Top 50 Best My Hero Academia Female Characters

Top Female Characters In My Hero Academia


The My Hero Academia anime series has an excellent cast of female characters, all of whom possess powerful quirks and ideas of greatness.


Unfortunately, many fans have not given these characters the proper exposition and appreciation they deserve. While acknowledging these female characters’ strength in battle is empowering, it’s not enough.


My Hero Academia has a great storyline, but the story doesn’t matter if the characters are not up to the mark. But the characters in this series are awesome with unique traits and personalities.


Every character has something one can relate to, especially the female characters. They are cute and beautiful, but most importantly, they are strong and have a powerful presence in the show.


More female characters should be given more exposition, and more stories need to be told about them.




1. Himiko Toga


himiko toga


As the eldest daughter of the Toga family, Himiko Toga shows a peculiar attraction for blood. She brought dead birds home, but her parents hid this Quirk from her.


Otherwise, her behavior is just like any other young girl’s. She is a cheerful and well-mannered girl, but she does certain harbor desires.


However, these desires are suppressed by the warped mental state of Himiko. One of Himiko’s quirks is that she can mimic the voice and appearance of another person.


This ability is acquired by drinking blood. But Himiko must drink a large quantity of blood to gain this power.


Once she ingests blood from several people, she can change her disguises and gain the Quirk of the copied person.


Her obsession with blood drives her quest for immortality and her desire to protect her people.


Her latest revelation to his crush about her love divided fans with whom Midoriya should go. 


She is a menace and she is brutal with her ways. Despite her actions, some people still look forward to her presence in the series since they claim that she has a good heart that has been hurt.


However, this single claim is what adds a layer of dilemma and double standards to her character. 




2. Ochako Uraraka


ochako uraraka


The main character of the series is Ochako Uraraka. She is a shoulder-length brunette with large, round brown eyes.


At the back of her head, she has a short bob of hair. Ochako’s fingers have pads on the top of each.


Like animal paw pads, these are used to activate her Quirk. Her costume includes a skin-tight dress with detachable sleeves, knee-high boots, and thick round bracers with handles.


Ochaco has a quirky and airhead personality like all the girls in the series. Her reactions are often blunt without her realizing them, and she is quick to become amused by other people’s personalities.


Despite her bubbly personality, she can be very serious and make enemies feel threatened. Her attitude towards her classmates is tempered by her desire to keep them happy. 


Ochako is a special character in the franchise since she has always been special and vibrant for the audience. I mean if you look at her presence in the life of our main character, its a lot.


And that’s why, Uraraka is one of the most appreciated female characters in all of anime. 




3. Momo Yaoyorozu


momo yaoyorozu


As a creation hero, Momo can make almost anything using her body. She’s also an excellent support character who has become well-liked by her classmates.


In addition, fans of similar anime characters may recognize her, making her a great choice to play as a female character in My Hero Academia.


Valac Clara is a charming troublemaker, but her real talent lies in her ability to create anything out of her exposed skin.


While the series is primarily about the main character, many female characters are worth mentioning.


The female characters in My Hero Academia include Izuku Midoriya, Momo Yaoyorozu, and Denki Kaminari.


While Izuku is an excellent protagonist, many of his classmates are worthy candidates for shonen heroines. 


Momo is a girl whose personality is beyond beauty. While she is definitely a gorgeous character. there’s no denying that she is way smarter and more in-depth than others.


This is why she is a woman you guys should look out for. As she stands with her quirk, she is a queen on her own. 




4. Nejire Hado


nejire hado


The big three female characters in My Hero Academia are Nejire Hado, Himiko, and Uraraka Ochaco. The three girls each have their unique power to fight with various abilities.


Nejire Hado is one of the most appealing characters in the series because of her attractive nature. Her long light blue hair and prominent eyelashes make her an attractive candidate for any female character.


While she is a free spirit and very talkative, she has a strong heart. She is incredibly curious about other people and shows this through her constant curiosity.


Nejire is also a strong fighter, with a strong heart and willpower. She is considered one of the strongest students in U. A. High, and she is an excellent choice for the team.


