Top 50 Most Popular Studio Ghibli Characters

top 50 most popular studio ghibli characters


There are many studios present in Japan that are well known for their animation making and the way they craft the story.


Among them is the famous Studio Ghibli which was founded by Toshio Suzuki, Isao Takahata, Yasuyoshi, and Hayao Miyazaki.


The company was responsible for producing animated films that began its operation in 1985. Later in 1997, the company merged with Tokuma Shoten and formed the name Studio Ghibli.


However it, later on, became an independent company in April 2005. Coming to some amazing anime that was well presented by this studio then The Spirited Away is one of the best that even won an Oscar for Best-animated Feature.


Apart from it, My Neighbour Totoro and Kiki’s Delivery Service are also one. The characters of these anime are remarkable for many things and among them is the linear development of characters.


So if you have ever wondered about the characters of Studio Ghibli then here are the most popular Studio Ghibli characters.




1. Jiro Horikoshi (The Wind Rises)


jiro horikoshi (the wind rises)


This is Jiro Horikoshi, the protagonist of The Wind Rises.


He is a happy person with a good nature which is needed in any protagonist of a famous anime. His love interest in Naoko Satomi is of the next level which can be seen through many events.


Apart from that, Jiro is also a hard-working and trustworthy person, especially when it comes to aeroplanes. Coming to his relationship then Kayo is his sister and his love interest Naoko, later on, becomes his wife.


Overall, the character of Jiro is fully developed, in a linear way, where a great and good transformation can be seen with changes in personality and appearance.




2. Shizuku Tsukishima (Whisper of the Heart)


Shizuku Tsukishima (Whisper of the Heart)


Shizuku Tsukishima is the leading character of Whisper of the Heart. She is a 14-year-old girl of a kind and good nature.


However, she also carries aggression with her which gives her the power to call people jerks. Being born in 1980, she attended a local school and later on get enrolled in a high school.


Her love for reading and writing has made her write some lyrics, including Country Roads. Shizuku has always tried to find a space in the world with great love and kindness.


Shizuku easily gets distracted from little things, like her daydreaming and writing novels. Due to her writing habit, she decided to write a novel and started writing under the title called Whisper of the Heart, which served as the title of the anime.




3. San (Princess Mononoke)


san (princess mononoke)


Also known as Princess Mononoke and Wolf Girl, San is the leading character of the anime named Princess Mononoke.


Her action of being like a wolf and being raised by wolves makes her more of a wolf person, rather than a human.


San is a young beautiful woman who was always seen in the cloth of Wolf fur. She is a straight character who always wears oval-shaped earrings.


Since she was raised by the wolf goddess Moro, her personality became wild like in any other wolf character.


Despite carrying a coldness in her nature against humans, she has all the nature that any other human possesses like being stubborn or short-tempered.


Her concern for the forest is her priority and also her identity. She is known for her valour, excellence, and resilience.


And that’s why she is a woman that you need to take into consideration when you are talking about characters who have changed the entire viewing experience for all the Ghibli fans out there. 




4. Seita Yokokawa (Grave of the Fireflies)


seita yokokawa (grave of the fireflies)


One of the protagonists of the anime, Seita is a 14-year-old brother of Setsuko. He met with a very cruel life and circumstances that took his mother away in World War II, and since then his struggle towards life has become a normal thing.


Seita was born in 1931. His survival started with selling the clothes his mother and having some money to live, however, it, later on, transformed into stealing food just to feed Setsuko as her health was declining.


His life is not just filled with the death of his mother but later on, went with the death of his father and also his sister who starved to death.


He became homeless and later on died because of starvation. He is the one who handled everything with his own bare hands. There’s no denying that this man is someone whom we can’t help but appreciate with all our hearts.


His character allowed us to get a proper understanding of how brutal and horrifying wars can be. And so, he is one of the best out there. 



5. Kokiri (Kiki’s Delivery Service)


Kokiri (Kiki's Delivery Service)


Kokiri is the mother of Kiki and the wife of Okino. She lives with a family consisting of just a kid and a husband in the town of Karikiya.


