Top 50 Best Anime Cats [Most Popular of All Time]

anime cat


Cats are the cutest like couples! They are also incredibly intelligent if some of their online videos are to be believed.


They hail from a long line of historical greatness and have enormous amounts of mystery and beauty attributed to their species.


In this article, we at Entoin decided to cover some ‘inspired’ kitty cats. To achieve this, we chose to dive into the world of anime.


In anime, nearly every character plays a role, big or small.


This logic extends to pets and animals in this genre, particularly cats.


Felines have become an almost essential part of anime, and they are not often put there for show.


Their roles range from the cutest to the most significant in furthering the plot.


Let’s take a look at the various anime cats that have enhanced the anime world.




1. Meowth




Anime: Pokémon


Granted, all Pokémon are based on some animal or other; fictional or otherwise. It is therefore not surprising to realize that you can collect an entire cat-themed team for your Poké-battles.


Team Rocket’s Meowth stands apart from the crowd thanks to this cat’s ability to speak. He’s rather vocal about a lot of things, adding to the reasons why cats shouldn’t have to talk in the first place. His name kinda sounds like ‘mouth’, come to think of it. 


Meowth is also a humanoid kitty-kat. He walks upright rather than resorting to a four-paw gait like typical felines do.


In the “Pokémon” series, the nefarious mecha-building Meowth is one of a handful of characters who breaks the creative fourth wall.


This cat has proven to be both accomplished and unrelenting. He also has plenty of cute moments in the show. No wonder Meowth has become one of the most recognizable kitties in anime. 




2. Artemis & Luna


artemis & luna


Anime: Sailor Moon


We’re looking at a pair of cats here, a pair of felines who are not exactly what they seem. Both so-called kitties are, in truth, aliens from the Planet Mau.


Featuring prominently in the “Sailor Moon” anime, Luna goes on to prove that she is a shape-shifting alien who can also adopt a human form. In fact, she ends up falling in love with a man in one such body. That’s a distinct story arc in its own right. 


A kitten shows up later in the show, one that fans will agree was the result of Luna and Artemis’s feline intimacy.  


The core duty of these two characters (in the series) is to instill the importance of magical young girls having their own magical pet companions. And what cute little companions these two turn out to be!




3. Kyo




Anime: Fruits Basket


Essentially a high-school boy who’d unwittingly become a cat, Kyo perfectly symbolizes the crazy-cool narrative in the “Fruits Basket” anime.


The show centers on a family whom someone curses using ancient Chinese Zodiac symbols.


Stuck in cat form, Kyo soon finds himself isolated and misunderstood. Even his loved ones start seeing him as a monster. Not a day goes by when Kyo doesn’t curse that curse! 


This cat-character also makes a comeback in the anime reboot and is still fun to watch. He brings outstanding balance to the storyline simply by being a disgruntled and unfortunate kitty-cat.


There is no end to the fun-funny moments he contributes to the series, making Kyo one of the most popular anime cats around. 




4. Lucky




Anime: Fairy Tail


Any fan will be guilt-stricken to mention only cat-characters like Happy and his mom Marl without also giving the dad Lucky some credit. This venerable white-furred black kitty-kat redefines the words strict, aggressive, loud, and angry. 


His sense of style could do with a makeover, but none of that stopped Lucky from earning a shipload of fans. Lucky also proves to be a caring father, adding to the wonderful characterization value that suffuses this series and its cat-characters. 


The “Fairy Tail” anime has fandoms all over the world, especially among anime cat lovers.



5. The Baron


the baron


Anime: The Cat Returns


Baron Humbert von Gikkingen! You wouldn’t think such an aristocratic name actually belonged to a cat. And what a cat! Style, sophistication, chivalry, and a protective spirit make Baron Humbert go the extra mile in “The Cat Returns” anime. He and his Cat Bureau have become fan favorites for good reason.  


Quick origin story… What was once a statue gathering dust in an antique store transforms into The Baron. Though this cat-character first appeared in “Whispers of the Heart” (1995), he made it big in “The Cat Returns”. 


