Top 40 Strongest Black Clover Characters

top 40 strongest black clover characters


Black Clover is one of the most successful shounen anime in recent years. Many people consider this anime as one of the “New Gen Big 3”.


And that’s quite a noteworthy title to have. However, being a Shounen series, Black Clover is bound to have a ton of great characters.


These characters are intimidating, inspirational, and powerful. And today, we are going to look at them. This is the Strongest Black Clover Characters list.


Everyone on this list is incredibly strong and it’s our moment to take a look at them all together.




1. Julius Novachrono


Julius Novachrono


Known and recognized as the Magic Emperor in his show, Julius Novachrono is one of the most prominent characters of Black Clover.


He is known for having the incredible Time Magic, which doesn’t require a brainiac to understand how overpowered it can be.


Plus, with his connections to the Clover Kingdom, Julius can have a world for himself where he can comfortably live his life without causing any trouble to anyone else.


As a character, his unique features include amazing strength and unreal speed. With all these qualities under his belt, Julius has proved himself to be a valuable character with unrealistic power levels altogether.


This is why he is ranked here on our list.




2. Yami Sukehiro


yami sukehiro


This man seems more like a My Hero Academia character to the audience. Because he is always ready to “Go Beyond, Plus Ultra”! Either way, Yami is one of the strongest characters in all of Black Clover, mainly because of his attitude to surpass his limits at all times.


Let’s just say that there couldn’t have been a better teacher for Asta than him. And that’s what makes him so memorable in the first place. With his level of experience and expertise, it isn’t surprising that this menacing master is ranked so high on this list.


And all those who failed to recognize him have always ensured that they acknowledge this man and his excellence as a whole. All in all, Yami is a worthy character to stand so high on our list. 




3. Mereoleona Vermillion


Mereoleona Vermillion


Belonging to the Crimson Lion and Royal Knights, we have Mereoleona Vermilion. She is an extremely strong character whose strength is visible to anyone and everyone.


The idea here is that her appearance and personality are overly intense. And that matches her magic skill of Fire.


She is known for using immense firepower in her battles. And as someone who is always in a bad mood, this is, without a doubt, one of the best characters to look forward to if you want some unfiltered hardcore action.


She also belongs to the Clover Kingdom, which explains why her name is so recognized there. All in all, an excellent character whose entertainment is lit.




4. Lemiel Silvamillion Clover


Lemiel Silvamillion Clover


As you can see, he has Clover in his name. And that’s quite something, assuming that he was the one who started it all.


Lemiel Silvamillion Clover is one of the most notable characters in the show as he was the First Magic Emperor in the show.


That’s right, he was the first one to be crowned as the Magic Emperor of the Clover Kingdom. And at that time, he belonged to the Magic Knight Squads.


His ability and grasp of light magic are unreal. And it is said that he can also use Union Magic.


Moreover, his magical prowess ensures he’s a nightmare for enemies and that’s also what makes him such great in the anime.



5. Asta




I mean come on! He is the main character of the show. He is bound to become strong, if not today then tomorrow. What sets him apart is the fact that he does it all on his own. You may have heard of the quote, “The Harder You Work, The Luckier You Get”.


And Asta is a living proof of that. He is an exceptionally hardworking individual, known by many as the most inspiring anime character. However, that hard work is also the reason for his success as a protagonist. He will get so much stronger that many won’t even be able to recognize him.


And all this is said without any spoilers. So make sure that you are up-to-date with Black Clover because yes, he does become even more dangerous. 



6. Yuno Grinberryall


Yuno Grinberryall


Initially, the show tried to highlight that Yuno was stronger than Asta. After all, that’s what makes Yuno so notable in the first place.


He was the one who got the 4 Leaf Clover. And as someone who has been raised to be known as a prodigy, Yuno is never disappointed.


With the progression of the series, Yuno went ahead to entertain the masses whenever the situation called for it.


And along with that, he is also able to make the most out of any battle situation thanks to his intellect.


