Top 44 Best Uncensored Anime Of All Time


Censorships are made for the sake of limiting the content affecting national security, obscenity, and other aspects that can change a person’s perspective considerably. However, if you are mature enough, those censorship marks, especially in anime, are very annoying to deal with.


Therefore, to help you guys out, I have prepared the Best Uncensored Anime list so that you can enjoy that mature content without bothering about anything. But before I begin, I wish to address two very important points here.


First and foremost, don’t even think about watching these anime until and unless you are 18+. I, along with the ENTOIN team, highly condemn the idea of anyone below 18 trying to watch these anime.


However, if you are above 18 then go ahead. Secondly, censorship in anime is very frequent and anime like Naruto and Dragon Ball Z have also had alterations within them for the sake of censorship.


Needless to say, they won’t be included in this list because of how shallow the uncensored contents were. This list would include anime that was heavily censored and had an uncensored version of the same.


So with all that out of the way, let’s dive into the pool of uncensored anime. I hope you have a great time.




1. Berserk




Berserk is a 12-episode TV anime that started back in 2016. It is an anime adaptation of a manga.


The manga was written and illustrated by Miura Kentarou. Berserk follows the life of Guts, who lost his mother very close to his birth. Now in this cruel world, all he does is fight and try to survive so he could see the next day.


However, one day, he gets scouted by a gang leader and is asked to join the group. Guts agree to their assistance and soon rises to the ranks as well.


Now, this mercenary group mercilessly slaughters all those in their path. However, soon Guts realizes that this world isn’t as horrible as he thought and decides to take vengeance against the one who once hired him.


This is the story placed in a War setting with a mercenary realizing the truth of life and the essence of survival. There is no denying that Berserk is one of a kind series.


Yes, it received heavy criticism for its animation but as fans of the franchise, we can’t ignore the legendary manga author, the late Kentarou Miura’s efforts on the story. This man created one of the most appreciated and loved stories in all of manga history and we HAVE to respect that.




2. Nana




Entity Detail
Title Nana
Type TV
Studios Madhouse
Premiered Apr 5, 2006 to Mar 28, 2007
Source Manga
MAL Score 8.481
Duration 23 min. per ep.


Sometimes, anime makes us question a lot of processes that take place in our lives regularly. Our life as a whole and we as individuals, how things work and their effects on us can be invisible sometimes.


However, when you will watch Nana, you will realize a few lessons that you needed in your life so much. Nana is a 47-episode TV anime that started back in 2006.


It is an anime adaptation of a manga. The manga was written and illustrated by Yazawa Ai. The story talks about Nana Komatsu who seeks love for life more than anything.


On the other hand, we have Nana Osaki who is a fantastic vocalist looking for a career in singing. They both had an accidental meeting on a train for Tokyo and also happened to stay in the same apartment there.


With both of them having their dreams, Nana tells the story of these girls living life in the city of Tokyo while realizing the true nature of love and life.


Nana is a series that will open your eyes with its narrative. The characters, the soundtrack, the animation, everything about this anime is classic and surpasses all standards. Awards, appreciation, and acclaim are all achieved by this anime and I can’t see any of you decided NOT to watch it for any reason.


Make some time and look at this anime. You will have a great time for sure.




3. Demon Slayer


demon slayer


Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, a Japanese manga penned by Koyoharu Gotouge, traces Tanjiro Kamado’s path as a demon slayer after his family’s massacre and his sister Nezuko’s transformation into a demon.


The anime adaptation is acclaimed for its intense combat sequences, showcasing battles against demons featuring unique powers known as “Blood Demon Art.”


However, the series faced censorship challenges in certain countries, altering scenes with graphic content and modifying character designs to adhere to cultural sensitivities.


For instance, in China and South Korea, adjustments were made to the anime due to concerns about graphic depictions and perceived associations with Japanese imperialism.


Despite these challenges, Demon Slayer remains a highly regarded series for its compelling narrative and action-packed scenes.




4. Hellsing Ultimate


Hellsing Ultimate


Entity Detail
Title Hellsing Ultimate
Type OVA
Studios Madhouse, Satelight, Graphinica
Premiered Feb 10, 2006 to Dec 26, 2012
Source Manga
MAL Score 8.381
Duration 50 min. per ep.


Now let’s take a horrifying turn in our narrative. This is when we talk about some of the best-uncensored anime you can find. And wouldn’t I say that this list would have been incomplete without the inclusion of Hellsing Ultimate into it?


Why? Let’s find out. Hellsing Ultimate is a 10-episode OVA series that started back in 2006. It is an anime adaptation of a manga. The manga was written and illustrated by Hirano Kouta.


The story is set in a world where vampires are found when darkness prevails and they are nothing less than monsters trying to eat humans. On the other hand, we have an organization that goes against them called Hellsing.


The owner of Hellsing has dedicated her life to fighting these vampires and managed to get his hands on Alucard. Who is Alucard you may ask? Well, he is a vampire working for Hellsing and fighting against his kind.


And wouldn’t I say, he is the most loyal and lethal weapon Hellsing possesses? As the story goes on, we come across multiple creatures making their way to survival. However, Alucard will make sure that he does anything and everything to ensure the safety and success of Hellsing!


Why is he doing so? Watch it to know for yourself. This is an anime that will make you fall in love with the horror setting. Alucard is looked upon as one of the best anime characters and his popularity is amazing as well.


Critical acclaim and heavy appreciation are just a few of the many achievements Hellsing Ultimate has acquired. Now all you have to do is binge-watch it tonight.



5. Tokyo Revengers


tokyo revengers


Tokyo Revengers, a gripping anime that premiered in 2021, follows Takemichi Hanagaki’s journey as he discovers his ability to time travel after the tragic death of his ex-girlfriend, Hinata Tachibana, at the hands of the Tokyo Manji Gang.


Fueled by determination, Takemichi utilizes this newfound power to alter the future and prevent Hinata’s demise.


Renowned for its intense and brutal fight sequences, the series portrays street punks engaging in visceral battles, earning it a reputation as one of modern anime’s most violent shows.


Characters like Ran and Rindo contribute to this reputation with their ruthless fighting styles. Despite its brutality, Tokyo Revengers is celebrated for its compelling plot and character development.



6. Kill la Kill


Kill la Kill


Entity Detail
Title Kill la Kill
Type TV
Studios Trigger
Premiered Oct 4, 2013 to Mar 28, 2014
Source Original
MAL Score 8.081
Duration 24 min. per ep.


