Top 50 Most Popular Fruits Basket Characters

top 50 most popular fruits basket characters


Fruits Basket, a romantic comedy anime, was released on 5 July 2001. It is known for its heartfelt story and real depictions of characters.


From minor characters to major, everyone has contributed to the series with great impact. The story of Tohru Honda and the Sōma family is unique with their conversation with the 12 animals of the Chinese Zodiac.


The characters of Fruits Basket were created by the manga writer and illustrator Natsuki Takaya. From the flavor of romance to the villainous behavior, she portrayed the existence well.


So here are the best Fruits Basket characters, the ones you have heard and the ones you have missed too!




1. Tohru Honda


tohru honda


Tohru Honda is a student at Kaibara Municipal High School who loves to cook and help other people. Apart from being a kind person, she is somewhat of a great housekeeper.


In most of the series, one can see her helping others through her light and optimistic nature. It all came through the nurturing that was given by her mother Kyoko, who was known for wisdom.


After the death of her father, Tohru became somewhat independent and hard-working. But when it comes to the death of her mother, she became heartbroken but at the same time, knew how to collect herself for the betterment.


Despite the fact that she has a cheerful nature, there is a side to her that manages to stay concealed. This woman manages to act as a shield to anyone and everyone as she knows what horror, terror, trauma, and misery feel like.


And as we all know, these experiences are common for everyone. 




2. Saki Hanajima


saki hanajima


A reputed person at her school, Saki, is somewhere known for being scary among her female schoolmates. She is a psychic girl with the ability to sense the waves of people.


From the very beginning of the series, Saki appears to be a lonely person who is isolated from herself.


Later in the series, she starts giving up her mysterious and quiet personality to be polite to the person.


However, one cannot ignore her humorous nature with rare emotions. The best part of her is to do anything for her friends to protect them.


And due to the same reason, she becomes an extremely-headed person. Just because of her abilities and powers, Saki appears to be very perspective and chooses the things that everyone ignores.


Therefore, her character comes off as a lot more unique and creative in terms of being a human. This is why she is someone who deserves more love and appreciation from fans all around the globe.


The fact that this anime is so good is supplemented by Saki’s presence. 




3. Kyoko Honda


kyoko honda


Serving as the main protagonist of Fruits Basket Prelude, Kyoko was the wife of Katsuya. She, later on, was introduced as the mother of Tohru.


As a teenager, she was somewhere a lonely and troubled person but after meeting with Katsuya, she faced difficulties together and became somewhat strong.


After the death of Katsuya, she gave her best for her child and shaped her with wisdom and perfect character.


Her wise characteristics can be seen through sharing her wisdom with others, especially her loved ones. It can be seen through Tohru who decided to rely upon the wisdom of her mother and built her own life.


This anime has always appreciated Kyoko as someone who has the emotional intelligence and maturity to stand in a world like that of Fruits Basket.


There’s no denying that this show is awesome and the characters like Kyoko just add a layer of depth and understanding to the story. 




4. Arisa Uotani


arisa uotani


Arisa of Fruits Basket is a person who is ready to change herself for the betterment. It can be seen through her dialogue, ”I also wanted to change. I’d never felt that way before. “I’m through being like this.” I thought. I wanted to change.”


She is their bestie of Tohru and a former member of a girl gang called The Ladies.


From the very first meeting with Kureno Arisa got attracted to him, however, got rejected because Kureno promised to be with Akito.


As a troubled teenager, Arisa was violent and had anger issues. She hated herself at peace and kind. Her behaviour changed because Tohru resigned to quitting the gang.


This woman ended up being quite fun and cheerful to be around. However, what separates her from the rest is the fact that this woman, despite having a lively attitude, is someone who experiences loneliness and emptiness, making her a lot more interesting and captivating. 



5. Kisa Sōma


kisa sōma


Because of her natural golden hair, Kisa became the victim of harassment and bullying. It was just Tohru who understood her problems and stress.


And that is the reason why Tohru helped her to come out of anxiety and fear. This resulted in their friendship which almost became like a sibling one.


At the beginning of the series, Kisa appears to be very violent because of her being bullied. However, in the end, she became loving and kind because of the behaviour change.


Her sensitiveness can be seen through her easily shaken nature that breaks her down into tears. Even after having all these things, she prefers to collect her true feelings and smile outward.


