Top 30 Most Popular Boxing Anime Of All Time

top 30 most popular boxing anime of all time


Boxing is one of the most popular sports in the entire world. And so, there are a lot of entertainment mediums that push out content focused on this sport.


And anime happens to be one of them. Assuming that you are an anime fan yourself then boxing anime can be a great choice for you to entertain yourself.


Therefore, to quench your thirst for some high-octane hand-to-hand combat, I have created a list of the Best Boxing Anime.


These shows will not only give you the feeling of excitement but also fill you with passion and aspiration towards the sport.


I hope you enjoy it. 




1. Hajime no Ippo


Hajime no Ippo


This is the most popular boxing anime of all time. And the sheer motivation that you can get by watching this anime is absolutely insane.


The story talks about a guy named Ippo who develops a sense of liking towards the art of boxing when one of the finest boxers happened to save him from bullies.


He decides to step into the ring and secure victories like no one else. However, boxing is a dangerous sport that needs sheer determination and dedication to have a fruitful outcome.


Therefore, if you are someone who is always trying to find a source of inspiration for boxing then this is the anime for you.




2. Ashita no Joe


Ashita no Joe


One of the most recognized boxing anime of all time. This show is nothing less than fascinating for the audience.


And that’s why, if you are into boxing then this is the optimum show for you. It talks about a guy named Joe who seems to be quite violent in his approach.


However, he is not a trained fighter. Instead, he learned all of that with his own hands. Soon enough, he gets absorbed in the realm of boxing.


And that’s where things start to take shape for him. He will soon find himself passionate about every match and in the process, he might discover a side of himself that he never knew existed.




3. Ganbare Genki


Ganbare Genki


This story is tragic and motivating at the same time. The anime focuses on a kid named Genki who ended up losing his mother at the age of 5.


From there on, he was raised by his father. And since his father was a professional boxer, he started to develop some liking towards boxing as well.


Therefore, if you are into some fascinating stories that can change the way you look at situations then this is the anime for you.


The show goes on to portray itself as one of the finest pieces of work. Genki is going to become the best boxer on the planet and carry on his father’s dreams no matter what it takes.




4. Slow Step


Slow Step


This anime is all about romance, comedy, and a bit of boxing mixed into it. Therefore, you can say that it is a complete package for the audience.


It talks about a love triangle between two boys and one girl. However, that love triangle will be a lot more complex than what meets the eye.


It focuses on a girl named Minatsu Nakazato who is quite popular in her school. However, because of that popularity, she gets a lot of unnecessary attention.


And that’s where the love triangle starts to kick in. The anime also has elements of softball as well so that’s another plus.



5. One Pound Gospel


One Pound Gospel


This anime is a bit unique in its narrative. And that’s what makes it so special in the first place.


The show focuses on a guy named Hatanaka Kosaku who seems to have some issues with his digestive system.


The fact that he vomits just after one punch in his gut, makes him lose the battle. And that’s why Kosaku is an ashamed yet hopeful boxer.


However, things start to take shape when this man comes across Sister Angela. And that sister is going to give him a complete makeover.


However, she might have problems in her own life that may cause some trouble.



6. Rokudenashi Blues


Rokudenashi Blues


The show is simple, short, and sweet. And let’s just say that these are the only qualities that matter for a viewer who just wishes to have some quick fun.


Rokudenashi Blues is a movie that focuses on a guy named Maeda. He is a new student that goes on to hit a teacher during the entrance ceremony.


While every club wants to recruit him so as to ensure dominance over others, Maeda is a loner who wants to be associated with none.


The only thing he wishes to acquire is the ability to get across as the Boxing Champion. And that’s what makes him so captured in the first place.



7. Ring ni Kakero 1


Ring ni Kakero 1


The show focuses on a pair of siblings. Takane Kiky and Takane Ryuji wish to fulfill their parents’ dreams.


And that’s why they are so crucial in the series. Ryuji will be the boxer in their family while Kiku will be the trainer.


As the days progress, Ryuji will understand the level at which he has to perform. Moreover, he would also have to focus on other opponents which makes it difficult for him to just move on.


This is why Ring Ni Kakero 1 is nothing but a remarkable experience in the life of Ryuji and soon enough, he will be against his arch-rival, Kenzuki Jun.



