Top 30 Best Anime Like Death Note

top 30 best anime like death note


Death Note as an anime has made people fall in love with the story and well-arranged plot that may give them itching. It is a suspenseful anime with a supernatural and psychological flavour.


The story is of a teenager named Light Yagami, considered a genius, founding a notebook called Death Note, the title. As the name suggests, the notebook possesses the power to kill those whose names are engraved in it.


The story goes with Light’s endeavour to use the notebook for a massacre of criminals and eventually make the world a better place. The anime “poses profound questions about justice and murder, all while delivering a supremely satisfying tale of tactical one-upmanship between a detective and killer.”So, if you have ever thought of going with a similar category of suspense and plot, then here are the best of all present in the list.


So without any wait, let’s jump into the best anime like Death Note.




1. Death Parade (2015)


death parade (2015)


Death Parade is a psychological thriller exactly like Death Note. It was created by Yuzuru Tachikawa in the studio of Madhouse. Presenting one of the unique concepts, the series follows the afterlife concept where people’s souls are being judged.


The story follows Decim, a bartender at a bar called Quindecim. This bar is known for hosting people who died at the same time and hosting a series of matches that will decide the future of the dead soul.


The winning and losing of these matches will directly influence whether these souls will get any reincarnation or not. And if not then the only option left is to send these souls into the void.


Death Parade is all about that mind game and dilemma. However, a deeper connection between Death Note and Death Parade lies in the moral and ethical ideologies that both these anime challenge with their stories.


And that’s why, for many of us, they will provide a rejuvenating experience altogether. 




2. Kaiji (2007)


kaiji (2007)


It is a mind game anime, like many anime present in this list, however, its uniqueness lies in its action thriller genre. Dealing with the theme of gambling, the story covers the title or central character Kaiji.


Kaiji is a good-for-nothing character who likes to drink and involve himself in gambling. Things change when one of his deals goes wrong, leading to huge debt and forcing him to play gambling on a cruise.


The series further goes on with the way Kaiji tries to use his mind to keep himself away from dangerous situations. The anime is appreciated for its plot and the way things oscillate.


Kaiji is a high-stakes show that will make you fall in love with the idea of gambling, while also making you hate it from the depths of your heart.


However, what separates this show from the rest is the fact that this anime is amazing when it comes to playing games and having fun. Lethal fun. 




3. Code Geass (2006)


code geass (2006)


Instead of going with a typical mysterious drama present in the list, anime shares its similarity with Death Note under unique genres like military and alternate history. It also shares a great amount of character development as well as story development which was seen in Death Note too.


The story takes place in the Holy Empire of Britannia which became dominant in its military power. One day Lelouch, the leading character, got trapped in the military; however, he is saved by C. C., a mysterious woman, who gives him the power of obsolete obedience.


With the help of this power, Lelouch decided to go against and fight the Empire, thus bringing some action to the story. Code Geass and Death Note connection is way too good to be left out. These two anime are always associated together, mainly because of their protagonists.


Moreover, you will find countless debates claiming that either Lelouch or Light is smarter than the other. Therefore, this show is a must on this list. 




4. Steins; Gate (2011)


steins; gate (2011)


It is one of the best on the list as it shares almost a similar thrilling plot and structure to Death Note. The story also goes around psychological and science fiction themes under 24 episodes.


The story deals with a scientist named Rintarou Okabe and his science lab. The only goal he carries is to present amazing inventions, however, it goes opposite his plans. On any regular day when Okabe was doing experiments, he somehow invented the time machine that could send messages in the past.


Because of this change in time, it has affected him badly, leading to a struggle in coping with his professional and personal life. This anime, while not being directly associated with Death Note on any notable scale, is still appreciated by fans as the show is very intellectual in its approach.


And it wouldn’t be incorrect to say that the ability to offer intellect is what separates this show from the rest. 



5. Monster (2004)


monster (2004)


If one will go with the title which may give the vibe of thriller and drama then it is apt. It covers a crime drama story related to a Japanese doctor named Kenzou.


In between his well-to-do life where the hierarchy of the hospital was climbing stairs, things soon changed. It deals with the mysterious deaths which were somewhere related to the doctor.


Just like in Death Note where a lot of incidence of intensity comes, this anime also carries the same with the revival of Johan Liebert, known to be a serial killer and Tenma’s patient.


This anime holds a lot of connection with Death Note, mainly because of the nature of the series altogether.


The show is something that goes far and beyond to not only highlight a manipulating protagonist, but also challenging the moral dilemma that this franchise has to offer. 



6. Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex (2002)


Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex (2002)


Kenji Kamiyama’s creation Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex is a thriller cyberpunk and spy anime. It is set somewhere in the future where humans use robotic limbs as the world is on another level of technology.


