Top 50 Best Yuri Anime Of All Time [Ultimate Lesbian Anime List]

top 50 best yuri anime of all time [ultimate lesbian anime list]


Yuri anime first appeared in the 1970s as dōjinshi. It refers to self-published or amateur works.


Back then, homosexuality was not accepted, in most of the world. So many comics were printed and read in secret.


Yuri anime does not have homosexuality in its main plot. It just has an element of lesbian relations which are a small part of a larger plot.


So can you say it is lesbian anime as well?


Nowadays, they are part of mainstream anime and their net worth is beyond $ 180 million. This shows how successful it has been.


In this article, we at ENTOIN have compiled a list of the best Yuri anime.




1. Revolutionary Girl Utena


revolutionary girl utena


Revolutionary Girl Utena got ranked the highest because it was the best in every aspect.


The music, direction, and plotline all are superb. Its artwork and design were award-winning!


This fantasy is a must-watch if you want to watch the best anime.


Utena Tenjou is the protagonist. She’s an orphan who gets saved by a prince after her parent’s death.


She aspires to become a princess and enrols in Ootori Academy. That’s where royals are groomed.


Her ring, which was left behind by the prince had many takers. They all compete for the rose bride, Himemiya.


It’s a coveted role to win the rose bride. Utena gets desperate and does her best, to win the prize.


This makes the other competitors jealous and now Utena has to be on guard always. Watch this to know how she handled it.


This anime is often considered to be the revolutionary series that shaped the shoujo anime realm forever.


Just like Cardcaptor Sakura, this was the show that brought a change and that change is the reason why this anime is placed here on our list. 




2. Puella Magi Madoka Magica


puella magi madoka magica


Puella Magi Madoka Magica was famous for its heavy plot which was subtle Yuri.


The animations and soundtrack were praised a lot. The main theme of it was magical realism with a few supernatural elements thrown in.


Madoka Kaname and Sayaka Miki are the main characters. The plot starts at Mitakihara, their city.


They meet a cat called Kyuubey who tries to lure them with a promise. They would become magical girls if they fulfilled some wishes of Kyuubey.


One of them was that they would have to fight witches. Though they get warnings not to become magical, Madoka becomes one.


The rest of the story is about how Madoka fights them and also struggles to retain her old friend.


Madoka has to face many challenging tasks and make strong decisions to keep the plot moving.


This anime is widely recognized for the sheer amount of emotions that it portrays and how well it manages to encapsulate ethics and morals in its narrative.


The series is loved by fans all around the globe and that’s why it something that you need to look forward to. 




3. Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo: Anata to Koibito Tsunagi


sono hanabira ni kuchizuke wo: anata to koibito tsunagi


Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo: Anata to Koibito Tsunagi is a 2010 anime. It received more than 40000 reviews, making it the top-rated Yuri anime.


It got adapted from its visual novel and had only one episode.


The romantic element between two schoolchildren is the attraction of this. The story begins with two girls – Mai and Reo.


They have a tough time getting along and fight a lot. They fall into a lot of problems over this.


When things go out of control, Mai tries desperately to end them. That’s when the twist occurs.


She gets shocked to know that Reo loves her and does it for attention.


There’s a lot of suspense that occurs then as things rewind. The Yuri part of it begins after that event.


Once they have made a solid relationship, Mai does not want to let go. That’s when they end up falling in love.


Mutual feelings and emotions then take them to the next level. This anime is for those who love to go on a roller coaster of emotions.


A simple show that may seem ordinary at first. However, the moment you watch a couple of episodes of this anime, you will realize that it’s a work of art that deserves more love and appreciation from fans.


It is a series that can’t be compared and you must look out for it. 




4. Futabu!!




Futabu!! is a two-episode-long Yuri anime based on its manga. It was first released in 2015 on OVA.


What makes this rank high is a mystery angle blended into it.


If you want to watch an anime with a trip, some mystery, conflict, and a climax, this is for you. It’s more than a Yuri anime.