Original anime is always a gamble. However, when we talk about some successful original anime in the past decade, the name Kill La Kill always summons up in our heads.


Why is it so? Let’s find out. Kill la Kill is a 24-episode TV anime that started back in 2013. It is an original anime directed by Imaishi Hiroyuki and animated by Studio Trigger.


The story talks about a girl named Ryuuko Matoi who lost her father to a murderer. To find the culprit, she has the only lead of a weapon called a scissor blade.


While looking for clues, she comes across a school where the student council seems to be ruling. She feels that this school has answers to her questions and tries to talk her way in.


However, when she was challenged by a student council member who had a super powerful suit called ‘Goku Uniforms’, she gets beaten up badly. When she retreats home and comes across a piece of clothing called God’s Clothes.


When that piece starts to connect with Matoi’s blood, she starts to gain powers herself. Now with Scissor Blade AND God’s Clothes, Matoi is prepared more than ever to take on the student council and find the secrets for her father’s death.


Kill La Kill is one of the best original anime you would ever come across. It has won multiple awards including Tokyo Anime Award for Best Character Design in 2014, another Character Design Award along with a Storyboard Award, Soundtrack Award, Theme Song Award, Mascot Award, Female Character Award, Best Original Anime award, and Series Award for TV Broadcast.


Yeah, I don’t think I need to say anymore.



7. Golden Boy


Golden Boy


Entity Detail
Title Golden Boy
Type OVA
Studios APPP
Premiered Oct 27, 1995 to Jun 28, 1996
Source Manga
MAL Score 8.021
Duration 29 min. per ep.


So I see that you are a busy man who doesn’t have too much time in his hands to spare for anime. Well, don’t worry because Golden Boy is a series that you should try if you want some fine uncensored animation.


Let’s take a deeper look at it. Golden Boy is a 6 episode OVA series that started back in 1995. It is an anime adaptation of a manga. The manga was written and illustrated by Egawa Tatsuya.


The story talks about Kintarou Ooe who takes on odd jobs for a living on his bike. Simply put, he takes out his bike and rides it on the road, and performs anything and everything one asks from him.


No matter how undignified the job is, our boy does it no matter what. And also meets the beautiful women he finds here and there. For him, education is the biggest asset and when you experience work firsthand, THAT education is unbeatable.


Golden Boy is a short, sweet, and simple series with bits of Ecchi added to it. Nothing too extreme but the lessons all of these episodes teach us are the biggest selling point of this series.


If you watch the series, you will know EXACTLY what I am talking about. This anime is a Classic.



8. High School DxD


High School DxD


Entity Detail
Title High School DxD
Type TV
Studios TNK
Premiered Jan 6, 2012 to Mar 23, 2012
Source Light novel
MAL Score 7.371
Duration 24 min. per ep.


Well well, we are at the Pinnacle of Ecchi ladies and gentlemen. This is it! The best ecchi anime of all time. Nothing tops the ecchi nature of the legendary High School DxD.


Let’s have a closer look. High School DxD is a 12-episode TV anime that started back in 2018. It is an anime adaptation of a light novel. The light novel was written by Ishibumi Ichiei and illustrated by Miyama Zero.


The story talks about Hyodou Issei who takes admitted to a school with a super high girls-to-boys ratio just so he could live his life. If you know what I mean.


However, his life turns upside down when for the first time in his life, a girl from another school approaches him. They both go on a date and have a fun time.


However, soon Issei is set in a place of death when that girl reveals herself to be a fallen angel and wants to kill Issei. Begging for his life, Issei says his final words and dies.


However, he is brought back to life as a devil by the President of the Occult Research club of his school, Road Gremory. She revived him and makes him her servant and now our boy is going to live his life as a Devil.


However, this life is unexpectedly going to turn into a harem for him. And let’s just say that this harem is one everybody would crave. High school DxD is one of the funniest and most enjoyable ecchi series out there.


Although it is heavily focused on ecchi elements, if you can bear them then a great story is waiting for you right behind it. Make sure you have a fun time watching it because many of us did.



9. Prison School


Prison School


Entity Detail
Title Prison School
Type TV
Studios J.C.Staff
Premiered Jul 11, 2015 to Sep 26, 2015
Source Manga
MAL Score 7.671
Duration 24 min. per ep.


For all the ecchi anime fans out there, this series is nothing less than incredible. I mean how can you not like this hilarious series that deals with prison in a school?


You have to take a look at it no matter what. Prison School is a 12-episode TV anime that started back in 2015. It is an anime adaptation of a manga.


The manga was written and illustrated by Hiramoto Akira. The story is set in the Hachimitsu Private academy which only allows females in their school. However, after the amendment in the rules, the school decides to make it co-ed with 5 boys.


Kiyoshi and his fellow 4 boys are excited to start their life in this girls-only school. However, their start is completely ruined when they try to peek into the girls’ bath on their very first day.


Now they are assigned to the school prison where the infamous underground student council will be dealing with them. And let’s just say that this deal is going to be a pretty big one and ridiculous as well.


How will our boys escape this horrible prison? This anime is all about fun using the ecchi elements. All the activities mentioned in this are hilarious and presented laughably. If you were having a rough week then try watching Prison School Uncensored.


All your stress would be gone for good.



10. High school of the Dead


High school of the Dead


Entity Detail
Title Highschool of the Dead
Type TV
Studios Madhouse
Premiered Jul 5, 2010 to Sep 20, 2010
Source Manga
MAL Score 7.111
Duration 24 min. per ep.


Do you like Zombies? Do you like the apocalypse? No? Great! Because this anime is all about it! High School Of The Dead is that one zombie-based anime that you should watch at all costs!


Why? Let’s have a look. High school of the Dead is a 12-episode TV anime that started back in 2010. It is an anime adaptation of a manga. The manga was written by Satou Daisuke and illustrated by Satou Shouji.


The story of High School of The Dead is set in a world where all of a sudden, zombies started appearing out of nowhere. No one knows when they first showed up or how they showed up.


All we know is that they are here and now they are attacking the entire city. Takashi Kimuro, present in school when this happened, loses his friend when he was bitten by a Zombie.


Now Takashi has to escape this school and make sure that he is alive. However, he is not the only survivor of the school. A few other students join him and together, they are all going to search for the root cause of this zombie invasion.


