Top 30 Best Wolf Anime Of All Time


“Wolf”! If you ask Google, you will get a definition like “a wild carnivorous mammal which is the largest member of the dog family, living and hunting in packs.


It is native to both Eurasia and North America, but is much persecuted and has been widely exterminated”.


But if you ask the anime industry, you will get a definition like “hot anime boys go fight-fight” or something along those lines.


Either way, wolves in general have a very cool concept for themselves. The cunning and aggressive nature of this carnivore is what gives it so much room to be used in an anime.


We have been consuming stories about wolves or werewolves for a long time. And the anime industry has its share of works that use this animal’s true nature and mold them to fit its narrative.


However, you know the deal, it’s the anime industry and they aren’t as straightforward as your typical web series.


Their ways to mold the concept of ‘Wolf’ are way too unique in themselves. So for this list of Top Wolf Anime, we have selected anime that has a wolf or wolf-oriented segment as a major part of its story.


This would allow us to be a lot more versatile with our picks and give us multiple experiences about the same element. All my wolf lovers, I hope you have a great time devouring the entire list.




1. Wolf Children


wolf children


Entity Detail
Title Ookami Kodomo no Ame to Yuki
Type Movie
Studios Studio Chizu
Premiered 2012-07-21
Source Original
MAL Score 8.621
Duration 1 hr. 57 min.


We have one of the most heart-warming anime movies out there. An emotional roller coaster that deals with the issues of being a single mother is what you can define as “Wolf Children”.


Wolf Children is a captivating anime that delves into themes of parenthood and identity. The story centres on Hana, who falls in love with a werewolf during college, resulting in two unique children, Ame and Yuki, who are part human and part wolf.


Tragedy strikes when their father passes away, leaving Hana to raise the children alone. Ame and Yuki can transform between human and wolf forms, presenting them with distinctive challenges as they grow.


To protect their secret in the city, Hana relocates to the countryside, where the siblings learn to navigate their dual identities and find their own paths in life. This heartwarming tale beautifully portrays the trials and triumphs of a single mother raising extraordinary children.


There’s a reason why it has won awards like Animation of the Year, Best Animation Film, the Silver Mirror, the Audience Award, and the Best Anime Disc award. Yes, you should watch it!




2. Princess Mononoke


princess mononoke


Entity Detail
Title Mononoke Hime
Type Movie
Studios Studio Ghibli
Premiered 1997-07-12
Source Original
MAL Score 8.701
Duration 2 hr. 13 min.


Princess Mononoke is a 2-hour 10 mins long movie that hit the TV back in 1997.


It is an original anime directed by Hayao Miyazaki and animated by Studio Ghibli. The story is set in the early days of mankind.


An Emishi village faces the unfortunate and gets attacked by a demon boar. Fear reigned in the eyes of the tribals but young prince Ashitaka took the matters into his hands.


He fought a fearsome battle with the demon boar and ended up killing him. However, while the demon boar was expressing his final words, he cursed the prince with immense power.


The catch is that the power itself would start to consume the prince leading him to an unimaginable death.


Now to find the cure for this disease, Ashitaka heads towards the west as guided by the village elders.


During his journey, the prince arrives at Tatara, also known as Iron Town. There, he meets Lady Eboshi, female forcing deforestation, and Princess San, a female with a wolf-like appearance going against Lady Eboshi.


The town has been majorly affected by the results of this conflict. Now Prince Ashitaka has to try his level best to resolve this issue along with finding a cure for himself.


The story is a metaphorical representation of the existence of technology and nature. This movie is regarded as one of the best Ghibli movies out there.


Awards like Best Japanese Movie, Best Animation, Japanese Movie Fans’ Choice, and Best Picture are under the sleeves of this amazing movie.


And this is all because of its amazing promotion of criticism towards deforestation and its application.




3. To Your Eternity


To Your Eternity


Entity Detail
Title Fumetsu no Anata e
Type TV
Studios Brain’s Base
Premiered Apr 12, 2021 to ?
Source Manga
MAL Score 8.611
Duration 25 min. per ep.


Summoning up in recent times yet making a name for yourself is a hard task.


But shows like To Your Eternity manage to do it with ease. It’s an anime that shocked a lot of viewers and has the potential to shock you as well.


To Your Eternity is a currently airing TV series that started in 2021. It is an anime adaptation of a manga.


The manga was written and illustrated by Ooima Yoshitoki. Just so you know, Ooima Yoshitoki is also the creator of A Silent Voice.


The story is about an orb being sent to the planet earth. It can transform itself into anything it consumes.


So in its first appearance on earth, it takes the form of a rock. Later on, he transforms into moss due to the temperature.


A day later, it witnessed a wolf on the verge of death so it took its form.


After taking the form of the wolf, the orb gets conscious and starts to wander around.


On his way, he meets the owner of the wolf he consumed. The owner was a young boy waiting for his tribe.


The boy’s tribe has gone to a paradise where lots of fish and fruits can be found.


However, the tribe doesn’t seem to return so the boy decides to seek them himself.


It is the journey of a young boy visiting new places in search of his loved ones.


The story portrays beautiful human emotions and sentiments using the metaphor of the orb in the form of a wolf.


To Your Eternity is a series that can make you a new perspective on life.


Since it was created by Ooima Yoshitoki, you can expect some amazing human drama and emotions to be portrayed in a captivating manner.


Make sure to watch this new gem.




4. Beastars




Entity Detail
Title Beastars
Type TV
Studios Orange
Premiered Oct 10, 2019 to Dec 26, 2019
Source Manga
MAL Score 7.961
Duration 22 min. per ep.


