Boruto Arcs In Chronological Order

Chronological Order of Boruto Arcs


Boruto is one of the most anticipated anime of its generation as it is a successor to the legendary Naruto series. And so, fans have a lot of expectations from the story as they wait for each new chapter to surface every week.


Therefore, if you are a fan of the show, there’s a good chance that you might be looking forward to the upcoming arcs of the franchise. However, before moving forward, it is also essential for us to take a step back and look at what we have got so far.


This is the list of all the arcs in the Boruto Manga series.




Boruto Arcs In Chronological Order


These arcs are arranged in a chronological format to make it easy for the audience to read the story and enjoy its narrative without confusion. There’s a reason why people look up to this manga so much.


Here’s a quick glance at all the arcs in the series in their chronological order.


Name Of The Arc

Release Date

Versus Momoshiki (Chapters 1-10)

May 23, 2016

Mujina Bandits Arc (Chapters 11-15)

April 12, 2017

Ao Arc (Chapters 16-23)

September 20, 2017

Kawaki Arc (Chapters 24-55)

June 13, 2018

Code arc (Chapters 56 onwards)

March 18, 2021




Important Arcs of the Boruto


If you are someone who wants to read the entire story and enjoy it in the most fulfilling way possible then this segment is for you. Here are all the important arcs in Boruto that you must cover if you want to have the maximum amount of fun from the franchise.


All of these arcs are extremely fun and exciting.


1. Versus Momoshiki

This arc is all about the invasion that takes place in the series. The Otsutsuki invasion is what makes the manga so captivating. And the idea here is that this clan is going to make the most out of their arrival as they start attacking the place and destroying anything and everything in sight.


However, that is just the beginning of the core story as we watch Naruto and his gang fight against a formidable opponent named Momoshiki from the Otsutsuki clan. This fighter will shape the way people are going to perceive the story from this manga and the arcs that will follow along.


2. Mujina Bandits Arc

This is the arc where the Mujina Bandits group is a subject of concern and that’s why the arc is so capturing to the audience. The Mujina Bandits group is a group filled with various shinobis from different villages.


And they are being led by a guy named Shojoji. This man will be the one responsible for all the notable actions in this arc. And in terms of size, this is the shortest arc in the series as it only spans 5 chapters.


The runtime of this arc was from chapter 10 to chapter 15. And so, if you are someone who wants to have a quick Boruto fun arc then this should be your choice.


3. Ao Arc

This arc is all about Kara and its meeting with Jigen. The story gets more and more complicated with the introduction of new characters. Moreover, this manga will include new layers to the story and things that follow along.


There’s a reason why people look up to Boruto so much. It will have a ton of fighting and some very hype moments that will shape the way fans look at the series altogether.


Make sure that you are ready for that kind of action. Ao Arc starts from chapter 16 and runs all the way to chapter 23 of the core narrative.


4. Kawaki Arc

Spanning from chapter 24 to chapter 55, we have the Kawaki arc. Needless to say, this arc is all about Kawaki and his introduction to the main story. As most of you know, Boruto vs Kawaki is the first fight that was shown in the series.


And it was supposed to be a teaser for what is about to happen in the show. And this hook happens to have two elements to it, those being Kawaki and Boruto.


This is why the entire arc will set the scene for Kawaki and his story to be unveiled to the audience. If you are someone looking for some amazing action then give this one a try.


5. Code arc

This arc focuses on a character named Code who happens to be in search of some unreal powers. He wants all the limiters to be set free so as to make sure that nothing goes against him.


Moreover, we will soon witness a clash between him and Kawaki, followed by Kawaki and Boruto. Naruto will also step into the battle but for the most part, this battle will be carried by Boruto and Kawaki as they make up for an exciting and engaging battle.


This battle will be a rough one. And let’s just say that it will change the way we look at the franchise altogether.


6. Omnipotence Arc

This arc talks about the Boruto manga reaching its end. Or at least the end of the first half of the manga.


This arc stretches from chapter 68 to 80 and that’s why it is so special from a narrative standpoint. The story moves in a way that brings light to Ada as she enters into Konohagakure.


And most importantly, it brings our notice to the Omnipotence Shinjutsu starting to take its affect.


Let’s just say that people are going to have a hard time trying to fit in, and that’s one of the many reasons why this arc is appreciated so much by fans all around the globe. The sheer excellence and importance on the basis of narrative is what makes it so captivating in the first place. Make sure that you go through it. 






1. What are the arcs in Boruto?

There are a grand total of 5 arcs in the Boruto manga series so far. They are Versus Momoshiki, Mujina Bandits Arc, Ao Arc, Kawaki Arc, and Code arc. These arcs encompass the story being told from chapters 1 to 72.


2. Is Naruto under Tsukuyomi?

There is a theory that suggests that all the events of Boruto are nothing but part of Tsukuyomi that affected Naruto. While there is no definite proof for this, if this theory is actually true then there’s a lot more to be expected from the creators as they keep on pushing a completely new premise to us.


3. What is the best arc in Boruto?

The Kawaki arc is often regarded as the best arc by the audience. The introduction and development of Kawaki in the most action-heavy way are what make the arc so entertaining for the audience.


4. What is the current Boruto arc called?

The current Boruto arc is called Code Arc which focuses on Code, a character seeking unlimited power. This arc will feature some high-octane action with a lot of drama and emotional moments.


If you haven’t read this arc yet, start as soon as possible.


5. How old is Naruto in Boruto?

It is assumed that Naruto’s age in Boruto is roughly around 32 years. And that’s quite befitting considering Naruto’s position in the series and the acclaim he has received in the narrative.


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