Top 50 Best Anime With Overpowered Main Characters

top 50 best anime with overpowered main characters


The anime industry has a ton of characters under its belt. And when I say a ton, I mean A TON!


Countless personalities manage to entertain the audience while also being impressive and deep. And the one category that captures the most attention is Overpowered characters.


More importantly, overpowered the main characters. These are the prime candidates for becoming fan-favourite in any series and so, this category deserves to be talked about a bit more from a viewer’s perspective.


Therefore, in this article, I have listed down the Most Overpowered Main Characters. These characters will range from physically strong to mentally monstrous.


I hope you enjoy it.




1. Lelouch Lamperouge (Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion)


lelouch lamperouge (code geass: lelouch of the rebellion)


He is one of the most loved characters in the entire anime industry. And the anime he belongs to revolves around his intelligence only.


He was able to manipulate nations and change the decisions of individuals without even making any sort of direct contact.


He is a mastermind whose ability to strategize and foresee potential threats and disadvantages is unreal. You may never win a match of chess against him and that’s alright.


Because this man is overpowered as hell in his narrative.




2. Levi (Attack On Titan)


levi (attack on titan)


This is Levi Ackerman.


And this man comes as no surprise to this list. After all, he is known as Humanity’s strongest soldier in his show.


And that name isn’t all made up. He is the strongest freak of nature who can take down anyone and everyone without breaking a sweat.


He was able to have his own against a ton of Titans and his capabilities seem unreal at times.


The way he defeated the Beast Titan is still one of the most fascinating fights in all of anime.


His overpowered nature is shown even more beautifully in the Levi vs Kenny Squad battle. That’s what makes him worthy of this rank.


Levi is known as one of the most loved and respected anime characters of all time. And as one starts watching it one will understand how awesome this character is. 




3. L (Death Note)


l (death note)


Alright, let’s talk Death Note, where the brainpower battle is real! Now, some folks might argue, but you can’t ignore the fact that L Lawliet is a tad sharper than Light Yagami.


He’s like the smartypants antagonist (sort of) who’s both against and with Light in this intriguing show.


But why’s L stealing the spotlight? Simple – he’s proven his brilliance over and over, even when the odds are stacked against him.


The guy’s a total beast, and the fandom needs to show him some more love! I mean, Death Note has been around for ages, and we still haven’t found another L Lawliet.


This character is like a masterpiece – every move he makes is a chess move with tons of complexity. For a bunch of fans, L is the absolute best in Death Note. Give it up for the brainiac!




4. Light (Death Note)


light (death note)


A character whose strength comes from his head. And that’s why he is appreciated so much in the community.


Light Yagami is the protagonist of Death Note. And his intelligence is insane. Many believe that he is one of the smartest personalities in all of anime.


And if you are someone who has watched Death Note, you will know why that thought is so accurate.


After all, we might never get something as good as Death Note again. And so, there might not be another Light Yagami in this world.


Light is evil but still, many fans of the anime root for him as his way of doing things is so clean and smart. At every step, he knows what he is doing and is always outsmarting everyone. 


All in all, Light is a character who is so overpowered and interesting that he has managed to rank so high on our list.



5. KoroSensei (Assassination Classroom)


korosensei (assassination classroom)


Blink, and you’ll miss him – that’s how crazy fast Korosensei is! This guy speedran his way right into our top list. Meet the main dude from Assassination Classroom, the master of teaching with a twist.


Now, the whole story revolves around offing Korosensei, but here’s the kicker – the guy is practically unkillable. His speed? Think Mach 20! No one can catch this speedster.


But hold up, he’s not just a blur on the move. Korosensei takes on the job of teaching his students about, well, his own assassination. Talk about a wild plot! In this seemingly odd yet super interesting story, we get to witness the making of one of the coolest characters.


Buckle up for a ride with Korosensei – it’s a blast!



6. Edward Elric (Fullmetal Alchemist)


Edward Elric


Edward Elric is one of the most admired characters in the anime medium. And one great characteristic about him is that he is just as strong after the series, as he was at the beginning of it.


And during this entire duration, he was known to be an exceptional Alchemist. He is the Fullmetal Alchemist in the show whose capabilities to mold his environment on will is insane.


And that’s why he deserves to be here on this list. Edward is a man of value and strength.


And that makes him even more impressive. Let’s just say that his control of alchemy may be unmatched in the entire series. A man of quality for sure.



