Top 50 Most Popular Inuyasha Characters

top 50 most popular inuyasha characters


At this point, InuYasha is basically an all-time classic. This show has created a huge fandom that craves old-school anime with a simple yet interesting story and an amazing cast.


And that’s why this anime is so beautiful for all of us. However, if you dive deeper into the story, you will come across various individuals who shape your experience with this series.


And today, we will be taking a deeper look at some of them. These are some of the best characters in the entirety of InuYasha. Make sure that you go through the entire list and I hope you enjoy it.




1. Inuyasha




In the manga and anime series, Inuyasha is the main character who is a half-demon born to a human mother and a dog-demon father. His personality is defined by his pride, stubbornness, and occasional arrogance, but he also has a softer side.


Inuyasha’s half-brother Sesshomaru is a full demon with a different mother. Despite looking like a fifteen-year-old boy, Inuyasha had a tough and isolated childhood as both humans and demons rejected him due to his mixed bloodline.


The series highlights InuYasha’s endeavours to be accepted and appreciated by people around him. And the fact that this takes place along with his friends, makes InuYasha, a series which can entertain the masses without breaking a sweat. 




2. Kagome Higurashi


kagome higurashi


Kagome Higurashi is a courageous and kind-hearted young girl who has a strong sense of justice and always helps those in need. She is the reincarnation of the priestess Kikyo from the Sengoku period, and despite being physically weaker than her companions, she is brave and determined.


Throughout the series, Kagome becomes highly skilled in archery and gains immense spiritual power, which makes her a formidable opponent. She possesses exceptional emotional strength and never lets negative emotions dictate her actions.


In Yashahime, Kagome has become spiritually as strong as Kikyo, and her new power of arrow disappearance may have made her even stronger. Naraku seems to be intimidated by her abilities and often tries to take her down. 

However, that doesn’t help the fact that Higurashi is a character that will always stand in the limelight in the overall narrative of InuYasha as an anime series. 




3. Miroku




Miroku, an 18-year-old Buddhist monk in the manga and anime series, is known for his slyness and flirtatious behaviour. He travels the land offering spiritual services like exorcisms and demon exterminations.


He is an adept fighter, wielding his khakkhara and sutra scrolls as weapons, but his most potent ability is the Wind Tunnel, which is cursed and located in his right palm.


Naraku inflicted this curse on Miroku’s grandfather, and it will eventually claim his life. Before falling in love with Sango, Miroku sought a wife to bear his children. As the story progresses, he manages to learn combat without having to rely on the wind tunnels. 


And that feature alone, makes his character a lot more fascinating and remarkable as it goes on to showcase improvements in planes we wouldn’t have imagined otherwise. 




4. Sango




Sango is a highly skilled sixteen-year-old demon slayer hailing from a village of demon slayers. Her birthplace is also the origin of the Shikon Jewel. She is considered the most proficient exterminator in her village and wears traditional women’s clothing with arm guards, leg guards, a long skirt, and straw sandals when travelling.


During battles, she dons a black jumpsuit with pink armour plates crafted from demon parts and a red sash. Sango’s most powerful weapon is the Hiraikotsu, a human-sized boomerang made of purified demon bones that she can throw with incredible force due to her enhanced strength.


Sango’s contribution to the overall series is nothing short of incredible as she does what’s best for the future and her actions influence a lot of outcomes in this anime, making her a notable personality that fans love and appreciate with all their heart. 



5. Shippo




Shippo is a young kitsune whose parents were killed by a thunder demon, and he seeks revenge by attempting to steal the Shikon Jewel from Inuyasha and Kagome. After failing in his attempt, he joins the group and becomes their loyal friend.


Shippo is particularly fond of Kagome and stands up to Inuyasha when he thinks he is mistreating her. He often pulls pranks on Inuyasha and enjoys revealing uncomfortable truths, which typically results in him being hit by the half-demon.


Shippo, regardless of how things are going, always considers the group as part of his own family. And thus, his loyalty is something that fans love and appreciate. Moreover, the way he deals with a few events in the story, makes him an amazing being overall. 



