Top 50 Best Romance Manga Of All Time

top 50 best romance manga of all time


Romance! Arguably one of the best genres in anime and manga. Many of us love to read love stories that make our heart bloom like a flower.


However, sometimes, we might run out of those specific mangas that need our attention before any other.


And I feel you my fellow anime fan, I feel you. Not finding the next read is a bit irritating.


But don’t you worry because I am here to save the day. In this article, you will be informed about some of the best Romance Manga that you need to read right this instant.


So call your partner, grab your phone and let’s dive into this pool of manga filled with love.


I hope you enjoy it.




1. Kaguya Sama: Love Is War


kaguya sama: love is war


Kaguya Sama is a currently published manga series that started back in 2015.


It is written and illustrated by Akasaka Aka. In the journey of finding love, one truth stands the strongest.


It’s that the one who confesses first will be the loser all his life. And so you must try your best to make the other person confess at all costs.


Following this principle, we arrive at Shuchiin Academy, a school for the elite and rich.


You have to be super rich or smart and only then will you be able to step into this school.


While Kaguya Shinomiya is the former, Miyuki Shirogane is the latter. Shirogane is a hard-working student who works all the time to support his financially unstable family and school life.


Kaguya is an elite girl who knows multiple languages and is profound in multiple extracurricular activities.


Shirogane is the President Of The Student Council while Kaguya is the Vice President and both of them are madly in love with each other.


However, as I said at the start, the one who confesses first loses. And thus, these two student council members along with Chika Fujiwara and Yuu Ishigami will try all in their power to make the other person confess his/her love.


Because this Love Is nothing but War and who will be the loser in this war?


Read it to find out. Kaguya Sama is a brilliant work by Akasaka Aka. The premise of the series is ingenious and the use of characters is one of a kind.


To a lot of extent, you can say that there has never been any romance manga as excellent as Kaguya Sama.


With millions of copies sold and multiple awards like the 65th Shogakukan Manga Award and the 3rd Next Manga Award, this manga is a work of its kind.


If you are even remotely into romance or enjoy the genre in any way, then read this manga.




2. Yona Of The Dawn


Yona Of The Dawn


A lot of the time, love is found in places we might have not expected.


You know, we can find love at hotels, restaurants, and weddings. But what about Love on Battlefield?


Have you experienced it? Well, now is your chance. Yona Of The Dawn is a currently publishing manga series that started back in 2009.


It is written and illustrated by Kusanagi Mizuho. Set in the period of Kings and Kingdoms, Yona Of The Dawn talks about a frail princess Yona of the Kouka Kingdom who has been pampered by her father all her life.


However, in her life filled with flowers and blooms, darkness prevails when her cousin and crush Su-won kills his father for his reasons.


Shocked by seeing her childhood love killing his father, Yona escapes the castle with the help of Hak, the thunder beast.


Now they both travel to multiple locations and realize that if they want to take back the Kingdom Of Kouka from Su-won, they must look for the 4 dragons and ask for their help.


Thus begins the journey of the frail Yona who will be becoming strong and fearsome with every passing journey.


The life of this pampered kid is over and time to talk on the battlefield.


While you might feel like the series doesn’t have straight-up romance into it, in reality, it does.


The synopsis can’t summarize every single event and this series is massive in terms of its narrative.


Trust me, if you are a fan of shoujo anime and manga then this series is incredible.


Under no circumstances should you miss this one.




3. Nana




Nana is a 21-volume manga series (on hiatus at the moment) that started back in 2000.


It is written and illustrated by Yazawa Ai. The story dives deep into the lives of Nana Komatsu and Nana Osaki.


While Nana Komatsu is an enthusiastic lover who wishes to have an incredible life ahead of her, Nana Osaki rejects her boyfriend for her passion for music.


Nana Komatsu is headed to the same city for the sake of finding his boyfriend while Nana Osaki is headed to the same place for her dreams.


As these girls with the same name head in the same direction with different goals, their lives seem to be getting entangled with each other.


Soon, they will develop a relationship we wouldn’t have expected. Nana is quite similar to Beck in the music element but takes a unique and deeper route that makes it stand out.


Both of these mangas are amazing and you should make sure that you have read both of them because you live music.


Don’t question it!




4. Beck




Have you read some amazing music? Of course, you have. But have you ever felt that music is your life?


If the answer is yes, then I have an incredible manga waiting for you. This one is called Beck and it will make your heart melt.


Beck is a 34-volume manga series that started back in 2000. It is written and illustrated by Sakuishi Harold.


The story revolves around Yukio “Koyuki” Tanaka who had given up on school life and spent most of his time listening to music and thinking about his life.


However, this changes when a guitarist named Ryuusuke “Ray” Minami shows up and gives Yukio a look at the music club.


He soon realizes that he was missing big time and wishes to start playing guitar as well.


No matter the hardship in front of him, Yukio would not give up at any cost.


He will live his life following his life and the story deals with the obstacles that come in his path as he tries to achieve his goal.


This is a motivational, inspirational, and eye-opening series for a lot of you guys out there.


Not to mention, won the 26th Kodansha Manga Award for Best Shounen Manga. It also had homages paid for itself in the form of music tracks.


So if you even remotely admired music then don’t wait for anything else. Just start it. (Nike, it’s a figure of speech, relax. Don’t Sue me!)



5. Re: Life


Re: Life


What would you do if you get another chance in life? How would you take care of yourself?


Or more importantly, how would you behave with your past experiences? Getting another chance at life seems great right?