It goes with Public Security Section 9, law enforcement. The members of this enforcement deal with threats, cybercrime, and terrorism that affect the peace of the world. They also meet with a dangerous hacker whose action raises several questions in the series.



7. Terror In Resonance (2014)


Terror In Resonance (2014)


Also known as Zankyou no Terror, this anime is a psychological thriller made under 11 episodes set in an alternate reality. The story happens when the world is met with destruction and anarchy because of an attack on Japan’s nuclear power plant.


It goes with two teenage boys named Twelve and Nine who have stolen a prototype atomic bond. They soon uploaded a video on the internet and threatened the authorities to destroy Tokyo.


Soon, it was revealed that these two characters are the survivors of a secret experiment. It also goes with Lisa who became one of the trades of Twelve and Nine to execute their plan.



8. The Future Diary (2011)


The Future Diary (2011)


It is a psychological anime with a thriller and mystery. The story revolves around a school student named Yukiteru Amano and his digital diary. He generally tries to note his daily happenings in this digital diary however, a new thing occurred that changed his life.


This new thing is related to the diary that mentioned some events going to happen in the future. The anime soon goes with the arrival of a new character named Deus Ex Machina, known to be the God of Space and Time.


Deus revealed to Amano about being chosen as one of the participants in a survival game with 11 other contestants. Each participant has a future diary that will lead to their success.


The one who will survive at the last or will become the winner will be declared as Deus’s Successor.



9. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (2009)


Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (2009)


As the name suggests Alchemy, it is obviously to go with dark fantasy. The story deals with the concept of Alchemy through which two brothers decided to bring their dead mother back to life.


These two brothers are Edward and Alphonse who recently met with a great loss in their life, losing their mother. Instead of losing hope, they try to become certified alchemists and bring their mother back into existence.


The only thing that can make these possibilities come true is the Philosophers’ Stones. Through this stone one can gain eternal life however, to get it, one needs to go with the harsh realities of life and stone.



10. Parasyte: The Maxim (2014)


Parasyte: The Maxim (2014)


The 24 episodes of the anime are made under the studio called Madhouse. Exactly like Death Note, it carries a thriller till the end with a horror and science fiction theme.


It is the story of an alien invasion that begins when a Parasyte race of aliens attacks Earth. They have attached themselves to humans by entering their brains. Shinichi, the protagonist, is a high school student who got stuck with a Parasyte, unable to enter his head but his right hand.


They both started living in coexistence and went to find a cure for all the chaos present in the world.



11. Kakegurui (2017)


Kakegurui (2017)


It is a gambling psychological thriller anime released under the creation of Yuichiro Hayashi. Just like Death Note which came with a clever plot and mind games, Kakegurui also revolves around the same pattern.


The story is set in an Academy called Hyakkaou Private Academy which is known for giving importance to the power of money rather than any curriculum. Following school subjects during the day, the academy shifts to gambling at night.


In specific, it is the story of a transfer student who also tries her hand at gambling but not because of money or winning it but because of getting thrilled in her life.



12. The Promised Neverland (2019)


The Promised Neverland (2019)


The Promised Neverland goes to an orphanage named Grace Field House Orphanage where children were kept as a big family. Their caretaker or motherly figure, Isabella, always fulfills the wishes and needs of these children.


Their life comes with one situation and that is to live inside that orphanage and not go beyond it. They can only leave the orphanage by any adaptation that will be done by any family.


Things change when one of the characters finds something suspicious as those children who get adopted but never contacted back. Soon, a new revelation comes that these children are kept to become the future food of a giant monster.


Thus, one can categorize it as a thriller and suspense with dark fantasy stories, like Death Note.



13. Ergo Proxy (2006)


Ergo Proxy (2006)


When the Earth was left inhabitable because of global destruction that happened thousands of years ago then humans were left in the worst conditions. Their only way of survival has become the Android robots that help them in their tasks.


But soon things changed when these Android robots were attacked by some virus. The story goes with the character Re-l and her robot named Iggy as they try to solve this unknown virus which appears to be nothing less than a mystery.


Because of its psychological thriller, it shares a common thing with Death Note. However, one can also find a commonality between plot design and the way suspense was created.



14. Tokyo Ghoul (2014)


Tokyo Ghoul (2014)


Horror, dark fantasy, supernatural, and thriller are the bases of Tokyo Ghoul, like Death Note. It goes around Ghouls who are living on the flesh of humans and carries human appearance too.


Kaneki, the central character, at first ignored the existence of ghouls but realized it when he met a beautiful girl called Rize who, later on, appeared to be a ghoul.


