Top 30 Best Anime Like Jujutsu Kaisen

top 30 best anime like jujutsu kaisen


Jujutsu Kaisen, known for its action and fantasy, is a well-known school anime. The action comes with Yuuji Itadori dealing with many negative forces whereas the fantasy deals with magic, in specific necromancy.


The story is of a high school student named Yuuji who got involved in some paranormal activity. At first, his life went with a normal routine till the time he decided to visit his bedridden grandfather.


Unknowingly encountering some cursed items, the life of Yuuji changed because of a series of supernatural occurrences. He has invited himself into a world of curses with an item, later revealed to be a finger of the Sukuma demon.


Since it has indulged all kinds of entertainment from mystery to action, a lot of viewers wanted to know if anime fell in the same category or nearby it. So here are some best anime like Jujutsu Kaisen that will blow your mind!




1. Hunter x Hunter (1999)


hunter x hunter (1999)


Hunter x Hunter is a well-known fantasy anime to be kept on this list because of its plot line and the theme being common with Jujutsu Kaisen. It goes with the 12-year-old boy named Gon Freecs and his actions.


Gon lived his life with the belief of being an orphan till the time he discovered the identity of his father and his existence. After finding the real identity of his father being a hunter, he started his journey with friends to become the same.


Along with action, the story also deals with a bit of adventure as Gon has decided to discover his father. Hunter x Hunter is a show that is beautiful, to say the least. It is so captivating with its story and characters that it is still, one of the highest-rated anime of all time.


And that gives us an idea of why you and I should go for Hunter x Hunter this weekend. If you don’t know yet, just watch the first arc. You will lose your mind. 




2. Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba (2019)


demon slayer: kimetsu no yaiba (2019)


Deserving the first position is the Blade of Demon Destruction released on 6 September 2019. One can easily guess its popularity through different adaptations and sequels. The story comes with fantasy almost in the same way as Jujutsu Kaisen, with the concept of demons and paranormal activities.


The story starts when Tanjiro, the protagonist, deals with daily living by selling coal. Things changed when almost everyone from his family was murdered by a demon except for his sister.


However, the situation does not just end here as his sister has turned into a half-demon. Now it is his journey where Tanijiro will not just try to save his sister from demons but also seek revenge for the murder of his family.


Demon Slayer is a beautiful story that needs so much more love and recognition. While it is one of the most popular anime in history, there’s no denying that the simplicity and entertainment that this anime offers, it deserves a lot more appreciation from people, especially those who don’t watch anime. 




3. One-Punch Man (2015)


one-punch man (2015)


One Punch Man deals with the journey of Saitama from being an average person to becoming a superhero. The story starts with an average boy living a normal life but things changed when the thirst for power came.


To become a superhero, Saitama trained himself very hard and defeated many dangerous enemies with a single punch. Greed also follows when he decides not to deal with any normal enemy but with someone who is almost or near his level.


Because of fantasy and action, the anime fits well in the list. Instead of going with any magical theme, it went with a supernatural one where Saitama stands well in all aspects.


One Punch Man is all about that action. The series focuses on nothing but the humour and action part allows it to be a game-changer for fans who want that hype and enjoyment that they can’t get from a lot of anime.


Therefore, if you haven’t watched this show, you need to do so right now. 




4. Bleach (2004)


bleach (2004)


The existence of the soul is something that seems to be unrealistic however, for this anime it is more of a reality. Because of its action and fantasy as well as adventure themes, anime has gained popularity not just in Japan but also worldwide.


We have Ichigo Kurosaki, a high school boy, whose family is visited by a corrupt spirit named Hollow. It was then the time when he met a Soul Reaper Rukia who injured herself to protect the family of Ichigo, thus he became a Soul Reaper.


When Rukia was unable to continue her power then Ichigo came in front and decided to hunt down the Hollow. He and other characters, Uryuu, Inoue, and Sado deal with new duties on the battlefield to shun threats from the world.


