Top 50 Best Jujutsu Kaisen Characters Of All Time

top 50 best jujutsu kaisen characters of all time


Jujutsu Kaisen. A series that brought back the old-school shounen anime hype. And that’s why, this anime deserves so much love and appreciation from fans all around the globe. 


And for this article, I think the best way to do that would be by listing down the best characters.


Yup, this is the Best Jujutsu Kaisen Characters list. I know you love them and we have a lot of them so let’s waste no time.


So grab your favourite snack, lay down on your couch and let’s dive deep into this world of curses.


I hope you enjoy it.




1. Gojou Satoru


gojou satoru


Gojou Satoru is often considered one of the greatest warriors of all time and is the pride of the Gojou clan.


Gojou Satoru is the one who made the show go from Amazing to 10/10 Masterpiece Peak Fiction.


It was his hilarious and overpowered nature that brought the attention of fans around the globe to watch this show.


And I believe that it will happen over and over again. However, unlike other overpowered characters, he had a great story and premise behind his distinction that will be taken care of later on in the series.


This man will be shaping our experience. However, it’s important to note that even the strongest has his fair share of hardships and troubles that can’t be compared. 


Gojou Satoru is a name to be remembered by fans all around the globe. 




2. Itadori Yuuji


itadori yuuji


Itadori Yuuji is one of the most intriguing protagonists in recent times. While other characters are trying to pave their way to train harder, get more powerful, and be better, Itadori is paving his way to select the next show for the binge.


After all, Yuuji needs that for training. Either way, I like his personality a lot.


A guy who introduces himself with his woman type deserves our appreciation. And that’s the reason why this man is standing here.


We have so much more to see from him and we will be looking forward to it.


I will also be looking forward to seeing how overpowered he gets.


His physical prowess will be his biggest weapon and there’s no denying that this single weapon will guide the direction in which the series will go.


Yuuji is a man you must look forward to. 




3. Ryoumen Sukuna


ryoumen sukuna


Sukuna is a badass. An absolute badass. He is like a villain who occasionally becomes a hero.


I mean, if you think about it, Ryoumen Sukuna is the big daddy of the show.


It’s because of him that Yuuji is in a pivotal position. And most importantly, he can love you from your heart.


Literally. So yeah, this villain is quite an interesting one to say so. I wish to see where the series will go with Sukuna being inside of our main character.


A close connection I must say. And that’s the reason why Ryoumen Sukuna is here at this spot on our list.


He will be taking things to the next level in the near future and that’s why this monster is so intimidating and yet captivating.




4. Kugisaki Nobara


Kugisaki Nobara


I think we have all heard about the Jujutsu Kaisen and Naruto analogy right? You know, whenever I listen to that analogy, I find it laughable.


Why? Because Nobara and Sakura have nothing in common. While Sakura used to have a discourteous attitude towards anyone except Sasuke, Nobara has dignity and pride in her efforts.


She is sweet to everyone she is with if they treat her well. Plus, unlike Sakura, Nobara has a lot of skills to be convinced about.


So in the grand scheme of things, Nobara is just so much more of a character than we can imagine.


She is rebellious, she is strong and one of the most important things, she is smart and extremely attractive. She is one of the best characters in the series. 



5. Fushiguro Megumi


fushiguro megumi


I feel like Fushigoro needs more time. To be honest, I feel like every character needs more time but Fushigoro particularly has a lot to offer.


I mean, Sukuna just doesn’t select any random one right? He had respect for him from a few meetings and those were enough to hint to us how good Megumi is.


Right now, he doesn’t seem all that outstanding. However, as the series advances, we will see some outstanding performances for him.


His Jujutsu skills are about to Skyrocket and a lot of his past is going to play a major role in how things will flow for him. 


That’s why Megumi is a character that we need to look forward to. His contributions are going to be game-changing, to say the least. 



6. Nanami Kento


Nanami Kento


Daddy! I must say he is quite a mess right? I mean, who else would be worth all this effort of Simping?


