Top 50 Best Seven Deadly Sins Female Characters

top 50 best seven deadly sins female characters


The Seven Deadly Sins may be remarkable for many things, like design, plot, production, and characterization, however, it is astounding for its unbelievable female characters.


Whether it is related to Elizabeth and Merlin, the major, or Vivian, the supporting one, everyone had a tremendous impact not just on the series but also on the audience.


With the diversity in nature and their reserved personality, Nakaba Suzuki and Shōtarō Suga have made these astonishing female characters with true delicacy.


So here are the best female characters of The Seven Deadly Sins!




1. Merlin




Considered the greatest mage of Britannia, Merlin is one of the Seven Deadly Sins serving as the Sin of Gluttony.


Being one of the Deadly Sins gave her the power of Infinity and a Sacred Treasure called Aldan, a morning star.


Apart from her position and great rank, Merlin is known for her passive and calm nature who never lost her temper regardless of any difficult situation.


She is somewhat of a mysterious woman who has a difficult time but never expresses herself. Merlin is a kind and calm person who knows when to be serious and when to be playful.


The way she manages to make a name for herself because of the fact that she is thirsty for knowledge is what makes her special to the audience.


Moreover, this single quality makes her a distinct character as we don’t see that aspect in anyone else in the show. 




2. Elizabeth Liones


elizabeth liones


Being the incarnation of the Goddess Elizabeth, Elizabeth Liones was an adoptive princess of the Kingdom of Liones. She is a beautiful young woman who belongs to the royal family and has a very polite nature.


She is a caring person who goes with peace rather than anarchy and that’s why prefers a diplomatic approach to war. Elizabeth is a sensitive person but no one can ignore her courage and bravery apart from her selflessness.


At the beginning of the series, Elizabeth is shown to be a low-confident person who always doubts herself; however, her insecurity is shunned away over time. Her diversity in nature comes with the way others react.


She is one of the most sought-after characters in the entire series and I think you guys can understand why that might be the case. The woman is appreciated by fans for her personality and charm and let’s just say that these qualities separate her from the rest. 




3. Jericho




Jericho was seen as one of the Holy Knights of the Kingdom of Liones but later on, became a follower of Ban.


Jericho is a proud and serious person who always has the desire to prove herself in any circumstance. It can be seen through her dialogue, “I regret nothing. It doesn’t matter whether the strength came from myself or from somewhere else! Power is power!! I’m going to defeat the Seven Deadly Sins make a name for myself, and become a higher-ranked Holy Knight than my brother.”


Apart from her personality, Jericho is known for the ability called Ice Frank which gives her the power to manipulate ice and use it to attack her opponents by lowering the temperature.


Jericho is a character who is appreciated by fans all around the globe. And that’s because she has managed to entertain the masses in ways most of us couldn’t have imagined.


Having such characteristics is what separates Jericho from all those who are out there trying to match levels with her. 




4. Elaine




Apart from being the younger sister of Harlequin, Elaine is known as an Elite Fairy Warrior who had the duty of holy maiden of Fountain of Youth.


She was killed in the series by a demon but later on, came back to life with the help of Melascula.


Elaine is a cute fairy who dies two times in the series, followed by 2 resurrections. At the beginning of the series, Elaine is distrustful towards humans however she changes by having trust in Ban, resulting in developing feelings for him.


Just like the lead character Elizabeth, Elaine was also a curious open-minded character who noticed differences. She is also a caring and kind person who cares about others more than herself.


And that’s why fans fell in love with Elaine’s character. She is someone who would rather have others win than see herself win. This is just a beautiful experience to watch as she adds more layers of depth to the core storyline of Seven Deadly Sins anime.



5. Diane




Apart from being a member of Seven Deadly Sins, Diane was known in the anime as one of the Giant Clan.


She has the sacred treasure called Gideon, a war hammer, and the power of Creation. Diane is a friendly giant, unlike her comrades.


She is a confident character who cares about her captain and has feelings for him and that’s why decided to be strong enough to banish her fears for him.


Even after having a strong and brave personality with appearance, Diane is somewhat of an emotional person who hates being alone.


And this quality adds a layer of relation to her. In other words, people who watch her on screen are able to relate to her and understand how beautiful she is as a person.


There’s no denying that her attitude is what separates her from the rest and it’s only a matter of recognition. 