8. Nozomi Witches


Nozomi Witches


This story talks about a guy named Ryutarou who has just moved into a new location. My man comes across a girl named Nozomi who is an excellent person.


She is an athletic actress who is looking forward to Ryutarou as she wants him to become what Nozomi couldn’t.


She wants him to be a boxer and gets him involved in a boxing club in school. However, soon enough, Nozomi realizes that this guy might have an actual talent for the sport.


However, Ryutarou would have a hard time holding on to his position. And that’s he would have to work hard and secure his place in the world of boxing.



9. Levius




Levius was released back in 2019. And people loved the hell out of it. It is an ONA series that talks about the advancement of technology and its application.


The show talks about the use of technology in the realm of fighting. And with that, Levius, one of the members of this war-affected world is trying his best to make it out alive.


The cybernetic fighting format has gained a lot of popularity in this era. And there’s no way to avoid it.


Either the person goes on trying or fails miserably. This is why the entire show is going to shake you from the core and give you the chills that you need.


The boxing element in this anime is unique and quirky, making it memorable.



10. Rainbow: Nisha Rokubou no Shichinin


Rainbow: Nishakubou no Shichinin


This anime will shake you from the core. And you have my word for it. It talks about a guy named Mario who has been arrested for his actions.


And now, he is in a cell, confined to the miseries of life. There’s a reason why people look at this anime as one of the most capturing ones out there.


It is just so sadistic that people appreciate the story that it provides to us. The show also talks about the horrifying life that our main characters are experiencing in this place.


However, they can manage to overcome it all without breaking a sweat. And how are they going to do that?


By resorting to violence themselves.



11. Baki




Baki needs no introduction. If you are a fan of action anime then there’s no chance that you wouldn’t have watched or at least heard about Baki.


It talks about a guy named Hanma Baki who is on a mission. And what’s that mission you may ask?


Well, he attempts to defeat his father Yujiro Hanma, also known as the most dangerous creature on the planet.


Let’s just say that this guy is nothing less than a monster. And that’s why Baki Hanma is going to have a rough time matching the level of his father.


But if he does, it will be absolutely insane for the audience.



12. Megalobox




This anime talks about a new format of boxing called Mecha Boxing. And the biggest event that hosts this Mecha Boxing sport is called Megalonia.


The story focuses on a guy named Junk Dog who is also recognized as Gearless Joe. And let’s just say that this man is now on a mission.


He wishes to grab the opportunity and secure his name in the finest tournament of mecha boxing. However, this isn’t going to be easy.


And that’s why Megalobox is a show that you should look forward to. This is why everyone is so fascinated by this anime.


Just the concept and execution of that concept are so good that people can’t help but fall in love with it.



13. Ayane’s High Kick


Ayane’s High Kick


This anime is one of the only ones that talk about combat with female protagonists. Therefore, it holds a lot of significance in terms of quality and value.


The series talks about a girl named Ayane who is a high school student. However, what’s important to note here is that this girl is nothing but fascinating to the audience.


Why? Because she is an extremely talented fighter. Her skills are second to none and her high kick is a lethal weapon on its own.


This woman is going to have the time of her life as she tries her level best to secure a victory.


And that’s what makes her so fascinating in the first place.



14. Kengan Ashura


Kengan Ashura


Kengan Ashura will take you on a journey. A journey that will remain the most memorable day in your life.


Kengan Ashura is the story of a guy named Ohna Tokita who has discovered a new world. This world is a place where fights are conducted with the intent of solving corporate disputes.


However, he isn’t in this for the sake of money. No. He is in this just for the fights.


And that’s why Kengan Ashura is going to be an anime that will shake you from the core. It will spark you with motivation and dedication and that’s what makes it so powerful in the first place.


Give it a go, you will absolutely love it.



15. Sakigake!!! Otokojuku


Sakigake!!! Otokojuku


This anime is filled with violence. It is just too extreme to be true. And that’s what makes it so captivating in the first place.


The series focuses on a school that happens to be for juvenile delinquents. And these delinquents have been sent from normal schools.


Let’s just say that this battle will be nothing but extreme for everyone involved in it. Japanese Chivalry is being taught in this school.


However, the methods are just as brutal as you might expect. Needless to say, there’s a lot of fighting in the classrooms of this school.


