Top 50 Best Thriller Anime To Watch In 2024

top 50 best thriller anime to watch in 2024


For a lot of people, anime is the biggest source of thrill from any entertainment medium. Since anime is hand-drawn, the possibilities are literally endless. And so, many fans love to watch anime and enjoy its hyped and high-octane entertainment that can’t be matched by any other medium.


Therefore, these fans are always in search of their next thriller series that will give them the chills they crave. And I am assuming that you are one of those fans as well.


Therefore, to bring some attention towards the dynamic side of our beloved community. I have created a list of the Best Thriller anime that you can watch. So hold on to your sofa and grab a pack of chips as we dive deep down into the realm of fun and excitement.


I hope you enjoy it.




1. Demon Slayer


demon slayer


Tanjirou Kamado shoulders the burden of providing for his family following his father’s passing. During a fateful trip to the village, he learns about flesh-eating demons terrorizing the area. Tragically, upon returning home, Tanjirou discovers his entire family slaughtered, with his sister Nezuko surviving but turning into a demon.


Fueled by rage and love for Nezuko, Tanjirou joins the Demon Slayer Corps, a group dedicated to exterminating demons. Alongside this mysterious organization, he embarks on a perilous journey to avenge his family and find a cure for his sister’s demonic affliction.


When you bring a combination of beautiful animation, stunning art style, gorgeous fights, and hype moments, you get a perfect thriller experience. The story is so entertaining that many consider it “The Best Anime” and that’s quite a flex. 




2. Jujutsu Kaisen


jujutsu kaisen


High schooler Yuuji Itadori, a member of the Occult Club, leads a laid-back life until a chance encounter with a cursed item. Ingesting a demonic finger inadvertently, he becomes involved in the world of malevolent Curses, gaining extraordinary powers.


Recognizing the peril posed by these entities, Yuuji enrols in the Tokyo Metropolitan Jujutsu Technical High School to become a Jujutsu sorcerer. Embracing his newfound role, he steps into a world of perilous battles and unyielding responsibilities.


Jujutsu Kaisen has always been an anime meant for success and recognition. As the story gets more and more complex, the series adds on to the thriller element of it, making it a perfect choice for a weekend binge session. 




3. Black Clover


black clover


Asta and Yuno, both left at a church as babies, aspire to become the next Wizard King—the kingdom’s most powerful mage. Yuno possesses exceptional magic skills, while Asta has none, relying on his physical training instead.


At 15, Yuno receives a special Grimoire, but Asta gets none. When Yuno is attacked, Asta’s determination awakens his latent power, granting him the “Black Clover” Grimoire. Now wielding incredible strength, they set off on a joint quest to become the Wizard King, forming an unbreakable bond as they face challenges and adversaries on their path to greatness.


Black Clover is a shounen that always stood out to the audience, thanks to its narrative and story presentation. Moreover, with dark elements and evil character, the series managed to get the audience hooked on the thriller elements of it. 




4. Death Note


death note


In a dark world filled with violence and corruption, Light Yagami, a genius student, stumbles upon a Death Note—a notebook that grants the power to kill anyone by writing their name.


Embracing the role of Kira, he seeks to rid the world of criminals. However, his actions draw the attention of the brilliant Detective L, sparking a deadly battle of wits between the two.


As Light’s alias gains infamy, the stakes escalate, leading to a thrilling cat-and-mouse chase that will determine who comes out on top in this sinister game of justice and revenge.


If anyone hasn’t watched Death Note yet, they are missing out on a classic psychological thriller. It wouldn’t be incorrect to say that Death Note is one of, if not the best psychological thriller anime you can watch at any given point in time. 



5. Chainsaw Man


chainsaw man


Denji’s life is far from ordinary as he struggles to repay his father’s debt by hunting devils. His dreams of a normal life vanish after a tragic betrayal results in his untimely death.