The Baron is also one of the most mysterious kitties in Anime. If you didn’t already guess from this cat’s white suit and matching top hat, there’s a keen anthropomorphic angle in “The Cat Returns” anime series.



6. Chachamaru




Anime: Demon Slayer – Kimetsu No Yaiba Amino


In this outstandingly fun anime, fans will see a side-character named Tamayo conducting medical research into demon blood. Tamayo entails the aid of a demon familiar to help in that endeavor. This is all, of course, well into the “Demon Slayer” plotline. 


Soon, a cat called Chachamaru makes his appearance. At first, he appears too adorable to be associated with anything diabolical. This tricolor calico has beautiful brown, black, and white spots on his body, enough to make anyone want to pet him instead of fear him.


But the brown box Chachamaru carries has a distinctly nefarious purpose. The bright red Yushiro-drawn talisman hanging from its neck adds to the familiar’s devious purpose for being. The cat also teleports to and from the location where the anime’s main character Tanjiro collects demon blood after defeating the hell-borns it came from.


Tanjiro wants to cure his sister Nezuko, and Tamayo’s demon blood research seems to promise that cure. But without Chachamaru the cat, they’d all have been hard-pressed to get this done in the time needed. 



7. Doraemon




Anime: Doraemon


This gadget cat from the future has become an icon and fan favourite. From his blue fur to the fact that he was born in the year 2112, Doraemon has become a household name for an assortment of reasons, one of which is that he plays a potent part in the “Doraemon” anime.


He is sent back in time to help the main character, Noby. Making ample use of the ‘4th Dimensional Secret Gadget Pocket’ situated smack in the middle of his belly, Doraemon fishes out all sorts of secret gadgets to help Noby.


But the boy often falls short of competence, adding to the humour and amusement that this series comes packing. 



8. Nyamsus




Anime: Nyan Koi!


Family cat to the Kousaka household, this chubby and superior kitty-kat with its red bandanna seems all set to make Junpei’s life a living hell. But her real intentions are later revealed, and they are not all bad. 


Her role in the “Nyan Koi!” anime is defined and important, one that fans have come to appreciate.


Let’s just say that without this kitty in the series, an entire character should be created just to replace her, and to bridge crucial scene-moments. Guess she has a good reason for being all icy and supercilious. 



9. Piro




Anime: Kanon


Nayuki finding the stray Siamese cat Piro proved to be a game-changer in the “Kanon” anime. She later joins the Minase Household, where this next kitty on our list continued to inspire love and awe. 


Translated in Russian, this Catto’s name means ‘Fried Pork Bun’, which makes her sound leagues cuter.


There’s a moment in this series when Piro’s disappearance was a point of concern for fans. A strong emotional arc follows this kitty within the storyline, making her an integral part of the narrative in “Kanon”.



10. Haru Mikazuki


Haru Mikazuki


Anime: My Roommate Is A Cat


If her name sounds like a full-fledged anime character, that’s because it is. The only difference is that Haru Mikazuki is a feline. A stray tuxedo, she was adopted by the main character Subaru Mikazuki in the “My Roommate Is A Cat” anime. 


With her unforgettable tragic back story and wonderful emotion-driven moments, Haru is an important addition to this master list of anime kitties.


Aside from her signature red ‘Meowal’ collar, with attached ribbon and no-longer-attached bell, Haru’s story arc and characterization in this show are nothing short of excellent. 



11. Cait Sith


cait sith


Anime: Final Fantasy VII


The “Final Fantasy” franchise is as anime as it gets. Besides, we wanted to take a quick break from talking about cats within the illustrated realm of anime.


The game “Final Fantasy VII” has a lot going on, its characters being one of the best things about it. Cloud’s party better brace themselves for some insane and dopey moments where this kitty is concerned. 


With Cait Sith, fans received a playable character who is no pushover.