Nanami is like a balance for the show. While we have Gojo as a fun and outgoing character who will be respected by everyone, we also have Nanami who acts as the big serious guy figure in the series.


And this makes the circumstances so much more pleasant. I won’t lie, whenever Nanami is part of a fight, it gets so much better.


As that’s why this guy is appreciated so much by the anime community. 



7. Inumaki Toge


Inumaki Toge


Inumaki is probably my favourite student out of all in the series. And this is because of how interesting his concept is.


I mean, who needs limbs, he can destroy you with his words. First up, his design is very appealing and sets the mood for his disposition very well.


And if we talk about his skills, those are amazing as well. He uses Cursed Speech so if he said that you should go and die, you will die.


Of course, there are second factors involved in these. However, in the grand scheme of things, Inumaki and his cursed speech are very cool.


And they also have a lot of potential to grow in the future.



8. Toudou Aoi


Toudou Aoi


Now before we talk about him, I want you to picture your type of Woman.


Yes, only then will you be permitted to talk about this man right here. Toudou is such a beast when it comes to combat.


And not just hand-to-hand fights, he is also excellent in Jujutsu control and overall strength.


As a character who is said to become overpowered very soon, Toudou is quite a good one.


However, I hope you know your restrictions. After all, if your woman’s choice is boring, you will be the subject of some good beating.


And trust me, you won’t escape from it at all.



9. Zenin Maki


Zenin Maki


Maki is the Waifu for all those who want to get overwhelmed. I mean just look at her.


She is so calm and collected while also being strong and hard-working. Jujutsu Kaisen ensures that its characters have values, especially females.


And that can be proved with the help of Zenin Maki. She is just so enchanting in a way that we can’t even express it all that well.


She is just so different from all the females we have seen so far. And that’s why her character acts as a refreshment for anyone and everyone new to the Jujutsu Kaisen anime.


That’s why she is here.



10. Getou Suguru


Getou Suguru


Getou is quite an interesting character if you ask me. He is not only an antagonist but also a super strong beast who just can’t be restrained if left untouched.


In the series, we haven’t seen him do anything grand. However, whenever he tries to go against Gojo, he does it with all his passion and heart.


Getou is a man who needs to chill with his thought process. However, if we look at things from his viewpoint, things will start to become clear.


Let’s see what this old man has to do to our main cast as the story progresses.


So enough, it will get quite interesting.



11. Panda




Back when I first started Jujutsu Kaisen, there was only one character I was longing for the most.


He was Panda. Why? Because I liked the idea of a Panda character. Seriously, Panda was the character I was most enthusiastic about when I watched the opening.


However, as the show advanced and he did show up, I must say it was a bit disappointing.


I assumed him to be some overpowered beast but he turned out to be quite a humble student.


But hey, that’s why he is a Panda and not a bear, right? So yeah, I’d you don’t like this character, you need some reconsideration.



12. Miwa Kasumi


Miwa Kasumi


Unlike most Jujutsu Kaisen characters, Miwa is a bit childish. In terms of skills, she isn’t great and she accepts it herself.


Moreover, she is quite charming when she starts to respect Gojo in the series. And that’s a plus in her case.


I feel that Jujutsu Kaisen is getting a bit clogged up with all these serious, hardcore characters going all their way to cause mayhem.


However, with characters like Miwa, we get to have a different taste here and there.


And that’s refreshing if you ask me. So if you are someone whose Waifu is Miwa, I wish you, good luck man.


I hope your dream comes true.



13. Chousou




Chousou is one of the supporting antagonists in the show. And while I can’t reveal what he does in the series, I can tell you about his appearance.


He is quite like Fushigoro in terms of hairdo and overall aesthetic. However, his appearance is more on the devil’s side of things.


Plus, he looks like he has been through a lot which means that he is a being with experience and understanding.


Both of which are going to be game-changers forever.



14. Mahito




Mahito reminds me a lot of Tomura Shigaraki. He is a man whose principles are not yet depicted properly in the series.


