Top 50 Best Horror Manga Of All Time [2024]

Horror Mangas


Horror is quite an entertaining genre on its own and the feeling of getting crept is something else.


And I see that you are a massive manga fan who wants to enjoy some good Horror that will send shivers down his spine.


I see you. And so, I have gathered the Top 50 Best Horror Mangas that would give you the experience of your lifetime.


Just keep in mind that not all of them would be having scary images or panels.


Many of them will play with your mind and disturb you from the inside. You have been warned, don’t blame me later.


Anyway, keeping all the blabbering out of the way, this is The Top 50 Best Horror Mangas.


I hope you have a great time.




1. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures Part 7


jojo's bizarre adventures part 7


Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 7 is a 24-volume manga that started back in 2004. It is written and illustrated by Araki Hirohiko. The story talks about a race called Steel-ball-run where thousands of contestants have gathered to win the unreal prize of $50,000,000! Yup, that’s quite a number. However, this race isn’t going to be as easy as you might think.


The contestants are allowed to use any vehicle that they wish to and they would need to travel hundreds of kilometres every single day.


Johnny Joestar is an injured horserider who came just to enjoy the race. However, after an unexpected and unreal interaction, Johnny meets someone with 2 steel balls that seem to have magical powers.


Upon accidentally touching one of the balls, Johnny finally stood up after two years. To know the secret of these balls, he decides to compete in this race and thus begins the bizarre race of Jojo.


Jojo has always been an entertaining series ever since it first showed up and these parts keep getting better and better. With part 7, the series gained a massive critical appreciation and became one of the best out there.


If we talk about the horror, elements, they aren’t the dominating ones. Rather, they are infused beautifully with action and drama to increase the engagement of the reader. If you haven’t read this series yet, I don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t.




2. Tokyo Ghoul


Tokyo Ghoul


If you have been a part of the anime or manga community even for a day, there’s a very high chance that you would have heard of Tokyo Ghoul.


This series is one of the most popular of all time and there’s no doubt about that.


Tokyo Ghoul is a 14-volume manga series that started back in 2011. It is written and illustrated by Ishida Sui.


The series is set in a world where human flesh-eating beings called Ghouls exist alongside humans.


Our boy Kaneki Ken wishes to live a normal life without messing with these Ghouls at all.


However, life goes against his will and he ends up with one of the strongest ghouls in combat.


Luckily, she ends up getting injured along with Kaneki and soon it turns out that Kaneki has become a ghoul himself.


Now after his losing his humanity and becoming the one he hated the most, Kaneki begins his new life that is nothing less than a nightmare.


Eating his kind is just one of the many things that make Ghoul’s life a total misery.


And Kaneki has to face it all now. Tokyo Ghoul ranked 12th in the 2015 Kono Manga ga Sugoi! magazine in the male reader’s category which is an amazing feat if you ask me.


No wonder it was one of the highest-selling manga in 2013. And the biggest feature of this series is its unreal art that would horrific your soul out.


If you want to get such chills, make sure to read this manga. It is amazing!




3. Umineko no Naku Koro ni Chiru


umineko no naku koro ni chiru


The horror in this manga is gripping to another degree. Umineko series is a 53-volume long manga series that started back in 2007.


It is written by Ryukishi07 and illustrated by Akitaka. The story is set in the summer of 1989 when Ushiromiya is called for a family meeting at Ryokunjima island.


It looks like they want to discuss something regarding the family’s will. However, a turn of events leads to misery for everyone on the island.


A typhoon hits the place and so people get trapped in it. Moreover, for an unknown reason, everyone starts dying and loses their lives.


Battler Ushiromiya has to make sure that he solves the Witch’s puzzle or else he might end up being one of the dead people.


This supernatural horror series will give you the chills that you need. It’s a simple yet very fleshed-out series that is enjoyed by many and received critical acclaim as well.


No wonder this series is so high on this list.




4. Imawa no Kuni no Alice


Imawa no Kuni no Alice


One of the most underhyped supernatural horror series out there is what we call Imawa no Kuni No Alice.


You have watched Alice in Wonderland? Now experience Alice In The Borderland. Imawa no Kuni no Alice is an 18-volume manga that started back in 2010.


It is written and illustrated by Aso Haro. The story talks about the life of a bunch of careless students who seem confused about their future.


Ryouhei Arisu and his friends went to a bar just so they could discuss things.


However, while they were returning, something unknown happened and then, they gain consciousness back in the bar and realize that the entire town has become a barren land.


Now you might think that they got scared but no. Instead, they were happy about the absence of society and were wandering around.


However, soon they arrive at a festival that will change their lives for the worse.


They became a part of a deadly game that can lead to their demise any second.


Will they be able to survive to enjoy their newly acquired freedom? This seems like a normal game-oriented manga on the surface.


But in reality, the events that take place would disturb you to an unexpected degree.


Beware because you might end up enjoying this series way more than you would have expected.



5. Parasyte




A lot of the time, these horror series leave a question in our minds with their narrative and characters.


And one such series that crosses my head as soon as I have this thought, is Parasyte.


Parasyte is a 10-volume manga series that started back in 1989. It is written and illustrated by Iwaaki Hitoshi.


The story focuses on Shinichi Izumi who was living his life as a normal being until the entire planet got invaded by Parasyte.


Creatures that seem to take control over human minds as soon as they get in contact with them.


However, Shinichi was fortunate enough that the Parasyte that got in contact with him couldn’t capture his mind.


And now Shinichi and that Parasyte named Migi, both have their consciousness. As the entire world is going out of control with people losing their minds, Shinichi is about to witness some of the most horrible things he would ever do.


However, the way Migi contemplates human emotions and actions makes us question our personalities.