6. Liz




Also known as Elizabeth, Liz was a Holy Knight and the 106th incarnation of the Goddess Elizabeth. She was known in the series for being saved by Meliodas when her mission failed and eventually sentenced to death however she, later on, died at the hands of Fraudin.


Liz was sold as a slave to a Kingdom which was unknown to her and that’s why she has a trust issue with other people.


She always clashes with Meliodas for being perverted and thinks he needs her body to satisfy himself. Her relationship with Meliodas, later on, turned into a love bonding and he became a lover.


Liz was shown in the series as a tough character with a brave personality and a charmlike aura. Even after carrying a cold nature, one cannot ignore her kind-hearted and caring personality which was seen with almost every character in the series.



7. Supreme Deity


Supreme Deity


Serving as the creator as well as the ruler of the Goddess Clan, Supreme Deity was also a sister of the Celestial Clan and the one who granted Graces to the Four Archangels.


She is also known for being a default reincarnation of Elizabeth and her mother too. Supreme Deity is known for her loyalty and devotion toward her clan.


It can be seen through the way she punishes those who go against the laws or her orders. Because of her ruling status, she was shown to be stoic, ruthless, and a fierce character.


Her relationship with Demon King is not on good terms even though they have worked together in the past and destroyed Belialuin.


She is an unforgiving ruler who is not better than her rival.



8. Derieri




Derieri is one of the elite warriors of the Demon Clan who served under the position of Purity of the 10 Commandments, under the Demon King.


She lived for 377 years but her personality barely changed. Shown as a calm person who never gets shocked by anything or any event, Derieri expresses boredom and laziness in most of the series.


Her quick temper and irritating nature easily get the stage as can be seen through the death of her sister or coming in front of Meliodas.


It was said that Derieri used to be a different person from her short temper behavior but it all changed because her sister died and she turned into a silent character.


Her loyalty towards Demon Clan can be seen in many events. From being an almost sadistic character to becoming an open and talkative person, Derieri has diversity in nature.



9. Gawain




Apart from getting known in the series for being one of the Four Knights of the Apocalypse, Gawain was also known for being the inheritor of the power called Sunshine.


She was the niece of Arthur Pendragon. She is a small young girl with short hair and green eyes.


Gawain was portrayed at the beginning of the series as a kind person however, she is a very secretive one in reality.


It was seen in the time when she was consoling Isolde who ran away from Tristan. Gawain has a very rebellious attitude towards others as she always claims not like the order of anyone else but herself.


Under her kind and generous behavior, there is a side of the short temper and quick flickering nature hidden.


Due to her power, ability, and pride, Gawain has also developed an ego that believes she is unbeatable.



10. Lady of the Lake


Lady of the Lake


Currently living in lake Salisbury the Lady of the Lake was shown as an entity from chaos. Her appearance in the series is very secretive and unknown because of her personality.


Coming to the personality then nothing much was known about her except for the fact that she is an intelligent and calm character.


She is an emotionless person, almost stoic, who changes her expression very rarely. However, she is very easy when it comes to showing emotions like fear and shock.



11. Melascula




Melascula, an esteemed warrior of the Demon Clan, fulfilled the role of the Faith among the 10 Commandments. Empowered by King Arthur, she adopted the name Chaos Melascula. Melascula possesses a composed and collected demeanour, displaying unwavering loyalty to the Demon King.


Her unwavering allegiance is evident as she dutifully follows the King’s commands and laws, disregarding the perspectives of those who oppose him.


During challenging situations, her indifferent nature becomes apparent, often resulting in boredom and the use of sarcasm. This demeanour contributes to her boastful and overconfident behaviour in battle.


Initially a dangerous serpent with a lifespan of approximately 300 years, Melascula eventually assumed human form and was chosen by the Demon King to serve as the Faith.



12. Vaness




Vaness, an elderly woman of diminutive stature, possessed a distinct pair of short wings. Her long silver hair and black eyes complemented her elegant purple attire.


Within the series, Vaness is recognized as a member of the Celestial Clan, granting her the extraordinary power of flight through her unique wings.


Additionally, she possesses an exceptional ability known as Ark, a magical technique that combats darkness by dispersing it with particles of light, capable of shattering her adversaries’ body parts.


In a selfless act, Vaness and other celestial beings relinquished their Ark abilities to Solaad, who would employ them to seal away Baruja.