She is a witch who is running a business related to the potions of elders. Being a great mother and a great wife, Kokiri has always cared about a family, more than herself.


She wishes for nothing but good for her daughter which can be seen in the time when she offered her old broom to the daughter and wished her luck while she was leaving.


Instead of listening to others about what she should do, she always valued herself for a peaceful life. And that’s the reason why Kokiri is always scared about others and tries to be gentle with them.



6. Luisa (Whisper of the Heart & The Cat Returns)


Luisa (Whisper of the Heart & The Cat Returns)


Luisa is a puppet who was a supporting character in Whisper of the Heart. Having a very rare appearance in the anime, the role of Luisa was loved by the audience a lot.


The mention of Luisa happened by Shirō Nishi who wanted to pair next to Baron Humbert as they can be a couple, however, Baron never took Luisa as an option.


But at the same time, he wanted to take her, later on, however, the situation went opposite to the circumstances as the World War happened.


The separation between Luisa and Barren came in the story with the ending of Luisa’s appearance in the anime.



7. Gina (Porco Rosso)


Gina (Porco Rosso)


One of the most beautiful women presents in the anime as a pilot and singer is Gina. She is a woman of 23 who progresses in the story to 35.


Apart from carrying a beautiful appearance, she is also of a beautiful personality. It can be seen through the time when she genuinely wants people to come together.


Apart from giving respect to people, she is also the one who has gained a lot as can be seen through the time when seaplane pilots have treated her with respect.


The relationship of Gina with most people is a loyal one, especially with Porco and Fio. She became friends with Fio during a fight and Porco in her youth.



8. Madame (When Marnie Was There)


Madame (When Marine Was There)


Madame is again one of the most important characters we can see in the Ghibli studio. She is a 60-year-old woman serving in a supporting role in the anime.


Being a kind woman of soft nature, her appearance always comes with a yellow cardigan and green shirt. Kiki first met Madame when she called her to deliver a pie.


A generous nature can also be seen in her when she was not able to complete the pie because of the oven breaking and decided to pay for it.


Coming to a bit of her personal life then she was a widow who managed her life pretty well according to her need and wish.



9. Marco Pagot (Porco Rosso)


marco pagot (porco rosso)


The protagonist of Porco Rosso, Marco Pagot, assumes the alter ego of Porco Rosso and is a pilot cursed to live as a pig.


Originally appearing in Hayao Miyazaki’s short story “The Age of the Flying Boat,” Porco Rosso operates a striking red Savoia S.21 prototype seaplane.


Renowned as a bounty hunter specializing in air pirate pursuits within the Adriatic Sea, Porco Rosso commands respect from his adversaries, who fear his valiant combat skills and distinctive crimson aircraft.


In the backdrop of the 1920s Depression Era, Porco Rosso lives a life defined by his pride, fortune, and past love.


Adorned with black sunglasses, a flamboyant moustache, and a white scarf, Porco Rosso embodies a dashing persona despite his rounded physique.


During moments of leisure, he retreats to a limestone cave on a deserted island, immersing himself in the pleasures of French Gitane cigarettes, fine wine, and perusing magazines and newspapers.


Marco is one of the most appreciated and respected characters in all of Ghibli. The reason why this anime is something special is all because of Marco.


And that’s why people look up to him and his personality in the movie. However, there’s no denying that no one can match his excellence. 



10. Granmamare (Ponyo)


Granmamare (Ponyo)


Shown to be a Goddess of Mercy, Granmamare is also a Queen of the Ocean as well as the mother of Ponyo.


Carrying a very attractive appearance, Granmamare stands the same with her personality. She is an understanding, very wise as well as a kind person in the anime.


Being a soft-spoken and emotional person, she has granted the wish of her daughter to become human and leave Ocean forever.


The example of a kind and understanding nature can be easily seen as she never appeared to hate any human being.


Her relationship with her daughters is very unique, especially with the leading character of the anime, called Ponyo. And that’s the reason why she always stood in the position of being a loving mother.