However, things aren’t as straightforward as they seem, and Re: Life will teach you just that.


Re: Life is a 15-volume manga series that started back in 2013. It is written and illustrated by Yayoi Sou.


Arata Kaizaki is a man loving his corporate life with nothing exciting to look for.


Just having a high-paying job is what seems to be the best course of action for him.


One day, he gets the opportunity to change it all. An employee of the Re: Life experiment asks him to volunteer in this experiment and he will be provided a fine job.


Agreeing with him, Arata accepts the offer but the experiment is quite a shock. Arata is now turned into a 17-year-old version of himself and is asked to attend high school for a year.


As someone who didn’t have any remarkable life in high school, this is the moment for him.


How will things turn out for our high school-passed high schoolboy? Re: Life is a series that dives deeper into human relationships and connections with its narrative.


The slice of life and teachings are so impactful that they would provoke your thoughts all the time.


No wonder this manga was nominated for Best General Manga at the 39th Kodansha Manga Awards.


Don’t forget to check it out.



6. Umarekawattemo Mata


Umarekawattemo Mata


If we are talking about romance manga and do not include this series then our conversation is incomplete.


Yup, this is it, a manga that defines the depths of love concerning human nature.


It’s heartwarming, deep, and thought-provoking. Prepare yourself. Umarekawattemo is a 4 volume manga series that started back in 2017.


The manga is written and illustrated by Morinaga Miku. The series talks about the hard-headed Toranosuke Ibuki and the short-tempered Kaoru née Okouchi.


These two have been in deep love with each other for years and married with the most natural smiles on their face.


Now Toranosuke is bedridden probably looking at his life for one last time. But even then, he is thinking about his wife and they both are talking about their life until now.


The love of this couple stands so strong that their connection seems inevitable. Even in the next life.


This manga will tell you about true love and the life experiences that come along with it.


Spending time with your favorite person and what it is to spend your whole life with that person, this manga will make you fall in love.


Just give it a try. You would love it.



7. Your Lie In April


Your Lie In April


I am certain that many of you already know about this series or have already watched the anime.


Congrats on enjoying such a fantastic series. However, if you want to re-experience it or just consume it for the first time, why not give the Manga an opportunity?


Your Lie In April is an 11-volume manga series that started back in 2011.


It is written and illustrated by Arakawa Naoshi. The story revolves around a classical pianist named Kousei Arima who was trained as an expert by his mother.


This expertise ranged so much that Kousei was known as the ‘Human Metronome’ that dominated every contest.


However, when his mother died due to an accident, his life took a different direction.


Now he is tone-deaf and has nothing to look forward to in his life. However, this changes when a few years later, Kaori Miyazono shows up who is an expert in violin.


And this violinist will bring back the essence and love for music in the mind of Kousei.


Love is something that begins at a very young age. And a lot of times, this young age is what makes love so pure and real.


One such example is the chemistry of Kaori and Kousei that led the manga to get nominated for the 5th Manga Taisho Award.


Moreover, it won Best Shounen Manga at the 37th Kodansha Manga Awards. No wonder it is so high on this list.



8. Given




Yaoi is back on this list ladies and gentlemen. And this time, it’s probably the best one that isn’t as plain as you might expect.


An eye-opening manga with romance included in it. Given is a currently publishing manga series that started back in 2013.


It is written and illustrated by Kizu Natsuki. The story is set in Mafuyu Satou’s high school where he isn’t talkative to others.


There’s this tune that is set in his mind that he wants to explore. But it doesn’t look like he would be able to.


That is until he is invited by the pianist of a band. His voice captivated the mind of the pianist and they don’t have a lead singer so Mafuyu is a perfect choice.


Although he was reluctant at first, Mafuyu accepts the offer and for the first time in his life, he experiences love.


In a unique way that is. This manga is for people who are into Yaoi romances.


If you like that narrative or genre then you would certainly like this. But if you like Romance in general, even then you would enjoy this series.


Give it a try.



9. Watashitachi no Shiawase na Jikan


Watashitachi no Shiawase na Jikan


The next manga that we are going to discuss is a bit on the darker side of things.


It’s about suicide ad murder so prepare yourself. Are you ready? Let’s go! Watashitachi no Shiawase na Jikan is a single-volume manga series that started back in 2008.


It is written and illustrated by Yumeka Sumomo. The series talks about a depressed girl named Juri Mutou who has attempted suicide thrice.


Now she has lost all hope in her life due to miserable past experiences. However, her situation changes when she meets Yuu, a murderer accused of three cases and multiple suicide attempts.


This meeting was arranged by Juri’s aunt and this will change the course of life for these two fine individuals.


This manga tells us about awakening in life and learning from past experiences rather than clinging to them.


If you just had a horrific event in your life, give this manga a try, you might find it relatable.



10. Ohayou Ibarahime


ohayou ibarahime


Ohayou Ibrahime is a 6 volume manga series that started back in 2014. It is written and illustrated by Morino Megumi.


The story talks about Tetsu Misato who has been working for his father now. However, the place where he works currently has an alone building where no one seems to stay or so Tetsu thought.


He soon realizes the lone building does have a resident and she is named Shizu Karasawa.


Upon talking, Shizu reveals that she is confirmed because of an illness. Therefore, she hasn’t talked to anyone for years.


As these two new friends spend time together and understand each other, a new feeling seems to emerge from them.


However, when they started to see light, darkness prevailed out of nowhere. This incredibly beautiful manga tells us about love and its true nature.


How life changes in days and its aftermath is shown beautifully. If you want to enjoy some heartwarming manga then this should be your choice.



