Top 50 Most Popular Female Naruto Characters

top 50 most popular female naruto characters


Naruto! An anime that everyone and their mothers have watched. I don’t think there’s any need for an introduction or explanation of why this show is incredible.


However, we do need a place where we shed some light on the female cast of the show.


Yup, I believe that a fine female cast can make the anime go from good to great.


And that is one of the key features of Naruto as well. So why not look at a few of them today and appreciate their presence?


Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me to introduce you to the Best Female Characters in Naruto.


These are some of the most captivating characters in the entire series and I know you will enjoy reading about them quite a lot.


So grab your Kunai, lay down on your couch, and let’s dive deep into this realm.


I hope you enjoy it!




1. Hinata Hyuuga


hinata hyuuga


Entity Detail
Character Hinata Hyuuga
Birthday December 27
Age 12-13 years (Part 1), 16 years (Part 2)
Height 148 cm (Part 1), 160 cm (Part 2)
Weight 38 kg (Part 1), 45 kg (Part 2)
Zodiac Capricorn
Hair Colour Black
Eye Colour White
Blood Group A


Yup! This one shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who watched the Naruto series.


The Queen herself, Hinata Hyuuga. And to mention the reason why she is so good, I would say it is the assistance that she offers to the overall series that makes her so special.


Her presence in the Pain invasion arc and more importantly, her company in Naruto’s life is what makes her so good.


Hinata is an ideal woman. A strong ninja who wants to protect her loved ones at all costs is why she is admired so much within the anime community. She is also very feminine which is something that’s appreciated by anime fans all around the globe. 




2. Sakura Haruno


sakura haruno


Entity Detail
Character Sakura Haruno
Birthday March 28
Age 12-13 years (Part 1), 15-17 years (Part 2)
Height 148.5-150.1 cm (Part 1), 161 cm (Part 2)
Weight 35.4-35.9 kg (Part 1), 45.4 kg (Part 2)
Zodiac Aries
Hair Colour Pink
Eye Colour Green
Blood Group O


The lead character from the squad. The regular part of the original Team 7. Yes, you guessed it correctly, it is Sakura Haruno.


Sakura was part of the first team 7 and the last team 7. Despite having such inconsistent opinions of her, there’s no disagreeing that her presence was significant for sure.


The fact that she was one of the main characters helped her to boost her character and name.


That’s what made her rank so high on this list. Sakura may have a bad reputation on the outside, however, from the inside, we all know that Sakura is a great character who significantly shaped the way the anime is supposed to go. 




3. Tsunade




Entity Detail
Character Tsunade
Birthday August 2
Age 51 years (Part 1), 54-55 years (Part 2)
Height 163.1 cm (Part 1), 163.1 cm (Part 2)
Weight 48.9 kg (Part 1), 48.9 kg (Part 2)
Zodiac Leo
Hair Colour Yellow/Blonde
Eye Colour Brown
Blood Group B


106. If there’s anything that number signifies, it’s Tsunade. This woman right here is beyond amazing when it comes to power and capabilities.


I mean, what else can you expect from the legendary Sanin after all? But apart from her status, she is also pretty hot and is known by many as the most beautiful woman in the entire show.


So when you have amazing abilities, Hokage status, and top-tier beauty under your belt, I think you can comprehend why people will like you so much.


All of us know that she deserves love and appreciation. And the fact that she is still there to stand as a character with strength and a portfolio of achievements, makes her a woman that you would love to have by your side. 




4. Temari




Entity Detail
Character Temari
Birthday August 23
Age 15-16 years (Part 1), 19-20 years (Part 2)
Height 157.3-159.3 cm (Part 1), 165 cm (Part 2)
Weight 44.5-44.9 kg (Part 1), 47.9 kg (Part 2)
Zodiac Virgo
Hair Colour Yellow/Blonde
Eye Colour Petrol
Blood Group O


This shouldn’t be a surprise for anyone. I remember when I first watched the epic Temari vs Shikamaru fight and wished to ship them both.


But when the ship turned out to be true, it felt like the creators were listening to me.


Anyway, when it comes to her self-identity, she is quite a female. Mainly because of how strong she was back in the day.


Even in Naruto Shippuden, her presence as a Shinobi was quite impressive, making her one of the best female characters in the show.


Although, if you look at her as your Waifu, then rethink. Because keeping her as your Waifu can be quite a drag!