Hundreds of people are turning into zombies every minute and they must escape before they become part of the unfortunate. High School of the Dead is one of those anime that a few people would ignore because of its ecchi content.


However, when you ignore the ecchi contents instead, the actual story is so much better. Trust me, you will have an amazing time enjoying this anime. And don’t forget to watch the uncensored version.



11. Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou


Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou


Entity Detail
Title Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou
Type TV
Studios Lerche
Premiered Jul 8, 2015 to Sep 23, 2015
Source Manga
MAL Score 7.041
Duration 23 min. per ep.


How would it feel if you were to spend the entirety of your life alongside monster girls? Do you want to know? Well, don’t worry because Monster Musume is here to help you!


Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou is a 12-episode TV anime that started back in 2015. It is an anime adaptation of a manga. The manga was written and illustrated by Inui Takemaru.


This anime talks about Kimihito Kurusu who gets involved with monster girls. How? Well, that’s simple. His parents were abroad and Japan permits the introduction of Interspecies into society. That is why the monster girls who weren’t treated properly ended up escaping and boom!


They reached Kimihito’s house. Now his life is going to take the turns like roller coasters as his harem gets filled with these monster beings. This is a story of a boy who starts living alongside monster girls who have feelings for him.


Even though this might not sound like something incredible, Monster Musume has a different approach. Don’t you dare skip this one if you love your ecchi?



12. Afro Samurai


afro samurai


Entity Detail
Title Afro Samurai
Type TV
Studios Gonzo
Premiered May 3, 2007 to May 4, 2007
Source Original
MAL Score 7.361
Duration 27 min. per ep.


Let’s start with Afro-Samurai. Afro Samurai is a 5 episode TV anime that started back in 2007. It is an original anime directed by Kizaki Fuminori and animated by Studio GONZO.


The series talks about a boy named Afro who witnessed the horrifying reality right in front of his eyes. His father was cut and died in a duel while he was watching from the side by a man named Justice.


After defeating his father, Justice takes the number one headband and gets even stronger. Now years later, Afro has managed to get the number two spot that permits him to challenge number one.


The only problem is that ANYONE can challenge number 2 and so, Afro has to take revenge for his father all by trying to survive himself. Things are going to get very aggressive especially when Afro-Samurai is in the equation.


Afro Samurai is amazing for anyone who likes combat-oriented anime. And if you wish to enjoy this series at its maximum potential, make sure you watch the uncensored version. There’s true strength in that.



13. Tokyo ghoul


Tokyo ghoul


Entity Detail
Title Tokyo Ghoul
Type TV
Studios Studio Pierrot
Premiered Jul 4, 2014 to Sep 19, 2014
Source Manga
MAL Score 7.801
Duration 24 min. per ep.


Well well, look what we have here. This is Tokyo Ghoul, an anime known for its gore and violence as well as story and art. Just this description should hook you in but if it didn’t then let me help you out.


Tokyo Ghoul is a 12-episode TV anime that started back in 2014. It is an anime adaptation of a manga. The manga was written and illustrated by Sui Ishida. The series talks about our boy Kaneki Ken who is going on a date with Rize.


Being the innocent kid that he is, Kaneki is preparing for the dinner of his life. However, what he doesn’t know is that his life is going to be the dinner on his date.


And he soon realizes that, when Rize turns out to be a Ghoul. Ghouls are vampire-like creatures who survive on human flesh. Now Kaneki is getting attacked by a Ghoul whom he had a crush on but luckily, Rize became a part of an accident and lost consciousness.


When Kaneki wakes up, he realizes that his body feels different. Turns out that the doctors who treated him in the emergency transferred all of Rize’s body parts into him so they could save him.


And now Kaneki is a Ghoul. With that, Kaneki Ken is going to experience hell on Earth when he becomes what he hates the most. The life of a ghoul is about to begin.


Looking at how popular this anime is and was, I don’t think I need to mention it anymore. The manga for this series has won multiple awards so if you are not into Manga, you can certainly check out the anime. It’s worth all your time



14. Ishuzoku reviewers


Ishuzoku reviewers


Entity Detail
Title Ishuzoku Reviewers
Type TV
Studios Passione
Premiered Jan 11, 2020 to Mar 28, 2020
Source Manga
MAL Score 7.521
Duration 23 min. per ep.


But after that horrifying ride at Deadman Wonderland, I think it would be great if you take some rest with Ishuzoku Reviewers. Time to take a break from all the stress and enjoy this hilarious series.


Ishuzoku reviewers is a 12-episode TV anime that started back in 2020. It is an anime adaptation of a manga. The manga was written by Amahara and illustrated by Masha  The story of Ishuzoku reviewers involves our main group who are present in this fantasy with just one objective.


To witness the reproduction process of every species and judge them. That’s right, this is what Ishuzoku reviewers or Interspecies reviewers are all about! Trust me guys, I framed it very decently compared to the actual contents of the show.


If you watch the original work. You would laugh so much and question the line between this and anime adult videos. You have been warned.



15. Deadman Wonderland


Deadman Wonderland


Entity Detail
Title Deadman Wonderland
Type TV
Studios Manglobe
Premiered Apr 17, 2011 to Jul 3, 2011
Source Manga
MAL Score 7.201
Duration 24 min. per ep.


We had our share of fun anime on this list, now let’s talk a bit seriously. The next anime on our list is a horror series so make sure that you are prepared before watching it.


You have been warned. Deadman Wonderland is a 12-episode TV anime that started back in 2011. It is an anime adaptation of a manga. The manga was written and illustrated by Kodou Kazum and Kataoka Jinsei.


The series talks about Ganta Igarashi who was about to go to Deadman Wonderland along with his friends for a field trip. However, when his entire class is murdered by the mysterious “Red Man”, things start to look bad for our boy.


Then he is sent to Deadman Wonderland where the misery lies. In this Amusement park, the prisoners risk their lives every day to entertain the visitors. One wrong move and you are done for and now THAT is the life of Ganta.


Now all he can do is try his best to survive and find the Red Man. If he does so, he might have a chance at escaping the wonderland. This series involves brute force, blood, violence, and psychological horror.


Make sure you are aware of all of these before watching this anime. It’s an important disclaimer.



16. To Love Ru


To Love Ru


Entity Detail
Title To LOVE-Ru
Type TV
Studios Xebec
Premiered Apr 4, 2008 to Sep 26, 2008
Source Manga
MAL Score 7.041
Duration 24 min. per ep.