11. Otoyomegatari




The name of this manga might seem like a complex story but in reality, it isn’t.


The actual narrative is a lot smoother and worthwhile. Otoyomegatari is a currently publishing manga series that started back in 2008.


It is written and illustrated by Mori Kaoru. The story talks about love in different age groups.


Set in the 19th century, we have Amir Halgal as a 20-year-old skilled girl in a village who has been arranged for marriage.


This marriage will be with a boy of the age of 12. Now you can understand how awkward this is going to be.


However, as time passes by, this couple learns to tackle the problems and challenges that they face because of the age difference.


Things are going to get very interesting very soon. Age is just a number, they say.


And when you read manga like these, that phrase becomes more and more true. It’s a series that you wouldn’t wanna miss if you wish to enjoy some fine romances.



12. Sakamichi no Apollon


Sakamichi no Apollon


Time to talk about some fine manga series that will make you love music and high school altogether.


Sakamichi no Apollon is a 9-volume manga series that started back in 2007. It is written and illustrated by Kodama Yuki.


Kaoru Nishimi is a boy who has been transferring schools since childhood because of his rich background and nature.


However, the situation changes when in the first year of high school, Kaoru is accompanied by the class president Ritsuko Mukae and delinquent Sentarou Kawabuchi.


Although they are opposites, the one common field of interest for both Sentarou and Kaoru is music.


When they spend time in Ritsuko’s basement playing music with drums and piano, Kaoru for once feels like he is being treated as a friend.


And he cherishes this feeling. The manga tells us about romance in the later parts of the story.


Initially, it sets the characters and tone of the story. So take your time and read this fabulous series.



13. Chikan Otoko


Chikan Otoko


The next manga we are going to discuss might feel disturbing to a lot of people.


So if you are not as open-minded as you claim to be on the internet then skip this one.


Otherwise, go ahead. Chikan Otoko is a 22-chapter-long manga series that started back in 2004.


It is written and illustrated by Yokota Takuma. Molester Man is a pervert who is hated by almost every girl in the city.


However, one day while returning from his job, he gets arrested for being a stalker.


He clears the misunderstanding and is about to leave when the girl who accused her tells him her situation.


She is being stalked by someone and Molester Man gives a helping hand. However, this helping hand will grow bigger as they both get close to each other and learn about each other.


A fun and comical series that gets quite serious multiple times. No way you are missing out on this one.



14. Hi No Tori


Hi No Tori


Now it’s time to look at some philosophical manga series that will make you question a lot of your actions daily.


Hi No Tori is a 16-volume manga series that started back in 1967. It is written and illustrated by the God Of Manga, Tezuka Osamu.


The manga talks about the legend of the immortal bird Phoenix which grants eternal wisdom and life.


However, humanity has always had its fair share of stupid and irrational decisions that leads to disturbance in the ecosystem.


This manga talks about just that with the Phoenix as the plot point of the show.


For the most part, this manga can’t be described in words since it’s so much more complex in its narratives and teachings.


If you wish to understand the entire premise then the best way is to read it.



15. Kamisama Hajimemashita


Kamisama Hajimemashita


Well, falling for God doesn’t seem like a bad idea right? Well, how about becoming a God and then falling for someone?


Well, if you are not sure about your answer then why not try Kamisama Hajimemashita?


Kamisama Hajimemashita is a 25-volume manga series that started back in 2008. nit is written and illustrated by Suzuki Julietta.


The series talks about Nanami Momozono who is in crippling debt because of her father.


Being a homeless girl, she helps a man from a dog out of kindness and later on, explains her situation.


The man offers her his own house. However, this house isn’t exactly a house but a shrine.


Now Nanami is the new God of the shrine and she has to tackle many hardships.


And these hardships include her, trying her best to befriend the fox familiar who served the previous master.


This manga is known for its fun and light-hearted nature. I don’t think you should wait any longer if you want some calming yet entertaining series.



16. Bakemonogatari




Now, this is a manga that would require you to use a bit of your head.


Mainly because of its supernatural setting and dialogue-heavy nature. But don’t feel down yet because even after these features, this manga is a work that needs your recognition for sure.


Bakemonogatari is a currently published manga series that started back in 2018. It is written by NISIO ISIN and illustrated by Oh!


Great. These are author names, don’t question them. Koyomi Araragi seems like a simple guy at first, however, he can heal as fast as a vampire.


So when she comes across the weightless Senjougahara, he wishes to help her with her disability.


Thus, the story progresses with Araragi solving the problems of our beloved characters and their life improvement after the same.


This manga is a work that is very popular in the anime community. The manga specifically is known for its brilliant art and fine adaptation.


No wonder it’s so high on this list.



17. Honto Yajuu


Honto Yajuu


Time to talk about yet another hilarious manga series that you can enjoy by shutting your mind without any concern.


Honto Yajuu is a currently publishing manga series that started back in 2008. It is written and illustrated by Yamamoto Kotetsuko.


The series talks about Ueda Tomoharu who is a happy policeman enjoying his job. However, his simple life changes when he confesses to a Yakuza member during his duty to catch a thief.


Now this Yakuza member is all ready to commence their lovely relationship. But the commencement of this relationship shall be the commencement of troubles for Ueda.


Dating a Yakuza isn’t supposed to be easy, right? This is a Yaoi manga that dives deeper into the romance aspects of the story.


But it is also very funny and entertaining. Thus, you shouldn’t waste any more time reading it.



