Top 50 Most Popular Anime Characters Of All Time


Believe it or not, anime is not just about animation or story. Anime, as a medium of entertainment, is a lot more diverse in terms of the features it offers to its viewers.


And one such feature that needs your recognition is the Characters. Yup, many of you tend to ignore this but characters are an important aspect of making an anime great and entertaining.


And to prove my point even clearer as well as introduce you to some brilliant characters, I have prepared a list of some of the most popular Anime Characters out there. This list is filled with characters based on their popularity, contribution, writing, impact, etc.


Therefore, you can rest assured that it will have some of the finest individuals in it.




1. Levi Ackerman (Attack on Titan)


levi ackerman (attack on titan)


Levi Ackerman! Our boy Levi is one of the main characters of the Attack on Titan franchise.


However, this man has single-handedly contributed the most to the storyline with his personality and attitude. Just like L, many of us would have tried to drink tea like him just so we could see how it feels.


And this is not the end of the craze. Many anime fans still call ‘Levi’, and ‘Captain Levi’ out of genuine respect. He is the absolute strongest character in his anime but never steals the screen time of other characters.


He is humble, kind, a little bit strict but a nice person in general. He can give up all he has just for the sake of his comrades and has one of the most badass personalities in all of anime.


His serious behavior adds to the nature of the show and his general presence just makes the series so much more entertaining. I won’t lie, imagining an Attack On Titan without Captain Levi is incredibly hard.


His individuality is the soul of this anime and that is why Captain Levi or Levi Ackerman is placed so high on this list.




2. L Lawliet (Death Note)


l lawliet (death note)


L Lawliet is one of the most recognized characters in the realm of fiction, and let me just say this, he deserves all the love and praise he gets.


I don’t think I need to even mention this but for the very few who don’t know, L Lawliet is one of the lead characters of Death Note. Yup, he stands against Light Yagami as the antagonist of the series.


And just like Light, he also makes us question the concept of an Antagonist. If you watched Death Note back in your days of being a Weeblet, you might remember how fascinating his personality was.


This was true to the point that many of us would have even attempted to sit like him or drink tea like him. His presence was magnificent. However, it’s not just his impression on the viewers that is so great, it’s also the sheer amount of value that he adds to the Death Note franchise.


If you ask any Death Note fan out there about the absence of L in the story, you are only going to get negative answers. In other words, everyone who has watched Death Note regards L as the soul of the series.


If it wasn’t for him, Death Note wouldn’t have been even close to how popular it is today.




3. Killua Zoldyck (Hunter x Hunter)


killua zoldyck (hunter x hunter)


Now we have Killua Zoldyck. Despite his young age, Killua managed to grasp the attention of all Hunter x Hunter fans without breaking a sweat.


After all, this man is one of the main characters of this series, he is bound to get so much attention. But unlike many other characters, Killua is worthy of all the love and appreciation he receives within the anime community.


His contribution to the overall narrative as well as his presence on the screen is nothing less than fabulous. Seeing this young kid fight horrible monsters and other hunters with his incredible strength and charismatic attitude is satisfying to the next degree.


His nature as a friend and a Hunter is something we don’t see that often in anime and manga. And that is why Killua is at the 3rd spot.




4. Lelouch Lamperouge (Code Geass)


Lelouch Lamperouge


The anime Code Geass aired back in 2006 and that was the year when Lelouch Lamperouge made his appearance on the TV screens. From that day till today, no protagonist has been able to stand against him in terms of intelligence and Wit.


This guy is essentially the God of strategy and can make you follow him even if you don’t wish to. That’s how strong he is. However, strength alone doesn’t let a character get on this list.


What makes them worthy of such a high spot is the impact that they make on the viewers. And wouldn’t I say that Lelouch is one of, if not the most gripping protagonists in all of anime?


His intelligence is his charm and that charm serves him more than you would expect. He is caring, likable, and entertaining throughout. Plus, we have the ending of Season 2 but we won’t get into that.


Overall, Lelouch is one heck of an amazing character that you shouldn’t let your eyes off of.



5. Monkey D Luffy (One Piece)


monkey d luffy (one piece)


Yup, I am talking about Luffy from One Piece. And boy wouldn’t I say, Luffy is one fine piece of a character. You see, the trend of dumb anime protagonists has dated long back and we have got a ton of such individuals.


However, not even one of them comes close to being as good as Luffy is. Although he is dumb in terms of decision-making, the sheer amount of sentiments that this man creates before every fight is insane.


