Top 30 Most Popular Winx Club Characters

Top 30 Most Popular Winx Club Characters


Winx Club is a well-known animated series about a group of fairy warriors led by Bloom. The fairies train rigorously to protect the Magic Dimension and team up with their equally competent male counterparts, the Specialists, to take the ruthless baddies head-on.


Co-produced by Rainbow SpA and Nickelodeon, the show showcases the extremely likeable fairy warriors attending the Alfea College for Fairies. Ever since its premiere, the characters have managed to strike a chord with the audience and have garnered positive critical reception.


The characters have not only been praised for the positive relationships that they share among themselves but they have also been acknowledged for the presentation of gender roles. It is not surprising then that they have managed to make their presence felt in a variety of media over time.


So, continue reading to get familiar with the spectacular ensemble of Fairies, Specialists, and Antagonists in the series.




1. Bloom




Bloom is the most powerful fairy and the undisputed leader of the Winx Club. She happens to be the Fairy of the Dragon Flame, which is the most powerful power in the universe.


It originates from the Great Dragon, who is a primaeval deity that created the Magic Dimension. Characterized by her long red hair with bangs and blue-green eyes, she used to live on Earth as an ordinary human before having discovered her magical powers.


Indeed, she was unaware of her birth on the planet Domino. It is not surprising then to find her trying to uncover the mystery behind her home planet’s destruction at the hands of the Ancestral Witches throughout the first three seasons.


It, ultimately, leads to a battle with them. That being said, we also catch Bloom dating Sky throughout the show and accepting his marriage proposal in Winx Club 3D: Magical Adventure.


That being said, it is imperative to mention that she is a very compassionate person, even though she can be a bit temperamental and impulsive at times.


We say so because we believe that she won’t think twice before sacrificing her safety for the safety of the universe she resides in.




2. Stella




The outgoing and spontaneous Stella is the Fairy of the Shining Sun. She hails from Solaria, has long, blonde hair, and thrives on the abilities that allow her to manipulate light, as well as use energy from the sun and moon at will.


Not only is she a skilled artist who keeps a sketchbook of fashion drawings but she also creates her outfits for the group to follow her dreams of becoming a standout fashion designer.


What’s interesting about her is that, like most of us in the real world, she enjoys being the centre of attention. She is Bloom’s best pal and the oldest of the Winx, as she was held back at Alfea for a year.


She obsesses over Sky’s bodyguard, Brandon, and is engaged to him. As you’d have guessed by now, the aspiring fashion designer happens to be very outgoing. However, what you wouldn’t have been able to gauge is that she is a year older than the other Winx Club members. This is because she was held back a grade.


She can be a tad selfish at times but she truly cares about her mates.




3. Flora




Make way for the sensitive and shy Flora, who happens to be the endearing Fairy of Nature from the planet Lynphea. Characterized by her long, brown hair with blonde bangs, and tan skin, she draws her strength from plants.


This pretty much explains why her room at Alfea resembles a greenhouse. Since she has an affinity for nature, it is understandable that she’s the Winx Club’s peacemaker, who believes in nothing more than protecting others and the environment.


Better still, she also serves as the group’s potions expert who brews herbal remedies. We must also mention that she begins dating Helia in the second season.


The sweet girl likes to experiment with her plants and loves to make tea. She is one of those people who wants their friends to always be good. Indeed, it reflects on her overall personality as well.


The fact that she is strongly connected to nature makes one want to stay connected with her.




4. Musa




This Fairy of Music from the planet Melody possesses the remarkable strength to manipulate sound waves and music. She can be recognized by her blue-black hair that is worn in short pigtails in the first two seasons.


However, we soon catch a glimpse of her in a longer hairstyle thereafter. Powerful as she may be, Musa loves music and dance. And, even though she is the most outspoken and sensible one in the group, she can be pessimistic at times.


This is probably because she has had to withstand multiple breakups with her boyfriend Riven. While the couple can be seen breaking up in season six and carrying it over through the seventh season, we also find them patching up in the eighth season.


There is a possibility that her courtships are reflected in her music. We know that she usually plays really well, but she goes on to put her best foot forward when she happens to be playing all by herself.


Yes, you can find her being tomboyish, but she is quite vulnerable at heart.



5. Tecna




Recognized by her light skin, short magenta hair (usually worn in a pixie cut), and blue-green eyes, Tecna, as her name suggests, is the Fairy of Technology. She is from the planet Zenith and draws her astounding magical strengths from machinery and energy.


Not only does she have a photographic memory but she also understands science; something that backs her in inventing devices to help herself and her beloved pals. Needless to mention, she enjoys experimenting with computer programs and playing video games.