It was ranked higher than its sequel exactly because of this. The story is about a research trip by those club members.


They start to have fun during this trip. Suddenly they discover that something is amiss.


They then find out worse things – one after the other. There’s some thrilling stuff that occurs and all of them flee the site.


The anime has some elements of horror and extraordinary elements to it. Another reason to recommend this is the high number of positive reviews. This shows how well-loved this anime is. It will be a great anime for a weekend binge for sure. 


The series isn’t all that long. However, it still manages to entertain the audience and all those who love yuri with their hearts. And that’s the skill which separates this anime from the rest.


If you are running out of time and want some short and sweet yuri stuff then this is the show you should go for. 



5. Discipline




Discipline is a 6 episode long anime adapted from its visual novel. The first episode came out in 2003 on OVA.


It got close to 27000 reviews and got ranked higher as it made more than the others. 


This school-based anime is about torture and intrigue. It shows how an all-female academy runs and what they do. Some sights contain explicit scenes.


The viewer’s discretion is advised. Takuro, the male character arrives here.


Since all the female classmates are fed up with enjoying themselves, they get happy.


It’s the first time that most of them happen to get close to a male. But, they don’t realize that Takuro has a secret – ultimate sex power.


If you wish to see a female-dominated Hentai anime, this Yuri one is for you. The characters are all simple folks with a strange way of life.


While it isn’t necessarily something that you should watch in public, there’s no denying that it does have that kick to it, if you know what I mean.


And that’s why, this series is so captivating for the audience. 



6.  Bloom into you


bloom into you


Bloom into you is a romantic anime that is about self-discovery.


The beautiful visual sequences, the artwork, and the character design make it a pleasure to watch.


The characters ensure that you cannot skip this anime series. The story is about an avid manga reader – Yuu Koito.


She reads Shoujo and understands how a man will propose.


Though unexpected, she gets a proposal and ignores it. She struggles later, as her emotions get overwhelming.


After finishing school, she goes to college and meets Touko Nanami. She happens to be the student council president.


Yuu sees an ideal guide in her and their relationship grows.



7.  Strawberry Panic


strawberry panic


Strawberry Panic is a romantic suspense thriller anime series. It’s a fun series, overall.


The artwork and soundtrack were so realistic that it is still popular. The character-driven plot made it look continuous.


Astrea hill is the epicenter of the plot as it starts. There are 3 schools located on it – Lulim, Miator, and Spica.


The protagonist, Aoi joins the Miator School which is the oldest. There are some strange rites there known as “Bride Ceremony”. 


The school is fun overall with a lot of busy activities. Aoi gets lost in the big campus on her first day and meets Shizuma.


Shizuma is the sole Etoile of the hill. Aoi opens up and they become friends.


Their relationship goes into the tragic past of Aoi.



8.  Yuru Yuri


yuru yuri


Yuru Yuri is a realistic anime that has little left to the imagination. It was popular owing to the visual animations and the direction.


The soundtrack also performed well and earned praise.


The story is about Akari Akaza who studies at Nanamori middle school. The senior students here run an amusement club.


Yui and Kyouko are the 2 leaders of it. The club is an ordinary refreshment group for just tea and snacks.


Akari, who’s their long-term friend, also joins this club. Soon, she discovers a lot more about it and gets stunned.


After some coaxing, Akari becomes comfortable with it.



9.  Simoun




Simoun is a mixed anime with politics, action, love, and even mecha featured in it. It was loosely made from its manga.


Being a fictional series, it could chart out a better plot and make it rank higher. The soundtrack and direction were also praised.


The story is about life on Daikuriku – a planet. There, everyone is born as a female. When they turn 17, they get an option to choose their gender.


This is done through an initiation ceremony using the Simoun technology.


This can be done by only female priestesses. The evil forces plan to take over this technology through invasions. Will the priestesses be able to guard them?



10.  Sakura trick


sakura trick


Sakura trick was an adaptation of its manga comic series. It had more than one episode and a special episode too.


The main reason behind its success was the colorful character design and beautiful artwork. 