She attacks him but saves him when her organs come inside his body, making him half-ghoul. The story goes on with Kaneki as he tries to protect himself from deadly creatures and government agents who started hunting these ghouls, including him.



15. Psycho-Pass (2012)


Psycho-Pass (2012)


Naoyoshi Shiotani and Katsuyuki Motohiro’s creation Psycho-Pass is a psychological thriller with the crime as its main theme. Because of its theme where the judgment of good and evil comes in the hand of certain characters, it shares similar detailing with Death Note.


It is set in a dystopian world where criminals are just based on their criminal intent rather than committing any crime. So, all the citizens are considered criminals, except those who have passed a test called psycho-pass.


It further carries with Akane Tsunemori who decided to take this judgment to a different level and change it.



16. Darker Than Black (2007)


Darker Than Black (2007)


As the title suggests, it is very obvious to go with the theme of supernatural and mystery. Along with these themes, it also comes with a science story under the creation of Tensai Okamura.


The story comes with the concept of Heaven and Hell. The sudden appearance of Heaven’s Gate in South America and the opposite of it, that is Hell’s Gate present in Japan.


The reason behind its appearance is not clear however, some kind of supernatural power and its force is there. The plot further goes with a contractor named Hei who started investigating the appearance of these two gates.



17. Shiki (2010)


Shiki (2010)


It is a psychologically mysterious drama set in a small town called Sotoba. In this town, everyone is aware of everyone’s existence. The psychological and mysterious things come when a young girl dies unknowingly with a secret disease.


Toshio Ozaki, the town doctor, suspects that it is not a normal disease but some kind of sinister happening in the town. Soon, Toshio decided to dig into the mystery with some youngsters and reveal the secrets of a new family.



18. Hell Girl (2005)


Hell Girl (2005)


Hell Girl is again an amazing anime coming with the same theme as Death Note, which is supernatural, dark fantasy, and thriller. Just like Death Note in which the protagonist tries to shun all the criminals, here, the protagonist called Hell Girl also tries to do the same by finishing the enemies.


The story started with a website published at midnight where one can put the information of their enemies and Hell Girl will be taking their soul to hell. However, the twist comes when the person seeking revenge will also go to hell after their death.



19. One Outs (2008)


One Outs (2008)


Gambling and psychology are the main genres of this anime released in 2008. Just like Death Note, it goes with the same structure and perfect presentation. Tokuchi, being a baseball player, also involved himself in gambling.


It comes with his way where he thinks of baseball games as a medium of earning money. But things changed when he was defeated by Hiromichi and soon joined his team with a low salary.


To solve his problem of low salaries, Tokuchi started gambling on pitching and running. The story becomes quite interesting with the suspense of what is going to happen next.



20. Erased (2016)


Erased (2016)


Erased is a well-known mystery anime coming with science fiction. It was created by Tomohiko Itō under 12 episodes. The thriller and suspense come with the leading character going into a past life and recreating some incident.


The story is of Satoru who was sent 18 years back in the time when his mother was murdered. Soon Satoru realizes that this murder of his mother is related to the kidnapping of his three classmates that happened in childhood.


Now, everything depends upon him as he decides to solve the mystery.



21. Detective Conan (1996)


Detective Conan (1996)


Also known as Case Closed, the anime is a mysterious story coming with the character Shinichi Kudo. Shinichi shares the great skill of detective and solves mysteries. The story turns out when he witnesses a crime and was given a drug forcefully.


This drug changed him into a 7-year-old kid named Conan. It further goes on when Conan decided to help himself in childhood related to his friend and his father and solve things that came with chaos.


The anime is well known for its character and the way the plot blended well in presentation. It is also appreciated for keeping the audience to the end by crafting a thriller linearly.



22. Platinum End (2021)


Platinum End (2021)


Just like Death Note, Platinum End also goes with common anime themes called supernatural, dark fantasy, and thriller. Apart from it, both the animations have a comment creator, Takeshi Obata.


It has gained popularity among fans, however, remained with mixed reviews among critics. It follows the life of a young friend named Mirai who is brutally trolled by those who took his responsibilities, that is his relatives.


To end every problem, Mirai decided to commit suicide. But things changed when a winged character came into the story, later appearing to be The Guardian Angel, Nasse. The story further goes on again in which 13 participants will go against each other to become the next God.



23. No Game, No Life (2014)


No Game, No Life (2014)


Atsuko Ishizuka’s creation No Game, No Life is a fantasy and science fiction anime coming with 12 episodes. It is a mini-series set in a fantasy world, Disboard, the land of games.


Coming with two siblings named Shiro and Sora who lost an online game with Tet, they both were sent or taken to this fantasy land. Soon their adventure started in this land as they tried to replace its superior God.