Like he would do some stupid fight with a super-strong character and you would STILL hope that he wins. That’s how captivating he is. To summarize his personality, I would say that my man has changed without changing.


If you have watched One Piece, you know exactly what I am talking about!



6. Okabe Rintaro (Steins;Gate)


Okabe Rintaro


Remember we talked about Makise Kurisu before? Yeah, she was the lead female from Steins Gate. Okabe Rintaro is the protagonist of Steins Gate and one of the best characters in all of anime.


Okabe might seem like a wannabe mad scientist on his first impression. However, right after episode 12 of the anime, the situation changes to a different degree. All the build-up from the last 12 episodes pays off now and we get to experience a new side of this man.


The one who looked like a clumsy scientist turns out to be one of the most captivating characters out there. I don’t want to spoil you with the contents of the series but Mark my words, once the series ends, Okabe will be your favorite character.


And there’s no doubt about it.



7. Eren Yeager (Attack On Titan)


Eren Yeager


The appearance of Eren Yeager should come as no surprise considering how popular Attack On Titan is. I mean back when season 4 came, everyone and their mothers were talking about Attack On Titan.


And being the star of the show, Eren gained some of the highest extents of attention an anime character has ever gotten. Does he deserve it? Yes for sure. Just like Light, Eren also makes us question what exactly is a protagonist while beautifully showing his side of the story.


You might think that his actions are dumb but when you will look at the world from his eyes, the truth will be right in front of you. The pain and suffering that Eren went through are probably some of the worst in anime and thus, he gets the sympathy of almost every Attack on Titan fan.


Moreover, just like Kaneki Ken, the edgy and dark nature of Eren makes him the fan favorite.



8. Light Yagami (Death Note)


Light Yagami


For many of us, Light Yagami is the best protagonist of all time. And I can’t deny the fact that he is an incredible protagonist or an incredible character in general.


Light Yagami is the protagonist of the show Death Note where he goes against the world’s greatest detective L in a battle. What makes Light so special is the question that he throws at our faces while being on the screen. ‘What exactly is a protagonist?’.


The way Light deals with the criminals and then goes to a different state of mind makes us question what exactly is a protagonist. Aren’t the good guys supposed to be the main characters?


Is Light correct? Or is his ideology false? When a character deals with situations in this format, you know he is one of a kind. And Light is one of a kind.


He has his own set of idealogy and he won’t change it for anyone. And that is why Light Yagami is so high on this list.



9. Edward Elric (Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood)


Edward Elric


When we talk about protagonists, we tend to look at someone who would always end up as the star of the episode no matter the efforts of the other characters.


However, Edward Elric, from Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, is the man who will show you what an amazing protagonist does. Despite being known as the short dude, Edward is the one who tends to be the most mature out of the bunch of characters in the series.


He doesn’t take up all the screen time from the episode. Instead, he shows up when the time is right and lets the other characters have their share as well.


This balance of presence and his ideas within the series are so good that I can’t imagine him any lower. Our short alchemist might not be the most adorable but he is the most reliable.



10. Sakata Gintoki (Gintama)


sakata gintoki (gintama)


If you guys don’t know, Gintoki is the main character of Gintama, a series that is known to be the best by millions of anime fans out there.


Although Gintama’s narrative is episodic for the most part, the characters just add the essence of amazement to the series. The entire cast is incredible but the best of them all is undoubtedly Gintoki.


The Dynamics of this character is so good that he can make you laugh your heart out as well as cry your eyes out. Being with Gintoki is like living his life from a second-person perspective which is a wonderful experience of its own.


If you haven’t watched Gintama, man you are missing out. The show is incredible and so is the protagonist.



11. Roronoa Zoro (One Piece)


Roronoa Zoro


Ever heard of One Piece? Yeah, that super-long anime that has 20 million episodes or something? Yeah, I am talking about that one. And more specifically, I am talking about one of the most loved characters from that series, the swordsman Roronoa Zoro.


Zoro is one of the main characters of One Piece and is widely recognized as the best partner character of all time. His badass and smug attitude along with his inspiring and motivating lifestyle is what makes all the viewers and readers love him as a person.


This man can come close to death and still say ‘Nothing Happened’. His personality, the entertainment he offers and his nature are all so good that no one can hate him as well.


This man is the heart of the series and all the One Piece fans know. If you don’t, then you haven’t watched One Piece. Zoro is Amazing!