18. Ouran Koukou Host Club


Ouran Koukou Host Club


Okay now, this one is a bit interesting. This manga isn’t exactly Yaoi but still hints a lot at it.


Although the main couple is of both genders, the narrative forces otherwise. Just continue reading it and you will understand it better.


Ouran Koukou Host Club is an 18-volume manga series that started back in 2002.


It is written and illustrated by Hatori Bisco. The series focuses on Haruhi Fujioka who accidentally broke a vase upon her first presentation at the elite school where she got admitted.


The Ouran High School is only for the rich or smart. And Haruhi was the latter but not the first.


So the broken vase was a major debt for her. However, the Host club of this academy offered her an idea.


If she joins the club and serves them long enough, the bill would be gone from her end.


And thus begins the life of female Haruhi trying her best to please other females as males.


Yeah, don’t question it. This manga is quite a popular series amongst manga fans and is looked upon as a classic from the 2000s.


If you wish to enjoy some hilarious yet heart-touching stories then why not read this manga?



19. Spirit Circle


Spirit Circle


We are dealing with yet another fantasy romance manga ladies and gentlemen. However, this time, the characters don’t love each other all that much.


They are enemies for life. Spirit Circle is a 6 volume manga series that started back in 2012.


It is written and illustrated by Mizukami Satoshi. The series talks about the life of Fuuta Okeya who has been able to see ghosts all his life.


When a transfer student named Ishigami Kouko shows up, things take interesting turns for our boy.


He reveals to her his mark and she exclaims that they are born rivals.


Using his weapons, she sends Fuuta out in the air. However, when he was falling with all his body, Fuuta had glimpses of his past life.


What was his identity before this world and how much does he know about it?


All of this will be answered as you read the manga. People who aren’t much into fantasy and Romance combinations might not like it much but it is still worth giving a try.


You will thank me later.



20. Fruits Basket


Fruits Basket


I am pretty sure that many of you have heard the name of this manga.


And it is understandable considering that it is one of the most appreciated manga series of all time.


What’s so great about it? Let’s have a look. Fruits Basket is a 23-volume manga series that started back in 1998.


It is written and illustrated by Takaya Natsuki. The series tells us the tale of Tooru Honda who is an orphan taken in by the Sounds family.


However, being new to the family, she didn’t know about the secret of this family.


If the opposite gender hugs the members of this family, they transform into an animal from the Zodiac.


Now, this leads to many hilarious situations as Tooru tries to conceal this truth from her classmates.


However, it also leads to heartbreak. But with Tooru at their side, the situation might change for the family.


Fruits Basket is a fabulous series that received not 1 but 2 anime adaptations. Goes to show how potent it is as a series.


Don’t sleep on it.



21. Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun


Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun


I know a lot of the entries on this list are not exactly romance-heavy. However, if you are looking for a series that is filled with romance and nothing else then Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-Kun is the series for you.


Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-Kun is a currently publishing manga series that started back in 2011. It is written and illustrated by Tsubaki Izumi.


The series talks about Chiyo Sakura who falls for a guy named Umetarou Nozaki. However, our boy Nozaki isn’t any random dude.


He is a manga artist and so the confession from Sakura results in him giving her an autograph.


And this was just one of the many misunderstandings that are going to take place in this story.


A lot of fun and love is going to take place as you read this manga.


If you wish to read some manga that aligns with your deep love for romance then I think you should consider checking out this one.



22. Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai


Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai


Fantasy is a pretty great genre that blends very well with romance. And you would understand why I am saying this when you read Kami Nomi Zo Shiru Sekai.


Kami Nomi Zo Shiru Sekai is a 26-volume manga series that started back in 2008.


It is written and illustrated by Wakaki Tamiki. Keima Katsuragi is a boy who is an expert in dating sims and can capture any girl’s heart giving him the title of ‘God Of Conquest’.


However, he is not even remotely interested in real girls and calls them fake. When a demon from the other world is assigned to bring Keima, things start to look bad for him.


And when I say Bad, I mean bad. How will this Mastermind romantic escape this situation?


The manga talks about games and fantasy as well as romance. It doesn’t require you to put your brain into it.


Just sit back and enjoy.



23. Cross Game


Cross Game


Baseball is a pretty popular game in Japan. So we are bound to get a lot of pieces revolving around Baseball from the Japanese industry.


But this also means that we will also get to enjoy some amazing sports series that we couldn’t have enjoyed otherwise.


Cross Game is one of them. Cross Game is a 17-volume manga series that started back in 2005.


It is written and illustrated by Adachi Mitsuru. The series talks about Kou Kitamura whose family owns a sports shop.


Therefore, he is good at baseball as a hitter. The family that he meets the most in his shop is the Tsukishima Family which has children who are pretty good at baseball and look up to the hitting capability of Kou.


But the problem is, apart from hitting, Kou knows nothing about baseball and so he leaves it as it is.


Years pass by and Kou is now a grown man. However, even after growing up so much, his prowess is still present.


And this is seen when he participated in a baseball match. Will he be able to improve this time?


This manga dives into baseball and uses its amazing characters to narrate the story. If you are a fan of this sport, then wait no more to read this manga.



24. Horimiya




If I were to ask what is one of the most popular manga series of recent times, I am pretty sure you would think about Horimiya.


And if you don’t know what Horimiya is, well, I am here to save the day.


Horimiya is a 16-volume manga series that started back in 2011. It is written by HERO and illustrated by Hagiwara Daisuke.


The series talks about the lives of Hori Kyouko, a popular and beautiful girl who is cheerful on the outside and at home situated on the inside.