13. Della




Della is the daughter of Zalpa who is known for saving the life of Matrona who got poisoned by Gannon, Holy Knight.


She and her father live with her brother who treated her as nothing less than a mother. Della is a small girl having a similar appearance to her father with fair skin and light hair.


Della was seen in the series as a tambourine when Matrona danced Drole. She was later seen with her father when he was catching fish.


Della has a great relationship with her father and it can be seen through the time when she and Sol got injured by Blue Demon and Zalpa mended their wounds.



14. Ellen




When Holy Knights got all the villages away from their place, Ellen was one of them. She is a young mysterious girl who lived in the village near the Capital of the Dead.


With a mysterious nature, Ellen is also a quiet girl who always loved her brother beyond everything. The past Ellen is unknown in the series but she was one of the villagers, apart from her brother, who was left in the village after the Holy Knights came there.


Since Ellen is a human, she never had any special abilities like superhuman but she had the special personality of being caring, loving, kind, and happy.


Ellen never forgets to feel gratitude towards those who helped her like Seven Deadly Sins who gave her food and some needed requirements.



15. Thonar




Thonar is one of the original characters who is made for the mobile game called Grand Cross. Like other members of this game, Thonar also appears with a unique appearance of a spiky ponytail and blue eyes.


Despite her cool appearance, Thonar is a kind-hearted person. She is a courageous woman who has a good as well as a strong sense of justice.


Her great strength can be seen in the wars where she was willing to stop the anarchy. The best of her can be seen through the time when Thonar traveled to Midgard to help people who were in need and give them hope.



16. Zaneri




Along with her sister Jenna, she is the head of Druids as well as a member of the Goddess Clan.


Just like her sister, she is a small girl who has long hair tied in braids. But when it comes to their personality then they both are poles apart.


Zaneri is a serious person at her job who never showed a single smile and never got interested in outsiders.


But when it comes to Meliodas, she is somewhere a different person in front of him because of her feelings.


Even after having a calm nature, Zaneri easily gets irritated if someone tries to disobey her order. It can be seen through the example when she harshly scolded Elizabeth for not focusing on her trial.


However one cannot ignore her caring side for Meliodas.



17. Guinevere




Known in the series because she met Lancelot at the Kingdom of Liones, Guinevere is also known for her mysterious personality.


Despite being a little girl she has a very bold character. She can know what Lancelot is going to say before he speaks, even though she cannot read minds.


Her assertive and upfront nature about her desires has become somewhat of a problem for her. It can be seen through calling Lancelot her lover and later on kissing him.


Her relationship with Lancelot is quite weird as she has never met him frequently, but a few times in the series, and called him her lover.



18. Thetis




Serving the Kingdom of Liones, Thetis has some special abilities, different and unique, called Shunkan Ido. It is high-level teleportation magic that allows her to disappear and appear at a certain location wherever she wants.


It also helps in teleporting not just individuals but a group of people in one go. Thetis is somewhat of a weird personality which can be seen through her remaining inside the castle when the battle was going on against Arthur as she was laughing while feeling the fight Lancelot.


According to Lancelot, Thetis is weird because she prayed for the dead Galand and Melascula who murdered 13 people.


Instead of regretting it, Thetis came forward and corrected him by saying it was 12 people who got killed by them.



19. Solaseed




Solaseed is known to be a troubadour who has joined the Great Fight Festival for unknown and unidentified reasons.


She is a short young girl who wears a coat and cap. Her appearance changed after coming under the possession of Sariel and turned into a slim woman with long hair.


Her focus can be seen through making music with a flute which gives her peace. Her carelessness can also be seen not through any other characters or events but herself as she was not concerned about some serious thing.


It can be seen through her presence at the Vaizel festival even after getting dead because of battles if Escanor would not have been there.



20. Renee


Renee is known in the series as the wife of Zaratras and the mother of Gilthunder. She is one of the least-known characters of Seven Deadly Sins, apart from the fact that she married one of the Holy Knights and had a child with him.


Belonging to the family of the Holy Knight, she lived in the kingdom of Liones. Like Lucy, Renee also died unexpectedly at a tea party, along with her sister-in-law as they were attacked by Monsters.


The role of mother and wife was a remarkable one, even after her least influential features were known to the audience.