However, a contract with his devil pet, Pochita, grants him extraordinary powers, turning him into a chainsaw-wielding hybrid. Under the command of the devil hunter Makima, Denji fights for survival and hopes to achieve the life he always wanted, driven by the promise of happiness with a beautiful companion.


Chainsaw Man has dark and deep elements that will bring even more thrill to the story. Fans who are interested in reading or watching the anime must take the time out to experience this beautiful piece that will give them the time of their life. 



6. Monster




Dr Kenzou Tenma, an esteemed neurosurgeon, faces a moral dilemma when he’s asked to save a famous performer instead of an immigrant worker. His decision alters his life trajectory, causing him to lose his social standing.


Nine years later, he saves the life of a criminal and discovers that he had once operated on the monstrous child, Johan Liebert, who is now causing chaos. Filled with remorse and a sense of responsibility, Dr Tenma sets out on a pursuit to stop Johan’s rampage and atone for the consequences of his past choices.


This anime is a game-changer. If you are into some hardcore psychological thriller anime then this is the show for you.



7. Classroom of the Elite


Classroom of the Elite


Koudo Ikusei Senior High School seems like a paradise, but it hides a harsh reality. It divides students into four classes based on merit, with Class A receiving the best treatment.


Kiyotaka Ayanokouji ends up in the lowest-ranked Class D, where he befriends Suzune Horikita, determined to reach Class A, and Kikyou Kushida, the friendly class idol. While class assignments are permanent, rankings can change based on academic performance, leading to fierce competition among students.


Class D allows unconventional methods to advance, making it a cutthroat environment. They must face challenges and devise unique strategies to excel and climb the ranks in this challenging school.



8. Code Geass


Code Geass


Set in 2010, the Holy Empire of Britannia conquers Japan, transforming it into Area 11. Lelouch Lamperouge, a Britannian student, finds himself in the midst of the conflict between Britannia and the rebellious Area 11 forces.


With the help of a mysterious girl named C. C., Lelouch gains the Geass, granting him the “power of absolute obedience.” Adopting the identity of Zero, he launches a vengeful campaign against Britannia to seek revenge and liberate Japan.


As a masked vigilante, Lelouch uses his newfound abilities to challenge the empire’s dominance. Code Geass is a fan-favourite that has served as the starting anime for a lot of people out there.


And so, the thrill aspect of this show is appreciated by millions.



9. Steins; Gate


Steins; Gate


Rintarou Okabe, an eccentric scientist, creates the Future Gadget Laboratory with his friends to explore scientific innovations. Their inventions are not as groundbreaking as he boasts until they discover a microwave that can send messages into the past.


This attracts the attention of a mysterious organization, leading them into danger. As Rintarou delves deeper into time travel, he faces the challenge of protecting his loved ones and maintaining his sanity.


This is the legendary anime that has reigned as the king of anime entertainment for so many years now. It may be a bit heavy for new anime watchers, but every veteran loves this show from their heart.



10. Parasyte: The Maxim


Parasyte: The Maxim


Earth faces an unexpected invasion by parasitic aliens that infiltrate human brains, gaining full control over their hosts. Among the victims is high school student Shinichi Izumi, but the parasite fails to conquer his brain and ends up in his hand instead, now named Migi.


Forced into an uneasy partnership, Shinichi and Migi must coexist to survive, defending themselves from other hostile parasites seeking to eradicate their unique threat to the alien species. Parasyte is that one anime that you need to watch as soon as possible.


It is an underrated gem that needs your love and attention. The element of action and drama is filled beautifully in this show.



11. Cyberpunk: Edgerunners


Cyberpunk: Edgerunners


Night City, a technologically advanced metropolis, offers little hope for dreams to flourish. David Martinez, a young resident of the city’s slums, struggles to achieve his mother’s dream of success within the powerful Arasaka corporation.


When a life-altering encounter grants him cyber ware called Sandevistan, imbuing him with extraordinary speed, he seeks revenge against those who wronged him. This action leads to his expulsion from Arasaka Academy, leaving him with shattered aspirations.