12. Makise Kurisu (Steins;Gate)


Makise Kurisu


As much as I love Sakurajima Mai and her feminine personality, one other female character that just comes slightly over is Makise Kurisu. If you guys don’t know, Makise Kurisu is the lead female character in the anime Steins Gate.


She is a scientist who wishes to continue her father’s research in her way. However, her life changes when she meets Okabe Rintaro. What makes her such an amazing character is the blend of Steins Gate’s narrative and her contribution to the same.


She was the gem that gave a new direction to the Steins Gate anime and the way she does that is adorable. She is one of those characters that you just can’t hate if you have watched that specific anime.


And that is why she is so high on this list.



13. Sakurajima Mai (Bunny Girl Senpai)


Sakurajima Mai


Ladies and Gentlemen! This is our time to talk about the Queen of Waifus, one of the finest feminine characters in anime history and a work of art in herself.


Yup, you guessed it right, we are going to talk about Sakurajima Mai from Bunny Girl Senpai. Sakurajima Mai, also known as Mai San, is one of the leading characters in the series.


She is known within the anime community as the best Waifu ever. With the victory of multiple Waifu wars and the hearts of millions of anime fans, Mai san rules the kingdom when it comes to fantastic female characters.


However, the reason why she is admired to this degree is that her nature, behavior, and attitude are nothing less than that of an angel. She is kind yet strict, cute yet bold, she is the one who will tear the lone between anime characters and real people with her surreal personality.


And to be honest, I can go on and on about her but you get the picture. Sakurajima Mai is an absolute deity when it comes to amazing anime characters and you can’t beat that.



14. Mikasa Ackerman (Attack On Titan)


Mikasa Ackerman


Time to talk about some Attack On Titan ladies and gentlemen! This is the anime that shook the industry forever and left an undeniable example with its storm. However, this storm was much more powerful than you expected.


And even though the story is the biggest selling point of this series, the characters are no joke either. With one of the best casts in recent anime, Attack On Titan stands with some fun individuals under its belt.


And these individuals include warriors like Mikasa. She is the one who stole the hearts of many anime fans out there with her strong and courageous nature. The way she protects Eren and the sheer amount of love she holds for him make this character an amazing personality.



15. Naruto Uzumaki (Naruto)


Naruto Uzumaki


DATTEBAYO! Imagine being the protagonist of the original Big 3? That’s rare, right? And amongst those few is Naruto Uzumaki from the show Naruto. Needless to say, he is the protagonist of the show which makes him ideal for spotlight and love.


But don’t get the wrong idea. He didn’t get such a high rank just because he is the protagonist. Oh no, my friend. Instead, the reason why he stands so high is what he had brought to the table.


His motivational and inspiring life is what makes him so great. And even though it doesn’t happen right from the beginning, the kind and pure nature of Naruto captivates the melting hearts of the viewers.


He is appreciated for his insane efforts and loved for his horrible past life. No matter what you think about Naruto, you can’t deny that as a Shonen anime, this series performed its job way better than others.


And THAT is why he is so high on this list. And the best thing about him is he would do anything for his friends and loved ones. He loves them and puts their happiness over his needs.



16. Guts (Berserk)




Guts is the protagonist of the popular anime and manga series called Berserk. Now the case for Guts is a bit special because his popularity originates primarily from the Manga of Berserk by legendary Manga Author Miura Kentarou.


Unlike any of the characters on this list, Guts had almost nothing normal in his life. That is if you DON’T consider losing a hand, getting beaten to hell, and killing all day as normal.


My man has lived the life of hell in a do-or-die world. Only the strongest survive and the weak perish. And trust me, this idea is no joke in Berserk.


With Guts being the guy who faced murder, deaths, and many more horrible stuff right in front of his eyes, this man has given up on humanity yet keeps on going.


And this ability to keep waking in the worst is what makes him so good.



17. Itachi Uchiha (Naruto)


Itachi Uchiha (Naruto)


Alright. Time to talk about the most captivating character in the Naruto franchise. Itachi Uchiha is that one character that is hated by none and appreciated by all. On the surface, he might not seem like an incredible individual.


However, when you learn the backstory of Itachi, you would have no choice but to shed those tears. The way he has tackled the rude nature of life and the decisions that he has made are incredible in ways you wouldn’t expect.


He has made some sacrifices in his life, and he might be a villain but he loves his baby brother. I won’t spoil it for the ones who haven’t watched Naruto yet.