Nejire is an absolute beauty. And it’s a shame that we haven’t been able to see a lot of her in the anime. However, from whatever we have seen, there’s no denying that she is way more qualitative than what meets the eye.


She is woman with capabilities and charisma. 



5. Tsuyu Asui


Tsuyu Asui


One of the unique characters in the My Hero Academia series is Tsuyu Asui.


As a member of Class 1-A, she can swallow flies and regurgitate her digestive system in a manner that looks like a weapon.


In addition to being a practical classmate, she also has a strong moral compass, and she is quick to confront her peers if they do something stupid.


Her most notable Quirk is her ability to rewind time, making her a great asset in battle.


While this ability allows her to turn adults back into babies, Tsuyu feels guilty about breaking the law and speaking out against her friends.



6. Nana Shimura


Nana Shimura


Nana Shimura is a character in the My Hero Academia anime and manga series.


Nana was quite powerful in her days, given the fact that she was the 7th holder of the One For All Quirk and a close friend of Gran Torino.


Like most of the female characters in the series, Nana is a beautiful and tall woman with dark hair and sharp features.


Her hair is usually kept shoulder-length and styled in a half-up-down bun. Her kanji consists of kanji for vegetables, ambition, village, and seven.


She also has a strong voice and a strong accent. Nana Shimura was the one who chose Toshinori as the next holder of One for All.


She trained Toshinori, alongside Gran Torino, and made him what he is now, All Might.



7. Kyoka Jirou


Kyoka Jirou


If there is a character that has more feminine features than her male counterpart, it would probably be Kyoka Jiro, the class 1-A student in My Hero Academia.


This character is cute, with dangling purple earphone jacks from her lobes.


Though she may seem unenthusiastic, she loves playing pranks and teasing others, and she has a practical and organized approach to her Hero missions.


Even though she may seem cold and distant at first, Kyoka Jiro has a softer side, and she is often very protective of her friends.



8. Mt. Lady


Mt. Lady


The anime series My Hero Academia is full of powerful heroes. The anime world attempts to create order by assigning ranks to these pro heroes.


Rankings help the public better understand the abilities of pro heroes. Mt. Lady is ranked No. 23 in the Pro Heroes Association, associated with Kamui Woods.


She is below Ryuko Tatsuma, Fat Gum, and Masaki Mizushima. When Kamui Woods was about to restrain the Giant Villain in the second season, she made her well-awaited appearance.


She intervened, stole his lightning, and defeated him with her Canyon Cannon. This resulted in huge crowd attention, which she shamelessly took after Kamui Woods’s defeat.


The next episode featured her in a major battle with another villain, the Demon Knight.



9. Ibara Shiozaki


Ibara Shiozaki


Ibara Shiozaki is a student of U. A. High School, enrolled in the hero course of class 1-B. She has a distinctive quirk that features green vines serving as her hair.


Ibara performed well at the U. A. festival. Her costume consists of a plain white robe with a hood and long sleeves.


Her super move names are the same as those of her male counterparts. She has beautiful hair which is also her weapon. 


Her hair can become vine and fight for her and move at her will. This can be a great superpower if used properly. 



10. Mina Ashido


Mina Ashido


Mina Ashido is one of the most popular female characters in the My Hero Academia manga and anime.


Mina is a free-spirited character who loves to hang out with her friends.


She also has a keen fashion sense and loves to go shopping. Her other passion is dancing, and she is extremely skilled at it.


However, her lack of academic performance can cause her to experience some setbacks.


While Mina Ashido looks like she is the class bully, she supports the other students.


While she may have unnatural powers, she is very outgoing and friendly and has a strong sense of friendship.


Her character is also very easygoing, and she is likely to have love interests at some point in the series.


She also has strong leadership skills and is adept at working as a team player.



11. Itsuka Kendo


Itsuka Kendo


Itsuka Kendo holds a prominent role in the My Hero Academia anime series as a notable character. A student of U.A. High School, Itsuka represents Class 1-B and is often revered as the “Big Sister” of her class.


While maintaining a friendly rivalry with Momo Yaoyorozu, Itsuka displays exceptional leadership skills and combat prowess. She possesses distinctive features, including blonde hair, long eyelashes, and a purple suit adorned with orange stripes.