Unexpectedly, Lucy, a skilled data thief, offers him an escape, but it involves joining the dangerous world of Edgerunners—outlaws who defy the law for personal gain.



12. Highschool of the Dead


Highschool of the Dead


A sudden outbreak of the undead turns Japan into a chaotic nightmare. In the midst of terror at their high school, Takashi Kimuro must make a heart-wrenching decision to protect his loved ones.


Together with his girlfriend Rei Miyamoto and a group of fellow students, they navigate a world plunged into darkness, searching for their families and seeking answers about the deadly pandemic.


Each member brings their unique abilities and personality to the fight for survival. With society in ruins, they must stand together and face the relentless hordes of the undead to conquer this apocalyptic ordeal.



13. The Promised Neverland


The Promised Neverland


Grace Field House provides a seemingly idyllic home for orphans, watched over by the caring “Mama” Isabella. While the children enjoy their days with tests and play, an unsettling truth lurks beneath the surface.


The three eldest siblings begin to suspect that their adoptions are far from the happy futures they were promised. In a shocking discovery, they learn the horrifying reality of their situation—the children are not adopted but rather sent to a terrible fate.


The tranquil façade crumbles as the orphans must face the sinister secrets hidden within Grace Field House and come to terms with the dark intentions of their beloved Mama.



14. Tokyo Ghoul


Tokyo Ghoul


Tokyo faces an ominous threat as ghouls, disguised as humans, terrorize the city. Ken Kaneki, an introverted college student, is drawn into this perilous world after a date with Rize Kamishiro, a seemingly alluring woman with dark intentions.


In a tragic twist of fate, Kaneki survives a deadly encounter with Rize only to discover he has become a human-ghoul hybrid due to her organs being transplanted into him.


Struggling to retain his humanity, he becomes embroiled in the violent conflict between ghouls and government agents. Kaneki’s harrowing journey unfolds as he grapples with his identity and navigates the treacherous path between the world of humans and ghouls.



15. Paprika




In a world where dreams offer glimpses into the subconscious, Atsuko Chiba and Kosaku Tokita work on the revolutionary “DC Mini” at a tech lab. Their goal is to use it for therapeutic exploration of patients’ minds.


However, when the device is stolen, they realize its potential for sinister misuse as a tool of psychological terror. As strange behaviour spreads among people, Atsuko, Kosaku, and Officer Konakawa, a recipient of the experimental therapy, team up to find the culprit.


The race against time takes them into both the tangible reality and the enigmatic realm of dreams as they confront the menace and protect the sanctity of the human mind.



16. Ghost in the Shell


Ghost in the Shell


Set in the futuristic year 2029, Niihama City has evolved into a technologically advanced metropolis where cybernetic enhancements are the norm. Public Security Section 9, led by the resolute Major Motoko Kusanagi, is tasked with combatting various threats in this interconnected world.


They face an intriguing case involving the enigmatic hacker known as the “Puppet Master,” who erases victims’ memories. As Motoko and her team pursue the hacker, they encounter interference from other groups like Section 6, complicating the investigation.


Amidst the pursuit, Motoko begins to question her own existence, delving into philosophical inquiries about life’s meaning. Ultimately, she realizes that the answers she seeks might be found within the enigmatic Puppet Master themselves.



17. Elfen Lied


Elfen Lied


Lucy, a unique human known as a Diclonius, possesses telekinetic abilities and becomes a victim of cruel scientific experiments. When a chance for escape arises, Lucy’s anguish and rage drive her to unleash chaos.


However, she sustains a head injury during her breakout, leading to a split personality. In her childlike state, Lucy is taken in by Kouta and Yuka, unaware of her violent nature.


Oblivious to the government’s involvement and hidden agendas, the compassionate pair unknowingly become entangled in a web of secrecy and conspiracy. Their lives are forever altered as they navigate the consequences of their decision to offer sanctuary to a damaged and dangerous individual.