However, what is most charismatic about her is the fact that she is orderly and rational, and someone who uses logic to solve problems. Furthermore, she is seen dating Timmy throughout the series.



6. Sky




Sky is not only the competent leader of the Specialists but he is also the crown prince and, later, the king of the planet Eraklyon. He can be recognized by his fair skin, blue eyes, and blond hair.


While he dates Bloom throughout the series, he later goes on to propose to her in Magical Adventure. However, since he is the son of King Erendor and Queen Samara, he is initially paired with a princess named Diaspro.


But, he doesn’t waste a single minute in breaking up with her after he learns of her selfish demeanour. Sky is also best friends with his bodyguard Brandon.



7. Brandon




Besides being Sky’s best friend and bodyguard, Brandon is also Stella’s boyfriend. Arguably the strongest of the Specialists and the most outgoing of the boys, he has fair skin, short brown hair with a long fringe, and brown eyes.



8. Aisha




Introduced in the second season, Aisha is the Fairy of Waves and a Crown Princess of Andros, who decides to join the Winx after the other fairies end up rescuing her from Lord Darkar.


She hails from the planet Andros, which is a realm of oceans. Known for her dark skin, curly dark-brown hair, and blue eyes, she has the ability to control and manipulate a pink fluid called Morphix.


That said, Aisha is as rebellious as she is athletic, and she has a flair for sports and dance. We also catch her getting romantically involved with Nex following the death of her true love Nabu in the fourth season.


We must, however, mention that in some third-party dubs, her name is changed to Layla.



9. Riven




The light-skinned Riven may be the most competitive and stubborn maverick of the Specialists, but his backstory isn’t as pleasing as his personality sounds. We say so because his mother abandoned him at birth, resulting in him being wary of women.


Characterized by his short, spiky pink hair and blue-violet eyes, he shares an intermittent relationship with Musa. However, as we have mentioned before, they break up in the sixth season before patching up in the eighth.


Riven’s weapons of choice are a red-purple phantosaber and a meteor hammer.



10. Roxy




The strong-willed Roxy, who is the Fairy of Animals, is introduced in the fourth season of the series. She has long, straight purple hair with two gold streaks and purple eyes.


We find her joining the Winx occasionally and is, therefore, named the Winx Club’s seventh member by the show’s three production companies. There are no particular criteria to measure her powers, but she might be the weakest of the fairies.


But, this could also be because she happens to be the youngest and most inexperienced one.



11. Timmy




Timmy is a Specialist who belongs to a family of reputed scientists in Magix. It is not surprising then that he loves technology and is skilled at commandeering ships from Red Fountain.


While he may be the least skilled of the Specialists when it comes to combat, there is simply no one who can match him when it comes to his knowledge of machines.


He can mostly be seen wearing glasses and has fair skin and light brown-orange hair with a small fringe. He also happens to be dating Tecna, even though his shy nature often interferes with him telling confessing his feelings for her.



12. Helia




Introduced in the second season, Helia is an artistic Specialist and the nephew of Red Fountain’s headmaster Saladin. Unlike most impassive individuals in the world today, he is a pacifist who seems to care about nature as much as he cares about his best mates.


However, what makes his character interesting to watch is that he comes across as someone who is a hopeless romantic. Needless to say, he happens to be in a relationship with Flora and, thus, can be seen painting pictures and writing poetry for her.


While he is shown to have long, blue-black hair tied into a loose ponytail in the first two seasons, he crops his hair short fourth season onwards. His weapon of choice is a laser string glove.



13. Roy




Roy is a Specialist from Andros who happens to be working for Aisha’s father. He has light-brown skin, spiky blond hair, and grey eyes. What separates him from other characters in the series is that he can fight underwater.


Like Nabu, he also uses magic and has a crush on Aisha. While she is slow to reciprocate his feelings, she ends up befriending him towards the end of the sixth season.


That said, Roy finds a rival in the Paladin Nex who seems to be looking forward to gaining Aisha’s affection as well.



14. Nabu




Nabu is a Wizard of nobility who was born on the planet of Andros. We catch him getting introduced at a critical juncture in the third season when Aisha learns that she is arranged to wed him.


To find out what his future wife looks like, he uses the pseudonym Ophir and heads out of Andros to catch a glimpse of her. Even though the Winx members and the Specialists believe he is a spy of Valtor, he goes on to defend them on multiple occasions; therefore, gaining their respect and, subsequently, Aisha’s affection and attention.


He can be recognized by his light-brown skin, braided red-brown hair, and violet eyes. Nabu, whose weapon is a magic staff, meets his demise in the fourth season when he sacrifices himself to save the Earth fairy kingdom of Tír nan Óg.