Humans are pretty cool. Animals are pretty cool as well. But what will happen when their natural habitats change?


What would have happened if animals were as advanced as humans and had their society?


If this thought has ever crossed your mind then I have a great anime for you boy.


Beastars is a 12-episode TV series that aired back in 2019. It is an anime adaptation of a manga series.


The manga was written and illustrated by Itagaki Paru. The story is set in a world where animals have taken an anthropomorphic form.


They are just like humans now and humans don’t exist in the first place. However, just like human society, this world also happens to have discrimination and bias based on herbivores and carnivores.


In Cherryton Academy, this division becomes more vibrant. This is because Legoshi, a gray wolf, lost his friend who was a part of the drama club and he has been suspected by the students of the school.


One day, Legoshi was assigned the task of guarding the practice session of his friend’s replacement.


During that period, he meets a rabbit named Haru and immediately falls for her. However, being the wolf he is, he has no choice but to accept his true nature.


With multiple feelings going on in his head, Legoshi tries his best to blend in with society without causing any harm to anyone.


This is the metaphorical representation of societal disputes entertainingly and uniquely. Beastars is yet another anime that shocked a lot of anime fans with its narrative and story presentation.


Its amazing use of CG and metaphor of society made it a series that would be a part of many more discussions to come.



5. Inuyasha




Entity Detail
Title InuYasha
Type TV
Studios Sunrise
Premiered Oct 16, 2000 to Sep 13, 2004
Source Manga
MAL Score 7.851
Duration 24 min. per ep.


Time to talk about Classics ladies and gentlemen. The next entry on our list is nostalgic to many of you readers and I hope all those who haven’t watched this anime, would give it a try at least once.


It’s one of the old gems that deserve more recognition from the new-gen anime fandom.


Yup, I am talking about the fabulous Inuyasha. Inuyasha is a 167-episode TV anime that aired back in 2000.


It is an anime adaptation of a manga series. The manga was written and illustrated by Takahashi Rumiko.


The series is about a 15-year-old girl named Kagome Higurashi whose life changed when she encountered a terrible demon.


The demon dragged her into a well and you might expect her to die due to fall damage.


However, instead of hitting the base of the well, she gets Isekai’d. Oh yeah! She gets teleported to the violent Sengoku Period of Japan’s history thanks to the demon.


And this reincarnation isn’t as simple as you might think. She also happens to rebirth with the Shikon jewel inside her.


What’s a Shikon jewel you may ask? Well, it’s simple. Shikon Jewel is a wish-granting jewel that allows the holder to have his/her wish granted.


Now the demon tries to bring down Kagome and take possession of the jewel within her.


However, she happens to survive but in the process, the jewel ends up breaking and dividing into shards.


Now Kagome asks a demon dog hybrid named Inuyasha to help her recollect the shards.


If the shards get in the wrong hands then the world is in big trouble.


So Inuyasha along with a few more friends start their journey to search for the shards to bring back the jewel.


This is the experience of this group that they wouldn’t have experienced otherwise. The one that has death and fun in the same sentence.


InuYasha is one of the best anime that aired in 2000. Its dynamic storytelling and comprehensive narrative make it a great watch for anyone who wants to have the utmost enjoyment.


After all, awards like the Property of the Year award and third place in Animage’s Anime Grand Prix “Best Anime” aren’t an easy feat.


Moreover, the manga has also won the Shogakukan award so yeah, the story is worth all your time. Go for it!



6. Wolf’s Rain


Wolf's Rain


Entity Detail
Title Wolf’s Rain
Type TV
Studios Bones
Premiered Jan 7, 2003 to Jul 29, 2003
Source Original
MAL Score 7.821
Duration 23 min. per ep.


Now, this is a series that needs your attention. For all my wolf anime fans out there, Wolf’s Rain is a series that you just can’t skip.


It’s so heavy with the inclusion of wolves and wolf characteristics that ignoring it would be kind of dumb.


Wolf’s Rain is a 26-episode TV anime that aired back in 2003. It is an original anime directed by Okamura Tensai and Bones.


The story is set in a world where a legend has been spreading amongst the creatures who are living in this world.


The legend claims that there would be Utopia summoning on this planet when the world would come to an end.


Yup, salvation lies behind the doors of this paradise. However, only wolves are capable of finding this gateway.


Moreover, this would be accessible only to the survivors of the barren land. And even though they are assumed to be extinct, wolves are still alive, and live as disguised as humans.


One such wolf is our protagonist Kiba who happens to be attracted to a certain smell that might be related to Paradise.


When he visits the place possessing that smell, he finds out that he is not the only one attracted to it.


There are a few other wolves that directed their attention to this place. However, these wolves aren’t the only beings who seek salvation.


Evil is on its way to attempting the horrible act of attaining this gateway for their greed.


What would Kiba and his friends do during this predicament? This series has science, mystery, action, adventure, and drama.


A package of all the amazing genres that many of you are a fan of.


If you want some entertaining stories that are heavily wolf-oriented then I believe this is the series you are looking for.


Just watch it!



7. Kemono Friends


Kemono Friends


Entity Detail
Title Kemono Friends
Type TV
Studios Yaoyorozu
Premiered Jan 11, 2017 to Mar 29, 2017
Source Game
MAL Score 7.561
Duration 24 min. per ep.


Time for some more cute anime, weebs. We haven’t had those in a while now.


And for this entry, we have to give our brains a rest and just enjoy it as it goes.