6. Kirara




Kirara is a loyal companion to Sango, appearing as a small feline with two tails but has the ability to transform into a large enough creature to carry several people through the air.


She is a spiritual being that once travelled with Midoriko in the past. In the sequel series, Kirara becomes the companion of Hisui, while also occasionally helping Setsuna. This character may seem like an addition that wasn’t necessary at first.


However, as days passed by, the contribution from this character will continue to increase and its significance will reach new levels.



7. Towa Higurashi


Towa Higurashi


Towa Higurashi is a half-demon, daughter of Sesshōmaru and Rin, and twin to Setsuna. She was transported to the modern era at four years old and raised by her half-uncle-in-law, Sōta Higurashi.


Towa reunites with her sister ten years later and possesses the Kikujūmonji sword and Silver Rainbow Pearl in her left eye. Towa can create a blade with her demonic power and absorb enemies’ demonic energy.


She can use her father’s Sōryūha attack, has her variation called Sōtō no Sōryūha, and a new technique named Ryusei no Sōryūha, which she used to stop the Grim Comet.



8. Setsuna




Setsuna, the youngest daughter of Sesshōmaru and Rin and twin sister to Towa, was born with the Gold Rainbow Pearl in her right eye. At the age of four, she was separated from her sister during a forest fire orchestrated by Zero, and her memories were erased with a Dream Butterfly.


She was cared for by Shiori and Kaede before becoming a demon slayer under Kohaku’s guidance. Setsuna’s memory is restored after reuniting with Towa and breaking free from the Dream Butterfly’s hold.


She uses the naginata Kanemitsu no Tomoe in her signature attacks, including Senpū-jin, Muretachi no Tsubame, and Yadori Ga no Tsuki. After Kanemitsu no Tomoe is shattered and reforged, Setsuna gains the ability to see and sever the invisible threads of fate.


She also develops a third attack, Suzaku no Machibuse, and harbours romantic feelings for Hisui.



9. Moroha




Moroha, the daughter of Inuyasha and Kagome Higurashi, is a three-quarter human and quarter-demon bounty hunter known as “Moroha the Demon Killer”. She was sent away by her parents for her safety and raised by Koga’s clan before being sold to Jyūbei, her current mentor.


Using her father’s claw attacks and her mother’s bow and arrow, she exorcises demons, wields the yōkai sword Kurikaramaru, and carries a makeup compact similar to Izayoi’s, which holds Tōga’s rouge.


With the rouge, she transforms into “Beniyasha” and accesses her demonic heritage. After finding her presumed dead parents, she places the second Black Pearl in the rouge, is given a special longbow to boost her spiritual power, pays off her debt with help from her father, and retrieves a strong ice sword.



10. Kikyo




Kikyo, a powerful priestess, was entrusted with guarding and purifying the Shikon Jewel fifty years prior to the events of the series. She fell in love with Inuyasha, who wished to become human so they could live together.


However, Naraku deceived them, causing Kikyo to believe Inuyasha betrayed her. Kikyo was killed by Naraku but was later resurrected by Urasue. In a spinoff set eighteen years after her death, Kikyo’s appearance and voice are used by the Sacred Tree of Ages to communicate.


Kohaku admired her bravery and she defeated a plant demon named Root Head before meeting Inuyasha.



11. Sesshomaru




Sesshomaru is a feared daiyōkai, a powerful demon, in the feudal era, who comes from a lineage of great demons and is the older and more powerful half-brother of Inuyasha.


Accompanied by his minions, Jaken and A-Un, Sesshomaru appears to be a 19-year-old human according to the official Inuyasha Profiles guide by Rumiko Takahashi, despite being over 200 years old chronologically.


He is directly related to the main character and so, his presence is nothing less than fascinating for the audience. Therefore, he is placed here on our list.



12. Jaken




Jaken, a small imp-like demon, is deeply devoted to Sesshomaru, despite his master’s tendency to ignore and mistreat him. Although he is not very powerful, Jaken wields the Staff of Two Heads (Nintōjō), a staff that can fire flames and was gifted to him by Sesshomaru.