Megaphone in hand, this kitty gives all the orders, particularly to a large stuffed Moogle that he gave life. Cait Sith’s an anthropomorphic plush-toy kitty, one who’s remote-controlled, and one who belongs on this list of the best. 



12. Sphynx




Anime: A Certain Magical Index


This is a memorable anime for a variety of reasons, most importantly the way it conveys the importance of adopting pets. The main character Index saves one such kitty from a harsh life on the streets, and that’s how Sphynx the cat enters this well-written series.


There’s a catch, though. This kitty needs to remain hidden in Toma’s dorm room. Interactions between the characters and the Sphynx (which feels like a curious name for a cute little cat such as this) are worth appreciating. 



13. Takkun




Anime: Fooly Cooly


Adopted by Mamimi, this little black Catto is all kinds of adorable.


Blessed with literally cartoony proportions, just one look at him will make any fan wonder how the illustrators of the “FLCL” anime managed to weave him into a genre known for a recognizable and distinct animation style. 


Takkun’s movement and body are the stuff of cartoon flair. He is around for the longest time in Mamimi’s life. It is genuinely beautiful to see the way these two meet and play at a riverbank because Mamimi is not allowed to keep pets at home. 



14. Pantherlily




Anime: Fairy Tail


We nearly forgot about this dark and deadly kitty from the “Fairy Tail” anime. He may seem small and adorable, but Pantherlily is the Magic Militia’s First Division Commander of the Royal Army. An Exceed character, his power is rather extraordinary. 


His being a member of the reputed ‘Fairy Tail Guild’ adds to his legendary status in this popular series. He despises noisy people (who doesn’t) and is a grumpy cat most of the time.


For all his bluster, this kitty is afraid of thunder. But offer him some kiwi fruit, and he will continue singing yet another ditty praising its deliciousness. 



15. Chimaera




Anime: Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions


A cat known for her signature look, Chimaera lives up to her name in the “Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions” anime. This Catto’s ever-present pink angel wings and attached serpent have turned the heads of fans every time she showed up in the series. 


Tōka Takanashi’s interactions with her are fun to watch, seeing as she’s allergic to cats in general. Not that Chimaera cares, though. Around season two’s finale, we see this cat becoming the proud mom of six adorable kittens.


All in all, this character is worthy of being on this list. 



16. Nanashi




Anime: Clannad


Though this cat does not speak or do anything of significance to further the plot of the “Clannad” anime, he still has fans all over the world. This striped kitty has been lauded for being as cute as a button. 


Additionally, this cat’s story linked to the character Misae in the series has gathered countless admirers. That sweet smile and those big eyes on his itty-bitty face are enough to bring most viewers to the brink of a giant cute attack.



17. Lecter




Anime: Fairy Tail


We are covering yet another Exceed cat on our list from the evergreen “Fairy Tail” anime. As if Lecter was not powerful enough, he is also a skilled Mage in this show.


From his red fur to that smug expression on his kitty face, it is not surprising to realize that Lecter has his own set of fans despite being one of the most arrogant cats in the series, and the most egotistic one on this list.


His affiliations with Sting and the Sabertooth Guild make for amusing viewing. His character arc also adapts to changing narratives in this anime, and he brings more than a handful of expressions to the show. 



18. Muta




Anime: The Cat Returns


Though he plays a supporting role in this superb anime film, fans have enjoyed nearly everything this large cat brought to the movie. Anyone can be a star when they find themselves in a Studio Ghibli production.


Remember The Baron cat we detailed earlier? Muta’s his chubby companion at the ‘Cat Bureau’.


With Muta the grumpy cat, fans were amused at the sheer sarcastic potential contained in this kitty. Add a generous dose of condescension and an immense appetite, and this is one cat who’s earned his place on our list.


When the time came, he proved more than ready to team up and help out, which redeemed him in the eyes of fans. His story arc with Haru and the ‘Cat Realm’ is a must-see. 



19. Puar




Anime: Dragon Ball


A shape-shifter and Yamcha’s best buddy, this next Catto brings exceptional loyalty and care into the “Dragon Ball” anime.


