Top 50 Best Bald Anime Characters Of All Time

top 50 best bald anime characters of all time


Baldness is available in anime in various structures, both in more young and more established characters. As a result, a few characters are bald and hold their very own.


Some are just going bald, while others shave their heads (or say they’re doing it while they are left uncovered).


Nevertheless, this article will present the best bald anime characters of all time. We’ll utilize various sources and rank them given their ubiquity and the general degree of amazingness they address.


The rundown will be assorted, including characters from different establishments and classes.




1. Master Roshi (Dragon Ball)


master roshi (dragon ball)


Master Roshi is a person from the Dragon Ball manga series. He is quite possibly the earliest educator of the primary person, Son Goku.


Goku and Bulma meet Master Roshi interestingly toward the start of the series. Master Roshi is the instructor of the school.


He is additionally the creator of the Kamehameha energy assault. Regardless of his generally straightforward situation in the story, he shapes the reason for much change.


This is how Goku initially met his dearest companion Krillin because Krillin needed to prepare with Master Roshi.


During the primary combative techniques competition highlighted in the series, Master Roshi battles under an alternate personality, Jackie Chun, to test Goku and Krillin’s advancement. 


Master Roshi is the original master of this franchise. He was the one who shaped our experience as fans of the series.


And that’s one of the many reasons why Master Roshi is a character that people love with all their hearts. It’s his presence as a teacher that defines his position on this list. 




2. Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto (Bleach)


Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto (Bleach)


Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto was the chief of the First Division, in office for just about 1,000 years, and the predominant of any remaining division skippers.


After the obliteration of the office of 46 by Aizen, he pursued the primary choices. His real name is Yamamoto Shigekuni.


However, he has a few monikers: Old Yama by Kyouraku and Jijusai by Ukitake. During the skirmish of Karakura, he assumed control over the forces of Gotei 13.


He mediated actually by making a mass of fire detaining the three abandoning commanders, then by killing the figment made by the fraccións of Hallibel, which genuinely harmed four bad habit skippers.




3. Krillin (Dragon Ball)


krillin (dragon ball)


Krilin is human and first showed up in Dragonball. Alongside Goku, he prepared with Master Roshi. He is Goku’s closest companion.


Krilin is perhaps the most grounded contender contrasted with the other Z champions; he partook in the battle against Vegeta and Nappa and afterwards obliterated a couple of Saibai men.


He was frequently seen by viewers as a supporting character who they adored. What makes Krillin so memorable is his contribution to the overall franchise.


While he may be someone who isn’t exactly the strongest in his series, he is definitely someone who is extremely popular and had a lot of impact on the viewers. 




4. Saitama (One Punch Man)


saitama (one punch man)


Young, idle, and having lost flavour forever, he chooses to turn into a legend after confronting a monster crab. From that point on, he prepared for quite a long time to turn into a strong legend – ten kilometres of running, 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, 100 squats, consistently.


Later “intensive” preparation, Saitama sees two changes: he has developed further, with the eventual result of overcoming his foes in a single singular motion.


In addition, he has lost the entirety of his hair. He is highly regarded for his fighting skill and likes to end his fights with a single punch, like the King of the Seas, Ashura Rhino, the King of the Underworld, or even a tremendous shooting star.


And the funniest thing about his baldness is that it happened because of his intense workout routine which made him One-Punch Man. 


Saitama being bald just adds flavour to his character. And the fact that this man lost his hair, all because he trained harder than anyone else, makes him worthy of so much more love and appreciation from fans all around the globe.


There’s no denying that he is a menace on his own. 



5. Ikkaku Madarame (Bleach)


Ikkaku Madarame (Bleach)


Ikkaku Madarame is the higher-ranked official in the Division, and he especially appreciates battle, like all individuals from it.


During a battle between them, he will meet Zaraki, his future chief, in Rukongai. At the same time, both were not yet shinigami.


Toward the finish of a long battle, Madarame will lose and will pledge to commit his life to the main man who could overwhelm him like this.


It is, therefore, that he will join the positions of the eleventh Division. He will be Ichigo’s most memorable adversary in the Seireitei, against whom he is pursuing a wild fight.



6. Tien Shinhan (Dragon Ball)


Tien Shinhan (Dragon Ball)


Ten Shin Han’s physical appearance is quite attractive. He’s quite tall, he was a professional assassin who was prepared under the Crane Hermit, Master Shen.


His master also requested Ten Shin Han order to kill all of Muten Roshi’s students. In the 22nd Tenkaichi Budokai, he even met Son Goku.


In this Tournament, he crushed Yamcha and, surprisingly, broke Yamcha’s leg to be savage. In the last, he confronted Son Goku.