However, if you are watching Naruto and are close to Itachi’s arc, pay close attention to him. He is one of the best characters in that series. And you would realize that soon enough.


Those who have watched the anime know what I am talking about.



18. Kaneki Ken (Tokyo Ghoul)


Kaneki Ken


Back when Tokyo Ghoul first aired, none had thought it was going to gain as much traction as it did. The manga is incredible and this incredible feeling arises from the presence of Kaneki Ken.


Back when Kaneki Ken first hit the anime and the manga, fans went insane because of how gory and edgy the narrative was. This made people love Kaneki more than none.


He was a kind kid who wanted to live a normal life. However, when he turned into a ghoul, his methods of dealing with his new life and his perspective on humanity are what made people look up to him.


Moreover, when he takes the dark path in his life, it was something that almost no one had witnessed before. Therefore our boy got so much attention and even today, he is looked upon as one of the best protagonists in manga history.


No wonder he made it so high on this list.



19. Rem (Re: Zero)




Many of you can say that she is one of the most popular Waifu of all time. To be honest, I agree with that. Because the sheer amount of craze that fans hold for Rem is ridiculous.


Like if you don’t believe me, just go on Google and search ‘Rem Anime Figurines’. You would realize how insane the love for Rem is. And I believe that such a massive amount of admiration is justified because of how lovely Rem was in the anime.


Oh yeah, I think I didn’t mention it but Rem is one of the leading characters of Re: Zero. Yup, the same anime that had Emilia also had an even more popular girl.


She is known within the community as the staple girl for rejection but has a very sweet and kind nature. Why a staple girl for rejection? Well, watch the anime to know about it.



20. Saitama (One Punch Man)




Whether you are an anime fan or not, there is little to no chance that you haven’t heard about this guy. Known as one of the strongest anime characters in existence, we are talking about Saitama aka One Punch Man.


Saitama is the protagonist of the anime called One Punch Man and has similar personality traits to Shigeo Kageyama. However, this is because both One Punch Man and Mob Psycho 100 are written by the same author ONE.


Therefore, you might feel like Saitama has a stale personality with no defined emotions. However, when you spend time understanding this person and their traits, things get much more interesting.


One Punch Man isn’t a normal anime. It’s one of the best of the best.



21. Kakashi Hatake (Naruto)


Kakashi Hatake


Well well, look who we are dealing with now. He is the legendary Jonin, the copy ninja, Kakashi Hatake. Kakashi is one of the leading characters in Naruto and his contribution to the overall story is unmatched.


He is a beast in terms of power and skill but that’s not just it. He is also an incredible character based on his attitude and looks which makes him nothing less than amazing.


I mean come on, what is a better appreciation than the villain saying, “The Copy Ninja Kakashi, it’s an honor to meet you”. That is the best thing you can hear from the person whom you are about to kill.


He is kind, gentle yet rough, and strong. And this dynamic personality and contribution to the story are what make this character so good. When the anime came out, he instantly became a favorite of everyone.


He has such a fun personality but he can always turn his serious ninja mode on and slay all the enemies.



22. Spike Spiegel (Cowboy Bebop)


Spike Spiegel


Known by many as the coolest character in anime history, this is the time when we will talk about Spike Spiegel. Spike Spiegel is the protagonist of the legendary Cowboy Bebop series that changed the anime industry for good.


However, there’s no denying that Spike’s contribution to that change was crucial. With his smug attitude and mature words, Spike won the hearts of many adults back when it started airing.


Even today, he is looked upon as the smuggest, the badass, or brilliant character that many of us should take a look at. Not much to say about him, if you watch Cowboy Bebop, there’s no way you don’t like Spike.


There’s can’t be.



23. Emilia (Re: Zero)




Super-Cute Waifu incoming anime fans! Get your horses together because this is the moment to talk about the beautiful Emilia-tan. Emilia is the leading female character of Re: Zero, a popular Isekai series that is known for having great female characters.


And if we talk about Emilia specifically, she is the simplest one of them all. Or at least, that’s what you will think once you finish season 2 part 1.


However, when you watch the second part of season 2, you will realize how amazing of a character Emilia is. Her complexity and greatness aren’t all about beauty. Rather it’s also about her attitude and actions.


She is a package of cuteness filled with boldness. Something that many anime fans along with me and you, appreciate so much.



24. Senjougahara Hitagi (Monogatari)


Senjougahara Hitagi


Remember the Monogatari series? Yeah, it’s time for it again. As said earlier, this anime has an amazing cast that offers a variety of traits but this time, we will be focusing on Senjougahara Hitagi.