While little is known about Jaken’s past in the manga, the anime shows that he was once a lord among demons similar to himself. In the spinoff, after Rin gives birth to Sesshomaru’s twin half-demon daughters, Jaken is charged with their protection, as Sesshomaru hides them in the forest of the Sacred Tree of Ages.


Another character who makes the show so much better.



13. Rin




Rin is an orphan who tended to Sesshomaru’s wounds when she found him under a tree. After losing her family to bandits, she was later killed by wolves during a raid by Koga’s tribe on her village.


Sesshomaru used Tensaiga to bring her back to life, and Rin accompanied him throughout the series. As an adult, she married Sesshomaru and gave birth to their twin daughters Towa and Setsuna.


However, Rin is targeted by Zero, who curses her with the Silver Scale Curse. Sesshomaru places her in the Tree of Ages until the curse is lifted.



14. A-Un




A-Un is a two-headed dragon demon with horse-like features, serving as Sesshomaru’s beast of burden. Unlike most demons, A-Un is a herbivore like Totosai’s ox. Although A-Un has been travelling with Sesshomaru for centuries, he remained nameless until Rin called his right and left heads “A” and “Un” respectively.


A-Un can use yōkai energy to project lightning from both of his mouths, with the right head emitting blue beams and the left head producing green lightning that can manipulate clouds and potentially the weather.


A-Un can also fly like Sesshomaru, with a cloud-like gas trailing from his legs, resembling Kirara’s flames.



15. Kohaku




Kohaku is a demon slayer and the younger brother of Sango. At 11 years old, he joins the ranks of demon slayers and grows into a confident leader. He leads a new generation of demon slayers, which includes his teenage nephew and Setsuna, Sesshomaru’s twin half-demon daughter.


Kohaku fights demons with a larger chain-sickle that he received from Totosai. Yet another character that seems to go unnoticed at times but his presence is something that shapes your experience with the series altogether.


Make sure that you watch him all day long.



16. Koga




Koga is the leader of the Eastern Wolf Demon Tribe, which was nearly destroyed by Kagura and Naraku. He first encounters Inuyasha as an enemy but eventually becomes an occasional ally, despite their rivalry over their combat skills and interest in Kagome.


Koga initially kidnaps Kagome for her ability to locate Shikon shards but later develops feelings for her due to her kindness and beauty. Inuyasha is often jealous and moody during Koga’s visits because he worries about Kagome’s feelings for him, even though Kagome sees him only as a friend.


Koga is a wolf demon who is determined to protect his tribe and will do whatever it takes to ensure their survival.



17. Kaede




Kaede, Kikyo’s younger sister, used to assist her sibling in various tasks such as gathering herbs and holding her quiver of arrows. However, after Kikyo’s death, Kaede emerged as a powerful shrine priestess who protects her village from demons.


Although she lost her right eye at some point in her life, she still wears an eyepatch over it. According to supplementary information, Kaede lost her elder sister and eye in an incident that happened fifty years ago.


This girl made the show so much more entertaining for the audience. And that’s just one of the many reasons why people look up to Kaede.



18. Myoga




Myoga is a flea demon who serves Toga and was tasked with guarding Tetsusaiga’s resting place before Inuyasha obtained it. He accompanies Inuyasha and later Moroha, providing them with information on current events and enemies.


Despite being a loyal retainer, Myoga tends to flee and hide during battles, preferring not to engage in combat. He has a taste for demon blood and once saved Inuyasha’s life by drinking the venom of a spider demon from his blood.


Myoga’s presence often indicates that there is no immediate danger.



19. Totosai




Totosai is an elderly yokai blacksmith who crafted Tessaiga and Tenseiga from the fangs of his old friend, the Great Dog General, who entrusted him with helping his two sons.


As Inuyasha and Sesshomaru grow more capable with their respective swords, Totosai enhances their strength accordingly. He spends most of his time at his forge located within a volcano, occasionally travelling on his flying three-eyed ox, Mo-Mo.


Totosai’s distinctive feature is his bulging eyes, and he is known to be a skilled blacksmith and a trustworthy friend to those to whom he has pledged his services.



