Top 55 Most Popular Anime Couples Of All Time [Cute Anime Couples]

anime couples


You can’t have anime with only action and style. A good dose of romance has also come to define the genre. Several fan bases even watch anime only if it has interesting couples and some romantic fling-bling going on.


Speaking of couples, we at Entoin decided to share our little list containing the best anime couples of all time.


Now, some of these (maybe even all of them) may be familiar to you, but that’s only because you’re such a hardcore anime fan.


Cute anime couples make you want to fall in love with someone new, or someone familiar all over again. Either way, you can’t help but root for the ones who love one another in varied anime shows and specials




1. Ban and Elaine (The Seven Deadly Sins)


ban and elaine (the seven deadly sins)


In “The Seven Deadly Sins” anime, fans found themselves spoiled for relationships, especially killer ones. 


This show portrays two characters in one of the most thematically exceptional ways, even by anime standards. Elaine and Ban are so different yet so drawn to one another that the tension between them is almost palpable. Their physical encounters soon prove to be a lesson in animated chemistry.  


Edgy-guy Ban falls for frail-fairy Elaine in interesting ways. He never gives up on her, even when he is still romantically attached to a lost lover. There are instances in the series when he goes more than the extra mile to save Elaine.


Ban and Elaine share a short-term romance, but as Lao Tzu once said, “The flame that burns twice as bright burns half as long.” This show made fans realize that some anime is as much about making its core characters suffer as they are about evolving emotional narratives.




2. Yuta and Rikka (Love, Chuunibyou, and Other Delusions)


yuta and rikka (love, chuunibyou, and other delusions)


“Love, Chuunibyou, and Other Delusions” certainly lives up to its name. This anime looks like it was dedicated to fans who love watching characters lose themselves in their own made-up fantasy worlds.


In these realms, the escapees become their own fictional characters. Connected by the same weird tendency for make-believe, Yuta and Rikka are romantically drawn to one another.  


Not only is the show’s main character Yuta weighed down by an embarrassing past, but he also finds himself giving in to ‘delusions’ that seem to be his way of escaping his own reality.


He starts at a new high school with a fresh mind and hopes for a novel beginning. Along comes the girl Rikka who reminds him of the past that led him here in the first place. That she too suffers from ‘delusions’ draws him toward her. Her interest in him creates a bond that grows over time.


The show beautifully contrasts silly fantasies with deep narratives and a generous sprinkling of romance.  




3. Natsuki and Emilia (Re: Zero)


natsuki and emilia (re: zero)


“Re: Zero” quickly became one of the most memorable series in anime. It features a realm of fantasy with themes and tropes directly related to death. 


Natsuki Subaru ends up in this ethereal world where he bumps into Emilia, a girl who is ardently seeking a lost pendant. She initially lies to him about her name, for reasons that are revealed later. 


Natsuki encounters several life-and-death moments in this realm, some of which result in his actual demise. A life reset occurs every time he is attacked and each time a part of his core story unravels.


This is how his romance with Emilia grows: again, and again, and again. The emotional bond between them is wonderfully written and engaging to a fault.


Between navigating this mystery world and keeping each other safe, the two of them spark a special kind of love in each other’s souls.




4. Akihiko and Misaki (Junjou Romantica)


akihiko and misaki (junjou romantica)


In the boys-love Yaoi anime series “Junjou Romantica”, six main LGBTQ lovebirds feature strongly in the core narrative. Each of these characters have since become a gold standard in romance anime.


The show spans three distinct storylines and details the romantic arcs of three meticulously crafted character couples. 


Tracing its origins to the manga series after the same name, this anime adaptation contains a surprisingly emotional dive into same-sex relationships and the struggles of opening up and accepting oneself while in them.


Fans still appreciate what Hiroki Kamijou and Nowaki Kusama bring to the show. There are just as many admirers for Yoh Miyagi and Shinobu Takatsuki.


But taking the yaoi-cake is the main pair in the plot, namely Misaki Takahashi and Akihiko Usami, whose bonding arc is a lesson in masterful storytelling.



5. Takeo and Yamato (My Love Story)


takeo and yamato (my love story)


Unlike most typical shoujo anime, “My Love Story” lends a good bit of focus on a rather unconventional pair who have since become two of anime’s all-time favourite couples.


Takeo Gouda and Yamato Rinko are as amazing as they are contrasting. The guy doesn’t fit the image of a pretty boy whom the girls fall for, and the girl is not the first to fall in love with the guy who adores her.


Gouda, the main male character in this anime, is both offbeat and big-hearted. On the other hand, a complex sentiment draws pretty and petite Yamato to him for reasons that don’t begin on romantic notes.


This refreshing (even by anime standards) love story is noteworthy for several reasons, one of which includes the fact that a relatively good-looking friend of Gouda plays an active role supporting the love-struck pair instead of getting between them. 



6. Holo and Lawrence (Spice And Wolf)


holo and lawrence (spice and wolf)


It takes a special kind of romance-fan to appreciate the intensity between Holo and Lawrence in “Spice And Wolf”.


Holo is a wolf deity and she does not hide her pointy ears and bushy tail for anyone’s comfort. When she meets Lawrence (there’s a long story behind how she gets to this point), Holo not only gets a business partner but also a travel companion.