His ability to exploit wind and have his way with it makes it so that the opponents won’t have a chance against him.


And this is where Yuno outperforms anyone else in the series. My man deserves all this hype.



7. The Witch Queen


The Witch Queen


Being the head of the witches, there’s no denying that the Witch Queen is in a league of her own.


And that’s why she deserves a robust spot on this list. She is known for her ability to play with blood.


She can manipulate her blood or play around with someone else’s blood on will. And this makes her an extraordinary being in the first place.


Moreover, she is also able to create objects using blood. And using this ability, she manages to take down her opponents without breaking a sweat.


And don’t get me started on how insane her mana is. Well, that’s a story on its own. All in all, a great character with crazy strength levels.



8. Zenon Zogratis


Zenon Zogratis


Zenon Zogratis is known for his ways with bones. And that’s just on the surface of this character. His capability to use bones just as he wishes to make him a monster in his regard.


Bones are some of the strongest materials to ever exist. And so, Zenon being able to have his own with this material and exploit it, makes him an extremely powerful character.


Plus, the fact that he has a high-ranked devil inside of him makes him even more scary. That’s right, Zenon can attain the powers of Beelzebub.


And using this power, he can reach new limits that couldn’t have been reached otherwise. Now you know why he is ranked so high.



9. Licht




The fact that he held his own against Zagred, makes him special automatically. Licht is the leader of the Elves in the anime.


And as the leader, he can take care of anyone and everyone using his powers. He can render swords using his sword magic and these swords are beyond brutal, to say the least.


Moreover, Licht is a man whose skills are yet to be discovered completely. He was also able to get his hands around the banned magic which adds up to his mystery element.


And this is why he is considered to be one of the most sought-after characters in the show. We would love to see more from him in the upcoming seasons. I wonder what else he has going on for himself.



10. Fuegoleon Vermillion


Fuegoleon Vermillion


Just as the name suggests, Fuegoleon Vermillion belongs to the Vermilion family. And this is why he can have an amazing grasp on fire magic.


As a warrior of his level, his ability to control fire and use it as a weapon is brilliant.


Moreover, he can use it to create objects and the heat levels that he emits are off the charts.


Being able to send off fireballs like a Dragon Ball Z character, makes him even more attractive. He is also able to have a fire spirit named Salamander under his control.


So all in all, he is someone who deserves more credit in the series.



11. Nacht Faust


Nacht Faust


This man is an absolute beast. And there’s no other way around it. Nacht Faust is the vice-captain of the Black Bulls.


And his prowess in Black Magic is unreal. He is known for having his contacts around 4 devils. And this is why he is an excellent wizard in his regard.


Plus, his capability to take down people using Shadows is just insane. Nothing comes close to that. Moreover, he can also control the mana around himself.


And this allows him to have his magic energy in his grasp. All in all, he is a great character with tons of features going on for himself.


A lot of people say that Black Bulls are lucky that this man is a part of their team.



12. Zagred




Oh boy, he is a menace. And anyone who has completed Black Clover will know how astonishing this character is.


Zagred is one of the notable individuals in the series. This man can take control of anything that comes in his path.


And this allows him to be an incredible opponent in any circumstance. Moreover, the series has stressed the fact that he is a high-ranking devil whose strength and capabilities are second to none.


And the fact that he took down numerous lives all on his own, definitely means that his powers aren’t comparable to anything else, whatsoever.


He is also capable of Light magic, Dice magic, and switching magic, which would explain why this man is a beast in the guise of a devil.



13. Dante Zogratis


Dante Zogratis


Dante is known for his remarkable strength. And this first came to attention when he had a battle against Asta.


Being the persistent guy that he is, Asta challenged him, only to get rekt instantly. However, the important thing to note here is that Dante is no joke.


That man is possessed by Lucifero, who is one of the most powerful devils to ever appear on the show.