11. Donald Curtis (Porco Rosso)


Donald Curtis (Porco Rosso)


Appearing first in The Age Of The Flying Boat, Donald Curtis remains known for his supporting role in Porco Rosso.


His profession is a Bounty Hunter who is hired to defeat Porco Rosso. Curtis thinks he is the fastest fighter pilot present which somehow defined his prideful nature.


He is an arrogant character who never understands those who recruited him. Despite being a negative character, Curtis appeared to be a cheerful one, sometimes, especially whenever he saw an attractive woman.


The same has also remained his weakest point as he always offers a marriage proposal to those who attract him.


It can be seen through the time when Curtis was head over heels for Gina in the first appearance.



12. Calcifer (Howl’s Moving Castle)


Calcifer (Howl's Moving Castle)


Calcifer is seen in the film as a fire demon who was confounded by Howl’s Castle because of a deal made with Howl many years ago.


Just to put his curve away because of that deal, he started having a magical bargain with the character named Sophie.


Even after carrying a very prickly manner against the house, he is someone who also cares about Howl and his family.


Calcifer was never a fireball but a falling star that was caught by Howl before it reached the surface of Earth.


The role of Calcifer in the anime is very much equal to the book where the design and the animation were exactly like any imagination that one gets while reading the book.



13. Motro (Castle in the Sky)


Motro (Castle in the Sky)


A man of 54 who was shown in the anime as the husband of Dola is what Motro is.


He is a ship engineer who works very hard. Even after carrying a very typical appearance of a brown mustache and short hair, Motro was loved by many audiences.


Being one of the supporting characters never stopped him from remaining in the spotlight and gaining the hearts of the audience.


Coming to the design that was seen in the anime by the makers, it’s somehow much like the character called Kamaji from Spirited Away as well as Lonebach of Lupin III.



14. Nausicaä (Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind)


Nausicaä (Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind)


Nausicaä is the leading character of the titled anime where she appeared as the princess of The Valley of the Wind.


She is a young woman who always dresses like a military person with big trousers and a military shirt with long boots.


Having a diverse personality in her nature Nausicaä is known because of her brave and protective nature that blends well with loving and kind.


Apart from it, she is also known for her sweet and serious nature. Whenever time requires her to be harsh here she always shows it which can be seen through time and she attacks the killer of her father, however, it left her with a great scar.


Coming to abilities then she carries a very unique gift of communicating with insects.



15. No-Face (Spirited Away)


no-face (spirited away)


A lonely spirit who unjust other characters to gain their physical appearance and personality is what No-Face is. By being exposed to the corruptive and greedy thoughts of his workers, he soon started observing their personalities and hoping to become like those.


His obsession with Chihiro can be seen when she wants to be around Chihiro and only sees her all the time.


At the beginning of the series, he is shown to be a very aggressive person and negative, but later on, No-Face loses this personality and appears to be quiet and always obeys the order of Chihiro.


His obsession with Chihiro, later on, got replaced by the art of spinning and knitting, and thus became happy in a new environment.


This character is a staple in the anime medium. There are people who know nothing about anime but they have some understanding of what No-Face is.


That is why you need to appreciate this character and the impact that this being has made on our lives even as an entity that exists behind the screen. 



16. Doctor Yamashita (When Marnie Was There)


Doctor Yamashita (When Marnie Was There)


Doctor Yamashita is the family doctor of Anna and one of the supporting characters of the anime called When Marnie Was There.


His appearance in the anime is just a few minutes but his role matters a lot. Coming to appearance, the Doctor was always shown with black spectacles and a white shirt with a blue tie.


He always carries a still expression on his face even while talking. One of the scenes where the appearance of the Doctor is appropriate is the time when he was seen interacting with Yoriko Sasaki, the mother of Anna.



17. Yasuko Kusakabe (My Neighbor Totoro)


Yasuko Kusakabe (My Neighbor Totoro)


Considered to be a supporting character in the anime, Yasuko and her appearance is nothing less than a protagonist.