Tenshinhan barely won. From that point forward, Tenshinhan is not a killer, double-crosses his lord, and joins the legends.


Tenshinhan is an old buddy of Chaozu. They are generally together and have similar battling methods.



7. Piccolo (Dragon Ball)


Piccolo (Dragon Ball)


Piccolo is at one point compelled to battle with his chief opponent, Goku, against an outsider Saiyan, Raditz, who is attempting to conquer the world.


Together they figure out how to overcome this Saiyan. However, Goku needed to forfeit his life for this.


But before Raditz bites the dust, he reports that two significantly stronger Saiyans are on their way and also they have heard from his scout about the Dragon Balls that Piccolo was discussing.


Piccolo then, at that point, chooses to prepare Goku’s child Son Gohan while sitting tight for the Saiyans.


Also, he becomes charmed by the set of instructions and the formidable preparation of Gohan, and he forfeits himself to save Gohan from death, during the fight with the two Saiyans.



8. Alex Louis Armstrong (Fullmetal Alchemist)


alex louis armstrong (fullmetal alchemist)


However, this charming state chemist, “the chemist with the strong arm,” is innocent and liberal as his muscles seem to be forcing.


He constantly boasts about his family’s legacy (the craft of battling, drawing, running, etc.) and is rather overpowering once in a while.


He frequently pauses dramatically to the point of flaunting his muscles, continually looks blissful, is quite often misguided (quite often) has little stars close to his face. 


This man is known for his strength and personality. And it wouldn’t be incorrect to say that the way his design is portrayed, it manages to encompass the soldier theme that this guy is based on, while also making him look badass and sweet at the same time. 



9. Blaine (Pokémon)


Blaine (Pokémon)


Blaine is prevalently known as the “hot-headed test master,” because he loves to present riddles to his kindred men.


Before becoming top of the field, he formerly worked with the biggest name in the field called Mr. Fuji in the Pokémon Laboratory on Vermilion Island.


He was quite instrumental in the testing series in the creation of Mewtwo. Besides, his brand names are the bare head and his shades, which he possibly takes off when he concocts new test questions.



10. Chiaotzu (Dragon Ball)


Chiaotzu (Dragon Ball)


The appearance of Chiaotzu is quite bland. He is a little white man that is garnered with red cheeks.


He is generally an excellent companion alongside Ten Shin Han. Chaozu is anything but a solid person however gives his best during the battles.


He has clairvoyant abilities. He forfeits himself to overcome Nappa, however, falls flat. He and his comrade Ten Shin Han have ultimately known Son Goku since their younger days.


He prepared Ten Shin Han, Yamcha, and Piccolo with King Kai after they died during the Saiyan adventure.



11. Makarov Dreyar (Fairy Tail)


Makarov Dreyar (Fairy Tail)


Makarov Dreyar is the third, sixth, and eighth expert of Fairy Tail, the organization of the wildest performers. He has endless power, and he is one of the ten extraordinary magi (the most remarkable on the landmass).


He fundamentally utilizes the magic of gigantism but, on the other hand, can utilize rudimentary enchantment (specifically fire, air, or Light).


Its definitive destiny is the Law of the Fairies. Indeed, even in the organization, nobody aside from Mirajane truly considers contending with him, and he is extremely prudent about his private life.


Laxus is his grandson, and his child (Ivan) is a foe of society. He once in a while has drinking challenges with one of his members named Kanna.


But more openly he loses, or whines about the harm done by the mages in Fairy Tail.



12. Frieza (Dragon Ball)


Frieza (Dragon Ball)


In a planet exchange, Frieza and his family are on a mission of clearing the planet’s population and selling it.


The interest in planets ultimately turns out to be extraordinary to such an extent that Freeza represses the Saiyans and allows them to overcome planets for him.


This works out positively for quite a while, yet the Saiyans are getting more grounded with their rising involvement in the fight, nearer to Freeza’s tip-top soldiers in strength.


The ruler of the Saiyans, King Vegeta, revolutionaries, assaults Freeza, yet his endeavor demonstrates deadly to no end.


The lord’s child, Prince Vegeta, will work for Freeza. Freeza starts to expect that a Saiyan will ascend to overcome him one day, so he chooses to annihilate the planet Vegeta.


In the infinity there were like four Saiyans who evenly got away from this destiny; Son Goku, Raditz, Vegeta, and Nappa.



13. Gluttony (Fullmetal Alchemist)


Gluttony (Fullmetal Alchemist)


Exemplifying the transgression of a glutton, he resembles a stupid stout. Extremely old, he can eat anything from flares to steel.