Lawrence, however, is not known for being comfortable even around normal women. This makes Holo’s attempts at flirting with him great fun to watch. 


Their relationship grows almost at a glacial pace, but this character-couple trope only enhances the tension between Holo and Lawrence and makes for memorable viewing.


Plenty of relationship crossroads define this unconventional couple’s journey as they slowly start learning to depend on each other and make their unique bond work.



7. Yuuko and Teiichi (Tasogare Otome x Amnesia)


Yuuko and Teiichi (Tasogare Otome x Amnesia)


Love is said to transcend both life and death. In the anime “Tasogare Otome x Amnesia”, paranormal investigations meet budding romance as seen through the eyes of Teiichi and Yuuko.


A haunted setting becomes the foundation for two of anime’s unforgettable pair-ups to, um, pair up. When schoolboy Teiichi meets ghost-girl Yuuko, he learns of her past and how she died several years ago. 


Her spirit is linked to the old school building within the premises of the sizeable academy that Teiichi attends. Yuuko first starts developing feelings for Teiichi, but the boy’s energetic attempts to help her spirit find the peace it needs to move on give fans a lesson in unconditional love. 



8. Haru and Shizuku (My Little Monster)


Haru and Shizuku 


This show proves that opposites do attract. In “My Little Monster” fans see this happen through the studious top-of-her-class Shizuku and the troublemaking rarely-shows-up-to-class Haru, who sits beside her in school. The bond between them blooms when Haru is asked to deliver some papers to Shizuku.


Despite rumors of him being violent, we see a gentle side to Haru when he is around Shizuku, hinting at a potential romance. The same can be seen in the way Shizuku goes against her cold reputation and turns caring when she’s with Haru.


Bringing together two outcasts and making them work is the crux of what this anime is about. It highlights how first impressions are not always reliable. In the end, fans got one of the cutest romantic couples in anime. 



9. Saito and Louise (Zero No Tsukaima)


Saito and Louise 


A magical academy and an even more magical romance feature in the anime “Zero No Tsukaima”.


It all begins when Louise finds herself an abject failure in her magical studies. Little does she realize that her spell-based explosions are leading up to a romantic blast. She comes to be nicknamed ‘Louise the Zero’ for being so bad at what she does.


In her attempts to summon a familiar as part of her curriculum, she ends up summoning a normal Japanese boy called Saito whom she treats more like a servant than a friend.


Her terrible initial treatment of him gradually modifies into something sweeter, one where she learns to appreciate all the support and service Saito gives her. Their getting together makes for a highly anticipated moment in this anime. 



10. Yuu and Haruka (Sakura Trick)


Yuu and Haruka


Yuu Sonoda and Haruka Takayama have been buddies since middle school. In the anime “Sakura Trick”, fans receive a graceful lesbian budding romance tale featuring these two.


Neither of them wants their relationship to become a thing of the past. A kiss draws them deeper, even though Haruka seems more eager to explore the bond than Yuu who ends up feeling embarrassed by all the secrecy and constant kissing. 


Near the end of the series, we see these two resolving their emotional differences, and accepting that they have a ‘thing’ for each other. This results in them openly dating in their second year at school.


The show makes a case for long-term same-sex bonding, especially how it can prove conflicting for some couples.



11. Izumi and Ryouma (Love Stage!!)


Izumi and Ryouma 


A show centering around show business, “Love Stage!!” takes us into an alternate-reality entertainment business dominated by the protagonist Izumi’s family. Not only is he an aspiring manga author, Izumi’s attempts to manage personal aims and the demands placed on him by his family are relatable. 


This Japanese Yaoi manga series defines same-sex relationships positively. We see plenty of subtext rising to the surface when the writers put Izumi in a feminine role for production and the way his stage pair Ryouma is drawn to him assuming that he is an actual girl.


Even when the proverbial cat is out of the bag, these two start developing a beautiful bond that drives the show’s narrative. 



12. Yuki and Zero (Vampire Knight)


Yuki and Zero (Vampire Knight)


Interesting idea, whoever thought to mix human and vampire students in an academy known for being mysterious.


Keeping people and vampires apart seems to have become Yuki Cross’s duty. She encounters Zero, a former human turned vampire. The two ‘forbidden’ darlings fall for one another and fall hard, in the anime “Vampire Knight”. 


Zero strives to avoid giving in to the temptation of drinking Yuki’s blood. His attempts to keep her from harm are genuinely nice to see. Yuki, meanwhile, can’t seem to make up her mind between Zero and another guy at the academy.


If you’re thinking ‘Twilight’, stop, because this show is uniquely superior in several regards.  Near the end of the series, however, Zero and she get together and even have a child. Around this time, they find a way to make Zero human again. 



13. Hak and Yona (Yona of the Dawn)


Hak and Yona 


A royal romance unravels in the anime show “Yona of the Dawn” between Hak and Yona, who have seen their share of tragic moments. Yona is next in line to the throne.


She is a rather spoiled princess whose birthday turns out to be a dark one when her father the king is killed in cold blood by her cousin. She is then forced to flee the village with help from her trusty bodyguard Hak.