This is the comical adventure of Kemono Friends. Kemono Friends is a 12-episode TV anime that aired back in 2017.


It is an anime adaptation of a game. The show was directed by Tatsuki and animated by Yaoyorozu.


No, not the My Hero Academia one. This one is a studio. Anyway, the story is set in a place called Japari Park where humanoid animals find shelter.


These guys are called “Friends” and they have a fun time staying in Japari Park.


However, one day, curious Serval witnesses a new Friend she hasn’t seen before. Burning with her curiosity, she visits that Friend and asks for her name.


Kanban, is the name and species? Well, the species of Kanban is still a mystery.


So Serval decided to seek the history of Kanban. They both set on an adventure that is focused on Park Library where they expect information about Kanban species.


On their way, they meet new friends and help them out with their problems.


You know, simple people being connective as ever. However, as time passes by, Kanban and Serval start to notice the true intent of this park.


Something much darker than what you would imagine. I know, I know. This might give you The Promised Neverland vibes from it.


Although it’s not as horrifying as Neverland, it is still a solid watch especially thanks to its humanoid animal premise.


Gives the series, the essence of horror with the reveal.



8. Hakkenden




Entity Detail
Title The Hakkenden
Type OVA
Studios Artmic
Premiered Oct 25, 1990 to Mar 25, 1991
Source Novel
MAL Score 6.611
Duration 30 min. per ep.


Hakkenden or Hakkenden -Eight Dogs Of The East- is a 13-episode TV anime that aired in 2013.


It is an anime adaptation of a manga. The manga was written and illustrated by Abe Miyuki.


The story is about three beautiful individuals. Shino Inuzuka, Sousuke Inukawa, and Hamaji are three children who have experienced the unthinkable.


They witnessed their home village burn right in front of their eyes. This was caused due to a virus and their survival was equally unexpected.


As they watch their home burn to ashes, an old man approaches them with a sword and says that they need to make a choice.


If they do, they are bound to survive this predicament. The command was simple, to take possession of the sword he was holding.


That changed their life for the better. Years later, these three children have a family now and live happily for once.


However, the imperial church has different plans for them. These guys have eyes on these guys because they want to get their hands on that sword.


To do so, they try to kidnap Hamaji so Shino and Sousuke will come to get her.


However, the demonic sword of Murasame has engraved itself with this group. Shino has the soul of Murasame while Sousuke has a special ability.


The ability to transform into a dog. Now these boys must work together to try and free Hamaji from the church.


This marks the beginning of a remarkable journey. Unlike The Hakkenden, this series has a bit of a contemporary tone added to it.


It’s a lot more like your recent anime with a mythical setting and has a great adventurous vibe to it as well.


I see no reason for you guys to avoid watching it.



9. Spice And Wolf


spice and wolf


Entity Detail
Title Ookami to Koushinryou
Type TV
Studios Imagin
Premiered Jan 9, 2008 to Mar 26, 2008
Source Light novel
MAL Score 8.261
Duration 24 min. per ep.


Do you like economics? Do you like romance? Do you like both in the same story?


Seems weird right? Well, it is but still feels great. And you can experience this same unique genre combination by watching the amazing series Spice And Wolf.


Spice and Wolf is a distinctive anime that weaves adventure, fantasy, and romance in a medieval, European-inspired setting.


The story follows Kraft Lawrence, a 25-year-old travelling merchant, as he navigates the trade routes, selling various wares from town to town.


His life takes an intriguing twist when he meets Holo, a stunning loner with animal ears and a tail, who happens to be a harvest goddess.


An unlikely friendship blooms between them, and Lawrence agrees to accompany Holo to her northern hometown.


Their journey involves engaging in mercantile activities, exploring captivating locales, and experiencing various economic ventures.


The anime beautifully depicts their adventures and the interplay between Lawrence’s astute merchant skills and Holo’s unique animal-based abilities.


What is it? Find out yourself.



10. Cuticle Tantei Inaba


cuticle tantei inaba


Entity Detail
Title Cuticle Tantei Inaba
Type TV
Studios Zexcs
Premiered Jan 4, 2013 to Mar 22, 2013
Source Manga
MAL Score 7.281
Duration 23 min. per ep.


Cuticle Tantei Inaba is a 12-episode TV series that aired back in 2013. It is an anime adaptation of a manga.


The manga was written and illustrated by Mochi. The story is set in a world where there are humans like you and me.


And there are also half-humans and half-animals. These two creatures live side by side, enjoying their life without any problems.


However, everything isn’t as straightforward, is it? So just as you would expect, there are a few criminals who use their powers for not-so-good purposes.


And the normal police aren’t capable of finding them so this work is handed to the experts.


And no other expert stands as strong as detective Hiroshi Inaba, a part-human, part-wolf who can grasp information about anyone just by using their hair.


Yup, try shaving, and you are caught! Now so much consumption of hair has caused Hiroshi to have a hair fetish but his coworkers don’t mind so it’s fine.


However, the one person that does mind his existence is Don Valentino, a major name amongst criminals.


He wants Hiroshi dead, for obvious reasons. And Hiroshi wants him dead as well, for obvious reasons.


Now, this is the battle between two animal chimeras against each other. Both of these professionals would be facing each other in a battle of wits.


Who will prevail as the absolute? This is a great series for anyone who enjoys mystery along with a pinch of comedy and action added to it.


Not to mention, the wolf characters are always adding up so yeah, we enjoy it.


I hope you enjoy it as well.