Haruka Takayama and Yuu Sonoda are the main characters. They are friends who got to know each other in school.


After middle school, they plan to join the Misato West High school. There, they face shock as Yuu and Haruka are separated.


Yuu is an extrovert and had it easy making new friends while Haruka could not. She also grew jealous of Yuu’s friends.


Yuu’s intervention to douse the situation and how she goes the extra mile is what this is about.



11. Futa-bu! Mix: Futanari World


futa-bu! Mix: futanari world


Futa-bu! Mix: Futanari World is a sequel of Futa-bu!! . It was released in 2015 as a single-episode series.


The OVA release was made from its manga source material. 


It shows life at “Futa Club” which is a fun area. Akane applies to join it so she can have an extra income.


But, she’s unaware of what goes on inside it. Nor does she know why she’s being invited.


Akane is an ordinary girl who makes it into that and realizes shocking things. She is unable to express her worry and is now doing things she does not want to.


Will she survive in a hostile environment? Why was she the only person of gender, there?



12. Aoi Hana


aoi hana


Aoi Hana is an insightful anime with a good soundtrack. The visuals are well-synced and are a direct adoption of its source material – manga.


The character design and direction received praise from all over the spectrum.


Friendship is a key aspect of this anime. Fumi Manjoume and Akira Okudaira are children who are best friends.


They studied in the same hometown and had to separate at a later stage.


They grow a very special bond and vow to be together when the time comes.


They met 10 years later and Fumi tells Akira about her past relationship.


Akira gets shocked to know that Fumi was in love with another girl. The rest of the story is about how Akira handles Fumi.



13.  Kiniro Mosaic


kiniro mosaic


Kiniro Mosaic is a cute anime with good animations. It is considered Yuri as it has those elements, on a subtle level.


Otherwise, it’s more of an entertainer with many cute sequences.


The story is about Shinobu Oomiya who goes to England and lives in a homestay. She leaves Japan to study there.


Soon, she befriends Alice Cartelet, who’s the landlord’s daughter. They enjoy a good friendship for about 5 years.


After that, Shinobu returns to Japan to continue her life there. One day, she gets a letter in English. It was from Alice.


But, Shinobu does not understand it. So she goes to England to attend the same high school. There, they are joined by other friends.



14. Honoo no Haramase Tenkousei


honoo no haramase tenkousei


Honoo no Haramase Tenkousei is a Yuri anime of 2006. It was widely popular and grossed more than Honoo no Haramase Doukyuusei which came in 2008.


This was also adapted from its original manga novel.


This anime talks about an ambitious boy, who wanted to impregnate all his classmates.


However since he studies in a boy’s school, it becomes impossible. So he moves to a co-ed to find girls.


But, the girls here are not like what he expected. He finds it out, later. This leads to disappointment. He is now stuck and confused.


Should he return? Or should he continue at the new academy? Watch it to know more!



15. Shoujo Sect


shoujo sct


Shoujo Sect is also a Yuri anime of 2008 which strikes a balance between comedy and romance.


It consists of 3 episodes and shows the past, the present, and the conclusion of a relationship.


This plot is set in the backdrop of a school. It’s about two friends who separate and vow to meet again.


But, fate has different things in store and this comes as a twist. One of them remembers it but, realizes the other one does not.


The remaining plot is about how she tries to renew their old bond. Will she remember and embrace her past? Will she uphold her vow?


These answers are in the anime, for you to watch. 



16. Honoo no Haramase Doukyuusei


honoo no haramase doukyuusei


Honoo no Haramase Doukyuusei is a Yuri anime of 2008 which got mixed reviews.


It is adapted from its visual novel which had two episodes. The main focus of it is on school life and dormitory.


It traces the story of a male character that is new and finds no accommodation. He is sent to the female dorm to stay temporarily.


That’s where he first sees the female anatomy, during a health check-up.


The rest of the story is about how he tries to become one and get accustomed to their ways.


It involves a lot of explicit scenes and comes with a viewer’s discretion warning. 