Her character is way beyond our comprehension as we see her perform beautifully on screen. The way she reacts makes her a lot more human than what you might expect and that’s one of the many reasons why she is placed here on our list.


She is a gorgeous woman. 



6. Kureno Sōma


Kureno Sōma


Being one of the oldest members of Sōma, Kureno was the former Rooster from the Chinese Zodiac. Even after getting free from his zodiac, Kureno always pretended to be a part of it and is determined to stay with Akito.


The personality of Kureno matches very well with Tohru for being kind and polite. Having a little experience of the outside world, he found himself away from it.


The selflessness of Kureno is somewhat a strength but at the same time a weakness too. Kureno never shares his feeling with someone including his desire for Arisa.


He always cares about those who are around him and help them in any situation even if it makes him suffer.



7. Ritsu Sōma


Ritsu Sōma


Also known as Ri-chan, Ritsu is the only child of Okami and a third-year student at a private college.


Coming to the Chinese Zodiac sign, he is a Monkey with low self-esteem. Initially mistaken as a woman by Tohru because of his women’s dress, Ritsu never felt any kind of pressure from society.


He is a timid person with many insecurities. These insecurities are the result of his inferiority complex. The same has become the reason to take the blame for everything and overreact about it.


Because of his low self-esteem, he apologizes constantly even if he is not at fault. Due to all these things, one can guess correctly of him being a kind person with a very humble nature.


At first, he lacked purpose in life but got inspiration from Tohru and ended up finding his love.



8. Isuzu Sōma


Isuzu Sōma


The best personality description of Isuzu can be seen through her dialogue where she said, ”It’s better if I go it alone. I’ll keep running alone. Nobody has to understand me. It’s easier if they hate me. It’s better if I’m all alone. That’s what I decided, and I intend to stick with it. I decided I wouldn’t cry…”


She is known as Rin rather than as Isuzu. She has a romantic relationship with Haru which later on converted into a break-up just to protect him from the curse.


Despite having a wish for being alone, Isuzu is a somewhere happy and sweet person at the beginning of the series.


It all changed when her parents abandoned her and she became quite alone. Due to the same reason, it became hard for Rin to trust anyone but later on, she gained it over Haru with a kind personality.



9. Ayame Sōma


Ayame Sōma


Appearing as one of the supporting characters in Fruits Basket Season 1, Ayame becomes the protagonist in the later seasons.


He is known for being the best friend of Shigure and Hatori and an older brother to Yuki. Ayame is a self-centered person who has confidence at a perfect level.


His love for clothing and design can be seen in his making of romantic costumes and dresses. He always tries to get closer to his brother because of their separation in childhood.


Even after carrying a brighter nature, he is somewhat forward. It can be seen through his dream of seeing women coming out of the bathroom.



10. Hiro Sōma


Hiro Sōma


Hiro Sōma, the recurring character of Fruits Basket, is the brother of Hinata Sōma and the son of Satsuki Sōma.


His love for Kisa has led to trouble for Kisa. It can be seen when Akito has beaten Kisa as Hiro has confessed his love for her.


Due to the same reason, he felt like a coward and upset for not protecting his love. Being very good at making sarcastic comments as well as complaining, he loves to insult people.


His argument is never going to stop because of heavy words and circling talk. Most of the time he was seen talking and the same resulted in many troubles, especially for his love towards Kisa.


However, he tried to improve throughout the series for his and the sake of his love.



11. Hatori Sōma


Hatori Sōma


Taking centre stage as one of the main characters in Fruits Basket: The Three Musketeers Arc, Hatori is a dragon of the Chinese Zodiac, playing a crucial role within the story. His unique ability to erase the memories of outsiders who stumble upon his family’s secret sets him apart.


Hatori’s membership in the Three Musketeers trio is incomplete without the presence of Ayame and Shigure. Although initially perceived as distant and stoic, Hatori’s true nature reveals him to be gentle and compassionate at heart.


His sincere concern for the happiness of others becomes both his greatest strength and his greatest burden. Hatori is easily affected when he inadvertently causes pain to those he has wiped from memory.


Despite his serious disposition, he adds touches of humour through clever punchlines.



12. Kagura Sōma


Kagura Sōma


Kagura Sōma, a second-year junior college student, possesses a contradictory nature that combines sweetness and femininity with destructive tendencies.


Her deep affection for Kyo drives her to believe they will eventually marry. Despite her impulsive and occasionally violent behaviour, Kagura exhibits qualities of kindness, thoughtfulness, friendliness, and politeness.


