The Seven Deadly Sins Watch Order [Where To Watch]

The Seven Deadly Sins Watch Order [Where To Watch]


The Seven Deadly Sins is an adventure and fantasy anime based on the manga series illustrated as well as written by Nakaba Suzuki, also written by Four Knights of the Apocalypse.


Starting on 5 October 2014, the anime has given 5 series, 2 movies, and 3 OVAs with a total of 100 episodes.


The series is set in the European Middle Ages. It follows the story of Seven Deadly Sins, a group of knights in Britannia.


Being accused of crimes they had never committed, all the members went on a quest to clear themselves and followed many unexpected obstacles.


All the 2 movies, 5 series, and 3 OVAs are interconnected with the continuation of the series where leading characters deal with many issues.


Due to the same reason, finding the chronological order to watch has become a quite hard task for viewers.


So to make your work quite easy, here are The Seven Deadly Sins watch orders. Moreover, as anime fans tend to get more and more attached to this series, they realize that the complications it has to offer are a lot more detrimental than what meets the eye. 


As a show that happens to be quite entertaining for the audience, there’s no denying that the hype behind this anime is absolutely unreal. Therefore, all of us need to look forward to it. 




The Seven Deadly Sins Chronological Watch Order


Chronological watch order is an order of events that makes the story travel in a line without the distraction of a plot line.


It goes according to the context, however, release order may differ in event and context line which may make the story a bit complicated.


Unlike many anime that differ in the sequence of watch order and release, The Seven Deadly Sins gives everything at hand.


With no difference in the event of watch and release order, the first thing that becomes obvious to watch is Season 1 of the anime, followed by 2 OVAs.


However, since anime is just like any other medium of entertainment, complications are bound to take place and that’s why fans often get confused about what exactly makes a proper order in which they should approach the series.


Therefore, we have created a format that you can refer to if you wish to watch The Seven Deadly Sins without having to bother about any complications that will create a hassle in your watching experience. 


Serial Number


Format (Series/Movie/OVA)

Release Date


The Seven Deadly Sins (Season 1)


5 October 2014


The Seven Deadly Sins: Bandit Ban


17 June 2015


The Seven Deadly Sins: Heroes Fun Time -Extra Stories Compilation


12 August 2015


The Seven Deadly Sins: Signs of Holy War


28 August 2016


The Seven Deadly Sins: Revival of the Commandments


13 January 2018


The Seven Deadly Sins the Movie: Prisoners of the Sky


18 August 2018


The Seven Deadly Sins: Heroes’ Frolic


16 November 2018


The Seven Deadly Sins: Imperial Wrath of the Gods


9 October 2019


The Seven Deadly Sins: Dragon’s Judgement


13 January 2021


The Seven Deadly Sins: Cursed By Light


2 July 2021


Where to watch: Netflix

With 100 episodes in 5 series, 2 movies, and 3 OVAs, Netflix has the bulk of entertainment for fans.




The Seven Deadly Sins Watch Order Based On Release Date


The first release in the franchise happened with the series called The Seven Deadly Sins, 5 October 2015, which had 24 episodes.


The series was later on followed by two amazing OVAs and then by the second season.


By marking the 100 episodes, the franchise released every content to watch and kept it in run till 2 July with a second movie called The Seven Deadly Sins: Cursed By Light.


1. The Seven Deadly Sins

The series premiered on October 5, 2014, and concluded its first season on March 29, 2015, consisting of 24 episodes.


The initial episode serves as an introduction to the story and its characters, swiftly immersing viewers in its themes. Whether it’s Meliodas agreeing to aid Elizabeth or Hendrickson opposing him, the narrative adeptly handles these developments.


Emotions are skillfully portrayed throughout the series, exemplified by Ban’s resurrection of Elaine and Elizabeth’s self-sacrifice for the sake of peace.


The season concludes with Ban facing judgment and receiving a death sentence for his role in destroying the Fairy King’s forest, subsequently transforming into Undead Ban, also known as Bandit Ban.


2. The Seven Deadly Sins: Bandit Ban

The first season of the anime adaptation included an OVA following the 15th volume of the manga, although it had its separate existence.

This OVA delves into the emotional storyline by exploring Ban’s past before his affiliation with the Seven Deadly Sins.


Initially portraying a simple organization, the narrative gradually unfolds the complexity of its characters, particularly Ban, presenting a puzzle-like conflict between him and King.


While the story can evoke sadness through Ban’s past, it offers insights not found in the main series, revealing the background behind his deep connection with Elaine.


Overall, the first OVA provides a satisfying experience for many fans, offering a win-win situation.


3. The Seven Deadly Sins: Heroes Fun Time -Extra Stories Compilation

Just like its predecessor, the second OVA is part of the first season but distinguishes itself with an original story that sets it apart from the series and movies, giving it a unique identity.


Drawing inspiration from the 16th volume of the manga series, the OVA undergoes a tonal shift, transitioning from emotional to comedic, resulting in highly enjoyable moments.