His unconditional faith in Yamcha sets him apart from all the cats in the crowd. This cute blue wide-grinning egg-hatched cat has its fanbase.


He can also be devious when he wants to be, and did we mention he can shape-shift? This kitty has witnessed and lived through some of the most game-changing moments in the “Dragon Ball” franchise.



20. Bub




Anime: Sankarea


Family cat to the Furuyas, Bub brings a bucketload of quality to the “Sankarea” anime. Some interesting death and reanimation narratives drive this story forward.


Bub’s technically an un-dead kitty, one who met with an accident and couldn’t quite be reanimated.


The way the writers managed to work in resurrection potions, characterization excellence, and feline other-worldliness all do this show great credit.


It certainly makes Bub the only death-touched kitty on our list. This adorable zombie cat practically confirms his cuteness each time he sits on Mero Furuya’s head. 



21. Marl




Anime: Fairy Tail


We covered Happy from this same anime earlier, but found ourselves wondering ‘Where does he get it from?’ This led us straight to mama-cat, namely Marl.


From her memorable matronly looks to her sweet voice, this cat may be far beyond her kitten years but still exudes innocent charm.


Her kindness and willingness to help often save Happy and Carla from some tight spots. Marl’s compassion was also how Shagotte even flew again.


She is more understanding than others of her kind, namely Exceed, making her more than worth adding to this list of best anime cats.



22. Tailmon




Anime: Digimon Adventure


Partner with Yagami Hikari in the amazing and well-paced “Digimon Adventure” series, this next cat on our list brings a lot to the table. Her ‘evolutionary’ arc is admirable, more so given the circumstances in which she grew to become Tailmon.


This cat packs a punch, in more ways than one. Her ability to remain consistent and, when required, to retaliate has made her quite the fan favorite. Tailmon is certainly a bona fide anime cat. 



23. Aria Pokoteng


aria pokoteng


Anime: Aria the Animation


A blue-eyed kitty, serving as a mascot that brings good luck… Fans found this and more in “Aria the Animation”. The President of ‘Aria Company’, Pokoteng seems to have his work cut out for him.


This Aqua breed feline has the skill to comprehend human words. 


Thanks in good part to Akari and Alicia’s attentions, Pokoteng has become one of the most beloved chubby cats in anime. He adores eating, finds himself drawn to President Hime, and is particularly repelled by President Maa.


The latter gives unruly bites on his soft round belly, and he hates it. 



24. Poyo Satou


poyo satou


Anime: Poyopoyo Kansatsu Nikki


A round Catto named Poyo rolls onto our list. He can be found in all his rotund glory in the “Poyopoyo Kansatsu Nikki” anime, along with the family who adopted him.


The show is simple and sweet, ferrying viewers into an ‘everyday’ world, one that first originated in the manga created by Rū Tatsuki.


The character Hide is initially averse to this orange kitty but grows to like him as the show progresses. All in all, Poyo has become a household name owing to his high adorability quotient.


The fact that he is the show’s main character is as curious as it is admirable. 



25. Kamineko




Anime: Azumanga Daioh


Touted to be Sakaki’s main antagonist in the “Azumanga Daioh” anime, this Catto is no walk in the park. We detailed Maya earlier, another sweet cat found in this series. But with Kamineko you get all fangs and no purrs.


His name translates to ‘biting cat’ or ‘evil cat’ in Japanese. Jaws akin to a bear trap and his tendency to keep snapping down on Sakaki each time she tries petting him has been an ongoing laugh-fest in this series.


Who knew something so adorable could prove so villainous?  But that is what makes this anime so adorable and fun to watch.



26. Jibanyan




Anime: Yo-kai Watch


This fierce little orange cat wields fire like no man’s business. It’s adorable watching such a powerhouse kitty-kat sometimes give in to lethargy or simply choose to disregard Nate’s orders.


Play anything from his favorite music group, ‘Next HarMEOWny’, and he’s your friend.