And just like her is Miyamura Izumi, who looks dark and gloomy on the outside but in reality, is a pretty sweet and humble guy.


These two come in touch with each other due to an accident and start sharing their true selves as time passes by.


Is this the beginning of a wholesome love story? The Horimiya manga has been going on for 10 years and just ended recently.


And did I mention, it is the most popular romance manga of all time? It’s not late yet, read it before it becomes a classic.



25. Spice and Wolf


Spice and Wolf


I have made an entire list that discusses some amazing wolf anime. However, the one series that was quite high on that list was Spice And Wolf.


And even though the anime is great, the manga version is nothing less. Spice and Wolf is a 16-volume manga series that started back in 2007.


It is written by Hasekura Isuna and illustrated by Koume Keito. The story of spice and wolf revolves around a dirty called Holo who was being worshipped by the villagers.


However, this situation change when the citizens become less reliant and start focussing on being self-sufficient.


Now a merchant named Kraft Lawrence comes in contact with the Holo and asks him to accompany him on his journey.


Holi accepts the offer and thus begins the journey of a clever merchant and a left-out deity.


Things aren’t going to be the same anymore. Spice And Wolf is again, an amazing manga series that needs your attention.


If you loved the anime then there’s no reason for you to NOT like the manga.



26. Nodame Cantabile


Nodame Cantabile


I am assuming that many of you guys have tried your hands on some instruments.


You know, some drums, or piano and stuff. And if you did or even if you didn’t, you can enjoy this manga we will be discussing next.


Nodame Cantabile is a 25-volume manga series that started back in 2001. The manga is written and illustrated by Ninomiya Tomoko.


The series talks about Shinichi Chiaki who is perfect at playing piano and wishes to be a conductor.


However, her fear of flight holds her back. One day, she ends up being with her neighbor named Megumi Nodame who is also a great pianist.


Together, this couple is going to have a great time creating music and finding out more about themselves.


This manga is for those who have ever tried clinging to something long enough. It will touch your heart and feel surreal with its narrative.


Try it out for yourself.



27. Noragami




Gods have various definitions for us. However, there’s no doubt that they, if creatures are pretty strong.


I mean most of us imagine the human version of God as an elite being, right?


Unfortunately, the creator of Noragami thinks otherwise. Let’s understand. Noragami is a currently publishing manga series that started back in 2010.


It is written and illustrated by Adachitoka. Noragami talks about the life of Yato who is a stray God, doing odd jobs for just 5 yens.


However, these odd jobs can be anything. From cleaning the bathroom to cleaning the dead body of the one he murdered.


But why is he doing this and what are his motives? Moreover, why does he only charge 5 yen?


Things are going to change with the involvement of Hiyori and Yukine in the story.


I am certain that you are getting some serious vibes from the synopsis but no oak.


This manga is much more light-hearted in its content and narrative. The anime adaptation was a banger and so is the manga.


Go for it if you want to have a fun time.



28. Glass no Kamen


Glass no Kamen


Do you like acting or situations surrounding it? Well if your answer is yes of course, then I have a great classic manga for you.


It would help you feel entertained as well so that’s a bonus. Glass no Kamen is a currently publishing manga series that started back in 1976.


It is written and illustrated by Miuchi Suzue. The series talks about an acting prodigy named Maya Kitajima who can act in any scene just by looking at it once.


On the other hand, a girl named Ayumi Himekawa is also interested in acting and has been taught since childhood.


These two are going to battle for the role of a legendary play called The Crimson Goddess.


Who will be the one winning the opportunity? Just a trivia for you, Glass no Kamen is the second-highest-selling shoujo manga of all time.


Oh yeah, you should check it out now!



29. Bakuman




Hey, have you ever thought about making manga? If yes then what does it take to do so?


Well, I have the answer to your question. And this answer is in 20 volumes.


Bakuman is a 20-volume manga series that started back in 2008. It is written and illustrated by the famous duo, Tsugumi Ohba, and Takeshi Obata.


The story revolves around 2 kids named Moritaka Mashiro and Akito Tagaki who decide to become manga authors.


However, this journey isn’t going to be nearly as easy as you might think because suicides and deaths due to overwork are common among manga creators.


Are these young boys ready to achieve their dream? And what do they have to do to achieve it?


Bakuman is a pretty accurate representation of how the manga industry works. It has a beautiful and entertaining representation of the manga creation process that you wouldn’t wanna miss.



30. Kimi no Na wa


Kimi no Na wa


I am almost 100% sure that you would have heard about this series. The movie of this work is recognized worldwide for its amazing content and I can see why that’s the case.


But don’t you dare forget the manga version of this. Amazing romance work would be left by your Otaku self.


Kimi no Na Wa is a 3 volume manga series that started back in 2016.


It is written by Shinkai Makoto and illustrated by Kotone Ranmaru. The story talks about Mitsuha Miyamizu who lives in the countryside and wishes to visit the city of Tokyo.


On the other hand, we have Taki Tachibana who wants to do the best in architecture but also hopes for a calm and tranquil place such as the countryside.


One day, as both of these individuals wake up, they realize that their bodies have been swapped and so is their lifestyle.


Now they have to try their best to find their original self and connect with them.


However, changing gender and lifestyle in one night is noteworthy. I don’t need to tell you guys why you should read this at this point.


It’s an amazing manga from the mind of an amazing author. Just go ahead and consume it.



31. Basara




Well, how about we blend the adventure and drama genres with romance? Sounds good? If it does then you should take a look at Basara for some fine enjoyment.


