Top 50 Best Mystery Anime To Watch In 2024

top 50 best mystery anime to watch in 2024


Mystery is a genre that rules any medium of entertainment. Everybody loves to watch some or other form of mystery that can shape their opinions on reality. And so, fans absolutely admire this genre.


However, anime offers a mystery to a whole different level. The shows that we will talk about today, have some of the most beautiful suspense stories that you will ever experience. So get ready with your notebooks as we dive into this list of the Best Mystery Anime for you. Make sure that this list is for the casuals as well as hardcore fans.


So you can rest assured that there’s something for everyone here. I hope you enjoy it.




1. Owarimonogatari 2nd Season


owarimonogatari 2nd season


After a peculiar encounter with the oddity specialist Izuko Gaen, high school student Koyomi Araragi finds himself in an unfamiliar void. In this surreal space, he encounters a familiar face with a surprising twist.


With the support of his girlfriend Hitagi Senjougahara, Araragi embarks on a journey to untangle the mysteries of his past and present. However, his path crosses once more with the peculiar transfer student Ougi Oshino, who presents him with an unexpected proposal that challenges his very identity.


As Araragi delves into the secrets of an apparition, he stumbles upon a hidden truth that could alter his world forever. It is often considered that Owarimonogatari is the best instalment of the Monogatari series.


Therefore, if you have yet to watch this instalment, make sure that you do so as soon as possible. The characters are way more mysterious than what you might expect. 




2. Monster




Dr Kenzou Tenma, a highly skilled neurosurgeon with a promising future, faces a pivotal moment when he is forced to choose between two patients, leading to unintended tragedy. Struggling with guilt and a crisis of conscience, Tenma’s life takes a dark turn.


Years later, his past comes back to haunt him when he saves the life of a criminal, setting off a chain of events that forces him to confront the consequences of his earlier decision.


Tenma decides to make amends for his actions and thus, ventures out to bring the monster down. However, that endeavour will be quite complicated since the opponent is a genius whose skills are beyond comprehension and thus, require a lot more effort to deduce. 




3. Kizumonogatari III: Reiketsu-hen


kizumonogatari iii: reiketsu-hen


Having turned into a vampire after reviving Kiss-shot Acerola-Orion Heart-under-blade, Koyomi Araragi now serves her as a servant. In his quest to restore her full power and regain his humanity, Araragi retrieves her severed limbs by defeating the vampire hunters.


However, as he approaches his ultimate goal, doubts arise. He questions the wisdom of restoring Kiss-shot’s powers, fearing the potential consequences of her unleashed might. Moreover, he ponders the hunters’ ability to overpower a powerful vampire like Kiss-shot.


Even though Araragi was uncertain whether he could trust her with the task of restoring his humanity, he did take actions that he might regret later on in his life. Soon enough, Araragi will find out the true meaning of life and the importance of people around it. 




4. Monogatari Series: Second Season


monogatari series: second season


Monogatari Series: Second Season delves into the world of apparitions, oddities, and gods that surround Koyomi Araragi and his close-knit circle of friends. As they face the looming darkness, the group must navigate new challenges as a new semester begins and graduation approaches.


Koyomi is faced with crucial decisions that will shape his future and the fate of his cherished friendships. However, a series of strange events unfold, leading to Koyomi’s sudden disappearance and the appearance of a dangerous tiger apparition targeting Tsubasa Hanekawa.


Hanekawa will experience what human fragility is and how the apparition will provide its own perspective. The story is going to take some interesting turns and everything will fall short for the characters who are part of the overall story. 

Make sure that you watch this season. 



5. Mushishi Zoku Shou 2nd Season


mushishi zoku shou 2nd season


In a world inhabited by ancient entities known as Mushi, Ginko, a travelling Mushishi, strives to restore balance to the lives of those affected by these enigmatic beings. The Mushi’s influence leads to puzzling and unsettling changes in the lives of humans, ranging from overt effects like time loops and telepathy to subtler manifestations that may take years to surface.


Ginko’s role as an arbiter involves discerning whether the Mushi’s presence is a blessing or a curse, but such judgments are inherently subjective. Some individuals embrace the newfound powers bestowed upon them, risking their own demise, while others desperately seek relief from afflictions that may serve as protective barriers.