17.  Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha


mahou shoujo lyrical nanoha


Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha is a magical anime with a touch of ecchi and realism. It’s riddled with conflicts and dangers.


If you’d enjoy some element of horror, this is a must-watch.


Nanoha is a schoolgirl with a happy life. She has friends and lives with her family.


There’s nothing unusual in her life till she meets an injured ferret. She takes pity on him and brings him home.


To her surprise, she finds out it’s an archaeologist named Yuuno.


Yuuno is a mage who came from a different world. He lost his precious jewels and can’t return them unless he finds them.


Nanoha and Yuuno embark on the quest of finding those.



18.  Mnemosyne: Mnemosyne no Musume-Tachi


mnemosyne: mnemosyne no musume-tachi


Mnemosyne: Mnemosyne no Musume-Tachi was an exciting action-filled anime.


It was known for its gory depictions of violence. If you are light-hearted, do not watch this anime series.


Rin Asougi, a detective, and her assistant Mimi are sought after for their skills. Unknown to most people, they are immortal beings.


The reason is that they consumed the Time fruits.


In the case of females, they get blessed with immortality. But, it can be dangerous for males.


Rin is more than 1000 years old. They suddenly discover that they have to fight angels who’ll steal their immortality.


These angels are men who took the Time Fruit.



19.  Noir




Noir is a woman gunslinger action anime that was known for its visuals. The artwork and designs were a compelling part of its success.


The mysterious plot also makes a good complement to the soundtrack.


The plot revolves around two assassins – Corsican Mireille Bouquet and Kirika Yuumura.


The bouquet is a powerful and mature leader while Yuumura is a timid and forgetful hired worker.


Yuumura suddenly gets back her memories one day and realizes she had a killer instinct.


The next thing she remembers is the word “Noir”. She then confesses this to Boquet who unlocks her past.


They join forces and then go on a treacherous journey.



20.  El Cazador De La Bruja


el cazador de la bruja


El Cazador De La Bruja is an action yuri anime. It was famous for its character designs, artwork, and plot. It was a thriller with some supernatural elements.


Ellis, who has a memory disorder, is fleeing. She was accused of murdering Dr. Heinz Schneider.


However, she does not remember murdering him. She gets caught by Naddie, a bounty hunter who knows Ellis’s head has a price.


Naddie realizes this and takes her to Winay Mark. It’s a mystical place in the south where they feel Ellis’s memory can be retrieved.


Will they be able to solve the mystery? Watch it to know.



21. Star ☆ Jewel


star jewel


Star ☆ Jewel is a Yuri anime that came out in 2011 on OVA. It had just one episode and was the only adaptation.


If a stiff conflict is what thrills you, this is a must-watch.


It deals with two powerful sides – good and evil. The good side is out to slay the evil.


The Evil demons are those who feed on humans and take their lives. In this tug of war, it’s human beings who face the casualty.


The interesting part of this is how they use their body parts to inflict damage. Though they look female, they are capable of going around as a male. 



22. Oniisama e


oniisama e


Oniisama e was famous because of its narration style. The emotionally suitable soundtrack and art was the best part.


This is a Yuri Drama that was character-driven. It’s narrated by a letter series from the protagonist.


The story is about Nanako Misonoo who’s a rookie at Seiran Academy. This academy was believed to be a portal to a good future.


This is what attracted thousands of students.


Unknown to everyone, there was a club named Sorority. It absorbed only the most beautiful girls in it.


Nanako however was not beautiful but managed to enter it. She soon becomes the most hated girl as she made it there.  



23.  Maria-Sama Ga Miteru


maria-sama ga miteru


Maria-Sama Ga Miteru was a loose televised version of its Manga source material. It was popular for its stunning visuals and storyline.


The character-driven plot made it a thrill to watch.


The protagonist Yumi Fukuzawa enrolls in the prestigious Lillian Girls’ Academy.


This is a Catholic school in Tokyo, Japan which educates girls to become talented.


