Top 40 Most Strongest One Piece Characters

top 40 most strongest one piece characters


One Piece is known for having some of the most brilliant cast in all of anime. With a wide variety of characters having their pros and cons, this show has managed to make the audience feel every type of personality in one way or another.


And this is why people love the cast of One Piece to the point that they can’t help but compare them.


One common attribute for comparison is strength. And that’s what we will be focusing on today. Who are the strongest characters in One Piece?


How about we find out here on our list?


Let’s hop into it!




1. Gol D. Roger


gol d. roger


Entity Detail
Character Gol D. Roger
Birthday December 31
Age 53 years
Height 274 cm
Blood Type S
Hair Colour Black


The man who started it all. Gol D. Roger is the Pirate who created One Piece and is known in history as the one who provoked the Pirate rebellion with his treasures in place.


He is known to be the Pirate King and they say that his brilliance as a warrior is unmatched.


He was able to take care of Kozuki Oden in a single strike. That’s right, ladies and gentlemen. Kozuki Oden was done in by a single strike from Gol D. Roger.


We are yet to see him go intense with his efforts or look back at more of his achievements.


However, that doesn’t change the fact that he is the best main character in this world.




2. Edward Newgate


edward newgate


Entity Detail
Character Newgate Edward
Birthday April 6
Age 72 years
Height 666 cm
Blood Type F
Hair Colour Brown
Eye Colour Black


There aren’t many who have been blessed with the power of the legendary Tremor Tremor Fruit. And that’s why Edward is one of the most menacing characters in the entire show. He is a monster, not just in his appearance but also in terms of his physical prowess and capabilities.


He is a force that can’t be compared to anyone and his skillset can only be outperformed through unethical practices. There’s no denying that his strength is something that can’t be matched so easily and that’s why he is placed here on our list.


His devil fruit has the capability to shake anyone and everyone from their position, quite literally.




3. Shanks




Entity Detail
Character Shanks
Birthday March 9
Age 37 years (debut), 39 years (after timeskip)
Height 199 cm
Blood Type XF
Hair Colour Red
Eye Colour Black


The legendary Red-Haired Pirate known for his history and charisma, we have Shanks. Shanks is one of the first characters to have shown up in the series. He was part of the initial chapters.


However, we haven’t been able to witness his excellence all that well since he hasn’t really gone all out in a battle anyway. And that’s one of the biggest concerns for One Piece fans since they are dying to see him in action.


However, let’s just say that the day he decides to go all out, everyone will be done for. Just on the basis of the stories that we have heard in the series, he is a force to be reckoned with. And that’s why he is placed here.




4. Kaido




Entity Detail
Character Kaidou
Birthday May 1
Age 59 years
Height 710 cm
Blood Type F
Hair Colour Black


Just by looking at him, you can realize how dangerous he is. Kaido is one of the lead characters in One Piece and his resilience is unreal.


He is known to cause havoc just by using air. That’s right, just with the help of air, Kaido can cause temblors in the world.


That’s how unreal he is. Plus, his powers reach a completely new level once he activates his Dragon Form.


If anyone went against that form, they are essentially done for. In this form, he can shatter castles and destroy people for good without breaking a sweat.


That’s what makes him such a prominent character in the series. And don’t get me started on his speed. Let’s just say, speed is his best friend. 



5. Big Mom


Big Mom


Entity Detail
Character Big Mom
Birthday February 15
Age 68 years
Height 880 cm
Blood Type X
Hair Colour Pink(Dark)
Eye Colour Orange


Known for her unreal bodily strength, Big Mom is at the 5th spot on our list. She is a monster with insane skills and power levels that seem to be unmatched in the series.


She is huge in terms of her size as a character, and her physical aggression, whether it is in the form of punches or anything else, can cause some serious harm to her surroundings.


That’s how notoriously strong she can be. Moreover, in the anime, she is extremely nimble as well, making her stand out so much more scary as a character.


All in all, Big Mom is a character that anyone and everyone should be wary of.