18. Dragon Ball Z


Dragon Ball Z


After five years of peaceful living, Goku’s life takes a turn when Raditz, a mysterious enemy claiming to be his long-lost brother, appears. Raditz reveals Goku’s Saiyan heritage and the original purpose of his arrival on Earth.


Goku’s kind upbringing has made him a protector rather than a destroyer, setting him on a path to defend his new home. With Earth facing a looming threat, a war over the mystical dragon balls ensues, leaving only the strongest standing.


Dragon Ball Z follows Goku’s journey as he faces powerful adversaries and fights to protect his loved ones and the world. Dragon Ball Z is an art on its own.



19. Re: Zero, Starting Life in Another World


Re: Zero, Starting Life in Another World


Subaru Natsuki, an ordinary teenager, is unexpectedly transported to a fantasy realm where he meets the enigmatic Satella after a brutal encounter with thugs. Trapped in a time loop, Subaru discovers his ability to rewind time each time he dies, leading him to relive his ordeal repeatedly.


Grateful for Satella’s help, Subaru is determined to alter their fate and unravel the mysteries of this new world. However, dark forces lurking in the shadows make their journey perilous and unpredictable.


With courage and resolve, Subaru embarks on a quest to save Satella and uncover the truth behind the inexplicable cycle in this anime series.



20. Death Parade


Death Parade


Upon death, some souls find themselves in Quindecim, an extraordinary bar where the enigmatic bartender, Decim, serves as the arbiter. Those who arrive in pairs, having died simultaneously, are put through perilous games to determine their fate—reincarnation or oblivion.


Through darts, bowling, and other challenges, the true essence of each soul is gradually unveiled. However, the appearance of a black-haired amnesiac shakes Decim’s belief in his judgmental methods, leading him to reassess his approach in the thought-provoking anime series Death Parade.


That’s why it’s worth all your time and effort.



21. Perfect Blue


Perfect Blue


CHAM!, a well-loved J-pop idol group, experiences a significant change when Mima Kirigoe decides to leave the group for an acting career. However, her journey into acting proves to be challenging as she struggles to distance herself from her idol persona.


As Mima becomes more immersed in her new acting role, her life takes a dark turn. An obsessive fan begins stalking her, and a mysterious website starts imitating her life in eerie detail.


Meanwhile, her former group CHAM! enjoys success without her. These unsettling events slowly unravel Mima’s sanity as she grapples with the blurred lines between reality and fiction in “Perfect Blue.”



22. Akame ga Kill!


Akame ga Kill!


Night Raid, a clandestine assassination team, is part of the Revolutionary Army’s rebellion against the corrupt Prime Minister Honest and the child emperor’s misrule. Faced with a nation mired in poverty and suffering, Night Raid is determined to bring about change, even if it means taking lives.


Tatsumi, a young and hopeful boy, joins the group with the goal of saving his impoverished village. As part of Night Raid, Tatsumi faces formidable enemies, moral dilemmas, and the reality of being an assassin fighting for justice in “Akame ga Kill!” The anime portrays his journey as he battles the Empire, grapples with his convictions, and understands the price of revolution.



23. Erased




Satoru Fujinuma has an extraordinary ability called “Revival,” which sends him back in time to prevent impending tragedies. However, when he is falsely accused of murder, he is sent back 18 years to his childhood in 1988.


Realizing a connection between the present-day murder and the disappearance of his classmate, Kayo Hinazuki, Satoru is determined to change the past and save her life. As he unravels the mysteries of the past, he aims to protect those he cares about in the present. “Boku dake ga Inai Machi” follows Satoru’s quest to rewrite history and ensure a better future for himself and his friends.



24. Kakegurui




Hyakkaou Private Academy is no ordinary school. It moulds students from affluent families for the real world by day, but at night, it becomes a gambling hub, teaching them the art of money and manipulation.


Yumeko Jabami, an enigmatic transfer student, joins the academy not to win but for the sheer thrill of gambling. Her unique approach to the games may unsettle the established power dynamics, challenging the traditional order.