Together, they delve into a world of multiple kingdoms and legendary dragons, and how they can go about reincarnating the latter.


Hak also happens to be her childhood friend, which plays a key role in keeping Yona’s affections focused on him instead of the other guys who feature in this anime. Ever protective of his friend and ward, Hak makes a case for anime-centric chivalry.


As the series progresses, the two of them develop such profound feelings for one other that fans have come to term their romance ‘phenomenal’.     



14. Kou and Futaba (Ao Haru Ride)


Kou and Futaba 


Few people tend to forget their first love. In this anime “Ao Haru Ride” we are taken into the lives of Kou and Futaba, who contribute a uniquely complicated-and-cute romance to the anime genre.


Futaba crosses paths with her former lover Kou in high school. He has changed a lot since last they met, and she feels repelled by the ‘new Kou’.


In her memory, Kou was once compassionate and courteous but has become someone rude and callous. His change in attitude draws her closer to helping them both understand what went wrong and when.


Futaba falls for Kou all over again, all the while changing him for the better. This is a beautiful anime by romantic standards. 



15. Tomoe and Nanami (Kamisama Kiss)


Tomoe and Nanami 


“Kamisama Kiss” is a heart-breaking anime in which a girl, Nanami Momozomo, is left homeless after her father runs away due to debt concerns.


The plot narrative gives fans some interesting scenes, most notable of which is when Nanami saves a man called Mikage and in return is given a roof over her head. 


In this new house, she encounters a character called Tomoe. Nanami later learns that this is Mikage’s familiar or ‘yokai’, supernaturally speaking. She falls for him over time, meeting resistance in the yokai.


But eventually, Tomoe gives in and returns Nanami’s feelings. The story is so well-written that this romance feels exceptionally heart-warming and meaningful rather than inappropriate. You simply need to see this anime to believe it. 



16. Yukako and Koichi (Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable)


Yukako and Koichi


When fans of anime hear the name “Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable” they will grin knowing that the emphasis is certainly on the word ‘bizarre’. This is not your typical anime.


Much the same can be said about its female lead: a stalker-ish strong-featured young woman who falls for the shy and short Koichi, all the while giving off potent ‘crazy obsessive stalker’ vibes.


She is also a Stand user and is misled by another user who promised to make her beautiful. While attempting to resolve this complex predicament (you’ll realize just how complex when you see the anime), Yukako and Koichi get closer to each other.


A romance blooms and the two start dating. Their character arcs are quite remarkable. 



17. Satomi and Shinichi (Parasyte)


Satomi and Shinichi 


Disturbing, unnerving, and sickening are some of the words that best describe the anime “Parasyte”. But the writers wove in a beautiful element of romance that somehow ‘belonged’ in this main sci-fi narrative.


Shinichi Izumi is a rather timid high-school guy who one day discovers that an alien parasite has taken up residence in his left hand. You read that right.


The show is filled with aliens overtaking humans, and with gore to match. Shinichi seems to be in remarkable control of his mind even though an alien seems to be having its way with him. Satomi Murano is his classmate and crush.


This girl has had feelings for Shinichi for a while now. However, despite Shinichi slowly becoming less and less human, the two find a way to nurture a human connection. 



18. Panty and Brief (Panty & Stocking)


Panty and Brief


One of the oddest couples in anime, and in a crazy show to boot, the hilarious Panty and amusing Brief make “Panty & Stocking” an anime that stands apart.


Panty does not like to fall in love she prefers ‘different flavors’ to having just one. Then Brief comes into her life trying to date her and getting verbally abused for it.


His stubborn attempts at asking her out lead to varied romantic tensions between the two, even though at the end of the day Panty keeps rejecting him.


Granted, these two features in a rather adult anime that is equal parts inappropriate and sweet. Admittedly, Panty and Brief are not exactly the ideal romantic couple in anime.


However, the tension between them is very real, and they’re both hilarious as well. 



19. Kakeru and Naho (Orange)


Kakeru and Naho 


This is a classic-tale anime, meaning it uses tropes that may give you an ‘I’ve heard that somewhere’ feeling. In the anime “Orange”, fans were given a narrative that involved a letter from the past, which helps guide the receiver to a friend in need, one with whom that person ends up falling in love.


This is exactly what happened when Naho received a said letter from her past self, convincing her in no uncertain terms that what she was reading was the real deal.


Enter, the transfer student Kakeru, and the flames start flying right away between these two. By this time, Naho knows that the easy-going boy’s life is in danger, forcing her to go the extra mile to help keep Kakeru safe.


More and more letters arrive, making for amazing edge-of-your-seat storytelling. The message conveyed by the romance between these two anime couples is that life needs to be lived without regrets. This is a love that quite literally spans time and space. 



20. Maka and Evans (Soul Eater)


Maka and Evans


The setting for our next two lovebirds is almost convenient. Death Weapon Meister Academy members need to pair up with apt partners anyway. One plays the role of meister while the other fulfills the duty of weapon.


Maka Albarn and Soul Eater Evans are thus paired. They enjoy a deep connection that helps them on the battlefield. 


These two may have personalities that are worlds apart, but their mutual trust in each other hints at an ever-present romantic connection. Their character arcs from immature to evolved battle partners make for excellent viewing.