I am sure many of you already know about this anime. And I wouldn’t be surprised if almost all of you know about it considering that this is one of the most popularized ecchi series of its time.


This is To Love Ru. To Love Ru is a 26-episode TV anime that started back in 2008. It is an anime adaptation of a manga. The manga was written by Hasemi Saki and illustrated by Yabuki Kentarou.


The series talks about Rito Yuuki who has a crush on a girl but doesn’t dare to confess it. Now it might seem that love life is not in Rito’s favor but you will realize that that’s not the case.


One day, while taking a bath, an Alien princess crash-landed on Rito. Yes, you read that right. And thereon, she asks him to marry her because she doesn’t want to be part of an intergalactic political marriage.


Things are starting to look pretty lucky for our boy. To Love Ru is ecchi at its finest. If you are a fan of that genre then I think that the uncensored version of this anime will bring a smile to your face.



17. Grisaia




Well, time to take a look at some rather unconventional anime series, shall we? Because I don’t think you can align Grisaia as a normal anime series. Grisaia is a 13-episode TV anime series that started back in 2014.


It is an anime adaptation of a visual novel directed by Tanaka Motoki and animated by Studio 8 bit. The story talks about Yuuji Kazami who just got admitted into a new school and wishes for a normal life.


However, that hope seems to be very far ahead of our reach considering that he meets 5 girls and the principal and realizes that this school is different. With all of them having their share of traumatic experiences, Yuuji soon realizes that it’s now his task to take care of these girls and try to figure out their past.


Let me tell you straight, things in this anime series are going to get very out of hand very quickly. I hope you are prepared for that. What happens is quite extraordinary.



18. Jinrō




Entity Detail
Title Jin-Rou
Type Movie
Studios Production I.G
Premiered 2000-06-03 00:00:00
Source Manga
MAL Score 7.781
Duration 1 hr. 42 min.


We have had our fair share of anime series on this list. However, what we haven’t had yet is a Movie. Therefore, I think we should take our time and appreciate these beautiful movies, am I right?


And let’s just start this appreciation with Jinro. Jinro is a 1 hour 45 mins long movie that started back in 2000. It is an anime adaptation of a manga.


The manga was written by Oshii Mamoru and illustrated by Fujiwara Kamui. The story is set in a world where various disasters occurred in Japan right after World war 2.


Constable Kazuki Fuse is getting challenged for his mental strength when he witnesses a teenage girl’s suicide bomb and he wasn’t able to save her. With this regret and many more that are happening during this time, he is looked at as unhealthy by the military and is sent back to camps.


However, soon he is going to realize that the military and the government’s actions are a messed up cage that captured him in, and he has nowhere to go. Will he be able to continue serving his citizens?


Using the metaphor of World War 2, Jinro targets a lot of real-life issues with its narrative. I mean you don’t normally see movies winning the Best Film – Animation, the Special Jury Award, the Minami Toshiko Award, the Best Animated Fill, and the Special Award.


Yeah, Go for this movie!



19. Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom


Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom


Entity Detail
Title Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom
Type TV
Studios Bee Train
Premiered Apr 3, 2009 to Sep 25, 2009
Source Visual novel
MAL Score 7.991
Duration 24 min. per ep.


Phantom is a series that I wanted to include on this list so much. I mean if you have watched it, you know how amazing its uncensored version is right?


Oh, so you haven’t watched Phantom. Don’t worry, let me tell you about it. Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom is a 26-episode TV anime that started back in 2009. It is an anime adaptation of a visual novel directed by Mashimo Kouichi and animated by Studio Bee Train.


The series is set in a world where Mafias and their killings are normal occurrences and a group called Inferno is said to be behind them. So when a tourist saw one of the leading individuals of Inferno kill someone, he has nothing to do other than run away.


But his luck runs out and he gets captured. Now that individual from Inferno alter his memories and now this man is stuck in a world where lies, death, and murder is on the horizon.


Will this tourist be able to make it out alive? Phantom is a simple yet captivating series that will draw your attention right from the first episode. Give it a try, I am sure you would love those 26 episodes.







Entity Detail
Title Gangsta.
Type TV
Studios Manglobe
Premiered Jul 2, 2015 to Sep 24, 2015
Source Manga
MAL Score 7.401
Duration 23 min. per ep.


The title seems pretty self-explanatory if you think about it. It’s about gangsters, wars, and fights. And as men of culture, you know we will be vibing to this. GANGSTA is a 12-episode TV anime that started back in 2015.


It is an anime adaptation of a manga. The manga was written and illustrated by Kohske  The series talks about Nicholas Brown and Worick Arcangelo aka the handymen who can perform all your tasks.


Both police and criminals seek assistance from them and so they are quite popular. However, when they come across Alex while performing a mission, they start to discover the dark side of their city.


The city they live in was built for twilights, drug-enhanced humans. However, now the great days are gone and the life of everyone is in danger because of the government.


What will our Handymen do about it? This anime is a lot more diverse in its plot points and presentation of plot points. It has fights, wars, and anything and everything in between.


Give this anime a try, you will be ready for chills!



21. Mnemosyne




Let’s take a look at Mnemosyne. Short and sweet girl’s love story that will hook you right off the bat. Mnemosyne is a 6 episode TV anime that started back in 2008.


It is an original anime directed by Ueda Shigeru and animated by Studio Xebec. The series talks about Rin Asougi who has attained the power of immortality. On the surface, it might seem like being immortal is great.


However, Rin was a private investigator and so many people want her dead. Therefore, she has to fight for herself every day with the risk of getting attacked anytime. However, her life might be in trouble when she is getting closer to her biggest enemy.


In the essence of helping someone, she will be standing in front of the only person who has the strength to kill. Will that be the end? This anime is for anyone who is looking for a short yet gripping series.


If you don’t have time today at the office, don’t worry. Mnemosyne will be done before you know it.



22. Sekirei




Entity Detail
Title Sekirei
Type TV
Studios Seven Arcs
Premiered Jul 2, 2008 to Sep 17, 2008
Source Manga
MAL Score 7.101
Duration 23 min. per ep.


Sekirei is a 12-episode TV anime that started back in 2008. It is an anime adaptation of a manga. The manga was written and illustrated by Gokurakuin Sakurako. The story talks about Minato Sahashi who is regarded as useless because of failing his entrance exam twice.


However, his life changes forever when Musubi, a ‘Sekirei’, gets involved with him. Sekirei is creatures who have supernatural abilities and can awaken the latent ones by kissing a specific Gene.