Mushishi is a franchise that is known for its tranquillity and unique themes that are not common in the anime medium. Ginko will be experiencing mysteries, adventures, and so much more, in ways viewers wouldn’t have expected. 



6. Mushishi Zoku Shou


Mushishi Zoku Shou


In a world inhabited by mysterious creatures known as Mushi, Ginko, a Mushishi, embarks on a journey to facilitate understanding and harmony between humans and these enigmatic beings. While Mushi poses no ill intentions, their presence can bring about unforeseen consequences when human interactions with them are misguided.


During his travels, Ginko encounters individuals with unique connections to the Mushi, some afflicted by their influence, while others maintain delicate symbiotic relationships. As he navigates these intricate situations, he ponders the ethical dilemma of human intervention in the complex web of connections between Mushi and mankind.


Ginko’s quest to comprehend the nature of these extraordinary beings unveils deeper insights into their mysterious existence.



7. Odd Taxi


Odd Taxi


Living a quirky and straightforward life as a taxi driver, Hiroshi Odokawa encounters a diverse array of individuals during his rides. Among his passengers are a fame-hungry jobless man, an enigmatic nurse, a struggling comedy duo, and a notorious delinquent.


However, his ordinary routine takes a dramatic shift when he becomes involved in a missing person investigation conducted by the police. This unexpected connection attracts the attention of both the yakuza and corrupt law enforcement officials, causing chaos and danger to engulf his once peaceful life.



8. Made in Abyss


Made in Abyss


The Abyss, a vast and enigmatic chasm beneath the earth, beckons explorers known as Divers to uncover its secrets. Among them, Riko, the daughter of the renowned White Whistle, Lyza the Annihilator, yearns to follow in her mother’s footsteps and explore its deepest realms.


During her adventures, she befriends Reg, a mysterious robot boy with no recollection of his past. Convinced that Reg’s origins lie within the Abyss, they embark on a perilous journey to recover his memories and discover the truth behind this mysterious abyssal world.


However, little do they know the hidden dangers and dark truths that await them in the depths of the Abyss.



9. Made in Abyss: Retsujitsu no Ougonkyou


Made in Abyss: Retsujitsu no Ougonkyou


Having survived the gruelling challenges in Idofront, Riko now wields a White Whistle, granting access to the Abyss’s sixth layer—The Capital of the Unreturned. Together with Reg and Nanachi, they set forth to explore this uncharted domain, home to the ruins of the legendary Golden City.


As they adapt to the harsh environment, they encounter perilous creatures and treacherous landscapes. Their journey leads them to a village inhabited by mysterious beings called “hollows.” Despite an unsettling feeling, they continue their quest to unveil the secrets of the settlement and the forgotten legacies of brave adventurers who once dared to explore the horrors of the Abyss.



10. Mushishi




In the captivating world of “Mushishi,” Mushi are the most elemental life forms, devoid of purpose and moral judgment. They manifest in diverse forms, mirroring natural elements like plants, diseases, and rainbows.


Nevertheless, comprehending Mushi goes beyond simple definitions, and their existence remains largely concealed from humans. Ginko, a “Mushishi,” passionately delves into their mysteries, driven to understand their role in the world’s hierarchy of life.


Pursuing rumours associated with Mushi, he seeks the profound answer to their purpose, which could potentially unlock the very meaning of life. A deep mystery for you.



11. Made in Abyss Movie 3: Fukaki Tamashii no Reimei


Made in Abyss Movie 3: Fukaki Tamashii no Reimei


United by a shared tragic loss, Nanachi joins Riko and Reg as they venture into the perilous depths of the Abyss. Their destination is the Sea of Corpses—the Abyss’s ominous fifth layer, which marks the deepest point a traveller can return from without losing their humanity. 


However, their progress is hindered by the enigmatic and sadistic Bondrewd, who operates a nightmarish laboratory that acts as a final obstacle for Abyss explorers. Nanachi, haunted by past encounters with Bondrewd, is confronted with conflicting emotions. 


A potential advantage arises when they encounter Prushka, a spirited girl claiming to be Bondrewd’s daughter. Together, Riko, Reg, Nanachi, and Prushka must navigate the treacherous sixth layer, facing the challenges posed by Bondrewd’s manipulations.