And that’s not it. Dante is also a character whose ability to withstand attacks and fight back, is amazing.


He is incredibly robust, quick, and enduring. And with these basic, yet crucial qualities in place, Dante can have a life for himself as a final boss-like character without breaking a sweat. This is why he is here.



14. Lilith And Naamah


Lilith And Naamah


This duo is from the manga of Black Clover. So if you haven’t read it, it would be great if you just skip this entry.


However, if you know about these characters, you will also know how amazing they are in terms of their magical capabilities.


They are both devils whose strength is unfathomable to humans. And because of that, Lilith and Naamah are known for their standards as a whole.


Moreover, the fact that Naamah has fire magic that can burn anything in existence is game-changing.


The anime fans are not ready for what this duo has to offer. And this is why Lilith and Naamah are so special to all of us.



15. Vanica Zogratis


Vanica Zogratis


Well well, this character is quite a mystery. Belonging to the Spade Kingdom’s Triad, Vanica is a powerful magic user whose power is enriched by the fact that she is possessed by a devil.


Yup, it’s Megicula. She is under the control of this monster and so, she can have unbelievable pace, power, and durability at her disposal at all times.


Moreover, she has gotten her hands on Blood Magic and Curse-warding magic. And this makes her exceptional in her skills and capabilities.


Moreover, soon enough, we will see her in a completely new form. And that can change the course of the show forever.


This is why Vanica is worthy of being this high on the list. There’s no denying that she is a valuable character.



16. William Vangeance


William Vangeance


This guy seems to be wearing a mask on his face. And that’s not because of COVID. It’s because he had a rough childhood and his face has experienced a ton of torture.


This torture resulted in him, having massive scars on himself. However, that doesn’t stop him from being an exceptional magic user.


He is amazing in terms of his ability to use World Tree Magic. And just as the name suggests, World Tree Magic is an exceptional form of magic that allows the user to summon giant trees at will.


These trees can be incredibly strong and powerful, based on the user. And in the case of William, they are dangerous. This is why he is so respected amongst others.



17. Nozel Silva


Nozel Silva


Coming in from the Silva family, we have Nozel. He is one of the lead characters in the show whose appearance is always a signal of something interesting on its way.


The important thing to note here is that this guy has exceptional use of Mercury Magic under his belt.


And since Mercury is an incredibly dangerous substance, the fact that he can use it as a weapon makes him, an incredibly dangerous character.


He can poison his opponents using his attacks, and once that happens, it’s essentially a game for them. Overall, Nozel is a great character who is not only strong but also important to the overall storyline. And that’s why he ranked here on our list.



18. Charlotte Roselei


Charlotte Roselei


If it wasn’t for the curse she is facing, this girl would have been even stronger. However, she is still an amazing woman who has a lot going on for her.


She is one of the side characters in the show who can use Briars as part of her magic.


And this is why Charlotte Roselei is so great. She is a girl who just can’t be compared to anyone else whatsoever.


With her skill set, she can take care of anything and everything related to Briars. Moreover, using the strength that she acquired from Briars, she can have her standards of strength she transformed the blue roses into red ones.


They are a lot more dangerous and hence, a lot more painful.



19. Lolopechka And Undine


Lolopechka And Undine


Despite being exceptionally wise about magic, Lolopechka isn’t able to have her own against any opponent. And that’s because she cannot use magic for any sort of offence.


However, that’s why Undine is here. She is the one who’s from the seas and acts as a warrior for Lolopechka whenever she needs her.


Both of them are incredible in water magic but in terms of sheer powers, Undine is slightly higher since she can use water magic to attack someone.


Moreover, the anime is yet to discover the true potential of this duo. So we will have to wait and see until that happens.


However, there’s no denying that they are still amazingly strong.



20. Patolli




Patolli is a character who has a lot going for himself. First up, he is the leader of the Midnight Sun, which means that he is also an elf.


Moreover, he can use light magic and his proficiency in the same is impeccable. He can take down opponents without breaking a sweat.