Since Musubi found potential in him, she kissed him and took him to the Sekirei world where they both have to fight for their survival. So the worthless life of Minato is about to take an unexpectedly adventurous route.


This anime is great for anyone who wishes to enjoy some amazing adventure series that aren’t censored for anything. If you are one of those, Sekirei is a series you should try at all costs.



23. Yuuna




Time to take a look at some ghosts, weebs. But not just ANY ghosts. We are going to look at some adorable ghosts that are rare to come by these days.


And we will find these ghosts in Yuuna. Yuuna is a 12-episode TV anime that started back in 2018. It is an anime adaptation of a manga. The manga was written and illustrated by Miura Tadahiro  The story talks about a poor psychic named Fuyuzora Kogarashi who starts living at Yuragi inn.


This is because the Yuragi is known to have ghosts on it making all the tenants run away from it. However, when Kogarashi starts living in that place, he realizes that this ghost is nowhere near that scary.


Instead, it’s just a cute ghost girl who only remembers her name, Yuuna. Now chaos starts when people start to get involved with this inn and amongst this chaos stands Kogarashi who wishes to find the reason why Yuuna is still bound to earth.


This is a cute ecchi series that will give you wholesome vibes while watching it. If you are planning to give this series a try, make sure to do so by watching the uncensored version.



24. Terra Formars


Terra Formars


Entity Detail
Title Terra Formars
Type TV
Premiered Sep 27, 2014 to Dec 20, 2014
Source Manga
MAL Score 7.031
Duration 24 min. per ep.


If you are a fan of Sci-fi then you NEED to watch this one. This anime is all about space exploration and interplanetary war. Oh yeah, I am getting excited as well.


Terra Formars is a 13-episode TV anime that started back in 2014. It is an anime adaptation of a manga. The manga was written by Sasuga Yu and illustrated by Tachibana Kenichi.


The series talks about human attempts to colonize Mars with the help of Algae and Cockroaches. These creatures can survive on the planet but adapt very fast. Fast forward a few centuries later, in the 26th century, a new disease has shown up and the cure for the disease is on Mars.


However, Mars is colonized by advanced humanoid cockroach species that developed from the ones sent before them. To fight these monsters and bring back the cure, a group of 100 physically enhanced humans is brought together and sent to space.


This is the fight for humanity that lies on the shoulders of these men. And their actions will decide the future of the planet. As many of you can feel, this anime has a great Sci-fi vibe to it.


And even the narrative itself seems so captivating and worth watching. No need to think about it, just give this anime a try.







Entity Detail
Title Gantz
Type TV
Studios Gonzo
Premiered Apr 13, 2004 to Jun 22, 2004
Source Manga
MAL Score 7.031
Duration 22 min. per ep.


If the name itself doesn’t sound chilling enough, let me tell you the narrative of this series. Maybe then you will understand what we are dealing with here. GANTZ is a 13-episode TV anime that started back in 2004.


It is an anime adaptation of a manga. The manga was written and illustrated by Oku Hiroya. The story talks about Kei Kurono who becomes part of a game where he has to kill monsters and aliens so he could survive.


However, this is happening AFTER his death so the idea of an afterlife and all are already out of the window. What awaits him is a life filled with misery, Gore, and fear.


Prepare yourself mentally because this is NOT as simple as you think. GANTZ is anything but normal. Don’t let the narrative fool you. The series has extreme violence and action combined with its story.


If you are not used to such content, please avoid watching this.



26. Freezing




Entity Detail
Title Freezing
Type TV
Studios A.C.G.T.
Premiered Jan 8, 2011 to Apr 7, 2011
Source Manga
MAL Score 6.871
Duration 24 min. per ep.


Ahm ahm. Looks like we have yet another captivating uncensored anime on our list ladies and gentlemen. This time, it’s the ecchi beast Freezing. Freezing is a 12-episode TV anime that started back in 2012.


It is an anime adaptation of a manga. The manga was written by IM Dal Young and illustrated by Kim Kwang Hyun. The series talks about Kazuya Aoi who meets the strongest Pandora amongst the Novas.


What are Novas and Pandora? Well, Novas are aliens who have invaded whereas Pandoras are females from that alien group. Now when Kazuya meets her, he embraces her as his deceased sister.


Pandora soon realizes that she isn’t affected by his touch and so she keeps him as her servant or limiter. Now, this relationship is going to take different directions with every moment.


How will they be able to cope with that? Freezing has a great world-building and narrative to work for it. If you are interested in some very fascinating ecchi anime try Freezing.



27. Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero


Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero


Entity Detail
Title Hagure Yuusha no Aesthetica
Type TV
Studios Arms
Premiered Jul 6, 2012 to Sep 21, 2012
Source Light novel
MAL Score 6.841
Duration 24 min. per ep.


Isekai anime is a trend in setting anime history. No matter what category you select for your anime, Isekai is bound to be there. And this includes uncensored, with Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero.


Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero is a 12-episode TV anime that started back in 2012. It is an anime adaptation of a light novel. The light novel was written by Uesu Tetsuto and illustrated by Tamago No Kimi.


The story talks about Akatsuki Ousawa who used to fight in another dimension back in his rogue days. And he isn’t the only one to go to different dimensions. A lot of people acquired the power to travel dimensions and gain special abilities in the current one.


And for them, Babal was founded. However, when Akatsuki and Miu, his wife, enter Babal, they go up against the student council. And this student council won’t spare anyone against them including Akatsuki.


How will they be able to survive In such a situation? This series is about other world struggles and current world struggles. If you are a fan of Isekai then you should try this one out mate.



28. Blade of the Immortal


Blade of the Immortal


Entity Detail
Title Mugen no Juunin: Immortal
Type ONA
Premiered Oct 10, 2019 to Mar 26, 2020
Source Manga
MAL Score 7.371
Duration 23 min. per ep.


Now let’s take a serious turn ladies and gentlemen. There were a lot of ecchi anime on this list but let’s talk about some gruesome ones here. And starting that, we have Blade Of The Immortal.


Blade of the Immortal is a 13-episode TV anime that started back in 2008. It is an anime adaptation of a manga. The manga was written and illustrated by Sakura Hiroaki.


Known as the Hundred men killer, Manji is an infamous swordsman that is haunted by many in Japan. However, his biggest strength is the fact that he is immortal because of some blood cells.