12. The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya


The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya


In the chilly month of December, Kyon heads to school, anticipating spending time with the SOS Brigade. However, he is taken aback to discover a world turned upside down: Haruhi, Itsuki, and Mikuru have vanished, Yuki is no longer a humanoid interface, and Ryouko has made an unexpected reappearance.


Struggling to come to terms with this bizarre reality, Kyon decides to embark on a solo investigation, realizing he’s the sole person who remembers the previous timeline. Now faced with a momentous choice, Kyon must decide whether to embrace the ordinary life he secretly craved or find a way to reverse time and restore the tumultuous yet familiar world he once knew.



13. Mushishi Zoku Shou: Suzu no Shizuku


Mushishi Zoku Shou: Suzu no Shizuku


Many years ago, a young boy heard mysterious bells ringing on a warm summer day near his home in the mountains. Now, as a mushishi, Ginko encounters a peculiar girl with weeds growing from her body in that same mountainous region.


Coincidentally, he meets the boy, Yoshiro, now grown-up, who helps Ginko unravel the enigmatic tale of the girl named Kaya and her connection to the mountain. Based on the manga’s last arc, Mushishi Zoku Shou: Suzu no Shizuku follows Ginko’s extraordinary journey into the world of the occult to uncover the secrets surrounding Kaya and her mystical mountain dwelling.



14. Kizumonogatari II: Nekketsu-hen


Kizumonogatari II: Nekketsu-hen


Koyomi Araragi, now no longer fully human, sets out on a quest to retrieve the stolen body parts of Kiss-shot Acerola-Orion Heart-under-blade, taken by three powerful vampire hunters. These hunters include Dramaturgie, a vampire hunter who is also a vampire; Episode, a half-vampire with the ability to transform into the mist; and Guillotinecutter, a dangerous human priest.


Unaware of the consequences, Araragi’s journey poses a risk of diminishing his humanity and turning him into a vampire. Can he recover Kiss-shot’s limbs and maintain his wish to return to being human amidst these intense battles?



15. The Tatami Galaxy


The Tatami Galaxy


At a mysterious ramen stand near the Shimogamo Shrine, a college student meets a man claiming to be a god of matrimony. This encounter prompts the student to rethink his past two years, spent with his friend Ozu, trying to break up couples on campus.


Frustrated with his life, he decides to change and asks out the unsociable yet kind-hearted Akashi. But before he can follow through, he is transported back in time to the beginning of college, giving him a chance to relive his life.


Yojouhan Shinwa Taikei is a surreal and artistic journey of a young man’s quest for friendship, love, and the vibrant college life he always wished for.



16. Mushishi: Hihamukage


Mushishi: Hihamukage


The countryside gathers in awe to witness a rare solar eclipse rumoured to reveal the elusive Mushi. Amidst the fascination, Mushishi Ginko receives a foreboding prediction from Tanyuu Karibusa, leading him to an unfortunate farming village.


Following the eclipse, an ominous black cloud blocks the sun once more, casting the village into perpetual darkness. Suspecting a Mushi named Hihami to be the cause, Ginko sets out to free the village from its shadowy plight.


Yet, not all residents are eager to return to the light. As the eclipse’s effects unravel, Ginko faces the challenge of restoring light while navigating the villagers’ contrasting desires.



17. Kara no Kyoukai Movie 5: Mujun Rasen


Kara no Kyoukai Movie 5: Mujun Rasen


Set in November 1998, the Ogawa apartment complex in Mifune City becomes the scene of a shocking double homicide carried out by Tomoe Enjou. However, to his bewilderment, Tomoe is not pursued by the police, and news of the crime remains suppressed.


Shiki Ryougi, after saving Tomoe from a group of attackers, offers him refuge in her residence. Strange events unfold as Tomoe finds out that his supposedly murdered mother is still alive.


Concurrently, Mikiya Kokutou, prompted by a tip from his associate Touko Aozaki, starts investigating the unusual incident. As he delves deeper, he takes a keen interest in Tomoe’s enigmatic circumstances, leading him to uncover the dark secrets concealed within the Ogawa complex.



18. Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 2nd GIG


Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 2nd GIG


After successfully resolving the “Laughing Man” case, Section 9 is reassembled by Japan’s newly elected Prime Minister, Youko Kayabuki, to counter the rising threat of cyber-terrorism. A new group named “The Individual Eleven” emerges, perpetrating acts of terror across the country.