11. Okami San and Her Seven Companions


Okami San and Her Seven Companions


Entity Detail
Title Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakama-tachi
Type TV
Studios J.C.Staff
Premiered Jul 1, 2010 to Sep 16, 2010
Source Light novel
MAL Score 7.201
Duration 24 min. per ep.


My romance lovers! I have one more series for you guys. Don’t leave reading this list just yet.


We are going to discuss more amazing wolf-oriented romance series. And this time, it’s Okami san.


Okami san and Her Seven Companions is a 12-episode TV anime that aired back in 2010.


It is an anime adaptation of a light novel. The light novel was written by Okita Masashi and illustrated by Unaji.


The story revolves around Ryouko Ookami who is an incredible boxer working as a Bruiser for her club.


There’s no need for every club to have a bruiser but that’s not true from Otogi Bank.


These guys would help out with anything as long as your promise to return the favor in the future.


Now our shy boy Ryoushi Morino tries to confess his love for Ryouko but he fails.


Although, this approach leaves him becoming a part of the club and now he works for them.


Thus begins the journey of Otogi Bank to complete the favors asked of them. These favors can be anything from simple to complex.


Anything can be asked. However, as time passes by Ryoushi’s sole motivation to have Ryouko becomes more and more complex.


My man can’t even face someone, how would he be able to stand against the best boxer?


Or maybe he will. This is a series that has a soft and comical tone to it.


Not to mention, it parodies a lot of Japanese lores by using puns or alternate words.


The cherry on the cake if you like Japanese references and puns. Feel free to check it out.



12. Wolf Girl And The Black Prince


Wolf Girl And The Black Prince


Entity Detail
Title Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji: Gishinanki – Happening Kiss
Type OVA
Studios TYO Animations
Premiered 2015-04-24
Source Manga
MAL Score 7.261
Duration 23 min.


All my romance lovers out there, I have a gift for you. A gift that you guys were waiting for so long.


The next entry on our list is a shoujo anime that speaks from heart to heart.


It is time to discuss Wolf Girl. Wolf Girl and The Black Prince is a 12-episode TV series that aired back in 2014.


It is an anime adaptation of a manga. The manga was written and illustrated by Hatta Ayuko.


The story revolves around our girl Erika Shinohara who is doing what many of us might have done at least once.


Lying. Yup, she is lying to her peers about something important. And what is that important you may ask?


Well, it’s the fact that Erika has a boyfriend. She doesn’t actually and so shows off a random guy’s photo to her friends just to gain respect from them.


Yeah, it’s not ideal but alright. However, as this act goes on and on, her life gets messed up and she decides to confront that random stranger for real.


His name is Kyouya Sata. And even though he looks super handsome and stuff, nature-wise, he isn’t the angel you would expect.


When Erika asks him to PRETEND to be her boyfriend, he says NO. Yeah, he is a chad.


But she still forces this idea and being bothered about it, Kyouya puts the condition that she must act as his dog and tries to put her off.


But she accepts the condition and they both come into this weird relationship. Now you might expect them to be sort of against each other but as time passes by, Kyouya expresses himself and soon enough, Erika genuinely falls in love with him.


But does Kyouya feel the same? Or will Erika remain a Wolf Girl? As you can see, it is just the anime for my romance lovers out there.


It isn’t an anime about “wolf” but rather, the concept of the wolf as a human characteristic. This gives this series and this list a new touch to it that deserves appreciation.


If you are a shoujo anime fan then my man/woman, this anime would be a lovely experience for you. Go for it!



13. Sirius The Jaeger


Sirius The Jaeger


Entity Detail
Title Sirius
Type TV
Studios P.A. Works
Premiered Jul 12, 2018 to Sep 27, 2018
Source Original
MAL Score 7.011
Duration 23 min. per ep.


Well, I am not surprised that it’s another vampire anime with the wolf element added to it.


Like, we have had somewhere around 20 million of those on our list by now.


And this is just another. Or so you think. But Sirius is better than the ones on the list yet.


Don’t get me wrong, those are great as well but Sirius has taken this setting to the next level.


Let’s dive deeper. Sirius is a 12-episode TV anime that aired back in 2018.


It is an original anime directed by Andou Masahiro and animated by P. A. Works.


Which if you guys don’t know, is very popular for its original anime. The series focuses on a group of vampire hunters who are appointed by the government to kill the vampires.


It isn’t much trouble to understand. Vampires have invaded the city of Tokyo for the sake of having a tasty dinner.


Not exactly a dinner but you get the picture. And the humans are like, “Chotto matte!


We won’t allow you to do it.” So they appoint this organization which has one of the best vampire hunters named Yuliy.


By the way, the vampire hunters’ organization has a cool name as well. They are called the Jaegers.


Yuliy had one of the worst experiences when he witnessed the end of his family right before his eyes by those vampires.


Now he is on his way to avenge his family and show no mercy while doing so.


Jaegers have to try their level best to reach the evil destructive weapon before the vampires do.


Or else, the world would be in big trouble. Sirius is pretty serious. Even though this synopsis is in a humorous tone, the actual show is a lot more tense and mature.


The story tries its best to give you the correct vibe that would spark interest within yourself.


I hope you have a great time watching it.



14. Renkin San


Renkin San


Time to talk about the best genre, Ecchi, yet again. And again, if you don’t think that ecchi is the best genre ever then you are wrong OBJECTIVELY!


But anyway, this time we are dealing with the vampire setting as well. I wonder who has such fetishes.


Renkin San is a 12-episode TV series that aired back in 2016. It is an original anime directed by Yatagai Kenichi and animated by Studio Remic.


