Top 19 Most Popular Vampire Girlfriend Anime

top 19 most popular vampire girlfriend anime [2023]


Anime has a ton of character combinations that manage to entertain the audience one way or another.


And so, fans have the privilege to watch anime that have characters matching their own preferences and tastes.


And today, we will be taking a look at one such combination, Vampire Girlfriend. That’s right, Vampires have always been crucial in any medium of entertainment, and female vampires having one or more love interests is quite fascinating.


And so, we will be looking at some anime that have such characters within their narrative.


This is the Best Vampire Girlfriend Anime. I hope you enjoy it. 




1. Diabolik Lovers


Diabolik Lovers


As the name suggests, this anime is all about romance. However, the story is a lot different than what you might have imagined.


Diabolik Lovers talks about nothing but a family who happens to have a vampire bloodline going on for themselves.


Moreover, they all have had the privilege to get a sacrificial bride. However, the horror in the story is that all these brides are tortured to their core as their blood becomes the most appetizing meal for everyone else.


This is how Diabolik Lovers move forward in its narrative. However, things take some interesting turns and the show manages to shock the audience quite well.


If you haven’t watched this anime yet, make sure that you do so asap.




2. Overlord




As the popular virtual reality game Yggdrasil nears its end, Momonga, the master of the dark guild Ainz Ooal Gown, decides to remain in the game until the servers shut down.


To his astonishment, he remains conscious as his character even after the game’s final hour.


Moreover, the once-static non-player characters have gained self-awareness.


Confronted with this peculiar situation, Momonga commands his loyal followers to assist him in unravelling the mysteries of this new world.


His goal is to comprehend the cause behind this phenomenon and to find out if there are others experiencing the same unusual circumstances.


While the show didn’t exactly revolve around a vampire girl and her love life, Shalltear Bloodfallen happens to be one of the vampire girls in the series who did have a love interest. 




3. Arifureta




This anime focuses on transporting the entire class from one place to another. And that’s just one of the many features that differentiate the show from the others.


The concept is simple. A guy named Hajime, alongside his entire class, gets teleported to another world where he does everything he can to make sure that they take down the villains in this world.


These supernatural creatures are a pain to deal with and so, Hajime will have to strive over and over to make sure that he survives.


And this becomes even more important when Hajime gets betrayed by all those around him.


He is all on his own and he must fight or else, things won’t be looking good for him.




4. Negima




This story is a lot more mysterious than anything else. And so, you should give it a try as soon as possible.


The series talks about Negi Springfield who appears at Magic Academy. And just 1 year after his appearance, there seemed to be some serious issues taking place in the school.


It appears that an extremely important artifact got stolen. And so, it was all in the hands of the characters from Class 2 and Negi to make sure that they get this artifact back.


However, that isn’t going to be as easy as it sounds since these characters will have to try their level best and figure out a solution for all the issues that they have.


This is why Negima is a series that can’t be compared to anything else. This anime is just too good to miss out on.



5. Vampire Knight


vampire knight


Vampire Knight is an anime that will quench your thirst for female anime characters who happen to have an association with the vampire bloodline and have relations with someone else.


This anime tells us about a girl named Yuki Cross who was attacked by a Vampire during a snowy night.


Well, that was a terrible incident however things got better when Yuki was taken in by another vampire named Kaname.


It has been 10 years since the horrible event and from that point till today, Yuki has grown a lot.


This is why Vampire Knight manages to engage the audience with its characters and narratives.


This is going to be a lot more fun than you might imagine.



6. The Ancient Magus’ Bride


The Ancient Magus' Bride


At the age of 15, Chise Hatori, a Japanese girl plagued by a lonely existence, is auctioned off to an enigmatic masked man for an exorbitant sum.


Having endured abandonment and ridicule, she is desperate for a place to belong.


While being escorted to her unknown fate, she overhears murmurs from mysterious figures who mention her rare Sleigh Beggy status.


Unperturbed, the masked man, revealed as Elias Ainsworth, a powerful magus, teleports her to his idyllic cottage in the English countryside.