She is known for being a great mother to Mei and Satsuki and an incredible wife to Tatsuo. Yasuko suffers from tuberculosis which became the only reason why she and her whole family shifted away from their countryside area.


Being a woman of 29 years old and carrying the responsibility of a great mother and wife, she has always shown a kind nature toward others.


The first appearance we have of Yasuko is the time when her children with her husband came to visit her in the hospital as they were very excited and happy to see her.



18. Zeniba (Spirited Away)


Zeniba (Spirited Away)


Known for her witch nature and also being the sister of Yubaba, Zeniba or Granny is a supporting character in Spirited Away.


Her physical appearance is filled with a wrinkled face and a large head. However, her personality is opposite of what her appearance shows, which is totally dangerous.


It can be seen through her blackmailing Chihiro for being quiet otherwise she can tear her mouth. Another example is the time when she shouted at Chihiro for informing her about Haku being a thief.


Granny is also someone who makes fun of another character without even thinking about it. It can be seen through the time when she made fun of Boh’s (her nephew) weight and intelligence.



19. Mei Kusakabe (My Neighbor Totoro)


Mei Kusakabe (My Neighbor Totoro)


A 4-year-old kid is considered to be very sweet and playful but not at all quick-witted. But when it comes to Mei then everything goes the opposite as she is a quick-witted person with single-minded behavior.


Despite being a cheerful character, Mei is also stubborn, exactly like her sister. Her observant nature is very much known in anime, even more than that of her sister Satsuki.


Another thing that seems very strange for a 4-year kid is not being afraid of goblins but for Mei, it is again the opposite.


Overall, she is a happy girl with a bold personality without any kind of darkness in it. She always cared about her sister but also shared a Tom and Jerry relationship with her.



20. Kiki (Kiki’s Delivery Service)


Kiki (Kiki's Delivery Service)


Serving as the main protagonist of anime, Kikk was always shown with a personality of kind-hearted and sweet like her appearance.


She is a 13-year-old girl who started her delivery service. Apart from being a kind-hearted person, Kiki is also strong-willed and bold if time requires it.


Apart from it, a curious, friendly, and stubborn nature can also be seen in her. Her friendly nature can be seen when she easily interacts with her customers and becomes a heroine of the time.


Despite having the majority of mood or behavior, she can also be proud which eventually becomes her disadvantage.



21. Fukuo (Kiki’s Delivery Service)


Fukuo (Kiki's Delivery Service)


Fukuo is known in the series as Osono’s husband which also became his alternate name. He is a baker who remained silent throughout the film.


He is a loving person as well as hard-working as can be seen through his profession in baking. Despite having a serious nature most of the time in anime, Fukuo appears to be funny at times.


His love for family and their protection becomes his priority. He always cares for Kiki which can be seen easily when he decided to make a logo for the delivery service of Kiki bread.


Fukuo’s relationship with everyone around him is full of love and kindness. Coming to appearance then he generally comes with a baker’s hat and a white T-shirt.



22. Yūko Ogino (Spirited Away)


Yūko Ogino (Spirited Away)


Yūko Ogino is a woman of 35 years old working female and the wife of Akio Ogino. Apart from it, she is also known for being a great mother of Chihiro Ogino.


When she committed a crime against the Spirit World, she was cursed into a pig for most of the part in anime.


Yūko is shown to be very calm and collected at the beginning of the movie. She appears to be a very logical woman, however, had transformed into a pig and changes her true self.


She always speaks of safety in danger and strange. Not much is known about her past, except for the present which lies mostly in her transformed body.



23. Cat King (The Cat Returns)


Cat King (The Cat Returns)


Serving as the main antagonist of the anime called The Cat Returns, all the evil nature is inculcated in him very naturally.


He is a ruthless character who kidnaps Haru and brought her to his Kingdom and changed her into a cat.


Even though he is married, he always tried to tie himself with Haru. To get Haru, King was even ready to fight Baron Humbert, which resulted in his loss.


Apart from being ruthless, he is also someone who is greedy and easily gets attracted by beauty. Even at the age of 87, great enthusiasm can be seen in him, especially in battle.



