Top 58 Best Anime Waifus Of All Time [Cute Waifus List]

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The dictionary meaning for the term ‘waifu’ is a fictional female character in Anime/Cartoon/Video-game franchise to that one has affection and even sexual attraction. Ever wondered about the origin of the word ‘waifu’?


Well, back in 2002 an anime series called Azumanga Daioh, Episode 15 was the first time the word was ever used. When the side characters pick a picture of a female and enquire Mr. Kimura about who she was, to which he replied, ‘my wife’. Now when you romanticize the same term from the Japanese syllabary (Hiragana/Katakana) we get ‘Mai waifu’. Since the Japanese tend to vowels after English words.


The term however became popular amongst English Otakus post-2006. The term is not to be confused with the actual meaning of ‘waifu’ in Japanese as they would never refer to their actual wife as ‘waifu’ instead they will use the term ‘tsuma’ to refer to their actual wife.


The term is more often used by English-speaking fans. There is also a male counterpart to the same known as ‘husbando’. Waifuism is a very real thing and we are going to take a look at the Waifish Top 58 Anime Waifus as of 2023 rated by the otakus themselves!



58. Winry Rockbell (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)


Winry Rockbell (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)


Winry Rockbell is one of the leads in the anime Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood and one of her best qualities are being extra sensitive to other people. She's an extremely positive girl who can lift anyone from a low mood.


Her personality is such that it can brighten up any room. Winry is the kind of friend everyone would want in their lives. She never lets anyone bask in their failures and is willing to fight for her friends right to the end.


She's the ideal definition of a loving waifu.



57. Akeno Himejima (Highschool DxD)


Akeno Himejima (Highschool DxD)


Akeno Himejima appears in the popular anime Highschool DxD. She adores her friends and is willing to do everything for them. However, her character has a major drawback and that is – Akeno is a sadistic masochist, who enjoys seeing people in pain.


She enjoys seeing her enemies suffer and is willing to go to extreme lengths to harm them and make their lives miserable. Akeno also enjoys teasing and irritating her closest friends.


Overall, she is a lovable girl who is mostly seen wearing her uniform.




56. Mayumi Saegusa (The Irregular at Magic High School)


Mayumi Saegusa (The Irregular at Magic High School)


Mayumi Saegusa is a beautiful-looking girl and is one of the central characters in The Irregular at Magic High School. She's an extremely confident girl who is an absolute prodigy in magic, skilfully using it as and when needed.


Mayumi is a sweet girl but a rather notorious trait in her is using her magical powers to inflict pain and suffering on her enemies. However, barring her enemies, if someone is her good friend, then she's more than willing to go to any lengths to ensure their safety and love, protecting them from all evils whenever possible.




55. Chika Fujiwara (Kaguya-sama: Love is War)


Chika Fujiwara (Kaguya-sama: Love is War)


Chika Fujiwara is one of the protagonists in the popular anime series Kaguya-sama: Love is War. She is an absolute fireball of energy, always smiling and looking to spread happiness and smile all around her.


She has a very childish attitude which is why many tend to misunderstand her, but she’s also extremely intelligent who is fun-loving, and tends to find joy and happiness in even the smallest of things.


Chika always knows how to keep herself well-occupied with fun and games at all times. She’s also a romantic at heart and strongly believes in the idea of love. Overall, her adorable nature makes her a great waifu!




54. Shuna (That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime)


Shuna (That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime)


Shuna is a princess belonging to the Ogre tribe in the anime That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime. Although she's spent most of her life being protected and sheltered from the world, she holds magical capabilities.


She's unlike an average princess and is very skillful and capable of using her magical powers. Shuna is also very kind and caring towards her friends and trusts those that do not get sheltered.


She's also extremely capable of household activities and ends up becoming the chief executive advisor to Rimuru. Shuna is not at all pretentious but is extremely kind, showing love and compassion whenever possible.




53. Yui Yuigahama (OreGairu)


Yui Yuigahama (OreGairu)


Yui Yuigahama belongs to the Sobu High School and is one of the protagonists in the anime OreGairu. She’s an extremely kind girl which is why she’s also easily accepted by people who tend to accept her help willingly.


Yui is both fun-loving and cheerful, trying to spread happiness and cheers all around her. Being an outgoing girl, she is also extremely conscious about letting people know about what’s bothering her, thus keeping a smile on her face even when she’s upset.


She’s got an amicable attitude and despises the thought of hurting people and likes to fit in with people, detesting the idea of being left out. One of her plus points is her ability to read people’s moods and ensures that she says the things that people would want to hear, making them happy.




52. Kaguya Shinomiya (Kaguya-sama: Love is War)


Kaguya Shinomiya (Kaguya-sama: Love is War)


Kaguya Shinomiya is one of the primary characters in the anime Kaguya-sama: Love is War. She's a third-year high school student who is also part of the archery club and is the vice president of the student council.


She was once a cold-hearted person that ended up changing her ways after joining the school's council. She is extremely caring towards her friends in the council and treasures them.


However, she has a bad trait and that is believing that money can solve all problems. Kaguya is quick-witted with a good sense of humor.




51. Chizuru Ichinose (Rent-A-Girlfriend)


Chizuru Ichinose (Rent-A-Girlfriend)


Chizu Ichinose also known as Chizuru Mizuhara is a college-goer and is the female protagonist in the Rent-A-Girlfriend anime series. She has two distinct personalities, i.e., one where she’s her true self and the other is her rental girlfriend personality.