He is in many cases utilized by different homunculi as a bleeding-edge warrior, sending him as a hunting canine to the quest for focuses on that he observes thanks to his feeling of smell and which he conquers thanks to his incredible actual strength and the recovery limit of his stone.


Moreover, he can eradicate all hints of his casualties because of his capacity to swallow yet additionally to his power.



14. Agil (Sword Art Online)


Agil (Sword Art Online)


Agil is on the rated player also a grown-up player. A month after the beginning of Sword Art Online, Kirito further meets simultaneously as Asuna during a readiness meeting to overcome the Tier 1 chief, in which a player verbally attacks ex-beta – analyzers while Agil takes their guard.


His area of strength for extreme battles is mainly with a hatchet. Aside from his movement as an individual from the Group of Conquerors.


He runs a shop at the 50th Tier, in which Kirito does the majority of his exchange.



15. Jet black (Cowboy BeBop)


jet black (cowboy bebop)


A constant partner of Spike’s, Jet Black, and is also one of the proprietors of the Bebop. Before crossing paths with Spike, he previously worked with Ganymede as a cop.


He was once an overseer with the Inter Solar System Police (ISSP) for quite some time until he lost his left arm in an examination that turned out badly when his defunct partner deceived him.


As a result, his arm was supplanted by a robotic appendage. The personality of Jet is the exemplification of the mentor of the group. Jet is someone who has always held a special place in the hearts of the viewers as he manages to entertain the audience with his charisma and demeanour. 


His bald look allowed him to exhibit a strong and dominating persona while also maintaining an aesthetic portrayal. 



16. Don Chinjao (One Piece)


Don Chinjao (One Piece)


Chinjao, previously known as “Don Chinjao” and “Chinjao the Drill,” was a former pirate defeated by Garp. He is also the head of the Chinjao Family and the previous twelfth head of the Happo Navy.


He likewise joined as a fighter at the Corrida Colosseum to go after the Mera no Mi. By appearance, he is bald.


His head is more like a big, giant drill that Garp destroyed during their battle. In the Colosseum, with his battle with Luffy, their Haki collision forced Chinjao’s drill to regenerate again.



17. Kami (Dragon Ball)


Kami (Dragon Ball)


The Kami of the Earth, or the Supreme in the Mediaset form in the series. He is also regarded as the Guardian of the Earth.


Kami is also accountable for looking after the world and its occupants, to forestall the rise of dangers and wickedness.


While still a kid, he is safeguarded by his dad to permit him to endure the calamity that hits Namek.


On Earth, the young fellow is debased by the abhorrent that sneaks in the hearts of men, and, to turn into the watchman of the world, he liberates himself from the insidious concealed in his spirit, giving life to the Great Little Wizard.



18. Gennai (Digimon Adventures)


Gennai (Digimon Adventures)


Gennai is a strange and elderly person comprised of advanced information directing diggers in their mission. He shows up in episodes 13-54 of the primary season.


As a general rule, it gives hints regarding what youngsters could find in their undertakings and, in this manner, assist them with battling their adversaries.


However, Gennai seems more youthful in the subsequent season and helps DigiDestined in reality.



19. Hit (Dragon Ball)


Hit (Dragon Ball)


Hit is one of Champa’s 5 warriors from universe 6 and went toe-to-toe against the Beerus group, which has a place with universe 7. Not at all like Cabba, he doesn’t come to welcome his adversaries and stays behind.


However, not long after Frost’s loss, he is the main one to acknowledge with Vados that he intends to take the competitive grant.


Notwithstanding, Hit figures out how to take him out on account of a strange strategy. Not long after Magetta’s loss, Son Goku and Vegeta start to see the danger he could address.



20. Jiren (Dragon Ball Super)


Jiren (Dragon Ball Super)


Jiren is an individual from the Pride Troopers and a member of the Tournament of Power. He is the strongest among the group in Universe 11.


Jiren is fair and square of a God of Destruction and even past, having previously surpassed concerning power for quite a while, as per Vermoud, God of Destruction in Universe 11.


He will, in general, contemplate before battling to channel his power. Jiren lacks hair or body hair and has enormous injured eyes and little nostrils.


He’s an extremely strong outsider, and like every one of his colleagues, he wears a red and dark uniform, white boots, and gloves.



21. Dot Pixis (Attack on Titan)


Dot Pixis (Attack on Titan)


Dot Pixis is the incomparable top-level member of the Garrison Corps and has the authority to manage the southern area of the Wall Rose.


His actual appearance depends on the Japanese Imperial Army general, Akiyama Yoshifuru.


He has a splendid and insightful vital brain and is not set in stone and definitive authority, even though he likes to resort more to influence and discretionary adaptability than to the strength and meticulousness of military regulation.



