Black Clover Arcs In Chronological Order

Black Clover Arcs


Black Clover is a widely recognized anime that happens to have a lot of great episodes under its belt. Fans look at the series as a part of the next Big Three.


And that’s quite a strong acclaim if you ask me. Moreover, as a shounen anime filled with action and drama, the series has managed to leave a lasting impression on the audience that makes it worthy of all our time and effort.


However, let’s just say that a few fans of this franchise need some more direction in this regard of the story. They want to learn more about the arcs of the story and how they unfold in the long run.


Therefore, if you are someone who wishes to read and appreciate the beauty of this anime while also understanding what elements you need to look forward to and what you should overlook then this article is for you.


In this article, we will be taking a deeper look into the realm of Black Clover and understand how this series has managed to reach such a high level of excellence and appreciation, especially in terms of its arcs and execution. 




Black Clover Arcs Chronological Order


The arcs in the anime are arranged in Chronological order in this list. Therefore, you can rest assured that you will have the best possible experience with these arcs if you watch them in the sequence that we have given below.


Make sure that you have a fun time watching it.


Name Of The Arc

Release Date

Magic Knights Entrance Arc

February 16, 2015

Dungeon Exploration Arc

April 27, 2015

Royal Capital Assault Arc

July 20, 2015

Eye of the Midnight Sun Encounter Arc

November 16, 2015

Seabed Temple Arc

April 18, 2016

Witches’ Forest Arc

August 29, 2016

Royal Knights Arc

March 20, 2017

Elf Reincarnation Arc

March 26, 2018

Heart Kingdom Joint Struggle Arc

November 18, 2019

Spade Kingdom Raid Arc

August 24, 2020

Arc 11

August 1, 2022




Important Arcs of Black Clover


All the arcs in Black Clover are quite important from a narrative standpoint as they encompass a huge storyline that needs to be fleshed out well for the audience. And this is exactly why fans need to make sure that they watch all these important arcs in the series.


Here’s a list of the same.


1. Magic Knights Entrance Arc

This is where it all begins. This is the arc that sets up the entire series for the audience as we watch our beloved characters take the Magic Knights’ entrance.


This will allow the audience to get an idea about all the new characters that will be introduced in the later arcs. Moreover, this arc is where Yuno and Asta will separate their paths and walk two completely different journeys with the same objective of becoming the Wizard King.


We will also enjoy Asta and his adventures in his newest squad, Black Bulls. This is going to be fun and you can’t beat that.


2. Dungeon Exploration Arc

The Clover Kingdom and the Diamond Kingdom happen to share a border between them. And so, these guys decide to take a look at their border with the intent of exploring a newly emerging dungeon.


This dungeon is nothing less than fascinating for the audience as it will lay down the principles for anyone and everyone who wishes to watch the anime altogether. This is why the show is so impressive to the audience.


This arc gives us an idea about the occurrence of magic and the way this show will take that power system to the next level.


3. Royal Capital Assault Arc

The Royal Capital of the Clover Kingdom is a renowned place that happens to have a lot of citizens as part of it. However, the issue here is that this place is being attacked by an unknown terrorist group.


This group is after the Magic Knights, more specifically, they want to get their hands on a few members of the Magic Knights. Now it’s obvious that the Magic Knights won’t really sit there and let any random terrorist group get the best out of them.


And therefore, the Magica Knights decide to battle on their own and take steps forward accordingly. They were also making moves to make sure that the capital stayed safe and sound, making their entire venture as fun and captivating as it gets.


Therefore, fans love the beauty and depth that the Royal Capital Assualt Arc had to offer to the audience. 


4. Eye of the Midnight Sun Encounter Arc

The Eye of the Midnight Sun is a segment that needs more recognition from the audience. The premise here is so good that people can’t help but fall in love with this arc.


This is why the entire arc is so capturing for the audience. It talks about the kidnapping of some kids by an unknown individual. And this kidnapping leads to heated moments between Eye of the Midnight Sun and Magic Knights.


This battle is going to be an interesting one and you can’t beat that. However, the stakes are going to be a lot more captivating than what meets the eye.


5. Seabed Temple Arc

This arc is all about the challenge assigned to the Black Bulls by the Wizard King himself. Oh boy, this is going to be interesting. The show talks about a specific stone that can only be found in the Seabed Temple.


And the Wizard King reaches out to the Black Bulls to retrieve this stone. However, in order to do so, they will have to deal with the priest of the temple and the challenges he will push forward.