Bleach is one of the most celebrated anime series of all time. And that’s why it is placed on our list. The sheer excellence that this anime offers, as well as the use of unique fighting styles and techniques with a creative power system, makes this anime, a work of art that you need to watch asap. 



5. Death Note (2006)


death note (2006)


We have Light Yagami, one of the best anime characters present in history, who found a mysterious notebook called Death Note. As the name suggests, one can guess that this notebook may possess some power that appears to be unique and threatening.


It has the power to kill those whose names are written on it, thus Yagami used it for betterment by making the world a better place. It all started when he started writing the names of criminals and thieves to give justice to the victims.


It has profound questions related to murder and justice which surprisingly gives wholesome entertainment as it carries suspense and a psychological plot. Death Note is a masterpiece on its own. The story is brilliant and so are the characters.


Not only that, the people who are going within the storyline also happen to have a lot more depth to them than what meets the eye, making them remarkable and the overall anime, magnificent. 



6. Darker Than Black (2007)


Darker Than Black (2007)


As per the title, Darker Than Black, it is easy to guess the theme of this anime which is darkly mysterious and supernatural. It is a science story that came with fantasy by Tensai Okamura.


The story deals with Heaven and Hell as a sudden gate of heaven appeared in South America and a gate of hell appeared in Japan. When it comes to the reason behind this sudden appearance then it is not clear, however, some kind of supernatural force is definitely behind it.


To find the reason and its depth, a contractor was hired to investigate it. It is Hei and his journey to deal with both worlds and find a connection between these two.



7. Yū Yū Hakusho (1992)


Yū Yū Hakusho (1992)


Yū Yū Hakusho is an action anime released on 10 October 1992. The story is a supernatural one where it covers the life of a 14-year-old boy named Yuusuke. Everything was going on in his life very smoothly till the time he decided to save a boy coming in front of a moving car.


He indeed managed to save the boy but as a result, he came in front of the car and died. When judgment day arrived, almost every spirit went with morality and decided to revive him.


That’s the reason why the head of the spiritual realm Koenma has arranged some tasks. If Yuusuke will pass these tasks then the chances of his revival will come to 100%.



8. My Hero Academia (2016)


My Hero Academia (2016)


Starting the story with superheroes and the bulk of the action, the series has given wholesome entertainment to the audience with the concept of two existing worlds. The first one is named Quirk and the next is Quirkless.


Quirk are those who possess supernatural powers like shifting shape whereas Quirkless lacks these things. Coming to the power of quirks then it is generally used in battles to fight against evil.


The series in particular follows the protagonist named Izuku and his dream of becoming a superhero, one day. However, the only problem that comes with him is his existence of quirkless.



9. InuYasha (2000)


InuYasha (2000)


Getting released on 16 October 2000, the anime comes in the genre of action and fantasy, almost in the same way as Jujutsu Kaisen. It is related to Kagome Higurashi’s 15th birthday which itself became the turning point of his life.


She was forced to enter a well by some creatures where the shrine of her family was kept to date. These all things are happening to her because of the jewelry she kept unknowingly with her all the time.


This jewel is known as Shikon Jewel which carries some extraordinary power, thus, started a battle among many creatures that led to its destruction.



10. Tokyo Ghoul (2014)


Tokyo Ghoul (2014)


Tokyo Ghoul is one of the best anime we can ever see because of its supernatural, horror, thriller, and fantasy base, like Jujutsu Kaisen. Ghouls are the main focus of the story whose survival depends upon the flash of humans but the irony arrives as they carry human appearance.


Kaneki being the central character has first ignored the ghoul however, the change in his belief arrives when he meets a ghoul Rize. Rize attacked him but later on, got saved by herself in exchange for some organs.


These all lead to making Kaneki a half-ghoul, hence the struggle of keeping two lives together prevails. Now it is his journey to protect himself not just from the creatures but also from other government agents who are on a mission to hunt every ghoul.