That is Parasyte. This is a manga that doesn’t necessarily focus on horror. Instead, it uses horror for the sake of highlighting its narrative.


It’s a series that certainly needs your attention if you want to enjoy some thought-provoking series.


No wonder it won the 17th Kodansha Manga Award for Best General Manga.



6. Hellsing




When we talk about scary creatures, Vampires tend to be the ones that jump into our heads before others.


And if we talk about Vampire related manga, I don’t see why we shouldn’t talk about Hellsing.


Hellsing is a 10-volume manga that started back in 1997. It is written and illustrated by Hirano Kouta.


The story is pretty simple. Many organizations have been trying to put an end to vampires and their doings.


One such organization was Hellsing and out of all the other organizations, it had the biggest advantage.


His name is Alucard, a modified vampire that follows the head of Hellsing as his master.


Even though he is a vampire, he swears to protect his master and put an end to vampires.


However, not all humans are his friends. This beast named Alucard is no one’s friend and he won’t hesitate to decimate anyone in his path.


His true intentions are yet to be known. Hellsing is one of the best vampire series out there thanks to its narrative and characters.


Fans of this series love Alucard so much and claim that he is one of the best characters out there.


So if you wish to have a similar experience, then go ahead and binge-read Hellsing right now!



7. Blame




When you talk about some exciting series that can give you the chills that you need so so much, you MUST mention Blame in your conversations.


This manga is just too good. Blame is a 10-volume manga that started back in 1997.


It is written and illustrated by Nihei Tsutomu. The story talks about Killy, a super-strong human that seems to be the only one in the current world that has the strength to go against beasts.


Yup, the current world is corrupted by Beasts and other life-threatening creatures and humanity is staying in caves to seek survival.


Killy is the only one that can make a step forward and seek survival for the entire humanity.


Although it might seem like a distant dream, it is quite possible with the help of Net Terminal Gene, a device that can correct this world.


The story follows Killy and his life as meets new people, kills even more creatures, and gets close to Net Terminal Gene as the final hope for humanity.


This is a sci-fi manga and thus, the element of excitement is always present in it.


Moreover, the fantastic world-building and amazing storyline make this manga, one of the absolute must-watches.


Make sure you don’t miss it.



8. Claymore




Claymore is a 27-volume manga that started in 2001. It is written and illustrated by Yagi Norihiro.


The story is set in a world where Yoma is a creature that distorts humanity’s livelihood.


And these humans can only be saved by these Yoma only. Claymore is an organization that aims to save humanity from extinction.


However, the ones whom they protect are also the ones who resent them from all of their heart.


However, every mission for a Yoma results in life on the line for every soldier who decides to take the step.


Clare is one such low-rank soldier who aims to seek personal revenge. However, as she travels from place to place, she realizes that the truth of this world is far different from what she perceives.


This involves the dark truth of the Claymore that no one ever expected. Claymore is one of the most critical horror adventure series that has come out in this century.


The sheer amount of engagement and cruelty shown in this series is what makes it exciting.


If you haven’t had the chance to know about it, now is your chance.



9. Higurashi




Now we are going to discuss yet another mind-twisting series that will make you question your choices.


Just like Madoka Magica, this is NOT what it seems like and the actual story is way too creepy.


Higurashi is a 38 Volume manga series that started back in 2005. It is written by Suzuragi Karin and illustrated by Ryukishi07.


The series talks about Keiichi Maebara who just moved into a new town with her family.


As soon as she moves in, she makes a bunch of new friends and soon creates a gang.


During one of the cultural festivals in the town, Maebara learns about some myths from people regarding the deaths and disappearance of people.


Initially dismissing them as fake rumors, Maebara soon realizes that this town is a lot crueler than she might have expected.


And maybe her new cheerful gang might be involved in some murder and killing. Higurashi is known for its anime version and that series was a nightmare for many.


So effectively, the manga version also managed to horrify many anime and manga fans with its twisted and creepy narrative.


Trust me, this read will be insane for you.



10. Homunculus




Many anime and manga fans have heard the name of this amazing manga that would change your perspective towards life.


This is a very popular, Homunculus. Homunculus is a 15-volume manga that started back in 2003.


It is written and illustrated by Yamamoto Hideo. The story focuses on Susumu Nakoshi who gets a weird offer during his middle age.


The offer to get his skull drilled for money. Initially, Nakoshi declines but when the prize is doubled, he agrees to be part of the man’s experiment.


They experiment and don’t get any results so Nakoshi continues his normal days. However, soon his life will change as he can now see Homunculus in every person.


Well, now that his judgment is altered, how will he tackle these Homunculi? This manga isn’t exactly a Horror series.


Rather its horror comes from the disturbing and unsettling imagery and concept that makes it so good.


No wonder it is loved so much.



11. Petshop Of Horrors


Petshop Of Horrors


The next series we will discuss is yet another popular horror manga that gained some recognition during its reign.


It is known as the pet shop of horrors. Pet shop Of Horror is a 10-volume manga that started published back in 1995.


It was written and illustrated by Akino Matsuri. The story is placed in an obscure location in Chinatown where a pet shopkeeper stays.


Or so they say but the pet shopkeeper doesn’t sell your typical dogs and cats.


No!? The pet shop has many pets by Count D and these pets are anything but normal animals.


You can find creatures that can’t be found anywhere on this planet. And these disturbing creatures as well as Count D are speculated by a detective for many crime relations.


So he visits the pet shop regularly. And what happens to him is truly shocking.


This manga is more about unsettling and disturbing imagery than ghost-esque horror. It messes with your mind and if you are a fan of such storytelling then this is the manga for you.



12. Ghost Hunt


Ghost Hunt


It isn’t THAT hard to guess the story of this manga considering the name of it but if you didn’t get it let me help you with this.