She is known as the weightless Hitagi because she wasn’t being held by her emotions. However, when Araragi helps her with her past, she gains weight again. And this weight came from her dark past that she was ignoring.


Moreover, when she gets close to Araragi, the relationship that starts budding is a fascinating one, to say the least. This is why Monogatari is on this list.



25. Yato (Noragami)




Yato is a God, Literally. But what makes him such an incredible character is the fact that he is down to earth. Literally. You see, Yato is the protagonist of the series called Noragami and my man wants to build a shrine for himself to become a well-established God.


However, when he offers all his services for just ¥5, he isn’t able to collect enough money to build a shrine. Therefore, he relies on other methods that you wouldn’t expect a God to do.


As a person, he is calm, collected, and somewhat of an idiot. However, when you will realize the truth of his past, you would have nothing but respect for him.


I don’t want to spoil you but if you ever watch Noragami, prepare for a heartwarming backstory of my boy Yato.



26. Megumin (KonoSuba)




Well well, we have a character whose personality is a bit explosive you know. KonoSuba is an anime filled with fun characters that are nowhere near as rational as you would expect.


However, out of all the people who feature in this dumb show, Megumin is probably the closest to being sane. And therefore, she becomes a special part of the series.


It’s pretty simple, all the characters have stupid tendencies that make them special. However, Megumin is just a girl who admires the explosion magic more than anything. And the fact that she is the closest to being rational makes her a fan favorite.


She is cute, adorable, and lovely. No wonder she is so high on this list.



27. Gojo Satoru (Jujutsu Kaisen)


Gojo Satoru


Rising the ranks of popularity in an instant, we have Gojo Satoru. Gojo Satoru is one of the leading characters in Jujutsu Kaisen and his personality took traction right after its release in 2020.


Jujutsu Kaisen was an incredible series that gained a lot of love and attention. However, if I were to ask 100 Jujutsu Kaisen fans about their favorite character, 95 of them would reply, ‘Gojo Satoru’.


This man right here, made that show as great as it is today. And there is no bigger accomplishment than being known as the star of the show you are a part of.


His personality is a bit, Playboy, but that’s just the surface. What makes him so fearsome and cool is his strength. He is known to be the strongest and so, his fights always end up being so fascinating.


No wonder Jujutsu Kaisen is known worldwide.



28. Joseph Joestar (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures)


joseph joestar (jojo's bizarre adventures)


Well, boys, I don’t think this character needs any introductions, does he? This is our boy Joseph from the popular JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures franchise. And amongst all the characters within this show, Joseph is arguably the best one.


Being from the family, his badass behavior is bound to be there. However, what makes him better than other JoJo is his contribution to the overall series. My man has always given us the best of entertainment with his presence on the screen.


The way he fights and deals with the bad guys has a charm of its own.



29. Roy Mustang (Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood)


Roy Mustang (Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood)


Undoubtedly the most badass character in Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood. This guy is the Pinnacle of entertainment in style and without a question, one of the best characters from the series.


Roy Mustang is a man with virtues and beliefs over anything else and he wouldn’t give up on them no matter what. This makes him the amazing character that he is.


But apart from his inspiring attitude, Roy is also a very strong alchemist that can burn you down in seconds. He is soft as a gummy bear for his loved ones and hard as steel against the villains.


If you ever watch Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, make sure to keep an eye on this MAN!



30. Hisoka (Hunter x Hunter)




Sometimes, you question the choices we humans make. And this sometimes I’d in the case of Hisoka making it to the 30th spot. Yeah, I am also shocked. For those of you who don’t know, Hisoka is the villain of the Hunter x Hunter series.


I mean he is not exactly the villain but he goes against our heroes very frequently. He is the bad guy. However, fans tend to have a soft eye for this bad guy because of how entertaining he is.


Despite being a disgusting pedophile, Hisoka has a charm that no other character does and that charm is why this guy is on this list. If you watch Hunter x Hunter, you might end up liking Hisoka as well.



31. Zero Two (Darling In The FranXX)


Zero Two


Amazing Waifu incoming, weebs! The female character that changed the direction and perspective of anime fans all around the globe, we have Zero Two. Zero Two is the leading female character of Darling In The FranXX.


This Mecha series dives into the depths of reality and the fact of being a human. And using this narrative, the series manages to highlight this fine character who will make you chase her to the depths of hell.