Now, he assigns himself the task of killing 1000 evil men to atone for his sins and let his curse of immortality go away. However, on his journey, he meets Rin Asano who pleads for his help against the people who killed her parents.


Although he was reluctant at first, Manji agreed to her plea after seeing how weak she was. And thus, embarks on the journey of 2 warriors on the same route for their cause.


Blade Of The Immortal is gory, gruesome, dark, and mind-bending. The narrative might seem simple but the actual presentation is much more horrifying. No wonder this series was censored so much.



29. Demon King Daimao


Demon King Daimao


Entity Detail
Title Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou
Type TV
Studios Artland
Premiered Apr 3, 2010 to Jun 19, 2010
Source Light novel
MAL Score 6.831
Duration 23 min. per ep.


The story seems to be about a Demon King. And that is exactly what it is. However, this isn’t your typical demon Kung adventure stuff, oh no my friend. Demon King Daimao is going to offer you something unexpected.


Demon King Daimao is a 12-episode TV anime that started back in 2010. It is an anime adaptation of a light novel. The light novel was written by Mizuki Shoutarou and illustrated by Itou Shouichi.


The story talks about Akuto Sai who joins an Academy to become stronger and make the world a better place. On his journey, he finds Junko Hattori who shares the same principles, and both of them decide to do what’s best for the world.


However, when Sai is prophesied as the next Demon King, people around him start to get scared of him including Hattori. Everything Sai does leads to people confirming his fate.


However, Sai is unwilling to accept his fate and claims that no matter what happens, he will bring justice to the world. But with all his new magical powers blooming, leading to situations like his own Harem, will he be able to stick to his own words?


This is a motivational series in disguise with the fact that Sai’s personality is captivating on its own. Being able to have a tough mindset even when everything seems against you is something only the strong can do.


And by watching this anime, you would learn from one such boy.



30. HyakkaRyōran: Samurai Girls


HyakkaRyōran: Samurai Girls


The title seems pretty self-explanatory if you ask me, man. It’s about Samurai girls who are supposed to go against the ones who aren’t willing to obey for Justice. HyakkaRyōran: Samurai Girls is a 12-episode TV anime that started back in 2010.


It is an anime adaptation of a light novel. The light novel was written by Suzuki Akira and illustrated by NiO. The story is set in a world where every nation looks up to Japan for its success and only Master Samurais are the defense of the country.


Therefore, when the daughter of one such samurai enters the school, things start to look interesting. She gets into a lethal fight right after entering the campus and more importantly, a magical girl appeared out of nowhere and kissed her.


Who is this girl? Why was she here? How was she here? And more such questions are yet to be answered. And all your answers would be found by watching this anime.


The series has a lot of content that needs to be mentioned and so a synopsis might not give you the exact idea. But let me tell you, you will have a great time watching this anime especially if you like the Samurai setting.



31. Shinmai Maou no Testament


Shinmai Maou no Testament


Entity Detail
Title Shinmai Maou no Testament
Type TV
Studios Production IMS
Premiered Jan 8, 2015 to Mar 26, 2015
Source Light novel
MAL Score 6.761
Duration 23 min. per ep.


I am certain that many of you are already aware of this anime. After all, if we were to make a list of uncensored anime, this entry is a must-include.


Shinmai Maou no Testament is a 12-episode TV anime that started back in 2015. It is an anime adaptation of a light novel. The light novel was written by Uesu Tetsuto and illustrated by Ookuma Nekosuke.


The story talks about Basara Toujou who gets new siblings all of a sudden. Moreover, these siblings are no ordinary beings. Both Mio and Maria are demons who are the sworn enemies of ‘Heroes’.


And guess who would be the ‘Hero’ in this situation? Yes, it’s Basara. However, instead of attacking them, he decides to protect them as a family. And therefore, the journey of our boy going against the entire faction is about to begin.


His secrets are yet to be touched upon. This anime has a blend of action, drama, and ecchi. You know, your typical uncensored stuff, nothing to worry about.



32. Okusama Ga Seitō Kaichou


Okusama Ga Saitō Kaichou


Entity Detail
Title Okusama ga Seitokaichou!
Type TV
Studios Seven
Premiered Jul 2, 2015 to Sep 17, 2015
Source Manga
MAL Score 6.631
Duration 8 min. per ep.


If you guys can’t understand the meaning of the title, let me help you out. The English title for this anime is ‘My Wife Is The Student Council President. And with this, I am pretty sure that many of us already know where things are going to go.


Let’s have a look. Okusamago Saito Kaichou is a 12-episode TV anime that started back in 2015. It is an anime adaptation of a manga. The manga was written and illustrated by Nakata Yumi.


The story talks about Hayato Izumi who wanted to be the student council president. And even though he was smart, hardworking, and talented, he lost to Wakana Ui because she was offering the extremes.


Ui promised stuff like condoms and other exciting things that made her win the elections and Izumi settled for the Vice President position. However, after getting these positions, they both realize that their parents had a pact between them that they are supposed to marry each other.


How will they manage their school life, matrimonial life, and the student council? Wholesome is the word that would pop up in your mind when you will watch this anime.


I can make you rest assured that you will have a great time watching this series.



33. Ladies Versus Butlers


Ladies Versus Butlers


Entity Detail
Title Ladies versus Butlers!
Type TV
Studios Xebec
Premiered Jan 5, 2010 to Mar 23, 2010
Source Light novel
MAL Score 6.611
Duration 24 min. per ep.


Well well, let’s have a look at some anime that will fill the tanks for some of you guys. Ladies versus Butler is quite an interesting title. If you know what I mean.


Ladies Versus Butlers is a 12-episode TV anime that started back in 2010. It is an anime adaptation of a light novel. The light novel was written by Kouzuki Tsukasa and illustrated by Munyuu.


This anime deals with Hino Akiharu who was unfortunate to lose his parents at a young age. Moreover, he had to shift to living with his uncle to survive. But being the considerate man he is, he decides that he should join a free boarding school as a Butler.


You know, it would help his uncle financially. A pretty good thought process if you ask me. However, when he joins the school, he realizes that it is mostly filled with girls and his delinquent-like appearance is a hurdle here.


However, things start to look better for our boy when he meets his childhood crush Tomomi Saikyou. This is an anime that will not only make you blush as you watch it but also give you the romantic dose that you need.


Of course, it’s not what you were expecting but I can be confident to say that it’s even better than your expectations.