Chizu is an intelligent girl who has a hint of cunning in her. However, when she’s not her true self, then she’s mostly calm and considerate. Chizu is a calculative and sharp girl, who used to be clingy before, but eventually got over that habit.




50. Belldandy (Oh! My Goddess)




Belldandy is the titular character from the Oh! My Goddess series. She is a Goddess from Heaven who first appears to Keiichi to grant his wish when he accidentally dials the “Goddess Relief Agency” while attempting to order food.


What are the odds? As she gets bound to earth by his wish, the main plot of the series begins from thereon. Waifus are generally teenagers and very rarely older women, Belldandy is an older woman anime character but is a charming and mature one, unlike the young waifus you see.


She is kind-hearted, can sense others' emotions pretty well, and has a lot of patience with those around her. Belldandy has an affinity for wind forming the bases of most of her spells.


She can summon tornados and alter the weather as she pleases. She is one of the kind Goddess Waifu on our list. Belldandy has an Anime-Planet Popularity ranking of #1314!




49. Miko Nakano (The Quintessential Quintuplets)


Miku Nakano


The Quintessential Quintuplets is an anime series following the lives of five sisters who have terrible grades but have some complex personalities. Miko Nakano is the third sister of the five and is the timid and more docile one.


She always wears a deadpan face and also shows very little confidence. She has an obsession with Generals from the Sengoku Period and is fascinated by their philosophies so much so that she tries to imbibe them in her real life as well.


She can be considered smarter than the rest of her sisters and has immense knowledge of Japanese History. Being the introverted one, Miko does not have too many physical abilities and doesn’t cook well at all.


She doesn’t take much interest in romance and probably that is why it attributes to her being unable to understand human relationships. Despite all this, Miko is an adorable and loving character.




48. Tatsumaki (One Punch Man)




The tritagonist of the webcomic turned manga/anime series, One Punch Man, Tatsumaki a.k.a. Tornado of Terror is an S-Class Rank 2 Esper and a professional hero from the Hero Association.


Her looks give off her hot-headed and brash nature. She may be a petite woman and often gets mistaken for being younger. But she is packing some serious power in her tiny frame.


She has emerald green eyes that match her green hair naturally curling at the ends. She has zero respect for those who are incompetent and dislikes being ignored. As a hero of the Hero Association, she considers her moral duty to protect those around her upon the request of the Association to defeat monsters.


Tatsumaki however displays a softer side towards her little sister, Fubuki, and can also be seen being overly controlling of her. Tatsumaki is exceptionally powerful and probably which is why she is loved by many.




47. Alice Nakiri (Food Wars)


Alice Nakiri


Everyone knows Shokugeki no Soma is a fanservice anime serving up some food porn alongside it. Amongst amazingly talented cooks and chefs on the show is Alice Nakiri. A pedigree chef belonging to the famed Nakiri Family from the series.


Alice is determined, focused, and ambitious hence she excels in Molecular Gastronomy. Despite having an extreme set of skills that she has honed since her childhood along with her maternal cousin Erina Nakiri, Alice is calmer and more grounded among the two.


She has inherited all of her beauty from her mother. She has defined eyes as compared to the other female characters on the list and noticeable irises. Surely, her nature and her looks make her one of the perfect waifus out there!


In a Fandom Popularity Poll, Alice ranked 7th in the first poll and 6th in the second poll respectively.



46. Shinobu Kocho (Demon Slayer)


Shinobu Kocho


Shinobu is a Demon Slayer from the Demon Slayer Corps. After her parents were killed in a freak attack by a demon, she was saved by a demon slayer whom she promises that she will become a part of the corps later.


Despite the hardship she faced, she remains a cheerful and bright young girl even if faced with perils. However, when in kill mode, Shinobu gets her game face on and despises those very beings that once brought sadness into her life.


Belonging to the Insect Hashira, she is a petite young girl with eyes with no pupils and sports ombre purple hair which she wears in a bun with a butterfly pin in it.


She adorns the same Demon Slayer uniform as the other characters do in the series, a dark straight-lined jacket with hakama pants tucked in a butterfly pattern. She is a master swordsman and has some amazing moves like the Butterfly Dance: Caprice, Dance of the Dragonfly: Compound Eye Hexagon and uses her Nichirin Blade to finish the job.


Strong waifus are the best kind of waifus. In Shonen Jump’s Demon Slayer Popularity Poll, Shinobu ranked 6th in the first poll and 5th in the second poll held in 2020!



45. Rei Hino (Sailor Moon)


Rei Hino


Of course, there had to be at least one Sailor Moon character on the list! Rei Hino or also known as Sailor Mars in the series is a kind-hearted but hot-headed young girl.


Her character was drastically changed for the anime series than her portrayal in the manga. Rei wants to become a world-hopping business entrepreneur to even become a musical idol. She may be a tad bit ignorant of others but is extremely supportive of Sailor Moon and always shows her the most affection.


She has beautiful long black locks and black eyes to complement her fair skin. Japanese broadcasters, NHK asked their viewers to pick their most favorite characters from the Sailor Moon franchise.


From the Top 20 on the list, Sailor Mars ranked #16 by the viewers!