Temari has proved time and time again that her presence is nothing less than fascinating for the show. 


Her strength compliments her demeanour. And her associations with incredibly strong characters is what makes her a perfect choice for a partner. 



5. Konan




Entity Detail
Character Konan
Birthday February 20
Age 35 years (Part 2)
Height 169.4 cm (Part 2)
Weight 45.3 kg (Part 2)
Zodiac Virgo
Hair Colour Blue
Eye Colour Orange
Blood Group O


You know she is stunning when she is the ONLY female character in an organization of lethal males.


Konan was the only woman who was competent enough to be a part of the Akatsuki group.


And that is an astonishing feat if you ask me. After all, who else do you remember to be as strong as Konan?


Her control of paper is more than enough to give you 100s of paper cuts in a second.


So make sure you have a lot of scissors around you while trying to mess with her.


Her character arc was also quite interesting which is always another plus. And that’s why she is here.



6. Kushina Uzumaki


Kushina Uzumaki


Entity Detail
Character Kushina Uzumaki
Birthday July 10
Age 24 years (Part 2)
Height 165 cm (Part 2)
Weight 47 kg (Part 2)
Zodiac Cancer
Hair Colour Red
Eye Colour Blue
Blood Group B


For many of us, Kushina was absolute. She was the lovely woman who gave birth to our hero Naruto.


And it was her surname that first sparked attention in our heads! A popping exclamation mark.


Apart from being beautiful and outgoing, she was also very strong and talented. As a female character in the show, she isn’t your usual fan-material character. 


Instead, she stands as a woman with pride, an amazing husband, and a complete family.


And that’s what makes her as close to reality as she was. Many of us hoped to have lives like hers.



7. Tenten




Entity Detail
Character TenTen
Birthday March 9
Age 13-14 years (Part 1), 17-18 years (Part 2)
Height 154.3-155.6 cm (Part 1), 164 cm (Part 2)
Weight 42.2-43.1 kg (Part 1), 47.3 kg (Part 2)
Zodiac Pisces
Hair Colour Brown
Eye Colour Brown
Blood Group B


TenTen. A name that many of the original Naruto fans might remember. During the initial seasons, the Waifu options were entirely restricted.


You would only have characters like Sakura, Hinata, Ino, and TenTen. And back then, since they were all new, the only factor of judgment was beauty.


And I believe that many of you guys selected TenTen quite often. And this comes as no shock since she was quite beautiful.


However, as the story progresses, she doesn’t get enough screen time and Tenten’s reign dies very quickly.


But you know what they say, right? Don’t cry because it ended, smile because it happened.


She was the one we all had the most expectations from. However, in the end, it just didn’t go as planned. Either way, the fact that she made significant changes to the show in her own way, makes her a woman of quality and value. 



8. Ino Yamanaka


Ino Yamanaka


Entity Detail
Character Ino Yamanaka
Birthday September 23
Age 12-13 years (Part 1), 16-17 years (Part 2)
Height 149.3-151.2 cm (Part 1), 162.2 cm (Part 2)
Weight 38.2-38.5 kg (Part 1), 46 kg (Part 2)
Zodiac Gemini
Hair Colour Yellow/Blonde
Eye Colour Blue
Blood Group B


When it comes to sheer beauty, there’s no doubt that Ino is a woman who has a reputation of her own.


Even when she first appeared, even today, Ino Yamanaka is a beauty queen and I don’t care what you say concerning that.


She is just gorgeous. However, beauty isn’t the only thing she has to bring to the table.


Oh no, my friends. Instead, she is one of the most talented Shinobis in the entire series.


Her contribution to the war was just as amazing as one of the original Konoha team members.


And that’s why people love her so very much.



9. Rin Nohara


Rin Nohara


Entity Detail
Character Rin Nohara
Birthday November 15
Height 143 cm (Part 1)
Weight 39.8 kg (Part 1)
Zodiac Scorpio
Hair Colour Brown
Eye Colour Brown
Blood Group A


The one who started it all. Although being as pure as she was, it was never her intention.


Rin Nohara is one of the side characters in the anime. However, when you trace back the motives of a few characters, she turns out to be quite an important individual.


I would say that her beautiful nature was so compelling that anyone will be willing to do anything to bring her back to this realm.


She didn’t merit what she got and the aftermath of her misfortune paved room for a lot of action to come.