Her fun and cute nature blended with her cunning and strong personality make her one of the best female characters of her era. She is cute yet dangerous and her strength is no joke.


Never question her darling or you might regret it very soon.



32. Hikigaya Hachiman (OreGairu)


Hikigaya Hachiman


Looked upon by many as the greatest anime protagonist of all time, Hikigaya Hachiman is a normal high school student with a defined outlook on society. He tells us that the dream of a butterfly youth is nothing but a dream and in reality, life is much more stingy and painful.


However, when we see him experience the actual truth of life and witness him contradict the ideologies created by his past experiences, our love for him would skyrocket. He would make you question your adolescence and ask you questions you would have no answers to.


Diving into the depths of human relationships and high school life, Hikigaya Hachiman serves as the protagonist of Oregairu and so, you need to watch that anime now to learn why this man is so good.



33. Shinobu Oshino (Monogatari)


Shinobu Oshino


Remember I talked about the Monogatari series before? Yeah, that show isn’t defined by just protagonists. Instead, that anime has a varied cast of personalities that will win your hearts with their life.


And this time, we are talking about Shinobu Oshino, a girl who can be 10 years old or 100 years old, whatever you desire. Shinobu was affected by a supernatural disease and that made her something never seen before.


Being secluded from society, the story dives into her experience when she is facing such painful times. However, the way she deals with her life and her outlook on every situation is something that can’t be looked over.


When you watch the series, you would realize how great she is as a person and so, she managed to get so high on this list.



34. Kaguya Shinomiya (Kaguya Sama: Love is War)


Kaguya Shinomiya


In recent times, strong female characters have become sort of rare considering how low they are in their number. And here I am not talking about physical strength. I am talking about the strength that defines the greatness of a character.


However, once in a while we come across a female who tackles this subject. And in recent times, Kaguya Shinomiya has been that female. Kaguya Shinomiya is the protagonist of Kaguya Sama Love is War.


She is a rich child with a tough upbringing that brings her elite student nature. However, deep down, she is yet to tackle the brutal truth of life including her problems with her parents and her search for love.


And let me tell you, if you haven’t watched Kaguya Sama, you are assuming something completely different than what happens. Trust me, when you will watch the anime, you wouldn’t be able to help but love Kaguya and her fun yet deep personality.


Give this series a try, this girl might end up becoming your favorite.



35. Aisaka Taiga (Toradora)


Aisaka Taiga


When you talk about some of the most popular romance anime, there’s no way you could forget about Toradora. This series shaped the genre of romance to a considerable degree and the reason for that accomplishment is its characters.


Now in the grand scheme of things, Toradora has an amazing and varied cast of characters. However, amongst those finely written characters, stands the Palmtop Tiger aka Aisaka Taiga. She is known for her rough, rude, and tough behavior on the outside.


However, what makes her so special is her truth on the inside. Therefore she reaches new leagues in the hearts of fans who watched the entire series. Watching this rude and rough girl turn into an adorable and cute person is what makes her so special.


And that is why she is so high on this list. Aisaka is a character who shows that change is all it takes for things to get better.



36. Saber (Fate)




Fate series has always been a subject of confusion. But what we fans are certain about, is the fact that there are some incredible characters within the series. And one such character is Saber.


She is a ‘familiar’ of Kiritsugu who is one of the leading characters of the series and so she grabbed the attention she should get. However, the attention isn’t anything insane considering how well she is portrayed as a personality.


In other words, she deserves all the love from the series and its viewers. Her actions have resulted in some of the wildest changes in the narrative and her contribution is remarkable.


No wonder she is loved so much by fans all around.



37. Kurapika (Hunter x Hunter)




Known within the community as a hidden monster from the series, Kurapika is a character that gained traction in appreciation right after his character arc. My man is one of the lead cast of Hunter x Hunter.


Therefore, he gained a lot of attention from fans who watched this series. However, the spike in their attention showed up when an entire arc focused on Kurapika and portrayed how mind-blowing he is.


I won’t dive deep into this because I don’t want to spoil you but if you are watching Hunter x Hunter, keep your eyes on Kurapika because that man is going to do something insane.


And THAT will make you understand why he is on this rank of the list.



38. Sanji (One Piece)


Vinsmoke Sanji (One Piece)


Sanji is a multifaceted character who showcases impressive combat skills and culinary expertise.