44. Teletha ‘Tessa’ Testarossa (Full Metal Panic / Furumetaru Panikku!)


Teletha ‘Tessa’ Testarossa


Teletha Testarossa is a child prodigy who lived most of her life in submarines/warships and military bases. She rose to the ranks of becoming the Captain at the mere age of 16!


Tessa is a ditzy young girl with grey hair and eyes. She is kind and cares for her subordinates. Tessa is a strategic planner and displays exemplary military tactical prowess in trying times.


Being at such a high rank has its ups and downs and Tessa through displays her irritation because she knows it is her responsibility to perform her duties. Tessa is the Captain of Tuatha de Danaan, a submarine that she too helped design, and is the creator of the AI on the submarine known as Dana.


Talk about some serious women's power here!



43. Sheele (Akame Ga Kill!)




Another clumsy but strong character on our list is Sheele from Akame Ga Kill! She is an assassin and a member of the Night Raid. Sheele always seems to lose her glasses and keeps tripping while doing chores.


However, on the battlefield, Sheele’s “get a loose screw” and turns into a cold-hearted killer using her Teigu making her a talented killer. She cares for her teammates and those around her.


She and Mine become close friends on and off the battlefield as well. Sheele has a slender figure with long violet hair and a similar shade of eyes. She wears a pair of glasses and is usually seen with her Teigu.


In 2014, in a poll held at the Akihabara Gamers Main Store’s Akame Ga Kill’s Memorial Museum, Sheele ranked #7 on the popularity poll.



42. Ram (Re: Zero Series)




Lugnica is home to many immensely talented Oni but the most powerful of them all were twin sisters, Ram & Rem. They each had single horns that helped them tap into their Oni abilities.


Ram being the older sister, was the more talented magic user of the two. Rem loves her sister but also aims to become better than her. However, when Ram’s horn gets cut off in a freak attack by a cultist group, Rem secretly rejoices.


Post this incident the two girls are sent to a powerful mage’s residence where they work as maids. Ram is exceptionally powerful despite losing the horn and can absorb mana around her.


She possesses immense strength, speed, and skills. Although she makes for a really bad maid, she sure is a powerful magician! In Crunchyroll’s favorite Re: Zero-character popularity poll, Ram had a total of 616 users vote for her.



41. Bulma (Dragon Ball Z Series)




One of the strongest and longest-running female characters in the DBZ universe, Bulma is the second most important character from the series after Goku. Bulma is a scientist, the second daughter of Dr.


Brief, the wife of Vegeta, and the mother of Trunks and Bulla. She has changed her look in the series more than any other character and also has been given 18 different hairstyles.


She ranges from being a total tomboy to a girly girl from time to time. She is spoilt and uses her looks as an advantage for her vain behavior. Despite being temperamental, she is a rational thinker given her high intelligence helping her become a great scientist.


She may not possess fighting abilities like the rest of the Z characters but she uses her gadgets that have proven beneficial in battle scenarios. In the DBZ Fandom popularity poll, Bulma ranked #9 in the first poll and #17 in the forever poll respectively.


She also ranks at #590 on the Anime-Planet as the most loved character by its users.



40. Mai Sakurajima (Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl Senpai no Yume wo Minai)


Mai Sakurajima


A model, an actress, and a student, and someone who can turn invisible, Mai is an attractive young girl who is the protagonist of Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl Senpai no Yume wo Minai.


She is polite, sensitive, and rational. Mai learns that her mother was using her as a tool to earn more money since she owned a photography agency herself. After taking a sabbatical from being in front of the lens, Mai decides to attend high school where she becomes an instant hit school and Sakuta Azusagawa’s love interest.


In a 2018 Anitrendz popularity poll, Mai stood first amongst the rest of the characters!



39. Lenalee Lee (D. Gray-Man)


Lenalee Lee


One of the main characters from the series D. Gray-Man, Lenalee is an exorcist who kills Akumas. After her parents were killed by Akumas, the Black Order takes her away immediately against her own will.


There Lenalee tries to commit suicide but is unsuccessful, she then leads the rest of her life protecting those she considers her family and friends. Having faced a disrupted childhood, Lenalee shows determination and drive while fighting for those whom she cares for.


She is also very calm and kind natured is easy to talk to. In the anime series, she has dark green hair and purple eyes. She had accidentally burnt off most of her hair in one mission giving her a tomboyish look.


Her uniforms are usually comprised of fitted short jackets with long sleeves paired with shorts or skirts. She even has a golem with bat-like wings and a big eye with only a pupil and no irises.



38. Megumi Tadokoro (Food Wars / Shokugeki no Soma)


Megumi Tadokoro


Ah, the list continues with some more clumsy girls; Megumi is a timid and nervous chef in the Totsuki Generation alumnus. She is a talented chef but she cracks under pressure making her seem like the weaker one among the rest.


She also panics a lot but she tries to be over-cautious about saying and doing things. In due time, she gets some encouragement from a classmate and can unleash the “Sports Shojo Manga Mode” within herself.


She may be all of that but she is generous with her cooking and can make some delicious-looking dishes when she’s doing alright. This clumsy way of Megumi makes her a cute little waifu.



37. Eru Chitanda (Hyouka and Classic Literature Club Series)


Eru Chitanda


To all the young otakus out there, take some notes from Eru Chitanda. She is a well-mannered, polite, level-headed young girl from Kamiyama High School. She comes from a wealthy family of farmers known as Chitanda but she doesn’t let her privilege define who she is.