However, for all of us, that meant a lot of entertainment. And that is why she is special.



10. Anko Mitarashi


Anko Mitarashi


Entity Detail
Character Anko Mitarashi
Birthday October 24
Age 24 years (Part 1), 28 years (Part 2)
Height 167 cm (Part 1)
Weight 45.8 kg (Part 1)
Zodiac Scorpio
Hair Colour Violet (Dark)
Eye Colour Ochre
Blood Group A


Back when she first appeared, I was smitten. Oh boy, she was quite a mess when she showed up and taught during the Chunin exams.


Initially, we might have disregarded her as an incredibly happy character. However, soon enough, we get to see her experience and action come into play.


And that was quite a feat if you ask me. She was strong, clever, and had a rich background with the Legendary Sanin.


And with all these things working in her favour, Anko had a life that quite a few of us would like to enjoy.


And her skills are something all of us would like to enjoy.



11. Hanabi Hyuuga


Hanabi Hyuuga


Entity Detail
Character Hanabi Hyuuga
Birthday March 27
Age 7 years (Part 1)
Height 132.4 cm (Part 1)
Weight 28.9 kg (Part 1)
Zodiac Aries
Hair Colour Black
Eye Colour White
Blood Group A


It’s sister Hyuuga, ladies and gentlemen! I won’t lie, I was kind of missing her.


This is because she doesn’t get enough screen time in the anime anymore. And we all know what happens when a character doesn’t get enough screen time *cough* TenTen *cough*.


So yeah, I hope she is brought to the screen more frequently, especially in Boruto.


And as for Naruto, she didn’t contribute much but whatever works man. It is tough to stand out when you have to compete with hundreds of characters including your sister.


And that is why Hanabi Hyuuga is here ladies and gentlemen. I hope you have gratitude in your house.



12. Karin




Entity Detail
Character Karin
Birthday June 20
Age 16-17 years (Part 2)
Height 162.6 cm (Part 2)
Weight 45.8 kg (Part 2)
Zodiac Gemini
Hair Colour Red
Eye Colour Red
Blood Group AB


Sasuke SIMP. That is how many of us would describe Karin. And while yes, her admiration and “SIMPING” for Sasuke first showed up in the series, it wasn’t the only feature she had to offer.


As a Shinobi, she was quite something for being able to compete against our main cast.


And her personality is captivating for many of us. Her red hair brings a lot of understanding and similarity to Kushina Uzumaki.


And that is a feature I believe stands out a lot for this character. All in all, a great side character for the franchise.


And that’s why she is here.



13. Mei Terumi


Mei Terumi


Entity Detail
Character Mei Terumi
Birthday May 21
Age 31 years (Part 2)
Height 174 cm (Part 2)
Weight 53 kg (Part 2)
Zodiac Gemini
Hair Colour Brown
Eye Colour Green
Blood Group AB


Mei Terumi. A name that many Naruto fans love, mainly because of how qualitative she is.


Not only in terms of skills but also in terms of beauty. Back in the day, when she first emerged in the series, everyone had eyes on her.


And why shouldn’t they? After all, she was the Fifth Mizukage and her prowess was something to be wary about.


She was speedy and her strength was brilliant, making her a strong candidate for this post that she holds.


We don’t have great info on her backstory. However, we know that she was quite beautiful as a person.


And that’s why she is here.



14. Kaguya Otsutsuki


Kaguya Otsutsuki


Entity Detail
Character Kaguya Otsutsuki
Birthday August 15
Zodiac Leo
Hair Colour White
Eye Colour White


I would call Kaguya Otsutsuki, a Goddess who created it all. And if you have watched the entire Naruto series, you will realize that this sentence holds value in itself.


Kaguya is, without a doubt, one of the most important characters in the entire series.


If you haven’t reached her part yet then that’s one thing. However, if you have watched her backstory, you will realize how crucial she is, not only as a character but also as a name.


It was her presence that influenced all the events in the anime including the creations and destructions in the Shinobi world.


For someone of her calibre, this spot seems quite fitting if you ask me.



15. Tayuya




Entity Detail
Character Tayuya
Birthday February 15
Age 14 years (Part 1)
Height 148.2 cm (Part 1)
Weight 38.2 kg (Part 1)
Zodiac Aquarius
Hair Colour Red
Eye Colour Brown
Blood Group A


Remember the sound four? Yeah, she is from there. Tayuya is one of the members of the Sound Four team and as a Shinobi, she belongs to Otogakure.