And things get even better for him when he becomes a devil. He can go up against anyone in his demonic form and that allowed him to surpass his previous limits.


Fortunately for him, when he gets back in control, he loses all the evil within himself. However, he is still able to use the powers he acquired while being a Monster. And that’s why he is so strong in anime and manga.



21. Megicula




We did mention Megicula before but let’s take a look at him individually. Being from the Dark Guild, he is a menacing monster who can do whatever he wants to, without having any trouble at all.


With the amount of evil he has, no one can stop him from possessing themselves.


And that’s what makes him so incredibly dangerous. Moreover, as a character of his standards, he is said to be the strongest in the Dark Guild.


And the fact that he belongs to the Spade Kingdom Mages, goes on to show that his cursing magic is on a level of its own.


We are yet to see more from him yet, but as of now, he is a force to be reckoned with.



22. Lucifero




This is the beast that managed to get his hands on Dante. And being the highest-ranked devil, you can expect him to shower you with some top-notch action.


Lucifero is one of the most notable characters in the series who has been able to sustain himself as one of the most powerful beings in the realm of Black Clover.


Not only that, he can play around with gravity on his own, and his gravity magic gives him an unforeseen amount of excellence in battle.


His magical strength is also unreal and the fact that he is the highest among the devils is proven by what he does in the manga and the anime. Lucifero is a monster who is yet to be conquered.



23. Liebe




Being from Licht’s grimoire, Liebe is a being that lives inside it. And he is a devil in disguise.


Asta currently has the grimoire that once Licht had and so, Asta can get his hands around Liebe as well.


Soon enough, he can use anti-magic and become a noteworthy opponent for anyone in the series. Moreover, it is said that any other form of magic gets nullified under the essence of this magic.


And that’s why going up against Liebe can be a fatal mistake. Using the strength from him, Asta was able to become an absolute beast who just can’t be compared to anyone, whatsoever.


And that’s why Liebe is a character that needs more recognition from the fandom.



24. Gadja




The fact that he can make it out alive against the Devil, definitely tells me that he has what it takes to become incredible.


Coming in from the Heart Kingdom, we have Gadja. And this guy isn’t all that remarkable on the outside.


However, he is a spirit whose ability to counter lightning magic is otherworldly. And that’s what makes him so menacing in the first place.


Plus, he was able to go up against an incredibly strong devil and escape with only a scratch on his face.


And that’s some exceptional performance from his end. It is assumed that with the progression of the story, Gadja will become more and more powerful and have a lot of other qualities as well.



25. Dorothy Unsworth


Dorothy Unsworth


You might know her from the Coral Peacock Squad. And that’s because she is the leader of it. Coming in from the realm of her dreams, we have Dorothy.


She is one of the notable characters in the show who is known for being a dreamy girl. However, that dream is where she takes on people.


And if you are up against her in her dream, you are essentially fighting air. That’s because Dorothy is incredibly strong in her self-created dream realm.


She is so strong that it won’t be incorrect to call her immortal at this point. There’s no denying that her capabilities seem to have no limits.


And although we haven’t seen her much, we know that her standards are quite something.



26. Jack the Ripper


Jack the Ripper


This guy is known for going up against Yami and being his rival. And you know that character is a menace if he can stand up against Yami.


He is the Captain of The Green Mantis from the Clover Kingdom. And it is said that his prowess in dark magic is insane.


Even Yami isn’t able to match his level of excellence and strength in black magic. And the fact that he has slash magic, means that he will be able to take down his opponents in a clean swipe.


After that, nothing’s left for anyone. And so, Jack the Ripper is a character who deserves more love and appreciation from the fandom. His strength is quite notable on its own after all.



27. Rill Boismortier


Rill Boismortier


Ever heard of the Azure Deer Squad? Yeah, he is the Captain of that. And this is why he is ranked so high on our list.


Rill is one of the notable characters in the show who can bring paintings to life.