Especially fond of Chocobars, Jibanyan has found a place in fans’ hearts for being determined, adorable, and relatable. That last is thanks to his fanboyish craze for that music group he adores to the point of worship. 



27. Cheshire Cat


cheshire cat


Anime: Pandora Hearts


In what appears to be a well-transcripted alternate version of the famous “Alice In Wonderland” story, the “Pandora Hearts” anime has much worth appreciating.


The Cheshire Cat in this series is based on the original one, of course, but with some major twists. More like ‘twisted’.


This Catto can change into a human and back to cat form again. The anime harbors plenty of dark narratives, which have certainly rubbed off on this kitty.


Driven by aggression and motivated by vengeance, this is one of the darkest cats on our list, and we aren’t referring to his fur. 



28. Neko-Sensei


neko sensei princess tutu


Anime: Princess Tutu


A tutor and a cat both rolled into one, Neko is at once annoying and welcome. His obsession with marriage may seem unhealthy at first. Just ask anyone single for a while and they will tell you that the whole idea is a rotten one.


But with Neko, duty comes first, failing which marriage to him should come soon after.


It is ironic and interesting to see him run away when the big moment finds him. He does eventually settle down, though.


The “Princess TuTu” anime may sound strange, but it has a lot of good points working in its favor, one of which is certainly Neko-Sensei. Just watching him on-screen will make fans giggle with delight. 



29. Anpu




Anime: The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.: Reawakened


A fancy name for an otherwise straightforward anime, this series gave the world a clichéd cat but one that is still a favorite among anime pet lovers.


One of the main characters, Saiki, can read the kitty’s mind. Through him, viewers experience the high and mighty attitude of this Catto who is always attempting to manipulate someone for something or other. 


Used to get all the attention, and then some, Saiki’s don’t-care stance often irks Anpu. Their interactions make for some funny moments in the show. At the end of the day, this cat plays diverse roles in Saiki’s life, from protector to wingman. 



30. Puck




Anime: Re: Zero


Carefree pseudo-spirit Puck serves as a protector to Emilia, who’s one of the characters in the “Re: Zero” anime movie.


The way Puck jokes around in the company of Subaru and Beatrice adds to her endearment value. But when this cat turns angry, she might give The Hulk a run for his smashes. 


This kitty is, canonically speaking, quite the powerhouse. It would have been a gross under-use of such potential if the writers failed to tap into this.


Puck, despite his cute-sounding name and adorable feline features, is every bit as deadly as his jungle cousins. 



31. Maya




Anime: Azumanga Daioh


Sasaki has terrible luck with cats, worse when you consider that she gets bitten by them every time she tries to pet one. In the “Azumanga Daioh” anime, we even see a crazy cat called Kamineko (more on him later) unhinge its jaw to give Sasaki big painful bites. 


But one cat stands out from the bite-worthy crowd, and that’s Maya. Sasaki finds this cute kitty during a trip to Okinawa. Ironic, Maya happens to be a wild cat but one that is uncommonly comfortable with Sasaki getting close to her.


This Catto even follows the protagonist back home, thereby becoming an important element of the series. 



32. Karupin




Anime: Prince of Tennis


Setting high cuteness standards for all anime cats, Karupin deserves recognition just for sheer adorability. Ryoma and he love each other so much that it becomes hard not to want something like that for ourselves.


This Catto adores his toys so much that he follows any characters who go carrying one of his playtime favorites.


Cuddle buddies have seen nothing until they witness Karupi and Ryoma catching a snooze in some of several amazing moments in the “Prince of Tennis” anime. 



33. Kaya




Anime: Ghost Stories


In the real world, you skip things like summoning demons or accidentally getting your pet kitty possessed with one.


The “Ghost Stories” anime certainly lives up to its name. Kaya the kitty-kat in this show becomes the unwitting victim of an unintentional reverse exorcism, making her one of the show’s most hilarious characters. 


Though grumpy and often on edge, Kaya manages to come across as amusing and worth watching. The English dubbed version of this show sees this kitty tearing several pages out of the potty-mouth book.