Yearning to be the centre of attention, Kagura disregards personal boundaries as she clings to Kyo. However, when she learns of Kyo’s true feelings for Tohru, her friendship with Tohru proves strong enough for her to let go of her romantic attraction.


Experiencing rejection from her crush, Kagura undergoes a transformation, becoming more gentle, emotionally mature, and self-aware. Above all, her primary concern is the happiness of Tohru and Kyo.



13. Kyo Sōma


Kyo Sōma


Kyo Sōma, the adopted son of Kazuma Sōma, got rejected by his father after the death of his mother.


Before moving to Sōma’s house, Kyo was a socially awkward and hot-blooded person. But as the story progresses, he becomes somewhat soft in heart and falls in love with Tohru.


His stubborn, sharp tongue and short-tempered nature are very common for him. But at the same time, a charismatic nature with a bit of emotion made it attractive.


The change in his nature can be seen in the presence of Tohru which made him genuine and patient.


However, he feels he doesn’t deserve Tohru and that’s why he rejected her after her confession. In the end, they both became good friends through an apology from Kyo.



14. Momiji Sōma


Momiji Sōma


Momiji Sōma is half-German (mother’s side) and half-Japanese (father’s side). As a cheerful, childlike, cute person, Momiji defines himself as one of the best Chinese Zodiac Rabbits.


Behind his cheerful personality, a sad life story is hidden. He lives alone because his mother rejected him by erasing her memory and due to the same reason Momo was unaware of him being her older brother.


A very affectionate personality or nature can be seen through his hugging people and understanding them from the core.


Momiji is very strong emotionally and physically. In terms of seriousness then it comes very rarely with him however a childish personality is always natural.



15. Shigure Sōma


Shigure Sōma


Serving as the tritagonist in Fruits Basket season one, Shigure came as the leading character in Fruits Basket: The Three Musketeers Arc.


His friendship with Hatori and Ayame is well-known to the audience as well as the characters of anime. Despite having a lazy and dirty-minded personality, he is manipulative and witty.


His stubborn nature in him can be seen through his love interest in Akito for whom he is ready to sacrifice anything.


At the beginning of the series, Shigure was portrayed as a fun-loving person with aloof nature who gives wise advice to others.


However, in the end selfish, self-serving personality with sly nature can be seen in him. Whatever he does, he plans well which may lead to cruelty.



16. Yuki Sōma


Yuki Sōma


One of the most popular Fruits Basket is the protagonist named Yuki Sōma. He is the younger son and a younger brother of Ayame.


Due to his attractive nature and different ability, is also known as Prince Charming. Yuki is known in the series as the President of the Student Council.


Most of the classmates or students in his school have a crush on him however, Machi thought of him as ordinary, leading them to a love interest.


Yuki is shown as a perfect kind and charming one with attentive nature. However, that teasing, sarcastic, and witty personality cannot be ignored.


At the beginning of the anime, Yuki was shown to be quite weak but turns into one of the strong with his growth and good connection.



17. Hatsuharu Sōma


Hatsuharu Sōma


Also known as Haru, Hatsuharu Sōma is the Ox of the Chinese zodiac. Just like his zodiac sign, he is calm and placid, however, gets aggressive when someone tries to provoke him.


Known for stupidity and blaming Yuki, he was also known for forming a romantic relationship with Isuzu Sōma. However, in the end, they both broke up because of a curse.


Carrying two personalities, named black and white, dark and cheerful, he is a kind and plain person. The black nature comes in him through violent features with loud and cruelness and the white comes with calm.


The best thing about him is always ready to help others without even thinking of his condition, causing a mental breakdown.



18. Akito Sōma


Akito Sōma


Akito Sōma, a frail person, served as the head of the Sōma family. Due to her short temper and abusive nature, a lot of audiences disliked her.


It’s not just the audience but also the characters in the series who have hated her because of her physically strong and scary persona.


In the first part of the anime, Akito appeared to be male however, she was shown to be female in the adapted manga series.


In the end, it was revealed Akito is the female as her mother was hiding her identity because of feeling ashamed about giving birth to a girl.


The only reason behind her cruelty is her growth with the belief that she was loved by everyone and everyone is there to obey her.


Despite carrying a bad nature in herself, Akito is somewhere lonely, terrified, and insecure about being unloved.