However, it falls short in terms of character progression and storyline development. The comedic elements shine through the interactions between characters like Elizabeth and Hawk, as well as the King and the protagonist Meliodas.


Nevertheless, the narrative loses some of its engagement when it focuses on the story of the Holy Knights, leading to moments of boredom.


4. The Seven Deadly Sins: Signs of Holy War

Starting with Elizabeth and Hawk, the scenes also carry Seven Deadly Sins winning the Kingdom of Liones from the Holy Knights.


With these they tried to indulge in a peaceful life, however, later on, got distracted and broke with a new threat.


This new threat has all the signs of the Holy War and brings anarchy to the lives of the characters.


With just 4 episodes, the expectation was pretty low however, the plot has given the twist.


The art was considered to be beautiful with colors that are a treat to the eyes but the animation was quite poor.


Change in characters did not work in the favour as can be seen through Gilthunder becoming a crybaby from a giant man.


It can also be seen through Elizabeth and Jericho.


5. The Seven Deadly Sins: Revival of the Commandments

With action and adventure, the series has 24 episodes released on 13 January 2018 and ended on 30 June 2018.


The whole series was related to the battle that happened between the Captain of Seven Deadly Sins, Meliodas, and the Great Holy Knight named Hendrickson.


When Hendrickson broke the seal, all the 10 Commandments were scattered. However, Meliodas identifies them through a mysterious connection.


The story then carries destruction that goes with Demons and that’s why members of Seven Deadly Sins had to meet blood and terror to stop them.


Despite getting mixed feelings in terms of the story, development can be seen not just in the story but also in the character.


It had a goofy and adventurous plot filled with surprises and many meetings that came with an over dramatic effect.


6. The Seven Deadly Sins the Movie: Prisoners of the Sky

Despite having a flat story, the movie carried great art and sound with the amazing enjoyment that comes with the story.


However, the characters remain stagnant throughout the movie as the only thing that was added was the abilities and strength of Elizabeth.


Meliodas and Hawk went on the quest for a mystical ingredient called Sky Fish present in the land (Sky Temple) inhabited by Celestials.


Carrying a similar appearance to the criminal called Solaad, Meliodas was imprisoned. Meanwhile, the land went under the threat of a Demon Clan who broke the seal and got hold of everything, thus leading to a war.


However, the Seven Deadly Sins and Celestials got led by their power over Indura of Retribution, a beast.


7. The Seven Deadly Sins: Heroes’ Frolic

The OVA called The Seven Deadly Sins: Heroes’ Frolic was released in the third season but like the other two animations, it also has its own identity.


It carried the story of the 34th volume of the manga. It features all the main characters of Seven Deadly Sins as well as Hawk who were going happily into their daily life.


It generally showed their life and relationship before this split. Development in character and story was not seen however, the sweet and funny story carried well with adventures.


8. The Seven Deadly Sins: Imperial Wrath of the Gods

Meliodas and the rest of Seven Deadly Sins were enjoying life after saving the Kingdom of Liones but soon they were put on trials to defeat the 10 Commandments.


With their past trauma, they were on a mission of defeating the 10 Commandments and giving a halt to every evil plan.


In the process, they started uncovering the truth about each other and also those around them.


Coming to characters then each character was built very strong and has got nice progress with their power and personality.


However, animation lacks at some times but the story overlaps it by creating new mysteries and connecting every plot with balance.


9. The Seven Deadly Sins: Dragon’s Judgment

With a kind of alliterative plot, the series is started with a new threat coming on the Kingdom of Liones.


To save the Kingdom, the Seven Deadly Sins got scattered to defeat the enemy and rescue the protagonist Elizabeth.


At the same time, the truth that ended the Holy War almost 3000 years ago also came to the forefront and caused many old friends to go against each other.


With the adventure continued by the members of the Seven Deadly Sins, one can see a great power releasing from the characters.


It carries confusing action and plot at times where one can see more of the same story taking place back and again.


However, one of the biggest advantages can be seen through the romantic side of the story.


10. The Seven Deadly Sins: Cursed By Light

By carrying a great story art and animation, the movie has a spectacular vision which comes with Meliodas and his friends.


The story is about Meliodas and his friends jumping back into action when their new era of peace got distracted or threatened by a magical alliance that can bring an end to everything.


Development in characters like Meliodas and Zeldris is the main focus although Supreme and Elizabeth remain stagnant.


It can be seen through a brotherly bond growing between Meliodas and Zeldris. Overall the movie was well progressed and it carries a lot of things, like the marriage of Elizabeth and Meliodas.




Filler Episodes


While some anime have a relatively higher percentage of filler episodes, Seven Deadly Sins has a very lower percentage of them.


Out of 100 episodes of the franchise, there are only 4 filler episodes.


Episode Name Episode Number
The Dark Dream Begins Episode 25
Our Fighting Festival Episode 26
In Pursuit of First Love Episode 27
The Shape of Love Episode 28




Top Rated Episodes Of The Seven Deadly Sins


With no surprise, all the episodes of the anime are remarkable in many aspects. However, the best can easily be identified by the difference in ratings and reviews.