His fight with Nanami was amazing and so were his endeavours to ruin our main gang.


I want to see what this villain has to offer in this series. Soon enough, the track of the show will take some serious turns.


And it will be during these turns that we will get to see the most refined version of Mahito.


That’s who he is. A man with courage and strength but also affection for evil.


And I think that’s the reason why he earns this spot on the list. Let’s hope he gets even better.



15. Yoshino Junpei


Yoshino Junpei


Junpei is a sad story. It is a story of a man who was done with the brutality of this world and couldn’t bear it anymore.


He was it! He was the first one to express how dark and sinister Jujutsu Kaisen can get with its narrative.


However, he was only the beginning. Soon enough, we will be seeing a lot more unattractive and unfortunate things happen in the series as time passes by.


And that is the reason why I respect him so much. His character was a model for how Jujutsu Kaisen will shake the Shonen Genre.


And that’s quite a substantial contribution if you ask me



16. Iori Utahime


Iori Utahime


Iori is such a ridiculous character, man. I just love seeing her get frustrated with Gojo’s actions.


That’s a great twist that acts as a refreshment in the series. Right now, Iori isn’t all that contributive.


However, whatever is happening in the background is under her attention. And all of that will soon surface.


When that surface shows up, boom, the show will change its direction. And who will be a major part of that to happen?


Iori Utahime. So yeah, we can all agree and appreciate this woman and her quirky nature with our hearts.



17. Zenin Mai


Zenin Mai


The Zenin family is like the Uchiha family of the series. I know I said that I find the Jujutsu Kaisen and Naruto analogy hilarious.


However, in this case, it works to some degree. Both these families have a lot of secrets and content to offer.


And the fact that Maki and Mai are sisters although they are quite opposite to each other is one such situation.


Zenin Mai specifically is a bit more on the rude side of things. She tries to lower all those against her including her sister.


However, when you look at the world from her perspective, you will realize that the actual situation is her insecurity.


And that is quite interesting on its own.



18. Mei Mei


Mei Mei


Mei Mei is THE Waifu of the show for me. She is just so hot that I can’t help but give her the best girl award instantly.


Right now, her character is shown to be a woman with a lot of admiration for money.


However, as the series will progress, we will see a lot more from her. And I think that her Purple attire is what steals the show for anyone and everyone who watches it.


After all, she is just so attractive and eye-catching that fans can’t help loving her.


But it will be great to see her contribute more to the overall story which might happen sooner or later in the show.



19. Ieiri Shouko


Ieiri Shouko


Shouko is the doctor from the series who aided Itadori while he was sick. And this doctor is quite an intelligent one when it comes to curses and all the studies regarding them.


In the grand scheme of things, she is just like every other character in Jujutsu Kaisen.


She is a bit strict on the outside but when you spend some time with her, she might decide to open up.


And that’s why people always look at her with respect and admiration. And I think she will soon be doing a lot more as a supporting character in this series.


So let’s see how it goes.



20. Kamo Noritoshi


kamo noritoshi


Kamo is an interesting character from this series. I mean imagine shooting arrows with closed eyes.


That’s some Avengers-level skill. Moreover, he is also very similar to Geto in terms of looks and appearance.


And that’s why Kamo is a bit overshadowed in the show in some way or another.


However, just like every other character in the series, he has a ton of room to improvise and get better with his contribution to the overall story and narrative.


And that’s why Kamo is here on this list. I hope she does more in the later seasons.



21. Muta Koukichi


muta koukichi


Muta Koukichi is also known as Mechamaru in this series. And I remember back in the day, I used to love the fight of Panda vs Mechamaru because of how close it was to reality.


As it was also during that time that we realized Muta. He is one of the Chimeras made from Curses.


Panda is also a Chimera made from curses and so, the duo that was present here was quite interesting.


Moreover, as the show progressed, things started to get interesting as we got to see his original body and his true nature.



22. Hanami




Hanami was one of the most exciting curses when he first appeared. Initially, it was his scary and creepy design that made him stand out so much.