As a character, she was quite strong back when she first appeared. And a fun fact, she was the only female member in the sound four groups.


Being one of Orochimaru’s elite bodyguards, you could have expected some incredible performance from her.


And I think we can all agree that she did fulfil her role. She was quite foul-mouthed and bad-tempered for sure.


However, as a villain, she did her job very well.



16. Yuuhi Kurenai


Yuuhi Kurenai


Entity Detail
Character Yuuhi Kurenai
Birthday June 11
Age 27-28 years (Part 1), 31-32 years (Part 2)
Height 169.1 cm (Part 1)
Weight 54.4 kg (Part 1)
Zodiac Gemini
Hair Colour Black
Eye Colour Red
Blood Group AB


How many of you thought that she was an Uchiha looking at her red eyes?


Yes, me too! But I guess she thought that she was a part of the Uchiha.


Otherwise, how would anyone have the courage to bring Itachi under Genjutsu? Anyway, when it comes to appearance, Kurenai was quite sober.


She had a little bit of femininity, a little bit of masculinity, and a lot of strength.


Being a Jounin and a teacher, her skills were amazing and her contributions were significant in the later parts of the show.


If we talk about beauty, that’s an attribute where she performs the best. And that’s why she is here.



17. Guren




Not gonna lie, I am not a fan of her design. I mean, the spiky hair and the colour, and her overall facial expression.


It just doesn’t give me the Waifu vibes. However, now that I have said that, I believe quite a lot of you might end up attacking me.


Anyway, she was one of the members of Otogakure and stood as the leader of the group which was supposed to be Orochimaru’s subordinates.


You know you are quite an important person when you stand at such a high stature in the show.


And that’s why Guren deserves to be on the list, weebs.



18. Mikoto Uchiha


Mikoto Uchiha


Entity Detail
Character Mikoto Uchiha
Birthday June 1
Age 35 years (Part 1)
Height 162.6 cm (Part 1)
Weight 48.9 kg (Part 1)
Zodiac Gemini
Hair Colour Blue
Eye Colour Black
Blood Group A


The woman who did nothing to deserve what she received. Mikoto Uchiha, if you guys don’t know, was the mother of Sasuke and Itachi Uchiha.


Oh yeah, that’s how crucial she was. Being in the background, she was never brought into the limelight as the show mostly focused on her sons.


However, as an individual, she was quite impressive. Fun fact, it is said that Mikoto Uchiha was a great friend of Kushina Uzumaki.


Which makes Naruto and Sasuke’s relationship feel like it was destined to happen.



19. Chiyo




Entity Detail
Character Chiyo
Birthday October 15
Age 73 years (Part 2)
Height 149.1 cm (Part 2)
Weight 39.1 kg (Part 2)
Zodiac Libra
Hair Colour Grey
Eye Colour Black
Blood Group B


I feel that if I were to compare Chiyo with any other anime character I know, I will say she resembles the Emergency Girl from My Hero Academia, a lot.


Anyway, she was a renowned counsellor in the lands of Sunagakure. And it is said that people respected her so much that we can’t even fathom it.


She was a famed puppeteer which made a bigger group her fan. And as the series progresses, she becomes an amazing medical ninja as well.


That’s quite a lot of skills to add to your resume.


And that’s why Chiyo deserves more recognition.



20. Fuu




Entity Detail
Character Fuu
Birthday August 8
Height 160 cm (Part 2)
Weight 47.4 kg (Part 2)
Zodiac Leo
Blood Group B


Many of you will witness Naruto within her. And I don’t blame you at all.


After all, those orange eyes do hold a lot of meaning. Fu is one of the side characters in the realm of Naruto.


However, unlike other females, she is something that closely resembles the main character, a Jinchuriki.


Yup, she is a Jinchuriki of the Seven Tails which makes her even more important.


In terms of region of origin, she is from Takigakure and her appearance is quite attractive if you ask me.


All in all, Fu is a great girl that you would enjoy watching on your screen.



21. Ruka




Ruka is one of the reincarnated Shinobis and was part of the group led by Monga.


She was a girl of value as she promised Monga to protect him no matter what.


