Top 30 Most Popular Hunter x Hunter Female Characters

top 30 most popular hunter x hunter female characters


Hunter x Hunter is one of the most successful anime series of all time. The show has a ton of cool attributes that make it so entertaining.


Strong characters, incredible power system, mind-blowing animation, great emotional weight, etc. However, in today’s article, we will be looking at just one of the many attributes.


And that’s characters. More specifically, female characters. Like it or not but any anime will have a hard time succeeding if it doesn’t have a strong female cast.


Fortunately, Hunter x Hunter does have a strong cast that manages to entertain the masses very well. And today, we will be looking at the Best HxH Female Characters!


I hope you enjoy it!




1. Alluka




Alluka Zoldyck is one of the most popular characters in the entire franchise. And all of this love and gratitude from the fans is well worth it.


She is from the Zoldyck family and happens to be the second youngest out of all the siblings. Moreover, she is lovely and caring on the outside.


She was placed in a room that can’t be accessed by anyone, all thanks to her powers that are nothing less than fascinating yet dangerous. 

Therefore, despite having such a cute and adorable attitude, there’s a side of her that just needs to be under control. 


And that’s why she is so special as a character. Although just to clarify, Alluka is referred to as a girl by Killua.


However, the rest of the Zoldyck family assumes her to be a boy. For this list, we will go for Girl.




2. Komugi




An adorable girl who is very important to the show and its story, we have Komugi. However, unlike other characters, she is a lot older than you might expect.


Komugi is one of the prodigies of Gung-gi which is a sport played only in HunterxHunter. However, that sport is used to symbolize the intelligence of Komugi as a character.


She was known for her games with Meruem in Gung-gi and her performance against him was also exquisite. It was said that Meruem may have started to develop some feelings for her.


Who knows? What we do know is that Komugi took the show in a completely new direction through her voluntary and involuntary drifting. And the way this anime ends her story is nothing less than incredible.


She is one of the most loved characters in the series. And surprising fact is that, she is admired because she was the most unexpected character to leave such a lasting impact on the series.




3. Krueger Biscuit


krueger biscuit


Her name is just as adorable as her face. However, it would be a severe mistake to be fooled by her.


That’s what Krueger Biscuit is. She is one of the prominent characters in the series who was known for her connections with the Hunters Association.


She is known to be an excellent teacher of Nen and as I said before, don’t let her deceive you.


Since she may seem like a 12-year-old. But in reality, she is 57 years old. Yup, she is more skilled than you can imagine.


And her capability to get things done from people using deception is incredible. There’s a reason why most people used to fear her during her prime.


Many people claim that Bisky is one of the strongest characters in the entire series. And that’s why people look up to her so much. I mean come on! 


She is the one who taught Gon’s teacher. Nothing can be a bigger flex than that. 




4. Murasaki Shizuku


murasaki shizuku


She is dumb but also pretty adorable. That’s why she is so remarkable in the show. Murasaki Shizuku is one of the most prominent characters in the show and her personality is quite impressive.


She is known to be an absolute idiot who just doesn’t have any presence of mind whatsoever. There’s a reason why people look up to her with a blush.


However, what makes her even more interesting is her personality in contrast to her fighting skills. She can take down opponents by tricking them.


And more importantly, she can create a vacuum-like creature that can suck anything within it. Using this power, she can put up a tough fight against her opponents.


As a member of the Phantom Troupe, she has always portrayed some degree of stoicism. And her personality contrasts well with her actions. Therefore, Shizuku is a character that people love and appreciate as a significant contributor in the series. 



5. Komachine Machi


komachine machi


Her design may seem like that from another anime. However, her personality matches the vibe of HunterxHunter very well.


That’s because she is quite cold. She is known to be one of the most remarkable members of Genei Ryodan.


And it seems like our boy Hisoka happens to be interested in her. Not 100% sure since it’s Hisoka, no one can be sure about him but yeah, Machi made a consequence on the characters as well as the viewers.


To enlarge the scope, even more, She is known to use her Nen for making threads that can heal.


This ability makes her a character who can take care of the injured while also dealing with injuries while having a straight face.


Let’s not forget that the way she manages to heal anyone has even left people like Hisoka, dumbfounded about her qualities. Therefore, Machi is an incredible arm for the Phantom Troupe that can determine the direction in which the series would go. 



6. Pakunoda




Without a doubt, one of the most valuable characters in the entire series. Pakunoda is a girl who deserves more love and appreciation from the fandom.


She is a secure woman who is known for her connections with Genei Ryodan. And it is also said that she is ranked 11th in terms of physical strength in the Phantom Troupe.