24. Kiyoshi Yokokawa (Grave of the Fireflies)


Kiyoshi Yokokawa (Grave of the Fireflies)


Shown to be a captain of the Japanese Navy Army, Kiyoshi Yokokawa is also a family man. He is the husband of Mrs.Yokokawa and the father of two kids named Setsuko and Seita. He was in the Navy during the time of World War II.


The dedication of Kiyoshi towards his duty was always seen in the anime, especially in the time when his children were writing letters to him but they were not getting any reply.


Apart from being a very good Navy Officer, he is also a great father and husband to his wife.



25. Haru (The Secret World of Arrietty)


Haru (The Secret World of Arrietty)


Haru or Hara is shown to be one of the main antagonists in the anime called The Secret World of Arrietty.


She is a maid who appears to be a very lovable and caring person. But coming to her true nature then she is very suspicious about many things.


It could be seen in the strange happenings that started occurring in her house. Her greedy nature also appears in the story when she locks Shawn in the room.


Coming to appearance then she always wears brown trousers and an orange shirt that comes with an apron. Her green glasses change her look however, messy hair works in the opposite.



26. Fox Squirrel (Castle in the Sky)


Fox Squirrel (Castle in the Sky)


An animal with a squirrel body as well as a fox is what Fox Squirrel is. His first appearance was seen in the anime called Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind and then appeared in Castle in the Sky.


In the anime called Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind, he appears to be the pet of Nausicaä; however, his name was changed to Teto by Nausicaä.


Later in the Castle in the Sky with several Foxes, he also appears as one of the supporting characters.


The Fox Squirrel also befriended a robot who lived on the island of Laputa. Coming to his role in When Marnie Was There, his living nature changes into a stuffed animal.



27. Boh (Spirited Away)


Boh (Spirited Away)


Boh is a cute baby and a supporting character in the anime. His appearance is way bigger than another child of his age would be, even bigger than his mother’s.


Apart from his appearance, his personality was inspired by Japanese tales. Boh is a selfish child as well as a spoiled character.


He always tries anything, like anything, to gain attention and food. The only fear he carries is from the germs.


The character of Boh changes quickly as the anime progresses. It can be seen through his adventure with Chihiro where he got a strong sense and cared about nature towards his mother.



28. Karen (Ponyo)


Karen (Ponyo)


Serving as a minor character in the anime, the appearance of Karen is somewhat similar to the leading one.


She is a 5-year-old kid and a best friend of Kumiko and Sōsuke. Carrying an extroverted nature, Karen sometimes goes the opposite of her behavior.


It can easily be seen through her offensive nature or the time when she easily gets offended. One of the perfect examples is the time when she gets offended when Sōsuke did not follow her demands.


Coming to appearance then she is a girl with brown hair who wears a light pink shirt and pink pants.


She always carries a toy elephant that has become her other self.



29. Haku (Spirited Away)


Haku (Spirited Away)


A character with different abilities like Spell Casting, Asian Dragon Physiology, Flower Pattern Manipulation, and many more is Haku.


Haku is referred to as Yubaba in most of the films where he serves as one of the leading characters.


He has two forms, one is a human of around 12 years old and the second one is of Dragon with a green body.


Carrying a diversity in his personality, Haku appears to be supportive at times as well as a kind-hearted person who can easily change into a strict character.


His wise nature acts accordingly to the situation and the same goes for his strength and abilities.



30. Catbus (My Neighbor Totoro)


Catbus (My Neighbor Totoro)


A bus-looking character who also appears to be a cat is what Catbus, as the name suggests so. The first appearance of Catbus came through the road of the forest while Satsuki, Mei, and Totoro were waiting for the bus to arrive.


The character of Catbus appears to be almost similar to the character called Cheshire in Alice in Wonderland. The similarity comes with their wide smile and almost similar stripes.


Serving as a supporting character in the anime, the interaction with leading characters like Satsuki always went on the point and made him very important.



31. Totoro (My Neighbor Totoro)


Totoro (My Neighbor Totoro)


Totoro, the title character of My Neighbour Totoro first appeared in anime while going around the yard of the house.