She meets Sachiko during a prayer session and begins to admire her. She soon gets to know that another friend of hers has Sachiko’s photo.


Yumi then tries to take Sachiko’s permission to display it, which changes the plot. The Yamayuri council plays an important role in it.



24.  Mai-Hime




Mai-HiME is a dark-action anime. It is a modified version of its source material, with minor changes.


It was well known for its soundtrack and animation which made it exciting. The uniqueness of the characters made them rank higher.


Mai Tohika is a high school student who joins an academy. Fuuka Academy is a metaphor for excellence. She has the coveted Hime mark on her body.


Her “child” designation requires her to protect the “orphans” from evil. She has 12 more Hime-marked people to assist her in the mission.


Join her journey – from training to fighting evil forces.



25.  Canaan




Canaan is an action thriller anime. It has multiple episodes which are interconnected to the main plot.


It’s a loose adaptation from its Manga comic under the same name.


The plot revolves around two journalists Minoru Minorikawa and Maria Osawa. They are going to Shanghai to cover an anti-terror summit.


Two years ago, they were victims of a terrorist attack.


Canaan is a friend of Maria. Maria met her in the Middle East and they share a warm relationship.


She comes to their rescue when they face life-threatening dangers.


Will they escape unharmed? Can they stop the evil forces?



26.  Sasameki Koto


sasameki koto


Sasameki Koto is a 13-episode-long anime series. It got featured in OVA and was an adaptation from its Manga comic.


This story deals with the confusion arising out of unspoken and unshared feelings.


It’s a must-watch if you are an anime lover. Sumika, the protagonist is a beautiful girl. She’s popular as she is an athlete and has jet-black hair.


Sumika lives a very happy life and is loved by the people around her. However, she has a secret desire. She loves her friend Ushio.


Ushio is her best friend and likes short and cute girls. Sumika knows this too and therefore hesitates to confess her love.


Ushio also has the same feelings. Watch this to know how they break the ice.



27. Nikutai Ten’i


nikutal ten'i


Nikutai Ten’i is a visual novel of the 2000s. It was released on OVA as an anime in 2003. Magical reality made it reach a huge audience.


It was one of the most-reviewed anime back then.


Two episodes deal with Kenichi’s unexpected journey to another world. That world happens to be an alternate reality.


Kenichi can’t escape it due to a magic shield. They also discover that their minds have been exchanged between bodies.


While the first episode is about them familiarizing themselves with the new ways, the second shows the escape plan.


The only way to switch back to the real mind for all of them was to raise their sexual emotions.



28. Kannazuki No Miko


kannazuki no miko


Kannazuki No Miko is an adaptation of its Manga comic. The anime was popular as it showed the rich Japanese folklore and the life there.


It involved an element of supernatural events.


The story is about Himeko and Chikane who stay at Mahoroba. They study at the prestigious Ototachibana Academy.


They happen to be the lunar and solar priestesses who defend the world from Orochi.


Orochi is a mythical demon who wants to destroy the world.


Himeko and Chikane soon fall in love with each other. They know the consequences of it are very dangerous. Watch it to know more.



29.  Kanamemo




Kanamemo is a Yuri anime set amidst an Ecchi comedy. The natural life in it is the main reason behind its success.


Though the plot is a bit warm, in its touch it’s not for those who can’t enjoy realism.


The story is about Kana, an orphan girl. She had lost her parents long ago and lived with her grandma.


After she loses her grandma, she finds a job at a newspaper agency. They agreed to take her after hearing about her problems.


But, unknown to Kana, there are a lot of secrets at work. This is where the Yuri aspect gains importance.


Will she survive and succeed at her workplace? Watch it to find out.



30. Cream Lemon


cream lemon


Cream Lemon is a series of 38 episodes that came out over OVA in 1984.


This is one of the first telecasts of the Yuri genre and had 38 episodes. All of them were independent stories.


Fantasy, Comedy, Drama, and Science Fiction are some of the genres it broadly used. Romance and parody were behind its success of it, as a series.