Therefore, you can rest assured that Pakunoda will put up a great fight if she wants to. However, fighting isn’t her prowess.


Her intelligence sets her apart from the rest. She can extract any information from anyone thanks to her capabilities. She can dive deep down into your deepest secrets and bring them to the surface without breaking a sweat.


That’s what makes Pakunoda so awesome.



7. Canary




She is a cute little girl who should get more love and appreciation from the viewers. Canary is one of the servants of the Zoldyck family who happens to be in a bond with them for a long period.


Killua treats her like a friend. Although, she has a tunnel mindset which makes her believe that they can’t be friends. This might be because of Killiua’s overprotective mother, who doesn’t let anyone come close to him. 


After all, Killua is from the Zoldyck family and she is supposed to serve the Zoldyck family. Therefore this will be a master-servant relationship, not a friendship.


However, that idea gets overcome soon enough. She is known to have a few memorable appearances in the show where she shared the screen with Gon and others.


As a character, she’s quite adorable.



8. Palm Siberia


Palm Siberia


Her story will bring tears to your eyes. And that’s why she is ranked so high on this list.


Palm Siberia is one of the most unforgettable characters in the show because of her connections with Gon. While she is interested in him and tries to make things work in her favor, they never really do, eventually leaving her heartbroken.


She is an apprentice of Knov which gives her a lot of opportunities to have sufficient screen time and gain popularity.


Moreover, her appearance also gives her a lot of attention. Most of the time, it is just some frizzy look that she couldn’t care less about.


However, when she does care about her looks, she becomes a completely new person. A beautiful being whom you can’t ignore.



9. Senritsu




She is one of Neon’s Bodyguards. However, she is a lot more kind and more humble than the others. Many viewers first thought that she was a man, but later in the show, it was revealed that she is a woman. 


Known for her excellence in music, Senritsu is a character whose name has been changed from translation to translation.


She was initially called Senritsu but then her name was changed to Melody. Her personality is particularly good and ensures that everyone around her feels comfortable and at peace. 


In the show, it was mentioned by Leorio that Kurapika, a character who is always on with his poker face, actually happened to open up to her.


And that’s why Melody or Senritsu is so crucial for the series. She does things that others can’t.



10. Ponzu




She is one of the examinees who happened to be present in the Hunter Exam. She is one of the most prominent females in the show.


And her personality makes her even more impressive. She was a fine warrior who managed to pave her way to some of the final levels of the exam.


And this is why she was a part of the narrative for a long time. Do you see that big yellow hat above her head?


Yeah, that’s where her weapon is. And using that weapon, she takes care of almost all her opponents. Those are bees that attack anyone who raises a hand against her.


And this is why Ponzu is so special in the anime. She may be a side character but fans enjoyed her time on the screen a lot.



11. Menchi




Coming back to the second stage of the Hunter Exams, we have Menchi. She is one of the two judges from the second stage who appeared and judged the performance of all the participants.


The idea of her exam was to create a piece of Sushi and make sure that she tasted it.


That’s all. However, this sole method of figuring out the taste was enough to let her comprehend if a character qualified or not.


And that’s what made Menchi stand out so much in the competition. She was an influential individual who managed to gain a lot of attention from fans thanks to her wacky yet fascinating choice of competition.



12. Freecss Mito


Freecss Mito


The surname may click a few bells. And that’s exactly what you are thinking. She is Gon’s mother. However, she isn’t his blood mother.


Instead, Mito is Ging’s cousin and Gon’s adopted mother. This is why we don’t see a very strong attachment between her and Ging.


And the idea behind this is that she just didn’t want Ging to leave. That’s all. After all, there’s nothing more painful than seeing your family leave and never return.


This is why Mito was against Gon becoming a hunter as well. Because she had seen what happened to Ging.


And this time, she wouldn’t like that to happen again. This is what made Mito Freecs so notable in the series.



13. Yorkshire Cheadle


yorkshire cheadle


An extremely important character in the realm of Hunter x Hunter, we have Yorkshire Cheadle. She is one of the best Hunters that the series has ever seen.


And Chairman Netero decided to let her be a Zodiac. Moreover, her skills as a Hunter are just unreal.


She is one of the few individuals in the show who has been raised to the Triple Hunter rank.


And the thing about Triple Hunter is that this rank is exclusive to the best of the best hunters.


This is why Yorkshire Cheadle is one of the most loved and admired characters in the show. She is just as impressive of a warrior as anyone would expect.