As a character, Ruka might not seem much. However, as the show progresses, things take some unforeseen turns, and soon enough, we get to see an unexpected version of this woman here.


In terms of appearance, she isn’t anything outstanding. However, she does balance very well with the style of the Naruto franchise.



22. Shizune




Entity Detail
Character Shizune
Birthday November 18
Age 28 years (Part 1), 31 years (Part 2)
Height 168 cm (Part 1)
Weight 49.2 kg (Part 1)
Zodiac Scorpio
Hair Colour Black
Eye Colour Black
Blood Group A


You might remember her as the attendant of the fifth Hokage. However, as the show progressed, the relationship was way more than just the attendant and Hokage.


It grew stronger and better with both of these characters having their way together. Shizune is a light-hearted individual who followed Tsunade as an apprentice.


She is the niece of Dan and so, has a strong connection to the man and therefore, Tsunade herself.


Overall, she is quite an important character in the series and her services are quite solid.



23. Ayame




Entity Detail
Character Ayame
Birthday February 14
Age 17 years (Part 1)
Height 159-160 cm (Part 1)
Weight 41 kg (Part 1)
Zodiac Aquarius
Hair Colour Brown
Eye Colour Black
Blood Group O


We love the Ichiraku ramen shop. Therefore, we must also love this beautiful lady right here, Ayame.


She is a citizen of Konoha who works at a restaurant. Whose restaurant you may ask?


Well, she works at the Ichiraku Ramen shop. And this shop is essentially her father’s house.


She isn’t anything remarkable. However, she was one of the humans who treated Naruto well and that’s why he feels like a human.


A kind and beautiful woman that anyone would love to have.



24. Yugito Nii


yugito nii


Entity Detail
Character Yugito Nii
Birthday July 24
Age 29 years (Part 2)
Height 170.2 cm (Part 2)
Weight 50.8 kg (Part 2)
Zodiac Leo
Hair Colour Yellow/Blonde(light)
Eye Colour Black
Blood Group A


Oh boy, a strong Jinchuriki had arrived on the list, weebs. Allow me to introduce you to Yugito Nii.


She is a ninja from the Kumogakure village whose looks are quite something. Moreover, within the show, she became the Jinchuriki of the two-tailed beast right off the bat.


She became one at the age of two. And that’s how you know that the character is quite something.


The life of Jinchuriki is nothing to feel privileged of. It is quite rough. And Yugito Nii is a great example of it.



25. Izumi Uchiha


Izumi Uchiha


This beautiful girl was none other than Itachi’s girlfriend. However, since Itachi did what he did, Izumi experienced a complete life in infinite Tsukuyomi and that is what I call amazing.


Because being able to live a happy life without actually living it is quite a feat if you ask me.


As for how her life goes? Well, she just had a bright future with Itachi and their wishes come true.


As basic as it sounds, these were a part of Izumi’s childhood. And that’s why she is here on this list.



26. Kurotsuchi




Entity Detail
Character Kurotsuchi
Birthday September 6
Age 18 years (Part 2)
Height 163.6 cm (Part 2)
Weight 47.5 kg (Part 2)
Zodiac Virgo
Hair Colour Black
Eye Colour Black
Blood Group O


You know she is in havoc when she calls Deidara a brother. Well, that’s who Kurotsuchi is.


She is one of the female characters who escorted the Tsuchikage. She is not alone in the task.


She is also acquainted with Akatsuchi who helps in the same. As said earlier, she calls the Akatsuki member Deidara “Nee-san” which in Japanese means brother.


However, she might be doing it to portray respect or maybe they are a family.


Who knows?



27. Mito Uzumaki


Mito Uzumaki


Entity Detail
Character Mito Uzumaki
Birthday May 3
Height 169.3 cm (Part 2)
Weight 48 kg (Part 2)
Zodiac Taurus
Hair Colour Red(Dark)
Eye Colour Black
Blood Group O


Initially, this might seem like a memorable name considering that there aren’t a lot of Uzumakis in the show.


I mean, Uchiha’s are so much more than them, right? Anyway, Mito is the ninja whose birth took place in Uzushiogakure’s Uzumaki clan.


However, soon enough, she married the Senju clan and a new race of the Uzumaki clan was born.


As for her special status, she was the first Jinchuriki of Kurama. So you can say that it was she who started the Kurama possession train.


Well, that explains a lot, doesn’t it?