His interaction with Satsuki happened when Satsuki and Mei also came to the same bus stop where she was present and later on gave him her umbrella because of the rain.


Being a very childish personality, he easily gets attracted by the sound of rain on the trees and also on the umbrella.


And that’s the reason why he started showing off his playful nature through jumps. His dancing and singing skills are very unique.


Apart from it, Totoro is a very kind and very supportive character which can be seen through the time when he helped Satsuki.



32. Kanta Ōgaki (My Neighbor Totoro)


Kanta Ōgaki (My Neighbor Totoro)


A boy of 13 years old whose appearance is of fair skin and grey eyes is what Kanta. He first appears when his family Kusakabe were going to their new house.


When Kanta saw Satsuki and Mei, he quickly turned into a shy person. He is a very supportive and caring person which can be seen through his help all the time to Granny.


Nothing much is known about him apart from his maturity which came very quickly in comparison to the other characters of the same age.


His relationship with Granny is very pure as well as very childish.



33. Duffi (Castle in the Sky)


Duffi (Castle in the Sky)


Duffi is shown in the anime with a heavy appearance, like a typical boss. He is a highly respected leader and also the boss of Pazu.


Apart from it, he also shares a family life, a wife, and a daughter named Madge. Being a supporting character of Castle in the Sky, the appreciation towards his crafting and designing is totally worth it.


Duffi is a very proud person because of his strength. It can be seen through the time when he and Charles started competing with each other just to see who is the strongest one among them.


Charles started showing off his muscles while Duffi went with his flexes and a boxing match.



34. Kaya (Princess Mononoke)


Kaya (Princess Mononoke)


Serving as the minor character in Princess Mononoke, Kaya was shown to be the daughter of Emishi village. Her fearless nature is very much famous in the anime, she is ready to protect her friends at any cost from Nago, a demon hunter.


She has a very typical appearance of a normal human girl with brown hair and brown eyes. Her relationship with most of the characters remained very normal, especially with Ashitaka.


It can be seen through her calling Ashitaka a brother and approaching him when he was about to leave his home.


She even gives him her crystal dagger which according to tradition was given to the future husband.



35. Emily (When Marnie Was There)


Emily (When Marnie Was There)


Emily is shown to be a supporting character who is somewhere at the age of 25. She is the mother of Anna whose birth happened after 2 years of Marnie’s marriage.


When the death of her father happened then her mother was not able to consider the situation and went to a mental hospital, leading to a harsh life for Emily.


When she got married, her new life started with her baby girl however, the news remained hidden from her mother.


Soon her death with her husband happened due to a car accident which left her daughter Anna in the custody of Marnie.


Coming to personality then Emily was never shown to be an outspoken person but always the one who lived in the dark, maybe because of her experience.



36. Hiromi (The Cat Returns)


Hiromi (The Cat Returns)


Shown to be a best friend of Haru Yoshioka, Hiromi also goes well with Chika. She is a 17-year-old girl who appeared to be a supporting character.


Living in an apartment alone, her parents never appeared or even got mentioned in the anime. There is not much known about Hiromi and her personality however, it is clear that she is totally opposite to her best friend Haru.


Haru is shown to be very clumsy and awkward whereas Hiromi appears to be very confident. She is also known for her outspoken nature as well as outgoing which makes her more of an extrovert person, rather than an introvert which Haru is.


She also never hesitates to raise her voice or give her opinion about liking and disliking people.



37. Ashitaka (Princess Mononoke)


Ashitaka (Princess Mononoke)


Being the protagonist of Princess Mononoke, Prince Ashitaka is shown to be a very determined person who is ready to do anything just to achieve his goals.


He never followed the concept of stopping for a moment. Being a courageous person can be seen through his activities as he tried to save his village from the curse.


He is also a curious person. Ashitaka appears to be a very hard person outwardly but at the core, one can easily find him very kind and welcoming.


However, his benevolent nature goes the opposite when it comes to destructive wars. He generally goes with peace between humanity and nature but if time requires so then he can show his great skills.