21. Rajine




Known in the series as the sister of Derieri, Rajine has a unique appearance with short and messy hair.


Unlike most of the demons, she also has demon marks right on her right eyes and left. Coming to the personality then very less was known about her except for the fact that she has a soft corner for not just her younger sister but also Monspeet.


In history, she was one of the demons who is kidnapped by Ludocuel during the Holy War. Before her death, Rajine called for her sister to reach out, leaving Derieri in shock.


Rajine always had a great relationship with her sister and it can be seen through the time when Derieri was almost at the low as they have always cared about each other.



22. Ende




Ende is a fairy with a fiery hairstyle of pink and purple. She wears a pink top and a sunshine skirt.


Coming to her personality then she appears to be a gentle person however, her emotional nature overlaps with other characteristics.


Unlike other fairies, Ende never showed her real hatred toward The king. It can be seen through the time when she talked about King to others without even accusing him of betrayal or talking about him in her anger.


But that doesn’t mean she has a soft corner for him; however, she used to be a good friend to him.


Her relationship with other characters in the anime is on good terms and it can be seen not just through the King but also with her Fairy Clan and Ban.



23. Peronia




Peronia was well known in the anime as a little demon of the Demon Clan. She is a small woman with a cute appearance like blue hair and a smallmouth who wears a dark blue top with pink leggings.


Despite having a cute appearance, Peronia is somewhat offensive. She is an experimentalist who was sealed away by the Goddess Clan when the ancient war went against the Demon Clan.


With many demons, Peronia also got released from the seal due to the sacrifice of Zeldris. She decided to remain in Camelot to take care of Estarossa.


Peronia has the power of Märchen Maze which allows her to trap the targets inside an illusion that prevents opponents from going beyond her wish.



24. Roxy




Just like Eastin, Roxy is also an original character who was made for the mobile game called Grand Cross.


She is also one of the members of Seven Disasters who has a cruel and merciless personality. Being a disaster person Roxy never cares about anyone but herself.


Her short temper nature somewhat becomes trouble for other characters. It can be seen when the thing does not work according to Roxy.


She also gets irritated when people doubt her abilities and powers. Despite her rage behavior, Roxy is somewhat of a lazy person.


Coming to abilities then she has a power called Magma Swing which creates a magma circle to attack her enemies.


She also has a power called Volcano Ash which helps her in doing massive explosions.



25. Eastin Amabyllis


Eastin Amabyllis


Being a member of Seven Disasters, Eastin has represented Authority. She is an original character who was made for the mobile game called Grand Cross.


Despite her dashing appearance, Eastin is a somewhat self-centered person with an arrogant nature. She usually sees herself as superior and that’s why always underestimated her opponents.


But that doesn’t mean she let them rule over her because she always put them down when they tried to show their weakness.


Apart from her difficult nature, Eastin is impatient and easily annoyed with passionate and energetic people. She also has difficulties when it comes to expressing her emotions and is embarrassed to admit them.



26. Edda




Edda is known in the series as the wife of Raizer and the mother of Howzer. Her appearance in anime is almost nothing, however, she does have a great impact on the rest of the characters like her husband and her kid.


As a mother, Edda is very loving and caring to her kid and the same follows with her role of being a wife.


She has a typical appearance of a mother who is busy with household work. Edda is a fat lady with an average appearance who has nothing to give but to love those who need her.



27. Jormungand




Serving as one of the original characters of the Seven Deadly Sins, Jormungand was known for her abilities and relationships.


She has the power of World Serpent which helps her to control and manipulate the ground, almost similar to Creation.


With her ability as a World serpent, she can stabilize earthquakes and can combine her powers with the similar abilities of another person.


It can be seen through the time when Jormungand has combined her power with Diane, resulting in making them strong and controlled.


She has the equipment called Whip which was used by Jormungand in battles. Coming to the relationship with other characters then she was seen with Fenrir, Diane, and Meliodas on good terms.



28. Isolde




A serious female character of Seven Deadly Sins who was serving under Tristan Platoon of Tristan Liones, the prince, is what Isolde, a Holy Knight.


Her loyalty and will toward her duty can be seen through her protecting the Kingdom as well as the royal family.


Most people think of her as a hard person, however, she is an emotional one as can be seen through the time when she was questioned by Tristian why she chased Percival.