7. Sakata Gintoki (Gintama)


Sakata Gintoki


Gintoki is the main character of Gintama. And the great thing about Gintama is that the show has a blend of basically everything.


Action, comedy, drama, tragedy. Such a narrative creates a lot of opportunities for characters to bloom as they pave their way across the storyline.


And this is why Gintoki has had his own experience in the show. He was a skilled swordsman and a comprehensive warrior in the show.


However, there have been countless instances of Gintoki showing how badass he can be if the situation calls for it.


And it is because of these situations in place that Gintoki manages to become one of the most loved and overpowered characters in the anime medium.



8. Guts (Berserk)




We don’t see much from him in the anime. But in the manga, he is a different monster. Guts are the main character of the anime Berserk and his prowess as a mercenary is incredible.


However, what sets him apart from the rest is the fact that his swordsmanship is unmatched. He was known to be strong enough to take down armies all on his own.


And therefore, he got his name as the Black Swordsman in the show. Soon enough, his said teacher becomes his mortal enemy and the story continues to bind the two characters together.


However, at the end of the day, this man continues to impress the viewers and readers with his strength and abilities as a character.



9. Makise Kurisu (Steins;Gate)


Makise Kurisu


Just like Okabe, Makise is also a character whose overpowered nature comes from her correlation with the narrative.


She is just as crucial for the story of Steins Gate as Okabe and that’s what makes her so valuable in the first place.


They say that it was because of Makise’s intelligence that Okabe was able to have a successful journey in the storyline of the show.


And if it would have been anyone else other than Makise, things would have turned out way differently. There’s a reason why she is one of the most loved female characters in all of anime.


And that’s why Makise Kurisu is ranked so high on our list. She is an immaculate example of a brilliant overpowered character.



10. Eren (Attack On Titan)




His overpowered nature wasn’t explored at the start. But as the show progressed, we realized that Eren is essentially everything that happens in Attack On Titan.


That’s how incredible he is. Eren is the protagonist of Attack On Titan. And he is the one with the power of the Founding Titan.


If you haven’t watched the series yet, you won’t get what a Founding Titan is. However, those who know the narrative will understand how insane this attribute is.


This sole attribute made him go from one of the weakest characters to the absolute strongest character in the franchise.


And that’s why people love to admire the complexity and overpowered nature of Eren Yeager.



11. Itachi Uchiha (Naruto)


Itachi Uchiha


Maybe we all are still living in a Genjutsu hosted by Itachi. Who knows? That’s how impressive and overpowered Itachi is as a character in the show.


He is known for being a beast with a personality whose skills are second to none. He was looked upon as the most potent warrior in the entire series and held his own against people like Kakashi and the Akatsuki without breaking a sweat.


He is a man of value and quality and his sad backstory is more than enough when it comes to convincing the audience about his options as a warrior.


He is a hero. A hero who lost himself for the betterment of those around him. And that’s why he deserves to be here on our list.



12. Mikasa (Attack On Titan)


mikasa (attack on titan)


She is one of the strongest female warriors in the anime medium, and that’s what makes her even more special.


Mikasa Ackerman is the lead female character in Attack On Titan. And since she belongs to the Ackerman family, she has been blessed with immense physical strength that gets explored as the show progresses.


She is known to be second in terms of Titans brought down by a single member of the Survey Corps.  She has been an absolute beast of a character for the series.


And with her elite nature in place, she is one of the most elite personalities in all of anime.



13. Saitama (One Punch Man)




Come on! Do I even need to explain this one? Saitama is the personification of overpowered. And that’s why he is here on our list.


He is insane. Being the main character of One Punch Man, Saitama has gained a massive audience for himself.


And yeh biggest question by this entire audience is the source of his strength. Although we haven’t seen his source of strength yet, we know that Saitama is a freak in the anime industry.


100 pushups, situps, and 10 km run won’t exactly make you as strong as he had become.


However, that will buff you up. So this overpowered character is also motivational in his sense as well.



14. Kaneki Ken (Tokyo Ghoul)


kaneki ken (tokyo ghoul)


Kaneki Ken is a character who wasn’t overpowered from the start. Instead, he got his strength by having his body parts replaced by a Ghoul.


And let’s just say that the process wasn’t as simple as we might have expected. He was able to get his hands on Rize’s body parts which were the best for his survival and transformation as a Ghoul.