22. Jura Neekis (Fairy Tail)


Jura Neekis (Fairy Tail)


Jura Neekis is both a pro and also a member of the Lamia Scale Guild and one of the 10 extraordinary mages.


In 791, he was the fifth most impressive mage on the mainland, yet he doesn’t boast about it and remains rather unobtrusive.


A client of structural enchantment, he can shape sand to provide it with the strength of steel. Cherishing his guild without a doubt, he gets along very well with the likes of Leon and Cherry.


In the organization of these two individuals, he addresses Lamia Scale during the union of the Light with different societies.



23. Keith Shadis (Attack on Titan)


Keith Shadis (Attack on Titan)


Keith Shadis was the main teacher responsible to train Unit 104. A former officer of the Exploration Corps was in charge of it when the Maria divider fell in 845.


Keith is by all accounts an excessive individual, intense and harsh toward being a teacher. He utilizes a sort of mental Fear in his understudies to drive them to turn out to be great warriors.


Keith can be extremely startling if his standards are not adhered to.



24. Hanzo (Hunter X Hunter)


Hanzo (Hunter X Hunter)


Hanzo comes from a huge group of ninjas. He will take an interest in the tracker test simultaneously as Gon and Killua and will be the adversary of the first of them in the last stage.


His area of strength is honed by the years of training, while the remainder of the posse; Gon will be ruled during their battle; however, Hanzo will ultimately surrender when he observes that he can not break Gon, even by tormenting him.


Hanzo is a man of his word and respects his morals. He does not want to break rules but won’t stand for injustice either. 



25. Incognito (Hellsing)


Incognito (Hellsing)


Incognito just shows up in the anime as the fundamental adversary. He is a male/female vampire from Africa, utilizing different chips to make individuals vampires.


He further upgrades himself sometime in the not-too-distant future, engrossing an antiquated divinity through a custom.


He has an extraordinary ability to bring evil spirits and can truly show his tattoos, which he uses to slice individuals to pieces. He, by and large, uses guns in a battle that he mainly summons from his body.



26. Yasushi Takagi (Nana)


Yasushi Takagi (Nana)


Yasushi Takagi, who is also nicknamed Yasu, and one of the people from Blast as a drummer and the band’s head.


He is a learner legal advisor and had recently passed on the gathering to dedicate himself completely to his calling.


He is exceptionally defensive of Nana Ōsaki and keeps in contact with Ren despite their detachment.


Yasu is, without a doubt, the most developed character in history since he knows how to make a stride back and use sound judgment in circumstances that imperil the satisfaction of everyone around him.



27. Dutch (Black Lagoon)


Dutch (Black Lagoon)


Dutch is one of the badasses of the series. Dutch is also the undisputable supervisor of the Lagoon Company, a threesome of pirates in Southeast Asia, filling in as soldiers of fortune for the Moscow Hotel run by Balalaika in Roanapur.


Intense, albeit propelled most importantly by covetousness (like his two companions), he makes sure to Balalaika’s requests to achieve what he views as right.


Worryingly, no doubt, he has scholarly schooling, professing to have information that reaches from downpour moving to elephant hunting.



28. Bob (Fairy Tail)


Bob (Fairy Tail)


Bob is the guild’s ace. He’s an uncovered cross-dresser strolling around in his clothing. He knows Makarov for quite a while.


He appears to have a feeling of equity. He can go through dividers. Before establishing Blue Pegasus, he was important for Fairy Tail, where he collaborated with Makarov, which is why they have known one another for quite a while.



29. Nappa (Dragon Ball)


Nappa (Dragon Ball)


Nappa is a first-class Saiyan champion from Planet Vegeta and was Vegeta’s past buddy. Before the destruction of Planet Vegeta, Nappa was one of the generals who headed the Saiyan Army under the Empire of Freeza, and that too in the collaboration of Prince Vegeta.


After the demise of a large portion of his species, he, alongside Vegeta and Raditz, functions as fighters straightforwardly under the order of the despot Freeza.


However, Nappa has a damaging character and likes gigantic destruction, similar to when he obliterated a large part of the Eastern Capital.


He’s likewise presumptuous and very vicious, delighting in when his adversary endures.



30. Zommari Rureaux (Bleach)


Zommari Rureaux (Bleach)


Zommari Rureaux is a previous Adjuchas. It doesn’t claim fracción and addresses intoxication. The main remainder of his cover is a peek at the highest point of his head.


He is darker looking, extremely tall, and solid. Zommari Rureaux has an extremely quiet personality and appreciates isolation and contemplation.