While Motoko Kusanagi, Daisuke Aramaki, Batou, and their team investigate this dangerous organization, Japan faces another crisis—a surge of foreign refugees seeking sanctuary after the Third World War. As Section 9’s investigation progresses, they find themselves crossing paths with Gouda Kazundo, a high-ranking member of the Cabinet Intelligence Service, raising suspicions about his involvement and the potential interconnection between The Individual Eleven and the refugee situation.



19. Summertime Render


Summertime Render


After the loss of his parents, Shinpei Ajiro finds a new family with the Kofune household, where he lives with Mio and Ushio. Tragedy strikes when Ushio drowns in a rescue attempt, leading Shinpei to suspect foul play due to suspicious bruises.


Returning to the island for Ushio’s funeral, he investigates, only to face a series of eerie events. Mio recalls an old folktale about “Shadows” foretelling death, and strange occurrences add to the island’s dark atmosphere.


Shinpei defies his ominous fate to honour Ushio’s final wish—to protect Mio—while confronting the mysterious and unsettling forces lurking on Hitogashima Island.



20. The Promised Neverland


The Promised Neverland


Grace Field House provides a seemingly idyllic home for orphans, overseen by their nurturing “Mama” Isabella. However, beneath the cheerful facade, a sinister reality lurks. Periodically, children are adopted and vanish without a trace.


The three oldest siblings grow suspicious of the situation and decide to investigate. As they delve deeper, they uncover the chilling fate that awaits the children at Grace Field, including shocking revelations about Mama.


The story unfolds as they face the harsh truth and fight to protect themselves and their companions from a cruel destiny. The Promised Neverland is a mystery that took the anime community by storm.



21. Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica Movie 3: Hangyaku no Monogatari


Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica Movie 3: Hangyaku no Monogatari


In the tranquil town of Mitakihara, a group of girls live as magical protectors, but Homura Akemi senses an unsettling change. Feeling a presence that doesn’t belong, she becomes suspicious of the situation.


As her friends remain unaware, Homura takes it upon herself to uncover the truth behind these mysteries. In Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica Movie 3: Hangyaku no Monogatari, Homura’s unwavering love and determination lead her on a path of battling despair and confronting an enigmatic force.


This movie serves as the gripping conclusion to the magical girls’ tale, with Homura at the heart of the struggle. The series is just captivating from so many angles.



22. Zoku Owarimonogatari


Zoku Owarimonogatari


As Koyomi Araragi’s high school life comes to an end, he is unexpectedly pulled into a peculiar and reversed world through his bathroom mirror. In this strange dimension, familiar faces take on unexpected traits and behaviours.


To find his way back home and understand this surreal reality, Araragi must navigate through the enigmatic challenges that lie ahead. Zoku Owarimonogatari unravels the tale of his endeavours in this twisted world, where the boundaries between the known and the unknown blur.


The Monogatari series is a bit complex to understand. So if you want to get a proper sequence for it, you can read our watch order for the Monogatari Series.



23. Owarimonogatari




At Naoetsu Private High School, a mysterious transfer student named Ougi Oshino approaches Koyomi Araragi seeking advice about a peculiar discovery. Together with their mutual friend Kanbaru Suruga, they investigate the appearance of a classroom in an otherwise empty area—an inexplicable phenomenon.


Uncertain whether it involves a supernatural entity, Araragi and Ougi delve into the mystery, only to realize that the room holds a long-forgotten memory, and they find themselves locked in as they search for answers.


The anime is absolutely gorgeous with surreal visuals and witty animation.



24. Bungou Stray Dogs 4th Season


Bungou Stray Dogs 4th Season


Yukichi Fukuzawa, no longer interested in military affairs, becomes a bodyguard-for-hire. However, his freelance business faces challenges until he meets Ranpo Edogawa, a talkative boy, and gets involved in a murder mystery.


This leads to the formation of the Armed Detective Agency. Ranpo, a brilliant detective, chases after a skilled criminal with a dangerous ability to commit perfect crimes. As he unravels the case, he uncovers a plot to destroy the Agency.