And while he didn’t intend for things to go that way, they did regardless and now Kaneki has become one of the most notable characters in all of anime.


Once he activates his form, he becomes an absolute freak of nature. And that’s what makes him so overpowered.



15. Kakashi (Naruto)


kakashi (naruto)


Kakashi is one of the most impressive characters in the book of Naruto as he had the legendary Sharingan.


Not only that, he was known for his ability to copy any technique that the opponent had. And this allowed him to become a versatile warrior.


He was known for his insane capabilities and although by the end of the show, he wasn’t the strongest character as he was at the start, he is one of the best when it comes to characters with a lot of value and thought put into making them.


And all of this constitutes the overpowered nature of Kakashi.



16. Gojo Satoru (Jujutsu Kaisen)


Gojo Satoru


The overpowered nature of this man needs no introduction. With his insane background and default overpowered upbringing, we have Gojo Satoru.


Gojo is one of the main characters of Jujutsu Kaisen and in the anime, he has claimed himself to be the strongest Jujutsu Sorcerer ever.


Yeah, that’s how overpowered he is. In fact, in the current generation, he is tied with Rimuru Tempest for the most notable overpowered main character.


And there have been countless instances in the narrative of the show that portrays the excellence and strength held by this character.


After all, why else will people love him as madly as they do now?



17. Spike Spiegel (Cowboy Bebop)


Spike Spiegel


Spike Spiegel is known within the industry as one of the coolest characters in the entirety of Cowboy Bebop.


And it is because of his overpowered nature that the fandom has such a positive eye toward him. He is a bounty hunter whose skills are exceptional whether it’s hand-to-hand combat or combat using his spaceship.


And it has been expressed in the world of Cowboy Bebop that Spike is one of the most respected Bounty Hunters in the world.


And as a bounty hunter, my man has become an absolute savage when it comes to taking down criminals.


No wonder he is one of the most loved characters in all of anime.



18. Kirito (Sword Art Online)




Kirito is the main character of Sword Art Online. And the premise of Sword Art Online revolves around Kirito fighting his opponents to win a game.


The important thing here is that Kirito is an absolute gamer. And in the narrative, if you die in the game, you die in real life.


Therefore, for a gamer like Kirito, this is a fascinating situation. This is why he shows his truest potential as the situation gets worse.


And soon enough, we get to see a version of himself that just can’t be compared to anyone in terms of raw power.


He takes down his opponents without breaking a sweat. And that’s why Kirito is worthy of this spot on our list.


A man who is worthy of more love and appreciation.



19. Yato (Noragami)




Yato is the main character of the anime we know by the name of Noragami. And he was quite popular right from the get-go of the show.


In the narrative, he is a God. A literal God. And that’s what gives him his overpowered status. Moreover, he is also exceptionally strong.


Without giving spoilers, Yato was a character whose strength was formidable in the narrative. And there was a part of Yato that shook everyone from the core.


And that’s what makes him an overpowered monster in his show. He isn’t exactly the most menacing. But if the situation calls for it, he can be dangerous as hell. Beware of this man.



20. Joseph (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures)




Joseph Joestar is a character belonging to the popular JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures series. And his ability to fight his opponents is incredible.


He is known for his intelligence and his strength in taking care of enemies with minimal collateral damage.


There’s a reason why people look at Joseph as one of the best JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures characters in the entire franchise.


And having such a popular IP is just as notable as you might expect. In the grand scheme of things, it is the special powers that Joseph has that make him so impressive as a character.


And that’s why he is ranked so high on our list. Everybody who watches JoJo develops a liking for him.



21. Roy Mustang (Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood)


Roy Mustang


This man can burn anyone to a crisp. And he will do so with pride and honor. Roy Mustang is one of the main characters in the series we know by the name of Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood.


And he is known for using Flame Alchemy in the show. Flame Alchemy allows him to get a hold of fire and burn any of his opponents.


Although we don’t see him use this strength to the fullest potential at first, soon enough, we see him burn many characters into absolute ashes using his Alchemy.


And that’s what gives him the incredible reputation that he has as a character. There’s a reason why he is one of the most loved characters in the entire series.



22. Zero Two (Darling In The FranXX)


Zero Two


She managed to capture hearts right from the get-go. And her insane strength is one of the most notable reasons.