28. Naori Uchiha


Naori Uchiha


Naori Uchiha has a cool backstory supporting her presence in the anime. Now I won’t reveal too much in case you haven’t watched her.


However, in the grand scheme of things, she was in love with Izanagi and later on, became a user of Izanami.


And that is what made her stand out so much. Moreover, her purple hair was a standout and her overall appearance was a bit different than most Uchiha you will encounter.


All in all, a decent character with some unique traits to offer. Quite worthy if you ask me.



29. Samui




Entity Detail
Character Samui
Birthday January 7
Age 29 years (Part 2)
Height 168 cm (Part 2)
Weight 52.1 kg (Part 2)
Zodiac Capricorn
Blood Group A


Wow. It’s such a surprise to see a student of Killer B. The Killer Bee beats the heck out of other people.


Well that’s something interesting, right? She is the leader of Team Samui and that is the reason why she stands as a very strong Shinobi.


Her appearance is quite attractive as well. Her blonder hair with a Tsunade-like appearance is eye-catching.


And her personality? Well, that’s another story. She is quite a cold individual and it might make sense that her name translates to Cold in Japanese.


Well, that’s a detail.



30. Sasame Fuma


Sasame Fuma


The head of the Fuma clan is here, weebs she is none other than Sesame.


She was the one responsible for the development of the Fuma clan when Orochimaru first approached them.


Her land was known as the Land Of Rice Paddies. Her meeting with our boy Naruto happened when Naruto, Sakura, and Jiraiya first went to the Rice Paddies in search of Sasuke and Orochimaru.


In terms of appearance, she is pretty minimalist. Nothing extreme but just a simple design.


And I see it as a plus now.



31. Ameyuri Ringo


Ameyuri Ringo


Entity Detail
Character Ameyuri Ringo
Birthday June 7
Height 143.5 cm (Part 2)
Weight 45 kg (Part 2)
Zodiac Gemini
Hair Colour Auburn
Eye Colour Grey
Blood Group AB


I believe that we all know about the Seven Ninja Swordsman of the Mist, right?


Well, that’s why we all should be wary of Ameyuri Ringo. She is one of the ninjas from the Kirigakure village and her team of seven Ninjas was not from the current generation.


Instead, she was from the previous generation which makes her even more lethal. After all, Madara was also of the prior generation.


And I think all of us know how dangerous he was. So yeah, Ameyuri Ringo is quite a mess.



32. Mabui




Entity Detail
Character Mabui
Birthday February 1
Age 29 years (Part 2)
Height 165 cm (Part 2)
Weight 52.4 kg (Part 2)
Zodiac Aquarius
Blood Group A


I think we can all agree that she is quite a beautiful character. And a good part of her beauty comes from her skin colour.


Mabui was a ninja from Kumo and acted as an assistant for the Fourth Raikage.


Her actions didn’t change the course of the show or anything. But she did support the show in her way by being an informant for our main cast.


And that is something notable if you ask me. She had a great design as well.


With white hair and dark skin, she is quite a woman that many of us would admire.



33. Matsuri




You know your future is bright when you are accompanied by the legendary Gaara. She is the first student that our boy Gaara had.


And also, just for Trivia, she is a genin from the Sunagakure village. Her teammates include Yukata and Mikoshi.


However, interestingly enough, her sensei, the one assigned to her team, was never shown in the entire series.


As for Matsuri, she is a basic side character that barely appeared in the show.


However, she doesn’t have any negatives.



34. Yugao Uzuki


Yugao Uzuki


Entity Detail
Character Yugao Uzuki
Birthday November 3
Age 22 years (Part 1)
Height 169.2 cm (Part 1)
Weight 50.5 kg (Part 1)
Zodiac Scorpio
Hair Colour Violet
Eye Colour Brown
Blood Group A


Ever heard of Kenjutsu? If you did then Yugao Uzuki should be a character of concern for you.


She is the Anbu captain of Konoha and a specialist in Kenjutsu. Moreover, she is a lover of the late Hayate Gekko who was also a Shinobi from Konoha.


So you can bet, her life isn’t all that easy. Moreover, she is connected to our boy Naruto as well.


And that is just more of a reason to give her recognition. All in all, she is a decent character who has the potential to show up in the next generation.



35. Natsuhi




I think if you are a hardcore Naruto fan, you might be aware of the star training.