That’s right ladies and gentlemen, he can make anything he draws, become an actual entity. And because of that, he can have an unforeseen set of weapons in his fights.


Moreover, he is also able to use any form of harmful tool that can change the course of the fight in one go.


And with all these great things under his belt, Rill Boismortier is a name that must be remembered by fans as the show progresses. He may be a chill guy on the outside but on the inside, he is thirsty for power.



28. Kaiser Granvorka


Kaiser Granvorka


Belonging to the Purple Orca Squad, we have Kaiser Granvorka. This man is known to be quite old in the series.


And that’s because of his experience as a magic user. Although, this guy doesn’t seem to be all that interested in being a leader and says that he only became the Squad Captain because of peer pressure.


Reminds me of the time when I chose my career. Anyway, he is also known for using Vortex magic which allows him to be conservative about other magic.


He is also known to have elf magic under his belt which makes him a man of value and quality. After all, who else will not like a humble man like him? He is a great character.



29. Noelle Silva


Noelle Silva


She may not be the most menacing person you have ever met. However, she is someone whose skills are too good to be true.


Noelle is from the Royal Family and so, her being incredibly strong is kind of a given. It is said that she can take on any opponent if she uses all of her powers.


However, we are yet to see her have a controlled notion over her magic and so, we will see a lot more as the show progresses.


Moreover, she is also able to take on a ton with her abilities as Valkyrie mana because of her late mother.


Plus, we have seen her use Armor that is strong enough to take on super hard hits. And that’s why she is recognized as one of the most potent characters in the show.



30. Mimosa Vermillion


Mimosa Vermillion


Belonging to the Golden Dawn, we have Mimosa Vermillion. The surname must have given you an idea as to how strong she is as a character.


However, that’s nothing compared to what she can do if she is a healer. She is known for her healing magic and her abilities on the battlefield revolve around the same.


She can become a menace when she helps her team members take on the enemy. However, what’s interesting is that all this power is thanks to her hard work and humility.


Moreover, it is said that she uses Plant Magic, which allows her to use plants for battle and healing. All in all, a great supporting character for the show that deserves more attention.



31. Floga




As someone who is sort of manga-exclusive, it wouldn’t be a shame to introduce Floga. He is one of the most notable characters in the manga of Black Clover as he can have his own against a lot of opponents.


And that’s mainly because of his firepower. Essentially, he uses his fire abilities to take down enemies. His appearance is quite attractive as well.


And with the ability to shape fire for himself, Floga is an individual whose skills are impeccable in battle.


Moreover, he was also responsible for training Leopold Vermillion which makes him even more remarkable as a character. The man is worthy of respect and appreciation.



32. Luck Voltia


Luck Voltia


Coming in from the 5th Magic Class, we have Luck. And oh boy, this guy is insane. He is someone who enjoys fighting more than anything.


And once the heat gets above his head, Luck can become a man you wouldn’t have expected him to.


Moreover, it is said that his focus and determination to take down his opponents make him a lethal monster in a fight.


He possesses lightning magic which allows him to be faster and stronger than anyone else he is up against.


Plus, Luck was a character that couldn’t be missed at any cost. His aggression is what makes him so notable. And that’s why he is standing there on our list.



33. Charmy Pappitson


charmy pappitson


A girl from the Black Bull squad. And she is known for feasting all her heart. Therefore, Charmy deserves a spot on our list.


She is one of the notable characters in the show who is a dwarf-human. Her appearance is quite resembling that of a human.


She might go under your radar as a strong character since she is no Silva or Vermillion but she is still an interesting person in the series.


Moreover, the series puts a lot of emphasis on her as she uses cotton magic. This allows her to have sheep as her animals for assistance.


Although this may not sound all that intimidating on the outside, on the inside, things won’t be looking great for the characters of the Manga.



34. Vanessa Enoteca


Vanessa Enoteca


She is a model in her regard. And that’s why she deserves all the respect and love she can get.