Basara is a 27-volume manga series that started back in 1990. It is written and illustrated by Tamura Yumi.


The story talks about Sarasa whose brother is destined to overthrow the cruel ruler. However, upon his death, Sarasa is asked to take his place and become the warrior.


Moreover, she comes across Shuri, a guy who seems to have something interesting for himself.


Now Sarasa and her gang have to get together and make sure that their journey results in the death of the Red King.


The manga talks about the fantasy world where romance isn’t the main deal. Instead, it dives into the depths of darkness and cruelty with its narrative.


Quite an interesting story for a romance series don’t you think?



32. Harukaze no Étranger


Harukaze no Étranger


Well, this is yet another Yaoi romance that you shouldn’t miss out on at all.


It’s about the hardships of being in a male-only relationship and the aftermath of the same.


Let’s take a look at it. Harukaze no Etranger is a currently published manga series that started back in 2014.


It is written and illustrated by Kii Kanna. Shun Hashimoto and Mio Chibana are a couple that is moving to the hustling and bustling city to meet Shun’s parents.


As they revisit the place, things bring nostalgia for them as they have so much in common.


However, upon reaching their house, both of them realize the messed-up situation they are a part of.


Will they be able to prevail in this new environment? This manga is focusing on the same gender relationship between our main characters and so, this is what makes this so good.


If you read both of these genres then try out this series. You will be satisfied.



33. Sekaiichi Hatsukoi


Sekaiichi Hatsukoi


I have already made an entire list of the best Yaoi manga out there. And in that list was Sekaiichi Hatsukoi which is the common link for this list as well.


Let’s dive deeper into this series. Sekaiichi Hatsukoi is a currently published manga series that started back in 2006.


The manga was written and illustrated by Nakamura Shungiku. The series talks about Ritsu Onodera who wants to become the best editor of Japanese novels.


However, instead of joining the literature department, he gets into the shoujo manga department. Now Ritsu is a man who had his heart broken before so isn’t much into relationships for the moment.


Masamune Takano is his boss and he works his employees to hell. Turns out that Takano is Ritsu’s ex and so, their relationship gets even more awkward.


However, as this department starts to make some mind-blowing Yaoi manga, the relationship between our boys gets interesting.


What is the result of it? You know it’s amazing when it appears in two different lists.


Make sure you give it a try even if you prefer any of the two genres.



34. Kaichou wa Maid-sama!


Kaichou wa Maid-sama!


This manga is known in the community as one of the most entertaining ones out there.


It’s funny, eventual, and wholesome, making it ideal for someone like you. Yeah, I know your tastes, don’t question my judgment.


Kaichou wa Maid-sama is an 18-volume manga series that started back in 2005. It is written and illustrated by Fujiwara Hiro.


Misaki Ayuzawa is the first president of the boys-only school that recently turned into a co-ed.


Although she has a strong and vibrant personality, she is known as the demon president for her strong rules.


However, she is breaking a rule of the school. She works as a maid in a maid cafe to financially support her family.


However, things get interesting for her when Usui, the most popular boy in the school, gets to know her secret.


Now she is vulnerable to the risk of getting exposed and Usui is going to take complete advantage of this situation.


Their relationships will take some interesting turns as we will see later in the series.


The manga is funny, entertaining, and somewhat realistic. Plus, it is based on the school setting so that’s a bonus.


No need to think more, just read it (Don’t Copyright Me, Nike).



35. Ballroom e Youkoso


Ballroom e Youkoso


Have you ever heard of the sport called Ballroom? No? Well, why not learn a bit more about it by reading this great manga that deals with the hardships of the same?


Ballroom E Youkoso is a currently publishing manga series that started back in 2011. It is written and illustrated by Takeuchi Tomo.


The manga revolves around the life of Tatara Fujita who doesn’t have any goals in life yet.


So one day, while he was getting beaten up by some bullies, a dancer named Kaname Sengoku ended up helping him and taking him to the dance club because of a misunderstanding.


There, they ask him for a session and Takarai ends up enjoying it a bit.


The next day, the exact thing happens but this time, Tatara asks Sengoku to help him improve his image.


And this is the beginning of Tatara as a ballroom dancer. This is a great manga for people who wish to enjoy the school-based series.


Things dealing with club activities and stuff. I know you love them, don’t you?



36. Cardcaptor Sakura


Cardcaptor Sakura


Shoujo and Romance. When you look up this category, the one show that would most certainly show up no matter which list you are referring to is the classic Cardcaptor Sakura.


Cardcaptor Sakura is a 12-volume manga series that started back in 1996. It is written and illustrated by CLAMP.


The series revolves around Sakura Kinomoto who gets in contact with a book that had some cards in it.


These cards all flew away in the air when Sakura opened the book. Moreover, a cute creature named Keroberos summons up from that book and tells Sakura about the situation.


It turns out that Sakura has unleashed the wrecking cards that could destroy the entire world.


Therefore, she has to capture all of them as their Cardcaptor and make sure there’s peace all around.


Things are going to get crazy and entertaining with the new powers of Sakura, Cardcaptor Sakura.


This is a classic manga that is known by veterans as the best of their time.


No wonder it became as popular as it is. If you wish to enjoy some classic series then this is the way to go.



37. Wolf Children


Wolf Children


If you have been in the anime community or just have a general idea of anime movies then there’s a high chance that you have heard about this one.


A series that will melt your heart from the inside. Wolf Children is a 3 volume manga series that started back in 2012.


It is written by Hosoda Mamoru and illustrated by Yuu. The series talks about a girl named Hana who falls for a strange man who used to be his classmate.