6. Akainu




Entity Detail
Character Akainu (Sakazuki)
Birthday August 16
Age 53 years (debut), 55 years (after timeskip)
Height 306 cm
Blood Type F
Hair Colour Black
Eye Colour Black


Being the present Fleet Admiral of the Marines, Akainu has a lot going on for him. He is known to be one of the most scary ones in the Marines and his devil fruit only makes him even more lethal.


His Devil fruit is called Magma-Magma fruit is a logia fruit. This allows him to have his body altered into magma whenever he wishes to.


But that’s not it. Akainu can also exploit and create magma whenever he wants to. And using that power, he can get a hold of his opponents quite well.


He is against the pirates so things won’t exactly work in our main cast’s favour. However, he is still a force to be reckoned with in the series. Make sure you remember his name.



7. Mihawk




Entity Detail
Character Dracule Mihawk
Birthday March 9
Age 41 years (debut), 43 years (after timeskip)
Height 198 cm
Blood Type S
Hair Colour Black
Eye Colour Yellow


You know you are going to be on this list when your anime calls you one of the strongest Swordsmen in the entire universe.


Yup, that’s what Mihawk is. He is one of the memorable characters from the show whose fighting skills are absolutely exquisite.


And more specifically, his ability to handle swords is insane. He is known to be one of the best swordsmen in the realm of One Piece.


And that is beyond amazing. Moreover, he is known for having strong eyes and amazing serenity which makes him a lot more attractive and eye-catching as a character.


However, the best part about his character is his ability to have his way with blades and stuff. One of a kind.



8. Dragon




Entity Detail
Character Monkey D. Dragon
Birthday October 5
Age 53 years (debut), 55 years (after timeskip)
Height 256 cm
Blood Type F
Hair Colour Black
Eye Colour Black


Although we are yet to see his true strength, Dragon is said to be one of the most incredibly influential characters in the entire One Piece.


He is known for his use of wind. And we haven’t got any word on how he uses his wind.


However, what we do know is that Dragon is strong as hell. He is said to be on par with Yonko which explains why he can take over the Government if he wishes to.


And with his ability to have his way around with the wind, Dragon can kill anyone and everyone if he wants to.


He is one of the most brilliant characters in the series who deserves a lot more credit and character exposure in the narrative of One Piece. Let’s see what the future has in store for us.



9. Blackbeard




Entity Detail
Character Marshall D. Teach (Blackbeard)
Birthday August 3
Age 38 years (debut), 40 years (after timeskip)
Height 344 cm
Blood Type F
Hair Colour Black
Eye Colour Black


Well, this guy is evil. However, he is also unrealistically strong. Blackbeard, also known as Marshall D Teach, is quite famous within the community of One Piece as he is known to be one of the most terrifying beings to ever exist in the show.


He was able to get his hands on Gura Gura no Mi, a fruit that allows him to create massive earthquakes.


If you remember correctly, Edward Newgate had this power. And so, he has been indicted of stealing that power from him.


Regardless, Blackbeard has always been a menace to the people. And they always tried to hint at his prospect to come back with various signals. However, now he is a monster on his own.



10. Kuzan




Entity Detail
Character Kuzan
Birthday September 21
Age 47 years (debut), 49 years (after timeskip)
Height 298 cm
Blood Type F
Hair Colour Black
Eye Colour Black


Focusing his powers around the ice, this is Kuzan. He is one of the most eminent characters in the entire series and is known for his superiority as a pirate.


He got his hands on Hie Hie no Mi and that fruit allowed him to get a strong grasp on the ice.


This way, Kuzan became a being whose stability is on a level of its own. He is known to have created some of the most groundbreaking moments in the show.


And with that moment in place, Kuzan has got himself across the series as the most powerful Ice user. That’s why he is ranked so high on our list.



11. Kizaru




Entity Detail
Character Borsalino (Kizaru)
Birthday November 23
Age 56 years (debut), 58 years (after timeskip)
Height 302 cm
Blood Type XF
Hair Colour Black
Eye Colour Grey


With the power of light in his arms, we have Kizaru. He is one of the notable beings from the show who is known for his amazing dexterity and strength as a character.


His Devil fruit Pika Pika No Mi, allows him to transform himself into the light. Using that form, he can travel distances very quickly.


And he can also use the light of his own will. Using his intelligence at times, Kizaru can blind his opponents and dodge them whenever he wishes to.