However, only those who manage to make it out alive will be allowed to keep moving forward as true men.


This is why the entire anime is focused on action.



16. Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple


Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple


One of the most popular anime of all time. And whenever you are feeling low on motivation, this is the show that you must watch.


This anime focuses on a guy named Kenichi who was way too much into self-help books than fighting. However, due to a certain turn of events, Kenichi realized that now he has to take fighting seriously.


Soon enough, he also comes across the fact that this segment of his life is a lot more fascinating than what meets the eye.


If you haven’t watched Kenichi The Mightiest Disciple yet, make sure that you do so as soon as possible.


It’s just too good to be true. And that’s why it is standing here.



17. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure


JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure


This anime needs no introduction. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures has a ton of characters and stories that seem to have the theme of boxing going on for themselves.


However, the reason why it is placed here is that this show focuses on its fighting elements a lot more than most action anime.


And that’s what makes it so interesting in the first place. The boxing elements are mostly seen in the first part of the series.


And so, if you are heavily into boxing then start slow and soon you will get the idea about the entire franchise.


JoJo’s will give you an experience that you would have never felt before. It is absolutely insane!



18. Honoo no Tenkousei


Honoo no Tenkousei


This anime is nothing but a Highschool battle story. And the premise is simple yet entertaining for the audience.


The show talks about a guy named Noboru who was just transferred to a new school. However, in this school, all the matters are solved using violence.


And so, after having a horrible experience on the very first day, Noboru knew that things are not going to be all that sweet.


However, what’s important to note here is that this character is nothing but fascinating for the audience. He will be taking on the strongest in the school just to win the love of his life.


And that’s why he is standing here on our list. What a badass.



19. Eiji




The story talks about a guy named Eiji who is one of the worst rock guitarists in the entire world.


He is Keijiro Akagi’s son and happens to have a lot going on for him. For starters, the fact that this guy’s father and brother are in boxing makes it easy for him to have a start.


However, it seems that he isn’t interested in the sport for some reason. However, one day, he meets the little sister of the local champion.


And from that meeting onwards, he was on the track to becoming the best in business. What happened during that meeting is nothing but magic for Eiji.



20. Shootfighter Tekken


Shoot Fighter Tekken


This anime is a battle of legacy. People from the past will return to hold their pride and respect.


However, those who deserve to be victorious must make sure that they stand strong. This anime talks about an era when the Nanshin Shadow Style was practiced by a certain set of people.


And this set of people is nothing but fascinating for the audience because they were going up against preachers of Pro Boxing.


They did that intending to engrave a superior fighting style. And Nanshin managed to be victorious back then. However, those who defended Pro Wrestling are back again.


And our main character must save Nanshin in today’s generation.



21. Cestvs: The Roman Fighter


Cestvs: The Roman Fighter


This entire story revolves around the idea is nothing but slave fighting for public entertainment. And Cestvs is the main character in the narrative.


The core theme that works here is that the Roman fighter is always out there, trying his best to bring something new to the table.


And that’s why Cestvs is so captivating to the audience. He has passion and strength. However, being a slave, he can only end his violent life by winning 100 battles.


Although this may seem like a dream, for Cestvs, that’s the only option. Therefore, it wouldn’t be incorrect to say that The Roman Fighter is nothing but a beast for the audience and people around it.



22. Ado: Odo


Ado: Odo


Although this one is not exactly an anime, it still qualifies, thanks to its content and values. The segment talks about Ado and her voice in the song Odo.


The song is copyrighted by Universal Music Japan and features boxing to some degree. It lasts for 3 minutes and has some amazing visuals going on for itself.


Moreover, as we watch the entire music video, we will be fascinated by Ado’s voice and her charm in singing.


The show came out in 2021. And that’s why it is so capturing for the audience and all those listening or watching it.



23. Stop!! Hibari-kun!


Stop!! Hibari-kun!


The story talks about Kousaku, a guy whose mother lost her life. However, right before her last moments, she entrusted Kousaku to none other than Ibari.


Ibari is a gangster in his town and so, Kousaku’s new life is going to be an interesting one.


Moreover, as we dive deep into his character, we will realize that Ibari’s level of excellence and his family is what will bring more flavor to the series.


Being a member of the Yakuza, Ibari is bound to be part of a lot of fights, including a few boxing matches.