Her domino mask is accompanied by unique horns protruding from her head.


As Shoto’s sister, Itsuka does not conform to conventional standards of attractiveness. Donning a tight suit, she possesses a distinct appearance.


However, it is her unique personality that truly sets her apart. Itsuka captivates viewers with her eccentric and quick-witted nature, making her a popular character in the series.


Her unconventional charm and ability to complement the male characters further contribute to her appeal.



12. Toru Hagakure


Toru Hagakure


Toru Hagakure is among the numerous female characters featured in the MHA anime series. As a shy and introverted teenager, she gradually develops bonds with her classmates.


While not a central figure in the story, Toru exudes immense positivity, energy, and optimism. Often serving as comedic relief, she embodies the underdog archetype.


Despite being an invisible girl, Toru possesses many commendable traits, although her lack of visible power is a notable characteristic. Toru’s physical appearance is a subject of speculation, as she remains unseen due to her invisibility.


Many anticipate that she would be exceedingly cute if her face were ever revealed, given descriptions of her as busty and curvy.



13. Mei Hatsume


Mei Hatsume


Mei is an inventor with a Zoom Quirk. She is an excellent support character but also a capable combatant.


Mei and Izuku often meet and are considered close friends. They have been able to work together on various projects.


For example, in one episode, Mei helped Deku create a new robot suit, and her 202nd invention was the Hydraulic Attachment Bar.


In the series, Mei Hatsume was a student at the U. A. Department of Support. Her Quirk, called Zoom, allowed her to zoom in on objects five kilometers away.


She was also an innovative student, inventing various pieces of equipment that the heroes could use.


She subsequently gave the Power Loader to Deku, acknowledging that she has an aptitude for invention.



14. Inko Midoriya


Inko Midoriya


Inko shares many of the same traits as her brother, Izuku. For example, she cries excessively when stressed or happy, faints when startled, and cannot control her Quirk.


Her only difference is her husband: she married a man with a quirk and gave birth to a boy without one.


In addition, she had doubts about Izuku’s dream of becoming a hero until she found out about his Quirk.


While many women have similar traits, Inko’s name has multiple hints. Despite her short name, Inko is one of the cutest female characters in MHA.


This is also why she is often seen cooking in her kitchen. She also has a talent for tailoring and made her son’s first hero costume after tracing sketches in his notebook.



15. Setsuna Tokage


Setsuna Tokage


One of the female characters in My Hero Academia is Setsuna Tokage. Setsuna is a student of Class 1-B at the U. A. High School.


She is known as Lizardy by her classmates. She got into the school through recommendations.


She is training to become a Pro Hero. She is also considered one of the best students in the Class.


Setsuna is a fan favorite and is considered one of the most interesting characters in the series. 


The coolest thing about her power is that she can split her body into numerous pieces and can make them individually. Now that is some awesome power. 



16. Uwabami




One of the most interesting female characters in the My Hero Academia series is Uwabami. Her long, blonde hair is styled into curls pressed in the back.


She is a curvy woman and definitely a fan favorite. Even though she has a minor role, she still is the star of the show as her looks and her personality are something every viewer loves. 


She also has a pair of golden snake-like bracelets that protrude from her wrists. She has a lot of cool skills. Uwabami is known for her attractive looks but that is what makes her so badass. She is beautiful but can take down her enemies with ease and elegance. 



17. Rumi Usagiyama


Rumi Usagiyama


Also known by her hero name, Rabbit Hero: Mirko she is one of the rated and promising heroes at the U.A.


Rumi Usagiyama is a no 5 pro hero. By going her appearance, she is quite athletic and has muscular arms as well as legs.


She also has average height, dark skin with red eyes. Rumi is quite robust, and also speaks her mind without any hesitation.


At the time this has caused her in a tough situation. As the No. 5 Pro Hero, Rumi is more remarkable than most other Pro Heroes.


Her hearing ability is extraordinary, as she was even ready to find her objective through the insignificant commotion.


She was additionally demonstrated to be fit for performing multiple tasks, as she all the while assaults, avoids, and finishes up data about the foes.