20. Naraku




Naraku, the primary antagonist of the Inuyasha anime/manga, inflicted great torment on many of the main characters. He is a half-demon born from the desires of Onigumo, a severely injured bandit who was aided by Kikyo.


Naraku’s body was formed from Onigumo’s merging with other demons through a deal made with a Small Spider Demon. Naraku manipulates events leading to Kikyo’s death and Inuyasha’s imprisonment while working to remove his humanity and enhance his body with the Shikon Jewel.


In the end, Naraku is revealed to be a pawn of the Demon inside the Shikon Jewel and is destroyed by Inuyasha’s Meidō Zangetsuha in the manga, or purified by Kagome’s wish in the anime.



21. Demon of the Shikon Jewel


Demon of the Shikon Jewel


The primary antagonist of the story is the Demon of the Shikon Jewel, a powerful dragon yōkai created from the fusion of ancient demons who fought the priestess Midoriko. She trapped their souls in the Shikon Jewel.


The demon is revealed to be the mastermind behind Naraku’s actions and aided his offshoot, Magatsuhi. The demon wanted Kagome and Naraku to continue the existence of the Shikon Jewel, so he could revive them in the material world.


In the manga, Inuyasha’s Meidō Zangetsuha defeats him, while in the anime, Kagome’s wish purifies him.



22. Magatsuhi




Magatsuhi is the corrupting force in the anime/manga series, originating from the spirit of the dragon demon within the Shikon Jewel. Naraku provides Magatsuhi with a temporary human-like body to restore the jewel and defile it completely.


To prevent Kagome from being a threat, Magatsuhi seals her spiritual power. After losing his temporary body, Magatsuhi possesses others until Inuyasha stops him with the demon vortex’s power and Sesshomaru kills him with Tenseiga during the final battle against Naraku.


This character adds a level of menace that can’t be compared.



23. Naraku’s incarnations


Naraku's incarnations


After collecting sufficient Shikon Jewel shards, Naraku acquired the ability to generate new demons from his own being. These demons were known as his “offspring,” but Naraku considered them nothing more than expendable minions to be used for his own ends.


To keep some of his earliest creations in line, he threatened to destroy their disembodied hearts if they betrayed him. Throughout the series, Naraku created eight detachments, each with a specific role in his plans.


Although these characters were not the stars, they played their role very well. And that’s what makes them so good.



24. Kagura




Kagura is a detachment of Naraku and is introduced in the series before Kanna, her “elder sister”. As a wind witch who is always barefoot, Kagura uses a fan to enhance her abilities, creating a blade-like tornado and animating dead bodies.


Her feather hair ornaments serve as transportation, enlarging them to ride the wind. Kagura has a bitter feud with Koga since she followed Naraku’s orders and wiped out his tribe.


Despite being an enemy of Inuyasha’s group, she seeks freedom from Naraku and even develops feelings for Sesshomaru. Kagura is fatally wounded by Naraku, who poisons her while restoring her heart, and she spends her last moments with Sesshomaru.



25. Kanna




Kanna is the first of Naraku’s detachments, taking on the appearance of a ten-year-old girl wearing white and carrying a mirror. Naraku trusts Kanna with important information about his actions, giving her authority to act on his behalf.


Kanna is a “concealed incarnation” of Naraku and lacks any demonic aura or scent, which makes her undetectable to Inuyasha, Miroku, and Kagome. Kanna is also immune to Infant’s ability to read hearts and aware of Naraku’s warnings.


Despite this, Kanna is kind to Kagura and has her own thoughts and emotions.



26. Goshinki




Goshinki, Naraku’s third detachment, is a mighty oni with horns, bladed elbows, and sharp fangs. Despite his large size, he is incredibly agile, but his most dangerous ability is his telepathic power to read minds, which he uses to exploit his enemies’ weaknesses and avoid dangerous situations.