You owe me for this, remember. Ghost Hunt is a 12-volume manga that started published in 1997.


It is written and illustrated by Inada, Shiho, and Ono Fuyumi. The story is set in a world where a building seems to be the cause of many unnatural events including injuries and deaths.


So to cope with this, the owner tried to take it down but it didn’t stop.


Moreover, Mai Taniyama is a normal student who got excited about this rumor and thought of meeting a few spirits.


However, her efforts went in vain because she just can’t contact any of them. However, she was fortunate to meet a Psychic researcher, exorcist, Monk, and woman who can speak to death.


Now the kids start expecting that any of them can stop the hurdle. However, that hurdle is no easy one.


The title tells for itself. This is a manga series that is considerably low in terms of readers but the actual content is great.



13. 7 Seeds


7 Seeds


Well, well. Time for some disturbing and unsettling manga to talk about. This is 7 Seeds, a manga that stretched the boundaries of romance horrors. 7 Seeds is a 35-volume manga that started published in 2001.


It is written and illustrated by Tamura Yumi. The story is set in a world where a meteor is about to hit the earth’s surface and its strength is insane.


It can remove humanity from existence and so, the government selected a few people and created project 7 seeds.


Here, the selected group of people is preserved for the sake of humanity’s existence after the disaster.


However, after the disaster is over, the world becomes a place where none of the survivors can rehabilitate.


They must try anything and everything to make it out alive.  7 Seeds is quite a popular manga in recent times.


Its narrative involves sci-fi and adds a bit of mystery. Thus, a large group of people will be reading this manga including YOU, right?



14. Tasogare Otome x Amnesia


Tasogare Otome x Amnesia


Death is a strong feeling. So strong that after it, you won’t feel anything on your own.


And if you want to enjoy some death-oriented manga then this is my recommendation. Tasogare Otome x Amnesia is a 10-volume manga that started published back in 2008.


It is written and illustrated by Maybe. Yeah, that’s an author’s name. Don’t question it!


Anyway, the story of this series is pretty simple. Niiya Teiichi is a freshman who just got into Seikyou Academy and his experiences were quite normal.


Until he meets the ghost of a girl who seemed to have died in the Academy due to an unknown reason.


How did she end up dead and what can he do to save her is what Niiya starts to search for.


It’s a pretty straightforward death mystery story that even though isn’t the most exciting premise in the world, is still something worth talking about.


The execution makes it amazing.



15. The Promised Neverland


The Promised Neverland


I am pretty sure you guys have heard of this manga before. It was an extremely popular topic back in 2019.


And that’s because it is an extremely amazing manga! The Promised Neverland is a 20-volume manga that started published in 2016.


The series was written by Kaiu Shirai and illustrated by Demizu Posuka. The story talks about an orphan that seems to have a bunch of kids below 12 years having fun, spending time, and studying on their own with their Mama.


However, one day, when the two eldest brother-sister went to return something to their Mom, they realized the dark truth of this orphan.


Is this place an orphan or a farm? A farm for kids. The Promised Neverland is a fantastic series with a fabulous first season.


If you are a fan of such psychological horror then this is the manga for you.



16. Shingetsutan Tsukihime


Shingetsutan Tsukihime


It might look cheerful on the outside. But from the inside, that’s a whole other story.


And this completely unexpected story is what we call Shingetsutan Tsukihime. Shingetsutan Tsukihime is a 10-volume manga series that started back in 2003.


It is written and illustrated by Type-Moon, Nasu Kinoko, and Sasaki Shonen. The story focuses on Shiki Toono who was a part of a car accident that could have potentially taken away his life.


Luckily, he survived and ended up safe but somehow, he unlocked an uncanny ability. He can now trace lines on people and crush them.


This strength was unknown and so he was asked to return with a pair of glasses.


Now Shiki has to get back home and try to remember what happened in his past that led him to this path in life.


This search is going to be a long, and horrifying one. The series might seem confusing at first but once you complete a few chapters, you would start to enjoy it more and more.


If you haven’t checked this manga yet, now is your chance.



17. Nickelodeon




Don’t laugh at the name of this series. It might resemble some channel’s name but it is certainly something unexpected.


Nickelodeon is a 3 volume manga that started back in 2010. It is written and illustrated by Dowman Sayman.


This manga is a collection of short stories. These short stories revolve around bringing the dead back to life to yaoi ghosts and their life.


This book is a bit hard to come by but if you get your hands on it, it’s worth your time.


If you remember correctly, Dowman Sayman is the same guy who wrote the Voynich Hotel manga.


So if you have read that then you would also like Nickelodeon.



18. Uzumaki




Uzumaki is a 3 volume-long manga that started back in 1998. It was written and illustrated by Ito Junji  The story is set in a town called Karouzu-Cho where spirals seem to have taken over.


This is where Kirie Goshima stays and she also happens to experience the unknown and creepy incidents by the spiral.


Her life in this town is like a nightmare that can’t be undone at all and so she continues to live with her mouth shut.


But as time passes by, things get even weirder, and soon, the spiral starts showing its true strength.


The strength that no human can go against. But what is this spiral? How did it happen?


All these questions are yet to be answered. This manga is a work of Junji Ito as well.


If you guys remember, Junji Ito is the same guy who made Tomie. So if you have read Tomie, you know how amazing Ito is.


And let me just say, Uzumaki is a whole lot better!



19. God Child


God Child


Remember, Hakushaku Cain Series on the previous entries? Yeah, this is the prequel to that with the actual narrative.


And as you can see, it’s much better than that. Let’s see what it has.


Godchild is an 8-volume manga series that started published in 2001. It is written and illustrated by Yuki Kaori.