However, it later turns out that the man wasn’t a human and in reality, the last werewolf.


But even after that, her love stood strong-looking below none and so they got married.


Later on, they had two cute kids but the father ended up dead soon after.


Now Hana has to take care of these kids named Ame and Yuki. To make matters worse, both Ame and Yuki develop the werewolf genes from their parents.


The series then progresses with the hardships of a single mother who has to raise 2 very unusual kids.


This series will make you love your life so very much. Moreover, it will also tell you about the hardships of life in an entertaining yet touching manner.


The anime movie was an absolute hit and so is the manga. Check it out.



38. Kanata kara


Kanata kara


Now let’s take a look at some dark and evil manga. We usually enjoy our fun and happy stuff but sometimes, we should relax and take new turns every while.


For example, Kanata Kara. Kanata Kara is a 14-volume manga series that started back in 1991.


It is written and illustrated by Hikawa Kyouko. The story talks about a girl named Noriko, who gets teleported to a random fantasy world.


Here she meets a handsome young man named Izark. And although Izark looks brave and strong from the inside, in reality, he possesses the worst of the worst.


He has an unreal amount of darkness and evil within him that can only be unleashed with Noriko.


Now our duo has to get together and work in this unreal world. The manga talks about gruesome and crude functions with the help of its characters.


Just by reading the synopsis, you would have gotten an idea right?



39. Lovely★Complex




I am pretty sure many of you have already heard the name of this Manga considering how popular it is.


Well, if you haven’t then my man, you are missing out on some fine series that you should check out asap.


Lovely Complex is a 17-volume manga series that started back in 2001. It is written and illustrated by Nakahara Aya.


The manga talks about our tall girl named Risa Koizumi and our short boy named Atsushi Ootani.


Now, these two height-disadvantaged people are looking for love from each other’s friend’s friends.


Yeah, a bit complex but this complexity ends when their friends end up falling for each other.


To cope with this heartbreak, both of them start spending time together and end up having a lot of fun in the process.


However, this fun might result in the development of a relationship they never saw coming.


The manga talks about love and friendship as well as the connection and transformation between the two.


It’s amazing in its narrative and also won the 49th Shogakukan Manga Award for shoujo.


So yeah, go read it.



40. Orange




Well, there’s a pretty good chance that you have heard about the anime of this series.


It became quite a popular series during its release. So it would be no surprise that even the manga is pretty well-known.


Orange is a 6 volume manga series that started back in 2012. It is written and illustrated by Takano Ichigo  The series talks about Nahi Takemiya who gets a letter that claims to be her future self.


Although she thinks that it’s a prank, she realizes the legitimacy of it when a transfer student named Kakeru Naruse ends up joining her class.


The appearance of Kakeru was mentioned in the letter and so Naho knew that it was real.


Now Naho has tried her best to make sure that Kakeru doesn’t end up on the wrong path in life, otherwise, Naho would have multiple regrets throughout her journey.


What are these regrets and how are they supposed to take place? That’s the mystery you should solve by reading this manga.


Orange is a heartwarming and emotionally fabulous Manga series that deals with depression and the crude behavior of humans.


If you have been in contact with depression lately then you should check out this fantastic manga.



41. Versailles no Bara


Versailles no Bara


A lot of anime and manga are not made to make money. There are some series that try to revolutionize and push an idea within the country using its narrative.


And this is one such story. Versailles no Bara is a 10-volume manga series that started back in 1972.


It is written and illustrated by Ikeda Riyoko. The series talks about a princess named Marie Antoinette who is being arranged for a marriage with the king of France to have healthy relations between countries.


However, she meets Oscar, a male-like female who is the head of the guard. Upon meeting her, she realizes that Oscar has been dressed up as a male to keep on the family’s lineage going on.


However, the strict rules that are implied on her are nothing less than a nightmare.


Therefore, Marie instantly befriends her and they both start communicating. However, Marie is a spoiled princess while Oscar is a disciplined lady.


These two females are going to have a different outlook on the same world. This shoujo manga has a lot of unique elements to keep you hooked on its narrative.


The series is written with the inspiration of the French revolution and so, the narrative seems even better than how you might expect it to be.


If this falls under your liking then wait no more. And did I mention that it sold millions of copies upon its release?



42. Honey And Clover


Honey And Clover


This is yet again, another manga series that deserves more love and appreciation from the community.


The anime adaptation is loved so much so why look over the manga? Honey and Clover is a 10-volume manga series that started back in 2000.


It is written and illustrated by Umino Chika  The manga tells us the story of Takemoto.


A student who has decided to taste the true essence of life. He is renting an apartment and lives alone and so his fears are rent and bills.


With the help of her loud and interesting friends, he has stepped into the real world where problems aren’t going to be solved by themselves.


Yes, you might not be able to feel the romance element just yet. However, the more you read it, the more you realize how fantastic this series is.


The love is there, just wait for it.



43. Love Me, Love Me Not


Love Me, Love Me Not


Yuna Ichihara’s spring break takes an unexpected turn when she bids farewell to her best friend Sacchan and encounters a boy who bears a striking resemblance to her prince from a shoujo manga.


This encounter sparks intrigue in Yuna’s heart, which only grows when she befriends her new neighbour Akari Yamamoto.


As they begin attending the same high school, Yuna finds herself drawn to Akari’s mysterious brother, Rio, while Akari develops feelings for Yuna’s carefree childhood friend, Kazuomi Inui.