Considering any series with the bulk of the best episodes, it is the first season that has opened the storyline in front of the audience.


Starting with The Fearsome Pursuer, the series gave us many hits with transitions from serious to funny roles and scenes.


So here are the top-rated episodes of The Seven Deadly Sins.


1. The Fearsome Pursuer (4.8/5)

Released on 23 November, the episode follows the King’s revelation of being the elder brother of Elaine as he proceeds to threaten Ban for causing the death of Elaine.


The series also gave a flashback through Ban’s remembrance of falling in love with Elaine and how she saves him through a kiss, Fountain of Youth.


Apart from the emotional angle, episodes also open the battles and sacrifice which can be seen through Meliodas’ battles and Elaine’s sacrifice.


Due to this, the series came pretty well with the audience as it marked a great level of plotting and characterization.


2. The Fairy King Who Waited In Vain (4.8/5)

The story started centuries back when Harlequin was saved by Diane but suffered amnesia. But after regaining his memories, he left the Forest of Fairy King to rescue Helbram and others from Aldrich.


By encountering Aldrich, he got to know that Aldrich and Helbram are not two different people but a self.


By taking all the responsibilities of his friend who tried destroying humans, Harlequin erased all the memories of Diane.


However, Helbram was killed by the King. Meanwhile, the story also covers Meliodas coming to help Arthur.


With a great run of emotions with the story, the episode indeed was top-rated. It can be seen in the transition from Helbram’s rescue to his death.


3. What I Can Do For You (4.8/5)

With many things going on in one episode, the story does become complicated at times.


It can be seen through Ban’s planning to resurrect Elaine and Meliodas’ way of convincing Ban.


It also deals with the battle between Dreyfus and Hendrickson that resulted in the death of the former one.


Meliodas also joined the battle with other sins as well as holy knights. With so many battles and twists in the story, the episode has gained a top position.


It was also appreciated because of the design and the screenplay.


4. Courage Charm (4.8/5)

This episode has many cliffhanger moments where things seem like they are sliding out of hand, however, it was captured well by the leading characters.


Starting with the plan to kill Meliodas by saving Hendrickson through Gilthunder. It ended with Gilthunder going against them and getting revenge on Hendrickson for Zatara’s death.


The episode has revealed many great things which can easily be seen through Meliodas freeing Gilthunder.


It was well appreciated for delivering all aspects at a time, whether it is related to Vivian or Meliodas.


5. Imminent Threat (4.7/5)

Imminent Threat or The Looming Threat was released on 8 March 2015. Started with Ban having contact with Horn of Cernunnos for the resurrection of Elaine which can be done through his killing Meliodas.


The episodes revealed many things, from the murder of Zatara by Hendrickson to Dreyfus’s confession.


Later in the episode, one can also see Elizabeth’s surrender to stop the bloodshed as Gilthunder and Meliodas are injured.


It has a great design and plot in many scenes. All the leading characters were seen in a single episode where the helpless protagonist has been given a hike.





1. How many seven deadly sins anime are there?

If we start with the series then 5 are there and if the talk is related to movies then the makers have released two movies, named: The Seven Deadly Sins the Movie: Prisoners of the Sky and The Seven Deadly Sins: Cursed By Light.


It has 100 episodes covering 41 volumes of manga that collectively have 342 chapters.


2. Is there season 6 of Seven Deadly Sins?

As for now, The Seven Deadly Sins has just 5 seasons, marking 100 episodes. But when it comes to the chances of any further season, The Seven Deadly Sins Season 6, then it is unlikely to happen for now.


However, makers can come up with season 6 in the future with a new story but the same characters.


3. Who is the strongest in Seven Deadly Sins?

The protagonist Meliodas is the strongest of all the seven deadly sins. By being the strongest fighter and the leader of the Ten Commandments, he has every quality that a hero needs.


His strength can be seen through his mysterious power of darkness that gives in the capability to transform into any shape.


Other abilities like Full Counter, Hellblaze, Assault Mode, Kami Chigri, and many more also contribute to his strength.


4. Is there season 5 of Seven Deadly Sins?

Yes, there is season 5 of The Seven Deadly Sins that was released on 13 January 2021 with 24 episodes, marking 100 episodes in the anime.


The series ended on 23 June 2021 with an amazing plot, designs, and characters. It started with the Great Charming Emission Special and ended on Heirs.


5. Is The Seven Deadly Sins a good anime?

Absolutely yes. If you are someone who is in search of an amazing series that will shake you from the core and give you an experience that you wouldn’t have expected otherwise then this is the anime you should go for.


The sheer fantasy elements of this anime blended beautifully with the charming depth and ecchi aspects that allow The Seven Deadly Sins to be special, making it an experience that we can’t help but love with all our hearts.


There’s no denying that this show is absolutely stunning and you need to watch it as soon as possible. So yeah, The Seven Deadly Sins is not just a good anime, it is an amazing anime. 


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