The story is set in an aristocratic society where Cain, a young gentleman from a royal family, seems to be concerned about his life and its secrets.


You see, after the death of his father, Cain was forced to become the Earl and so, he becomes the head of Hargreaves.


Now Hargeaves is a family with a dark past and this past acts as a hurdle in the daily life of Cain.


So he gathers a few of his relatives and goes on a journey to unveil the secrets of his family and former self.


The series is filled with drama, mystery, and horror along with shounen AI and shoujo.


A combination that might seem specific on the surface but when you will read it, the experience would be equally fantastic.



20. Madoka Magica


Madoka Magica


No No! Wait! Chotto Matte! Don’t dismiss this series as another magical girl manga that it seems like.


Nope. This manga is way crueler than that and you will believe me once you read it.


Madoka Magica is 3 volume manga series that started serializing back in 2011. It was written by Magica Quartet and illustrated by Hanokage  The story follows the life of Madoka Kaname who gets involved with a Kyuubey, a cat-like creature who seems to need help from Madoka.


Turns out that Kyuubey is an acquaintance of the new transfer student Homura who looks a bit disturbed.


She warns Madoka to stay away from Kyuubey but Kyuubey manages to get themselves separated and pitches an offer to Madoka.


She can have all of her wishes granted in return for being a magical girl.


Being the 14-year-old that she is, Madoka quickly agrees to this offer and becomes a magical girl.


However, her life is going to change forever now. And soon she would realize why Homura was asking her to stay away from Kyuubey.


Madoka is going to experience hell now. I won’t say much about this series other than the fact that this manga is way too cruel than what you would expect.


It has panels that you would never expect from a magical girls series. If you want some surprises up your sleeves this is the series to go for.



21. Gantz




Well, well. There is no bigger pleasure than to start your horror manga binge day by reading a long and interesting sci-fi series.


And if you want to experience that pleasure as well then look no further than Gantz.


Gantz is a 37-volume long manga that started published back in 2000. It is written and illustrated by Oku Hiroya.


The story talks about Kei Kurono, a pessimistic guy who has no hope from anyone.


However, one day, when he tried to save a man on the railway he ends up dying in the rescue.


He did so because his classmate Katou was doing the same and he wanted to help him out.


Now both of them are in a castle where orders are passed onto them regarding the assassination.


Moreover, these orders lead them to rewards like advanced swords, weapons, and a chance to get back their life.


Since he isn’t hoping for anything from real life, Kei decides to take this monster killing as his full-time work and focus on it only.


This journey that our new assassin is beginning is going to be a rough one.


That’s for sure. This is a sci-fi work that is appreciated by many manga fans out there.


The story is interesting and so are the characters. I see no reason why you wouldn’t read this manga.



22. Voynich Hotel


Voynich Hotel


It’s funny to involve ecchi in a terrorizing gloomy story that can either completely overshadow ecchi or get overshadowed by it.


However, if done like Voynich Hotel, this combination can create a pretty interesting piece of horror.


Voynich Hotel is a 3 volume manga series that started back in 2006. It is written and illustrated by Dowman Sayman.


The story talks about the visit of Taizou Kuzuki to a deserted place that has many mysteries and abnormalities going on for them.


The residents seem to have one or the other problem and even though Taizou has his own, he is still willing to help them which sometimes brings back more trouble to him.


However, when the days get worst from worse, his new friends in this new area decide to show up.


The Voynich Hotel has a bunch of weird people that our boy has to deal with.


It is NOT going to be fun. This is a manga that blends 2 somewhat contrasting genres very well and brings out the essence of the story by doing so.


The touch of humor and drama just improves the overall quality.



23. Ore to Akuma no Blues


Ore to Akuma no Blues


Looked upon by many as one of the best drama horror series of its time, Ore To Akuma No Blues is a work of art.


A work of art that you just can’t skip. Ore To Akuma No Blues is a currently publishing manga series that started back in 2005.


It is written and illustrated by Hiramoto Akira. The series talks about the mythology of South America with its horrifying storytelling.


It’s about a man named RJ who sells his life to a demon for the sake of learning blues.


With that, the story tried to emphasize multiple American cultures and practices including racial discrimination.


This manga, as said before, is a work that needs more people talking about it.


It has horror infused with mixed mythology and symbolism. Very rarely do we get such brilliant combinations, right?



24. Gakkougurashi!




The school life all of us had was quite memorable, right? Did any of you have any horror-type incidents?


Well, I had my fair share of such creepy incidents and so did Takeya Yuki from Gakkougurashi.


Gakkougurashi is a 12-volume manga series that started published back in 2012. It is written by Kaihou Norimitsu and illustrated by Chiba Sadoru.


The series talks about Takeya Yuki and her delusional school and horrifying school life. For Yuki, her school is nothing less than heaven.


She even has her school club you see. However, in reality, her school life and friends messed up.


So much so that it seems unreal. This manga has the biggest strength of suspense and disturbance in its narrative.


Try reading all 12 volumes with a straight face. You can’t!



25. Shinrei Tantei Yakumo


Shinrei Tantei Yakumo


Well well, look what we found here. One more fantastic romance horror series that every lover needs to read at any cost.


This time it’s Yakumo. Shinrei Tantei Yakumo is a 14-volume manga that started published back in 2009.


It is written by Kaminaga Manabu and illustrated by Oda Suzuka. The story talks about Yakumo who has been blessed with multi-colored eyes.


His left eye has the color red and can see spirits and ghosts with ease.


However, our boy wants to avoid any sort of problem with normal people from these ghosts.


Moreover, he believes that spirits stay intact for a reason, and if cured of that reason, the spirit will go away on its own.