The story is about the daily lives of 4 girls. Nothing special just your typical bunch filled with a witch, a werewolf, a vampire, and an android.


You know, a pretty common group. We see them in real life as well right?


Anyway, these girls have visited earth from the netherworld and thus they don’t know anything about the function of the planet or how daily lives take place here.


So they have to face a new challenge every day as they try their best to blend in.


Moreover, to add up to their problems there’s Dr. K-ko who wants to gain popularity within the scientist’s community by proving that these girls are otherworldly and unreal.


So she tries her best to figure out a way to trap them and get them exposed to the general public.


Every day, our 4 beautiful girls face challenges from all sides and have the hardest time residing on this planet.


Can’t blame though. I mean we humans are indeed weird, right? As you can feel, it’s a comedy series that uses the metaphors of human actions as the aid to create humor within the story.


A series that every comedy and wolf lover should have a look at. You will laugh a lot with relatability by your side.



15. Monster Rancher


Monster Rancher


Entity Detail
Title Monster Farm: Enbanseki no Himitsu
Type TV
Studios TMS Entertainment
Premiered Apr 17, 1999 to Mar 25, 2000
Source Game
MAL Score 6.811
Duration 24 min. per ep.


We are halfway there ladies and gentlemen. So the list is only going to get better from this point on.


And the example of that happening isn’t anything other than Monster Rancher. Monster Rancher is a 48-episode-long TV anime that aired back in 1999.


It is an anime adaptation of a game. The series was directed by Yano Hiroyuki and animated by TMS Entertainment.


The story revolves around a boy named Genki who loves to play games just like you.


But unlike you, he gets teleported to a game called Monster Rancher. I know you are already thinking of it as an Isekai which it is, technically, but to be honest, it’s not as stereotypical as you think.


When our boy Genki gets teleported, he meets multiple monsters who have the appearance of animals like hares, tigers, and of course, wolves.


Together, these guys decide to go on a quest. The quest is pretty simple. Just find Phoenix because it is the only creature capable of defeating the powerful and evil Moo.


Now I know what you are thinking. It sounds stereotypical but it’s much more enjoyable than you would have thought it to be.


It doesn’t have the Isekai stereotype of the main character getting the best girl or something like that.


It’s a simple story that can be enjoyed by many gamers out there.



16. The Hakkenden


The Hakkenden


Entity Detail
Title The Hakkenden
Type OVA
Studios Artmic
Premiered Oct 25, 1990 to Mar 25, 1991
Source Novel
MAL Score 6.611
Duration 30 min. per ep.


There are certain anime that give off the classical vibe right with their posters. And a lot of people appreciate that sort of touch to the story presentation offered by the anime.


If you are a fan of such series or stuff like that then this entry has something great for you.


The Hakkenden is a 6 episode of OVA series that aired back in 1990. It is an anime adaptation of a novel.


The series was directed by Annou Takashi and animated by the studio Artmic. The story is set in a war-filled world where the Awa clan had the misfortune of getting themselves defeated by their opponents.


This is because their enemy clan had demonic powers on their side and thus, ended up victorious.


Now the lord’s death performed by the head dog turns out to be something unexpected.


This is because now the head dog asks to marry the lord’s daughter. After his agreed marriage, he gives birth to 8 dogs.


These are also called the 8 dog warriors or Hakkenden. These 8 beasts make their way to violence and aggression but time brings them together and gives them the tag of the unbeatable group.


As a group, they decide to have their revenge on the demons that were the root cause of all their miseries.


This series isn’t exactly a “Wolf” anime. However, the way these dogs are portrayed, you will get the same vibe as “wolf” if not better.


So don’t worry pal, you would have a fun time enjoying this.



17. BNA




Entity Detail
Title BNA
Type TV
Studios Trigger
Premiered Apr 9, 2020 to Jun 25, 2020
Source Original
MAL Score 7.411
Duration 22 min. per ep.


NO NO NO NO NO! This is not an anime that will earn you the title of “Furry”.


Ok maybe it will but don’t worry, you will enjoy this series nonetheless. It’s about animals.


A lot of UNIQUE animals. BNA is a 12-episode TV anime that aired back in 2020.


It is an original anime directed by Imaishi Hiroyuki and animated by Studio Trigger. The story is set in a world where 2 species co-exist side by side.


It’s human and Beastmen. Now you already know what humans are because you are one.


But what are Beastmen? Well, these are creatures that can shapeshift due to their genetics.


This ability even has a name. It’s called the “Beast Factor” and this beast factor acts as the reason for the dispute between Beastmen and Humans.


If you are a Beastmen then Anima City is the place for you to relax and feel free from human troubles or so they say.


But when Michiru Kagemori visits the city, she realizes that this place isn’t even close to being as relaxing as people claim it to be.


During a festival, the place was bombed and Michiru happens to be the accident spot.


In her attempt to move from the place, she meets Shirou Ogami, a wolf-like Beastmen who has sworn to protect the Beastmen race.


As they both try to get their hands on those criminals who bombed the place, they realize that Michiru isn’t any normal Beastmen.


As time passes by, they start to realize that Michiru might be the connecting link between Humans and Beastmen.


The key to the actual truth. Original anime from studio trigger is always worth watching.


I mean, it’s one of the most capable studios out there and when they dedicate themselves to an exclusive story, they try their level best to offer something new.


Therefore, if you wish to enjoy some amazing animal-themed stories then BNA would be a great start.



18. Luger Code 1951


Luger Code 1951


Entity Detail
Title Luger Code 1951
Type ONA
Studios Studio Deen
Premiered 2016-10-15
Source Manga
MAL Score 6.451
Duration 25 min.