Zero Two is one of the main characters in Darling In The FranXX and she is probably the strongest humanoid character in the show.


Yes, she wasn’t an exact human but out of every one of her peers, she was a lot stronger than anyone else.


She has shown more resistance and strength against the ones trying to capture her. And during that fight scene, we get to realize how incredible she is as a fighter.


Even in the narrative, she was the only one who was potent for fighting a special type of mech. And that’s what makes her overpowered.



23. Oshino Shinobu (Monogatari)


Oshino Shinobu


She is known for being one of the most loved female characters in the series. And is also known for her depth as a character.


But apart from her character, her strength is also a subject of discussion in the anime community. Shinobu Oshino is one of the lead characters in the Monogatari series.


And the series deals with a ton of monsters in its narrative. Shinobu is one of them. However, what makes her so overpowered is the fact that she has been explicitly called out as one of the strongest monsters in the show.


So there’s no denying that this personality is one of the best when it comes to overpowered characters. And that’s why she is present on our list.



24. Saber (Fate)




Saber isn’t exactly overpowered from the get-go. Instead, Saber is known to be exceptionally strong from the start. But as the Fate series goes on and on, Saber becomes better and better.


This is why she is ranked here on our list. She is an absolute battle monster and it’s a bit difficult to pinpoint her excellence with comparison since the Fate series is complicated as well.


However, if you have watched the anime, you will be able to realize what I am talking about here.


All in all, Saber is a girl with value and qualities. And that’s what makes her worthy of being called overpowered in her show.



25. Dazai Osamu (Bungo Stray Dogs)


Dazai Osamu


He may seem like a suicide maniac at first. However, he is a lot more layered than that. Dazai is one of the main characters in Bungo Stray Dogs.


And the narrative of the show focuses on a bunch of characters solving a crime mystery. In such a situation, only one character would be overpowered.


And that would be the detective. And that’s exactly what Dazai is. He is appreciated a lot amongst fans because of his crazy behavior yet incredible skills and the sheer entertainment he provides to fans watching the show.


And this is why Dazai is one of the most sought-after characters in the show, making him overpowered as hell.



26. Onizuka Eikichi (Great Teacher Onizuka)


Onizuka Eikichi


If you haven’t watched Great Teacher Onizuka yet, you should do so as soon as you can. The narrative focuses on a gangster who becomes a teacher and solves students’ problems in his gangster way.


Yup, that’s just the gist of it. And this is what makes him so impeccable as a character. However, in the series, almost every other character is a child.


And this is why Onizuka, with his skills, experience, and wisdom, stands as one of the strongest characters in the entire show.


And that’s how Onizuka qualifies to be an overpowered character in his series. But still, my man is entertaining as hell and you can’t beat that.



27. Shigeo Mob Kageyama (Mob Psycho 100)


Shigeo Mob Kageyama


We have already talked about Reigen, now let’s take a look at our boy Mob. Unlike Reigen, it is pretty simple to understand why Mob is one of the strongest characters in the entire series.


He is known for being a psychic in the show whose skills are second to almost none. There can be a debate that the final villain was stronger than Mob but Mob did beat him so yeah, he is the strongest.


And this strength, although wasn’t explored until the very end, has been fairly recognized ever since the start of the series.


This is why the show is appreciated so much in the industry. This overpowered character is entertaining on so many levels. And that’s why he is here on our list.



28. Araragi Koyomi (Monogatari)


Araragi Koyomi


Known for his incredible performance in Monogatari, Araragi is the main character of his series. And just like most characters on our list, he wasn’t overpowered from the start.


Instead, he got stronger and stronger as the show progressed. There was a point where Araragi was taken down by a lot of weak opponents.


However, now Araragi has become a lot stronger and with his vampire abilities combined, he can pave his way as an extremely strong character in his narrative.


Not the strongest. But the most notable one. And that’s what makes Koyomi Araragi one of the most overpowered main characters in the anime medium.



29. Jin Mo-Ri (The God Of High School)


Jin Mo-Ri (The God Of High School)


The highly anticipated “God of High School” tournament has begun, calling upon Korean high school students to showcase their fighting skills and claim the title of the ultimate champion.


Jin Mo-Ri, a Taekwondo expert, receives an invitation to participate in this grand event where all forms of combat are permitted. Along the way, he forms bonds with Han Dae-Wi, a karate specialist, and Yu Mi-Ra, a skilled swordswoman, both driven by personal reasons to compete.