Eru becomes the Classic’s Club’s president as well. Eru has always remained positive and rarely dwells in negativity. She is extremely focused on topics of her interest. She is a great cook, loves matcha milk, and is physically strong as well.


However, there are some drawbacks to her, she can be extremely nosy and become hyperactive whilst also ignoring others' personal space. This purple-eyed girl is surely someone to look up to!


According to MyWaifuList.moe website, Eru ranks at #128 user rankings and is loved by 1339 of the users on the website.



36. Kyoko Mogami (Skip Beat!)


Kyoko Mogami


From the 2000’s amazing anime series, Skip Beat, Kyoko Mogami serves up the perfect cup of a revenge story. When she learns that her childhood friend and crush, Sho Fuwa, who is now a massive celebrity in the city, ask her to live with her, not because of their friendship but because he needed her as a maid.


Kyoko decides on taking revenge on him by becoming a top actress herself and makes him realize just how he has betrayed her love for him. She is a hard-working girl, even going to the point where she has three jobs just to support Sho’s dreams.


But once the transformation takes place within her, she loses the ability to love and becomes this determined person to become the best actress in the scene. Her appearance changes from time to time but she is usually seen in a Love Me jumpsuit.


In a 2007 popularity poll hosted by Hana to Yume, the shojo magazine, to celebrate Skip Beat’s 100th chapter, Kyoko ranked #1 with 2699 votes and in another character poll, she still ranked the topmost character with 2640 votes!



35. Shinoa Hiiragi (Owari No Seraph / Seraph of the End / Vampire Reign)


Shinoa Hiiragi


Sarcastic and dry-humored Shinoa Hiiragi is the female protagonist of Owari No Seraph. She comes from the affluent Hiiragi family. When she was a human, she was the sergeant of the Japanese Imperial Demon Army until she gets possessed by Shikama Doji, stripping her of her humanity.


Shinoa had difficulties working with others due to her strong and apathetic personality. Much later it is revealed that she did have a troubled childhood and can also display a vulnerable side to her.


After becoming possessed she does become merciless and attacks quite literally anyone under Shikama Doji’s spell. In Jump’s popularity poll in 2016, she ranked #2 and #5 in the 2019 poll held on the anime’s website.



34. Kurumi Tokisaki (Date a Live)


Kurumi Tokisaki


We have an evil waifu amongst us, Kurumi is the third, and Takoyaki is the most brutal spirit to appear in the Date A Live series. She has killed more than 10,000 people to consume their mana.


She even transforms herself to get closer to Shido Itsuka’s school to consume the mana inside of him. As evil, as she was, Kurumi is beguiling and elegant in her ways around Shido.


She has ivory skin with black hair. Having almost heterochromatic eyes, her right is red-tinted while her left eye is golden with a lifeless clock face indicating the time left for her.


On MyWaifuList.moe website, Kurumi ranks #32 as the most liked character and has 2558 users liking her.



33. Nao Tomori (Charlotte)


Nao Tomori


Nao is the main female character of the Charlotte series. A first-year student and also the President of the Student Council of the Hoshinoumi Academy. She has mostly seen with her camcorder recording the powers of the ability users.


She may be hardworking and smart but she can also be hot-headed and a narcissist as well. Nao is also fond of children and loves playing with them. She does have one amazing ability, which is to disappear at her own will limited to one person at a time.


Pretty cool, eh? Standing at #90 on MyWaifuList.moe website most loved waifu character, Nao has long grey hair with blue eyes. She is mostly seen in her school uniform.



32. Emilia (Re: Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu Series)




The main female character, is an elf and also a potential future King of the Dragon Kingdom of Lugnica of the Re: Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu. Emilia is an integral part of the series, as most of the anime series revolves around her.


Emilia is a sweet and selfish young girl who loves looking after those around her. Even though she is a young girl, she uses these archaic words that only the elderly seem to use.


She does come across as a childish and introverted girl but this was before she lived outside the woods. Emilia has beautiful long silver hair and purple-blue eyes. She wears a purple and white outfit with a white flower in her hair.


A shocking fact, she is sequentially 115 years but mentally a teen. According to MAL’s top Re: Zero character list, Emilia ranked #2!



31. Onodera Kosaki (Nisekoi: False Love)


Onodera Kosaki


Onodera Kosaki is one of the key characters in the Nisekoi series. Belonging to a family of pastry and candy makers, Kosaki lives with her eccentric family in Japan. Instead of complimenting her family, she becomes introverted, innocent, kind, and timid.


She does show signs of low self-esteem and requires assistance from the rest of the characters. She is also very problematic amongst the boys in school and even becomes close friends with her classmates.


She takes immense care of Raku Ichijo when gets critically wounded. She possesses natural abilities like an affinity towards animals, is a great decorator, a brilliant chef. Kosaki is one of the most popular characters in the series.



30. Mine (Akame Ga Kill!)




From the critically acclaimed, Akame Ga Kill! Mine is another key member of the Night Raid. Adorning bright hot pink hair tied in twin tails, and huge pink eyes and also wears a pink outfit with a high collar and a pink shawl.