So to investigate the matter, Yakumo gets one of his friends on board and starts searching.


What is the actual truth I wonder? This series doesn’t have heavy horror elements within its narrative.


However, it is most certainly a manga that blends the concept of spirits very well with other genres.



26. Devilman




If you have been a part of the anime community for a while, this name isn’t new to you.


Considered by many as one of the most exciting franchises in anime and manga, we have Devilman.


Devilman is a 5 volume manga that started published in 1972. It is written and illustrated by Nagai Go.


The story talks about the life of Akira Fudou who met his childhood friend by an accident and ended up realizing a critical truth.


Demons are planning to invade the earth. Therefore Akira wishes to stop them before it’s too late.


So he and his friend decide to enter the Black Sabbath and merge with a demon.


Fortunately-unfortunately Akira had a near-death experience but ended up being one with a super-strong demon.


Now he is going to use his unreal strength to save humanity at any cost.


This series is known for its amazing horror and action combination. The art is veteran yet works so well with the story.


This manga should be on your list for sure.



27. Ludwig Kakumei


Ludwig Kakumei


Ludwig Kakumei is yet another series that mixes the genres of horror and romance in a captivating manner.


Let’s look deeper into this. Ludwig Kakumei is a 4 volume manga series that started published back in 1998.


It is written and illustrated by Yuki Kaori. The story dives into the life of Prince Ludwig who has been commanded to find a better wife than the one he brings to the castle.


Therefore Prince Ludwig begins his journey to find a new princess for himself across the land of fairy tales.


However, his journey is nowhere near as easy as it sounds because hurdles are all the way.


This seems like a simple shoujo series but the actual manga contains a lot more exciting elements including Horror.


So many horror-shoujo fanboys, you have to make your way to this one.



28. Nurarihyon no Mago


Nurarihyon no Mago


In the grand scheme of things, Ghosts, spirits, yokai, etc. are a major source of horror in Japanese works.


But their excellent use is quite rare these days. However, one of the works that are worth discussing with this premise is Nurarihyon No Mago.


Nurarihyon No Mago is a 25-volume manga series that started published back in 2008.


It is written and illustrated by Shiibashi Hiroshi. The story follows the life of Rikou Nura who seems normal at first glance.


However, in reality, he is an heir of youkai blood and his life has a certain dreadful destiny.


But he wants to change it all and so he decides to not take the dark path.


When his yokai power awakens, he becomes incredibly strong and so his new plan involves making all the Yokai clans join forces and become strong together.


Saving the weak is his duty but his path wouldn’t be nearly as easy as one might feel.


This manga has a very well-known premise that can entertain a lot of you guys.


The Yokai and ghost horror are prevalent in this series and so, you should give this manga a bit of your time.



29. Tomie




Scary and Horrifying are the first words that would summon in your mind when you will read Tomie.


This is one of the disturbing mangas that can easily make you uncomfortable. Tomie is a 3 volume manga series that started published back in 1987.


It is written and illustrated by Ito Junji. The story focuses on a high school classroom that lost one of its most precious students named Tomie Kawakami.


She was beautiful and admired by almost everyone in the classes so her death was a major shock.


However, something even more shocking was the appearance of a girl who is very similar to Tomie and has similar looks as well.


She is known for being so beautiful that all men fall for her. However, her capabilities seem no limit to her strength to manipulate men and play with them.


What is this fake Tomie intending to do? Where did she come from? Who is she?


Many such questions will be answered. Tomie is written by Junji Ito, one of the greatest manga artists on the planet.


His unsettling and disturbing images are the selling point of his stories and his works are highly looked upon.


If you want to enjoy some great horror then this is the way to go.



30. Hyakki Yakoushou


Hyakki Yakoushou


The next entry on our list is the old gold that we have in our lives at the moment.


This is a series that showed before the 2000s and is going on TO THIS DAY.


Incredible right? Let’s look deeper into this incredible series. Hyakki Yakoushou is a currently published manga series that started back in 1995.


It’s written and illustrated by Ima Ichiko. The story is set in a mysterious world where Ritsu has received the 6th sense from his grandpa.


He and his guardian demon named Blue Storm start to experience mysterious activities in their daily lives.


These mysteries go deep and solving each one of them is the task of this duo in each chapter.


This series is sort of episodic in a manga way. In other words, every chapter is somewhat standalone with its plot and conclusion.


I guess you should give it a try, at least 1 chapter for now. It won’t be that hard now you know it’s standalone, right?



31. I am a hero


I am a hero


Time to mess up your brain! The next series is the one that will push your morality to its limits.


It will also be a test for your judgment on life. I am a hero is a 22-volume manga that started published back in 2009.


It is written and illustrated by Hanazawa Kengo. The series focuses on a failed mangaka whose life isn’t going all that great.


His manga flopped due to low sales and his social life isn’t going all that well either.


He thought that his girlfriend might be cheating on him but was wrong about his thoughts.


So he decided to apologize to her and went to her house. However, what happened after that visit was shocking!


And that changed his life for good. The cruelty of society was finally showing up  This is a pretty popular manga that is known for being fresh air on societal takes.


How messed up life can be and how society can screw someone up is shown so well in this series.



32. MADK




The next manga that we will be discussing now is a rather obscure one. The thing is, it blends yet another group of genres that just can’t be seen in recent times.


Those being Yaoi and Horror. Kind of interesting, right? Let’s see how it goes. MADK is a currently publishing manga series that started its release back in 2017.


It is written and illustrated by Sumiyoshi Ryou. The story focuses on the life of one who was a social outcast due to being called abnormal.


Therefore, being bothered about this for quite some time, my man Makoto decided to use the Grimoire he found the other day to summon a demon.


As he performed the act, the demon showed up and asked him for a contract.