18. Recovery Girl


Recovery Girl


The main character of My Hero Academia is the cute grandma who serves as the school nurse. She is Xiu Shan Si Zhi Yu, which translates to “temple” and “cure”.


This is a kanji derived from the Japanese words for temple and repair. Therefore, the character should be named after a temple.


However, the character has other nicknames as well. The Recovery Girl often serves as first aid during the Sports Festival.


She heals students before and after their trials. She also helps Deku heal after he’s been injured by All Might.


One for All is also a frequent visitor of Recovery Girl. In the manga, Recovery Girl serves as a mother-like figure to Deku.


She teaches him new things about himself and other students. As an aside, her character has a distinct style.



19. Camie Utsushimi


Camie Utsushimi


Camie Utsushimi is a second-year student at Shiketsu High School. Brittney Karbowski voices her in the English version and Minori Chihara in the Japanese version.


She has a curvaceous figure and dark brown eyes. While she doesn’t wear a costume, she typically wears a traditional white-collar shirt and a dark skirt.


When she’s not in a costume, she wears her distinctive Shiketsu hat. Fans aren’t sure why Camie chose her hero name.


Although her name is Maboromicamie, there is no explanation for it in the manga. It’s not known if Camie’s parents were forced to choose a name, but fans will have to do with whatever they find most enticing.


If you’re curious about the meaning of Camie’s name, don’t be afraid to ask her.



20. Fuyumi Todoroki


Fuyumi Todoroki


One of the best-known female characters from the My Hero Academia anime is Fuyumi Todoroki. She is the older sister of Shoto and Toya and is the only daughter of Enji and Rei Todoroki.


Fuyumi Todoroki is also an average-sized young woman with beautiful turquoise eyes. Her hair is shoulder-length, with a clump hanging down her forehead.


Her dress attire includes a white dress shirt and greyish peach cardigan, navy blue jeans, brown shoes, and red-framed rectangular glasses.


When Natsuo visits her mother after the Sports Festival, she presents her with new clothes. When Rei reveals that her father’s new outfit has made him very sensitive to heat, Fuyumi is surprised.


She explains to her mother that Natsuo seems to be in a good mood, even though he spends more time away from home.


She believes this is because her brother spends more time away from home and has lost his parents to their enemies.



21.  Onemu Shinya


Onemu Shinya


Onemu Shinya is a side character and a sidekick of Ingenium. She is a young woman who has slightly short and curly hair, further having light hair to compliment her.


Onemu’s face always resembles a bit drowsy and has ram’s horns on her head. Her dress is inspired by a Chinese mini dress, and she wears heel shoes that are a bit high.


There is not much known about her personality, given the fact that she is a bit sleepy. The same is with her quirk which is unknown. All viewers know about her is that she is a lazy girl who just loves to sleep.



22. Pixie-Bob




Pixie-Bob, a member of the Wild-Wild Pussycats, is an anime heroine with the first name “Ryuko.” This is the same spelling as Ryuko Tatsuma, the No. 10 Pro Hero.


Despite the similarities, there are differences between their names, including their spellings. While Pixie-Bob is physically older than her peers, she is still a child at heart.


More importantly, her Quirk is quite different in nature which allows her to manipulate the earth with her hands. Upon contact with Earth with her hands, it glows bright blue. This means she can also make mud monsters!


She is the perfect superhero for a young boy trying to protect the world! However, she has a lot of trouble making friends.



23. Kinoko Komori


Kinoko Komori


As the second shortest class member, Kinoko Komori has an incredibly unique quirk: she can grow a forest of mushrooms in her body!


While her Quirk is more severe than most other characters’, it is quite annoying. The effect only lasts about two to three hours, so it is best to plan your attack to minimize the risk.


If you don’t know what to expect from Kinoko Komori, be prepared for a panic attack. Kinoko Komori, also known as Shemage, is a student at U. A. High School.


Her hair is light brown and has blunt bangs covering most of her eyes. She has a big mouth with a round face, and her pupils are the shape of cross-sliced shiitake mushrooms.


The character’s overall appearance is a combination of shyness and a love of rock music.