However, as the show went on, his skills and fighting prowess also shined and boom, we had a great villain for us.


Although our main cast took care of him, he lasted quite a lot when he was on the battlefield.


Plus, he can return any moment in the series so we don’t need to worry much about it either.


All in all, a great monster for this monstrous series.



23. Jougo




Jougo was the one who gave us one of the most entertaining fights in the entire series.


Needless to say, it was an incredible Gojo vs Jougo battle. I will be honest, I had high hopes for Jougo based on all his claims regarding his strength.


And while, they would have worked just as claimed if he wasn’t against this man right here, Gojo Satoru.


Either way, as a villain, Jougo had a fascinating smile and method of talking which emitted bad-guy vibes.


And that eventually helped us to appreciate the context of this character even more.



24. Nishimiya Momo


Nishimiya Momo


She reminds me of a witch. Don’t question it. Anyway, Momo is one of the side characters in the series and is also one of the students in the show.


The reason why she is here is because of her actions in the battle of both classes.


That was quite something for sure. On the outside, she is just a little girl but when faced with danger, she can portray some fine skills that will make you her fan.


All in all, a good concept for a character. I think she would have considerable room later on in the series to Florida.



25. Tsukumo Yuki


tsukumo yuki


She is a gorgeous girl from the series who has yet to show her excellence.


She is close to making her appearance. However, there’s so much more she can offer that I can’t tell you about just yet.


Her capabilities far exceed anything that we have seen in the anime.


And the fact that she is so accomplished and yet not known all that well, makes her a force to be reckoned with.


You can’t help but look forward to her presence in the show. 


And until then, appreciate the adorable design that can make any anime fan fall for her, instantly.


That’s why she is so great for the list to have. A woman of quality.



26. Ijichi Kiyotaka


Ijichi Kiyotaka


I love this guy in the show. He is at the pinnacle of being a supporting character.


However, what makes him so special is the fact that he is behind a lot of activities in the realm of curses.


Like seriously, a lot of activities take place because of him and under his presence.


And while yes, he is one of the side individuals in the show. However, he has a lot more to offer and so we will wait for now.


Soon enough, this seemingly simple human will show you what he can do from the side.


That’s why he deserves to be here on this list.



27. Nitta Akari


Nitta Akari


Nitta is just like Ijichi. She doesn’t work on the front lines but functions from the back and assists with all the other things.


She is one of the managers of the series so you can tell that she will be useful in one way or another.


And that’s why she is here. Up until now, she hasn’t done anything insane and her only notable feat was the one case she was focusing on.


However, I believe that she has a lot of potential that can be explored later on in the series.


That’s why I placed Nitta Akari on this list.



28. Yaga Masamichi


Yaga Masamichi


Man. He is a Macho Man. Yaga was the headmaster of the Jujutsu Tech High School which stands in Tokyo.


And this is the man who is responsible for Panda. He is one of the supporting characters in the series so we don’t have a lot of information about him.


However, as of now, we do know that he has a strong past that can be utilized later in the series.


So all in all, he is a great character for us to appreciate. However, I will say this.


His design is pretty cool. That manly appearance makes him look more admirable.



29. Yoshino Nagi


Yoshino Nagi


A cheerful soul was seen under the skin of Yoshino Nagi. She was Junpei’s mother who lost her life because of curses.


And that was a true, terrible incident that happened. It was another event that told us about the cruel nature of this series.


And soon enough, we realize that this show is just something else. While Nagi was on screen, things were always tranquil and optimistic.


However, the moment she goes down, the series takes a much darker turn. And that’s why she is here on this list.


May her soul, rest in peace.



30. Fushiguro Tsumiki


Fushiguro Tsumiki


Tsumiki is Megumi’s sister. I mean, if it wasn’t clear from the name, it is official.


Now the thing with Fushiguro Tsumiki is that we haven’t seen a lot from her yet.


She is important to the show and that is certain. However, as a character, she hasn’t been fleshed out yet.