But, be that as it may, he will lose his levelheadedness when his loss is clear and will show before he passes his over-the-top commitment to Aizen, whom he thinks about as his ruler.


Likewise, he will interrogate Byakuya Kuchiki concerning the shinigami’s more right than wrong to kill hollows, which he thinks about lost pride. His pride, quiet, and speed are suggestive of Byakuya.



31. Umibozu (Gintama)


Umibozu (Gintama)


If you’re an anime fan, you may be wondering: What is Umibozu Gintama? The balding ronin was first introduced in the manga series Gintama.


Umibozu is a balding protagonist, and his baldness is not a permanent condition. He loses his hair as he ages, but when he is young, he still has some hair, which he grew until it reached his bangs.


Unfortunately, when Kagura mistook it for a sukonbu, he ripped it off in a furious fit. It’s now completely bald, and he is devastated, and he’s sensitive about the word ‘hage,’ which means balding.


The first episode of Gintama aired in Japan. After that, the manga series continued in the United States and has become a popular series in the West.



32. Isaac Netero (Hunter X Hunter)


Isaac Netero (Hunter X Hunter)


Isaac Netero is a powerful 12th Chairman of the Hunter Association and the Head of the Exam Commission. The series’ antagonist is a man of immense strength and agility.


Netero’s is quite intellectual. He is also a master of hand-to-hand combat. The first Hunter X Hunter manga had the protagonist as a child.


The anime features a voiced version of Netero. Isaac Netero is a powerful Nen user who appeared in the Hunter X series.


He is the son of former Hunter Association chairman Isaac Netero, a renowned Nen user. Although he shares some of his father’s traits, Beyond Netero wants to explore the Dark Continent.


This figure exemplifies Isaac Netero’s strength and abilities and has been fans’ favourite for years. Isaac Netero is an incredibly strong character.


He was a master Nen user, and his skills did not stop there. His main Nen Type was Enhancement, but he possessed many other types.


He had a hundred-type Guanyin Bodhisattva and was monstrous in strength. Although he was a powerful character, in the beginning, he became weaker over time.


In his final days, he will become the strongest Hunter of all.



33. Madilloman (One Piece)


Madilloman (One Piece)


Madilloman is a pirate who works as a prisoner in Udon. He is a member of the beast Pirate Band.


He is also a gifter and has eaten a SMILE devil fruit of Armadillo. Madilloman is an excellent fighter and is considered a superior character.


However, Madilloman and other pirates’ appearance is one of the biggest differences. The Madilloman looks and acts remarkably differently from other pirates and is often portrayed as very happy about the appearance of Momonosuke.


He fought Luffy in the prison just as a mere short of entertainment, but was eventually defeated by the latter.



34. Daigoro Banjo (My Hero Academia)


Daigoro Banjo (My Hero Academia)


Daigoro Banjo, also who also goes by the name of Lariat, was a former Pro Hero. His appearance was very muscular, with a square jaw, a pair of dull blue eyes, and a short, white beard.


His costume was made from dark leather, with yellow shoulder pads and a black ace ring on his middle finger.


The anime shows that he was a “funky” character, but he has been described as ‘a little funky’. His voice actress is Aya Kawakami, who plays the role of his mother.


She is concerned about Izuku’s safety and supports his dreams. The series’ villain, Tenko Shimura, is also one of the few bald anime characters.


This character has the Quirk of Decay, which allows him to disintegrate objects. He makes his presence known in the series by attacking the Unforeseen Simulation Joint.


A pale-skinned young man, Juzo is a Pro Hero and a teacher at Ketsubetsu Academy High School. His quirk, called Outburst, dulls his targets’ cognitive and motor skills.


He also wears a black ace ring on his middle finger. He is the only Bald character in My Hero Academia.



35. Draken (Tokyo Revengers)


Draken (Tokyo Revengers)


In the series, Mikey and Draken are the Tokyo Manji Gang members, which rule Shibuya. While the Manji Gang are notorious in the original timeline, their members in the sequel timeline are not.


Takemichi Hanagaki, the series’s protagonist, travelled back in time to join the group. He had become a part of the gang to help take down Hinata Tachibana, a powerful and influential woman about to kill the other three members.


Draken is his right-hand man and serves as Mikey’s moral compass. Mikey and Draken are bald anime characters, but they are hardly a novelty.


They are both extremely powerful fighters who can easily take on anyone. Draken, in particular, is extremely strong and can survive being hit by a metal rod or being stabbed by a knife.


The series’ original timeline shows Draken as dead, but later timelines feature him saving Mikey. Although Mikey is the leader of the toman group, Draken is the heart.