As Mo-Ri embraces the thrilling prospect of facing unpredictable opponents, he soon realizes that the tournament holds a hidden truth beyond its apparent purpose.


Meanwhile, political candidate Park Mu-Jin closely observes each fight, adding intrigue to the unfolding events. Together, Mo-Ri, Dae-Wi, and Mi-Ra are about to uncover the profound significance of becoming the God of High School.



30. Ichigo Kurosaki (Bleach)


Ichigo Kurosaki


Belonging from the Big 3, Bleach, we have Ichigo. He is the main character of his show and is known within the franchise as one of the most elite swordsmen in the entire series.


Not only that, he was able to pave his way to the highest strength rank in the show. And in his rage mode, he is also known to become extremely strong.


All of these qualities constitute him to become one of the strongest beings in the entire series as the show goes on.


And this is what makes him stand out so much more. As a Monster whose skills are beyond incredible, Ichigo deserves a lot more recognition from fans of anime from the current generation.



31. Sasuke (Naruto)




Sasuke is the deuteragonist of the legendary anime series Naruto. And ever since the very beginning, Sasuke has always been a strong being.


As he belonged to the Uchiha family, he was renowned as one of the most capable Ninjas in his town.


Moreover, because of his life goal, he was working to get better and better. Things happened and soon enough, he became so strong that containing him became unfathomable.


And that’s when his overpowered nature came into the limelight for our viewers. If you have watched Naruto, there’s no way you can describe Sasuke as a normal character.


He is a freak of nature who just can’t be told otherwise.



32. Alucard (Hellsing)




A vampire who has taken the oath of taking down the entire vampire race. However, his methods are rather interesting.


Alucard is known to be one of the deadliest characters in the entirety of the Hellsing franchise. And that’s why he is said to be a man of quality concerning his franchise.


Alucard is one of the most sought-after characters in the entire series. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Alucard is the main reason why people watch Hellsing at all.


However, all of this would just explain that this vampire hunter is one of the most overpowered beings in the business.


And that’s why he deserves to be on this list. This is why Alucard has saved a spot for himself on this list.



33. Shoto Todoroki (My Hero Academia)


Shoto Todoroki


Another notably overpowered character in My Hero Academia is Shoto Todoroki. Why? Because he has arguably the best quirk in My Hero Academia’s current generation.


What’s interesting is that Shoto has been trained by the second-strongest hero Endeavour to become the finest warrior ever.


And Shoto himself is quite impressive as a person since he is not only clever but also hard-working and focused.


His ability is one of the most insane ones in the show. And the fact that Shoto is the one who has been blessed with this quirk makes him one of the most notable characters in the series.


This is what makes him worthy of a spot on this list of overpowered characters.



34. Deku (My Hero Academia)




Deku is an example of a character whose overpowered strength comes from his luck and skill.


Luck in the fact that he has been blessed with One For All, a quirk that was earlier possessed by the strongest Hero in the entirety of My Hero Academia.


On the other hand, skills come into play as he has always defined himself as an incredible warrior using his notes and passion ever since he got into hero work and stuff.


And this is why Deku is so sought-after in the entire anime industry at the moment. My man had done the work necessary to get the luck necessary to become as overpowered as he did.


And that’s what makes him worthy of the current spot on our list.



35. Goku (Dragon Ball)




This man needs no introduction. Goku is the main character of the legendary anime series called Dragon Ball.


And although he wasn’t overpowered from the very beginning, he was a beast from the get-go.


And over time, he has managed to pave himself as the strongest anime character of all time. Or at the very least, the strongest main character of all time.


He is incredible. However, what makes him so overpowered is his attitude toward training and his admiration to get better and better as a fighter.


This is why Goku is also a motivational figure for various celebrities in our real-life world. You know you are overpowered when people from other realms cherish you.



36. Erwin Smith (Attack On Titan)


Erwin Smith


Known for his extreme strategies and Godly leadership, Erwin Smith is a man of quality and value whose excellence just can’t be expressed at all.


He is a master of his words and can motivate anyone he is with. And this makes him a leader that we haven’t seen in anime yet.


Some people listen to Erwin’s speech when they are at their low. And this is a huge attribute for an anime character if you think about it.