38. Chihiro Ogino (Spirited Away)


Chihiro Ogino (Spirited Away)


A 10-year-old kid is considered to be a child whose growth and development happen rapidly but maturity takes time to come in their behavior.


But in the case of Chihiro, maturity is something that has come easily with a child-like personality. Chihiro is shown to be a brave girl who is very responsible and hard-working.


It can be seen through the time when she tries to put fear away and focus on the things she cares for the most.


One of the best examples can be seen in the scene where she changes her personality and adapts to a new environment to protect her parents and friends from a curse that transformed them into livestock.



39. Jiji (Kiki’s Delivery Service)


Jiji (Kiki's Delivery Service)


A black cat from Kiki’s Delivery Service with white eyes is Jiji. This cat is the companion of Kiki as the cat has gone through the training of becoming a full witch.


Later in the story, she gets a friend named Lily, a white cat. It was also shown in the anime that they both had kittens in the future.


Coming to personality then she is a sarcastic cat who acts very proudly of her nature. Her personality became more cynical in the English version of the movie but in Japanese, she was shown to be a conscious character.



40. Seiji Amasawa (Whisper of the Heart)


Seiji Amasawa (Whisper of the Heart)


Seiji Amasawa is a boy of 14 years old who is also a violin player who takes lessons under the guidance of his grandfather.


He is a confident man whose love interest can be seen through the character Shizuku with whom he shares a common school.


Seiji and Shizuku meet each other for the first time when Shizuku considered him a rude person and also thought him as stupid.


However, as the anime progresses we see a very sensitive side of him. He is a loving man which can be seen at the end of the film.


Caring for the ambition of being a violin maker, Seiji always wanted to shift Italy and was ready to leave everything behind him for this ability.



41. Nanny (When Marnie Was There)


Nanny (When Marnie Was There)


The real name of Nanny is Georgina Gordon, serving as an antagonist in the anime. Apart from being a Governor, she is also an abusive caretaker who lives in a mansion.


When the parents of Marnie are away because of traveling then she with the maids try to bully Marnie.


Georgiana is a short old woman with mean characteristics. It can be seen through her behavior when she brushes Marnie’s very roughly which eventually hurts her.


She always tries to hold a dominant over Marnie which can be seen through the time when Nanny tells her to go to the bed while the boys are having fun with Anna.



42. Baron Humbert von Gikkingen (Whisper of the Heart & The Cat Returns)


Baron Humbert von Gikkingen (Whisper of the Heart & The Cat Returns)


Shown to be a major character in Whisper of the Heart, Baron Humbert van Gikkingen appeared as one of the leads in The Cat Returns.


Also known as the Baron, his common appearance always comes with a full dress. Baron is one of the belonging to the antique shop but always comes to life at night.


Due to his popularity, Baron has got a greater role in The Cat Returns along with Haru Yoshioka and Muta.



43. Rikako Muto (Ocean Waves)


Rikako Muto (Ocean Waves)


Serving as the main character of Ocean Waves, an anime film, Rikako was shown to have a quite difficult relationship with her mother.


And due to this reason she rarely trusts anyone, even her close friends named Yukata, Yumi, and Taku. Appears to be one of the most admired characters in her school because of school achievements but never talked with other characters, resulting in an arrogant nature.


But if one goes into reality then she is someone who hesitates to start a conversation because of her Kōchi dialect.


Despite having very different behavior, she appears to be very attractive. Her realization of her behavior came and she graduated from her school.



44. Rumi (Spirited Away)


Rumi (Spirited Away)


Rumi is known in the series for being the best friend of Chihiro Ogino. She is a kid, 10 years old, who was not seen directly in the film but was mentioned a lot of times.


Her talk in the anime comes when Chihiro left her when she and her parents moved to a new town.


The film started well when Chihiro was reading their goodbye card of Rumi, very loud, as a goodbye present.


This card was decorated with some drawings of hearts as well as flowers. Even though Rumi had not appeared in the anime, she left a great mark on other characters, especially Chihiro and her parents named Yūko Ogino and Akio Ogino.