It also shares a background where 16 sentients, including humans, are present in Disboard. Coming to humans then they are the only ones with no magic, however, things changed with the arrival of siblings.



24. Durarara!! (2010)


Durarara!! (2010)


In Tokyo’s Ikebukuro district, a hotbed of strange rumours and cautionary tales about dangerous factions and mysterious figures, one urban legend captures everyone’s attention—the presence of a headless motorcyclist called the “Black Rider,” who supposedly navigates the city’s streets.


Eager for the excitement of urban living, Mikado Ryuugamine heeds an invitation from a childhood friend and relocates to Tokyo.


On his very first day, Mikado catches a glimpse of the enigmatic Black Rider, seemingly fulfilling his desire for adventure.


However, as supernatural events start unfolding, ordinary citizens like Mikado, alongside the vibrant inhabitants of Ikebukuro, find themselves drawn into the escalating turmoil that grips their city.



25. Baccano! (2007)


Baccano! (2007)


Set in Chicago during the early 1930s, the legendary transcontinental train, Flying Pussyfoot, embarks on a journey that becomes infamous for the violence and bloodshed it engenders across the nation.


Meanwhile, in New York, the ambitious scientist Szilard and his reluctant assistant Ennis are on a quest to recover missing vials of an elixir that grants eternal life.


The escalating mafia war adds another layer of chaos to the unfolding events.


Flashing back to 1711 aboard the Advena Avis, alchemists grapple with the consequences of immortality.


Baccano!, based on award-winning light novels, intricately intertwines seemingly disparate events, revealing a grand tale of alchemy, survival, and immortality.


Amidst this tapestry of interconnected narratives, the well-intentioned thieves Isaac and Miria emerge as catalysts, forging relationships among a diverse ensemble, each driven by their own hidden ambitions and motives, leading to lasting connections and far-reaching repercussions.



26. To Your Eternity (2021)


To Your Eternity (2021)


Getting released on 12 April 2021, the anime comes with drama and supernatural stories just like Death Note. It is the story of a wandering boy living in the land of North Antarctica.


When this boy met with a fox, a new kind of friendship came in the way with the concept of surviving in a difficult environment. It further goes with history where the amazing journey of both characters becomes fascinating.


Coming to the development of the character then it remained stagnant, however, the designs and animation were appreciated with sounds.



27. My Hero Academia (2016)


My Hero Academia (2016)


My Hero Academia is again one of the best on the list as it comes with action and a superhero theme. The story covers different kinds of people existing in two categories.


The first one is said to be Quirk which covers almost 80% of the population and the second one is Quirkless. Quirk are said to be those who possess some supernatural powers while Quirkless are those who have none of it.


Our protagonist Izuku is one of the Quirkless people with the dream of transforming into a superhero. But the only problem that comes with him is not just him being Quirkless but also his bullies.


However, the story ends on a good note where his hard work and training made him a hero.



28. Demon Slayer (2019)


Demon Slayer (2019)


Demon Slayer comes with the theme of historical and fantasy as well as the action that was balanced in perfect portions. It is about the protagonist named Tanjirou who decided to take revenge and started the story in an unimaginable way.


When his whole family was killed by the hands of demons and his sister was transformed into one of the demons, Tanjirou decided to take revenge. Now his mission lies not just in taking revenge but also protecting his sister and finding the ultimate cure.


It has a great presentation of characters and their development which remained unforgettable. Due to its clever plot structure, it shares a great deal of commonality with Death Note.



29. Vinland Saga (2019)


Vinland Saga (2019)


A dramatic, action, adventure, and historical way of presenting the story, the anime was released on 8 July 2019. The historical views came with the background of Vikings, coming with protagonist Young Thorfinn.


Growing up with many tales and stories of sailors traveling miles on oceans and then reaching a land called Vinland, Young always dreamt of going with it. The land is almost a utopian appearance, with fertile land and a warm climate.


However, the historical war between the Danes and England started and death became a usual way, like Death Note, which turned the world down. Young, being a protagonist, comes to take revenge, especially for his father’s death.



30. Attack On Titan (2013)


Attack On Titan (2013)


Attack on Titan is an action anime coming with the theme of dark fantasy that eventually brings it into supernatural categories, like Death Note. The story is set in a world after a big destruction that led humanity to pack inside a wall and protect themselves from Titans, giant humanoids.


The protagonist Eren Jaeger with Mikasa and Armin came together and joined Survey Corps. Survey Corps is a group of soldiers fighting against Titans and investigating the history as well as the origin of these Titans.


The anime is a masterpiece of destruction and death, which is quite common with Death Note. It was good at art, especially animation.



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