Surrounded by enchanting creatures and greeted by otherworldly beings, Chise embarks on a new chapter of her life as Elias’ apprentice and potential life partner, diving headfirst into the ancient realm of magic.


Redcurrent is one of the vampire girls in this series who happens to be head over heels for someone special in the anime. 



7. Devil’s Line


Devil’s Line


How will you feel if you have a Devil as your best friend? Well, it may be a fascinating idea on paper but things aren’t all that great when things get on track.


And Devil’s Line manages to push that idea very well. It talks about a guy named Anzai who happens to have the devil’s genes.


And one day, he ends up saving a girl named Taira. The important thing to note here is that Taira is a human girl.


And that’s why this connection is going to be beyond interesting for anyone and everyone who is a part of it.


This show will break you down from the core. And let’s just say that the enjoyment factor in this anime is so high that you can’t help but fall in love with it.


Devil’s Line is the way to go. And you can’t beat that.



8. Call of the Night


call of the night


Dive into the nocturnal adventure of “Call of the Night”, a romantic comedy series that brings a fresh twist to the night scene.


Take a look at Kou Yamori, a high school dropout grappling with insomnia and a sense of dissatisfaction with life.


To escape, he takes to the streets of Tokyo at night, seeking solace in the city’s nocturnal embrace.


That’s when he stumbles upon Nazuna Nanakusa, a vampire ready to shake up Kou’s routine. In an abandoned building, Nazuna offers Kou an unusual proposition—she’ll stay with him, sipping his blood while he sleeps.


This encounter becomes a game-changer for Kou as he sets his sights on a newfound aspiration: to become a vampire like Nazuna. But, there’s a catch—he must first fall in love with her.



9. Karin




This anime will change your perception of Vampire characters. And so, the anime ranks so high on this list.


It talks about a vampire girl who is quite bothered about her blood issues. Now conventionally, it is the vampire who needs a human’s blood to survive.


However, that’s not the case here. Instead, this girl seems to have some serious issues going on her.


And those issues are focused on her blood production. She produces so much blood that she needs to eject it into others, to survive.


And that’s why this anime manages to grab the audience’s attention with its unique narrative.


Let’s just say that this series will bring down all those who are cliche.



10. Castlevania




Castlevania isn’t exactly an anime. However, it does stand extremely close to it so let’s just include it for once.


After all, we can’t miss out on a series that has a ton of incredible vampire female characters.


Essentially, the story focuses on a war commenced by Dracula. And it is all because he lost his wife.


This was the point when Dracula decided to take down his opponents. And that is what Castlevania is all about.


While the show is extreme in its action, it does have a lot of good elements within it that make it worthy of all the time and effort that it needs.


Moreover, the show is about vampires and other supernatural creatures so that’s another plus. This is why Castlevania is a series that you can’t help but fall in love with.



11. Vampire Hunter D


Vampire Hunter D


Vampire Hunter D is an anime that will change your perception of action in any anime that you have ever watched.


This is why the series is so popular amongst fans of the medium. It talks about a world where nothing seems to be growing.


Everything is stale and dead. And that’s one of the many features that make this world appropriate for a dark vampire setting.


Moreover, the main character named D is a skilled swordsman who happens to have vampire genetics.


Let’s just say that his life is going to get interesting as he gets hired for a special mission.


And so, he will come across his vampire girlfriend and that will lead to a change of events.


Vampire Hunter D is nothing less than fascinating for the audience.



12. Kurozuka




This series has a lot of Kuros in it. And you will realize what I mean by this in a moment.


Kurozuka is one of the most fascinating series in the anime medium. And the fact that the characters are indulged in some or the other exciting activity is only making the experience better and better.


Kurozuka talks about Kuro, a character based on a Swordsman, and his encounter with a girl named Kuromitsu.


However, this girl is quite mysterious herself. And so, when Kuro realizes the truth about her, things start to take some interesting shapes and directions.


This is why anime is appreciated so much amongst fans of the medium. It is beyond fascinating for all those who watch it.



13. Blood+




This is a simple and sweet story. However, the show still inculcates vampire girlfriends into its narrative.


However, as the title may hint to you, the story isn’t as basic as it may sound.