45. Susuwatari (My Neighbor Totoro)


Susuwatari (My Neighbor Totoro)


The mystical entities known as the Soot Sprites, also called All Blacky, make notable appearances in the beloved films My Neighbor Totoro and Spirited Away.


In My Neighbor Totoro, these adorable sootballs come into view when the Kusakabe family settles into their new residence, leaving behind traces of black soot in the attic.


The Soot Sprites exhibit remarkable agility, swiftly darting between light and shadow, where they find solace.


Curious Mei endeavours to catch a few of them, but in the end, they collectively decide to depart for another abandoned place, convinced of the Kusakabe family’s inherent goodness.


However, if even one of the Soot Sprites is apprehended, the entire group dissipates into fine dust, symbolizing their transient existence.



46. Asbel (Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind)


Asbel (Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind)


Also known as Milo, Asbel is one of the protagonists of the anime called Nausicaā of the Valley of the Wind.


He is known for shooting down airplanes and then pursuing them. Apart from it, he is also known for having a great friendship with a leading character called Nausicaā as he was rescued by Nausicaā.


Being a friendly character towards most of the other primary characters present in anime, Asbel shares great enthusiasm and energy.


But at the same time, one cannot avoid his short-tempered nature which comes with great aggression. Coming to his love interest then it is Nausicaā that started with the time when Nausicaā rescued him.



47. Shirō Nishi (Whisper of the Heart)


Shiro Nishi (Whisper of the Heart)


Apart from being a grandfather to Seiji Amasawa, Shirō was also shown to be a skilled violin craftsman. He teaches people about violin making and that’s why he owns a workshop together with a small antique shop.


Shirō is a very wise grandfather who always encourages Seiji to fulfill his dream of becoming a violin maker.


And that’s the reason why he always encouraged his parents to help in fulfilling Seiji’s dream. He is also an encouraging person which can be seen through his encouraging Shizuku when her writing did not go well because of lacking experience.


Shirō told her to work on her passion for writing without thinking much about it.



48. Kayo Horikoshi (The Wind Rises)


Kayo Horikoshi (The Wind Rises)


Having a typical physical appearance of short hair and brown eyes, Kayo is known in the anime for being the sister of Jiro.


She is a very fun and loving character who first appears when Jiro is seen coming back home while Kayo wants to play with him in the backyard.


Her appearance in the anime was just two times but she has left an impact on anime and, especially on the character Jiro.


Her actions toward her sibling are totally unforgetful. Coming to outer personality then Kayo appears to be a very harsh person but at the core, she is a very caring one.



49. Howl Jenkins Pendragon (Howl’s Moving Castle)


howl jenkins pendragon (howl's moving castle)


Being a reputed wizard because of taking a woman’s heart, Howl was also a pupil of Madame Suliman, a great wizard.


He is the main character of Howl’s Moving Castle who is known for his flamboyant personality. Howl was shown to be a confident person who does not care about his surroundings.


As time goes on, his personality from being wicked falls into a charming and intelligent one. But at the same time, he never left his stubborn nature as well as his secretiveness when it comes to such situations.


Unlike any other characters who love to remain in comfortable situations, Howl is somewhere always involving himself in an uncomfortable situation.


Howl is also known as one of the most handsome characters in all of Ghibli. And so, his personality comes off as something that will be admired by fans all around the globe.


If you are someone who is out there, looking for a great husbando character then Howl might be a great candidate. 



50. Taeko Okajima (Only Yesterday)


Taeko Okajima (Only Yesterday)


Taeko is the leading character in the anime called Only Yesterday. She is a 27-year-old lady unmarried and living her life through her ways in Tokyo.


With her hectic schedule working in a company, she decides to take a break and meet her brother-in-law. While going through the way, she recalls her time of being in the fifth grade.


The character of Taeko is a symbol of working hard and at the same time considering the choice of life.


Apart from this film, she also made a cameo appearance in Pom Poko where she was seen in a love fantasy.



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