She is hot-headed and can get easily irritated. She can normally also seem aggressive, cold, and overemotional. She would tease Tatsumi in the beginning since he was the newest member of the assassin’s group but later, well let's just say many shipped their relationship.


Of course, being two sides of a coin, she can also be warm and kind but only to those who she considers close to her. Also, having foreign blood in her, she wants the world to be rid of racial discrimination since she was often a target of hate herself.


In a 2019 CBR, the most popular series character’s list, Mine ranked #6.



29. Kyoka Jiro (Boku no Hiro Akademia / My Hero Academia)


Kyoka Jiro


From the popular anime series, My Hero Academia, we have Kyoka Jiro. A quirky character from the series who is an efficient swordsman is very intelligent scoring great results in the school exams.


To add to that, she can also play the bass guitar and the guitar as well. Kyoka comes across as a no-nonsense and chill-out personality, but she loves to tease others around which can seem a little irritating.


One of her quirks is that she has these Earphone Jacks hanging from her earlobes that when connected to a surface can create a violent vibration attack just from her heartbeat!


How cool is that! Apart from that, she also has these other super moves such as the Counter Balance, Heartbeat Distortion, and Heartbeat Surround. She always wears this lazy look on her face with triangular onyx eyes.


She has short dark purple hair and has these reflections shaped like heartbeat monitors on either side of her head. In her hero costume, she wears a black leather jacket, a long t-shirt, and black pants with boots.


In Weekly Shonen Jump’s Second character popularity poll, Kyoka ranked #7 amongst the rest of the characters.



28. Raphtalia (Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari / The Rising Shield Hero)




The first actual companion of the Shield Hero, Raphtalia was initially brought in as a slave by her master, Naofumi. He never treated her badly which helped her forge a strong relationship with him.


During her time with him, she seemed sickly and timid due to the trauma experienced by the destruction of her village. She wants Naofumi to become a hero but gets disappointed when he isn’t able to reach the goal.


Eventually traveling to another, she obtains the revered, Vassal Katana and becomes the Katana no Yuusha. Raphtalia also becomes the Heavenly Emperor after overthrowing the predecessor. From being this shy young girl, Raphtalia’s character graph in the series only goes on higher as she becomes a force to be reckoned with.


Who wouldn’t love a waifu like that?



27. Kagami Hiiragi (Lucky Star)


Kagami Hiiragi


One of the main characters from the 2007 hit anime series, Lucky Star, and the older twin sister of Tsukasa Hiiragi, Kagami Hiiragi. She is a little ball of fire who can go from being this tsundere, egoistical girl to intolerant and lonely at times.


Unlike her sister, Kagami cannot cook well and despises household chores. Despite that Kagami makes for a great friend and she deeply cares for every one of them, especially Konata.


However, she tries to hide that fact. Kagami has long purple hair tied in twin tails with red ribbons and is almost always seen in her school uniform which accentuates her tiny little frame.


She makes for a perfect loving waifu!



26. Megumin (Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! / Konosuba)




An Arch-Wizard in the fantasy world, Megumin belongs to the Crimson Demon Clan. Being one of the main characters from the series and sharing eccentric traits with the Demon Clan, Megumin has a flair for being a little too extra most of the time.


She often boasts about her powers which irritates Kazuma on many occasions. Even though she is very powerful she is slightly childish as well. She is hell-bent on using Explosion magic so much so that she uses all of her strength only for this particular move.


Being naturally gifted, Megumin is the better team player on Kazuma’s team. On the MyWaifuList.moe website, Megumin has 10560 users like her as their waifu!



25. Zero Two (Darling in the Franxx)


Zero Two


A human-klaxo sapiens hybrid, Zero Two is the deuteragonist of the series, Darling in the Franxx. Zero Two had a rough upbringing being a hybrid as many viewed her as a monster, but for those who know her and who did not treat her like a monster, she comes across as a happy and cheerful girl.


However, Zero Two is a dangerous character and can be pretty ruthless, unruly, and smug. Even though her memories of the darling were erased. Her eyes shine red when she’s pissed even though she’s wearing a limiter headband with two horns jutting out.


She is often seen wearing a signature red military uniform, and white boots with black leggings. She has 5893 likes on MyWaifuList.moe website and ranks at #5 on the same.


Those who live dangerously will love her as a waifu, so it seems.



24. Ino Yamanaka (Naruto Shippuden Series)


Ino Yamanaka


Ino Yamanaka, a kunoichi from Konohagakure’s Yamanaka clan. The only daughter of Inoichi Yamanaka has been a strong, confident, and outspoken child. But of course, she’s friendly and compassionate with those she is close to.


Like most of the girls from the Academy, Ino too had an attraction towards Sasuke. She even dreams of handsome men fighting for her love! Despite these factors, Ino is skilled in Ninjutsu, and Chakra Control and possesses immense intelligence as well.


Ino is fair-skinned with platinum blonde hair and bangs on the right side of her face. She has stark blue eyes and is mostly seen in this purple outfit with a high-collared blouse and an apron skirt.


With all of these amazing talents and such a great personality, why would you pass on Ino and not make her your waifu?



23. Minori Kushieda (Toradora)


Minori Kushieda


Maybe one of the coolest characters on the list, Minori is this fun, hardworking, and idealistic little girl. Captain of the softball team who holds at least four jobs to support her dream of one day joining the national softball league.