Good thing the show came out in the early 2000s when such foul language was not a snowflake’s nightmare. 



34. Memine




Anime: Death Parade


This cat is a lot more important to the series than you might think. And let’s just say that it is a lot more interesting as well. 


Residing on Viginti alongside Ginti, Memine is a black cat with green eyes who aids him in his duties as an arbiter.


Despite her feline nature, she showcases remarkable competence in her assigned tasks.


The name “Memine,” originating from Latin, meaning “remember,” suggests her ability to recall individuals like Mayu, potentially hinting at her present whereabouts.


Memine’s appearance features a truncated tail and a bandage wrapped around her right foreleg.


She embodies the characteristics of an obedient, intelligent, playful, and friendly cat.


Acting as Ginti’s assistant, she displays a clear understanding of her role in facilitating the execution of their games.



35. Shamisen




Anime: The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya


What at first appears to be your average stray cat soon becomes something magical. When Haruhi uses Shamisen in a game of her own making, granting him the role of familiar, confusions boil over and leave this kitty with the ability to talk.


Morals and philosophies are often Shamisen’s go-to conversation topics, but this feline with its deep voice and drown-worthy eyes makes a good case for magical anime cats.


He plays a significant role in bridging narratives and has grown into one of “The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya” anime’s most beloved characters. 



36. Nekogami-Sama




Anime: Pani Poni Dash


His name quite literally means ‘Cat God’. This divine feline most certainly has powers, ones that he uses in the “Pani Poni Dash” anime to do the most bizarre thing… He stays within vending machines and makes sure all the drinks stay at a particular temperature.


Even when he has to leave the said machine, he finds a replacement to step in and carry on the task. Talk about a dutiful cat!


Changing his fur color also happens to be another of Nekogami-Sama’s powers, and fans see him in a new hue every episode. This show is as strange as it is funny, and has stayed in the hearts and minds of anime fans all over the world. 



37. Arthur




Anime: Code Geass


Arthur’s a cat. That’s all. No demonic powers, no shape-shifting, no talking, no magic… Just your average kitty, takin’ it easy. That’s precisely why we wanted to add him to this list.


That, and because we could all do with a break this far into the article, dontchya think?


There was a singular moment in the “Code Geass” anime when Arthur stole Zero’s mask and made a run for it. He ran all over the school, giving fans of this anime a glance into what normal cats in real life usually do.


Some interesting cool-cat moments and his invariable tendency to bite Suzaku have further endeared him to viewers.  



38. Korin




Anime: Dragon Ball


You will be forgiven for drawing any parallels to Master Shifu from “Kung Fu Panda”. This next kitty-kat is a veritable kung fu master, as seen in the “Dragon Ball” anime before everything went super-Saiyan.


This immortal cat, residing in a giant tower, is responsible for training the one and only Goku.


To be fair, the battle versus Cell could entirely have been avoided if this cat didn’t give the gang those dratted Senzu beans. But then again, where’s the fun in that? This fuzzy venerable old kitty is definitely “Dragon Ball” canon.


Fans have adored his contributions to the show’s narrative, let alone Goku’s character arc.



39. Mao




Anime: Darker than Black


This cat isn’t a cat. It’s a person in the disguise of a cat. I know. Kind of terrifying. But here’s the story behind it. 


Mao, a Contractor in the series, has undergone various body transformations throughout his experiences. Originally taking refuge within a black cat’s body, Mao later shifted into a brown momonga after the cat’s demise.


Joining the Syndicate during his time at a university in Moscow, Mao’s mission was to investigate Mikhail Pavlichenko’s research. Unfortunately, he faced betrayal that resulted in the destruction of his body, trapping his consciousness within the black cat’s form.


Driven by anger, Mao launched an attack on Mikhail in his burning laboratory. Since then, he frequently shifts between different animal bodies, often favouring the black cat as his chosen vessel. 