As the daughter of the wealthy, she’s determined to break the norms and bring her own brand of excitement to the gambling den. This anime is worth all your time and effort.



25. Sword Art Online


Sword Art Online


Sword Art Online (SAO) offers a thrilling virtual reality experience with NerveGear. However, when the creator traps players inside the game, the excitement turns deadly. Kirito, a beta-tester, joins forces with Asuna and other skilled players to clear all 100 levels and escape the game’s grasp.


Yet, with powerful bosses and menacing cults lurking, their journey becomes a harrowing struggle for survival. In a world where virtual reality merges with reality, Kirito must summon all his gaming prowess to overcome the seemingly insurmountable challenges.



26. The Future Diary


The Future Diary


Yukiteru Amano is a reserved middle schooler who meticulously records his life in his phone’s diary. Unexpectedly, his phone starts predicting future events, and he realizes it’s accurate. He shares this strange ability with Yuno Gasai, a classmate who also has a future diary.


They discover they are part of a survival game orchestrated by Deus Ex Machina, where the winner becomes the next god. In a battle against other contestants, Yukiteru and Yuno must rely on their Future Diaries to stay alive and outwit their pursuers.


Their once-ordinary lives are now entangled in a deadly game of deception and strategy.



27. Kaguya-sama: Love is War


Kaguya-sama: Love is War


In the prestigious Shuchiin Academy, Miyuki Shirogane and Kaguya Shinomiya, exemplary students and leaders of the student council, are secretly in love with each other. However, they are locked in a prideful battle, each trying to avoid confessing their feelings first to avoid being perceived as weaker.


Despite their admiration for one another, they engage in clever and amusing tactics to make the other person confess first. With their hearts on the line, Miyuki and Kaguya are determined to win this game of romantic cat and mouse and emerge as the triumphant victor of love.



28. Psycho-Pass




In the 22nd century, Japan’s justice system relies on the Sibyl System, which evaluates citizens’ mental state (Psycho-Pass) to gauge potential criminality. Inspectors uphold the law, backed by Enforcers—former criminals who assist in enforcing it.


Akane Tsunemori, a new Inspector, partners with Enforcer Shinya Kougami and strives to maintain justice. However, her faith in the Sibyl System is challenged as she uncovers its imperfections and the possibility of corruption.


Now, Akane faces a moral dilemma, questioning the nature of true justice and the reliability of the system she serves.



29. Black Lagoon


Black Lagoon


Rokurou Okajima, a dedicated salaryman, experiences a life-changing event during a botched business deal in Thailand. Held hostage by the ruthless pirate crew, the Lagoon Company, Rokurou makes a bold choice—to join his captors instead of seeking rescue.


Embracing a new life in Roanapur, a city plagued by crime and corruption, he faces perilous situations and clashes with his daring colleague, Revy. Struggling to abandon his former identity, Rokurou must make tough decisions in high-stress circumstances, all while grappling with the consequences of his choices and striving to preserve his humanity amidst the harsh realities of a lawless world.



30. Food Wars


Food Wars


Souma Yukihira, a skilled sous chef, dreams of surpassing his father’s culinary legacy. When his father unexpectedly closes their restaurant, Souma enrols in the prestigious Tootsuki Culinary Academy, renowned for its rigorous curriculum and intense cooking competitions.


As he battles fierce rivals and grapples with the academy’s challenges, he wonders if culinary talent alone is sufficient to fulfil his aspirations. Determined to rise to the top, Souma navigates a treacherous environment while aiming to outshine his father and become a renowned chef.


The anime uses food as a medium for excitement. And that is genius if you ask me.



31. Dota: Dragon’s Blood


Dota: Dragon's Blood


Davion, the legendary Dragon Knight, embarks on a life-changing journey filled with thrilling encounters. His mission to eliminate dragons and evil takes an unforeseen turn when he crosses paths with an ancient eldwurm and the enigmatic Princess Mirana, each with their own hidden agendas.