Draken’s relationship with Mikey is one of the best moments in the manga and is the foundation of the series’ universe.



36. Scopper Gaban (One Piece)


Scopper Gaban (One Piece)


As one of the most important members of the Roger Crew, Scopper Gaban has a mysterious past. Despite his appearance in a flashback scene that was shown in the series back when he was a member of the Roger Pirates, still he had been missing for quite a while now.


However, his appearance in the One Piece OVA has piqued fans’ interest. He is still unnamed, though, and his return could be the catalyst for a plot twist.


Here are the facts about Scopper Gaban: The One Piece manga has always had great characters, but the series also had heartbreaking moments.


Fans of the original series may remember Roger Pirates, who were very popular.



37. Dino (Banana Fish)


Dino (Banana Fish)


Dino Golzine, commonly known as Dino, is a complex and sinister character in the anime series “Banana Fish.” As the primary antagonist, Dino’s actions and influence drive much of the conflict and danger faced by the main characters.


Dino is a powerful and ruthless crime lord who wields immense control over the underground world. He is the head of the Corsican Mafia and holds a position of authority and fear within the criminal hierarchy.


With his cunning intellect and manipulative nature, Dino exerts his influence to manipulate events and exploit those around him for personal gain. What sets Dino apart is his disturbing obsession with the young protagonist, Ash Lynx.


Dino’s relationship with Ash is deeply twisted and abusive, stemming from a dark past and a sense of ownership. He represents the embodiment of control, exploitation, and the destructive power of influence.


While Dino’s actions and motivations are often driven by his own selfish desires, his character adds a layer of complexity to the narrative. He is a symbol of the corrupting influence of power and the tragic consequences it can have on individuals and relationships.



38. Abari (Black Clover)


Abari (Black Clover)


If you’ve been playing World of Warcraft, you’ve probably heard of Abari Black Clover, the rogue mage from the Eye of the Midnight Sun. 


First, we’ll discuss Abari’s appearance. She is bald and has a tattoo on the top of her head. She is known for her ruthlessness during battle. Despite her blank eyes, she has a large tattoo on her head.


While her appearance makes her easy to recognize in the series, her personality is just as important as her powers. While her powers are limited, her power and ruthlessness in battle make her an interesting character.


In the anime, the story follows the adventures of the elves. The elves, long thought to be dead, are revived. They have long been considered extinct, but recently, their village has been discovered.


The story also follows the lives of other Black Bulls, including the beloved Princess Tabata. If you love fantasy, Black Clover is worth a look. If you like anime with a medieval setting and magic, this is an ideal choice.



39. Aang (Avatar: The Last Airbender)


Aang (Avatar: The Last Airbender)


The title character of Avatar: The Last Airbender is Aang (Zach Tyler Eisen). He is the last Airbender and a monk in the Southern Temple.


In the film, Aang must save his people from an evil plan, but his family and friends are hesitant to help him.


After all, he is not the strongest and may be a threat to his people. Aang was 40 years old when he first met his ally Toph’s police force and put Yakone on ice, allowing the police to capture and kill his attackers.


He eventually died, but not before leaving the White Lotus in charge of protecting the next avatar. This was the most difficult task for him to complete, as he remained human.


However, his death is no doubt the beginning of his next adventure. After saving his people from the fire nation, Aang recruited the Order of the White Lotus and brought back the Airbenders.


The two of them were married and had three children. Their son, Korra, was born two years after Aang.


The third child, Tenzin, became a major character in The Legend of Korra. In addition to Aang, the movie depicts the lives of his children, who would become Airbenders after Aang.



40. Hajime Sugoroku (Nanbaka)


Hajime Sugoroku (Nanbaka)


In the anime series “Hajime Sugoroku,” a bald anime character Hajime Sugoroku is incarcerated in Nanba Prison. He was previously imprisoned and has developed a deep hatred toward the prison guards.


He had previously broken out of prison because of dates, but he does not like Hajime. So now he is a prison guard.


Hajime’s prison guards are all bald, but they do not think he’s a bad guy. However, his strong-willed and tough personality makes him one of the most feared inmates.


He wears a lot of make-up, including a wig. He also has a crush on Hyakushiki and longs to be better than Hajime. He also has a bad side, but he tries to keep his enemies in line by beating them up.


Hajime is a well-built man with a bald head and a large scar below his left eye. His armband is red, and he wears a top hat to protect his honour.


He is a bit obnoxious and ill-tempered, but he’s willing to risk his life for his job. Unfortunately, he has been seen breaking the rules and taking on extra work, including paperwork outside his department.