With such a handy skill, Kizaru manages to have a name for himself in the realm of One Piece. And that’s why he is ranked so high on this list.



12. Fujitora




Entity Detail
Character Isshou (Fujitora)
Birthday August 10
Age 54 years
Height 270 cm
Blood Type S
Hair Colour Black


Don’t you dare stand against him? You will be bound to taste the soil. Why? Because Fujitora goes beyond science and takes down gravity.


He can have control over gravity, thanks to Gravity-Gravity fruit. This allows him to exploit the G forces in any situation.


And that power is significantly handy since gravity is bound to be present everywhere. Moreover, using this surreal power, Fujitora can go up against heavy hitters as he can smash rocks and meteors in them without much concern.


With all these strengths and abilities in place, Fujitora becomes a man to be remembered for ages to come.


And that’s why he is ranked here on our list. A man of value who needs more gratitude and praise from the fandom.



13. Green Bull




Entity Detail
Character Queen
Birthday July 13
Age 56 years
Height 612 cm
Blood Type XF


You know he is dangerous when he can control time. Although we haven’t seen him in his prime action yet, we can’t deny that Green Bull will be a Monster if he goes 100%.


Green Bull is known to be a true monster in the series, primarily for his unmatched physical strength.


Moreover, there’s also a claim that Green Bull can use Haki, making him even more menacing and captivating. Being right below the Fleet Admiral, Green Bull can have a lot of control over the functioning of the Marines.


And as someone whose skills are second to none, he can have a name for himself in this world of One Piece.



14. Beckmann




Entity Detail
Character Beckmann
Birthday November 9
Age 38 years (debut), 50 years (after timeskip)
Height 206 cm
Blood Type X
Hair Colour Grey
Eye Colour Black


He is part of the Red Hair Pirates. And as a fellow member of Shanks, his skills are bound to be unreal.


Beckmann is known within the series as a smart character whose strategies always lead Shanks and his team toward victory.


Moreover, it is said that his capability to battle his opponents under feared conditions makes him a refined warrior.


He is also the first mate of the Red Hair Pirates which means that he has been a part of the team from when it first began.


And so, his experience also accumulates to make him an exceptional being in the realm of One Piece. There’s a reason why an elite warrior like Shanks decided to have him on his team.



15. Sabo




Entity Detail
Character Sabo
Birthday March 20
Age 10 years (flashback debut)22 years (after timeskip)
Height 100 cm (flashback debut)187 cm (after timeskip)
Blood Type X
Hair Colour Blonde
Eye Colour Black


Having the power of flame under his belt, Sabo is one of the lead characters in the show. He is known for being a flame power user in the show.


However, he attained this power with the help of a fruit called Flame-Flame fruit. And along with this, he also has the Dragon Claw Fist technique up his sleeves, making him a sleek and strong warrior.


Moreover, he is known for being a versatile fighter thanks to his wide variety of attacks that he can use to take down anyone and everyone in the show.


He has shown his combat prowess quite a lot of times for us to realize how lethal he can be as a character.


And that’s why he is ranked here on this list.



16. Garp




Entity Detail
Character Monkey D. Garp
Birthday May 2
Age 76 years (debut), 78 years (after timeskip)
Height 287 cm
Blood Type F
Hair Colour Grey
Eye Colour Black


Garp is a monster. An absolute Monster. Why? Because he was able to have his way around anyone without the strengths of Devil fruit.


Yup! This brute force of nature can go up against anyone just with his raw power. And that explains why his excellence as a warrior is so recognized.


It was said that he was able to take down entire mountains with the help of his bare fist.


Think about it for a second. He can crush a freaking mountain with just bare hands. Well, there’s no denying that Garp is a man whose skills are too good to be true.


And that’s why he is so important for the storyline as well as for the audience to enjoy as they work their way with this beast.



17. Sengoku




Entity Detail
Character Sengoku
Birthday May 9
Age 77 years (debut), 79 years (after timeskip)
Height 278 cm
Blood Type F
Hair Colour Black
Eye Colour Black


One of the legendary warriors from One Piece is Sengoku. He is widely recognized for being a freak of nature, all thanks to his devil fruit Hito Hito no Mi.