One of the highest-teased couples of all time, their romance is a gradual one filled with tension and subtlety that is a fight in its own right.


Even till the very end of the “Soul Eater” anime, though, the writers failed to confirm if these two are official, in the romantic sense of the word. 



21. Ichigo and Orihime (Bleach)


 Ichigo and Orihime 


We covered Ichigo’s bonding with Rukia earlier, and that relationship certainly remains the more popular one.


But only a fool of a fan will have failed to notice the lingering flames that keep striking between Ichigo Kurosaki and Orihime Inoue in the “Bleach” anime. There are actual fandoms out there that favor either ‘Team Rukia’ or ‘Team Orihime’.


Orihime’s longtime school-centric crush on Ichigo finally comes through, which ended up disappointing plenty of fans.


You should have seen the looks on Team Rukia’s faces!


The bond between Ichigo and Orihime became a distinctly mutual one, making it exceptionally satisfying for members of Team Orihime. From battle-centric scenes to normal moments, these two gave fans a love that could never die. They even gave fans a baby. 



22. Ringo and Itsuki (Air Gear)


Ringo and Itsuki 


Aggressive sporting craze meets skating. You can expect to find this and more in the “Air Gear” anime. Ringo Noyamano and Itsuki “Ikki” Minami have become two of the most popular characters in the series, for obvious reasons seeing as how far you have come into this list.


Street-fighting delinquent, Itsuki lives with four adopted ‘sisters’, who are just part of different street gangs.


In comes Ringo, part of the Sleeping Forest team and a childhood friend, only this time Itsuki sees her as a potential love interest. Team battles and competitive streaks aside, these two gettings closer to each other bring all the emotional balance this show needs. 



23. Kei and Hikari (Special A)


Kei and Hikari 


Speaking of competition, we see another such couple in “Special A”. Kei Takishima and Hikari Hanazono battle it out, but in entirely different domains. They have always been competing with each other since they were kids.


Now that they’re both in high school and with Hikari often finding himself coming a close academic second to Kei, their ‘rivalry’ grows intense. So too does something else between them.


To Hikari, Kei has always been someone important in her life. But Kei, knows deep down that he’s beginning to fall for Hikari. They eventually strike a chord and start giving in fully to each other’s romantic whims and hidden desires.


It makes for pleasant viewing, especially amidst the competitive nature that prevails in this anime.  



24. Isaac and Miria (Baccano!!)


Isaac and Miria 


You may have come to expect all anime couples to be good, to a certain degree at least. But these next two on our list are downright criminal, quite literally.


In the anime “Baccano!!”, we’re frisked away to the Prohibition era wherein Isaac Dian and Miria are the costume-wearing robbers every anime fan needs to see. 


This lively “pair of idiotic lovers and thieves” show a remarkable level of trust in each other. Their targets are also unconventional, bringing plenty of comic relief to the show.


If you need more proof that these crazy lovebirds are worth being on this list, remember that they were named Anime News Network’s 2009 ‘Duo of the Year’. 



25. Saki and Akira (Eden of the East)


Saki and Akira 


Be warned, this is quite a wacky anime. Saki, as part of a graduation trip, heads to Washington D.C. There she encounters a naked Japanese man running through the streets.


After spending some time getting to know him, she learns his story and decides to travel back with him to her homeland.


The naked guy is Akira Takizawa who, in Japan, comes into contact with people who let him be part of a club, one where a billion yen is granted to its members. The money is used to help save Japan. 


Is it wacky enough for you so far? There’s more. Saki decides to partner with Akira and reopens her old club “Eden of the East”, from where this anime gets its name.


As the two develop mutual respect for one another, fans see Saki going along with Akira’s antics. Theirs is an adorable romance like few other anime couples out there can boast. 



26. Nana and Ren (Nana)


Nana and Ren


Anime fans have discovered one of the most intriguing and unique narratives in “Nana”. The show features two young adult females, both called Nana. There’s Nana Komatsu, an energetic and boy-crazy girl. And then there’s Nana Osaki, a singer with a penchant for goth fashion.


Suffice it to say, they both have entirely different perspectives on life and love. Osaki, however, nurtured a flame with Ren Honjo. The two once shared a music band. His moving to Tokyo to join Trapnest ended things prematurely between them. 


After relocating to Tokyo herself, she finds Ren again after Komatsu invites her to a concert.


A dating scene unfolds once more between these two lovers, making fans of this series wonder what made them break up in the first place when they have such splendid chemistry together.


Their mutual desire to make it big in the music business helps carry their bond to new heights. 



27. Misato and Kaji (Neon Genesis Evangelion)


Misato and Kaji


It’s usually Shinji and sundry EVA pilots whom fans of the anime series “Neon Genesis Evangelion” want to watch pairing up. However, Misato Katsuragi and Kaji Ryoji often steal the romantic limelight. These two have a full-fledged past with one another.


When Kaji made a comeback on NERV turf, fans saw how conflicted Misato felt about her ex. Such a dynamic made their bond quite interesting, like those moments when Kaji teases Misato. His reactions are well worth appreciating. 


These two are classic romantic anime pairs. Misato is the ‘every girl loves him’ type, and Kaji is the ‘strong female character’ type.