And if you do remember that, I believe that you also remember Natsuhi. She is one of the Jonin of Hoshigakure and she was one of the rare Shinobi who completed the Star Training.


She wasn’t the only one to do so. There was her husband as well who completed the training.


Her presence in the anime wasn’t magnificent or anything. However, she does bestow quality experience when on screen.


And that’s why she is here on our list.



36. Tsuchi Kin


Tsuchi Kin


Entity Detail
Character Tsuchi Kin
Birthday July 6
Age 14 years (Part 1)
Height 150 cm (Part 1)
Weight 39 kg (Part 1)
Zodiac Cancer
Hair Colour Black
Eye Colour Black
Blood Group O


Man, I won’t lie, when she first appeared, she was Waifu material. No joke, I wanted her to turn into a good person and then be like the best girl on the show.


However, things didn’t turn out my way. She was on the Shinobis from Otogakure and a member of Team Dosu.


If you remember correctly, our boy Orochimaru sent them to the Chunin exams for his reasons.


And she was quite a havoc herself. Later on in the series, Naruto saved her from dying and that was another remarkable moment in the anime.


And that’s where she got a bit more screen time.



37. Isaribi




You will be in hell’s Gate if you had a life like Isaribi. She is one of the citizens of the Land Of The Sea.


She was a subject of, guess what, Human Testing. Yup, a little girl was subjected to human testing.


When did this show get so dark? Anyway, she was in control of Amachi and that was another reason why she was so impressive as a character.


Because her events influenced a lot of what happened in her arc. And that is one of the many reasons why people feel Isaribi so much.


She deserves this spot.



38. Fuuka




If you look at her from the front, she might look like a sister of Kushina Uzumaki.


However, the reality is a bit different. Fuuka is one of the side characters in the series.


And her ethnicity, if you would like to call it that way, was from the group of grave robbers who dug up four of the dead Twelve Guardian Ninja.


Even if you haven’t seen it, I think you can understand the magnitude of this incident.


Anyway, she is quite attractive in terms of appearance and that is one more reason for you and me to add her to this list.



39. Ameno




A simple and sweet ninja can be found under Ameno. She is one of the Shinobis from Sunagakure and also works alongside Koji and Shishio under Team Ameno.


I said that she had a kind nature mainly because of her act of healing Sakura when she was wounded.


However, Sakura, at that moment, was a stranger to Ameno so the fact that she did end up healing her is remarkable if you ask me.


For such a polite and humble girl, a spot on this list is quite worth it.



40. Shizuka




The circumstances that Shizuka has lived through seem nothing less than interesting if you ask me.


But before we look into that, let’s see where she is from. Shizuka is from the Nadeshiko village and acts as the current leader of the same.


The interesting part that I mentioned earlier is that she was supposed to marry someone who was a student of Jiraiya and defeat her in a battle.


Yup, that’s the law and that’s what makes her so special if you ask me.


We don’t see such characters daily after all!



41. Shiho




Entity Detail
Character Shiho
Birthday June 18
Age 17 years (Part 2)
Height 164 cm (Part 2)
Weight 45.7 kg (Part 2)
Zodiac Gemini
Blood Group AB


It wouldn’t take an expert to realize that she is the nerd type. I mean just look at her glasses.


That itself is more than enough to confirm her true nature. She is one of the Ninjas in Konohagakure and worked in the Konoha Cryptanalysis Team.


This team, as the name suggests, does some research for the sake of the village.


And her nerdy nature was a part of the reason why she is doing what she is doing.


And her nerdy nature is also the reason why she is attracted to my boy Shikamaru.


I mean, it’s a case of Genius looking for a Genius.



42. Hotaru




This character might not be the most memorable one for all of you, readers. However, that is understandable considering that she is a filler character.


Hotaru is one of the Shinobi from Tsuchigumo Village and essentially, a member of the Tsuchigumo clan as well.


She is also the granddaughter of the previous leader, En No Gyoja. And that brings value to her personality.


She isn’t game-changing or anything like that. But she does have some interesting and strong connections so we can add her to that.



43. Karui




Entity Detail
Character Karui
Birthday February 14
Age 17 years (Part 2)
Height 166 cm (Part 2)
Weight 47.9 kg (Part 2)
Zodiac Aquarius
Hair Colour Red
Eye Colour Golden
Blood Group A


The wife is here, ladies and gentlemen. I think some of you might remember her.