Little does Davion realize that these encounters will thrust him into a world of grand proportions, where he’ll face challenges that will test his abilities and reshape his destiny. This is yet another animated show that isn’t exactly an anime but it does the job very well.


And so, it deserves to be here.



32. Welcome to the N.H.K.


Welcome to the N.H.K.


Tatsuhiro Satou, a 22-year-old college dropout, has been living as a hikikomori, shutting himself away from society for years. He firmly believes that the Nihon Hikikomori Kyokai (NHK) is to blame for his reclusive life.


NHK ni Youkoso! is a psychological dramedy that follows Tatsuhiro’s struggle to break free from NHK’s influence, find a job, and reconnect with the world. Along the way, he encounters Misaki Nakahara, offering a glimmer of hope for change, but it also means facing his deepest fears of confronting society.


As he navigates this tumultuous journey, Tatsuhiro grapples with his beliefs, isolation, and desire for a better life outside his apartment walls.



33. Beastars




In the civilized world of anthropomorphic animals, the Cherryton Academy grapples with uneasy relations between carnivores and herbivores. When a tragic incident leads to the death of Tem, an alpaca, Legoshi, a grey wolf, faces suspicion and fear from his peers.


Under the disapproval of Louis, a prominent red deer, Legoshi conceals his predatory nature. A chance encounter with Haru, a white dwarf rabbit, stirs conflicting emotions in Legoshi, challenging his understanding of self, the circumstances surrounding his friend’s demise, and the prevailing undercurrents of violence in their society.



34. Gantz: O


Gantz: O


Masaru Katou’s life takes a shocking turn when he’s fatally attacked and wakes up in a mysterious room overlooking Tokyo. Rather than the afterlife, he finds himself in a dangerous game called Gantz, where surviving means battling aliens with a gun.


Alongside Yoshikazu Suzuki, Reika Shimohira, and Jouichirou Nishi, Masaru must confront his fears and fight to return to his younger brother’s side. Together, they navigate this perilous challenge and strive to make it back to their ordinary lives.


This anime isn’t as simple as it seems. The ruthlessness is yet to be discovered.



35. When They Cry


When They Cry


Keiichi Maebara moves to the serene Hinamizawa village in 1983 and forms close bonds with Rena, Mion, Satoko, and Rika. However, behind the tranquillity lies a sinister history of murders and disappearances tied to the village’s annual festival and the deity Oyashiro.


Keiichi’s curiosity about these incidents triggers peculiar events, yet his friends refuse to share the truth. As Keiichi’s doubts grow, he becomes plagued by paranoia, uncovering the chilling enigmas within “Higurashi no Naku Koro ni,” a captivating story with multiple arcs of suspense and horror.



36. Record of Ragnarok


Record of Ragnarok


Every millennium, gods from various mythologies gather to decide humanity’s fate—annihilation or preservation. Brunhilde, a Valkyrie, emerges with a bold plan to save humanity through Ragnarök, where 13 mortal warriors confront 13 gods in combat.


The gods scoff at the idea, but Brunhilde capitalizes on their hubris, convincing them to accept the challenge. Now, she shoulders the task of seeking the greatest heroes from different periods in history, guiding them to fight against powerful divine adversaries.


The outcome of these epic one-on-one battles will determine whether humanity thrives or succumbs to divine judgment.



37. Yasuke




In a fantastical Japan with elements of magic and advanced technology, a village faces imminent danger from a warring daimyo. Amidst this turmoil, the lives of a mysterious child and a legendary ronin become entangled, leading to a remarkable journey.


Explore the captivating story of the first African samurai and the extraordinary world they inhabit. The show is exclusively available on Netflix. So if you are a Netflix subscriber then this is going to be your show for this evening.


The fighting elements of the series as well as the drama aspect add a layer of thrill to it.