She first appeared within the Kingdom where Percival crashed into her, resulting in Isolde attacking Percival. She has the ability of Love Bomb which allows her to give magic constructs that may act like an explosive.



29. Hawk Mama


Hawk Mama


Hawk Mama is well-known for her enormous light green pig body and for being Hawk’s mother. She was known in the whole anime as the Hawk’s Mama because her real name was unknown to the audience.


Meliodas considers Hawk Mama to be a close friend because she assisted him by carrying the Boring Bar around her neck.


Her identity resides in the essence of chaos, and she is known in the anime as a trustworthy, reliable, and composed person.


Apart from Hawk Mama, she is also known as the Mother of Chaos and Great Oshiro for the same reason.


According to the anime, Hawk Mama was present at the battle, Holy War, which happened in the Sky Temple, some 3000 years ago.



30. Guila




Guila is the daughter of Dale, Holy Knight, and a Vice Great Holy Knight, and is also the sister of Zeal.


Being a Holy Knight she has the power of Explosion and can also get the power of the Demon Clan because of her association with the New Generation.


Apart from getting recognized for her power, Guila was well known for her dedicated nature. It can be seen through her chase toward Elizabeth as well as the Seven Deadly Sins who entered the Capital of the Dead.


Her abilities and strength are remarkably excellent and that’s why she was capable of fighting with Diane and Meliodas at one time.


However, it is very hard to ignore her insecurity as her calm maintains the balance with her disastrous nature.


With a strong sense of justice, she has a soft side for those who are close to her and care for her.



31. Skadi




With a unique appearance, like white hair and silver eyes, Skadi wears a brown cape and black hunter coat with high boots.


She is a cold-headed person with a calm nature. Her hatred towards humans can be seen in many events because of them worshipping a God who has killed her father.


But at the same time, she never wanted to kill them or harm them, unlike other Giants. The training of Skadi to become a hunter was done by her father.


She always wanted to become a person of authority however, it almost became impossible because of the death of her father by the Norse God.


Skadi has the ability of Ice Magic that can give her power to produce ice to create a weapon or use it as an attack.



32. Ibaya




Rather than being known in the anime through her identity, Ibaya was known to be the sister of Kaide, Waillo, and Twigo.


She was born on 2 August as a human in the family of Ruiz. Her appearance is almost like brothers, except for her hair.


Along with her muscular body and some of its features, she also has a mustache. Coming to personality then Ibaya was shown in the Seven Deadly Sins as one of the most welcoming and nice characters.


Since she is a human then she carries some flaws and among them is her hyped nature when it comes to telling her customers to pay.


Unlike most of the characters in the anime, Ibaya has none of the superhuman abilities or powers as she is a normal human.



33. Sennett




Apart from being the daughter of Dana of Dalmary Town, Sennett was known for her polite and caring nature.


She is a young woman who wears a black shirt and glasses. Her love for her father is remarkable and adorable which can be seen through her worries when she was leaving him.


She was seen to be the happiest person in anime when her father was revealed to be alive. Apart from her father, she cares about her dagger that was a remembrance of her mother.


Sennett was once kidnapped by Golgius and imprisoned in Baste Dungeon to force her father into killing Meliodas for her freedom.



34. Nerobasta




Nerobasta was known in the anime as a member of the Goddess Clan, however, only a few remember her as a former aide of Four Archangel’s Ludociel.


She also served as a secret weapon against the Demon Clan by dwelling in the blade of Denzel Liones.


Having a major appearance in episode 22 of Season 2, Nerobasta appeared to be a quiet coward, especially in front of upper-level demons.


It can be seen through her begging in front of demons to spare her life. Coming to her personality as a member of the Goddess Clan then she was also shown as loyal and trustworthy and always ready to give up her existence for the clan.



35. Galla




Being a member of the Six Knights Of Black Galla was also shown as a member of the Demon Clan.


She has a human appearance with four star-shaped marks between her eyes. Coming to the personality then nothing much is known about her except for the history that happened 3000 years ago.


Being a member of the Six Knights Of Black, Galla was in the Holy War which was against the Goddess Clan.


She was also in the battle against the Four Races that came into the Sky Temple. Galla remained for around 3000 years in prison and somehow managed a puppet outside it and attacked Solaad.


She then managed to enter the Sky Temple however, the puppet was destroyed by Seven Deadly Sins.