However, they involved a lot of explicit and graphic scenes.


This is suitable for people who enjoy action and violence. But, few episodes are pleasant enough to watch.


Anyway, the moot point is – viewers’ discretion is advised for this Series.



31. Nageki no Kenkou Yuuryouji


nageki no kenkou yuuryouji


This was a comedy Yuri anime that was released in 1994, over OVA. It was one of the first commercially successful Anime.


If you’re looking to have hearty laughter with some funny twists, this is for you.


Ogawa, the heroine suffers from a unique problem. This makes her uncomfortable and she seeks help.


She lives with an older housemate who offers to help her. Since things don’t work out, they also go to the landlady.


There are fun events as Ogawa struggles to achieve her bliss. This funny touch to the plot is exactly why it became a success.



32.  Riddle Story of the devil


riddle story of the devil


Riddle Story of the devil is an adaptation of its Manga comic. It was released with multiple episodes and enthralled the audience.


Though it was rated lower, the sheer acceptance it got made it reach here. It was popularised by its cult followers.


The story is about events at a girls’ hostel – Moujou Academy. They received new inmates in the middle of the term.


Out of the 13 new inmates, 12 of them were assassins. Their mission was to kill a girl student named Haru Ichinose. 


She comes across as a sweet-natured girl. Azuma, an assassin grows a relationship with Haru and decides to protect her from the others.


If you are someone who enjoys conflicting plots, this one is for you.



33.  Inugami-san to Nekoyama-san


inugami-san to nekoyama-san


Inugami-san to Nekoyama-san is about a cat-loving girl and a dog-loving girl. They got attracted to each other after having a meeting one day.


Though they have a lot of personality differences, they get closer. 


Things escalate so well that they move in together and live. The anime is filled with many cute Yuri moments.


This ensures that they were having some short but very precise episodes.


If you enjoy watching relationship dynamics, this is a great anime for you.


It received mixed responses overall and got a decent rating. It was not much successful, commercially and that’s why no further episodes came out.



34.  Houkago Mania Club: Koi no Hoshii no


houkago mania club: koi no hoshii no


Houkago Mania Club: Koi no Hoshii no was a 2003 Yuri anime. It had 2 episodes in the series and was based on its Visual Novel.


It’s a loose adaptation of the game named “Libido”.


The protagonist here is a female who joins a club for recreation. Usual recreational clubs are full of leisure and fun.


There was fun in this too, but a different type.


It was known as the “After School Mania Club”. Members get to know each other through games.


This was a moderate commercial success and received mixed reviews. It was facing some controversy due to the explicit scenes. 



35.   Soushitsukyou




Soushitsukyou was a single-episode anime series. It got released in 2004 via OVA. The source material for it was the Visual novel.


It was a pure Hentai anime, with some adventurous events.


A mystical and esoteric plot, as it starts with a mystery. Naoto and Miyuki, a couple were caught in a blizzard on their trip.


They got stuck in their bus with another set of tourists. So they checked – into a hotel owned by a lady named Natsuyo.


They notice some bizarre rituals and events. The strange thing was all the passengers of their bus were also involved in the erotic rituals.


If you’re a fan of occult and supernatural stuff, this is one of the best Yuri anime.



36. Choukou Sennin Haruka


choukou sennin haruka


Choukou Sennin Haruka was based on its Visual Novel. The first Anime episode got released in August 2009 and the next 2 came in the next year.


Romance and mystery are the main themes of this Anime.


Takamaru, who’s the main lead, was desperate to involve with a girl. However, he faced trouble getting one.


That’s because his apartment manager’s daughter interfered in his search.


Finally, when he found a girl, she and the former girl get attacked by Ninjas.


The girl who fell in love with him then gets special powers. She becomes an underling of Takamaru and follows his orders.


More supernatural Yuri events occur as the story progresses.



37. Anata no Shiranai Kangofu: Seiteki Byoutou 24 Ji


anata no shiranal kangofu: seiteki byoutou 24 ji


Anata no Shiranai Kangofu: Seiteki Byoutou 24 Ji was based on a visual novel with the same name. It came on OVA first, in 2009, and had two episodes. 