Trained by Chef “Red Leg” Zeff, he excels in both cooking and fighting, with a penchant for powerful kicks.


Born in the North Blue and raised in the East Blue, Sanji’s personality reveals intriguing contradictions.


He possesses a serious and provocative demeanour, often showing impatience and gruffness when dealing with men.


However, his “love-cook” side emerges around women, where he becomes affectionate and loses his composure.


Known as the “ero-cook,” he becomes infatuated with beautiful women and goes to great lengths to impress them. Sanji exhibits chivalry and gentlemanly nature, pledging to protect women even in the face of danger.


This code of conduct, stemming from his strict upbringing, prohibits him from attacking female adversaries, and he would rather face harm than cause any injury to them.


Despite these qualities, Sanji also appreciates women wearing revealing clothing and can display voyeuristic tendencies.



39. Shigeo Kageyama (Mob Psycho 100)


Shigeo Kageyama


No no. He is not the brother of Tobio Kageyama from Haikyuu. Heck, he is not even connected to Haikyuu. Instead, our boy Shigeo Kageyama aka Mob is the protagonist of the very popular show Mob Psycho 100.


Yup, he is from the show Reigen is from and truth is, Reigen serves as the master of Mob. Just like Reigen, Mob also gained a boost in his personality and popularity due to the release of season 2.


This is because just like Reigen, Season 2 also had dedicated character arcs for Mob as well. Therefore, fans had the opportunity to enjoy and comprehend the mindset of this character.


Initially, people looked at him as a bland and basic protagonist. However, all of this changed when Mob showed his true nature in both 1st and 2nd seasons and thus, won the hearts of those fans.


If you watch Mob Psycho 100 at any point in time. You just can’t help but love Mob. He is amazing.



40. Dazai Osamu (Bungou Stray Dogs)


Dazai Osamu


Fangirl favorite incoming ladies and gentlemen. Dazai Osamu is one of the leading characters in the series called Bungou Stray Dogs. And he is known within the anime community for his crazy and unreal nature that makes him so different.


He is an incredible detective who can solve anything and everything using his Wit. But apparently, my man doesn’t enjoy living so much and so he decides to make occasional suicide attempts.


This makes him stand out from the crowd and so, he is widely known in the anime community as a fan favorite from that series. More specifically, he is loved by female anime fans and I guess that is the reason why this smug character made it to this list.



41. Koyomi Araragi (Monogatari)


Koyomi Araragi


If you are an anime fan for a while then there’s a pretty high chance you would have heard about Koyomi Araragi. After all, he is the protagonist of the well-known Monogatari series.


And although this might not be your favorite series, you can’t deny that Araragi is an amazing character. This guy can save 100s of people by risking his life but still doesn’t feel unfortunate about it.


He is known for his behavior, which might be questionable at times but for the most part, something worth all your time. If you are going to look for some amazingly written characters, you would come across Araragi multiple times.


He is one of the best storytellers in anime protagonist history.



42. Bakugo Katsuki (My Hero Academia)


bakugo katsuki (my hero academia)


Bakugo Katsuki is a man with skills just like Shoto and the essence of Hard work like Izuku. However, what makes him rank higher is the fact that his personality is the most fleshed out.


When you enter a new stage in life, whether it’s adolescence from childhood or adulthood from adolescence, you realize the true nature of those around you. Always believing that he is better than anyone but then facing others who stand against him is what defines his character.


Even though his behaviour is usually rough with everyone, the man develops over time making his change in personality so much more captivating.



43. Violet Evergarden (Violet Evergarden)


Violet Evergarden


Well, time to ball your eyes out ladies and gentlemen. If you are one of those few people who think that anime doesn’t offer mature content, then I can be certain that you haven’t watched Violet Evergarden yet.


The protagonist Violet will change your opinion on both anime and life, forever. Violet Evergarden is a series about Violet who doesn’t seem to understand human emotions due to her tough upbringing.


She was always looked upon and treated as a war weapon while she was a kid. So when the only man who ever cared about her died, she decided to understand his last words.


Those being ‘I Love You ‘. And this search for feelings and human emotions is what makes Violet Evergarden, one of the best female characters you will see in anime.


Her life is a gripping journey that you just can’t help but love so much.



44. Reigen Arataka (Mob Psycho 100)


Reigen Arataka


It might come as a surprise to some of you guys out there but I always believed in my boy Reigen Arataka. If you guys don’t know, Reigen is one of the leading cast in Mob Psycho 100 and his impact on this series is incredible.