All in all, Erwin is a qualitative character from Attack On Titan who just can’t be compared to anyone else in the entire anime medium. That’s how unreal he is as a personality.



37. Jotaro Kujo (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures)


Jotaro Kujo


Jotaro is a man of excellence on his own. Known for his elite strength and abilities, Jotaro is one of the strongest characters in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures.


And his ability to stand against basically any opponent allows him to be qualified as an Overpowered main character.


He isn’t exactly the best when it comes to any specific attribute in combat. Instead, he is an overall fighter whose control over his stands and a combination of abilities make him an absolute warrior.


And this is why Jotaro Kuujou deserves a great spot on our list. He is stunning as a character and worthy of belonging to an elite series like JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures.



38. Tanjiro (Demon Slayer)




He has been blessed with Hinokami Kagura. And that’s what makes him so amazing in the first place. Tanjiro Kamado is the main character of Demon Slayer and although he may not seem all that strong at first, the reality is a bit more interesting.


He and his family have some sort of connection with something known as Sun Breathing. And this type of breathing is insane.


It is said that every form of breathing technique originated from Sun breathing. And this is why Tanjiro is considered to be overpowered.


Since there have been multiple instances of Sun breathing kicking in during some of the other moments, making him unreal.



39. Kiyotaka Ayanokoji (Classroom Of The Elite)


Kiyotaka Ayanokoji


Known as the Perfect Human in his series, Ayanokouji is a mastermind whose skills are second to none.


Classroom Of The Elite is a one-of-a-kind anime that has a one-of-a-kind protagonist. The show is all about a special school and the life of the students within.


However, being able to stand out in this school won’t be an easy task. And therefore, only the smartest, most overpowered students manage to pave their way to status.


And that’s why Kiyotaka Ayanokouji is one of those students and he is ranked so high on our list.


My man is an absolute beast when it comes to strategies and using those strategies, he has managed to make a name for himself in the series.



40. Michaelis Sebastian (Black Butler)


Michaelis Sebastian


He is not a human. And that’s why he is an Overpowered monster in his show. Michaelis Sebastian is the main lead of the show Black Butler.


And he is nothing less than a freak of nature. And with his devil blood flowing in place, he can take down any problem without breaking a sweat.


He is a character whose complete strength is yet to be explored. However, the important thing here is that he is a loyal man.


He is waiting for Ciel to have a conclusion to his life and then enjoy the aftermath of the same.


However, that is going to be a lot more interesting to watch as the show goes on. All in all, Mr. Sebastian is an Overpowered beast for the viewers of the show.



41. Katsuki Bakugo (My Hero Academia)


Katsuki Bakugo


This man may come off as rude and aggressive at first. Which is an accurate expression of his character.


However, that doesn’t change the fact that he is also incredibly strong. He is one of the main characters in My Hero Academia and is known for his fierce personality.


However, what makes him even more impressive is his performance in the show. He is one of the strongest characters in the entire show.


And his ability to stand out as a hero in the show is amazing. Moreover, many believe that he is the most potent hero in the upcoming seasons.


And that’s all thanks to his super-strong abilities and powers. His nitroglycerin quirk can take down opponents in just a single blow.



42. Askeladd (Vinland Saga)




Looked upon by many as one of the best antagonists ever created, we have Askeladd. He is one of the main characters in the Vinland Saga.


And although you won’t know yet, if you haven’t watched past episode 4. However, from episode 4 till the final episode, Askeladd is the one who seems to get the highest amount of spotlight.


And that’s quite understandable considering that he is one of the finest warriors in the show. He isn’t the strongest but he is overpowered.


After all, there aren’t many that can dare to go up against Askeladd in the series. And he was able to take down Thorfinn even during his old age. A master of trickery and skills.



43. Saiki Kusuo (The Disastrous Life Of Saiki K)


Saiki Kusuo


Saiki Kusuo or Saiki K is the main character of the hilarious anime called The Disastrous Life Of Saiki K.


And he is amazing. Why? Because his overpowered capabilities fused with his psychic abilities. What makes Saiki so strong in his world is the presence of psychic abilities that only he has, along with a few more characters in the narrative.


And the way he wishes for a simple life despite having so much power and strength in hand makes him a monster on his own.


He just wishes to live a normal life. That’s all! But doing that won’t be easy at all. And using his overpowered abilities, Saiki will try his best to have a normal life for himself.