14. Nostrade Neon


Nostrade Neon


Belonging to the blood of the Nostrade family, we have Neon. She is the daughter of the infamous boss of Nostrade.


And so, she happens to have a lot of power under her belt. That’s why she manages to get a lot of screen time in the series.


She has a few attributes that make her a bit more dangerous than what you might expect from a girl of her age.


She likes to collect body parts. Yup, actual body parts. As someone who was born into a rich family, this kind of attraction makes a lot of sense.


However, that doesn’t change the fact that this sole admiration makes her a lot more dangerous and critical of the characters who face her.


Moreover, her Nen abilities are also exceptional which just adds more value to her personification as a whole.



15. Baise




Baise is the one who was assigned to take care of Neon and she belongs to the Manipulation group.


However, unlike common methods, she uses a different approach to get what she wants. She can make men she kisses, her slave. The men will do anything for her after her kiss. 


And then, she beats them up and videotapes them and their reactions. Soon enough, we realize that this character is bound to use these videos to make those men guilty and eventually use them to make them confess the truth or extract the information.


Quite a handy technique I must say.



16. Piyon




She was known as Rabbit in her tea. And I think her appearance is quite telling of that. Piyon is one of the side characters in the show who doesn’t appear all that much on screen.


However, she is quite acclaimed considering that she is a Paleographer Hunter and happens to be part of the Zodiacs.


If that wasn’t enough acclaim for her, she is also part of a squad that was assigned to the Dark Continent.


This is why Rabbit or Piyon is important from the narrative standpoint and happens to have a ton of qualities going on for her.


However, we are yet to see some high-octane action from her end so let’s wait for that to happen.



17. Hina




She is one of the Chimera Ants in the show. And her Squad was called Hagya’s Squad. Moreover, her position within her squad is also impressive.


More specifically, she is the Squad Captain of Hagya Squad. And that’s why Hina deserves a spot on this list.


Moreover, her personality and appearance match that of a young girl. And this is even more interesting considering that she is a Chimera Ant.


But hey, we can’t go on looks, right? Moreover, as the show progresses, we see her more and more often with Leol and Flutter.


And because of that, her teams become even more vibrant. Fun fact, before Hina, her name was set to be Hirin.



18. Leroute




Don’t even think about going against her. She plays with minds. And the way she does that is amazing.


After all, she studied Psychology during her prime. Thus, she happened to have a huge amount of knowledge regarding manipulation and mental torture that she can use against her opponents to make them forfeit the battle.


Not only that, Leroute is said to be one of the strongest characters when it comes to intellect. And this is why she is such a formidable opponent.


If she decides to destroy someone, she will do so without breaking a sweat. And the fact that she can make people suicide clearly explains something, doesn’t it? This is why she is here.



19. Spinner Clow


Clow, Spinner


Known by her short name Spin, Spinner Clow is one of the side characters in the show who appeared for only a fraction of the time on screen.


She is a young-looking girl who happens to be a beast hunter and was assigned to a team. This said team was going to explore Kakin and Kite was the one who was appointed as the leader of this team.


Regardless, Spin managed to stand out during her segment since she is quite attractive. However, more importantly, her design is pretty capturing a simple hat and pink hair as well as blue eyes going on for her.


A character design choice that was extremely focused on resembling the human life in Hunter x Hunter. This is why she is so notable.



20. Asta




Nope, she is not from Black Clover. She is one of the side characters in Hunter x Hunter who was working to stop Gensuru and its team.


Moreover, she was the one who placed a huge restriction on the series. Only those who have more than 50 cards will be allowed.


And with that boundary placed, she was able to filter out a ton of people in the search. Moreover, she also encounters our main boys Gon and Killua in the process.


There, she considers both of them as kids and ignores them as much as they can. However, the tables turn differently and Killua ends up tricking her and gets a ton of information about Gensuru using valuable rare cards.


All in all, she was a nominal yet considerable character.



21. Reina




Her life was taken by the queen. However, she managed to make a name for herself even during critical moments.


That’s what makes Reina so special. She is one of the young characters in the show. More specifically, she is just 5 years old.


And stands as Kurt’s sister. However, she was one of the first humans who were killed by the Queen.


And it was because of this incident that the series takes a new and dark shape. She is known for having a lot of influence on a character named Colt and that’s not the end of her misery.


Later on, it was shown that Hina had an underling named Shidore. And Shidore is a Chimera reincarnation of Reina. Yup, it’s messed up.



22. Zoldyck Kikyo


zoldyck kikyo


One of the Zoldyck members. However, she is a lot less likely to show up in the series. She is an enigmatic persona because her face is hidden yet she has been mummified.