15. Lord Darkar


Lord Darkar


Also known as the Shadow Phoenix, Lord Darkar serves as the main antagonist of the second season. He is a primordial being who is responsible for destroying Domino, having controlled the Ancestral Witches and Valtor when they destroyed it.


It is seen that he was sent into a deep slumber after they were defeated, only to awaken at the beginning of the second season. After having arisen, he goes on to abduct the pixies, rescues the Trix from their prison, and opens a portal to the Realm of the Relix.


In fact, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to state that he almost succeeds in his plot to claim the Ultimate Power and rule the magical universe. However, he is stopped dead in his tracks by a Charmix Convergence of the Winx Club.



16. Icy (The Trix)


Icy (The Trix)


The Trix are three witches with numerous powers who serve as the main antagonists of the first season. Icy happens to be the eldest of the trio and the leader of the group.


She derives her powers from ice, despises Bloom, and is the most competitive with the Winx. While she is far more belligerent than Darcy, she is calmer than Stormy.



17. Darcy (The Trix)


Darcy (The Trix)


Darcy, who happens to be the middle of the trio, derives her powers from her mind, shadows, and darkness. Needless to say, she relishes tormenting her foes, even though she is less aggressive than her mates.


Characterized by her fair skin, long brown hair, and dark purple outfit, which is sometimes accompanied by glasses, she prefers to use subtle and manipulative techniques to get the better of her adversaries.



18. Stormy (The Trix)


Stormy (The Trix)


The youngest of the trio, Stormy has power over stormy weather, which complements the fact that she is the most hot-tempered of the group. Her sporadic violent outbursts and impulsive nature often ends up landing the trio in trouble.


She has tan skin, and a cloud-shaped purple hairstyle, and can be seen wearing reddish-violet outfits most of the time.



19. Valtor




This dark sorcerer is the chief antagonist of the third and eighth seasons. The Ancestral Witches are credited with creating him from a dark spark of the Dragon Flame. It is not surprising then that he helps the witches in destroying Domino.


However, he is toppled by Oritel and Marion, who get him imprisoned in the Omega Dimension. In the third season, we find the Trix coming to his rescue and, ultimately, becoming his allies.


After having been freed, he makes it clear that he aspires to become the greatest sorcerer of the magical universe by conquering each realm, comes what may. Towards the finale of the third season, we catch Valtor turning into a ruthless demon and unleashing a spell that nearly demolishes Magix.


However, Bloom eventually gets the better of him when she extinguishes his Dragon Flame. That’s not the end of him though for he is revived by Argan in Season 8, only to be destroyed once again by the Winx.



20. The Ancestral Witches


The Ancestral Witches


The Ancestral Witches, namely Belladonna, Liliss, and Tharma, are the three ancient witches who try to plague the Infinite Ocean and face the nymphs Daphne and Politea. We catch them cursing the nymphs’ Sirenix power; therefore, turning Daphne into a disembodied spirit and Politea into a monster.


They also try their best to attack Domino to acquire the power of the Dragon Flame. However, they are defeated by the Company of Light. Their actions not only destroy Domino but also go on to freeze and darken the planet; all while imprisoning its inhabitants in the Obsidian Dimension.


While Belladonna has power over ice, Liliss and Tharma have power over darkness and storms, respectively.



21. The Wizards of the Black Circle


The Wizards of the Black Circle


Ogron, Anagan, Duman, and Gantlos are the Wizards of the Black Circle who serve as the four main villains of the entertaining fourth season. Ogron is the leader of the group who has the power to absorb and deflect magic.


It is imperative to mention that he becomes stronger with every blow of fairy magic he absorbs. Duman, on the other hand, is a shapeshifter who can take on the appearances of other people and animals when he wants to.


However, we catch him getting defeated by Nabu while suffering from an illness caused by his incredulously unstable powers. Furthermore, Anagan is blessed with superhuman speed and, last but not the least, Gantlos is capable of producing destructive shockwaves.



22. Tritannus




Tritannus is the antagonist one must watch out for in the fifth season. He is Aisha’s first cousin, the son of King Neptune and Queen Ligea, and the younger twin brother of Nereus.


The merman royal was sent to prison after having attempted to kill Nereus, who was chosen to be Neptune’s heir to the throne instead of him. Needless to say, Tritannus was not only stripped of his prince title because of his actions but he was also seen later mutating into a demon sea monster due to toxic pollution.


However, absorbing pollution only ended up adding to his strength. That said, the Winx crew manages to get the better of him as Bloom destroys his trident that holds all of his evil powers.


Soon after, he is banished to Oblivion for his actions.