This is another hospital-based Yuri anime. The protagonist is a patient at a hospital that provides “extra” services.


He gets tempted to get involved with the nurses who care for him. It’s not long before he receives an email and gets aroused.


This anime contains a lot of graphical scenes which invited criticism. It was a Hentai anime and the Yuri element was very limited.


Since it involved violence, the movie is not for faint-hearted people.



38. Stainless Night


stainless night


This is a supernatural Yuri anime. It was released through OVA in 1995 December.


The reason it became a commercial success was because of fantasy realism. It had only two episodes.


Linea, who’s the protagonist, is unaware of her powers. After she wakes up from her long hibernation, she wanders.


This is the magical part of Anime. After meeting a few researchers, she goes to bed with one of them.


That’s where she discovers her magical powers and starts a quest to find her lost memories.


The story revolves around the journey and the mistakes she makes on her path.



39. Parade Parade


parade parade


Parade Parade is a 1996 Yuri manga-turned-anime. Only 2 episodes were made in the Series which was released on OVA.


The plot is based on the backdrop of a music industry that has a secret.


Kaori Shina, the protagonist is the heartthrob of that industry. Being a pop star, her life is depicted as near to perfect and comfortable.


She was someone with promising prospects and idealism, which made her scared.


The reason was because of a secret that she held dear. A secret that could break her career as it was a forbidden taboo.


Her secret escapades blended with music make this anime worth watching.



40. My Life As


my life as


My Life As is a single-episode anime series. It was an adaptation from its Manga comic.


It got released in 1999 through OVA. It’s a must-watch for tragedy and sentimental moods.


Yasunari is a boy who ran away from home. He struggles a lot on the streets and grows humble.


He is taken in by two women named Fumi and Rino. They make him their pet. Fumi and Rino happen to be partners who live together.


The protagonist joins their group and enjoys his life as a pet. After he publishes his experience in a periodical, his brother finds it.


He is relieved yet angry after seeing it. So he sets out to find his brother


This is a must-watch anime for those who are interested in family and sentimental drama.



41. Onmyouji Ayakashi no Megami: Inran Jubaku


onmyouji ayakashi no megami: inran jubaku


Onmyouji Ayakashi no Megami: Inran Jubaku is a series containing 2 episodes.


It was one of the most popular animes of 2009 when it came out. Its first release was on OVA.


This is a must-watch for those who are interested in demons and supernatural beings.


The plot begins with conflict. It captures the 2 sides’ fight to gain control over humans.


An evil goddess uses a Succubus in this anime, to suck out a human’s life. The four good goddesses in it struggle to fight the evil one.


Eventually, the unexpected happens as the good ones get enslaved by evil. Thereafter the story is all about how they come back and save mankind.



42.  NTR: Netsuzou Trap 


NTR: Netsuzou Trap


NTR: Netsuzou Trap is a controversial and provocative anime series that delves into the intricate dynamics of relationships and infidelity. The story revolves around Yuma and Hotaru, best friends who become entangled in a dangerous game of emotional manipulation and secret trysts.


As their hidden desires and forbidden attractions come to the surface, the series explores themes of sexuality, betrayal, and the blurred boundaries of love. With its intense and mature content, “NTR: Netsuzou Trap” challenges traditional notions of romance and tests the limits of trust, making it a daring and polarizing anime experience that sparks discussions about complex human emotions.



43. G-Taste




G-Taste is based on its Yuri Manga. It was featured on OVA in December 1999. This was around the time this genre started becoming profitable.


If you want 7 episodes of pure entertainment, this is a good anime.


It is set amid a busy office. Since there’s very less supernatural element involved, there’s a lot of realism in it. This is why it got rated higher, here.


The female characters in this anime series endured humiliation and torture.


The anime was criticized for its graphic and inhuman scenes which looked normalized.