Things should get better in the upcoming season. And I know I am saying this for a lot of characters in the show.


However, she seems like someone who knows a lot and would be detrimental to the Fushigoro family in the upcoming instalment of the series.



31. Gakuganji Yoshinobu


Gakuganji Yoshinobu


Old Man with a swag of his own. That’s how I would describe Gakuganji Yoshinobu.


He is the old man of the series. You know, the old character who has a lot of information about the past and a lot of power in his hands?


Yeah, that’s who this guy is. And I must say, he is quite an impressive person in that respect.


If you have watched the series, you will know that the Jujutsu Sorcerers seem to have some matters to solve amongst themselves.


And this guy might just be the game-changer for all of that. Let’s hope we find it out.



32. Ino Takuma


Ino Takuma


Ino Takuma is one of the side characters in the series who hasn’t made a proper appearance yet.


However, let’s just say that he is still quite an interesting man. If you look at his attire, it resembles that of a thief.


And if you look at his personality, it is rather unique. Mix both these traits and you have a guy who is pretty outstanding in his way.


The black hat that he wears is his signature and that allows us to differentiate him well enough.


Not much is seen from him so far but I am hoping for some great action soon from his end.



33. Sasaki




We couldn’t get more of her. That’s the worst part. However, she lit a fire in our boy which made him who he is now.


Sasaki is a member of the club Itadori was planning to join. However, right after he did, Sasaki was taken in by Curses.


She was quite an adorable character and her presence in the first few episodes laid the foundation for what happens next in the series.


That’s who Sasaki is. And that’s why she deserves to be in this place on this list.



34. Uraume




Uraume is one of the antagonists of the show. This rather strange curse user has not appeared much in the series yet.


However, it is claimed that he will make a lot more appearances shortly.


As of now, we only have his design. And that design makes him so much more human than a villain.


But hey, it’s Jujutsu Kaisen. Anything can go wrong here. So all in all, a great potent character who needs more time to flourish and get better.


Let’s see how things work out for this villain.



35. Itou Shouta


Itou Shouta


Yup. He is the one. He is the one who caused Junpei to be as heartless as he became.


His name is Itou Shouta. And we can’t overlook him. His appearance may resemble that of a popular successful student.


However, the ground reality is that he is an absolute bully. All he does is pressurize the weak and make them suffer.


That’s who he is, that’s how much people hate him. And that’s why he is quite an amazing character.


The ability to create hate for him is amazing. Deserves to be in the current spot.



36. Kechizu




Kechizu. He is that green monster that our team fought in the final episode. That’s the monster who created all the havoc during that arc.


However, it was lucky for us that Kechizu was taken care of by our main cast.


And even as a curse, his appearance is quite horrific. Which is why I liked to place him in this spot.


He makes the viewers uncomfortable with his presence and that’s what curses are all about.


Therefore, if you are a fan of curses, you can try and take a look at this one.


Just for research purposes of course.



37. Shigemo Haruta


Shigemo Haruta


Although she might look like she, she is a he. Yeah, that’s why he is a trap.


Haruta is one of the villains in the anime and his appearance was also during the second half of the series.


I must say, his overall look is quite misleading. I guess he is the dark version of traps in anime.


However, as a villain is pretty decent. His one attack is the only thing we have for reference.


And that was fairly decent. So I think that’s what we can say about his character as well, Fairly Decent.



38. Takagi




Takagi is that dark-skinned coach from the series, remember? Yeah, that’s who he is. Now, there’s not much to say about him.


He was just a supporting character who made the show a bit better. Nothing insane but I think his reaction was quite worth it.


And as a super side character, he somehow managed to make us remember him. I think that’s a good enough reason for me to look up to him and see what he will do shortly.



39. Zenin Naobito


Zenin Naobito


Zenin Naobita is a high-ranked Zenin clan member who hasn’t made any remarkable appearances in the series.


He was just part of the flashback given by one of the characters. And it was the hardships of the Zenin clan that got boosted because of this man.


He doesn’t have any great qualities whatsoever. He is just an old man with an evil face.