However, the path to love is complicated for these four friends as they confront personal struggles and unravel hidden secrets that stand in the way of their relationships.


To move forward, they must navigate the challenges that lie ahead and uncover the truth that binds them together.



44. Full Metal Panic!


Full Metal Panic!


If you have been a part of the anime community for a while, there’s a pretty good chance you would have heard about this series.


This is a manga that is known for its anime adaptation. However, the manga version isn’t any less entertaining.


Full Metal Panic is a 9-volume manga series that started back in 2000. It is written by Gatoh, Shoji, and illustrated by Tateo Retsu.


The story talks about 2 characters. Sousuke Sagara and Chidori Kaname. Sagara is a prodigy sergeant who is known for being a genius.


However, his communication skills are laughable, to say the least. Therefore, now he has been appointed as a guard for Chidori from an evil organization.


Will he be able to learn to talk from this girl? This manga is adapted from the anime medium.


It’s your popular high school setting with a lot of fun added to it. I don’t think you should miss this one.



45. Touch




Now we are going to dive a bit into the classics ladies and gentlemen. This manga is known for its legacy across the ’80s thanks to its excellence in story depiction.


And did I mention it is written by one of the best manga authors of her time?


Touch is a 26-volume manga series that started back in 1981. It is written and illustrated by Adachi Mitsuru.


The story deals with twins who are sort of friends with each other. However, their relationship changes when a cute girl comes to the side door, and both of these boys are head over heels for her.


Now to add to the narrative, the author also blends the elements of baseball and school.


Thus, this is a prime manga for people who love old-school stuff. This manga is great for anyone who is a fan of Adachi Mitsuru.


Her works are always heartwarming and entertaining to read. The fun and baseball elements make them worth all your time.



46. Angel Densetsu


Angel Densetsu


No no, my friend. This isn’t a series that talks about love between angels or something like that.


Instead, this is set in the real world featuring real people. And no better place to place a manga than School.


Angel Densetsu is a 15-volume manga series that started back in 1992. It is written and illustrated by Yagi Norihiro  The story talks about Seiichirou Kitano who looks like the beast of all delinquents.


He is known in his school as someone who can beat you enough to make you regret all your actions.


The one who took over his school and his appearance is the scariest one you would ever witness.


Crossing paths with him is like standing next to Satan or so the people say.


In reality, Kitano is a kind-hearted man who helps anyone and everyone he can. However, every time he helps someone, the situation turns in ridiculously to make him look like a don.


This is more prominent thanks to his looks. Will he be ever able to reverse this and live a normal life?


This manga might not seem like a romance at first, but the true essence is in the actual narrative.


Therefore, if you want to enjoy some fantastic manga with fighting and love then this is the one for you.



47.  The Demon Prince Of Momochi House 


The Demon Prince of Momochi House


On her 16th birthday, Himari Momochi receives an inheritance letter informing her of the “Momochi House,” the sole remnant of her true family.


Unfazed by rumours of its haunted nature, she enters the mansion and encounters Aoi Nanamori and his companions, who have made it their temporary dwelling.


Despite their advice to leave, Himari is determined to oust them instead.


However, she soon becomes a target of supernatural creatures and learns that the house lies between the human and spirit realms.


Aoi discloses his role as the chosen guardian, originally intended for Himari. Bound to the mansion and erased from the human realm, Aoi implores her to depart.


Defying his pleas, Himari commits to helping Aoi break free from the house’s curse, forging a shared life under its roof.



48. Sora wa Akai Kawa no Hotori


sora wa akai kawa no hotori


This manga is also known in the community as Red River. Sora wa Akai Kawa no Hotori is a 28-volume manga series that started back in 1995.


It is written and illustrated by Shinohara Chie. The story talks about Yuri, a cheerful girl whose life changes when she gets transported into a new world.


This world is under the Kingdom system where an evil queen wants to have Yuri so she could use her as the reason for murder.


The queen plans to kill all her heirs except her son. However, before she could do any of this, Prince Kail saves Yuri, and thus, Queen’s plan flops.


However, her continuous efforts to kill both Yuri and Kail are crude. Will Yuri ever go back home?


We are starting very strong here. With series like Red River, you are bound to find entertainment blended with romance.


It’s a great way to start your manga journey.



49. The Guy She Was Interested in Wasn’t a Guy at All


the guy she was interested in wasn't a guy at all


The Guy She Was Interested in Wasn’t a Guy at All stands out as a captivating manga, exploring themes of identity, romance, and the transformative power of music.


The narrative unfolds around Aya Oosawa, a high school gyaru, enamoured with a mysterious clerk in a small record store.


This enigmatic figure, consistently concealed in a hoodie and face mask, turns out to be Mitsuki Koga, a scholarly female classmate.


Unaware of her true identity, Aya perceives her crush as a young man. As their shared love for rock music deepens their connection, the storyline becomes more intricate.


The manga masterfully captures the nuances of teenage romance and the unifying influence of music, creating a heartwarming tale sure to resonate with those who enjoy narratives intertwining love and music.



50. Kagurabachi




In the pursuit of becoming a skilled sword-maker, young Chihiro dedicates his days to training under his renowned swordsmith father, envisioning a future of greatness.


The duo, a quirky father and a determined son believes these moments will endure eternally.


However, an unexpected tragedy shatters their idyllic existence, plunging them into a dark day stained with blood.


Now, Chihiro, fueled by vengeance, forges ahead with his blade.


The narrative unfolds into an epic tale of sword battles and action, showcasing the transformative journey from familial bliss to the relentless pursuit of retribution.



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