This fruit is not a normal devil fruit. It is a mythical zoan-type fruit that allows Sengoku to transform himself into a giant Buddha.


This form is known as Sengoku the Buddha and can take down a ton of people, just with his devil fruit abilities.


In a battle, Sengoku has proved himself to be vital for the victory of his team and its members.


This is why Sengoku is ranked here on this list. It is important to know that this man can become even more dangerous if the situation calls for it.



18. Rayleigh




Entity Detail
Character Silvers Rayleigh
Birthday May 13
Age 76 years (debut), 78 years (after timeskip)
Height 188 cm
Blood Type XF
Hair Colour White
Eye Colour Black


You may dismiss him as an old man. However, that doesn’t change the fact that he is a freak of nature.


Rayleigh is one of the notable characters in the show who is recognized within the narrative as an immensely strong physical attacker.


And his ability to take down multiple sea kings goes on to show how incredible he is as a warrior.


And my man managed to do all of this just with his bare hands. Yup, only his bare hands were strong enough to take down multiple enemies.


Well, that’s quite impressive, isn’t it? Wanna know something more impressive? He was able to throw bullets with extreme strength and accuracy and cannonballs were nothing against him. Now that’s something!



19. Luffy




Entity Detail
Character Monkey D. Luffy
Birthday May 5
Age 7 years (debut), 19 years (after timeskip)
Height 91 cm (debut), 174 cm (after timeskip)
Blood Type F
Hair Colour Black
Eye Colour Black


Well, it’s time to talk about our boy Luffy. The man who will become the next Pirate King. He is a beast whose strength is unreal in every aspect whatsoever.


With Gomu Goku fruit in his tummy, my man acquired the power of rubber and thus, can’t be overlooked as an opponent.


Physical attacks don’t work on him. And with the help of his conqueror Haki in place, Luffy slowly and steadily managed to become so strong that his dream of becoming the Pirate King might very well be on the horizon.


He may not be the strongest yet. However, he is definitely on the path to being one as soon as we might expect. This is what makes him so capable.



20. Marco




Entity Detail
Character Marco
Birthday October 5
Age 43 years (debut), 45 years (after timeskip)
Height 203 cm
Blood Type X
Hair Colour Blonde
Eye Colour Black


Known for his physical strength and agility, Marco is a man of value and strength. He was recognized as one of the most impressive warriors of his time.


And that’s just the beginning. His devil fruit called Tori Tori no Mi, allows him to turn his own body into that of a phoenix.


And using this ability, he can go up against anyone as he soars high. His fighting skills are said to be focused on kick style.


And it is quite simple to realize how detrimental kicking is for Marco and his fights. Moreover, this man has given challenges to a lot of individuals in the series.


And that’s what defines his strength and powers in One Piece.



21. Charlotte Katakuri




Entity Detail
Character Charlotte Katakuri (Kat)
Birthday November 25
Age 48 years
Height 509 cm
Blood Type XF
Hair Colour Purple
Eye Colour Pink


Kat, also known as Charlotte Katakuri, is one of the Sweet Commanders in the series. He is known for his excellence in spearmanship and his battle prowess makes him the strongest of the three sweet commanders in the show.


First up, he has insane strength and agility that can’t be matched by almost anyone. Moreover, his incredible spearman-ship makes him a warrior of his kind.


As someone who looks badass, Kat stands for his name and manages to deal a ton of damage to his opponents as quickly as he can.


And with all these attributes coming into action, Kat has made a remarkable name for himself. It won’t be easy to survive if you are against him.



22. Eustass Kid




Entity Detail
Character Eustass Kid
Birthday January 10
Age 21 years (debut), 23 years (after timeskip)
Height 205 cm
Blood Type F
Hair Colour Red
Eye Colour Red


Eustass Kid is the Captain of The Kid Pirates and can command the entire crew if he wants to.


This allows him to have a wide pool of individuals willing to give up their life just on the tip of his tongue.


However, what makes him even more impressive are his physical abilities. His strength and resilience are said to be unrealistically high.


And with his ultimate fighting skills in hand-to-hand combat, Kid manages to make himself a memorable warrior against all his opponents.