If he fulfills all of Makoto’s wishes, Makoto must give up on his life. With the yes that Makoto said, his life was changed forever.


Because he isn’t a human anymore. He is a demon. This is a new series that started only a few years back and still seems to be pushing out chapters.


This is a great time to enjoy it before it booms up and shows up on every horror list.



33. Mieruko-chan




The next series we are going to discuss has a weird combination of comedy and horror.


What?? I know you are wondering the same thing. How can a comic series be horrifying?


Well, Mieruko-chan has made its way to it. Mieruko-chan is a currently publishing manga series that started back in 2018.


It is written and illustrated by Izumi Tomoki. The story is about a girl whose life changes after she starts seeing hideous ghost-like creatures everywhere all along her daily life.


However, she continues to live her normal life despite all of that because she aims to avoid trouble.


Trouble for herself as well as her best friend. She will face any fear to make sure that her life is at ease.


But this isn’t going to be nearly as easy as we might think. This is a yearly series that manages to mix and match two contrasting genres with skill and talent.


If you are someone who appreciates experiments with genres then this is the manga for you.



34. Battle Royale


Battle Royale


Well, I don’t think I need to say much for the introduction of this series.


This is Battle Royale, it’s pretty self-explanatory. However, the actual story isn’t. Battle Royale is a 15-volume manga series that started in 2005.


It is written by Taguchi Masayuki and illustrated by Takami Koushun. The story talks about a world where a bunch of people are thrown into a deserted place and asked to kill each other to survive.


This is called “the Program” and this year, our boy Shuuya Nanahara and his class have been elected for this.


All these guys have to do is kill each other and survive. The 42 students in the class walk on their own.


Our boy Shuuya decides to do the same but he won’t give in to the rules and murder.


He wishes to escape the situation without any deaths at all. The series doesn’t seem to have the most interesting plot in the world but it is indeed quite worth looking at.


Battle Royale uses the death element to make sure that you the reader and horrified on the edge of your seat.



35. Ajin




The next manga that we will be discussing falls in the same realm as Attack On Titan and Vinland Saga.


This is the story of war, battle, and death. This is Ajin! Ajin is a massive series of anime, manga, and live-action series.


Its manga has 17 volumes that started published back in 2012. It is written and illustrated by Sakurai Gamon and Miura Tsuina.


The story deals with inhumane creatures called Ajin which have immortality as a part of their life trait.


However, this trait also leads to a horrible experience for them and Kei Nagai as he proves to be a survivor of a fatal accident.


The government has put a bounty on these Ajin so they can perform experiments on them.


And after surviving the accident, the bounty-hungry people address Kei as one of the Ajins.


So to escape them, Kei joins the side of Ajin to overthrow the government. But on whose side is he?


Ajin is a series that would give you the chills and horrors that you desire so much.


With its intriguing art and horrifying story, this work is most certainly worth all your time.



36. Hakushaku Cain Series


Hakushaku Cain Series


The next series we are going to discuss is based on History and has a pinch of shoujo added to it.


As weird as it may seem, this series uses its combination very well. So let’s see what, Hakushaku Cain Series does that makes it so different.


Hakushaku Cain Series is a 5 volume manga that started published in 1992. It is written and illustrated by Yuki Kaori.


This story is the continuation of the Godchild series that deals with criminal families. Earl Cain C Hargreaves is heir to one such wealthy family that seems to have committed some of the greatest sins.


However, his birth is still a mystery to him and so he decides to look into his past.


Therefore, as he solves other mystery cases in his life, his mystery of birth and life seems to get the direction.


The series is the sequel to the Godchild series and so, if you are a fan of Godchild AND horror then I see no reason why you shouldn’t read Hakushaku Cain Series.



37. Kiba no Tabishounin


Kiba no Tabishounin


The next series we are dealing with is another one of the seinen action series that we all love so much.


But this time, the action element is on a different level. Let’s see what Kiba No Tabishounin has to offer.


Kiba No Tabishounin is a currently publishing manga series that started its reign back in 2010.


It is written by Nanatsuki Kyoichi and illustrated by Night Owl. The story is set in a world where bandits are the biggest to normal people and demons are at every edge.


Sona Yuki was a man traveling with his family when he gets attacked by bandits that end up killing his family and leaving him on the verge of death.


A woman named Garami asks if Sona would like to live or not. With Yes as his answer, Garami is now the master of Sona by saving his life.


She is a weapon master who travels from town-to-town. And with Sona as her servant, she is going to show him what he overlooks by ignoring the opportunity to die peacefully   This is the series that talks about the crude reality of a world with set hardships.


The horror comes from the deaths and cruelties that are omnipresent in this world.



38. Elfen Lied


Elfen Lied


Well well, looks like we are dealing with yet another popular series that is loved by anime fans all around.


This time, it is the infamous, Elfen Lied. Elfen Lied is a 12-volume manga series that started published back in 2002.


It is written and illustrated by Okamoto Lynn. The story talks about a girl named Lucy who is quite different from us humans.


She has hands that can use telekinesis and horns on her head. Therefore, she becomes a subject of government experiments that completely ruin her life.


However, she gets a chance to escape it all and when she tries to do so, she ends up injuring herself.


Therefore, now she has a split personality and is taken in by a few teenagers.


But that will be the biggest mistake of those teenagers because now Lucy is going to give them a terrifying life.


Elfen Lied is one of the most messed up stuff you will see in anime and manga.


There are things even more messed up than this but this one gained mainstream traction.


Worth checking out, right?



39. Dandadan




Following a painful rejection, Momo Ayase’s chance encounter with a bullied boy leads her to extend a helping hand, thus igniting an unexpected connection.