40. Jiji




Anime: Kiki’s Delivery Service


The titular protagonist of “Kiki’s Delivery Service” finds herself with a cat companion during her time training to be a witch. Witches and black cats have often gone wand in paw, and these two are more popular than they are clichés.


Some strange magic is afoot with the Japanese and American versions of this show; unintentionally, we bet. Jiji’s character in the Japanese version of the anime is cautious, has a feminine voice, and is as humble as she is adorable.


Quite the contrary takes place in the American version of the show where Jiji proves to be chatty, speaks in a male voice, and is as sarcastic as he is proud. 


It is interesting to note a particular scene difference between the two anime versions. Kiki loses her capability to talk to Jiji in the Japanese version but regains that ability in the American version.


Fans will recall the highly symbolic point made by reputed anime director Hayao Miyazaki (who contributed much to this show). Jiji the cat here symbolizes childhood and innocence. Kiki losing her ability to communicate with Jiji meant she was growing up. 



41. Kirara




Anime: Inuyasha


In a series known for showcasing a plethora of demonic creatures, a demon cat seems almost at home. Following Sango around is a diabolical kitty called Kirara who has captured the love and cute admiration of fans everywhere.


Imagine a sweet little kitty that can transform into a flying sabretooth beast called a Nekomata. 


Though this kitty cannot verbally communicate, like some of the other cats on this list, Kirara is still an intimidating creature packed into one small adorable package.


Also, remember those sweet squeaky sounds she made when she was little? There’s certainly more to “Inuyasha” than meets the anime eye, and Kirara is an integral part of the show. 



42. Kuro




Anime: Blue Exorcist


When you think about it, cats have so often been associated with demons that it comes as no surprise to see one manifest in anime.


In “Blue Exorcist”, we see precisely such a thing happen in Kuro. Familiar with the show’s main character, Rin Okumura, this cat may seem playful but he is a rather capricious kitty.


Before his days as a familiar, the show reveals a moment when Kuro attacked several people for destroying a shrine that was dedicated to him.


The exorcist Shiro Fujimoto soon made Kuro an offer he couldn’t resist. Naturally, it involved wine. It was heartbreaking and memorable to see how deeply this cat felt for Shiro’s loss when the man passed away.


Before long, Rin and Kuro became a magical companion pair whom fans couldn’t get enough of.   



43. Kuroneko




Anime: Trigun


Yet another black cat seems to have pounced onto our list, and she’s every bit as welcome as the rest of them. In the “Trigun” anime, we see a rather contrary kitty in Kuroneko.


Meaning, she adds nothing of canonical value to the plot but somehow plays a significant role in the show. The number of times she shows up on screen varies but the fact remains that Kuroneko is present in every episode of this anime. 


The cat has a brilliant character task: she adds comic relief where needed, sometimes even enhancing the humor already present in a scene.


Her tension-breaking skills are as golden as the object-shattering capabilities of cats in general. Fans most certainly have appreciated the time this Catto stopped chess cheat Wolfwood. 



44. Sakamoto




Anime: Nichijou – My Ordinary Life


Another unforgettable anime, “Nichijou – My Ordinary Life” sees Sakamoto the Catto being taken in by a caring family. Nano and Hakase are the show’s main characters, but Sakamoto brings his own to the plotline.


Things take a turn for the technological when Hakase crafts Sakamoto a scarf that enables the cat to speak. No magic here, just fictional tech. 


The cat, for all his cutesy looks, then sounded older and demanded respect. It makes for hilarious viewing to see how he’s treated, sometimes with venerability and other times not so much.


The more Sakamoto pretends he is more than a cat, and the more often he does things typically feline, the more fans end up adoring this anime cat. It is pleasant to see him transition from his deplorable former owner to genius inventor Hakase. 



45. Bananya




Anime: Bananya and the Curious Bunch


To put it simply, every character in this anime is called Bananya, but a prefix to each name denotes what role each of them plays in their amusing animated community.


The main Catto of the lot is simply called Bananya and, if the merchandise is anything to go by, he’s immensely popular among fans of anime. 