38. Date a Live


Date a Live


Three decades ago, a massive “spatial quake” devastated Eurasia, causing widespread devastation. Now, these quakes continue to strike, though on a smaller scale. Shidou Itsuka, a typical high school student, has his life turned upside down when he rushes to save his sister, Kotori, during an impending quake.


At the quake’s epicentre, he encounters a mysterious girl known as a “Spirit,” whose presence triggers these calamities. As Shidou gets entangled in conflicts between the Spirits and the Anti-Spirit Team, his sister’s organization, Ratatoskr, offers an unconventional solution: he must make the Spirits fall in love with him to neutralize the threat they pose.



39. Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade


Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade


In an alternate post-World War II Japan, civil unrest and terrorism plague the nation under foreign rule. Constable Kazuki Fuse, an elite counter-terrorism soldier, witnesses the horrors of human nature during a failed operation.


A teenage girl’s desperate suicide bombing shakes him to the core, and he faces doubts about his abilities. Sent back to the military academy for re-evaluation, Fuse becomes unwittingly embroiled in government conspiracies with far-reaching consequences for Japan’s future.


Wrestling with his identity, Fuse must navigate a treacherous path and decide where his true loyalties lie—will he remain human or succumb to the beast within?



40. Ergo Proxy


Ergo Proxy


In the enclosed city of Romdo, the last bastion of humanity, AutoReivs, humanoid robots, assist in post-apocalyptic recovery. However, a puzzling “Cogito Virus” grants them self-awareness. Re-l Mayer, the ruler’s granddaughter, and her AutoReiv partner, Iggy, investigate, uncovering humanity’s dark secrets.


AutoReiv specialist Vincent Law grapples with his own struggles amid bizarre events. Together with a child AutoReiv named Pino, they form an unexpected alliance to uncover Romdo’s mysteries and the true nature of the enigmatic beings known as “Proxies.”



41. Wonder Egg Priority


Wonder Egg Priority


Ai Ooto faces a devastating reality after her best friend’s suicide. A mysterious entity leads her to a strange world where she obtains Wonder Eggs and must save people from their struggles.


Hoping to rescue her friend, Ai explores the depths of human fears and traumas in this enigmatic realm. The journey in Wonder Egg Priority brings Ai to confront her own painful past as she aids others in overcoming their inner demons.


The show isn’t exactly simple to understand. And that’s why a lot of people may face the issues of obscurity and incompleteness. However, there’s still a massive audience that is thrilled by the insane story of Wonder Egg Priority.



42. Deadman Wonderland


Deadman Wonderland


Ganta Igarashi and his classmates prepare for a field trip to the notorious Deadman Wonderland—a prison amusement park with dangerous convict performances. Tragedy strikes when a mysterious man in red massacres Ganta’s entire class, leading to Ganta’s wrongful conviction and imprisonment in the same facility.


In this nightmarish place, Ganta must survive sadistic inmates and lethal games, wearing a deadly collar that demands victories for survival. As he struggles to differentiate friend from foe, Ganta seeks the elusive “Red Man” to prove his innocence and escape the relentless horrors of Deadman Wonderland.



43. Durarara!!




In the downtown district of Ikebukuro, Tokyo, urban legends about dangerous gangs and the enigmatic “Black Rider” who rides a headless motorcycle capture people’s imaginations. Mikado Ryuugamine, longing for city life’s thrill, moves to Tokyo after an invitation from a childhood friend.


His wish to experience excitement seems to manifest when he witnesses the Black Rider on his first day in the city. But as mysterious events unfold, both ordinary citizens like Mikado and the colourful characters of Ikebukuro get entangled in the chaos and supernatural occurrences that grip their city.



44. Promare




Thirty years ago, a race of flame-wielding mutants called “Burnish” emerged, wreaking havoc on humanity. In the autonomous republic of Promepolis, their leader, Kray Foresight, battles these creatures with the help of the Burning Rescue, a skilled firefighter team led by Lucia Fex.