24. La Brava


La Brava


A very talented hacker, La Brava, has hacked into the U. A.’s security system. She is self-taught and records Gentle’s robberies and other villainous actions.


In addition, La Brava has a unique love quirk, which allows her to increase her power once per day. While it’s very unlikely that you’ll often get to use this Quirk, it’s a nice extra boost to her romantic life.


Although La Brava looks very young, she is much older than Midoriya. She is twenty-two years old when she first appears in the series, but her hero costume makes her appear very juvenile.


As a result, she is a very sympathetic character. Even though she doesn’t pursue fame or money, she wants to ensure that Gentle’s dream becomes a reality.



25. Melissa Shield


Melissa Shield


Melissa Shield is the most interesting female character in the My Hero Academia series. She is the daughter of David Shield, a scientist who is a friend of All Might in his younger years.


She works to emulate her father’s work and wants to become a scientist like him. Melissa is also extremely curious and has many questions about her world.


She believes that studying hard is one of the best ways to fight peace, but she has many weaknesses.


The most interesting aspect of Melissa’s character is her close relationship with All Might. She calls All Might, her father, “Uncle Might,” and they share a strong bond.


Melissa also lives on I-Island, an artificial moving island where thousands of scientists study superhero powers. However, she does not have a Quirk.


Instead, she focuses on inventing support items that heroes can use.



26. Beru Asui


Beru Asui


Beru Asui is the mother of Tsuyu in the series. She gives off an impression of being fairly inclined to becoming flushed, as she’s seen with minimal pink blemishes on her cheeks, and she has a little nose, situated extremely high up all over.


Like the remainder of her family, she has a very frog-like appearance. Sooner or later, she met Ganma her husband and had three kids: Tsuyu, Samidare, and Satsuki Asui.




Beru and her better half work away from home, implying that Tsuyu assumes responsibility for her kin when they’re away.


She looks extremely cute, but this won’t stop her from being dangerous when she needs to be.



27. Monika Kaniyashiki


Monika Kaniyashiki


Monica is one of the vivid characters in the police force, which is quite cheerful and easy-going. Monica Kaniyashiki’s features include being a short, petite girl with a round and plump face.


Despite the initial feelings she might produce, Monika is exceptionally clever and has a sharp brain. She had the option to find the technique by which the Villain Factory was utilizing the results of the Kanidoge established pecking order to import and circulate Trigger and find the real suspect, although he was masked.


Monika’s Quirk permits her to give her list and center fingers the properties of some scissors. As a result, she can cut through nearly anything set between them.


Monika can apply similar capacity to her legs, permitting her to make more significant cuts.



28. Claire Voyance


Claire Voyance


Claire Voyance’s personality and appearance is quite distinctive. She is quite attractive, given the fact she is curvaceous with bright blue eyes. 


She is also seen wearing a royal blue form-fitting suit with a dark magenta zipper, black thigh-high boots, and a brown holster.


The character has limited display time in the series, though she does have some great powers. The film will feature several new characters, including Mariya Ise as Belos, Junya Enoki as Shidero, and Shogo Sakata as the mysterious villain Flect Turn.


Belos has a nameless archery quirk that allows him to transform his left hand into a bow. He wears light armor and wears a green hood and face mask.


The character Izuku most resembles is a close-range fighter.



29. Anan Kurose


Anan Kurose


Anan Kurose is another side yet, a prominent character in the My Hero Academia anime series. She is a pro hero who specializes in rescue.


She is also a professor at U. A. High and a faculty member. Her most important Quirk is her love of nature, which explains why she enjoys watching nature documentaries and museums.


Her affable personality makes her one of the most popular female characters in the anime series. Anan Kurose is the daughter of Professor Enji Todoroki and his wife, Rei Todoroki.


She is the mother of Toya, Natsuo, and Toyumi. Her height is 166 cm, which puts her between Yug Aoyama and Denki Kaminari.


Her height is considered average and is in between the two of them.



30. Komari Ikoma


Komori Ikoma


She had been around the series, but only as a supporting character. She is a primary school teacher at Masegaki School Now much is known about her personality, given the fact that she tends to always be in distress.