11. Devil May Cry: The Animated Series (2007)


Devil May Cry: The Animated Series (2007)


The theme of gore and mythology is very much seen in this anime as action and fantasy take the base. It was released on 14 June 2007 and concluded on 6 September 2007.


The story is related to Patty Lowell who has lost his family but later on got found at an orphanage. Dante also arrives in the story as he takes the odd job of becoming the bodyguard of Patty.


Coming to the real identity of Dante then he appears to be a great demon hunter who is on a mission to protect Patty from demons. It is a strange series as it gives or generates a lot of silly nonsense.


Almost every cast is glorified with amazing features and the same goes with sounds and visuals.



12. Blue Exorcist (2011)


Blue Exorcist (2011)


Just like most of the anime present in the list, Blue Exorcist also contains the theme of demons and fantasy. It is related to two different worlds in which the first one is of humans, Assiah, and the second one is of demons, Gehenna.


Both worlds exist like a mirror to each other and share almost no contact. However, the leader of the demon world called Satan wanted to get this connection and have certain powers in his hand.


The anime is well known for its story, characters, designs, art, and animation which almost remain the same as Jujutsu Kaisen.



13. Dororo (1969)


Dororo (1969)


Set in the Sengoku period, Dororo is about a young man named Hyakkimaru. It carries a fantasy story where the concept of demons came when the 48 body parts of Hyakkimaru were given to 48 separate demons in his birth.


The reason behind giving his body parts to demons is that his father wanted some kind of power but later abandoned his son. Brought up by a doctor, Hyakkimaru tried to live a normal life.


When his body parts were turning into weapons and all his senses (like hearing and sight) were disappearing, he discovered a new supernatural sense in him. These senses would help him to defeat demons and defend against all dangers.



14. Soul Eater (2008)


Soul Eater (2008)


Created by Atsushi Ōkubo, the anime Soul Eater fits well in the list as it shares the same bases of fantasy and action. Carrying the concept of a demon and a bit of magic, it has delivered the story of Maka Albrun.


It all started with an Academy called Death Weapons Meister Academy where almost every student has possession of an ability that can transform them. Maka, like most of the students, carries the mission of becoming a Demon Hunter and bringing the concept of Demon Scythes.


Demon Scythes are generally made or come into existence by consuming one soul of a witch and 99 of evils. Thus, it brings a dark flavor too.



15. D.Gray-man (2006)


D.Gray-man (2006)


The anime released on 3 October 2006, however, shares a very classic setting of the 19th century. It is an action-plus comedy that has the theme of mythology. In particular, it deals with Allen Walker and his action when he joins the battle of Millennium Earl.


To get what he wants, he decided to join the Balck Order, the group made for the multitude of the wickedness of Akuma and his plans to destroy humanity from its roots.


Despite having a dull and void story, the anime got a stronghold because of the strong characters and their development. The designs and sounds with art were also appreciated.



16. Durarara!! (2010)


Durarara!! (2010)


Durarara!! or DRRR!! is one of the best to fit in the list as it gains fantasy from a different perspective. The anime is well-directed by Takahiro Omori and written by Noboru Takagi.


Categorizing itself in gang theme, the story goes around an underworld as well as an internet-based gang called Dollars. Because of this gang, a series of violence can be seen in the story which is related to the character Ikebukuro, one of the dangers to go for.


It also deals with 11 other characters coming with different perspectives and personalities who shared almost the same kind of suspense and action, like Jujutsu Kaisen.



17. Noragami (2014)


Noragami (2014)


Instead of going with just one world, that is of humans, the anime deals with another full of demons. Getting released on 5 January 2014, the anime has a supernatural fantasy theme which is quite common with the animes present in the list.


We have Hiyori Iki as the leading character portrayed as a middle school student. To protect the stranger from an accident, she sacrificed herself which leads her soul to witness a different world existing in parallel.


The first one is of the human world called Near Shore and the second one is of demons named Far Shore. Apart from Iki, the story also involves many other characters, like Yato.