That’s why he is appreciated so much in the community. As a character, Kid has a lot more to offer to the viewers than what meets the eye.


And this is why he is ranked here on our list. His devil fruit makes him capable of manipulating magnetic forces.



23. King




Entity Detail
Character King
Birthday December 1
Age 47 years
Height 613 cm
Blood Type S


This man looks like a danger in humanoid form. With his black appearance and scary design, we have King.


He is known to have eaten a special type of devil fruit called the Ryu Ryu no Mi devil fruit.


This allows him to become a pteranodon on will. And this creature is lethal on so many levels. Moreover, with his giant wings, King can fly at incredibly high speeds making his agility and evasiveness his biggest strength.


There’s a reason why people look at him with fear in their eyes. And it is also said that he is quite impressive with fire in his full pteranodon form. All in all, King is a noteworthy warrior whose excellence is unmatched.



24. Shiryu




Entity Detail
Character Shiryu
Birthday June 11
Age 42 years (debut), 44 years (after timeskip)
Height 340 cm
Blood Type X
Eye Colour Black


This man is known to be a psychopath in his story. And that just makes him even more dangerous as a character.


Shiryu is the former Jailer of Impel Down and was known for his incredible command over everyone else in Jail.


Although he was dethroned from his position because of his improper acts, he still managed to take down a ton of opponents all on his own.


And that’s why he was so impressive in the storyline. Moreover, as the show progresses, we see him go insane with his speed and strength, making him a strong foe for anyone and everyone in the series. Shiryu needs more recognition from the fandom.



25. Lucky Roux


Lucky Roo


Entity Detail
Character Lucky Roux
Birthday July 6
Age 23 years (debut), 35 years (after timeskip)
Height 241 cm
Blood Type F


Although he is quite humble and fun-loving on the outside, that doesn’t change the fact that Lucky Roux is quite a monster in himself.


Firstly, he is quite strong since he can teleport, which essentially means that he has speed covered for himself.


Next up, he can pause time with his pause devil fruit, making him even more dangerous as an opponent.


With all these factors in place, Roux happens to become quite impressive for the fandom. It’s great that he is simple and light-hearted.


Otherwise, he could have been a formidable opponent for anyone in this world. Moreover, he is a part of the Shanks team!


And because of that, he has his values and rules in place, making him a lot more likeable from a viewer’s perspective.



26. Zoro




The green-haired swordsman needs no introduction. He is one of the members of the Straw Hat Pirates and is known for his prowess with his blades.


He can hit hard, really hard, as he tries to get himself across his finite goal. It is important to note that Zoro is a beast when it comes to physical strength.


He is shown to be lifting extreme weights while practising which made him stronger and stronger. Moreover, he is also quite fast with his blade movements, and with all his abilities in place, he is on his way to becoming the best swordsman in the entire world.  That’s why Zoro is standing here on our list.



27. Trafalgar Water D. Law


Trafalgar Water D. Law


Entity Detail
Character Trafalgar Law
Birthday October 6
Age 24 years (debut), 26 years (after timeskip)
Height 191 cm
Blood Type F
Hair Colour Black
Eye Colour Petrol


Dealing with his opponents in energy, we have Trafalgar law. He is known to be one of the most popular characters in the entire series.


And his appearance goes on to show why that’s the case. But apart from his incredible self-presentation and personality, Law is also quite popular for his strength as a character.


He can manipulate energy to create anything. He can create an orb of energy that can harm the opponents.


He can create a sword that will bring down opponents all made from pure form high voltage energy. And with these extreme aspects in place, Law happens to have a lot going on for himself and his character in the narrative of One Piece.



28. Queen




Entity Detail
Character Queen
Birthday July 13
Age 56 years
Height 612 cm
Blood Type XF


His physical strength is no joke. And his physical appearance is portraying that. Queen is said to be one of the most notable characters in the series whose backstory as well as character composition has caught the eyes of a lot of fans in the community.


If we talk about his strength, he is known to have the ability to detach his neck and torso on will, allowing him to become like a snake and get a grasp on anyone in his path.


Not only that, it is said that Queen’s physical appearance is an understatement of what he is capable of in reality.