From the moment these two dates to the time when they delve deeper into their feelings for one another, fans have remained ever-hopeful that the bond between Misato and Kaji grows. 



28. Lelouch and C.C. (Code Geass)


Lelouch and C.C.


When it comes to “Code Geass”, fans get a surprisingly amazing anime that lingers in the memory for years to come. Much the same can be said about the relationship between Lelouch vi Britannia and C.C.


Amidst the political themes and thought-provoking narratives contained in this series, the writers managed to make a romantic pair-up stand out. Both come bearing troubled pasts.


Lelouch is a powerful prince and is leading Japan in a revolution against the oppressive government. C.C. is technically immortal.


For Lelouch to use his Geass powers to win the fight, she transfers her potential to enhance his. This more than anything else connects the two in some of the most heart-warming ways.


We see this reflected in the way Lelouch can see C.C.’s past lives and more. Aside from sharing a strong emotional bond, the fact that C.C. serves as Lelouch’s second-in-command further entrenches the mutual trust these two enjoy throughout the show.


In a mainly serious anime, the romance between these two provides sublime relief.   



29. Usagi and Mamoru (Sailor Moon)


Usagi and Mamoru 


Imagine an anime that has superheroes and secret identities. “Sailor Moon” has been giving us some fine storytelling in this regard.


Usagi Tsukino and Mamoru Chiba are a couple of students who end up falling for each other without realizing their true identities. What seems like playfulness between the two is balanced with attempts to keep one another safe from physical danger. 


They do indeed discover who the other is, namely a superhero. The narrative then shifts seamlessly into a brilliant ‘saving the world from evil’ theme, with Usagi and Mamoru falling ever deeper in love with each other.


Theirs is one of the most magical relationships in anime, and the couple goes to enjoy a happy married life and have a child to boot. 



30. Kenshiro and Yuria (Fist of the North Star)


Kenshiro and Yuria 


In the excellent anime “Fist of the North Star”, fans were plunged into a narrative rife with revenge and emotional turmoil.


The tale saw Kenshiro and his fiancé Yuria searching the nuclear wasteland that is their world for a home in which to settle down. Kenshiro’s rival has other plans, though, and he goes on to kidnap Yuria.


An intense face-off ensues, and a barely surviving Kenshiro heads off to find the love of his life, a task that proves enormously difficult. His efforts are not in vain, because he does indeed find her.


Sadly, Yuria has taken her own life to deny Kenshiro’s rival the satisfaction of having kidnapped her. Her suicide is a clever farce because Yuria is still alive. The emotional ups and downs that pervade this anime are a delight to feel. The narrative delivers on all its promises. 



31. Yato and Iki (Noragami)


Yato and Iki 


“Noragami” gave us some captivating concepts centering around gods and goddesses. Human beings in this narrative live as spirits in their dedicated world.


One such human, Iki Hiyori, finds her life turned upside down when she encounters a god, Yato, in human form only to see her soul separate from her physical body. Who said risking one’s life for another didn’t come at a price? 


Yato is no all-powerful god, but a rather goofy one obsessed with gathering riches and wealth. Iki, on the other hand, simply wishes to return to her normal student life.


As time goes by, she finds more than just inspiration in Yato, she finds love. The feeling is mutual, and from this moment on the two learn more about one another.


Yato, with his love-sick heart and heartbreaking past, and Iki with her initial naiveté about the god’s growing feelings for her. None of this stopped these two from becoming one of anime’s cutest couples, with plenty of romantic tension thrown in.



32. Ryu and Urara (Yamada Kun and the Seven Witches)


Ryu and Urara


It was truly exhilarating watching Ryu Yamada and Urara Shiraishi in “Yamada Kun and the Seven Witches”. Their story begins along simple avenues: there’s a witch school, there are seven witches, and they learn new powers through kissing.


As corny as it sounds, the anime is quite entertaining. This becomes apparent when Ryu finds himself capable of body-swapping with a kiss. 


Urara and Ryu thus exchange bodies, entirely by accident. Plenty of revelations come about as a consequence, but what viewers most enjoyed about this series is how these two lovers start seeing each other through fresh eyes.


Considering that for a while leading up to the ‘moment’ Ryu was a delinquent guy and Urara was an accomplished student who found herself isolated from social circles.


They gradually open up to one another and start expressing their feelings, and the rest, as they say, is romantic anime history. 



33. Tatsumi and Mine (Akame ga Kill)


Tatsumi and Mine 


Granted, “Akame ga Kill” is not anyone’s idea of a romance anime. But the writers somehow managed to worm in a distinct love story arc. As the Shounen series go, this one certainly holds its own.


If you started out rooting for Tatsumi and Akame, you are not alone. However, the way this show portrayed Tatsumi and Mine is nothing short of brilliant. 


Though she was harsh and distant at first, Mine warms up to Tatsumi and makes for adorable viewing. Being an assassin brings its challenges, not least their need to protect one another during Night Raid battles and other encounters.


Mine eventually starts to reveal another side of herself, and she does it toward Tatsumi. In this rather tragic anime, we have a budding romance that is worth admiring. 