So I see that you are a busy man. You have been getting a lot of work lately and don’t have time to watch a 700-episode anime or even 25 episodes for that matter.


Well, how about just 25 mins? Yup, if you just have half an hour of your life spared for Japanese cartoons then our next entry should fall under your radar.


Luger Code 1951 is a single episode of ONA that aired back in 2016. It is an anime adaptation of a manga.


The manga was written by Haneki Haruto and illustrated by Akatsuki Akira. The story is about a genius professor who can learn any language.


Yup, any language. That’s a broken ability in real life if you ask me. Anyway, our professor happens to be skilled in the art of memorization.


However, just like reality says, it’s not going to work out all the time. Similarly, the professor is assigned the task of deciphering a code language called Luger Code which is a language used by Werewolves.


Now werewolves and humans aren’t exactly the best of friends. So to make sure that they are strong against their enemies, humans want the professor to decode it.


However, he isn’t capable of doing so and this breaks his heart. But he doesn’t give up.


Come on guys, it’s anime. No one gives up here other than the villains. So to become as capable as he was earlier, he decides to go on a journey.


I wouldn’t exactly call it a journey, rather it was a hunt. A hunt for a werewolf that would aid him in his task of deciphering the code.


Where would this hunt lead our professor? This is some trivial info but this story isn’t a work from a set mangaka.


Rather it’s the work of a contestant in the Shounen Jump+ × Animax Anime Scenario Award contest.


Yup, Haneki Haruto wasn’t an established mangaka. This story was the winner of that contest and Akatsuki Akira was one of the judges.


I believe now you would enjoy this episode with a new eye.



19.  Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha


Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha


Nanoha Takamachi, an ordinary third-grade girl who cherishes her time with family and friends, comes across an injured ferret that had appeared in her dreams.


To her surprise, the ferret, named Yuuno Scrya, communicates with her telepathically, pleading for her assistance in gathering the scattered and perilous 21 Jewel Seeds.


Yuuno bestows upon Nanoha the magical wand Raising Heart and becomes her mentor, teaching her the ways of a formidable mage.


As they retrieve some of the Jewel Seeds, they encounter Fate Testarossa, a mage of superior strength who remains tight-lipped about her reasons for pursuing the artefacts.


Although Nanoha senses a hint of melancholy in Fate’s eyes, Fate remains unwilling to open up and share her intentions.


Guided by Akiyuki Shinbo’s direction, Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha delves into the emotional clash that arises when individuals with divergent objectives find themselves entangled in a shared journey.



20. White Fang Monogatari


white fang monogatari


White Fang Monogatari is a 1 hour 10 mins long special episode that aired back in 1982.


It is an anime adaptation of a novel. The episode was directed by Yoshikawa Souji and animated by the studio Sunrise.


One day, on the Alaskan planes, a strange incident happens. It’s the birth of White Fang.


The son of a wolf father and a half-wolf & half-dog mother. One day, during their walk, the mother and the son come across an Alaskan boy named Mit-sah.


Now Mitsah has always wished to have a dog as his pet and luckily for him, he is taken in by the wolf father.


Now Mit-sah and the wolves are spending their lives together but winters are about to arrive.


And if you are reading it from Alaska, you know that winter in that place is harsh.


So our wolves and Mit-sah would have a hard time staying there. As winter starts to rise and the temperature goes down, human temptation and greed start to kick in.


What will be the outcome of this unique group out here? As stated earlier, this is an alternative version of the original White Fang story.


This one is a lot more drama-heavy and wolf-focused than the previous one but still manages to capture the mood.


No wonder you enjoy watching it.



21. Okamikakushi




If horror, mystery, and supernatural anime have piqued your interest then I have a great series to fill up your never-ending watch list.


It’s a series about conflicts and tension that most of your readers would have a fun time watching.


Okamikakushi is a 12-episode TV anime that aired back in 2010. It is an anime adaptation of a light novel.


The series was directed by Takamoto Norihiro and animated by Studio AIC. The story revolves around 16-year-old Hiroshi Kuzumi who just moved to the beautiful town of Jogamachi.


Different from your typical hustling and bustling city, Jogamachi is a calm place filled with flora and fauna all around.


A beautiful place to spend the rest of your life. Moreover, this place had been divided into 2 segments by a river.


Those segments are the old Jogamachi and the new Jogamachi. Now Hiroshi is in school and seems to have attracted a lot of friends lately.


Why is it so? No one knows but everyone seems to be affectionate about her.


Except for the class president Nemuru who has only said one thing to Hiroshi. That being, “Stay away from the old part of the town.” Is it a warning or a joke?


What does this old town have to offer to its residents? Unreal mysteries unfold as Hiroshi continues her life in this surreal place.


As you can see, the narrative doesn’t have a significant mention of wolves. Why is it so?


Is it part of the story? Is it something important to the narrative? I don’t know.


It could be.



22. White Fang


White Fang


Entity Detail
Title Hashire! Shiroi Ookami
Type Movie
Studios None found, add some
Premiered 1990-04-28
Source Unknown
MAL Score 6.221
Duration 1 hr. 24 min.


Ladies and gentlemen, we have yet another piece of work that has lost its way into the massive pile of anime we have got since the beginning of the industry.


These are common occurrences because the industry wasn’t as precise at keeping records back in the day as it is now.


Either way, we have enough info about this wolf series to give it a spot on our list.


White Fang is a 1 hour 25 min long movie that aired back in 1990.


It is an anime that has unknown sources but is said to be created by Ellis Mel.