41. Kamaji (Spirited Away)


Kamaji (Spirited Away)


“Kamaji” is an elderly man who operates the boiler room of a Bathhouse. He meanwhile appears as a spider in the anime Spirited Away, which is well directed by Hayao Miyazaki of the famous Studio Ghibli.


The film also stars Chihiro Ogino as Sen, Jason Marsden as the hapless hotel concierge, and Suzanne Pleshette as Kamaji.


David Ogden Stiers provides the voice of Kamaji. The voice actors in Spirited Away are excellent as lovable characters with meaningful quotes.


Miyu Irino, who plays Haku in the Japanese version, is also a notable name and the Kamaji-English dub, which stars David Ogden Stiers and Michael Chiklis as Chihiro’s father.


Rumi Hiiragi and Jason Marsden also star in the English version and Takashi Naito. The character of Kamaji has many names and is often referred to as ‘Oji-san’ by Chihiro.


“Oji-san” is the Japanese dub term for an old man, but adding the mora makes it more pronounced as “grandpa.” While this is the Japanese version of the name, the character is most often referred to as Kamaji-san in the English dub.



42. Superalloy Darkshine (One Punch Man)


Superalloy Darkshine (One Punch Man)


In the anime series One Punch Man, the superhero Superalloy Darkshine has a strong sense of honour and care for his fellow characters.


His powers are based on physical conditioning and intense training. One of his greatest feats is defeating the Bug God, a villain.


He does so with his strength and ability to repel the Bug God’s attacks. Darkshine’s one-punch technique is quite powerful, but he tends to overextend himself.


The superhero also has a powerful downward kick capable of damaging monsters. In the recent One Punch Man Halloween cover, Superalloy Darkshine cosplayed as Tang Sanzang, a character from the Chinese novel Journey to the West.


While most of his characters have pewter staffs, he is unique in using a weighted device to strike his opponents.


The S-Class has many not as physically fit heroes, but Darkshine is the strongest. His strength is nearly unfathomable, and he can lift two tons with one arm.


Yet, despite his bulk, Darkshine is also a highly agile fighter. Unlike many S-Class heroes, Darkshine can run up to and kill Carnage Kabuto in under fifteen minutes.


His incredible strength also allows him to fight Garou and knock them back.



43. Tatsuma Suguro (Ao no Exorcist)


Tatsuma Suguro (Ao no Exorcist)


The bald ninja Tatsuma Suguro is an important member of the Yakuza. He’s bald and has an oval-dotted moustache.


He survived the Blue Night when Satan slaughtered many priests. Although he’s not an exorcist, his chant skill makes him a powerful force against Demons.


He also has a familiar fire, Karura, which takes the form of a small firebird. His baldness is a sign of his power.


He can channel a wave of flames from himself and seal everything in its centre. He’s one of the first main characters in Blue Exorcists and is the only bald main character in the series.


Most of the exorcists in the series have hairstyles that change their appearance to fit their personalities.



44. Spopovich (Dragon Ball Z)


Spopovich (Dragon Ball Z)


Unlike Yamu, Spopovich possesses the power of Dark Magic. In Xenoverse 2, this power is called “the Majin Mark .”The power grants Spopovich superhuman abilities, and it also improves his durability.


He can easily survive injuries and still fight with great strength. However, his powers are limited by his weaknesses and are not fully explained in the manga.


Spopovich first appeared in the Dragon Ball Z manga and anime. He was a normal human fighter in the manga, competing in the 24th World Martial Arts Tournament.


Unfortunately, he was defeated by Hercule, who was an evil spirit. This humiliation caused Spopovich to vow to avenge himself on Hercule.


He later defeats the evil force and gains control of his body. In the manga, Spopovich first competed in a Martial Arts Tournament with his partner Yamu.


He had greatly improved his power and was able to beat Videl mercilessly. The evil magic of Babidi facilitated this.


Videl had been able to kill Spopovich and his partner, but Yamu intervened. Spopovich beat Videl until she was completely broken.


He and Yamu then seized Majin Buu’s power, which he used to destroy Babidi and the other villains.



45. Dr. Sakezô Sado (Star Battleship Yamato)


Dr. Sakezô Sado (Star Battleship Yamato)


One of the funniest characters in the Star Blazers series is Dr. Sakezô Sado, a bald anime character.


Dr. Sakezo Sado’s character is known for his love of sake. Originally a veterinarian, Dr. Sado eventually became the ship’s surgeon.


His baldness makes him seem even funnier as his given name, shuzo, translates take brewer.’ Although his drinking habits are a bit toned-down for the series, his love of sake is still apparent.


In the first season of the anime series, Sado is a respected surgeon who treated Princess Yurisha of Iscandar and Yuki Mori after their car crash.