The boy, fascinated by the occult, believes they share common interests, but Ayase vehemently denies his claims, asserting her belief in ghosts instead.


To settle their debate, they embark on a wager, individually exploring locations associated with the supernatural and the occult.


Much to their astonishment, both realms prove to be undeniably real.


This pivotal moment sets the stage for Ayase and the boy’s enthralling journey as they strive to restore normality amidst the surreal blend of supernatural occurrences and occult phenomena that surround them.



40. Akame Ga Kill


Akame Ga Kill


I am pretty sure many of you might have heard the name of the anime of this series.


Yup, it’s quite a popular one. And even though the anime version is quite entertaining, the manga version is more on the horrifying side of things.


Kills get worse in the Akame Ga Kill Manga. Akame Ga Kill is a 15-volume manga that started serializing back in 2010.


It is written by Takahiro and illustrated by Tashiro Tetsuya. The story talks about the life of a normal being, Tatsumi, who has nothing special going on him.


However, his involvement with Night Raid is going to change his life because those guys have supernatural powers.


They want to take down the ruler that has taken over and to do so, they would slay the prime king himself.


However, being the naive being that he is, Tatsumi is about to be filled with hardships and uneven work.


And the insane death count is only going to add up to his severity. Akame Ga Kill is a popular series known for having many deaths within its narrative.


A huge bunch of people love this series and even compare it to Game Of Thrones.


So yeah, if you want a similar kind of vibe but in the Manga version then start this series right now.



41. Kamisama no Iutoori 2


Kamisama no Iutoori 2


When we involve God in our story, a new dimension of possibilities opens up. And this new dimension seems to be pretty scary if we talk about Kamisama No Iutoori 2.


Kamisama No Iutoori is a 21-volume manga series that started published back in 2013.


It is written by Kaneshiro Muneyuki and illustrated by Akeji Fujimura. The story talks about Yasuto Akashi and his dreadful day in high school life.


One day, due to a conflict with his friend, Yasuto decides NOT to go to school today.


However, after realizing that he is the incorrect one, Yasuto heads back to the school.


But it looks like his school isn’t safe anymore because that day, some phenomenal beings led to the death of so many students that only 3 made it out alive.


Now Yasuto has to try his level best to secure himself because life is going to take a deadly turn.


Those who missed school that day are called for a game that decides their future.


The story is a combination of drama and extensive lethal horror. If you add both of them in the right amount, you would surely get something pretty similar to Kamisama No Iutoori 2.



42. Kaijuu 8


Kaijuu 8


Even though it is new in the manga department, this series has left a massive impact on the industry by breaking multiple records.


That’s right ladies and gentlemen, I am talking about Kaijuu 8. Kaijuu 8 is a currently publishing Manga series that started serializing back in 2020.


It is written and illustrated by Matsumoto Naoya. The story deals with Grotesque, giant creatures that are attacking humanity and its civilization with all that they have.


A group of people called the defense corpse has been assigned to stop them from bringing humanity to extinction.


Our boy Kafka Hibino always wanted to be a defense corps member and save as many lives as he can.


However, luck wasn’t on his side until he got engaged with a monster that results in him getting inhumane powers.


And with these powers in hand, it looks like the dream isn’t THAT far. Kaijuu 8 is a very young series but its growth is just too exponential.


It will get an anime adaptation for sure but if you can’t wait for that then why not read the Manga?



43. Kamen Rider Spirits


Kamen Rider Spirits


Time to add a little bit of spice to our list. Let’s just keep things simple and straight by having some horror dealing with cruel monsters.


And I think one manga that will help you experience this is Kamen Rider Spirits.


Kamen Rider spirits is a 16-volume manga that started published in 2000. It is written by Ishinomori Shoutarou and illustrated by Kenichi Muraeda.


The story talks about Taki Kazuya, an agent looking at a trail of murder that seems to be happening by something that isn’t human.


So the best course of action is for him to take all of them and find their root cause ASAP before major people are hurt.


During his search, he mentions the story of Kamen Rider, a human cyborg who saved the world but the only people who believe in him see a few orphans.


However, one day, when one of these orphans is attacked by the monster, the original Kamen Rider shows up, and with the help of Taki, saves the day.


Now he asks for Taki’s help to save humanity from the upcoming rise of monsters.


Together they are ready to stop these monsters for good. Although this might seem like a shounen manga at first, in reality, it’s a seinen work.


The series deals with the popular monsters vs humans setting with attractive storytelling and passion.



44. Franken Fran


Franken Fran


The next horror manga that we will be discussing isn’t as simple as many of you guys might think.


The horror in this series submerges us from the mental disorder it creates. Yup, I am talking about Franken Fran.


Franken Fren is an 8-volume manga that started back in 2006. It is written and illustrated by Kigitsu Katsuhisa.


The story talks about Dr. Naomitsu Madaraki, who is known within his town for his insane and horrifying surgeries.


However, for one reason or two, he had to leave his mansion and so, Fren, one of his artificial creations takes over and starts performing his surgeries and operations.


With the help of other creations in the castle, Fren creates a center that meets any demands of its customers.


Want to remove a tumor? Done! Want to revive a person? Done! You can bet anything and everything is in their hands.


However, things that they deal with are so much scarier than what we are imagining.


The series is disturbing and horror thanks to its art style and the idea of surgery.


Looking at panels of the human body being shattered around in a room is nothing less than a terrifying experience.


And THAT is the selling point of this series.



45. Trinity Blood


Trinity Blood


Well, well it’s time for some bloodshed ladies and gentlemen, I hope you are not sacred.


And the series we will be discussing is the one that can shock us all with its contents.


This is Trinity Blood. Trinity Blood is a 21-volume Manga that started published in 2003.