In a battle, containing the Queen is nothing less than a nightmare. And that’s why he is ranked here on our list.



29. Vinsmoke Sanji


Vinsmoke Sanji


Entity Detail
Character Sanji
Birthday March 2
Age 19 years (debut), 21 years (after timeskip)
Height 177 cm (debut), 180 cm (after timeskip)
Blood Type S
Hair Colour Blonde
Eye Colour Black


He uses martial arts to hold his own against his opponents. However, don’t even think about dismissing him just because he is using a technique so human.


No! He is a man with unreal skill and strength that can’t be matched by anyone in the same arena.


Sanji was raised by Zeff and so, he faced an unrealistically tough training regiment since childhood that allowed him to become a monster on his own.


His agility, speed, and strength, all reached superhuman levels. And because of that, Vinsmoke Sanji had no choice but to pave his way through all of this by having himself work like hell. Just like every time, it worked.



30. Boa Hancock


Boa Hancock


Entity Detail
Character Boa Hancock
Birthday September 2
Age 29 years (debut), 31 years (after timeskip)
Height 191 cm
Blood Type S
Hair Colour Black
Eye Colour Blue


She may be a female, but that doesn’t stop her from being lethal. She is strong and beautiful and is also known as The Pirate Empress. Boa Hancock is one of the notable female characters in the show whose strength lies in her devil fruit. 


This devil fruit is no joke since it allows the user to transform his/her opponents into rocks. Mero Mero no Mi ensures that the opponent is petrified when hit with the attack.


This attack comes out in the shape of hearts and manages to grasp multiple opponents at once. The important thing to note here is that Boa is incredible with her approach as a character whose strength lies in her ability to solidify her opponents.


And that’s why she is so impressive as a lead female. 



31. Doflamingo




Entity Detail
Character Donquixote Doflamingo
Birthday October 23
Age 39 years (debut), 41 years (after timeskip)
Height 305 cm
Blood Type X
Hair Colour Yellow.Blonde


Mr Doflamingo ain’t no little kid to be left out from this list. With his insane levels of threats to the realm of One Piece, he is bound to be a part of this train.


He is known as Joker in the underworld and his biggest accomplishment is the fact that he produces artificial devil fruits he calls SMILEs.


He uses the power of the String-String fruit which allows him to have his strings. Using these strings, he can fight any opponent and bind them to fibrosis fibres.


He can also manipulate humans like a puppet and play around like Spiderman if he wants to. That’s how menacing he can be on the battlefield.



32. Rob Lucci


Rob Lucci


Entity Detail
Character Rob Lucci
Birthday June 2
Age 28 years (debut), 30 years (after timeskip)
Height 212 cm
Blood Type XF
Hair Colour Black
Eye Colour Black


He isn’t a simple being in the show. After all, we don’t usually see characters who can transform into freaking animals on will.


And that’s what makes Lucci stand out so much. He ate the devil fruit known as the Cat-Cat fruit which allows him to transform himself into a leopard.


There’s no need to tell you about how incredible leopards are, on the battlefield. Moreover, with his incredible switching abilities, he can manoeuvre his way through the opponents and has incredible speed and agility under his belt.


And I can go on and on about how incredible Lucci is but I hope you get the picture. 



33. Charlotte Smoothie


Charlotte Smoothie


Entity Detail
Character Charlotte Smoothie
Birthday October 12
Age 35 years
Height 464 cm
Blood Type F


Being one of the three commanders of Big Mom pirates, Smoothie is known to be havoc on her opponents.


She is said to be second in command in the crew and this allows her to have a ton of extremely strong warriors at her fingertips.


Moreover, the way she is known to have a bounty of 932,000,000 tells us how dangerous she can be.


It is also said that her tactical skills are on a level of their own. And if you blend her immense physical strength into that, yes, she is a beast on the run.


Moreover, it would be interesting to see if we can get more from the series concerning Smoothie.



34. Kong




Entity Detail
Character Kong
Birthday January 3
Age 61 years
Height 914.4 cm


His power doesn’t exactly come from his hands but from his authority. He is said to be second to a total of 5 people.