18. Mob Psycho 100 (2016)


Mob Psycho 100 (2016)


Starting with the normal regular life of a high school student, the anime soon takes turns with psychological powers. It shares the same fantasy world just like Jujutsu Kaisen, thus fitting well into the list.


It deals with Kageyama Shigeo and his abilities that are totally characterized by psychics. His ability gets height with going time, can be seen through lifting heavy objects. Instead of portraying it in a positive aspect, the makers have decided to give it a negative one.


The anime is well appreciated for its story and characters, however, development is somewhere lacking the way it was present in Jujutsu Kaisen.



19. Chainsaw Man (2022)


Chainsaw Man (2022)


Denji’s teenage life is far from ordinary as he bears the weight of his father’s insurmountable debt.


With his only companion, the chainsaw devil Pochita, Denji earns money by slaying demons for the yakuza.


All he desires is a simple existence, filled with good food and the affection of a beautiful girlfriend.


However, a betrayal orchestrated by the yakuza leads to Denji’s brutal death, dashing his hopes for happiness.


In a twist of fate, a past agreement enables Pochita to merge with Denji’s deceased body, granting him devil powers and the ability to transform his limbs into chainsaws.


Under the watchful eye of the elite devil hunter Makima, Denji must navigate his newfound abilities responsibly in pursuit of his naive aspirations for a content life and the love of an attractive woman.



20. Claymore (2007)


Claymore (2007)


Having quite a common theme like Jujutsu Kaisen, viewers must be liking it for its fantasy, adventure, and superpowers. The fantasy and superpowers come with Youma, a shape-shifting demon who destroyed the village of Raki, including Raki’s family.


After the death of his all family members and friends, he was left for nothing; however, things changed after getting the support of Clare, a Claymore. They both came together and joined hands to start a journey against Youma.


Things started with traveling time to town and reaching the main Youma, which later on revealed to be the same on whom Clare has always wanted to take revenge.



21. Shaman King (2001)


Shaman King (2001)


Having action like Jujutsu Kaisen, the anime also shares uniqueness in its adventure and comedy. The story is set in a place called Tokyo where demons or shamans come into focus with a battle happening among them.


This battle is related to a tournament that repeats every 500 years where the winner would be declared the next Shaman King. The king will have the power to contact and control spirits.


Talking about any individual then it deals with Manta, the protagonist. At first, he didn’t have any knowledge related to the spirit, but later on, tries to get it with the help of Asakura, thus starting Shaman King’s journey.



22. Fire Force (2019)


Fire Force (2019)


Spontaneous Human Combustion, a disorderly event transforming ordinary individuals into violent flaming creatures called Infernals, has plagued humanity for years.


In response, the Tokyo Armed Forces, Fire Defense Agency, and Holy Church of Sol create the Special Fire Force to combat this menace.


Shinra Kusakabe, a young and enthusiastic third-generation pyrokinetic known as “Devil’s Footprints” for his ability to ignite his feet, joins the vibrant Company 8.


Their mission is to extinguish the Infernals and uncover the underlying cause of this phenomenon.


However, Shinra soon realizes that the Fire Force is plagued by internal conflicts, unusual sightings of Infernals are on the rise in Tokyo, and a mysterious group holds answers to the fire that claimed his family’s lives twelve years ago.



23. Akame ga Kill (2014)


Akame ga Kill (2014)


Sharing commonality with Jujutsu Kaisen in terms of action, fantasy, and themes of magic, the story goes with the protagonist Tatsumi. Being a fighter, she always tries to go with morality where the reason behind earning money is only to feed the poor.


But things differ when she was robbed by a woman and was left for nothing. However, the situation kind of became stable after getting the company of an Aristocrat called Aria.


But soon darkness prevailed when the mansion of Aria came under the attack of Night Raid, a group of assassins. Tatsumi decided not to leave things back and confront these assassins, thus action takes place.



24. Parasyte (2014)


Parasyte (2014)


Released under the studio Madhouse, the anime comes with the existence of a strange creature categorized as Parasyte. They suddenly attack the population by entering into their brain and controlling their activities.


