexpected challenges, shedding light on the secrets of Grimgar and their origins.


The viewers can anticipate a continuation of the character development, teamwork, and the unravelling of the mysteries that have captivated fans since the start of the series.



Important Characters Of Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash


The following are the 5 characters that made the anime worth all your time and effort. These incredible personalities brought so much flavour and essence to this show that we can’t help but appreciate them.


And that’s why we will be taking a closer look at all these characters and their personalities.


1. Yume



Yume plays a significant role in Haruhiro’s party, characterized by her pale skin, braided reddish-brown hair, brown eyes, and slender physique. In combat, she dons the guild-issued Hunter attire. Although her archery skills were initially lacking, Yume adapted by honing her machete combat abilities through training, excelling in close-quarters engagements.


With growing experience, she evolves into a proficient sharpshooter, capable of accurately targeting goblins from impressive distances.


2. Merry



Merry, also known as Wicked Merry or Scary Merry, takes on the role of Priest in Haruhiro’s party following Manato’s passing. She possesses a taller stature than Yume and Shihoru and boasts fair skin, navy blue hair, and blue eyes.


During combat, Merry is clad in the standard attire of a Priest, and in the light novel depiction, her hair appears longer and unkempt. Initially, Merry’s standoffish behaviour and insistence on unilaterally deciding when to heal wounded party members led to her unpopularity in previous groups.


However, it is later revealed that she once served as the cheerful and morale-boosting member of her initial party, which flourished until overconfidence led to a deep excursion where Merry exhausted her magical abilities, resulting in a tragedy that scarred her and caused her to question her worth as a Priest.


3. Haruhiro



Haruhiro, the central character in Hai to Gensō no Grimgar, steps into the leadership role after Manato’s demise. Despite his unassuming appearance, he shines when it comes to making swift decisions during critical moments and issuing tactical orders in battles.


However, he grapples with a sense of inadequacy regarding his combat abilities, often drawing comparisons between his party and stronger groups. With wavy brown hair and brown eyes, he sees himself as “average,” though his most distinctive feature is his seemingly perpetually tired eyes.


In the anime adaptation, his weariness is less pronounced. This earned him the moniker “Old Cat” as a Thief.


4. Manato



Manato, the original Priest and leader of Haruhiro’s party was eventually replaced by Haruhiro as the leader and Merry as the Priest. Manato was taller than Haruhiro and had a complexion of pale skin, light brown hair, and brown eyes.


In the heat of battle, he wore a Priest Outfit provided by the Guild. He was widely recognized for his compassionate disposition and the responsible manner in which he led the group.


His commitment to assisting his friends endured until the very end.


5. Ranta



Ranta, also known as the Dread Knight in Haruhiro’s party, plays a pivotal role in the Grimgar series. He’s characterized by his comrades, including Haruhiro, as a self-assured, loud, and discourteous member seemingly oblivious to his own conduct.


Despite his tendency to make lewd comments within the group, his intentions appear non-serious. Haruhiro often likens him to a bothersome child. Ranta is fully aware of his actions, using his abrasive demeanour as a protective barrier to shield his true self from judgment.


This persona conceals his emotional vulnerabilities, and following challenging experiences with the team, he frequently seeks solace in solitary drinking.



Important Crew Members Of Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash


Every anime has a team of talented artists who work day and night to make the series, a reality. And oftentimes, we miss out on the amount of effort and energy that these artists put in to make a series happen.


This is true for Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash as well. Therefore, to shed some light on the geniuses that made the show possible, let’s get to know them a bit more.


1. Justin Cook

Justin Cook


Justin Cook, an American professional involved in voice acting, directing, audio engineering, and line production, is closely associated with anime dubbing through his work with Funimation and Okratron 5000. Born on April 4, 1982, in Lubbock, Texas, he is particularly recognized for his contributions to iconic series like “Yu Yu Hakusho” and the “Dragon Ball” franchise.


Justin has played vital roles in providing English voices for numerous Japanese anime films and series, with his portrayal of Yusuke Urameshi in “YuYu Hakusho” standing out as his most memorable performance.


His impact on shaping the English adaptations of popular anime shows is substantial.


2. Ryousuke Nakamura

Ryousuke Nakamura


Ryousuke Nakamura is a notable figure within the anime industry, with a career spanning various roles. Born on May 27, 1976, he has left his mark on numerous anime series, showcasing his versatility as a storyboard artist, episode director, and key animator.


Some of his notable contributions include renowned titles such as Death Note, Attack on Titan Season 3, Your Lie in April, High School of the Dead, Made in Abyss, Monster, and Grimgar: Ashes and Illusions.


IMDb highlights his exceptional work on series like Monster, Nana, and Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor, solidifying his reputation in the anime industry.


3. Shinpei Ezaki

Shinpei Ezaki


Shinpei Ezaki is a notable figure in the anime industry, celebrated for his multifaceted contributions encompassing roles like storyboard artist, episode director, and key animator. His extensive body of work spans renowned anime series, including Attack on Titan, Erased, Blue Exorcist, Guilty Crown, Kimi ni Todoke, Banana Fish, Grimgar: Ashes and Illusions, Great Pretender, and Vivy: Fluorite Eye’s Song, among others.