36. Friesia




Before getting aid in the capture of Ban, the Deadly Sins, Friesia belonged to Weird Fangs. She was a Holy Knight who had the power to manipulate anyone, even insects.


Despite being a calm person, Friesia never hesitates when it comes to the life of others as she is ready to destroy the town and its people just to get her enemies in her hand.


She is very short-tempered and it can be seen in the case of Ruin. She is also known for facing the Ban of the Seven Deadly Sins.


The battle resulted in the capture of Ban and imprisonment in Baste Dungeon. Friesia remained there as one of the four Guardians of the dungeon.



37. Rosa




Rosa was known in the anime for helping Escanor to escape from his family who were ready to hunt him down as he attacked Daymond, his brother.


She is a young and attractive woman with blue eyes. Apart from her helping nature, Roza is also known for being kind to others.


It can be seen through the time when she helped Escanor when his Kingdom went against him. Before helping him, Rosa made sure to get the trust of Escanor by making him her ally.


As a result, Escanor thanked her and returned to the living world. Her death was a loss when she left the anime with her demise when the Kingdom of Castellio went under destruction at the hands of barbarians.



38. Matrona




Before becoming the mentor to Diane and Dolores, Matrona was the chief of the Eastern Giant Clan. Just like the other members of the Giant Clan, Matrona also appears to be larger than humans in terms of appearance and personality.


She is a proud fit giant who has a muscular body. Her willingness to fight for humans can be seen in many events because of the payment.


Despite being a merciless fighter, Matrona never disrespects or dishonors her opponents in the battles. According to her, defeat in battle is way worse than losing the battle.


She believes that every member of the Giant Clan should be strong and that’s why she has always pushed her students, that is Dolores and Diane, to do the same.



39. Ellatt




Being a member of the Celestial Clan, Ellatt has the abilities of Ark that helped her to have a deep connection with Light.


Her appearance is somewhat similar to the protagonist of the series named Elizabeth with short wings and short bangs.


But when it comes to her personality then she is quite away from her because of her less temper.


Ellatt was shown to be a very kind character who helped others in difficult situations. It can be seen through time that she has saved the group of celestials from the hand of the Red Demon.


She also helped Elizabeth to heal Meliodas. At one point in the series, Ellatt met with Solaad and became his fiancè.


She always wanted to help him in his responsibility of becoming Head Warrior Of The Celestials.



40. Dolores




Apart from being a member of the Giant Clan, Dolores was also known for being the friend of Diane.


Her debut in episode 7 of season 2 was astounding because of her appearance and personality. Dolores is a shy person and timid which is away from any other giants.


She never liked battles and that is why prefers to be at home rather than on the field. The only thing she wants is to live a peaceful life.


Her wish to be useful and get accepted by others was highlighted at many points in the series. It is because of her giant appearance and clothing styles that became hard for her to be at peace.


Being a member of the Giant Clan, Dolores has the power of creation which helps her to manipulate the Earth by having a core connection with nature.



41. Lucy Heartfilia


Lucy Heartfilia


Appearing in Fairy Tail x The Seven Deadly Sins, Lucy was shown as a member of the Fairy Tail Guild who was a Celestial Spirit Mage.


Nothing much is known about her personality, but the appearance of Lucy was well discussed among the audience. She has brown eyes, blonde hair, and a curvaceous body.


She is well known for her abilities like Celestial Spirit Keys and Magic: Celestial Spirit Magic. One of the scenes that became a focus for Lucy is the time when she sensed something going unusual at the chimney and thus decided to investigate.


But it eventually turned to her death when she was burnt by the flames of Natsu Dragneel.



42. Annie




Annie is known in the series for helping Monspeet and Derieri. She is a young woman with a kind nature and appearance.


She is a helpful person who is willing to help in any situation. Annie is a farmer who lived in the outskirt village of Britannia.


Her loyalty and selflessness can be seen through her friendship with Derieri and Monspeet. It can be seen through the time when whole villagers were escaping or eloping because of the attack of the Demon Horde but Annie went to warn her friends and helped them without even thinking about herself for once.


To warn them, Annie was burned to death by Estarossa who later tried to eat her soul but got saved by Monspeet and Derieri.



43. Ren




Ren is the royal member of the Vampire Clan who once served the Vampire King when their clan controlled the Kingdom of Edinburgh.