Despite the danger, they persist in their pursuit, only to be framed for the crime themselves. Branded as wanted terrorists, the remaining members must prove their innocence, even if they have to seek help from their sworn enemies.



25. Mushishi Zoku Shou: Odoro no Michi


Mushishi Zoku Shou: Odoro no Michi


In a world of mysterious creatures called “Mushi” that defy the laws of nature, Ginko, a Mushishi, receives a job request from Tanyuu Karibusa. His task is to oversee an investigation led by Kumado Minai, a member of the Minai clan known for their ruthlessness.


The investigation involves an abandoned village where dead wood and houses transform into thriving plants. The Minai clan’s peculiar characteristics include a lack of appreciation for beauty or sentiment. Curious about this trend, Tanyuu suspects there’s more to it than meets the eye.


Ginko embarks on a dangerous journey through the “Path of Thorns,” where deadly Mushi flow into the world of the living, to uncover the secrets behind the Minai clan’s ancient task.



26. Mononoke




Known as the “Medicine Seller,” a mysterious occult master travels through feudal Japan to hunt malevolent spirits called “Mononoke.” However, he cannot simply slay them; instead, he must first understand their Form, Truth, and Reason.


Armed with the powerful Exorcism Sword, he embarks on perilous exorcisms, beginning with psychological analysis and careful investigation. At an old-fashioned inn, the Medicine Seller encounters Shino, a pregnant woman residing in a room infested with the deadly Zashiki Warashi Mononoke.


Driven by his hunter’s intuition, he sets out to uncover the secrets of the malevolent entity before it claims more lives.



27. Kara no Kyoukai Movie 7: Satsujin Kousatsu (Go)


Kara no Kyoukai Movie 7: Satsujin Kousatsu (Go)


Set in February 1999, a wave of murders with eerie similarities to past killings unsettles Shiki Ryougi and Mikiya Kokutou. The situation stirs a dormant dark desire within Shiki, and she becomes a suspect due to her resemblance to the previous killer.


To safeguard Shiki from her inner impulses, Mikiya resolves to find the true perpetrator and prove her innocence. With the help of his cousin Daisuke Akimi, a police investigator, Mikiya embarks on an investigation into Mifune City’s underbelly, determined to protect Shiki’s soul and clear her name once and for all.


This anime is made for hardcore fans.



28. Land of the Lustrous


Land of the Lustrous


In a mysterious future, the world is inhabited by Gems, crystalline organisms who fight against the Lunarians. Phosphophyllite, known as Phos, dreams of being helpful in the war effort but is given a seemingly mundane task due to fragility.


During this assignment, Phos encounters Cinnabar, an intelligent yet isolated gem. Driven to find a meaningful role for both of them, Phos embarks on a journey to protect their fellow Gems and offer purpose to those who feel rejected. “Houseki no Kuni” follows Phos’ efforts to create a sense of belonging and value in this enigmatic world.


The show is beautiful. And the way it deals with all the resources around it is just surreal.



29. Kizumonogatari I: Tekketsu-hen


Kizumonogatari I: Tekketsu-hen


In his second year at Naoetsu Private High School, Koyomi Araragi encounters Tsubasa Hanekawa, a brilliant classmate. She tells him a startling rumour about a vampire with blonde hair and icy eyes haunting the town.


While initially sceptical, Araragi’s curiosity gets the better of him, leading him to a chilling scene in the subway—disembodied bodies with the rumoured vampire among them. Surprisingly, the vampire pleads for his assistance, leaving Araragi with a life-changing decision to make.


The movie is just insane with its action, drama, and storytelling, making it a must-watch for everyone.



30. Made in Abyss Movie 2: Hourou Suru Tasogare


Made in Abyss Movie 2: Hourou Suru Tasogare


The movie is a compilation of episodes 9-13 from the 2017 TV series, focusing on Riko and Reg’s journey into the Abyss. As they descend through the layers, they encounter various dangers and face the Curse.


A critical moment occurs when Riko’s arm is injured, but they receive aid from a new ally, Nanachi. Grateful for the help, Nanachi asks Reg for a difficult favour: to put an end to the suffering of her immortal companion, Mitty.


Accepting the request, Reg carries out the task. Following this emotional encounter, Nanachi decides to join Riko and Reg on their mission to reach the Abyss’s deepest depths.