19. Machi Kuragi


Machi Kuragi


Having multiple names like The Destroyer and Chi-chan (called by Komaki), Machi is a 16-year-old student in the same High School as the other characters.


She was seen in quite a few episodes of Fruits Basket as the younger sister of Kakeru Manabe. Serving as the treasurer of the student council, Machi was shown as a quiet and emotionless girl.


Her destructive nature can be seen through those things that are considered too perfect for her. It is because of her being pressured since childhood, which was done by her mother, leading her to become perfect.


The most unique thing about her is not to see Yuki as a prince but just as a regular boy.


Because of this attitude, Yuki tries to be friends with her, leading to forming a romantic relationship.



20. Mayuko Shiraki


Mayuko Shiraki


Commonly known as Mayu, Mayuko is one of the recurring characters in the series. Most of the characters in the series like her because of her understanding and headstrong nature.


Her parents have a bookstore named Shikari Books and are most worried about Mayuko being unmarried in her life.


However, in the end, she did get married to Hatori. A funny and good-humored person is Mayuko but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a demerit as can be seen through her aggressive nature.


When it comes to her nature in front of students then she is quite strict and doesn’t love any kind of nonsense.


Even after carrying a tough exterior, Mayuko is a very social and outspoken person.



21. Motoko Minagawa


Motoko Minagawa


Being a president of a fan club by Yuki Sōma, Motoko is almost a year ahead of him. As a big fan of Yuki, Motoko is quite obsessive as well as romantic in anime.


Due to this reason, her hatred towards those who get close to Yuki becomes ruthless. Motoko is a third-year student at the famous Kaibara Municipal High School.


Instead of helping her family in their vegetable shop, she focuses more on the life of Yuki, like what he does and what he eats.


The only talent that is quite attractive can be seen through her poetry which was specially written for Yuki.


However, her evilness can be seen through Tohru and Arisa. But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have acceptance towards her behavior as she calls herself a cruel and hated one.


At the end of the anime, Motoko found her happiness after confessing love to Yuki.



22. Megumi Hanajima


Megumi Hanajima


The younger brother of Saki Hanajima is Megumi, a middle school student. His similarity with his sister goes simultaneously and can be seen through wearing the black dress all the time.


They both have the powers that caste curses on people. Rather than having an ominous personality, Megumi is a quiet boy with eccentric characteristics.


His Shady and sneaking nature was also seen in the anime, especially with the Prince Yuki Fan Club. Megumi is also a boy who is very mature according to his age because of his intelligent behavior as well as his sexuality.


However, his frustration comes forward because of the older women around him. In a nutshell, Megumi is a kind, loyal, and considerate person.



23. Kakeru Manabe


Kakeru Manabe


Also known as True Pot Flies, Kakeru Manabe is the vice president of the student council with the presidency of Yuki Sōma.


As a person, Kakeru was energetic, strong, charismatic, and at the same time lazy too. His moral in life is always to the point and it can be seen through his dialogue, ”To gain something or learn something, maybe you have to sacrifice something or hurt something, no matter how depressing that might be.”


His role as a great friend was on focus while evilness can be seen through his company with Yuki, however, they soon became best friends.


One side of his persona is full of light while the other is unapproachable because of inheritance rivalry. It can be seen through his being cold and hard because of carrying a perfectionist role since childhood.



24. Mine Kuramae


Mine Kuramae


The work partner, as well as the living partner of Ayame Sōma, is Mine Kuramae. She is a seamstress and a designer for a clothing store in Ayame while living with him in an apartment.


Shown as passionate and cheerful when it comes to designing clothes and Ayame as she is willing to do anything for him.


Her real nature can be seen in Natsuki’s words when she said she is an “amazing person”. Because of her mad interest in clothing and design, she was also seen wearing a maid’s uniform.


She is almost like a shelter of Ayame where he can rely on. In the end, Ayame accepts her after dealing with the curse and forming a romantic scene.



25. Mitsuru




Mitsuru is known for being the editor of Shigure Sōma who calls her Mit-chan. The only stress that comes to her is through Shigure and his manuscript.


Most of the time she was seen pleading to Shigure to complete his manuscript however, in reply, Shigure always falsely claims not finishing it on time.


Due to all these work tensions, Mitsuru even thought of committing suicide more than once in her life. The only light in her life came through a character named Ritsu.


Later in the story, Ritsu becomes her love interest and they form a romantic relationship.