She is Killua’s mother who got injured during an incident. More specifically, the incident when Killua hurts her as he is trying to escape.


However, this was a matter of pride for her. She seems to be focused on one person, Killua. And her attachment to him is incredible.


Moreover, she is a woman of quality and value as she was an assassin herself. And as of now, her only dream is to watch Killua become an incredible assassin and take over the family business.


Considering how potent Killua is, this won’t be a tough task whatsoever.



23. Abe




She is a woman who may not seem anything more than an old hag. However, her relationship with one of our main characters is captivating.


Abe is an old lady who has connections with none other than our boy Gon. More specifically, she is the one who is remarked as the Great Grandmother of Gon Freecs.


Moreover, in the series, it has been mentioned that she does share the Freecs bloodline in one way or another.


In the 2011 anime, she wasn’t an extremely important character for the story or anything. However, she was a character who was admired by those who loved the relationships placed in Hunter x Hunter as a whole.



24. Amane




She is known to be serving the Zoldyck family. However, she is a lot more focused and dedicated to her work than you might imagine.


Amane is one of the background characters in the show who appears during the Zoldyck matters.


She happens to have straight hair and a serious look on her face which makes her look more and more credible as a character who deserves love and attention from fans.


However, we are yet to see her perform something magnificent for the narrative. Up until this point, she has been a quiet woman.


However, there’s a chance that she might become more and more dangerous as time passes by. And this is why she deserves to be on our list.



25. Eeta




The one who shaped Greed Island to be what it is right now, Eeta is one of the notable characters in the show.


As you might know, Eeta stands for “E” in GREED. And so, she has a lot of contribution to the overall functioning of that place.


Moreover, she is known to do one important task specifically. And that task is to move people from the real world to Greed Island.


This is the moment where she gets most of her screen time. However, after that, Eeta happens to have one important thing for our boy Gon.


A recording. More specifically, the recording was left for Gon by his father Ging. And when she shows that, her presence becomes a lot more vibrant.



26. Zazan




Just by looking at her design, you can realize that she isn’t a normal human. She is a Chimera Ant.


And as a Chimera Ant, she is a monster when it comes to battles and fights. Zazan is one of the Squadron leaders in the show who is known for being a threat to multiple characters in the show.


She went against a lot of tough opponents in the show and was taken down by Feitan during her battle against him.


The important thing to note here is that Zazan’s design is a lot more interesting than you might expect.


Just look at her pink-purple combined color scheme. It gives her that menacing and intimidating feminine look that captures everyone’s attention.



27. Amana




Belonging to Asta’s team, we have Amana. She is one of the background characters in the show who appeared during the Greed Island arcs.


And there, she was one of the competitors who managed to capture the attention of fans. However, since she was a background character, she didn’t perform nearly as impressively as others did.


However, she was still quite notable as she tried to pave her way to victory. The Greed Islands were extremely tough and so, only the best of the best were bound to survive.


This is why Amana wasn’t able to have an easy time going through it. After all, she is just a young girl with a child-like appearance. Difficulties are bound to happen.



28. Loo Coco


loo coco


She is one of the background characters in the show who happens to have some contribution to the show.


But in the grand scheme, she is just a beauty model for anime. Loo Coco is the tour guide that was traveling alongside Gon and his team.


More specifically, she was the one who guided them on the bus as they were making their way to the testing gate.


Her appearance is quite impressive. Not only because she looks gorgeous as a character but also because she is a woman designed to look attractive even to the characters within the narrative.


And that’s what makes her slightly more special than anyone else in the series, whatsoever.



29. Elena




We had our talk about Eeta. It’s time for her twin sister, Elena. She is one of the Eleven members who helped make Greed Island.


The “E” in GREED stands for Elena. And this allows us to understand how crucial she is for the storyline.


Most of the time, she was an emotionless one-dimensional character whose only task was to make people travel from the real world to Greed Island.


This makes her quite similar to her twin sister. However, what made her slightly different is that one incident where he happens to feel happiness.


Gon remembers her name in the series and she expresses Joy when that happens. This incident added one more layer to her character.



30. Cocco




Remember the Heavens Arena? Yup, she was the commentator for that place. And that’s why she is so important to the story.


She was the one who did all the speech work during the event held at Heavens Arena and managed to make the audience laugh and hyped with her words.


Moreover, her appearance is also quite interesting with her orange hair and a standard Hunter x Hunter-themed outfit, Cocco is a character who just hits the spot with her dress sense.


As for her personality, she’s more than cheerful and energetic which explains her job as a commentator. All in all, a great background character for the series.



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