Yup, only 5! And that’s why he is so impressive in the anime. We are yet to see him rely on his physical strength.


However, there’s no denying that if the situation calls for it, Kong can be a lethal opponent without breaking a sweat.


People would love to see more of his character. And as the story progresses, we are bound to see him appear again and have his own business placed forward in front of the other cast. Let’s see how it goes.


He is a great character and deserves to be a regular in the series. 



35. Smoker




Entity Detail
Character Smoker
Birthday March 14
Age 34 years (debut), 36 years (after timeskip)
Height 209 cm
Blood Type XF
Hair Colour Mint Green
Eye Colour Black


You know he is dangerous when he is just one step behind catching Luffy. The smoker is one of the notable members of the Marines whose skills are beyond incredible for his rank.


He is known for being extremely powerful and for his strong capabilities. Moreover, with the help of his logia devil fruit, he becomes a force to be reckoned with scanability to control the Smoke of his will which is quite important for evasive and stealth attacks.


Because of this, Smoker can stand as a supreme warrior in the show whose skills are just too good to be true.


There’s a reason why he is ranked here on this list after all. A man of value.



36. Koby




Entity Detail
Character Koby
Birthday May 13
Age 16 years (debut), 18 years (after timeskip)
Height 167 cm
Blood Type F


He first appeared during the initial episodes of the series and managed to achieve what he wanted to after all the hardships he faced.


Koby is one of the notable members of the Marines whose skills are quite impressive from how he started in the first place.


Initially, he was under Alvida’s command but later on, he separated thanks to Luffy’s interference. He went ahead and chose his career as a marine and with extreme training by Garp, he managed to become a force to be reckoned with.


His physical strength and speed were particularly amazing thanks to the tough times he went through. This is why Koby is here on this list.



37. Rocks D Xebec


Rocks D Xebec


Although he is more of a myth than a person, Rocks D Xebec is still a noteworthy name for fans all around the globe.


He was known for having a strong reputation during his era as people claimed that he led a group of impressive Pirates.


Moreover, it was said that he was unrealistically strong and had a charming personality. There were also rumours that he was so strong that people looked upon him as the strongest person alive at that moment.


And this is why Rocks D Xebec is worthy of being on this list. Let’s see if we will get a glimpse of him someday.



38. Crocodile




Entity Detail
Character Crocodile
Birthday September 5
Age 44 years (debut), 46 years (after timeskip)
Height 253 cm
Blood Type S


With his name being quite obvious, Crocodile is a man of value of strength for the show. He is one of the notable characters in the series and his Devil fruit is quite interesting as well.


He is known for having the ability to turn into sand whenever he wants to. And this makes Crocodile avoid as many injuries as possible.


There’s a reason why people were impressed by his first appearance. Plus, if you add his strength, durability, and speed into play, you will realize how much of a monster this guy was.


Therefore, it would be in the opponent’s best interest to not mess with him if he stands against it.



39. Urouge




Entity Detail
Character Urouge
Birthday August 1
Age 45 years (debut), 47 years (after timeskip)
Height 388 cm
Blood Type S
Hair Colour Black
Eye Colour Brown


His physique is big enough to give you a rough idea of how menacing he is as a character.


Urouge is known to have consumed a special type of Devil Fruit which allows him to become the Hulk.


In other words, the more damage you inflict on him, the more powerful he becomes. And this is because of his paramecia fruit that just makes his character stand out so much more.


He was a part of the fallen Monk pirates where he gained a ton of experience. And as a Captain, he was able to make a strong name for himself while he was up against his opponents. This is why Urouge deserves to be on our list.



40. Killer




Entity Detail
Character Killer
Birthday February 2
Age 25 years (debut), 27 years (after timeskip)
Height 195 cm
Blood Type X


Being the right-hand man of Eustass Kid, Killer has managed to gain a lot of strength and experience in his tenure as a pirate.


However, this also means that he has refined himself to be a warrior of his kind. He is known within the community for his battle against Zoro.


And as for someone who is against Zoro, he managed to put up a decent fight with his abilities.


This goes to show that Killer may not be all menacing at first. However, he can become fairly reliable if the situation calls for it. And that’s what makes him worthy of this list.



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