It is written by Sunao Yoshida and illustrated by Kyuujou Kiyo. The story deals with humans, vampires, and a war that broke out between them.


It is concerned with Esther Blanchett who happens to be a human that has been betrayed by her friend.


Moreover, this betrayal happens in his hometown, and therefore, Esther is destroyed mentally. So to retrieve answers to questions, Esther joins a machine and a vampire named Abel who is called Humanity’s strongest weapon because he needs the blood of his kind.


However, this journey of Esther and Abel will reveal some of the most disturbing secrets of this world.


Trinity Blood is another popular series that deserves a lot more praise in the anime and manga community.


The human-vampire setting is used very well and is worth reading with horror in mind.



46. Yumekui Kenbun


Yumekui Kenbun


How about we take one of the most adorable genres in mangas, shojo, and add it to a terrifying one called Horror?


Yup, it’s a terrifying idea and such a terrifying act has already been done in the form of Yumekui Kenbun.


Yumekui Kenbun is a 9-volume manga series that started published in 2001. It is written and illustrated by Mashiba Shin.


The story talks about a rather interesting place called Ginseikan Tea House where people order tea when they experience nightmares.


Amongst those customers is Hiruko, who is a private investigator. However, his abilities surpass humanity.


He can vanish your darkest dreams in an instant by eating them. However, the price that he charges to do so is perhaps quite high.


As you can see, this series is something different. On the outside, it might not seem THAT horrifying at first but as you read it, you would realize the extent of terror in people’s dreams.


And THAT is what makes this series as it is.



47. Persona 3


Persona 3


The next manga we are going to discuss is mostly known for its game adaptation.


But let me tell you, the Manga version has horror to a dangerous degree. This is Persona 3.


Persona 3 is an 11-volume Manga that started published back in 2007. It is written and illustrated by Sogabe Shuji and Atlus.


The story has the concept of shadows and dark strengths taking over control. The concerned school has a club called SEES or Specialized Extracurricular Execution Squad, which looks like a normal club initially but is a group of people with special abilities.


They can see “Shadow” during the “Dark Hour” which makes them vulnerable to this paranormal activity.


Transfer student Minato also seems to be proficient at this. However, one day when he was sleeping, a shadow was about to attack him, a turn of events take place and he transforms into a persona.


Thereon he joins SEES and starts his journey to put a stop to these activities.


This series is widely recognized for its game. Even though this isn’t exactly a “Horror” manga, it has some frightening content that can disturb you without any issues.



48. Shiver




This collection of Junji Ito’s manga comprises a series of distinct and remarkable stories that exhibit the author’s impressive artistic and storytelling abilities.


Among the chilling tales, one that stands out is “Hanging Balloons,” envisioning a world invaded by enormous balloons, each adorned with the face of a real person.


These balloons stalk their targets, with a hanging noose ready to claim its victims.


Alongside this memorable story, the collection includes other captivating narratives like “Used Record,” “Shiver,” “Fashion Model,” “Hanging Blimp,” “Marionette Mansion,” “Painter,” “The Long Dream,” “Honored Ancestors,” and “Greased.”


Additionally, “Fashion Model: Cursed Frame” adds another layer of intrigue and horror to the already gripping compilation.



49. Dorohedoro




Cruel and gruesome are short words to express the darkness of Dorohedoro. This manga will give you shivers while Reading thanks to its messed-up narrative and gripping art.


Let’s take a deeper look. Dorohedoro is a 23-volume manga series that started back in 2000.


It is written and illustrated by Hayashida Q.


Dorohedoro is a captivating dark fantasy manga that immerses readers in a post-apocalyptic world.


The story follows Caiman, an amnesiac man with a reptilian head, and his companion Nikaido as they embark on a quest to uncover Caiman’s lost memories.


The narrative unfolds in Hole, a megacity polluted by magic waste, and seamlessly integrates horror elements, encompassing themes of betrayal, sacrifice, and gruesome magical transformations that add a chilling depth to the plot.


The series has garnered acclaim for its compelling storytelling, animation, and well-crafted characters, even earning a nomination at the 2021 Crunchyroll Anime Awards.


With its detailed artwork and a harmonious blend of mystery, dark humour, and intense violence, “Dorohedoro” stands as a unique and enthralling series in the dark fantasy genre.



50. Berserk




And finally, THE BEST HORROR MANGA of all time is Berserk. Yeah, I know. For a lot of people, this was kind of anticlimactic because of how appreciated Berserk is.


But we can’t help it guys, this series is a work of art that has crossed all the boundaries of manga.


It deserves all the praise that it gets. Berserk is a currently publishing manga that started back in 1989.


It was written and illustrated by legendary manga author, the late Miura Kentarou. Berserk is a captivating dark fantasy manga renowned for its intricate storytelling and multifaceted characters.


The narrative follows Guts, a lone swordsman, and Griffith, the leader of the “Band of the Hawk” mercenary group.


Guts embark on a relentless quest for vengeance against Griffith, who betrayed him and sacrificed their comrades to attain demonic power.


The series seamlessly weaves horror elements into its plot, exploring themes of betrayal, sacrifice, and malevolent transformations that add a chilling depth to the story.


Notably, “Berserk” stands out for its meticulously detailed and often gruesome artwork, intensifying its horror aspects


Berserk is what many call, a ‘Masterpiece’. And I can bet that if you complete reading it, you will be calling it a Masterpiece yourself.


Whether it’s critical appreciation or financial success, Berserk is a manga second to none and so is its appeal.


It has won the Berserk won Award for Excellence at the sixth instalment of the Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize.


Moreover, it has over 40 million copies in print which makes it one of the best sellers out there.


Trust me guys, you can’t go wrong with Berserk.



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