31. Baccano!




Set in 1930s Chicago, the legendary Flying Pussyfoot train embarks on a blood-filled journey, while in New York, scientist Szilard and Ennis seek missing elixir bottles. Mafia conflicts escalate, and in 1711 on the Advena Avis, alchemists grapple with immortality’s cost.


Based on award-winning light novels, Baccano! intricately weaves seemingly unrelated events across time and place, unveiling a larger story of alchemy, survival, and immortality. The kind-hearted thieves, Isaac and Miria, bridge people’s paths, each with their ambitions and secrets, forging deep connections and consequences for all involved.



32. Psycho-Pass




In the 22nd century, Japan uses the Sibyl System to assess citizens’ threat levels based on their Psycho-Pass. Inspectors and Enforcers work together to enforce the law, with Enforcers handling more brutal tasks.


Akane Tsunemori, an earnest Inspector, joins forces with seasoned Enforcer Shinya Kougami and realizes the Sibyl System isn’t as flawless as it seems. Doubts about justice and the system’s integrity emerge, leading Akane to question if true justice can be maintained in a potentially corrupted world.


Psycho-Pass is a series that can’t be compared to anything and anyone. And that’s why you need to watch it as soon as possible.



33. Bakemonogatari




Koyomi Araragi, a third-year high school student, escapes vampirism with the aid of Meme Oshino. Despite becoming human again, he retains extraordinary powers. Araragi endeavours to live an ordinary life, supported by his friend Tsubasa Hanekawa.


However, when he encounters Hitagi Senjougahara, who defies gravity, he decides to assist her against her wishes. Seeking Oshino’s help once more, Araragi finds himself embroiled in a series of tales involving demons and gods as he strives to aid those affected by supernatural troubles.


Bakemonogatari follows Araragi’s journey as he becomes entangled in the lives of those facing supernatural afflictions.



34. Erased




Satoru Fujinuma possesses an extraordinary ability to travel back in time just before disasters happen, enabling him to intervene and save lives. However, when he is accused of murder, he is thrust back to the year 1988, 18 years in the past.


There, he realizes that the crime may be linked to the abduction and killing of his classmate, Kayo Hinazuki, during his childhood. Driven to correct the past and prevent Kayo’s tragic fate, Satoru embarks on a mission to uncover the truth behind the events that occurred 18 years ago.


As he navigates through the past, he aims to alter the course of destiny and protect his loved ones in the present.



35. Detective Conan Movie 06: The Phantom of Baker Street


Detective Conan Movie 06: The Phantom of Baker Street


The highly anticipated VR technology, Noah’s Ark, is about to amaze Japan’s privileged children. However, their excitement turns into a chilling investigation when a company employee is murdered, leaving behind a cryptic clue hidden within the virtual world.


Determined to solve the mystery and catch the culprit, Conan Edogawa, accompanied by the Detective Boys and Ran Mouri, enters Noah’s Ark. Inside, they are trapped within the virtual landscapes, and their only way out is to navigate through a simulated 19th-century London to uncover the notorious Jack the Ripper.


With the lives of 50 innocent children at stake, Conan and his friends must act swiftly to bring justice and escape the perilous virtual reality.



36. Shinsekai Yori


Shinsekai Yori


Set in the town of Kamisu 66, Shinsekai Yori follows 12-year-old Saki Watanabe and her group of friends with psychic powers as they attend Sage Academy. Saki becomes increasingly uneasy about the fate of those without abilities and the rumoured Tainted Cats who abduct children.


The story revolves around their coming-of-age experiences and their quest to unravel the unsettling truths about their seemingly ideal society. As they navigate through the mysteries and impending turmoil, Saki and her friends must confront the harsh realities and complexities of the world they live in.



37. Ghost in the Shell


Ghost in the Shell


In the year 2029, Niihama City boasts a technologically advanced society where cybernetics have become commonplace. Major Motoko Kusanagi leads Public Security Section 9, tasked with maintaining order in this interconnected world.


When a mysterious hacker called the “Puppet Master” emerges, erasing victims’ memories with extraordinary abilities, Motoko and her team embark on a complex investigation. As they pursue the elusive hacker, Section 6 intervenes, complicating matters further.