26. Minami Kinoshita


Minami Kinoshita


Just like every teenager in the Fruits Basket series, Monami is also one of the members of the Prince Yuki Fan Club and a student of the Municipal High School.


Her major appearance can be seen in the first episode of season 1, aired in 2001. The headstrong and feared personality can be seen through her love for the president named Yuki.


She prefers to fight verbally rather than physically and never got afraid to face any women who will go around Yuki.


Due to the same reason, a rude nature can be seen in her. Even after carrying all these personalities, she never forgets to be cheerful in front of Yuki and acts like a gentle person.


In a nutshell, we can say Yuki is the lifeline of Minami.



27. Mio Yamagishi


Mio Yamagishi


Being a first-year representative of the so-called famous club in anime, Prince Yuki Fan Club, she carries the ambition to become the President of the club by her 3rd year.


As a student, she was shown with ignorant nature. Her appearance is quite attractive because of her short and skinny look.


Mio is quite an airhead person and one of the most emotional members of the club. Despite having an emotional personality, she is a self-absorbed person too.


The only reason behind it is her not being so smart and lacking the side of becoming the President of the club.


She is also that person who hates someone and gives them a tough time.



28. Mai Gotou


Mai Gotou


Mai Gotou was shown as the second member of the club called Prince Yuki Fan Club. She is called by a nickname named Number 2 by the other members of the club in the series.


Mai also goes to the famous Kaibara Municipal High School, like every other teenager. Her appearance only lasted for 3 episodes in the first season however, it left a bold impression.


She is a very curious person and it can be seen through her way of knowing whether any female candidate would be appointed to the Student Council.


Her introduction came as a substitute for another character with the same name, named Mai Iwata.



29. Rika Aida


Rika Aida


Again a minor character with a natural impact is Rika, shown in the first season of the Fruits Basket series.


She is known for her friendship with Motoko Minagawa and also serving as one of the members of the Prince Yuki Fan Club.


Her soft corner towards the president of the club named Yuki can be seen through many events. Even though she carries different ideas from him, Rika never forgets to protect him at any cost.


The only reason behind protecting Yuki is to keep herself happy and him free. Looking after her appearance then she has brown hair with a skinny body which makes her quite attractive.



30. Mai Iwata


Mai Iwata


Appearing for the first time in season 1 of Fruits Basket, Mai also appeared in the second season. Serving as one of the minor characters of the Fruits Basket, Mai has an appealing quality in her.


Just like her role in anime a character also goes through the same situation of becoming a minor member of a club.


This club is known as Prince Yuki Fan Club. Apart from being one of the members of a club, Mai is also a student at Kaibara Municipal High School.


As a character, she is very much similar to the character of Mio Yamagishi.



31. Kimi Todo


Kimi Todo


Just like Naohito, Kimi is also one of the student Council secretaries. Carrying the nature of a fun-loving and outgoing person, she is also a manipulative one.


Her manipulative nature can be seen when she first met with Yuki and manipulated him into sharing the chocolates.


One perfect example of her manipulation is showing her sex appeal and flirting with the teacher to get the Student Council a new whiteboard.


She thinks all men around her are lovers and that’s why she loves to go out with many people according to her wishes.


Her unique language can be by talking in the third person, which seems like a childish one, however, it became a cute gesture.


Due to this reason, Yuki has given her a nickname named Yun-Yun



32. Naohito Sakuragi


Naohito Sakuragi


Following the president of Yuki, Naohito was one of the two students serving as the secretary of the Student Council.


Just after the immediate meeting with the president, named Yuki, Naohito pointed to Yuki as a rival. The only reason behind it is having a crush on Motoko.


As a person, he is quite a tempered man with no-nonsense and always to the point. One of the biggest reasons behind his short temper is the antics of Kakeru and Kimi.


His student life was a hard one in terms of work and responsibility. He is also known as Chibi-suke by Kimi and Manabe and became one of the reasons for irritation because of his sensitive nature.



33. Makoto Takei


Makoto Takei


Serving as one of the minors in Fruits Basket, Makoto was a student council president at his high school, followed by Yuki.


His role as a character developed in the next season of the Fruits Basket where Makoto was seen serving as the teacher of the same High School.


As a student and teacher, Makoto has carried strict discipline about school conduct. He always made sure to do things for the benefit of students and take away all the wrongdoing.


His closeness toward Yuki, another character, can be seen through many events and one of them is choosing him as a successor.