Step aside, Tabby and Elder Bananya, this cat has got everyone’s tongue…wagging while vocalizing its cute-sounding name. His story is well-pursued in the series and has made this anime stand out.


Adorable kitties in cute banana bodies? Sounds weird when you think too much about it, but they’re rather sweet. Sad that the show had to end. 



46. Madara




Anime: Natsume’s Book of Friends


Nyanko-Sensei, or Madara as he’s otherwise called, is not your usual everyday chubby cat. He’s a Youkai and a powerful one at that.


Fans of the anime “Natsume’s Book Of Friends” will know that this Catto is only a chosen form for the Youkai and not an actual kitty in any realistic sense of the word.


He’s also single-minded about getting his paws on the Book itself, owing to its inherent power. 


This probably explains why Nyanko is as condescending as he is self-serving, traits that the meme community has often associated with cats.


In Nyanko-Sensei, fans received a feline that flies and one that can shape-shift.


Nyanko, on occasion, emits a strange light that has proven capable of scaring away other Youkai.


He may seem like a fat Catto, but this one packs incredible strength in its portly form.


He grows fond of Natsume throughout the show and makes us fond of him in return. 



47. Chi


Chi (Chi’s Sweet Home)


Anime: Chi’s Sweet Home


This next Catto from the anime “Chi’s Sweet Home” apparently enjoys having its name printed big in the show’s title.


Heavily inspired by its manga version, this cat is anime to its core and every bit as adorable. This kitty also has a beautiful storyline.


Taken in by a family, the Stray Chi takes viewers through a sublime narrative that is equal parts heartbreaking and heartwarming.


The series itself is renowned for having voluminous episodes, but each one is only around three minutes long.


Suffice it to say, this cat has proven to be quite the scene-stealer. 



48. Nekobasu




Anime: My Neighbor Totoro


This show’s a classic in the anime realm, and the Catbus character Nekobasu (the Japanese word for ‘Catbus’) has become a true pop culture icon.


From spoofs to special mentions and merchandise galore, you’ll find that this kitty is one of the most famous anime cats of all.


Not only have hit TV shows like “The Simpsons” and “Persona” made mention of this cat, but some of you may also be surprised to learn that he inspired the character of Appa in “Avatar: The Last Airbender”.


Seeing this cat do what it does, one immediately recalls the Cheshire Cat from “Alice In Wonderland”, whom the Catbus closely resembles in several regards.


It somehow does not come across as a ripoff, thanks to the genius of anime writers and illustrators. Nekobasu proves enormously helpful to the rest of the gang. 



49. Blair




Anime: Soul Eater


You may have heard of the ‘little black dress’ but have you seen this ‘little black cat’ yet?


In the “Soul Eater” anime, she’s what they call a monster cat, and for good reason.


Do not be misled by its adorable appearance, this kitty can transform into a human at will.


Her outdoor forays may be amusing but cause this Catto to end up upsetting a lot of characters.


Just ask some of the main players in “Soul Eater”, and they’ll tell you that Blair is more witchy than Kitty.


This cat certainly packs some magical abilities, some of which involve the use of pumpkins.


How much more Halloween can you get?


From shooting pumpkin orbs at people to dropping large pumpkins on them, Blair seems to uphold the other side of pet-cat expectations: they can be troublemakers at the best of times. 



50. Happy & Carla


happy and carla


Anime: Fairy Tail


We’re not trying to cheat here. Granted, these next two kitties on our list are not technically cats at all.


They are, in essence, magical entities called Exceed that have taken the form of cats.


In the “Fairy Tail” anime, we see so much of the egg-hatched Happy, especially how effortlessly he can fly, talk, speak, and perform magic. 


Buddy to the show’s protagonist, Happy the blue cat is as wacky as anime cats come.


His scenes with Carla (his female feline friend) are great to watch.


Both these furry cats are as captivating as their real-life counterparts.


They make us want to watch their antics all day long. Besides, it’s great hearing him say “Aye Sir!” now and again. 



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