The case prompts Motoko to delve into profound philosophical questions about her own existence. Eventually, she realizes that the answers she seeks lie with the enigmatic Puppet Master, whose cybernetic nature blurs the lines between humanity and technology.



38. Moriarty the Patriot Part 2


Moriarty the Patriot Part 2


In Great Britain, a notorious figure known as the “Lord of Crime” is causing a stir by taking down corrupt nobles. Little do people know that this criminal mastermind is not an individual but a trio of brothers: William James Moriarty, Louis, and Albert.


Their mission is to dismantle the unjust society and forge a new, equitable world. Sherlock Holmes and Dr John Watson are determined to stop them, leading to a high-stakes battle of wits.


Unbeknownst to Sherlock, his elusive adversary is closer than he realizes. Amidst the intrigue, Irene Adler, a clever and captivating woman, finds herself embroiled in a dangerous scandal involving classified documents that could rock the British Empire.



39. Black Butler Movie: Book of the Atlantic


Black Butler Movie: Book of the Atlantic


In the Victorian era, Ciel Phantomhive, the young Earl and Queen’s Guard Dog, is once again investigating supernatural events in London. A series of miraculous resurrections piques his interest, leading him and his loyal demon butler, Sebastian Michaelis, to embark on a luxury cruise ship named Campania.


Their mission is to uncover the truth about the Aurora Society, a dubious medical organization rumoured to conduct experiments on the deceased. As they delve deeper, they encounter grim reapers and unravel a sinister plan that threatens to unleash the undead upon the ship.


Ciel and Sebastian, with the help of old friends, must decipher the mysteries of the Aurora Society’s phoenix symbol and prevent a nightmarish disaster from engulfing the vessel.



40. Heavenly Delusion


Heavenly Delusion


In the aftermath of a disaster that ravaged human civilization, man-eating monsters roam the land, posing a deadly threat to survivors. A group of children find shelter in an isolated facility, shielded from the dangers outside.


However, as some of the children start becoming curious about the world beyond their haven, they set out on a journey of exploration. Meanwhile, Maru and Kiruko, two young survivors from the outside world, team up in search of a place called Heaven.


Both carry the weight of past traumas and secrets, seeking answers and hope amidst the cruelty and destruction that still lingers in the world.



41. Great Pretender


Great Pretender


Makoto Edamura’s life of crime as a pickpocket and scammer takes an unexpected turn when he becomes the victim of another con artist, Laurent Thierry. Pursued by the police, Makoto decides to follow Laurent to Los Angeles, sparking a rivalry between the two swindlers.


They challenge each other to prove their skills by targeting the biggest mafia boss on the West Coast. Great Pretender chronicles their journey, hopping from city to city, engaging in high-stakes fraud with a team of colourful associates.


As Makoto faces increasingly complex challenges, he realizes that the world of international scams is far more demanding and perilous than he ever imagined.



42. Bungou Stray Dogs 3rd Season


Bungou Stray Dogs 3rd Season


Following the conclusion of a three-way organizational war, Ango Sakaguchi, a government bureaucrat, reminisces about an event from the past involving Osamu Dazai. As a new recruit, Dazai was assigned to investigate a mysterious explosion linked to the former Port Mafia boss.


To solve the case, he was paired with Chuuya Nakahara, the passionate leader of a rival clan known as the Sheep. Together, they sought answers and the truth behind the enigmatic Arahabaki, the god of fire.


In the present, the Armed Detective Agency enjoys a brief respite, but lurking enemies, both familiar and new, are preparing for another confrontation, indicating that peace will not last for long.



43. Detective Conan Movie 13: The Raven Chaser


Detective Conan Movie 13: The Raven Chaser


In the guise of Edogawa Conan, Kudou Shinichi faces a critical moment as the Black Syndicate gets closer to uncovering his survival. To avert the threat of imminent danger, Conan must locate Irish, a Black Organization member who has infiltrated the police and is involved in a significant serial murder investigation.


The lives of Conan and those around him hang in the balance as he strives to prevent the truth from being revealed. The Detective Conan series has always been a subject of appreciation and love when it comes to mystery.


So it’s no surprise that this movie is up here.



44. Revolutionary Girl Utena


Revolutionary Girl Utena


Long ago, a young princess suffered a tragic loss when she lost both her parents. A compassionate prince comforted her and gave her a ring, promising a future meeting if she kept it.