34. Tomoya and Nagisa (Clannad)


Tomoya and Nagisa 


Some fans will even go so far as to tell you that the anime “Clannad” contains one of the most unforgettable romance stories of all time.


A delinquent Tomoya Okazaki is ever-burdened by a low outlook on life, and Nagisa Furukawa takes him under her wing and teaches him that it is alright to love despite what happened in his past. They’re two characters you simply must see the anime to adore. 


Tomoya gradually learns to be grateful for all that he has, especially family and friends. Nagisa, aside from being one of the most lovable characters in anime, also has a mysterious illness.


She teaches Tomoya confidence, and he helps Nagisa find something to look forward to each day. Marriage is also set to happen between these two, concluding a superbly meaningful story arc that will make any fan of anime want to re-watch the show. 



35. Kamina and Yoko (Gurren Lagann)


 Kamina and Yoko 


Pegged as a classic among anime, “Gurren Lagann” gives fans a strong dose of amusement and even more memorable viewing. This certainly includes the romance between two beautifully crafted characters, Kamina and Yoko Littner.


The story mostly unravels in a village under the ground. Simon and Kamina are buddies who discover sniper girl Yoko when they head to the surface. 


Now, Kamina is something of a playboy, and he doesn’t resist the opportunity to hit on Yoko, who does not appreciate it in the slightest. The anime progresses along amazing storytelling lanes that put the two of them on a direct path to finding love in one another.


That unforgettable kiss on the battlefield cinched the lovey-dovey deal between these two. One of the most fantastic couples in anime, you simply have to see the show to admire what they’ve done with them.   



36. Hinata and Yui (Angel Beats)


Hinata and Yui (Angel Beats)


Alright, we’re again feeling guilty for omitting mention of two other amazing lovebirds, only these are from the anime “Angel Beats”.


The interactions between Hinata Hideki, the adorable goofball, and Yui, a free-spirited singer, are a class apart from what the show’s main characters have going for them.


There’s also an exceptionally heart-warming moment between these two as the show progresses.


Their character arcs initially made viewers sense the tension between the two, and we’re not talking about the lovable kind. Revelations about their past cause the two anime darlings to open up to one another. It’s all uphill from there toward peaking romance. 



37. Simon and Nia (Gurren Lagann)


Simon and Nia


We just covered a popular anime couple in “Gurren Lagann”, but find ourselves guilted into describing yet another pair of lovebirds in this show.


The main character, Simon, is often seen accompanying Kamina. Shy and reserved, viewers saw how his character was often pushed around at the start of the show. 


His story arc only grows more confident, which is a testament to the anime’s brilliant writing. He eventually bumps into Nia, a girl who captures his fancy and is also one of the show’s most memorable characters.


She happens to be inhuman, which makes for interesting viewing, especially the parts where she learns about human beings through Simon.


A proposal and marriage do indeed happen between these two, and we don’t believe the power of Dai Gurren did any of that. Pure chemistry and love were what did the trick between Simon and Nia.



38. Yuzuru and Kanade (Angel Beats)


Yuzuru and Kanade 


Most fans of anime will recognize the name “Angel Beats”. The show’s remarkably emotion-driven narrative has found admirers worldwide, to say nothing of the fans Yuzuru Otonashi and Kanade Tachibana have accrued.


It’s a different world, quite literally, with those who perished on Earth residing in a sort of high school purgatory. Here, god is the enemy, and a certain SSS brigade tries to find ways to defeat him and return to their normal lives.


As uncomfortable as all this may sound, the show is guaranteed to make you cry, especially certain moments between Angel (an antagonistic supernatural-power-wielding girl) and Otonashi (who is stuck in limbo).


They’re drawn to each other, and before long the latter learns Angel’s true name to be Kanade Tachibana, and that she too is dead. They then start working together to help others escape the harsh afterlife.


Emotions bloom gradually, and the writing for the show certainly deserves praise. The story takes on a rather emotional turn, and these two world-apart lovers are destined to meet again only in another life. 



39. Goku and Chi-Chi (Dragon Ball) 


Goku and Chi-Chi (Dragon Ball) 


Goku is one of the most popular anime characters to ever exist. So naturally, his wife is one of the most loved characters as well. Chi-Chi and Goku tied their bonds at a very young age. 


And while the reason for their marriage was a bit silly, they have been together for years now and have had an incredible romantic relationship with each other. 


It may not reach our eyes but this couple is just beautiful. When these guys spend time together, it is a gorgeous sight. And although Goku and his presence as a father is a bit questionable, there’s no denying that this duo needs more love and appreciation from the fandom.


You may not be fortunate enough to experience their chemistry all the time. However, whenever you do, it will be a worthy sight. 



40. Chiyo and Umetarou (Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-Kun)


Chiyo and Umetarou 


Imagine asking your crush out on a date, and being at the receiving end of a huge misunderstanding. This is what happens in the anime “Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-Kun” when high-schooler Chiyo confesses to Umetarou Nozaki that she has feelings for him.


Being a prominent shoujo manga artist, Umetarou misconstrues her intentions and assumes she’s a fan. 


A heartbroken Chiyo Sakura settles for a friendship instead and becomes Umetarou’s assistant. The man remains oblivious to her love for him, but the show creates such romantic interactions between the two that fans can’t help but want them to take things up a notch. 