But she also does it because she doesn’t want to become a burden on anyone. She is athletic, always positive, and knows how to turn a bad set of events and remain positive about it.


She is an absolute foodie and claims that she is always on diet, but alas. Even though she may seem like an airhead once in a while, she is extremely perceptive and can help those around her.


You could say that she does all of these things to hide the sadness beneath her, that’s what makes her a supremely strong character in the series. She is a beautiful young teen with amaranth hair and eyes who is normally seen in her school uniform.


In a Crunchyroll, Toradora popularity poll, Minori ranked #3 with 40 votes amongst the rest of the characters.



22. Rem (Re: Zero)




Of course, she had to feature on this list! Rem is probably the waifu-est of all waifus ever! Rem may seem sweet and polite on the surface but she acts without thinking most of the time.


She holds the guilt of wanting to feel important after the incident with Ram making her accept the fact that she may be the weaker of the two. After Subaru saves her from a near-death experience, Rem falls in love with and supports him no matter what.


Being a magic user just like her sister, Rem has healing abilities but she can be pretty fierce in her Oni state. She wields a Morningstar that helps her attack enemies from a distance and engage in close combat as well.


You know you want someone like her in your life, right?



21. Uryuu Minene (Mirai Nikki / Future Diary)


Uryuu Minene


Minene, holder of the Ninth Diary known as the Escape Diary. Minene would often write possible escape routes in her diary in areas that planned on attacking. She is a great tactician and makes deductions pretty quickly in her head.


Living most of her life alone, Minene feels like she needs nobody in her life and also ends up self-loathing herself. She is an expert terrorist and is skilled in C4 bombs and other explosives.


She is great with disguising herself as whoever she needs to be to carry out her attack without being noticed. She is a young woman with a patch over her beautiful purple eyes that she loses during a battle.


She has purple hair and is seen wearing a sleeveless jacket with jeans and a tank top. In a QFeast Mirai Nikki character popularity poll, Minene ranked #3!



20. Kyou Fujibayashi (Clannad)


Kyou Fujibayashi


The main protagonist from the saddest anime ever! We have Kyou Fujibayashi from Clannad. Despite the show being depressive, Kyou is this fierce, aggressive girl and also has a potty mouth.


She is talkative and never runs out of quite literally anything to say. She is tsundere and is very popular amongst the guys. Violent and difficult to approach Kyou does have a calmer side when it comes to her romance with Tomoya.


She takes her school responsibilities well and is an A-grade student and very athletic too! Oh, not to mention, she’s an amazing cook too. Is this what you call waifu perfection?



19. Mikoto Misaka (A Certain Scientific Railgun)


Mikoto Misaka


A level 5 Esper and ranked #3 by the Academy City, Mikoto is one strong waifu and also the main female character of A Certain Scientific Railgun series. Having so much power means that she can exude tsundere-like characteristics and can be selfish and immature.


Many consider Mikoto very ladylike but she isn’t exactly so, she has a tomboyish side to her and is prideful too. She loves her own company and hates the idea of restrictions and rules.


She is intelligent and a quick problem solver. Mikoto has light brown hair with a clip on the side and their eyes are brown as well. She is mostly seen in her school uniform.



18. Ochaco Uraraka (Boku no Hiro Akademia / My Hero Academia)


Ochaco Uraraka


A family girl on the list, Ochaco also known as ‘Gravity' is one of the main female characters of Boku no Hiro Akademia. A funny, cheerful, and open-minded girl, does everything she can do to support her family members who form her strongest support system.


Her quirk is that she can manipulate gravity, how cool is that? But she can’t use the power for too long since it causes her to become nauseous, her costume is attuned to allowing her to use the power for long though.


The only reason she wanted to become a hero was to earn money, enough money to help her family out through tough times. Now, that’s just adorable. Much power to you girl!


She is hardworking and just wants to be useful for her family and provide them with all the luxury she can.



17. Rin Tohsaka (Fate Series)


Rin Tohsaka


The deuteragonist of the Fate Series, Rin Tohsaka comes from the imminent Tohsaka Family. She is the Master Archer who participates in the Fifth Holy Grail War since her father succumbed to mortal injuries in the Fourth War a decade ago.


Rin is level-headed, competitive, and a model student in her school. She hones this deep sense of honor to respect the family and the legacy of the Tohsaka family and will go to any lengths to protect it.


When you watch the series, you can see how arrogant and elitist she can be but in all to keeps her privacy intact and protect those around her. According to Manga Tokyo Poll held in 2018, Rin was the third most popular character from the entire franchise!


She is beautiful and strong, which makes her the best waifu material for viewers who love to watch a character with a deep storyline.



16. Akame (Akame ga Kill!)


Akame (Akame ga Kill!)


A slave-turned-assassin, Akame is undoubtedly the most popular character in the series. However, throughout her training, she decides to join the rebels and becomes a part of the Night Raid.


Those who have watched the series know how important she is to the Ga Kill universe. She comes across as this deadpan and apathetic girl due to her assassin training, in reality, she is socially awkward.


She tends to hide her feelings from others since she can’t express them properly whatsoever. But the only time you see a reaction from her is on the battlefield, she is ruthless!


On the lighter side of Akame, she has a ginormous appetite like her sister Kurome and is the calmest around food. She has long black hair and red eyes. Her attire consists of a dark sleeveless dress with a red tie and white collar and also wears a black skirt cover.