This encounter profoundly influenced Utena Tenjou, who later becomes determined to embody the qualities of a prince. Years later, Utena attends Ootori Academy, where she encounters the mysterious Anthy Himemiya and the Student Council, who are engaged in a battle for Anthy’s ownership.


Mistakenly drawn into the world of Duelists, Utena resolves to fight against them, eager to save Anthy from her harsh fate and prove herself as a true prince.



45. Girls’ Last Tour


Girls’ Last Tour


In a world devastated by war, Chito and Yuuri travel through the remains of a once-thriving city on a motorcycle. As the sole survivors, they scrounge for resources while reflecting on the past.


Despite their isolation, their companionship brings solace in the midst of desolation. They share experiences like honing their shooting skills, discovering new books, and engaging in snowball fights on the frozen battlefield, which offer glimpses of happiness.


Against the backdrop of desolate landscapes and abandoned buildings, Girls’ Last Tour chronicles the uplifting journey of two girls as they search for hope in a fading world. A beautiful anime that needs your attention.



46. Higurashi When They Cry – Kai


Higurashi When They Cry - Kai


Hinamizawa, a serene village, harbours a concealed darkness known only to Rika Furude and her friends. Trapped in a time loop, Rika witnesses dreadful events unfold repeatedly. Determined to stop the tragedies, she diligently seeks the villain responsible.


But deciphering the mystery with incomplete clues leads to repeated failures, pushing her from hope to despair. As the village’s annual festival approaches, Rika confronts the relentless grip of fate, desperate to break free from the unending cycle of suffering.


In this eerie tale, the thin line between tranquillity and horror keeps the village on edge, while Rika’s unwavering determination to change the outcome fuels the emotional journey.



47. Princess Tutu


Princess Tutu


Unfolding like a fairy tale, the story centres around Ahiru, a seemingly clumsy and gentle girl. However, she holds a magical secret—transformed from a duck to a human girl by the mysterious Drosselmeyer.


As Princess Tutu, a skilled ballet dancer with a magical pendant, Ahiru heals troubled souls through her performances. The tale follows her quest to collect the scattered shards of her prince’s heart, which he broke to imprison an evil raven.


In this heroic journey against fate, Ahiru embraces her destiny, aiming for the story’s “happily ever after” ending. With themes of courage, love, and destiny, Princess Tutu weaves an enchanting narrative where beliefs and actions shape the path to true happiness.



48. Durarara!!




In Tokyo’s lively Ikebukuro district, rumours of sinister gangs and unusual characters circulate, with one particular legend capturing attention—the headless “Black Rider” riding a jet-black motorcycle. Mikado Ryuugamine, drawn to city life, moves to Tokyo prompted by his childhood friend.


Witnessing the Black Rider on his first day in the city, he is thrilled to experience the excitement he desired. Yet, the city’s atmosphere takes a supernatural turn, involving ordinary citizens and eccentric locals in the unfolding chaos.


Ikebukuro becomes a hotbed of thrilling encounters and mysteries, where the line between reality and the paranormal blurs for those caught up in its urban legends.



49. Kanata no Astra


Kanata no Astra


Set in the year 2063, space travel is a reality, and Aries Spring is thrilled about her upcoming camp on planet McPa. However, an unforeseen incident thrusts her and a group of teenagers into the depths of outer space.


Stranded far away from their destination, they stumble upon an abandoned ship, giving them a glimmer of hope to make it back home. With limited resources and facing the vastness of space, they must join forces to survive and find a way back to Earth.


As they unravel the mystery behind their predicament, the teenagers must rely on their resilience and teamwork to conquer the challenges posed by the unknown cosmos.



50. Zankyou no Terror


Zankyou no Terror


Following a devastating terrorist attack on a nuclear facility, Japan is left in chaos, and law enforcement is desperate to find the culprits known as “Sphinx.” The masked duo, Nine and Twelve, surfaces and taunts the authorities through cryptic challenges, aiming to reveal hidden truths.


Detective Kenjirou Shibazaki takes on the challenging investigation, trying to decipher the motivations behind Sphinx’s actions. Zankyou no Terror intricately weaves a story of deception, secrets, and tragic pasts as the teenagers manipulate the city, leaving it in a state of panic and uncertainty.



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