When Goshinki breaks Tetsusaiga, Inuyasha’s demon lineage takes over, making it challenging for him to read Inuyasha’s mind. Inuyasha defeats Goshinki, leaving only his head, which Sesshomaru finds. Sesshomaru revives the demon momentarily so his fangs can be used to create the cursed blade Tōkijin by Totosai’s expelled apprentice, Kaijinbo



27. Juromaru and Kageromaru


Juromaru and Kageromaru


Naraku’s fourth and fifth incarnations are Juromaru and Kageromaru, respectively. Juromaru, who appears more human-like, is usually restrained with a mask covering his mouth, while Kageromaru is parasitic and uses sickled arms to kill Naraku before being placed inside his brother’s stomach.


Naraku later removes Juromaru’s restraints and manipulates him and Kageromaru through a puppet to attack Inuyasha’s group and Koga. However, Inuyasha and his companions ultimately defeat the two. These characters add another layer of interest to the story.



28. Onigumo




Muso is Naraku’s sixth incarnation, but he is actually Onigumo. Despite having no face and memories of his past, Onigumo assumes the guise of a wandering monk named Muso. With Kagura watching on Naraku’s command, Muso travels to Kikyo’s former village, where he recovers his memories and desires for Kikyo.


Seeing Kagome with Inuyasha, Muso mistakes her for Kikyo and fights him to possess her. Naraku later absorbs Muso to stabilize his body. Another one of Naraku’s incarnations influenced the story in a way that can’t be anticipated by anyone.



29. Akago (the Infant) and Moryomaru


Akago (the Infant) and Moryomaru


Inuyasha’s adversary, Naraku, has a seventh detachment called The Infant, which takes the form of a human baby and has the ability to control people with the darkness in their hearts.


Naraku intentionally created Infant’s appearance to be as cunning as himself and uses Kagome to locate the remaining Shikon Jewel shards. The Infant manipulates Kagome’s jealousy towards Inuyasha’s love for Kikyo but is thwarted by Inuyasha before he can take control of her.


To protect his heart, Naraku places the Infant inside an artificial body known as Moryomaru. But, the Infant and Hakudoshi plot to overpower Naraku and are ultimately absorbed by him, along with a fully aware Moryomaru.



30. Hakudoshi




In essence, Hakudoshi is Naraku’s eighth detachment, although he perceives himself as an embodiment of Naraku’s traits of sadism and chaos. He is formed from the right half of the Infant, after being separated by a dying monk, and grows into a skilful barefoot boy, adept at wielding handheld weapons.


While possessing many of Infant’s abilities, he lacks Naraku’s heart, making him unkillable. In addition, he acquires the demon horse Entei before its death. Ultimately, Naraku recalls his wasps to allow Miroku to use his Wind Tunnel, leading to Hakudoshi’s defeat.



31. Byakuya




Byakuya, Naraku’s final detachment, was created to act during Naraku’s last moments. He is a moth demon who uses illusions and origami magic, and his left eye can detach for reconnaissance.


However, Byakuya can only exist as long as Naraku lives, and his body can be severely affected when Naraku sustains mortal injuries. Byakuya’s main task is to observe Inuyasha and Moryomaru’s powers and report back to Naraku, but he gradually becomes more involved in his creator’s plans.


During the final battle, Byakuya absorbs a stray Meido Zangetsuha and uses his bladeless sword to slash Kagome with a time-delayed Meido that activates upon Naraku’s death. Inuyasha kills Byakuya with his Meido, but he accepts his fate as he achieved his purpose.



32. The Band of Seven


The Band of Seven


Naraku brings back the Shichinintai, a band of human mercenaries who died many years ago, and resurrects them as undead warriors. By using Shikon Jewel shards, Naraku is able to manipulate and control them, making them fight his enemies while he remains at Mount Hakurei.


The Shichinintai, or Band of Seven, are forced to serve Naraku in their new undead state.



33. Kyokotsu




Kyokotsu is part of the Band of Seven and is their largest member, though also the weakest. Despite being a giant, Kyokotsu has a fondness for demons and terrorizes wolf-demon tribes.


In battle, he is defeated by Koga, who removes his Shikon shard and returns him to the afterlife.