Especially if you are all Boruto fans. She is a member of the Kumogakure village and also a part of Team Samui.


As I said before, she is a wife, and therefore, she does marry one of our main characters, that being Choji.


My boy got lucky on that one I must say. And as she married him, she also became a part of the Akimichi clan, thus migrating to the Konoha village.


All in all, she is a great side character for the series.



44. Suiren




Suiren is quite an attractive character if you ask me. Just looking at her hair reminds me of Ino.


And then we have her eyes which are quite something for sure. And her overall appearance is what makes her stand out from the crowd.


Moreover, she is a kind and loving person who wishes to promote and enrich peace in this world.


And that is an excellent idea if you ask me. Therefore, I believe that Suiren is a fine character to be on this list and improve its quality.



45. Mebuki Haruno


Mebuki Haruno


I don’t think it will take an expert to realize who she might be affiliated with.


But in the event it didn’t click in your head, let me tell you about Mebuki.


She is one of the members of Konoha and acts as a part of the Allied Mothers Force.


And whose mother is she? Well, she is Sakura Haruno’s mother and therefore, Sarada Uchiha’s granddaughter.


In the anime, she doesn’t seem to be that involved with action and fights but you need to understand that she isn’t supposed to be there anyway.


And that’s what makes her so worthy of this spot.



46. Kazamatsuri Moegi


Kazamatsuri Moegi


Entity Detail
Character Kazamatsuri Moegi
Birthday June 8
Age 8 years (Part 1), 12 years (Part 2)
Height 121.8 cm (Part 1), 139 cm (Part 2)
Weight 22 kg (Part 1)
Zodiac Gemini
Hair Colour Orange
Eye Colour Black
Blood Group A


Remember that girl in Konohamaru’s team? Yes, she is the one. Now, in the grand scheme of things, she was nothing but a decent side character.


However, as the show progresses, we get to see a bit of character development. And in the latest Boruto series, she is even more prominent.


So overall, I can say that Kazamatsuri Moegi is quite a character in the anime she is fun to watch and in the Naruto series, she was mostly a kid so that’s another reason why we would enjoy her presence.



47. Miina




Yes, I know. Many of you guys would be scratching your head right now. Trying to remember who she is.


But don’t you worry pal? Because I am here to save the day. She is one of the side characters in the series who was from the Tonika Village.


And that is not the only reason she is here. The other reason is that she is adorable.


Adorable. I don’t think we have seen anyone as cute and appealing as she is in the entire anime.


And that is the reason why she is on the list.



48. Hanare




Entity Detail
Character A
Birthday June 1
Age 47 years (Part 2)
Height 198.2 cm (Part 2)
Weight 101.1 kg (Part 2)
Zodiac Gemini
Hair Colour Ochre (light)
Eye Colour Brown
Blood Group A


Yes, she is a side character from a filler-centred episode. I know you have seen a few before but she is a bit different.


And that difference mainly comes from the fact that Hanare is the one who is shipped quite a lot with Kakashi.


She is looked at as a strong contender for a wife for him.


She is a Shinobi from the Jomae Village and her nature is quite soft. Her childhood backstory was also noteworthy and so, she was a valuable character overall.


Not the best but quite notable for the enthusiasts.



49. Naho




Naho is just a cute little girl. That’s how I would describe her. She is associated with the Fire Daimyo and gains a lot of attention because of it.


Moreover, she is part of the Land of Fire so that’s another info that defines her character.


However, the best one is undoubtedly the fact that she got attracted to Sasuke. Yup, she was infatuated with my boy when he saved her from a predicament.


My man Sasuke never misses and I think that’s kind females like Naho also end up looking up to him



50. Pakura




Entity Detail
Character Pakura
Birthday April 9
Height 166.3 cm (Part 2)
Weight 43.2 kg (Part 2)
Zodiac Aries
Blood Group A


Unlike most characters in the latter half of the list, Pakura is quite notable in the series.


She was said to be an elite Ninja from the Sunagakure village and our beast Orochimaru decided to reincarnate her for his purposes.


You know you are amazing when Orochimaru decides to reincarnate you. Her appearance is also quite similar to that of other females in the show but she still feels a bit more attractive than others.


If you are a die-hard fan of Naruto, you will know that this girl was respected quite a lot.


That’s why she is here as well.



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