Moreover, it is important to note that the series belongs to the drama genre. The story is about a boy named Lasset who used to stay in the northern part of the United States.


He decided to trek 300 miles to the north to save a gray wolf.


Now, this gray wolf isn’t any ordinary one, it’s a wolf that Lasset raised himself while he was a puppy.


However, this gray wolf also becomes responsible for the death of the dog itself. Now, this trekking journey would take Lasset on an experience that would change his life for the better.


An experience he couldn’t have had if it wasn’t for this situation. This is a movie that doesn’t seem to be recognized much even by veterans.


However, its credibility stands with the fact that it won the 1990 Mainichi Film Award for its animation.


So yeah, it’s a wolf-centered story you shouldn’t miss out on.



23. Okami Wa Okami Da


Okami Wa Okami Da


Yet another lost anime has made its way to the list, weebs. It is a series that I believe most of you haven’t even heard of.


And that’s understandable because it’s an old work that seems to have been missing from the anime records.


Let’s take a deeper look at them. Okami Wa Okamida is an 11 min long movie that aired back in 1931.


Yup, it’s THAT old. A lot of the info about this anime is unavailable. However, we do know that it’s a fantasy movie with an original idea.


As the title suggests, it is about the story of an Okami or Wolf that seems to be in disagreement with the animals in the forest.


He has to eat to survive but to survive from him, the animals in the forest start to make a plan for themselves.


The monkey comes up with a plan that seems to work in the favor of the villagers and work against the wolf.


However, being the wolf he is, he does everything he can to remind all those around him that he is the real deal.


This is one of the oldest anime ever created and doesn’t seem to have a record left of itself.


If you ever get your hands on it, make sure to check it out. It might surprise you a lot.



24. Wolf Guy


Wolf Guy


Time for some “old is gold” anime, ladies and gentlemen. This is where we are going to discuss the use of wolf settings from a while back.


This setting is mixed with two other unique genres. Those genres are military and sci-fi.


It’s about a guy, more specifically, a wolf guy. Wolf Guy is a 6 episode of OVA series that started airing in 1992.


It is an anime adaptation of a manga. The manga was written by Hirai Kazumasa and illustrated by Sakaguchi Hisashi.


The story is about a man named Akira Inugami who was unfortunate to get in contact with a deadly poison.


Now to improve his life from the poison, he must use the only antidote available.


However, this antidote isn’t as simple as you might expect it to be. This is a liquid that can turn a man into a werewolf which would lead you to a life you couldn’t have imagined.


Moreover, Akira’s life changes as he is spotted by the military who wish to use him for their good.


How will this new change in his life act for his future? Well, to find that out, you should watch the OVA.


If you started reading this with the intent of finding some hardcore wolf anime and stuff then this entry would help you a lot.


It is very much focused on the wolf elements for its fans.



25. Noblesse: Pamyeol-Ui Sijak


Noblesse: Pamyeol-ui Sijak


Entity Detail
Title Noblesse: Pamyeol-ui Sijak
Type OVA
Studios Studio Animal
Premiered 2015-12-04
Source Web manga
MAL Score 7.281
Duration 37 min.


I feel this one is more targeted toward fangirls thanks to the number of boys present in the series. Allow me to present to you, Noblesse. Noblesse is a solo episode of OVA that aired back in 2015.


It is an anime adaptation of a manhwa. The manhwa was written by Son Jae-Ho and illustrated by Lee Gwang-Su.


The story is about a girl named Ashleen who had become a part of the war that took place among humans.


War has always been a part of human history and this is vibrant in Noblesse. Now, Ashleen was rescued by Muzaka, the lord of werewolves, who attempted to give her a great life.


Muzaka had given up on the duties of the wolf lord, so his doing this task was acceptable.


However, what was not acceptable was the number of war humans has been committing these days.


Despising these ideas of constant battle, Muzaka’s kind started to plan a war against humans.


When Muzaka came to know about this, he lost his mind and became completely insane.


Now his only friend has to make sure that Muzaka and his tribe don’t end up doing something unforgivable.


But for his friend, this is going to be a challenge that would give a new direction to his life.


This OVA is the base for the actual Noblesse anime. So if you do end up enjoying this OVA with its wolf-based premise then you will most likely enjoy Noblesse anime as well.



26. Sengoku Night Blood


Sengoku Night Blood


Entity Detail
Title Sengoku Night Blood
Type TV
Studios Typhoon Graphics
Premiered Oct 3, 2017 to Dec 26, 2017
Source Game
MAL Score 6.121
Duration 23 min. per ep.


Fans of history and action need to bring their attention to this entry, I suppose.


It’s the anime that can give you the combat vibes that you want! Sengoku Night Blood is a 12-episode TV anime that aired back in 2017.


It is an anime adaptation of a game. The series was directed by Kikuchi Katsuya and animated by a rather new studio called Typhoon Graphics.


The story is based in Jinga, a peaceful world that loses its peace soon enough.


Our female protagonist is destined to bring the place back on track. How? Well, she is supposed to stop the unreal beings in the military that are causing chaos in the city.


These soldiers who can transform into beings like Vampires and Wolves are called Getsugazoku.


These guys are fighting for their territory and giving up all they have even if it means disrupting their lives or giving up their life.


Now one day, a being named Himemiko calls our female protagonist because her blood has special powers like healing that can be used to bring peace to this world.


Now she must try her level best to learn, adapt, and overcome to bring tranquility back to the doors of this town.


This story also has elements of drama and romance added to it. It’s just on the surface but still adds up to the overall quality.