But for the case of Shinchi, the protagonist, things differ as Parasyte was unable to enter his brain, thus deciding to go with his hands. He with Parasyte decided to blend and find an ultimate cure for all this chaos going on in the world.


The anime is well known for its theme which comes with fantasy, like Jujutsu Kaisen. It is also appreciated for characters that were crafted well according to the choice of viewers.



25. Black Clover (2017)


Black Clover (2017)


Just like Fullmetal Alchemist which deals with the life of siblings, the anime also comes with a story of siblings however, it goes in a different direction. If one compares it with Jujutsu Kaisen then the story of magic, action, and fantasy falls almost in a linear way.


It is related to two brothers named Yuno and Asta with their magical journey. Yuno has certain magical power since birth however, Asta lacks them but rises to gain them with physical training.


They both decided to join a magical squad called Magic Knight Squad. Coming to action then it arises with the fight to save their Kingdom from the attack of evil creatures.



26. Seraph of the End (2015)


Seraph of the End (2015)


Instead of going with demons and devils, anime deals with vampires in the same way as Jujutsu Kaisen’s fantasy. The story goes with a 12-year-old boy name Yūichirō and the way he deals with vampire attacks.


The story started with the human-made virus that spread all across the world and has almost endangered the population. The remaining population came under the slavery of vampires who decided to use them as per their wish.


When Yūichirō with his friend tries to leave the place, a sudden attack by vampires shattered everything resulting in the sacrifices of Yūichirō. However, things differ when he joined the Japanese Imperial Demon Army to get revenge.



27. Baccano! (2007)


Baccano! (2007)


Baccano!! released on 26 July 2007 with 16 episodes by the same maker as Durarara!! The story is set in 1930 Chicago with a transcontinental train starting its journey that will leave a blood bath in the whole country.


It also deals with a mafia group getting worst and meeting some action and mystery at the same time. The anime also follows comedy and supernatural elements in perfect balance, like Jujutsu Kaisen.


It also deals with immortality, survival, and alchemy that seems to be unreal and unrelated in place and time. It follows the agenda of thieves and their life-long consequences.



28. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (2009)


Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (2009)


It is again one of the anime dealing with the theme of magic and alchemy. As the name suggests, one can easily go with a brother and their relationship to get their dead mother into existence.


These two brothers are Edward and Alphonse who started their journey for the Philosopher’s Stone, the only way through which the mission of reviving mother can be completed. They decided to leave their childhood behind and go with some maturity where Alphonse and Edward had to pray price for it.


Edward has sacrificed his right arm to save the soul of his brother. This resulted in both joining the military as a State Alchemy, making their sole mission difficult.



29. Devilman Crybaby (2018)


Devilman Crybaby (2018)


Just like Jujutsu Kaisen where demons and magic became the core, Devilman: Crybaby is also the one dealing with the theme of demons and their position. They need a host for existence however, if one is strong then they can easily overcome demons, thus becoming Devilman.


We have Akira Fudou and his friend Ryou as leading characters because it is their journey to deal with demons. When demons decided to attack, Akira is willing to save his friend and somehow got merged with a demon named Amon, thus becoming a Devilman himself and deciding to shun other devils.


The anime is one with mixed feelings as art and sound were well appreciated, however, the story somewhere seems to be alliterating.



30. Terror In Resonance (2014)


Terror In Resonance (2014)


Shinichirō Watanabe’s directorial Terror in Resonance is a psychological thriller aired on Fuji TV. Just like Jujutsu Kaisen, the anime shares a mysterious plot, however, differs in theme and story.


Its setting is in a time when Tokyo was devastated by a terrorist attack which has left everyone in shock. The only thing that went with the roots of this terrorist attack is a video posted by the culprits of the incident, named Sphinx.


Sphinx consists of a duo named Twelve and Nine who somehow were able to survive an unknown incident and woke up in a world of attacks. It was released on 10 July 2014 with 11 episodes and got concluded on 25 September 2014.



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