Moreover, she is also able to take care of any situation using a special kind of magic. Initially, she wasn’t all that strong.


There was no way for us to figure out that she is one of the strongest characters from Black Bulls.


However, after one specific episode, things changed. After the end of episode 64, Vanessa proved that she is an absolute beast.


She used thread magic to revert time. Yeah, she used a thread to change fate and have another conclusion to reality.


Now that’s some unreal power. And this is why Vanessa deserves to be on this list.



35. Finral Roulacase


Finral Roulacase


He is on his path to becoming extremely strong. And there’s nothing that can stop him. Finral is one of the members of Black Bulls.


And oh boy, isn’t he unique. He is a fearsome guy who doesn’t seem to have a lot going for him.


However, the way he goes on every episode, trying to make sure that he overcomes his fears and tackles them with confidence and strength, makes him an exceptional being whatsoever.


Moreover, in the anime, we have seen him become exceptional at times so deep down we all know that this man has what it takes to become amazing.


However, soon enough, we also realize that his overall ability on the battlefield far exceeds our expectations. And this is another reason why people look up to him so much. Finral is a man worthy of respect and admiration.



36. Grey




Coming in as a 3rd Class Junior Magic Knight, we have the gorgeous Grey. She is one of the side characters in the show who appears quite frequently in the series.


However, what makes her stand out is the fact that she is sort of nervous and underconfident in whatever she does.


As we see her on-screen, we also realize that her observation is quite impressive. And the way she can act in situations is also captured one way or another.


Moreover, she has had a massive glow-up from being quite chubby to being in shape as she is right now.


All in all, Grey is a woman who deserves more appreciation and respect in the Black Bull squad as well as the community overall.



37. Rhya




This is quite a unique character for our list. However, we can’t deny that his strength is on a notable level.


Rhya is one of the most impressive characters in the series whose ability to take on opponents makes him exceptional.


However, despite being very strong, he doesn’t seem to be remotely interested in fighting. Plus, he is quite a lazy man who always tries to wrap his head around various instances.


However, that doesn’t change the fact that his ability to imitate his opponents is amazing. He can get his hands on the opponent’s magic.


And this is why Rhya is a character whose excellence can’t be ignored at all. This is why he is ranked here on our list of the strongest characters.



38. Vetto




Well, he is nothing less than a beast. And that might not be true on the outside, but on the inside, the situation is quite different.


Vetto is one of the side characters in the show who has been affiliated with the Eye Of The Midnight Storm group.


However, his connections seem to be at a climax. Moreover, his strength to take over the opponent is what makes him worthy of this list.


It was said that he happened to open his third eye while fighting. And once that form is unlocked, he becomes a literal beast.


This beast is known to have attacked the Clover Kingdom, hundreds of years ago. And if someone like him is part of the group, you know he is exceptional.



39. Secre Swallowtail


Secre Swallowtail


If you talk about Mana and its control then Secre is the character for you. After all, she is someone whose strength and capabilities are all underestimated.


She can become like a swallowtail and fly around. Using this, she can transport from one place to another without any problem.


Moreover, it is important to know that she can sense Mana very well. However, that doesn’t change the fact she is also an exceptional fighter who can get her hand around sealing magic.


Using that, she can seal individuals. Moreover, she is a magic knight and a royal servant which would explain why she is so qualitative in the series. Deserves all the love she gets.



40. Zora Ideale


Zora Ideale


Probably one of the coolest characters in the show. However, his appearance is just the beginning of his charm.


Zora is one of the notable members of the Black Bulls and his ability to use Mana on will is amazing.


Moreover, he is known for being extreme in his approach as a fighter. And this is what makes Zora so good.


Zora happens to have huge amounts of Mana within himself. And that’s quite surprising considering that he is a peasant in the show.


Moreover, he uses Ash magic which allows him to be quite useful in a fierce situation. Therefore, Zora is a character that deserves more recognition from the fandom.



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