The two episodes – A Taste of Honey and Heat Wave were the initial ones.



44. Mitama: Nin


mitama: nin


Mitama: Nin Anime is based on its original light novel. It got released as an Anime in 2009 on OVA.


For someone who loves martial arts and demons, it’s a must-watch. It’s a Yuri Anime with more emphasis on action.


When the world gets divided into two, after a war a conflict begins. The North and the South region battle each other to dominate the world.


The two episodes are all about major and minor clashes. 


Shinobis and Ninjas clash in it every day. They possess supernatural weapons and know agile moves.


They dominate each of the new Capital cities and worked for their Emperor. 



45. Kanamewo




Kanamewo is a thought-provoking and poignant anime short film that tells the story of a young girl named Mugi. Set in a world where people turn into cats at night, Mugi grapples with the challenges of growing up and finding her place in society.


As she navigates the complexities of adolescence and her evolving relationships, the film explores themes of identity, acceptance, and the struggle to be true to oneself. With its beautiful animation style and emotionally resonant narrative, Kanamewo offers a bittersweet and introspective anime experience that touches the hearts of viewers and leaves a lasting impression.



46. Shinseiki Cream Lemon


shinseiki cream lemon


This is a 2001 Yuri anime and has just 2 episodes. It premiered over OVA for the first time in July 2001. It was not much popular at the time.


But, it gained prominence in domestic viewership. This was an experiment by the dōjinshi industry which went well.


The reason it got ranked here is because of the realistic touch.


Most animes of that time felt superficial, as the industry tried new themes to see what trends.


Shinseiki Cream Lemon was set in the backdrop of a residential area. It involved the role of many female characters.


They played out sleepy but thrilling roles in the story.



47. Bakuhatsu Sunzen!! Tenshi no Countdown


bakuhatsa sunzen!! tenshi no countdown


Bakuhatsu Sunzen!! Tenshi no Countdown is a comedy anime of 2001.


This had just one episode and was able to get close to 3000 online reviews on Myanimelist. If you expect a thick plot – thriller, this Yuri anime is a must-watch.


The story involves a lot of graphic scenes which are not subtle. It’s about a kid named Motoki who has a lesbian sister.


The sister and her friends were notorious for disturbing his studies.


When he tries to take the help of a tutor – a strange twist occurs.


He becomes her slave after getting into an affair with her. The anime then goes on a roller coaster of events between them.



48. Otenki Oneesan


otenki oneesan


This 1995 Yuri anime is about weather forecasting news shows. This also comprised two episodes.


It was one of the best-performing Anime series of those times.


Do you remember seeing weather-related news on TV channels? How many times were they right?


You got it; they were wrong most of the time! This story is based on a similar scenario.


When a hurricane was ravaging the town, a reporter does something to save her channel. This is then going to spiral the plot into s series of conflicts.


Comedy and supernatural effects add up to make it a thrilling story.



49. Utsukushiki Sei no Dendoushi Reirei


utsukushiki Sei no dendoushi reirei


Utsukushiki Sei no Dendoushi Reirei is also a Yuri anime which got released in 1994. This Hentai anime has 2 episodes in the Series. 


Violence, revenge, and pain are the main themes. These emotions are part of the movie and it’s packed with action, too.


Are you someone whose dreams have got shattered by someone evil? If so, it’s a must-watch for you!


It also has some element of fetish in the plot, like Kojin Jugyou. But here, it relies on supernatural horror to deliver the main experience.


The plot is set in the backdrop of a hospital setting.



50. Kojin Jugyou


kojin jugyou


Kojin Jugyou is a Yuri anime that came out in 1996. It’s 2 episodes long and that’s exactly why you must watch it.


It did not involve graphic scenes but, it dealt with fetish.


This anime was able to blend comedy and mystery elements.


There were not many graphic or explicit sex scenes but, there is an incident of sexual violence.


The anime is about how the survivor copes with it and then goes on to help others. 


Interesting characters pop up at different sequences. They play a great role in pushing the plot. It had got moderate reviews.



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