Later, he is assigned to the Yamato as a Medical Officer and goes on orders for Captain Okita’s ailing health.


Sado is both a happy and irascible presence aboard the Yamato. He frequently berates Sanada for exposing Okita to stressful situations, which are not good for his health.


In addition to being a balding anime character, many manga and movies feature balding characters. Some of these characters are completely bald, while others are just balding and have shaved their heads.


We’ve ranked the top five bald anime characters based on their awesomeness and popularity. So, which bald anime character is your favourite? Let’s see!



46. Hiroshi Uchiyamada (Great Teacher Onizuka or GTO)


Hiroshi Uchiyamada (Great Teacher Onizuka or GTO)


One of the most popular anime among the teenage and youth GTO is a primary example of how an ex-delinquent can turn sane.


But this is not about Onizuka but more about Hiroshi Uchiyamada, who is haunted by Oniuka in the entire series, making his hair fall constantly.


Hiroshi is an aged man who has wrinkles and baldness on his head. He always is portrayed wearing glasses and a suit on school premises.


He is also the vice-principal of the renowned Holy Forest Academy. Hiroshi is at first demonstrated to be highly aggressive and devoted to his occupation as ahead of Holy Forest Academy.


Nonetheless, he is preferably childish and choked to economic well-being rather than moral greatness. He is displayed to detest wrongdoing and is bothered by anybody who disrupts guidelines while not being a respected figure.


He physically pestered Azusa Fuyutsuki and had a harsh beginning with Eikichi Onizuka.



47. Higasa Shouji (Diamond no Ace)


Higasa Shouji (Diamond no Ace)


Higasa Shouji is more like Saitama and is a student at Seidou High School. Sakai Ichirou was one of his roommates.


He has a bald head, thick eyebrows, and puckered lips. Most of Higasa’s mistakes come out of his eagerness while both defending and attacking.


He is both a good batter and defender as well.



48. Nurarihyon (Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan)


Nurarihyon (Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan)


The anime adaptation of the manga series, titled “Nurarihyon: Rise of the Yokai Clan,” features the character Rikuo Nura, a one-quarter youkai who disapproves of the existence of the yokai.


However, his charisma, strength, and determination to protect the yokai population spawned a clan in their honour. In this, Nurarihyon travels to Shikoku and meets up with the yokai Inugamigyobu Danuki, who is helping Tamazuki’s cause.


They discuss their plans and why they are fighting against the Nura Clan. As the yokai are losing ground, Rikuo is forced to fight the Hagoromo Gitsune, who had weakened the Nura clan and killed many of its members.


The sequel to Nurarihyon Nura: Rise Of The Yokai Clan is now in development at Weekly Shonen Jump, the same company responsible for such hit series as Naruto, One Piece, and Bleach.


The manga was cancelled because there was no glass to create the third season. The second season follows the first events, as Rikuo returns to Tonoo to train Fear, who will be able to defeat the Hagoromo Gitsune.



49. Principal Shinonome (Nichijou)


Principal Shinonome (Nichijou)


The anime series, Nichijou, follows the everyday lives of many characters in a suburban Japanese town. Featuring an ensemble cast, the anime highlights everyday life’s mundane and strange moments.


Produced by Kyoto Animation, the manga was first released in 2004 and aired on TV Aichi from April to September 2011.


In addition, an OVA of the series was released in March. In July, the manga was expanded with two new spinoffs: Nichijou and Uchuujin.


The manga has a cast of several main characters, including Nano Shinonome and Yuuko Aioi. The manga is based on the bestselling novel “Nichijou: A Life in the School of Nano.”


The storyline revolves around Hakase, an eight-year-old genius who has developed nano and will appear in a future storyline.


Nano has sapphire blue eyes and Light ginger hair. She wears a lab coat and thinks she is a professor.



50.  Doppo Orochi (Baki)


Doppo Orochi (Baki)


Doppo Orochi is a formidable and disciplined character in the anime series “Baki.” As a highly skilled martial artist and the leader of the Shinshinkai Karate organization, Doppo possesses a powerful presence and an unwavering dedication to his craft.


Doppo is renowned for his mastery of Shinshinkai Karate, a style that emphasizes both physical strength and mental fortitude. He exhibits incredible agility, speed, and technique, delivering devastating strikes with precision and efficiency.


Doppo’s relentless training and unwavering focus have honed his abilities to near perfection, making him a fearsome opponent in any combat situation. Beyond his martial prowess, Doppo exemplifies the virtues of discipline and integrity.


He upholds a strict moral code and holds himself and others to high standards. Doppo’s unwavering commitment to justice and his strong sense of duty make him a respected figure within the martial arts world.



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