23. Selina




One of the main antagonists of the sixth season, Selina is a freshman at Cloud Tower who has a magical book called The Legendarium that can make legends and myths come to life.


She hails from Earth and was once a pal of Bloom. Soon in the series, we catch her becoming the servant of a sorcerer named Acheron, who was sealed within the Legendarium.


Unsurprisingly, she promises to release him if he agrees to provide her with extraordinary knowledge and strong powers, in addition to the advantage of ruling alongside him. Even though Acheron turns against her after having been released, Selina takes Bloom’s help to imprison him again inside the Legendarium along with the Trix.


Not only does she use the Legendarium’s key to lock the magic book forever but she can also be seen reuniting with her fairy godmother and mentor, Eldora, in the show.



24. Acheron




This powerful and dangerous sorcerer learns dark magic on Earth and, therefore, ends up creating an unbelievable book called The Legendarium. He tries to use the same to fulfil his aim of becoming the strongest and most feared sorcerer in the magical universe.


Unfortunately for him, he fails to control its powers and becomes trapped within its pages as a consequence. In season six, we find him coaxing Selina to work for him and, eventually, release him after having promised to grant her great powers and knowledge about the Legendarium.



25. Politea




The main antagonist of The Mystery of the Abyss, Politea was Sirenix nymph who originally battled alongside Daphne to defend the Magic Dimension and the Infinite Ocean from the Ancestral Witches.


However, when the witches placed a curse on Sirenix, it ended up causing Daphne to lose her physical self completely. Worse still, Politea betrayed her big time by refusing to come to her aid.


Expectedly, her actions led the Ancestral Witches to curse her and, as a consequence, turn her into a mindless dragon-like monster following which she lives in a shark-shaped cave in the Infinite Ocean for years.


However, we find her making a comeback in The Mystery of the Abyss as a greyish-blue-coloured spirit. Politea can be seen allying with the Trix to acquire a powerful object called the Pearl of the Depths.


Sooner than later, we even find her trying to convince the Trix to manipulate Tritannus into abducting Sky so that they can use him to fetch the undeniable powers of the Emperor’s Throne.


But, when Tritannus does manage to acquire the pearl, she unveils herself to him and puts her dark magic to use to regulate both him and the Trix at her will.


That being said, it doesn’t take long for Politea to be destroyed by a powerful Sirenix convergence of the Winx augmented by the Pearl of the Depths.



26. Kalshara and Brafilius


Kalshara and Brafilius


Siblings Kalshara and Brafilius are the main antagonists of the seventh season. While the former is a shape-shifter, the latter is her clumsy brother who happens to have dark magic powers.


Do you know what their ultimate goal is? To capture all of the Fairy Animals of the Magic Dimension and acquire their power. Even though the siblings were humans once upon a time, they ended up becoming animal-like creatures after Kalshara gained wild magic.


On the other hand, Brafilius was seen stealing the stone of memories from Roxy and travelling back in time with the Winx. However, when Kalshara got the ultimate power, she was betrayed by Brafilius who stole it for himself and used it to summon powerful animals in the magic dimension.


However, he was soon captured by the Trix members who turned him into a dog and forced his sister to form a temporary truce with the Winx members to restore him to his original form.


However, the ultimate power was removed from Brafilius after the Trix were banished to limbo. Kalshara, furious over having lost all her powers, disowned Brafilius. Even though she was gone, her brother seems to have had a change of heart and now happens to be living with the amiable creatures of the cave.



27. Thoren




Thoren is a Paladin who happens to be Sky’s cousin and Daphne’s husband. His weapon is the Earthquake Hammer. Even though he is related to Sky, they seem to hold a grudge against each other.


He can be recognized by his fair skin, wavy brown hair, and blue-green eyes.



28. Nex




A good friend of Thoren, Nex is a sociable and confident Paladin who got attracted to Aisha (and subsequently ended up with her) during the sixth season. He has fair skin, grey hair, and light-brown eyes, and his weapon is the Halberd of the Wind.



29. Mandragora




Mandragora is one distinctly wicked witch who seems to enjoy enormous power over insects, appearing only in The Secret of the Lost Kingdom. She can be seen serving and being of use to the Ancestral Witches, while at the same time being the true guardian of Obsidian, the realm of pure evil.



30. Argan




Argan, who is named Obscurum while under Valtor’s darker magic, is a secondary antagonist in the eighth season of the show. Even though he is the brother of Queen Dorana of Lumenia, he seems to be jealous of her power and grip over their people.


His jealousy is perhaps the prime reason he channels the verve of Valtor and employs the power of the stars to resuscitate him. In return, he is provided with remarkable dark powers that have the ability to change his very appearance.



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