Not only that, but they will also be responsible for a lot more action than what they had anticipated. This entire journey is going to be a remarkable one.


6. Witches’ Forest Arc

This arc deals with the Witches’ forest. And the reason why our main cast reaches out to this place is quite important. You see, after securing the stone from the previous arc, Asta reaches out to a healer to get his hand checked.


The healer mentions that the hand may never be the same and so, the group decides to split up and search for a permanent cure. And that’s exactly why they end up landing in the Witches’ forest.


This place is menacing and everyone can feel it. However, what makes it so important is the fact that it is linked to one of the Black Bulls.


7. Royal Knights Arc

This arc is a lot more than what you might imagine. It doesn’t follow around a specific villain. Instead, it talks about various instances that took place right after the conclusion of the previous arc.


This is why Royal Knights Arc is something that fans appreciate a lot. It talks about the Star Award Show and the activities that take place within it. Asta and his gang are going to visit multiple places and meet so many new people that it will be an amazing journey for the viewers.


And this is just the beginning of the Royal Knights Arc.


8. Elf Reincarnation Arc

The Elf reincarnation is going to change the way everything functions in the show. And that’s why this arc is so crucial for the audience. The Elf Reincarnation arc is all about the reincarnation of elves when the Royal Knights attack the Eye of the Midnight Sun.


And although they had it all figured out, soon enough, things started to get off track when the knights started fighting each other and chaos broke out. How will the Royal Knights conquer this issue is going to be the subject of concern in this arc.


And so, if you haven’t watched the arc yet, give it a go.


9. Heart Kingdom Joint Struggle Arc

The training will pay off as we see Asta perform incredibly well in the battle against the spade kingdom. The idea here is that the Hearts Kingdom is going against the Spade Kingdom and the Dark Triads.


This battle is going to be a rough one since the stakes are very high. However, what makes this arc so captivating is how action heavy it is. It will feature countless battles that will shape your opinion of the franchise.


And that’s why, if you haven’t watched the Heart Kingdom Joint Struggle arc yet, make sure that you do so as soon as possible.


10. Spade Kingdom Raid Arc

This arc is going to be crucial as the Clover and Heart Kingdom will be joining hands to take down the Spade Kingdom and its forces. Not only that, but the Dark Triad is also going to be a subject of concern as we see them attack and make the most out of their advantages.


They are planning to release the Devil onto the continent. And our squad must make sure that they save the continent or else things will get way out of hand.


If you haven’t watched this arc yet, you are missing out on some good stuff so waste no time further and give it a go.


11. Arc 11

This is the latest arc of Black Clover that encompasses Chapter 332 and the chapters following it. This is why the entire arc is nothing but a mystery yet. Anime fans won’t be able to relate to it at all since this arc is exclusive to the manga so far and hasn’t been adapted yet.


It hasn’t received a name or conclusion either but it follows the plotline set by the previous arc. This one is worthy of your recognition as it can soon make the show turn upside down with its content.


And so, you will witness it in a fascinating fashion.






1. What arcs are in Black Clover?

The arcs in Black Clover are as follows Magic Knights Entrance Arc, Dungeon Exploration Arc, Royal Capital Assault Arc, Eye of the Midnight Sun Encounter Arc, Seabed Temple Arc, Witches’ Forest Arc, Royal Knights Arc, Elf Reincarnation Arc, Heart Kingdom Joint Struggle Arc, Spade Kingdom Raid Arc, and Arc 11.


2. Which is the best arc in Black Clover?

Elf Reincarnation Arc and Spade Kingdom arc is often considered the best arcs in the series. And it does seem kind of obvious since both these arcs portray high-content storylines with a lot of new characters and fights that will leave your jaw dropped.


This is why these Black Clover arcs are so good.


3. Is 170 the last episode of Black Clover?

The 170th page of the manga and The Faraway Future titled episode of the anime is the last episode of the Black Clover series. And let’s just say that this episode is going to change the way the entire series functions altogether.


A memorable one indeed.


4. What is the rarest grimoire in Black Clover?

The rarest Grimoire in Black Clover is the 5 Leaf Clover which is currently in the hands of our boy Asta. It is fascinating to see our boy go from being a magic-less kid to someone who will be wielding the rarest Grimoire in the world. Now that’s how hard work pays off.


5. Which is the strongest spirit in Black Clover?

Spirit of Boreas is considered to be one of the most formidable spirits in the series and happens to have some unreal potential that needs to be unlocked by the user. This is why the spirit is so important from a narrative standpoint.


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