Akame also goes by the name ‘Akame of the Demon Sword Murasame’.



15. Rias Gremory (High School DXD)


Rias Gremory


Known as the ‘Crimson Haired Ruin Princess’, Rias is the main female character of the series and is the heiress to the Gremory Clan. Being a princess is not fun most of the time and Rias does want normalcy, especially from the prying eyes of the men who want her only because she is an heiress.


She is a cheerful young girl and cares very deeply for all those around her but can get extremely fiery if anyone teases her of her class. She is a competitive girl, somewhat spoilt, and loves participating in ‘Rating Games’.


Rias’s abilities comprise the Demonic Power, allowing her to become a High-Class Devil. She even holds the Power of Destruction and Castling. Oh, did we mention, the entire series is a fanservice series!



14. Yoko Littner (Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann)


Yoko Littner


From the popular series, Gurren Lagen, Yoko Littner is your girl if you’re into a girl wielding a wide range of firearms. Yoko is portrayed as a level-headed, calculative and knowledgeable woman who is mature and caring at the same time.


She is touted as an excellent rifleman; a reputation is proud to have earned. Yoko has long red hair tied into a ponytail with bangs on the right side of her face, she has amber eyes and very mature features.


You also see her wearing a cracked skull as a hair accessory and two yellow chopsticks that use as melee weapons. On the MyWaifuList.moe website, Yoko ranks at #95 and has 1528 users like her as their waifu!



13. Holo the Wise Wolf (Spice and Wolf)


Holo the Wise Wolf


One of the nicest waifus on this list, Holo is a wolf harvest deity. She is responsible for providing plentiful harvest in the village she has settled in. But over time the villagers become self-sufficient and do not need her anymore.


She then decides that she needs to get back to her homeland, with the help of the merchant named Kraft Lawrence. We then follow Holo on this journey and learn that she is as human as can be.


She is also a bit of an alcoholic and gets drunk very often. She mocks Lawrence’s manliness on many occasions, which he doesn’t appreciate. Apart from that, Holo is a sweet woman who cares.


Who wouldn’t want a caring waifu like her?



12. Kallen Kozuki / Kallen Stadtfeld (Code Geass)


Kallen Kozuki / Kallen Stadtfeld


This feisty character from the Code Geass universe is maintaining a stronghold in your hearts just as she has in the series. Kallen is a bold, rebellious and determined fighter.


She is half Britannian and Japanese. Kallen had a rough childhood after the loss of their brother, which also affected her relationship with her parents. But over time, she manages to fix things for the better.


Kallen is instrumental in the fight for Japan’s liberation, something that her brother was aiming to do. She is kind and caring but is a fearful fighter as well being a great tactician and pilots the Knightframe brilliantly.



11. Mirajane Strauss (Fairy Tail)


Mirajane Strauss


We are introduced to Mirajane as ‘The Demon’, she was feared amongst everything that could move. She even had a rivalry with Erza as a young girl. She was a loudmouth and would disrespect quite literally everyone.


During this time, she was quite confused if she was human. But after the death of Lisanna, her younger sister, Mirajane changed. She became calmer and began losing her magical powers.


She is now this loving and kind person. She even becomes this maternal figure for the guild. Now, changed Mirajane’s only aim to protect those she considers close to her and even those who are strangers.


According to Comicbook.com Fairy Tail’s character popularity polls, Mirajane stood at #12 behind!



10. Kurisu Makise (Steins; Gate)


Kurisu Makise


Kurisu’s motto of life is to treat the way you are treated and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that! Kurisu is one of the main characters of the hit anime series, Steins; Gate.


She is intellectual, mature, and very straightforward. She hates it when people act petty and she makes sure she gives them her peace of mind. Kurisu can be nice if you’re nice to her, if you’re perverted then you are in trouble.


Kurisu has managed to accomplish a lot at a very young age making others jealous of her success. Including her father! Kurisu is a popular character from the series, she has red hair and dull violet eyes.


She is usually seen in her lab coat and white shirt tucked into her shorts and a khaki jacket. Kurisu has a MAL member popularity of 73,011! That’s a huge number!



9. Saber (Fate Universe)




Of course, Saber had to make it to the list. The Saber Class Servant of Kiritsugu Emiya from the Fourth Holy Grail War and Saber Servant Class for Shirou Emiya in the Fifth War, Saber has seen it all.


One of the strongest servants in the whole of the Fate universe. She has the highest stats of any other character in the series and her magic resistance is beyond belief.


Saber being a key character is portrayed with this unrelenting thirst to protect those who she cares for. She is kind, generous, and an extremely intelligent woman. She is an independent thinker yet loyal and is seen hiding her emotions on many occasions in the name of her duty.


She is a beautifully etched-out character and fits the mold of a waifu well too! It’s safe to say, Saber tops all the character polls for the Fate universe.



8. Sasha Braus / Sasha Blouse (Attack on Titan)


Sasha Braus / Sasha Blouse


Hey, the ‘potato girl’ from the AOT series made it to the list! Sasha Braus /Blouse in English, a member of the Survey Corps and 104th Training Corps. She joined the force after witnessing Eren’s deep desire to eliminate all Titans.


She’s kind, courteous, and a foodie! She loves eating potatoes. You’d always see a piece of potato or bread or some kind of food throughout the series. This friendly and fun-loving girl but on the field, she was a merciless killer.