41. Banri and Koko (Golden Time)


Banri and Koko


Yet another masterpiece from the makers of “Toradora” comes from an anime called “Golden Time”. A fine ‘college romance’ blooms between Banri and Koko in this fan-favorite anime during the budding stages of their university life.


From clubs to classes, the two explore so much, only to end up exploring each other. While the flame remains small between them at first, it grows into a raging fire as the show progress through its 24-episode run.


Viewers learn of Banri’s issues with memory loss and Koko’s childhood abandonment concerns. The tragedy ends up uniting these two in some of the most lovable ways.



42. Risa and Otani (Lovely Complex)


Risa and Otani 


When you have an anime called “Lovely Complex” chances are the writers focused quite a lot on romantic character arcs.


In this show, they not only did just that but also gave viewers two of the most amazing lovey-dovey duos in anime. It’s equally fun and funny watching the tallest girl in the glass, Risa, warming up to the shortest boy in class, Otani.


Stereotypes are challenged and love is pursued in all the right ways within the story arc of this anime couple who start as friends. Their constant bickering is pure romantic foreshadowing bliss. They go fan-crazy over all the things they have in common; from events to menus.


Despite moments when Otani comes across as a jerk, these two still make a case for the cutest anime couples who are also hilarious. 



43. Ryuuji and Taiga (Toradora)


Ryuuji and Taiga 


“Toradora” is a popular rom-com anime, and lives up to its promise by giving viewers a one-of-a-kind blossoming bond.


Touted to be one of the most beloved rom-com pair-ups in the realm of anime, Ryuuji and Taiga bring some fun elements worth watching. High school flair meets cuteness galore where these two are concerned. 


It starts as a ‘love square’, with these two characters hoping upon hope that their crushes (who are somebody else) will return their feelings. The two of them end up connecting, and a romance develops.


Between Ryuuji’s caregiving attitude and Taiga’s initially cold stance, there is so much tension and anticipation that one can’t help but want these two to meet each other halfway. 



44. Kurisu and Okabe (Steins; Gate)


Kurisu and Okabe


The phrase ‘destined for each other seems to fit these next two lovebirds on our list. Love and Time-Travel, anyone?


“Stein’s Gate” is one of the most memorable anime shows out there, made even more so thanks to beautifully written relationships like the one between Okabe and Kurisu. Complex obstacles stand in their way, but their love prevails despite the odds. 


A mutual love for science first brought these two together. The plot centers around text messages transcending time and space, and all the possibilities that entail.


This love has an ‘age gap’, meaning Kurisu is a visiting scientist while Okabe is a student at the university he visits. Long lab hours and some interesting discoveries set the two on a one-way path to romance.  



45. Loid and Yor (Spy x Family)


Loid and Yor (Spy x Family)


Spy x Family is one of the most wholesome anime you can watch. And this is one of the most wholesome couples you will ever witness.


Loid and Yor are two souls who weren’t supposed to be with each other. They both had their own intentions before they became a part of this family.


And although their intentions were far away from what a conventional couple would have, once they got together, their sentiments for each other got surreal. 


I mean Loid proposed to Yor with a grenade ring. What can be cooler than that?


Therefore, if you haven’t watched this duo and their excellence yet, then make sure that you give Spy x Family a try. 



46. Mikasa and Eren (Attack on Titan)


Mikasa and Eren


When you hear the show name “Attack on Titan”, you think of other-worldly beings and a post-apocalyptic future. But there is a core thread of romance woven into this anime, centering around Mikasa and Eren.


These two are as iconic as the show itself and for good reason.


Theirs is a beautifully contrasting relationship: she has trouble opening up, and he has no trouble speaking his mind at every turn. There is also a maturity difference, in that they behave more like parent and child rather than anything romantic.


But viewers are familiar with the passion these two harbors for each other, starting from the moment they encountered a Titan and survived to tell about it.  



47. Ichigo and Rukia (Bleach)


Ichigo and Rukia


We’d like to mention that the anime “Bleach” has a lot more going on than mere romance. But the sheer subtlety and tension showcased between Ichigo and Rukia must be seen to be fully appreciated.


In addition to having much the same destinies, these two anime darlings experience enough hardships (both apart and together) to keep them swinging back into each other’s orbits.


Finding their way back to each other no matter what happens is adequate proof of a deep sense of longing and love between these two.


It is a great couple as a lot of viewers can relate to the chemistry of these two, as they go through all bad times together and this makes their bond even stronger. 



48. Misaki and Usui (Kaichou wa Maid-Sama)


Misaki and Usui


“Kaichou wa Maid-Sama” gave anime fans plenty to look forward to by way of story content. It also gave them a romantic couple whose interactions left some viewers with goosebumps and a soft tingling sensation somewhere inside.


A girl with ‘daddy issues’, Misaki mistrusts boys and men in general. But Takumi looks set to change all that.


Misaki is one of those empowered female characters whom you instantly root for, and when it comes to her past you feel for her in several regards.


Her poverty makes her work on one side and study on the other. This finds an understanding soul in Takumi. Before long, a romance blooms between the two.