34. Jakotsu




Jakotsu, the third-in-command of the Band of Seven and Bankotsu’s closest ally, is a homicidal woman-hater who wears women’s kimonos and has a liking for men. He uses his segmented retractable blade sword, which is similar to a snake, to strike his opponents.


When fighting Inuyasha at Mount Hakurei, Jakotsu is defeated, leaving him badly injured. Renkotsu takes this chance to steal his Shikon shard.



35. Mukotsu




Mukotsu is a Band of Seven members who excels in crafting poison and covering his face with a veil. He abducts Kagome with the intention of raping her, but his plans are interrupted by Miroku and Sango.


Despite poisoning the human heroes, Mukotsu is defeated and killed by Sesshomaru. The anime adaptation depicts Mukotsu’s character to be more perverse as he initiates a wedding ceremony with Kagome before Miroku and Sango arrive.



36. Renkotsu




Renkotsu, the second-in-command of the Band of Seven, is famous for using wires, fire-breathing abilities, and later on, a hand cannon. He is the most intelligent member of the group and steals his comrades’ Shikon shards in secret for his personal gain, betraying Bankotsu.


But when Bankotsu learns of Renkotsu’s disloyalty, he kills him as punishment.



37. Ginkotsu




Ginkotsu is a cyborg member of the Band of Seven, who possesses various weapons like saw blades and a firearm on his back. Renkotsu is responsible for maintaining Ginkotsu’s mechanical body, but it is destroyed by Inuyasha.


Renkotsu then rebuilds Ginkotsu into a tank-like body. In a battle with Koga, Ginkotsu is defeated when Koga clogs his cannon with a piece of Renkotsu’s armour, resulting in self-destruction.


Renkotsu uses Ginkotsu’s jewel shard to heal his wounds.



38. Suikotsu




Suikotsu was a physician who developed a bloodthirsty alter ego and was armed with artificial iron claws. After being revived by the Band of Seven, Suikotsu’s good side attempted to lead a normal life but was controlled by his alter ego at the behest of his comrades.


Despite appearing “good,” Suikotsu was still violent and willing to kill when he returned to the village. He eventually asked Kikyo to take his Shikon shard and kill him to prevent further harm, but Jakotsu killed him before Kikyo could do so.



39. Bankotsu




Bankotsu is the leader of the Band of Seven, and the group’s strongest and youngest member. Despite being a skilled mercenary who has killed many people, he is loyal and honourable to his comrades.


Bankotsu’s weapon of choice is the halberd Banryu, which he reclaims by attacking the daimyō who ordered the band’s annihilation. In the manga series, Inuyasha defeats Bankotsu by slicing him in half, and during the battle, Banryu’s power is countered by Inuyasha’s Bakuryūha attack.



40. Hachiemon




Hachiemon, also known as Hachi, is a tanuki from Awa who serves as a retainer to the tanuki of the Mamidaira clan before becoming Miroku’s servant. He lacks combat skills and his basic abilities are low, but his tanuki heritage grants him the ability to transform.


When he puts a leaf on his head and transforms, he can become a giant yellow gourd and fly through the air. Although he understands Miroku well, he does not always accompany him.


Hachi can lay down a smoke screen to deceive his enemies when he needs to flee.



41. Jinenji




Jinenji is a half-demon who lives with his human mother in a hut, growing medicinal plants, including some with anti-poison properties. In the anime, Inuyasha and Kagome encounter him while looking for a cure for Kirara’s poisoning by Naraku’s miasma.


Despite his kind nature, Jinenji is ostracized by the villagers who falsely accuse him of being a murderer because of his demon blood. Jinenji’s past experiences with humans have made him afraid of them, leading him to keep to himself and his plants.


This makes Jineji an incredible character for the story.



42. Shiori




Shiori is a half-demon whose human mother, Shizu, and bat demon father, Tsukuyomaru, were killed by his own father when she was an infant. In exchange for Inuyasha saving her from her grandfather’s grip, she granted his Tetsusaiga the power to break through demon barriers, including Naraku’s.


In the sequel series, after her mother’s passing, Shiori creates a sanctuary for half-demon children to live in harmony with Setsuna, one of her students, by her side. This character managed to entertain the audience in the most unexpected way possible.