She is an ordinary female in human appearance who was seen most of the time in battle outfits. She is somewhat of an emotionless person who appears to be calm and composed.


Due to the same, she never showed any kind of remorse for her actions. Her loyalty toward the King is remarkable.


Ren is also the one who never had any grudges against anyone but it is different in the case of Zeldris who sealed her and the vampires.


Like her mates, she also has powers with two folds that increase at night. She has two sharp claws which help her in slicing objects or people in battles.



44. Deldry




Serving under the Denzel Liones, Assistant Great Holy Knight, Deldry was one of the members of the Pleiades of the Azure Sky and a Holy Knight.


Deldry is a tall woman with an attractive appearance whose personality also works in favor. She is a confident woman with no expression of fear.


It can be seen through her will and confidence in battles with the former Great Holy Knight Dreyfus. Her confidence works most in her favor but has a disadvantage as she never hesitates to use her powers against other characters.


Coming to her abilities then she carries a Love Drive that has a simple gesture of charm and affection which makes others fall for intense feelings of loyalty and love toward her.



45. Lilia




Announcing herself as a “true storm and the great apocalypse”, Lilia was shown as a mysterious mage and Merlin’s ex-apprentice.


Along with being the representative of Desire in Seven Disasters, Lilia was also a founder. With multiple abilities like La Sylphide, Requiem, Eroica, Free Shooter, and many more, she has got many advantages in the anime against opponents.


Being the apprentice of Merlin, she was somewhat of a timid student and later on, developed a prideful and merciless nature.


Over time, Lilia has also developed a softer side with deep care for her friends. The only flaw in her is to see the world in destruction for an unknown reason.



46. Camila




Camila is a goddess within the Beastmen, serving as the guardian deity, and a member of the Seven Disasters.


She is an original character who was made for the game called Grand Cross however, fell into oblivion after the demise of Beastmen.


Being a calm and serious person, Camila has also shown her anger and brutality with time. Her hatred towards humanity is so deep that it became impossible to eradicate.


However, she understood not every human is the same and tried to maintain regular behavior with them. Camila has many abilities, like Dark Blade (helping against opponents), Dark Crescent, and Shadow Trap (can thrash targets multiple times)



47. Anna




Known for being the mother of Griamore and wife of Dreyfus, Anna lived in the Kingdom of Liones with her husband and family, taking care of Griamore and working on households.


Her talent in household work can be seen in making tea and dishes. She, later on, died after getting attacked by a monster at a tea party.


Nothing much is known about Anna’s personality, but her appearance is quite remarkable. With straight black hair and a blue dress, she was seen in a brown skirt throughout the series.



48. Jelamet




Known for being the Goddess Clan’s Divine Lance Corporal, Jealmet has fought the Holy War and lost her body to seal the Demon Clan and end the war.


Despite having an attractive appearance, Jelamet is somewhere horrible. It can be seen through the time when she claimed Elizabeth as her closest friend but disapproved of Elizabeth’s relationship with Meliodas.


She even informed the Goddess about the relationship between Elizabeth and Meliodas, just to satisfy her anger. Her one-sided love for Mael is an obsession rather than a true love.


However, Jelamet does carry a good side to herself which can be seen through her will in a fight.



49. Anghalhad




The first appearance of Anghalhad was not an impressive one as she was shown facing her father and Ironside for the Coffin of Eternal Darkness.


Her relationship with her father was a broken one. Anghalhad has trust issues with those around her, whether it is strangers or known persons.


She can determine whether one is trustable or not. Due to her desire of becoming a Holy Knight, Anghalhad has always stood up for herself, even against her father.


Her fearless and bold nature can be seen when she was ready to attack and threaten other characters in the series to get the final piece of Coffin of Eternal Darkness.



50. Kilia




Kilia is known for being the younger sister of Ban, one of the lead characters of The Seven Deadly Sins.


With a regular appearance of short hair and red eyes, she wears a red dress and brown scarf all the time.


Her role in the series is very minimal due to her passing away at the age of 4. She was seen in the series just for a single episode, 11 of Season 2.


But going back to the time of the series, her brother Ban mentioned her and talked about how she used to follow him all the time.


Kilia used to be a very kind girl who was very close to her brother Ban. She always carries a goofy nature around her.



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