She did seem to show hesitance while aiming the gun at the children, however. In the First Character Popularity Poll held on the official website, Sasha ranked #4!



7. Yoruichi Shihouin (Bleach)


Yoruichi Shihouin


The supporting character of the Bleach series, Yoruichi is the former Captain of the 2nd Division of the Gotei and also the former commander of the Onmitsukido. Phew! That’s a tough girl right there.


But she abandons those posts to work at Urahara Shop, in the human world. She holds a tonne of information about the Soul Society and is extremely witty yet calm and mature.


Yoruichi is also able to transform into a human from her black cat form as well. She is the most powerful Hoho master in all of Soul Society as well as a Hakuda Master, is efficient in Shunko, and Shank swordsman expert.


Her Zanpakuto has achieved Bankai but she relies on her abilities most of the time during battles. Oh, you can only be in awe of such strong waifus making it on the list!



6. Rukia Kuchiki (Bleach)


Rukia Kuchiki (Bleach)


Followed by another iconic character from Bleach, we have Rukia Kuchiki. Rukia grew up in very humble beginnings and then later got adopted into nobility. She is very respectful of others and doesn’t forget her roots.


Rukia is often seen as this cold and cucumber-like cool character, often leading her to hide her true emotions from others. Rukia is a key but underrated character in the series and is the current Captain of the 13th Division.


She is an excellent swordsman, a Kido and Shunpo expert, and also a great Hakuda Combatant. Rukia has the Sode no Shirayuki Zanpakuto. In Shonen Jump’s first Bleach character Poll, Rukia ranked #2 behind Ichigo!



5. Yuno Gasai (Mirai Nikki / Future Diary)


Yuno Gasai


The main female protagonist of Future Diary, Yuno Gasai is the owner of ‘Yukiteru Diary/the Diary of Future Love’. Yuno’s obsession with Yukiteru, the hero of the series is a little weird.


Yuno is like two sides of the same coin. Around Yukiteru she is this shy, timid almost feminine-like girl. But when he isn’t around, she is this cold, deadpan and calculative personality.


This is because of her parent’s death before the Survival Games began. Yuno is a character shrouded in mystery and you’d never know how she’d strike next, so much so as to even give death threats to the person who comes in between her and Yukiteru.


She has long pink hair tied in pigtails and pink eyes. She is normally seen in a blue shirt and skirt with high socks. If crazy is your jam, Yuno is your waifu.



4. Lucy Heartfilia (Fairy Tail)


Lucy Heartfilia


Lucy once belonged to a wealthy family but due to her unfurling relationship with her father, she runs away from the wealth and the estate to make a life of her own.


Lucy knows her sex appeal works wonders for her and she uses it to get almost everything, she is also portrayed as this snobby girl. Despite giving vanity more importance, Lucy is also kind to others and also her Celestial Spirits.


Unlike the others, she actually takes effort in wanting to make her spirits happy! Lucy is a beautiful and voluptuous girl with blonde hair and brown eyes. Her Fairy Tail stamp is located on the back of her right hand.


In the Weekly Shonen Magazine’s 26th issue’s popularity poll, Lucy ranked #1 with 8987 votes!



3. Hinata Hyuga (Naruto)


Hinata Hyuga


The wife of the famed Naruto and a powerful ninja herself, Hinata Hyuga is finally on the list if you were waiting to see her. Hinata was to marry Naruto from the very beginning as he was her crush.


She has two Nature Types, Lightning Release, and Fire Release, both of which she doesn’t use too often but are proven beneficial on the battlefield. Hinata has also completed a total of 33 missions in her time as a Shinobi.


She is also known as ‘Byakugan Princess’ and also has the title of ‘Legendary Queen of Gluttony’. The latter is something she actually earned. In a Naruto popularity poll, she was #6 amongst the rest of the characters!


Hinata is very down-to-earth and does not like to boast about her abilities. She has a beautiful face and kind eyes. Even if you have never seen Naruto, you must have heard about Hinata because she is one of the most popular waifus of all time.



2. Asuna Yuuki (Sword Art Online)


Asuna Yuuki


From the debatable anime series, Sword Art Online, we have Asuna Yuuki. A friend and also the love interest of Kirito. A sub-leader of the Knights of Blood and a skilled player in all of Aincrad.


She is one of the fastest characters in the game, is a master with the rapier, and can also use daggers in a close combat situation. She is a tsundere type girl who is kind and caring.


She has a very pretty face with brown hair and amber eyes. But let’s face it, all the girls in the Top 10 including Asuna are all fierce and that’s what makes them our top waifus of 2021!



1. Erza Scarlet (Fairy Tail)


Erza Scarlet


A fan favorite from the Fairy Tail series and to top our list is Erza Scarlet! Essentially one of the strongest characters in the Fairy Tail universe who quite literally has the ability to become a hero and also go to the dark side.


That’s how complex her character is. Erza has an unbridled affinity toward weapons and armor. Her battle stats are near perfect! She is a powerful swordsman and excels in speed, power, and intelligence as well.


Erza can also be a girl, she is also insecure about herself, and most of all, she cannot hold her drink straight! Of course, she is kind and caring as well, but on the battlefield, you need to steer clear of her!


Erza defines strength and is a beautiful woman, which is why she tops our list!




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