43. Goryomaru




Goryomaru was a monk who lived in an old temple with a group of orphans. Their parents were killed by demons, and Goryomaru rescued them and took care of them.


He lost his arm in a fight against a demon, and it was replaced with a laser-firing cannon-like arm. The demon, Moryomaru, was discovered to have attached itself to Goryomaru’s arm, and after Goryomaru’s demise at the hands of Hakudoshi, Moryomaru was able to consume his entire body.



44. Toga the Great Dog-Demon


Toga the Great Dog-Demon


Toga, also known as the Great Dog Demon or Dog General, was a fearsome yōkai lord who ruled the Western Lands. He fought against Kirinmaru during the Heian Era, but the two later united against the Grim Comet.


Toga had a son named Sesshomaru with a dog demoness, but he fell in love with Izayoi during the Kamakura era. While attempting to seal Ryūkotsusei, he sustained fatal injuries and sacrificed himself to save Izayoi and their newborn son Inuyasha from a fire that engulfed her estate.


Toga the Great Dog-Demon is a character that will be remembered.



45. Lady Izayoi


Lady Izayoi


During the Kamakura Era, Izayoiwas born into a noble family that had fallen into poverty. She fell in love with Toga and gave birth to their son Inuyasha. However, Izayoi’s former suitor, Takemaru, burned down her ancestral home in an attempt to kill her and Toga.


Forced to flee, Izayoi eventually died during Inuyasha’s childhood, leaving behind Toga’s Robe of the Fire Rat and a shell containing her favourite rouge for her son. These items were later given as a gift to Kikyo before ending up with Kaede and Moroha through flashbacks.


Izayoi was known for her gentle and beautiful nature.



46. Hosenki I


Hosenki I


Hosenki I is an oyster demon known as the Treasure Hermit, who possesses the ability to cultivate magical jewels. He is responsible for creating the black pearl in Inuyasha’s right eye, which allowed Sesshomaru to journey to his father’s grave and try to steal Tetsusaiga.


Later on, Inuyasha’s group seeks out Hosenki to return to the netherworld but learns of his passing and that his son is not yet capable of making the gems. Inuyasha’s team discovers Hosenki’s soul sitting among the bones of the Dog General’s body, but it is corrupted by a shard of the tainted Shikon Jewel.


After Naraku reclaims the shard, Hosenki returns to his senses and rewards Inuyasha with the “Adamant Barrage” attack for his loyalty to his friends and lack of greed.



47. Hosenki II


Hosenki II


Following his father’s passing, Hosenki II took on the role of creating black pearls and adopted his father’s name. He visited Riku and presented him with the green Rainbow Pearl before going to Kagome and Inuyasha’s home in Kaede’s village.


Hosenki II was intrigued to see Inuyasha’s inherited powers with the Tetsusaiga, particularly the Adamant Barrage, and wanted to witness it in action.



48. Midoriko




Midoriko was a highly respected priestess who possessed immense spiritual powers and was feared by demons for her ability to purify their souls. In her last battle, she was attacked by multiple yōkai and ultimately perished.


In the manga, her spirit was dissolved as a result of Naraku’s wish, to create a new location for Kagome. However, in the anime, her spirit was purified by Kagome’s wish.



49. Naohi




Naohi refers to the positive energy or goodwill within the Jewel of the Four Souls. The four souls that make up the jewel are known as the four Mitamas, which are derived from the Shinto philosophy of Naohi.


The four Mitamas are Aramitama, which represents courage or a wild soul, Nigimitama, which represents friendship or a harmonious soul, Kushimitama, which represents wisdom or a wondrous soul, and Sakimitama, which symbolizes love or a fortunate soul.


Together, these four Mitamas make up the essence of Naohi, the positive force that resides within the Jewel of the Four Souls.



50. Ginta




Ginta belongs to the Eastern Wolf Demon Tribe and is a devoted follower of Koga, often accompanied by his friend Hakkaku. They both worry about the safety of Koga and Kagome as the latter frequently finds herself in danger due to the presence of Inuyasha.



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