34. Blood-C




Entity Detail
Title Blood-C
Type TV
Studios Production I.G
Premiered Jul 8, 2011 to Sep 30, 2011
Source Manga
MAL Score 6.541
Duration 23 min. per ep.


Ever heard of Cardcaptor Sakura? Yeah, the author of this series was also the one who created Cardcaptor Sakura. However, unlike that series, Blood – C has a much dealer narrative that will show you new ways to look at life.


Blood-C is a 12-episode TV anime that started back in 2011. It is an anime adaptation of a manga. The manga was written by CLAMP and illustrated by Kotone Ranmaru.


The story talks about Saya Kisaragi who lives in a village as a simple girl. However, when the sun hits the horizon, she brings out her weapon and decimates all the monsters, becoming a monster Slayer.


But who is this monster Slayer protecting? This is the question that summons up in her mind as well when she encounters a few monsters who were saying something against her beliefs.


When her dedicated life is challenged and her thoughts are tortured by unimaginable imagery, we find ourselves rooting for a girl whose intentions are not clear. Or maybe it’s the village that’s the problem here.


Just by reading the narrative, you might think that it’s a complex series. While yes, it is nowhere near as complex as it sounds, there’s no denying that this anime has what might appeal to many of you.


After all, watching a character learn about the truth against her beliefs has always been oddly satisfying.



35. Why the hell are you here, teacher!?


Why the hell are you here, teacher!?


Entity Detail
Title Nande Koko ni Sensei ga!?
Type TV
Studios Tear Studio
Premiered Apr 8, 2019 to Jun 24, 2019
Source Manga
MAL Score 6.481
Duration 11 min. per ep.


The role of a teacher in anime is usually more than JUST teaching. Sometimes, they get involved with the students a little too much. And if you think that I am not speaking the truth then just sit back and give, ‘Why the hell are you here, teacher!?’ a try.


Why the hell are you here, teacher!? Is a 12-episode TV anime that started back in 2019. It is an anime adaptation of a manga. The manga was written and illustrated by Soborou.


The series talks about Ichirou Satou and his relationship with his teacher, Kojima Kana. Now if we look at their backgrounds, Satou is a simple man having a fun time enjoying his school life and Kojima is a ruthless teacher whom even the delinquents are afraid of.


So when Kojima meets Satou in a restroom, things start to get a bit out of hand. Needless to say, some wild imagination broke the roof as this encounter took place.


And when more such encounters take place, we get to see this student-teacher relationship flourish into something far greater. I am sure you already know how things would go here.


It’s a simple narrative anyway. But just because it’s simple doesn’t mean it’s ‘Bad’. Because my oh my, you will be surprised seeing how amazing this series is.



36. OniAi




Entity Detail
Title Oniichan dakedo Ai sae Areba Kankeinai yo ne!
Type TV
Premiered Oct 5, 2012 to Dec 21, 2012
Source Light novel
MAL Score 6.501
Duration 24 min. per ep.


If you have been an anime fan for a while then just by reading the title, you know where the story might be going right? I mean it’s ‘OniAi’ which involves the word ‘Oni’.


Yeah……. Let’s have a look. OniAi is a 12-episode TV anime that started back in 2012. It is an anime adaptation of a light novel. The light novel was written by Suzuki Daisuke and illustrated by Uruu Gekka.


The series talks about two siblings named Akito and Akiko Himenokouji who have had to live in separate families after their parent’s death. However, when they meet each other again after 6 years, it seems like Akiko has developed feelings towards his brother while Akito is normal as ever.


Now Akiko has to try her best to ensure that her feelings get through. However, when three more girls get involved with Akito, her feelings diminish and so the competition begins.


Our boy is about to get the weirdest harem up his head and many of us are NOT ready for it. To many of you guys, this might seem like a very creepy story and I don’t blame you.


However, if you can look past the ‘love’ aspect of the show then I think this is a great watch nonetheless.



37. Dragonar Academy


Dragonar Academy


Entity Detail
Title Seikoku no Dragonar
Type TV
Studios C-Station
Premiered Apr 5, 2014 to Jun 21, 2014
Source Light novel
MAL Score 6.481
Duration 24 min. per ep.


Ok, so the title seems like it has something dragon-related in its narrative. However, we know how the anime industry works and many times, our guesses do end up with wrong assumptions.


However, is that the same case with Dragonar academy? No, it isn’t. Dragonar Academy is a 12-episode TV anime that started back in 2014. It is an anime adaptation of a light novel.


The light novel was written by Mizuchi Shiki and illustrated by Shimesaba Kohada. The series talks about the life of Ash Blake who is a part of the Dragonar Academy.


However, he is looked upon as the weakest dragon rider because of his lack of capabilities. And even though he has a star that symbolizes his bright future in the field of dragon riding, this doesn’t seem to have any effect on him.


That is, until now when he somehow managed to get a super-strong dragon under his sleeves. However, this dragon is something quite different than the others. Instead of having a dragon-like shape, this one is a girl and a very rude one with that.


This rudeness goes beyond the limit when she claims that she is the master and Blake is the servant. And so, the hilarious journey between them is about to commence.


Dragonar Academy is a great series for anyone who wishes to enjoy some uncensored anime revolving around fantasy and dragons. Oh, you are one of them? Great! Make sure you have the best time watching this anime.



38. Kanokon




Entity Detail
Title Kanokon
Type TV
Studios Xebec
Premiered Apr 5, 2008 to Jun 21, 2008
Source Light novel
MAL Score 6.431
Duration 24 min. per ep.


Now let’s take a fantasy route toward the anime. And I believe that the best way to begin our discussion about some uncensored fantasy anime is Kanokon. Kanokon is a 12-episode TV anime that started back in 2008.


It is an anime adaptation of a light novel. The light novel was written by Nishino Katsuki and illustrated by Koin. The series focuses on a girl named Kouta who seems to have the same female problems regarding attraction.


However, instead of attracting boys, she just so happens to attract spirits. Yeah, don’t question it. And these spirits range from wolves to foxes. So when our countryside girl shifts to the big city with her grandma, she hopes to have a bright future.


And one crucial aspect of a bright future is a great first impression. However, if we were to talk about that then having a fox and wolf spirit follow her to her new school might not be the most ideal first impression.


And more such hilarious situations are about to show up when we watch this amazing series that goes by the name of Kanokon. Kanokon is a funny fantasy series that has all its greatness filled into its characters.