However, a word on Street is that this man is going to be relevant in the upcoming segments.


And that’s a plus for me.



40. Esou




Esou is one of the macho characters in the series. He is a curse. More specifically, a cursed womb.


And that’s one of the reasons why he seems to stand out so much. Now I know what you might be wondering.


What is its grade? Well, he is a special grade curse whose capabilities are quite something.


The fights he has been a part of are always notable. And that’s what makes him so special.


Plus, he looks like a Curse as well so that’s another reason for us to have a positive eye toward him.



41. Fujinuma




Fujinuma is a side character in the series who appeared only once or twice in the show.


She doesn’t seem to be contributing anything to the overall story yet. However, we might see her return or we might not.


But the few times she was on screen, she was quite interesting



42. Fujinuma’s Brother


Fujinuma's Brother


Fujinuma’s Brother is one of the delinquents from the series. Just like Fujinuma, she doesn’t have any groundbreaking contribution to the overall series.


But he was quite funny. And that’s why I believe that he deserves this spot on our list.


Moreover, his appearance is quite suitable for his role so that’s another plus.



43. Iguchi




Iguchi is one of the characters from the club Itadori was going to join. Remember Sasaki?


Yeah, he was the guy from that club. And that’s why he is here. What happened to him shaped the series and so, the anime took the turns that it did.


Moreover, his appearance is also quite fitting for his supposed depiction. All in all, we have a great character we lost in the process.



44. Kamo Noritoshi


Kamo Noritoshi


Kamo Noritoshi. I am not talking about the one we know. He is already up there.


Instead, he is different. Way different. He is a Shaman. And this Shaman lived somewhere 150 years ago.


Yup, that’s quite old. And this is not the end. He is also said to be the evilest Shaman in history.


Now that’s quite creepy. And that’s why he is standing there on our list.



45. Kumiya Juuzou


kumiya juuzou


Juuzou is a villain from the show. He just showed up while our boys were having their sparring competition.


And got taken care of by the team. So, in the grand scheme of things, he wasn’t all that impressive.


However, his style was quite interesting. I mean, his typical axe-holding and smug look meant something to the fans.


And that’s why they looked up to him. So bad he didn’t meet the mark.



46. Noritoshi’s Mother


noritoshi's mother


Noritoshi’s Mother was just shown as a glimpse in the series. And I think we can expect some great action from Noritoshi because his mother was so captivating.


And that’s why she is here. However, it’s important to note that the Kamo family didn’t welcome Noritoshi’s mother. And he always wanted to build a home that they all could reunite. 


Noritoshi’s kindness and compassion are all because of her mother and that’s why she is placed here on our list. While she didn’t exactly change anything in the series herself. Her actions had a ripple effect that brought the necessary changes. 



47. Okazaki Chisaki


Okazaki Chisaki


Okazaki Chisaki is the mother of Tadashi Okazaki. She doesn’t contribute anything to the show other than being useful concerning her son.


And she only had a few frames under her belt. So that’s all about it for her.


Let’s see if there’s something new in the next season concerning her.



48. Okazaki Tadashi


okazaki tadashi


Okazaki is a minor character who only appeared for a very short period and then was gone forever.


He was a criminal serving his time in the Eishu Juvenile Detention Centre. He was known to be careless since he was part of an accident that led to the injury of a girl.


And he did so without a license. So yes, he isn’t the nicest person you will meet.



49. Saitama School Delinquent


Not a big surprise. A delinquent from the series. He was brought to his level very soon in the series.


And that was the reason why this was motivating. For a character like this, there isn’t anything significant to say.


He was just a stepping stone for the good guys to move up. And I think as stepping Stones, they did a decent job.



50. Saori


Saori is Nobara’s friend. A really good one with that. As of now, we don’t have much information on her since she left the village she used to stay in.


However, I think we will soon see her return or at least her discussion again.


Being a friend of the main characters is going to be beneficial in one way or another.


And that’s why Saori is here on the list.



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