Therefore, this anime will feature the element of boxing while also having a comedy theme around it. Therefore, just grab your seatbelt and enjoy this ride.



24. Burning Blood


Burning Blood


This OVA series is intense. And let’s just say that excellence just never stops. The show talks about a guy named Ryo Takagi.


And the deal here is that Ryo is just too strong for everyone else. His band is about to go big and he was waiting for this opportunity for so long.


However, the important thing to note here is that this character is nothing but fascinating for the audience. He will go on to fight for his pride and respect by exchanging his trumpet for a pair of boxing gloves.


That’s how he wants to keep it. However, as we dive deep into the story, the fight itself will have a lot of aggression and passion within it, making it nothing but groundbreaking.



25. Heavy




This anime will bring you to tears. And that’s why it is so captivating for us. The story talks about a guy who is into Underworld Street brawling.


And he is learning from the famed boxer Roman. Although, the reason why this person is so passionate about fighting is not that he loves the idea of it.


It is all for the sake of bringing some money to the table. And this is because he wants to save his father in his dire need.


His father is going to have an operation very soon. And he wants to bring enough money that he could afford to fund his father’s operations.


This is why the entire series and every match involved in it is emotional on so many different levels.



26. Surprise 4 U


Surprise 4 U


This 2 episode long ONA series was made to pay respects to the prominent female athletes in the 2012 Olympics.


Those females were Yamasaki Shizuyo who was a boxer and comedian, Hamaguchi Kyouko who was a wrestler, Itou Satsuki who was also a boxer, Urata Satako who was a Beach Volley Ball Player and Nishibori Takemi who was yet another Beach Volley Ball Player.


This episode is made for the sake of a notable homage. And it was Production IG’s way of doing so.


Therefore, it holds a lot of significance in the eyes of an enthusiast who wants to enjoy the ins and outs of the series. This is so capturing.



27. Crocotires Traction AAA


Crocotires Traction AAA


A completely unexpected movie that seems to have a narrative so bizarre that you can’t help but feel fascinated by it.


Crocotires Traction AAA is a series that goes on to show the true colors of life and its essence in a surreal way.


Moreover, as we dive deep into the narrative of the show, it is all about a bunch of tires coming back to life and having a boxing match.


I know it sounds a bit weird. However, animation makes up for it and gives us an experience that we can’t help but appreciate with all our hearts.


Crocotires Traction AAA is a show that will change your perception of anime and show you the new sides of storytelling and animation.



28. Nara Shika Monogatari


Nara Shika Monogatari


This ONA series is nothing but comic relief for the audience. And you can watch it right now, even before completing this entire list.


That’s because this entire show is nothing but a single episode where the premise is simple. If you mess with the deers of the Japanese Nara Park, they will pick up their gloves and begin battling.


They will have one-to-one combat with the people who mess with them or bully them. And that message came across as one of the most hilarious things we could have thought of.


There’s a reason why people always look up to this episode and feel lightened about its storyline and comical aspects.



29. Joe vs. Joe


Joe vs. Joe


This 6 episode-long OVA series will give you the chills that you need in your favorite boxing anime. And that’s what makes it so fascinating in the first place.


The series focuses on a guy named Joe who seems to be a renowned DJ in Shibuya. However, another part of his identity is that he is a gang leader.


And being a gang leader, this man was bound to be strong. He is known for being a child with a horrible past and so, he hates weak people.


However, one day, his ego was shattered by an old man. And from that point forward, things were never the same for our boy Joe.


As we walk further down the story, we will experience a face-off that is second to none in action.



30. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures 


Jojo's Bizarre Adventures


Set in the year 1868, George Joestar and his son Jonathan are saved from a carriage accident by Dario Brando, who later reveals his true intentions of theft. After Dario’s demise, George adopts his son Dio to repay the debt. Dio, however, schemes to exploit the Joestar family fortune.


By creating a rift between Jonathan and George, Dio secures his position within the family. Yet, Jonathan manages to defeat Dio in a battle.


As the years pass, they maintain a facade of friendship, but when George falls mysteriously ill, Jonathan becomes suspicious of Dio’s involvement, unravelling his hidden machinations.


While its not a boxing-focused anime, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures does have a ton of amazing boxing matches that you can enjoy as an enthusiast. 



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