The popularity of Reigen rose when the second season of Mob Psycho 100 aired. In this season, a dedicated character arc was portrayed highlighting how complex of a character Reigen is.


Even though on the surface, he might seem like a normal con artist. However, deep down, he is a man of will, courage, and confidence who can go against the strongest of villains with a smile on his face.


His character may look childish at first but when you try to comprehend his mind, things get so much more interesting. It wouldn’t be incorrect to say that Reigen gave new dimensions to Mob Psycho 100.



45. Sasuke Uchiha (Naruto)


Sasuke Uchiha


I don’t want to feel repetitive since I already mentioned this reason in the past two entries. However, this one also falls in the same category so I shouldn’t be partial.


Plus, this goes to show how strong the aspect of ‘Big 3’ is in terms of admiration and popularity. Sasuke is one of the leading characters in the series called Naruto.


He is known for his smug and handsome appearance as well as his aspirant nature. Known to be one of the elite students in his academy, Sasuke is a beast when it comes to combat.


And this is no surprise that he rose to the ranks of popularity and love without breaking a sweat. Fans love him for his contribution to the story and while haters do have their say, Sasuke ignores them as he should.


A great character indeed.



46. Kurosaki Ichigo (Big 3)


Kurosaki Ichigo


As I mentioned in the last entry, love and fame are bound to be showered if you are a part of the ‘Big 3’. And this is even more true if you are the protagonist of one of the Big 3.


And this is EVEN MORE true when you are the protagonist of the original Big 3. Oh yeah, the admiration index is going to skyrocket right here for our boy Ichigo.


For those of you who don’t know, Ichigo Kurosaki is the protagonist of the series called Bleach. And this man is no joke. From being a humble person to an absolute battle monster, Ichigo can take any form based on whom he is dealing with.


His appearance is dominating and stylish, making him one of the most handsome Shonen protagonists as well. No wonder he made his way to this list.



47. Izuku Midoriya (My Hero Academia)


Izuku Midoriya


For the next rank, we have the protagonist of one of the most popular anime of the recent era, My Hero Academia. Now let me get this straight, being a part of the ‘Big 3’ is no joke, especially in this era when anime is more popular than ever.


And when you are the protagonist of one such anime, fame and love are bound to be showered on you. Izuku is a humble man trying his best to become the next symbol of peace based on his idol All Might.


His dedication, hard work, and motivation to achieve his goals despite all the drawbacks are inspiring on a different level. When you watch My Hero Academia, you get plenty of opportunities to place yourself in Izuku’s shoes and realize that life often takes some of the worst turns.


However, the one who overcomes them all is the only one deserving to stand strong.



48. Alucard (Hellsing Ultimate)


Alucard (Hellsing Ultimate)


Alucard, the protagonist of the Hellsing anime and manga series, is a vampire known for his extraordinary power.


He plays a crucial role as a warrior within the Hellsing Organization, whose mission involves confronting vampires and other supernatural entities.


Alucard’s strength surpasses that of ordinary vampires and is suggested to be the most formidable vampire and the most dominant character in the entire series.



49. Makima (Chainsaw Man)


makima (chainsaw man)


In the Chainsaw Man series, Makima, a central figure, starts as a Public Safety Devil Hunter and rises to command Denji, the main character.


Described as a beautiful woman with red/auburn hair and a seemingly friendly demeanour, Makima conceals a cold, manipulative side, always seeking career advancement.


Despite appearing gentle, she embodies the Control Devil, representing the fear of control or conquest.


After her death, she is reincarnated as Nayuta. This revelation adds layers to her character, showcasing the series’ depth.


Makima’s multifaceted personality and significant role in Denji’s life contribute to the intrigue of the “Chainsaw Man” narrative.



50. Kiyotaka Ayanokoji (Classroom of The Elite)


kiyotaka ayanokoji (classroom of the elite)


Kiyotaka Ayanokoji is a student at Koudo Ikusei Senior High School.


Despite his quiet demeanour and enrollment in D-class, considered for inferior students, Kiyotaka possesses remarkable intelligence, keen observation skills, and a unique perspective on life, viewing humans as mere tools in a ruthless world.


Known for his physical prowess, including high reflexes and strength, he prioritizes winning at all costs.


Despite his cold exterior, Kiyotaka draws attention of several girls in his class. This multifaceted portrayal of a seemingly unassuming student adds depth to the intriguing narrative of “Classroom of the Elite.”



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