Galo Thymos, an enthusiastic young recruit, idolizes Foresight for saving him and joins the team. However, a terrorist group called Mad Burnish challenges their efforts, led by Lio Fotia. As Galo encounters Lio, his journey to uncover the truth about the Burnish and question his long-held beliefs begins.


The fate of Promepolis and the mysteries of the Burnish lie ahead for Galo and his team.



45. Danganronpa: The Animation


Danganronpa: The Animation


Makoto Naegi, an ordinary teenager, is ecstatic about joining Hope’s Peak Private Academy, renowned for its exceptional students. However, his excitement quickly turns into bewilderment as he awakens in a deserted classroom.


As he explores, he finds his fellow students gathered in the gym, and their predicament becomes clear—a sadistic robotic teddy bear named Monokuma reveals their entrapment. In this deadly game, the only escape is murder without detection.


Struggling with the weight of their choices, Naegi and his classmates must confront the harsh reality of their situation, deciding between participating in Monokuma’s sinister killing game or living indefinitely in confinement within the school.



46. Btooom!




Meet Ryouta Sakamoto, a talented gamer known for dominating the online game Btooom! His mundane life takes a nightmarish turn when he awakens on a strange island, unable to recall how he got there.


He soon learns that the island is the real-life version of Btooom!, where players must fight with deadly bombs to survive. Ryouta must adapt quickly and engage in brutal competition to escape.


Despite his initial aversion to violence, circumstances force him to confront the harsh reality of the other participants. Joined by a fellow Btooom! player named Himiko, Ryouta embarks on a quest for answers and a way off the perilous island.



47. Beyblade Burst


Beyblade Burst


In Japan’s Beigoma Academy, Valt Aoi and Shu Kurenai, along with their friends Rantaro, Daina, and Wakiya, share an intense love for Beyblade. They establish a school Bey Club and challenge each other to exhilarating battles at the Bey Stadium when they’re not studying.


As their journey progresses, their bond strengthens, turning them into friendly rivals. The group competes fiercely to claim the coveted title of Japan’s top Blader, making the story a thrilling tale of competition and friendship.


It is a childhood favourite for a lot of people. And that’s why, it holds so much importance for the audience as well as all the fans.



48. School Days


School Days


Makoto Itou, a high school student, becomes captivated by the beauty of Kotonoha Katsura. Unable to approach her directly, he secretly takes her photo and sets it as his phone wallpaper as a charm for love.


However, classmate Sekai Saionji discovers the photo and decides to assist Makoto in getting closer to Kotonoha by pretending to be her friend. The three students form an unexpected friendship that leads to a tumultuous journey through high school life, filled with romance and sorrow.


School Days delve into the complexities of teenage emotions, leaving a lasting impression with its powerful and unforgettable conclusion.



49. Ikki Tousen


Ikki Tousen


In the Kanto region, seven high schools engage in life-or-death battles, with students being the reincarnations of warriors from the Three Kingdoms period. At Nanyou Academy, Hakufu Sonsaku possesses remarkable martial art abilities but is destined to be killed by Ukitsu.


Koukin Shuuyu, her fellow student, is entrusted by Hakufu’s mother to protect her. However, Hakufu struggles with uncontrollable bursts of anger and dangerous power that threatens her own life. Together with Nanyou’s “Big Four,” Hakufu and Shuuyu must thwart rival schools’ plans and unravel the mystery of Hakufu’s powers before it’s too late.



50. Appleseed




In the aftermath of World War III, the city of Olympus emerges as a supposed utopian haven for humans, cyborgs, and bioroids, engineered for enhanced physical abilities and diminished emotions.


Despite its apparent perfection, some inhabitants, like police officer Calon Mautholos, resent the city’s oppressive rules and lack of creative freedom. His wife’s tragic suicide intensifies his hatred, leading him to plot with a terrorist named A. J. Sebastian to destroy the governing Legislature.


However, when Calon discovers Sebastian’s true motives lie in bioroid animosity, he changes course and becomes a renegade.



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