IMDb specifically acknowledges his significant impact through projects like Vivy: Fluorite Eye’s Song (2021), Attack on Titan (2013), and Gunslinger Stratos: The Animation (2015), solidifying his reputation within the industry.


4. (K)NoW_NAME



(K)NoW_NAME stands as a Japanese music group affiliated with Toho Animation Records, with a primary focus on creating music for anime series. The group’s inception in 2016 was driven by the vision of anime producer Masaya Saitou, who aimed to assemble a versatile musical ensemble capable of producing a wide range of genres for various anime projects. (K)NoW_NAME comprises accomplished musicians, including Makoto Miyazaki, R. O. N, Shuhei Mutsuki, Kohei by Simonsayz, Genki Mizuno, and eNu.


Following this, a vocal audition was conducted, leading to the selection of three talented vocalists: Ayaka Tachibana, Nikiie, and Aij.


In January 2016, (K)NoW_NAME was officially established, solidifying their integral role as creators of anime music


5. A-1 Pictures

A-1 Pictures


A-1 Pictures, Inc., a Japanese animation studio with roots tracing back to its founding by former Sunrise producer Mikihiro Iwata, commenced its journey on May 9, 2005. Operating as a subsidiary of Sony Music Entertainment Japan’s anime production entity, Aniplex, the studio initially had the mandate to oversee Aniplex’s family-oriented series.


However, it later expanded its horizons, becoming a producer of various independent anime projects. Notably, A-1 Pictures has garnered acclaim for its impressive roster of television anime, encompassing beloved titles such as Fairy Tail, Sword Art Online, The Seven Deadly Sins, and Kaguya-Sama: Love is War.



Similar Shows To Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash


If you had a fun time watching Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash then the following 5 anime are going to be a feast for you. These shows are nothing less than incredible and their uniqueness is what’s going to make you fall in love with them.


So make sure that you try them all.


1. Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?

Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?


Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? (often referred to as “DanMachi”) is an anime series centring on the exploits of Bell Cranel, a 14-year-old lone adventurer devoted to the goddess Hestia.


This anime unfolds within Orario, a city where adventurers confront formidable monsters dwelling in the enigmatic Dungeon. The narrative revolves around Bell’s adventures and his evolution as an adventurer while exploring themes of personal development and companionship.


Additionally, it shares common ground with “Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash,” as both series feature a fantasy backdrop and RPG-like character progression. They depict the trials and tribulations of a group of adventurers striving to survive in a perilous world, underscored by themes of personal growth and camaraderie among comrades.


2. Sword Art Online

Sword Art Online


Sword Art Online is an anime unfolding in the 2020s, starring Kirito and Asuna as they embark on virtual reality MMORPG adventures. The narrative introduces the year 2022 when Sword Art Online (SAO), a virtual reality massively multiplayer online role-playing game (VRMMORPG), launches with the innovative NerveGear technology.


This device stimulates users’ senses via their brains, enabling them to control in-game characters with their thoughts and immerse themselves in the game world. Notably, “Sword Art Online” shares similarities with “Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash,” including a fantasy setting, RPG-like character progression, and the journey of a group of adventurers striving to survive in a perilous realm.


Both series also emphasize themes of personal growth and the bonds formed among party members.


3. Goblin Slayer

Goblin Slayer


Goblin Slayer is a dark and gripping fantasy adventure that revolves around a determined warrior on a mission to exterminate goblins. Set in a world where adventurers seek wealth and fame through contractual quests, the series draws parallels with “Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash.”


In both narratives, individuals suddenly find themselves in a fantastical realm, forced to become volunteer soldiers and confront the brutal challenges of their surroundings.


These challenges include tactical battles against goblins, showcasing the characters’ evolution and resilience as they grow through their experiences in these unforgiving worlds.


4. Log Horizon

Log Horizon


Log Horizon is a series that plunges viewers into the intricacies of the online game “Elder Tales.” The story centres on Shiroe, a seasoned gamer, and his companions who unexpectedly find themselves trapped within this virtual realm.


The series chronicles their adventures as they adapt to this new digital existence, drawing parallels with “Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash.” Both narratives share the backdrop of game-like worlds, where characters must undergo transformation to endure.


These stories place a strong emphasis on the development of interpersonal connections and the emotional evolution of their protagonists. Furthermore, strategic problem-solving plays a pivotal role in both series.


5. The Rising of the Shield Hero

The Rising of the Shield Hero


The Rising of the Shield Hero tells the story of Naofumi Iwatani, summoned to a different world as the Shield Hero, initially the least favoured hero. Early betrayal forces him to purchase Raphtalia, a young demi-human girl, and an egg that hatches into Filo, a bird-like monster.


Under his care, both Raphtalia and Filo evolve into formidable warriors. The series mirrors “Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash” by immersing characters in game-like realms where adaptation is vital for survival.


Both narratives heavily emphasize personal relationships, character development, and strategic problem-solving in the face of challenges.


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