The moment Gang Orca delivers the Masegaki understudies into the Remedial Course office, Komari is seen going with them at the back, sitting tight for them to be well mannered and present themselves instead of charging directly at the Remedial Course members.


They absolutely overlook her directions, even after the yells after them that they should not, and, when Gang Orca tells her the youngsters are his obligation now, she says thanks to him thankfully, assuaging to have them off her mind.



31. Kaoruko Awata


Kaoruko Awata


The character Bubble Girl was created by Abara Chiita after winning a fan contest. After her design was accepted, the character was included in Kohei Horikoshi’s manga series.


She has light blue skin and dark blue hair, and her hero costume is somewhat revealing. She is also the only female character to be named a superhero.


The character is a lone female protagonist in the manga, but she’s an excellent choice. As the only female character in the My Hero Academia series, Kaoruko Awata is one of the series’ most interesting characters.


She’s a Pro Hero who has worked as a sidekick to Sir Nighteye and Centipede. Now, she is Centipeder’s sidekick and the Bubble Girl.


Kaoruko is a slender, well-built young woman with a very pronounced “honey” voice. Her blue hair is short and to the ear.



32. Eri




The incredibly strong will of Eri makes her one of the strongest female characters in the series. At just six years old, she was captured by Overhaul and tortured for many years.


Despite her incredible bravery, Eri managed to escape. However, even with repeated attempts to free herself, she is always captured again.


Because of this, Eri never learned how to smile and had no idea what fun was until the two boys saved her.


Her background is never fully explored. We only know about it from flashbacks, where her father disappears in the Overhaul.


Although she was only six at the Overhaul, her age has never been revealed. This makes it impossible to know her true age.


Moreover, her mother has yet to reveal her full story. The show doesn’t follow a real-world calendar, which makes it difficult to pin down its exact age of Eri.



33. Nao Shimura


Nao Shimura


In the series, Nao Shimura is a mother figure. As a child, she lived with her father and mother-in-law.


She had brown eyes and light hair that parted on her face. Her hair was worn in unkempt waves.


In flashbacks, Nao wore different clothes, ranging from a black shirt and jeans to a corduroy skirt.


Nao is known for her caring personality toward her son and also was willing to do anything to help him become a hero.


Nao Shimura’s mother and grandmother were both tragic and sexy. She and her children left their family to start a new life.


As a child, she met a stage magician and his wife. Nao Shimura’s family is quite poor, but despite the fact that she is loved by Nao and Kotaro.


Nao and her siblings moved to a different city, where they made a new life. Eventually, the family moves into a slum.



34. Moko Tamashi


Moko Tamashi


The most important role that Momo Tamashi plays in My Hero Academia is as a sexy, mysterious, and resourceful girl.


She is an extremely talented hero with an array of Quirks, including the ability to use fat cells to build items.


While this is not a very practical Quirk, it allows Momo to make items at different points on her body.


As a result, her outfits are generally quite provocative. In addition to this, her costume also exposes just enough skin to be a desirable target for the males.


For many fans, she might not be the most known character, but she has her powers and a unique personality that make her an enjoyable character. 



35. Lala Soul


Lala Soul


Compared to other female characters, Lala is somewhat mature. She is an Oni princess and has a movie series called Symphony Regalia.


She struggles to find a suitor but eventually meets an earthling and falls in love with him. Lala grows as a character in the series, and she has several adorable fan service moments.


Most anime fans would love to spend time in the gentle company of an Oni princess. She might look like a cute little girl, but she knows what she is doing and is a smart lady.



36. Hina




While she is a young woman, Hina in My Hero Academia isn’t just any girl. She is an incredibly sensitive young woman.


Hina is very sensitive, unlike other anime female characters, even if she is seven years old. She is also a lot firmer than most anime female characters.


But her gentle nature makes her a great character to root for. Izuku’s mother initially supports his dream but becomes worried about his safety.


She also has a Quirk that isn’t officially named but is known as Attraction of Small Objects. Hina’s school is also featured in the OVA Training of the Dead.


Hina’s mother also has a friend, All Might, a client in the Police Force.



37. Lady Nagant


Lady Nagant


The My Hero Academia franchise has many great female characters, including the infamous villain Lady Nagant. While Toga has been the only noteworthy villain in the series, Lady Nagant will be a new addition.