Not to mention, the intense action between wolves and other creatures would make you stick through all 12 episodes. Make sure you have fun watching this.



27. To The Abandoned Sacred Beasts


To The Abandoned Sacred Beasts


Entity Detail
Title Katsute Kami Datta Kemono-tachi e
Type TV
Studios MAPPA
Premiered Jul 1, 2019 to Sep 16, 2019
Source Manga
MAL Score 6.401
Duration 23 min. per ep.


Military anime is going to be pretty prevalent in this list mainly because of its aggressive nature.


And when you want an anime that has action, and drama is based on a military setting, and has wolves then this is the series for you.


To the abandoned sacred beast is a 12-episode TV anime that aired back in 2019.


It is an anime adaptation of a manga. The manga was written and illustrated by Maybe.


Yeah, that’s the author’s name. Don’t question it. Anyway, for the story of this anime, we have a war setting that realizes the birth of the unusual.


A war took place and to hold their own against the enemy, the troops developed a special breed of human beings called “Incarnates”.


Now incarnates are beast-like creatures who have unreal strength that can’t be matched by normal humans.


Of course, this strength gave them an edge and allowed them to put an end to the war.


Needless to say, this wasn’t the end of the story. The utmost destruction experienced by people participating in the war led them to the path of misery.


Moreover, these Incarnates experienced something painful within themselves and the beast they possess. To end their misery, the current leaders decided to form a group called ‘Beast Hunters’ that would seek those who had unfortunate experiences in the war and put an end to their souls.


One of the beast hunters called Hank Henriette killed the father of Nancy Bancroft. Now as you already know, Hank did it to put an end to Nancy’s father’s misery.


But ignorant Nancy starts her search for the killer of her father. But as she encounters the killer, she comes to know the truth of the situation and starts to direct her hunt toward the reason for her father’s misery as well as the problems faced by Incarnates in general.


Now as you can see, this anime has a lot going for itself and that’s because the narrative is a bit broader than what you would expect.


The incarnates who can become wolves in these anime are super cool and give you the vibe you want.



28. Vampire




Now we are going to take a look at a lost piece. A series that seems to have been gone from history but had a great wolf-related story to offer.


It’s time to talk about Vampire. The vampire is a 26-episode-long series that aired back in 1968.


It is an anime adaptation of a manga. The series was created by Osamu Tezuka and animated by his studio Mushi Production.


The story of vampires revolves around a town of vampires that are moving away from their homes.


This is because the human settlements there have decided to take up their place. But these creatures aren’t the “Vampires” you are expecting them to be.


Oh no! Just for reference, these creatures don’t drink blood and they aren’t immortal. Moreover, they have a special ability to transform into certain animals.


However, this transformation takes place because of any trigger. Our main character, Toppe, transforms into a wolf when scared or exposed to the moon.


While others can transform from anything ranging from smelling onions to seeing telephone poles. This is the story of these unique vampires seeking life for themselves in this shallow world.


The series is most likely unavailable to most of us. However, for the time being, this anime has a great setting that can make it stand high in its place as a wolf anime. If you ever get your hands on it, go for it!



29. Unbreakable Machine-Doll


Unbreakable Machine-Doll


Entity Detail
Title Machine-Doll wa Kizutsukanai
Type TV
Studios Lerche
Premiered Oct 7, 2013 to Dec 23, 2013
Source Light novel
MAL Score 7.111
Duration 23 min. per ep.


Ever thought of becoming a robot controller? Sort of like Robo-King or something? Well if you did then this is the anime for you.


A series that would give you an experience you have only dreamed of. Unbreakable Machine-Doll is a 12-episode TV anime that aired back in 2013.


It is an anime adaptation of a light novel. The light novel was written by Kaitou Reiji and illustrated by LLO.


The series follows a world where a certain type of magic has become prevalent among commoners.


It’s the magic that allows the magician to control a machine. Also known as “Automation”.


This is being done to use machines for war. I mean that’s how it works right?


We try to make everything we get our hands on a weapon! Anyway, the Walpurgis Royal Academy of Machinart is where this magic is being taught.


By the way, this magic is also called Machinart. So our boy Raishin Akabane fails the test to get into this Academy and now struggles to look forward.


However, he had the opportunity to claim himself back by fighting one of the top 100 students in a dual.


His opponent and he will have combat that would be a staple of supremacy from the winner’s end.


So now Raishin is about to begin his fight but wait! His opponent is getting attacked by others?


Now using his automation Yaya, Raishin saves both of them and cancels the dual. But he must preserve and keep on moving if he wants the title.


The title of “Wiseman” is given to the winner of the dual. Will Raishin prevail even after his horrible past?


The story is a blend of mecha and magic. Moreover, there’s a wolf character within the series that brings more life to the overall story. An anime you shouldn’t miss out on.



30. From The New World


From The New World


Taking place in the town of Kamisu 66, Shinsekai yori follows a circle of friends attending a specialized school for individuals with psychic abilities.


Saki, who has recently manifested her own powers, reunites with her companions only to uncover hidden secrets and enigmatic truths within their community.


Their inquiries lead them to ponder the destiny of those without psychic awakening and expose them to rumors about the malevolent Tainted Cats, notorious for kidnapping children.


As they embark on a journey of self-discovery and societal integration, the group confronts unsettling revelations and confronts the impending turmoil emerging from a changed world.


This anime presents a distinctive coming-of-age narrative as Saki and her friends navigate their roles in what appears to be an ideal society, grappling with the unforgiving realities that lie beneath its surface. 



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