That’s not an out-of-the-world narrative but still fascinating enough for you to spend time on it. Make sure you watch it whilst you can.



39. Queen’s Blade: The Exiled Virgin


Queen's Blade: The Exiled Virgin (2009)


In a realm where the queen is chosen through a tournament, numerous formidable opponents vie for the crown.


A female warrior suffers an early defeat, realizing her lack of experience despite her physical prowess.


Fortunately, a powerful stranger comes to her aid, but their benevolent act leads to the warrior’s imprisonment due to deceitful motives and scheming family members.


Nevertheless, the imprisoned warrior is swiftly freed when the inexperienced fighter she saved grows weary of her privileged life as nobility and embarks on a quest to prove herself.



40. Seikon no Qwaser


Seikonno Qwaser


Entity Detail
Title Seikon no Qwaser
Type TV
Studios Hoods Entertainment
Premiered Jan 10, 2010 to Jun 20, 2010
Source Manga
MAL Score 6.411
Duration 24 min. per ep.


Now anime is getting even more interesting with its narrative and story presentation. And this fact can be proved with the help of Seikon no Qwaser. This series is one for people who love to enjoy some three-way action.


If you know what I mean. Seikonno Qwaser is a 24-episode TV anime that started back in 2010. It is an anime adaptation of a manga. The manga was written by Yoshino Hiroyuki and illustrated by Satou Kenetsu.


Tomo Yamanobe has a father who was the headmaster of an academy. However, his father has disappeared lately and there are no clues about him other than the only thing he left behind, a painting.


Moreover, a rumor about a molester is being spread in the school. And Tomo just so happens to come across him through an accident. When her sister Mafuyu was about to lose her life, the criminal whose rumors were being spread happened to show up and save her.


Turns out, this person has a ‘Qwaser’ which allows him to control elements on his own. However, the basis of his power is breastfeeding and so things get a bit messy here.


And the life of our siblings changes forever when this criminal transfers into their class. What happened next would probably blow your mind. This series is quite interesting in terms of what it offers and the way it has been structured.


I can see many of you guys have a great time watching this series. Feel free to go for it.



41. Redo Of Healer


Redo Of A Healer


Entity Detail
Title Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi
Type TV
Studios TNK
Premiered Jan 13, 2021 to Mar 31, 2021
Source Light novel
MAL Score 6.311
Duration 24 min. per ep.


Oh my God. I guess it’s time to talk about this. The anime started the biggest controversy in 2021. Redo Of a Healer is nothing less than a potential adult animation and so, this series’ uncensored version will shock you with how extreme it is.


Redo Of A Healer is a 12-episode TV anime that started back in 2021. It is an anime adaptation of a light novel. The light novel was written by Tsukiyo Rui and illustrated by Shiokonbu.


Keyaru was a healing prodigy who seemed like a great future was waiting for him. However, the reality is often different and so, he ends up having a miserable life because of his powers.


People used him for their purposes and he wasn’t able to do anything about it. However, every time he heals someone, he gets part of their memory allowing him to get stronger every time.


Therefore, he reaches a point where strength is way too immense for this world. Therefore, he decides to do what he feels is right. He casts a healing spell that would Redo the world to the point where misery started striking him.


And now, unlike the last time, he will make sure that everyone pays for doing wrong to him. The Keyaru looking for the bright world is the one going to make it darker.


This series might seem a little bit gory and dark which is true but not to a high extent. The biggest reason it was censored was because of the ecchi scenes that place it on the line that separates this anime from an adult one.


Make sure you are prepared for it!



42. Hellsing 




The noble house known as the Royal Knights of Protestant Order, led by Abraham Van Helsing, has dedicated generations to battling supernatural entities in London, such as vampires and ghouls.


This secretive paramilitary organization serves under the monarchy, safeguarding the realm from monstrous threats.


Following the passing of her father, Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing, a young heir to the Hellsing legacy, assumes command of the Order.


In her adolescence, she encounters Alucard, a powerful vampire long confined within the mansion’s depths, becoming his Master.


Ten years later, as a surge of vampires plagues London, the Vatican and their agent, the exorcist priest Alexander Anderson, enter the fray.


Uncovering a hidden scheme orchestrated by the clandestine Nazis of the Millennium, a relentless war unfolds, pitting the Hellsing family and their allies against formidable foes.



43. Isuca




Let’s continue our process of surpassing the censor board by talking about Isuca. Let’s add a bit of romance to it. Just a little bit, nothing too extreme. Isuca is a 12-episode TV anime that started back in 2015.


It is an anime adaptation of a manga. The manga was written and illustrated by Takahashi Osamu. Shinichirou Asano is a man who is living his life at his lowest.


His parents left him and now he is broke. And when life seemed to show no option, his life changed forever. A giant centipede monster attacked him and my man wasn’t able to escape.


However, Sakuya Shimazu, one of his classmates, saved him and showed that she is no human. Later on, our boy also saved someone who wasn’t a human. A two-tailed cat to be more specific.


Now he has been selected by Sakura to go against the greatest demon. However, apart from that Asano can also work as the housekeeper at her house. But hey, as long as he gets a roof over his head, things are acceptable, right?


This anime is simple, sweet, and thoughtful. When we sit down to enjoy a 12-episode anime, we should sometimes go for some calming entertainment. And if we think about it this way, Isuca is a great anime that we should take a look at.



44. Shimoneta




Shimoneta is a 12-episode TV anime that started back in 2015. It is an anime adaptation of a light novel written by Akagi Hirotaka and illustrated by Shimotsuki Eight. The story of Shimoneta is very simple yet well-thought-out at its core.


You see, it is important to note how the author tries to capture the ecchi aspect with this narrative and thus, work upon it. It is set in a world where the government has set extreme laws on lewd content to the point that even mentioning them can get you to jail.


However, Tanukichi Okuma, the son of a terrorist who was against this idea takes part in the Student Council at his school. This is because the president of the council is his childhood crush.


However, the vice president of the student council is the mysterious masked person who spreads the lewd culture throughout. Therefore, while trying to get to the president, our boy gets in touch with the vice president.


And because of his background, the girl takes an instant liking to him. Now Tanukichi is about to experience the thrill of his life as he would get involved with a criminal.


Things are going to get really out of hand. Shimoneta is all about fun and entertainment. There is nothing too complex or mind-bending in it. Just normal ecchi stuff but the build-up is great.


And that is why you should give it a try.



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