She is a powerful character who will get you pumped for the sequels! Also, read on to learn more about the character’s history.


While Lady Nagant is the only notable villain of the series, the other female characters are equally well-developed.


Her criminal behavior against Deku was particularly baffling, but she won over legions of fans. Even though she is brutal to her partner, Lady Nagant is a fierce and powerful character.


She is the only female character in the series that is more like a real person than an action heroine.


Her battle with Midoruya, mid-air in the manga series, really divided the fans on the outcome of the fight.



38. Kameko




One of the many characters in My Hero Academia is Kameko, a former student of the Hero school. She has tortoise-like skin on her back, black hair, small eyes, and an almost non-existent nose.


She also befriends another female character named Sameko, the main antagonist in the series. The two share a common quirk – both have tortoise-like attributes and are friends of Kameko.


They both have varying levels of abilities. The female characters of My Hero Academia have a good range of Quirks and individual ideas of greatness.


Yet they are underutilized and underused by many fans and often serve as background decoration. However, acknowledging your strength in battle is an important aspect of empowerment.


Therefore, the female characters in My Hero Academia should receive more exposition and develop their unique quirks.



39. Hana Shimura


Hana Shimura


My Hero Academia’s anime series features a cast of female characters, including Hana Shimura. Hana is regarded as a significant character.


She is also the older sister of Tenko Shimura and Nana Shimura is her great-grandmother. Her features included dark hair.


Her relationship with Tenko Shimura was often strained, and she was not always on good terms with her brother.


While her father has been dead for a long time, Hana has learned to temporally integrate her targets. She has a unique quirk that allows her to travel in time.


During one episode, she receives a package addressed to her, containing several USB devices bearing different names. She hides the package in her room and finds a computer, where she uses it to access the files inside.



40. Emi FukuKado


Emi FukuKado


The character Emi FukuKado in the My Hero Academia series has a similar appearance to the Joker from the DC comics. She is a cool character and one of the favorites of the fans. 


Both characters have an over-the-top clown/comedy aesthetic, green hair, and are reminiscent of the Joker’s disguise. Additionally, their aliases are similar, and they both have similar powers.


The similarities between these two characters are even more pronounced as Ms. Joke’s annoyance with Shota reflects Batman’s ire with The Joker.



41. Nemuri Kayama


Nemuri Kayama


The character of Nemuri Kayama in My Hero Academia is one of the more sexually adventurous female characters. She has a sexy appearance and enjoys dressing up sexually, even in front of students.


She is the seventh user of the One For All Quirk, which grants her superhuman strength. Nemuri has sexy looks, and an equally, validating attitude to go with her personality.


Her fascinating character is something to watch out for. The character of Tsuyu Asui was based on her mother. She was born with an ice Quirk, much like her mother, and is also a talented chef.


However, she is one of the few children who has forgiven their father. Her older brother, Natsuo, is a university student majoring in medicine.


He resents his father and cannot discuss his feelings with him without losing his composure.



42. Pamela




Pamela has always had a bad opinion of people, but her internal magnetic compass helps her navigate unknown territory. She does not trust people and always tries to stay away from them. 


She’s often considered the most unsocial character in the entire series. She doesn’t like to be compared to her coworkers, and she’s not afraid to speak her mind.


Pamela met Chris in high school, where he was very popular thanks to his Quirk. He was also curious about Pam’s attitude, but she turned him down as an attention-hungry clown.



43. Rei Todoroki


Rei Todoroki


Rei Todoroki is the daughter of Endeavour and also the sister of Shoto and Dabi. She is one of the significant characters in the My Hero Academia anime series.


She is the older sister of Shoto and the only child of Enji and Fuyumi Todoroki. She has medium-length white hair with red strands scattered throughout, which she typically wears in a ponytail.


Her usual outfit consists of a white shirt, a peach cardigan, jeans, brown shoes, and rectangular-entered red glasses. Rei has a light-colored complexion but is quite strong-willed.


Her strong will makes her resolve to confront Toya’s family about her situation. She visited the hospital where her son and husband were being treated, reminding the father that his family suffered more than he did.