And so, Blood + is a show that you should pay all your attention to.


The anime focuses on a vampire named Says who is associated with a secret organization.


Just like every organization, this one also has a straightforward objective. And that objective is nothing other than the annihilation of Demons.


Saya is sent to a special military school where she comes across a lot of new people.


However, she must not faze her vision as one of these new faces belongs to a devil.


And so, she must try her level best to get hold of this face as soon as possible.



14. Actually, I am…


Actually, I am…


The title may seem a bit incomplete at first. However, that’s where the mysterious element of the anime is hidden for us.


The show talks about a guy named Asahi who happens to have a small stomach.


This is to say that he can’t keep any secrets. And so, when he comes across the fact that his crush is a vampire, he isn’t able to hold his horses.


He must keep this secret from everyone but things seem to be slipping out of his mouth time and time again.


Moreover, this man will experience a lot more than just being a vampire. And that’s why he is placed here on our list.


Actually, I am is a series that will make sure that you have fun with the characters and the narratives that they are a part of.


This is just the key difference here.



15. Irina: The Vampire Cosmonaut


irina: the vampire cosmonaut


Get ready for a cosmic adventure with Irina: The Vampire Cosmonaut, an anime that zooms into the space race between the Republic of Zirnitra and the United Kingdom of Arnak.


Meet Irina Luminesk, a vampire girl on a mission to defy expectations and become a cosmonaut. Despite being treated like a “cursed race,” Irina is determined to make it to the moon. And who’s her guide in this stellar journey?


None other than Lev Leps, a young cosmonaut with the task of handling Irina. As the series unfolds, Irina’s feelings blossom for Lev, thanks to his humane treatment. So buckle up for a ride that’ll take you beyond the stars and explore the captivating world of Irina: The Vampire Cosmonaut!



16. Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi


Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi


The show is cute and attractive at the same time. And so, fans can’t help but fall in love with this anime and its narrative.


The best part is the simplicity of the show. The anime talks about a guy named Taito who is experiencing some seriously disturbing incidents.


It seems that there’s a vampire girl who is always appearing in her dreams. And she is the one who made him have her poison.


Not only that, there are times that Taito hears her voice as well. And so, this girl is making him lose his mind even though she is not real.


Or maybe, just maybe, this girl might be very real. And all that Taito experiences is nothing but a reality hiding for as long as it can.



17. Tsukuyomi Moon Phase


tsukuyomi moon phase


Tsukuyomi is a series that can change you from the core.


And the vampire girlfriend element in it is a lot more straightforward than what meets the eye.


The narrative is simple. It talks about a photographer named Kouhei Morioka who happens to come across a vampire girl named Hazuki.


However, the key here is that Hazuki wishes to get Kouhei under her belt and make her a servant.


Now that’s some serious business. And let’s just say that this girl will try her best to get a hold of this man.


However, maybe something completely different will pop up. And so, things might take some interesting turns within the narrative.


Let’s just say that it is all going to be great.



18. Ange Vierge


Ange Vierge


This anime is all about the aftermath of an unexpected event. And that’s one of the many reasons why this anime has a ton of great characters within its narrative.


Ange Vierge is a story that involves the opening of parallel dimension space. The world seems to have a lot going on for itself.


And the fact that teenage girls are suddenly transforming into something completely unexpected is even more fascinating.


The feature here is that the series goes on to prove the value and contents that it holds with respect to vampire girls.


And that’s why fans appreciate the most out of it. The characters are going to have an entire academy built for their well-being and growth.



19. Farming Life In Another World


Farming Life In Another World


Being in a fantasy world can be quite exciting. And let’s just say that finding a girlfriend within that world would be even more exciting.


And that’s exactly why this anime is going to take you on a ride with its storyline.


The characters that are part of this series happen to have a realistic nature within themselves.


The main character Haruka is known for his realism and the connection that he holds with the real world.


All thanks to his status as a reincarnated individual who was brought back to life by God and then sent to another world to fulfill his life.


He gets his health and youth back. And soon enough, he gets the almighty farming tool as well.


Now that’s a lifestyle.



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