34. Kunimitsu Tomoda


Kunimitsu Tomoda


After getting many of Sōma and family, a little diversion was needed and Kunimitsu provided one. He is his assistant to Kazuma after being a student under him.


Appearing for the first time in Season 2 and episode 2, Kunimitsu was shown as handsome, lovely, and kind.


His relationship with Kyou is quite a unique one. It can be seen through his knowing a bit about Kyo’s personality and difficulties as they both were childhood friends.



35. Rio Mosca


Rio Mosca


With the fear of carrying his mother’s mysterious psychic abilities, Rio luckily became a normal kid. His father is a foreigner while his mother is suffering from some psychic abilities that cannot be understood by others.


The name of his mother is Saki Hanajima. Serves as one of the members of a club named Go Club that also includes other characters like Chizuru Sōma and Shiki Som, Rio is also a middle school student.


Coming to personality then he is shown as one of the most gentle and calm people in the anime.


Carrying a gentle smile on his face, Rio tries to help other people understand things and situations.



36. Kinu Sōma


Kinu Sōma


Just like most of the characters of the age, Kinu is also a university student. She is the daughter of Mayuko Shiraki and Hatori Sōma.


Having a doctor in her family, that is, her father, she never wanted to become one because of the effort this profession requires.


Through this one can see her laziness towards something that requires hard work or effort. Kinu lives in an old house that is owned by her family.


She lived with her two younger cousins named Mutski and Hajime during the time of her school days. The only thing that is loved by her is sleeping and laziness.


Apart from all these, Kinu is a carefree person who loves her company.



37. Ruriko Kageyama


Ruriko Kageyama


Ruriko Kageyama is known for being the daughter of Motoko Minagawa, the Prince Yuki Fan Club’s president. She is the president of the Sohma Fan Club and appears as one of the supporting characters.


Her role as a president is very admiring and fantastic. The passionate and enthusiastic nature is loved by all the family.


She shows her love towards the whole family, the only one who stays as an exception with a little bit of teasing is Hajime Sohma.


She easily becomes irritated if somebody doesn’t understand something; however, she does try to educate them or make them understand.


Her responsibility and act of kindness can be seen through many events; however, her rude nature can be seen towards those whom she hates.



38. Chizuru Sōma


Chizuru Sōma


With the feature of wisdom, he is foul-mouthed too. He is a student in the second year of middle school as well as a member of the Go Club which consists of Rio Mosca and Shiki Sōma.


With few demerits, Chizuru is hot-tempered as he never hesitates to lash out at people. The aggressiveness and rash nature cannot be avoided because of it being the common characteristics.


Despite carrying a raging nature, Chizuru always described himself as a normal one in his family. It could be because of responsible and down-to-earth nature.


Even after doing harsh actions, he never hesitates to apologize after analyzing the situation.



39. Hibika Sōma


Hibika Sōma


The eldest daughter of Ayame Sōma and Mine is Hibika, the minor character of Fruits Basket. Apart from her loud nature, one recognizes her as being the sister of Chizuru, another is from the Sōma family.


The loud, as well as whimsical nature in her, came through the genes of her parents’ Mine and Ayame.


Her love for fashion can be seen through her caring nature in her family clothing or boutique. She rarely expressed her love for fashion in front of the family.


It only comes in the absence of her parents.



40. Mina Sōma


Mina Sōma


Mina Sōma is the daughter of Momiji Sohma and also a student in elementary school. Her love for basketball can be seen in the many events in the series.


Mina is a cheerful, exciting, kind, and lively character who never sits back and waits for something to happen.


The athletic personality in her can be seen through her enthusiasm and hate towards being sick. Most of her characteristics of Mina match her cousin Sora who is also social and cheerful.


Being one of the youngest in her family is also one of the reasons why she is a spoiled child as everyone takes care of her.


On the other hand, Mina never forgets a chance to take advantage of it.



41. Riku Sōma


Riku Sōma


Another recurring character of the Fruits basket is Riku Sōma, the brother of Sora Sōma. Riku with his sister is students in Class 1-A in the same high school as others.


Coming to his appearance, he is a tall, sharp, and attractive man. But coming to personality then serious and quiet nature becomes a cloud over him.


Having trouble expressing his feelings unlike his sister, one cannot ignore his gentle and caring personality. His real nature can be seen through the dialogue with Matsuki, who says, ”Riku does everything flawlessly. That scary aura doesn’t do him justice.”