44. Senku (Dr. Stone)




Senku is another character known for his incredible intelligence. His comprehension and application of Science are the foundation of Dr. Stone’s anime series.


And that’s what makes him so overpowered. Even after thousands of years of petrification, Senku can remember everything he studied during his life.


And his ability to apply all of that in real life and speedrun humanity is what makes him so special.


He is insane. Moreover, we see him create some of the most absurd inventions in the show which include communicators, cannons, etc.


A man who knows a lot is dangerous. Senku proved that the statement above is true.



45. Yuuya Tenjou (I Got a Cheat Skill in Another World and Became Unrivaled in The Real World, Too) 


Yuuya Tenjou (I Got a Cheat Skill in Another World and Became Unrivaled in The Real World, Too) 


Throughout his life, Yuuya Tenjou has faced constant resentment and contempt from those around him, including his own parents. The loss of his beloved grandfather leaves him feeling completely isolated.


Despite enduring numerous hardships, Yuuya remains determined to show kindness to others. However, he reaches his breaking point when his tolerance is pushed to the limit.


Unexpectedly, he discovers a hidden doorway in his bathroom that leads to an abandoned house in a parallel dimension. Inside, he gains incredible game-like abilities, skills, and access to powerful weapons and resources left behind by a respected sage.


Empowered by these newfound advantages, Yuuya has the potential to unlock his true capabilities and become an unstoppable force.



46. Rimuru Tempest (That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime)


Rimuru Tempest


This man needs no introduction. After all, in the recent realm, Rimuru Tempest has managed to make a brand for himself, being placed as a subject of comparison against Godly characters like Goku and Saitama.


That’s how monstrous he is. Rimuru is the main character of That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime.


And he wasn’t born overpowered. Instead, he was born with the necessary powers that will eventually make him overpowered.


He could learn various skills just by consuming the DNA of his opponents. And that allowed him to grow and grow, eventually becoming an absolute freak of nature. In the anime, no one dares to go against him



47. Rias Gremory (High School DxD)


Rias Gremory


Female characters tend to get thrown around for no reason. However, Rias proves that a lead female can be strong, beautiful, and multi-dimensional.


She is one of the lead characters in the series and is one of the Devils in the show.


And more importantly, she is the sister of Satan Lucifer and the daughter of the High-Class Devil. In the grand scheme, she has some of the strongest underworld blood running through her veins.


However, what makes her extremely overpowered is the fact that she belongs to the Gremory peerage.


Yes, she is the King of the peerage, highlighting that she is the strongest in her peerage. And this makes her worthy of this list.



48. Vegeta (Dragon Ball)




Yet another overpowered beast who seemed strong-ish in the start. But in reality, he is a freak of nature.


Vegeta is one of the Saiyans in the DragonBall series. He is specifically known for his title, the Prince Of All Saiyans, and has a ton of power under his belt.


Initially, he was a villain in the show who posed a colossal amount of threat to those who were against him.


However, later on, he became a deuteragonist in the show and started supporting the main cast. Even after years, he has become one of the most noteworthy characters in the entire DragonBall franchise.


And his unreal magnitude of strength has been one of the many reasons.



49. Shoyo Hinata (Haikyuu!!)


Shoyo Hinata


He may not be blessed with amazing height. However, he is blessed with incredible jumps. Shoyo Hinata is the main character of Haikyuu and is known for his contribution to the overall series.


He is called the ultimate decoy as he can deceive all of his opponents. And that’s what makes him so overpowered.


Moreover, he is one of the few individuals whose jumps are incredibly high. And this allows him to overcome his shortcoming of height.


All of this combined makes Shoyo Hinata, a character with quality and skills. It wouldn’t be far-fetched to say that he is the best possible protagonist for Haikyuu among all the other characters.



50. Zenitsu Agatsuma (Demon Slayer)


zenitsu agatsuma (demon slayer)


Known for his unreal speed and agility, Zenitsu Agatsuma is a man filled with insanity. He is one of the main characters in Demon Slayer and his case is a bit interesting.


Unlike most other characters, he is pretty scared of Demons. And that begs the question. If he is scared of the Demons then why is he ranked as an overpowered character on this list?


Well, that’s because once this guy loses his consciousness during a fight, he becomes an absolute beast. With just a single move, he can take down any demon without breaking a sweat.


That’s what makes him so overpowered in the narrative.



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