All this is even though Misaki still mistrusts him. But Takumi goes on to prove that she can rely on him. Their bond is as cute as it is subtle, and the tension between them is an absolute delight to watch.



49. Winry and Edward (Fullmetal Alchemist)


Winry and Edward


Many a tragic story-angle in “Fullmetal Alchemist” but that’s not to say it lacks a strong romance element. Another pair of childhood sweethearts, these two brings their special alchemy to the show.


Theirs is a bond that starts as the best friendship, which also makes for some of the strongest romantic bonds if one happens to blossom.


They went through a lot together, and that’s putting it mildly. Winry was there when Edward underwent his mecha surgery following an accident that stole off his limbs.


They argue a lot but she still stands by him at the end of the day. It’s a beautiful romance set amidst a tragic storyline, one that still has fans rooting for all its major characters.



50. Sawako and Shouta (Kimi ni Todoke)


Sawako and Shouta


We got a good look at the repressed fire between these two in “Kimi ni Todoke”. Shouta is the guy every girl wants.


The flirtation becomes quite clear between him and Sawako from the moment they meet. He even exposes a jealous side when it comes to other guys doing something for Sawako.


Plenty of ‘silent love’ moments complements shy and sweet elements between this romantic anime couple, who are on many a list of favorites when it comes to anime romantics.


Suffice it to say every fan of the series waited with bated breath for the moment when these two lovers would confess their feelings for each other.



51. Haruhi and Tamaki (Ouran High School Host Club)


Haruhi and Tamaki


Who doesn’t love a nice high school romance? “Ouran High School Host Club” has just the recipe for love, and it looks quite well between Haruhi and Tamaki.


A humble and studious girl, Haruhi, finds herself among ‘rich kids’ at her new high school where she got in through merit.


She hides behind a tomboyish look, but that does not stop Tamaki from taking notice.


Though self-obsessed at first, and bizarrely assuming Haruhi was another boy, Tamaki soon learns the truth and grows protective of Haruhi, which in turn gradually blossoms into a romance between the two.


The decision to add differences in opinion and misunderstandings between them has only made viewers want these two to fall deeper in love. They bring out the best and worst in each other, but what true-love anime couple doesn’t?



52. Kyou and Tohru (Fruits Basket)


Kyou and Tohru


We turn to “Fruits Basket” for some nice bad-boy-meets-nice-girl romance. A hot-headed troublemaker, Kyou, and an emotional teen suffused with hope and dreams of sweet love, Tohru, both create some fine chemistry in this anime.


She does not just have Kyou to think about, in fact, Tohru’s exploration of love generates some nice interactions with her fellow roommates. And the show balances it all with her progress in learning more about the curse of the Sohma clan.


They make a cute couple and their relationship have a solid fanbase. They have great chemistry and as the story progresses they become more likable. 



53. Kaori and Kousei (Your Lie In April)


Kaori and Kousei


The show “Your Lie In April” introduced us to these two lovebirds, who together created some of the most intense emotional moments you will find among couples in anime.


They have a distinctly human relatability by way of ‘baggage’ and ‘complicated pasts’, both of which have endeared them to viewers.


Some people would say that naïve adolescence holds one of the most intense romantic memories for them. That’s precisely what Kaori and Kousei bring to the anime world, and fans have enjoyed watching them do so.


Imagine quite literally finding happiness and peace in another person without whom everything feels hopeless and empty. It may seem like a cliché but these two make it work.



54. Inuyasha and Kagome (Inuyasha)


Inuyasha and Kagome


The name “Inuyasha” is at once familiar and nostalgic to anime fans. Aside from all the action and thrill, however, is the romantic subtlety between Inuyasha and Kagome that infuses the show with balance and beauty.


It’s nice to watch a mistrustful half-demon, Inuyasha, get past his trust issues and past love failures and open his heart to Kagome.


There’s a brilliant reincarnation angle in play within this excellent anime. It takes the form of Kikyo, Inu’s former love, but we do not want to spill any serious spoilers here just in case some of you are reading about Inuyasha for the first time.


Plenty of negative emotions are suffered between these two darlings before Inu gives Kago the chance she needs to prove her love for him is genuine.


The bond between these two anime couples can best be termed tortuous and complex. The way she teases him only adds to viewers’ reasons to root for this duo.



55. Naruto and Hinata (Naruto)


Naruto and Hinata (Naruto)


The “Naruto” and “Naruto Shippuuden” series gave us plenty of action and a nice amount of lovey-dovey moments between Naruto and Hinata.


Just because this is a shounen anime series does not mean it has no room for some interesting romantic bonding. Many tragic scenes pervade this show, some of which are linked to the tension between Hinata and Naruto.


This couple fit the bill of ‘childhood sweethearts’, owing to them having grown together. They even trained as one and fought for the same causes. Like-minded couples are the best, don’t you agree?


Sadly, as anyone familiar with this series will agree, Naruto was often clueless about Hinata’s crush on him. Good to know that Hinata did not give up easily. Her bravery and Naruto’s adorable naiveté made for some of the most memorable romantic moments in the anime realm.


For many of the viewers, it was frustrating initially as it was clear that Hinata likes Naruto but he did not realize it for a long time. 



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