42. Sora Sōma


Sora Sōma


Sora was shown in the anime as the daughter of Hatsuharu Sōma and Isuzu who has a brother named Riku Sōma.


She was with other cousins who attended Kaibara High School and was a first-year student. An energetic, happy, cheerful, and friendly personality can be seen in Sora which is different from her brother.


She never had a problem with her extroverted nature and it can be seen through her taking the first steps in any conversation with strangers or friends.


When it comes to her student life then it is not like her cousins as can be seen through her dream of just passing high school without failing it.


However, her hard work and determined nature cannot be avoided.



43. Shiki Sōma


Shiki Sōma


Served as one of the recurring characters of the Fruits Basket, Shiki Sōma also served as one of the protagonists of one shot.


He is the only child of Shigure Sohma and Akito and a first-year student too. With a quiet and shy personality, Shiki Sōma is a bit awkward when acting like a normal living person.


The stoic expression is very much common in him as it never changes with surprises or sadness. Whatever the things Shiki Sōma does, genuinely comes behavior with honesty.


However, he is known for hiding his emotions but talking about the problems going on in his mind is not a problem for him.



44. Katsuya Honda


katsuya honda


Before dying at 28, he had many relationships, like being a father to Tohru and a husband to Kyoko.


Having a different perspective than others, he was known for understanding the hidden actions of people. Katsuya started working for a pharmaceutical company because his mother passed away from the same illness.


He is an intern with no interest in teaching. Because of the same thing he ended up following his father’s steps as his family and coworkers demanded it.


Just to follow the wishes of his father, Katsuya started building a wall around him.



45. Akira Sōma


Akira Sōma


Before getting known as the father of Akito, Akira was known for being the head of the Sōma family.


He is also the husband of Ren Sōma. Always described as a kind person, however, his melancholy persona cannot be ignored.


His sadness came with those who failed to understand him and his loneliness. The only one who understood him is his wife Ren.


He is one of the reasons behind Akito being a little spoiled due to his unawareness of right and wrong.


Due to these, he failed to become a great parent, which became one of his many demerits.



46. Ren Sōma


Ren Sōma


Ren is known for being the wife of Akira Sōma and the mother of Akito. Her illness, whether physically or mentally, led her to a mysterious life.


Because of her actions as well as the consequences, she became an antagonist of Fruits Basket. Her love towards her husband is more of possession rather than love.


Her illness has affected Akito but her cruel nature also affected others from anime. The excessiveness of her illness reached most in her 50s, resulting in giving no attention to Akito.



47. Hajime Sōma


Hajime Sōma


Just like any other students of Fruits Basket, Hajime also served in the series as one of the students of Kaibara High School.


He almost migrated from his house to the house of Kinu, the older cousin, just to get closer to their High School so that everything becomes easy.


Being the elder brother of two siblings, Hajime never felt a burden. And that is the reason why he formed a great relationship with his cousin Mutsuki.


His life as a student was considered the best with the position of student council president. Apart from that, he is a third-year student at the same high school with great potential.



48. Michi Manabe


Michi Manabe


Michi Manabe is one of the impactful characters of Fruits Basket who also study at Kaibara High School, like other students of anime.


She is always known for having a great responsibility towards her family and friends. It can be seen through the best example of a relationship with Mutsuki Sōma, the cousin.


Since she is the big sister, the natural act of being almost like a mother comes to her through her way of looking out for Mutsuki since childhood.


Michi is the daughter of Komaki Nakao and Kakeru Manabe. Apart from having Mutsuki as a great cousin, she is also a younger brother of a middle school student named Kou.



49. Mutsuki Sōma


Mutsuki Sōma


Being one of the members of the Sōma family, Mutsuki was the least prominent or highlighted one but his impact was strong at a certain point in time.


Matsuki is the only child of Machi Kuragi and Yuki Sōma. He and his cousins live with another cousin whose name is Kinu Sōma.


The only reason behind this shift is to get closer to the high school named Kaibara High School. A little detail about his student life could come from him being a second-year student.


His potential can be seen through the position of student council vice president.



50. Sawa Mitoma


Sawa Mitoma


Nothing much is known about Sawa Mitoma, except that she is a student. She is a first-year student at Kaibara High School and has a different personality from her classmates.


She is more of a lack rather than fulfillment and it can be seen through her low self-confidence. In the beginning, Sawa was timid, shy, and aloof but things changed when she met with the Sōma family and their members.



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