She told the husband that she was visiting them to talk about their family.



44. Ryuko Tatsuma


Ryuko Tatsumo


The first female hero in the My Hero Academia series is Ryuko Tatsuma, also known as the Dragon Hero “Ryukyu”.


She is a former No. 9 and current No. 10 Pro Hero who uses the dragon form and employs Tsuyu Asui and Nejire Hado.


While a female Pro Hero, she has a dragon form that grants her superhuman strength and durability. The female characters in the series are mainly made up of women.


Although Ryuko is the youngest, she is the most powerful female hero in the series. Her unnamed Quirk allows her to create holographic pages of people and objects.


Her Quirk also lets her create sounds and flashes of light, useful for locating people. The anime series also features the school where she attends, Isamu Academy High School.



45. Satsuki Asui


Satsuki Asui


Throughout the series, Satsuki finds herself defending the young heroes from the Overhaul. Her efforts have resulted in her taking down goons and defending the innocents from the villains.


But her actions aren’t without consequence, and she has no choice but to fight them. While she is the show’s main character, she is not the only female character to appear in the anime.


She is known for fighting for innocent people and caring about them. Satsuki is powerful and definitely has the main character’s vibe and feel to her.



46. Yuyu Haya


Yuyu Haya


Yuyu Haya, a third-year student in the Hero Course at U. A. High, looks like a male character, but she’s female. In the anime, she is a member of class 3-A at U. A. High, and she often ships with other girls in her class.


Although she doesn’t appear in the anime very often, when she does, she impresses everyone with her beauty and grace.


The two girls’ parents, Yu Takeyama and Hashimoto, both have ice Quirks, making them highly appealing to the boy protagonists of the series.


As a result, the two sisters become devoted friends. As well, their parents are very protective of their children. Even though they are both female, Hashimoto and the others often criticize the girls.



47. Tomie Takami


Tomie Takami


As one of the most lovable female characters in the series, Tomie Takami is a unique character. Though emotionally undeveloped, she harbors a deep love for her husband and son.


After helping her husband escape from justice for murder, Tomie took their son to the street to keep him quiet.


Eventually, she purchased a toy for Keigo and told him to become strong like her. Tomie is an average-sized woman with hair that resembles fluffy feathers.


Her eyes have a sunken appearance, and she often has two extra eyeballs floating around her head. She uses her extra pair of eyes mainly for law enforcement and surveillance.


Although her powers are a bit esoteric, the character has some striking similarities to Twice. Tomie is also a strong character who makes the males around her feel inferior.



48. Yu Takeyama


Yu Takeyama


As a character in the anime My Hero Academia, Yu Takeyama is an attractive woman with curvy features. She has light brown hair and glossy lips.


Her outfit consists of a dark shirt and skirt with the top button open and a black hat. Her Hero costume is a skin-tight bodysuit all the way reaching to her knees.


They are knee-high boots and orange stripes. Another sexy female character from My Hero Academia is Mitsuki Bakugo. She was first introduced in manga and anime and is the oldest character on this list.


However, her beauty came from her Quirk. She has a surprisingly beautiful figure, despite her age. Mitsuki Bakugo is the oldest character in the series, and she still maintains her sexy physique to this day.



49. Shino Sosaki


Shino Sosaki


In My Hero Academia, female characters are not as common as males. However, women in anime can become heroes, and Shino Sosaki is no different.


This girl has also dreamed of becoming a hero since she was young. Since she was a child, she has developed her powers and gained the respect of her peers.


But she still has many doubts. She still has to prove herself to the people of her world, which is not easy. She is solid, but she still has to prove her worth from time to time.



50. Saiko Intelli


Saiko Intelli


While she is smart, Saiko does not understand the emotion-driven choices that others make.


For example, she wondered why Kyoka and Tsuyu would come back to save Momo when they could have been worried about themselves.


This might make her look like a selfish brat. But she is just not interested in feeling the emotions of others and keeps hers private too.


However, Saiko is also very humble and accepts the loss of her mother. But she is also smart and has a high IQ.


She is cute and makes anyone feel good about herself. But she does not need it. She is capable of handling herself.



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