Top 30 Most Popular Tokyo Revengers Characters

top 30 most popular tokyo revengers characters


Tokyo Revengers is one of the best anime in the recent generation. No doubt about it. And that’s because it offers a capturing story with one of the most well-written casts in recent times.


Showcasing the dynamics of delinquents and how things work in the underworld is what makes this show so special. And all the characters who play their role in it, just make it even more enjoyable and fun.


So if you are a fan of Tokyo Revengers, you must have had the thought to figure out the best characters in the series. And this list is here to answer just that.


These are the Best characters in Tokyo Revengers. I hope you enjoy it.




1. Sano Manjiro


Sano Manjiro


Sano Manjiro is the lead character in the series which runs at his fingertips. He is the one who started Toman. In fact, the “Man” in Toman stands for Manjiro.


And that goes on to show how important of a character he is in the story. The idea here is that this man is an ambitious delinquent who wants to reframe the way people look at delinquents altogether.


And that’s why he started this gang. However, as time passed by things started to get complicated and soon enough, Sano Manjiro ended up losing himself. But from the start to the end, he has been a key character in the series.




2. Chifuyu Matsuno


Chifuyu Matsuno


Although it may seem a bit absurd as to how Matsuno Chifuyu gained so much traction, when you boil it down, it does make sense. The character was first introduced as the vice-captain of the first division.


And that’s what made us realize his position in the story. However, when we moved forward in the narrative, this man had feats that shaped the way the narrative flows.


The situations that he was put into and the things he did for his loved ones are what make him so special to the audience and all those who watch him. He is absolutely incredible.




3. Ken Ryuguji


Ken Ryuguji


Ryuguji Ken aka Draken is one such character that seemed like everybody would hate him but ended up loving him from the core. He is the heart of the show since he is the one who always made sure that Toman never gets in the wrong hands.


After all, Toman was his second home. However, as we know, our boy faced a lot of issues in his life including death in a few timelines. And that caused him to change the course of the series.


There’s a reason why people respect him so much. His ability to stay cool and calm under pressure is what gives him his correct position.




4. Keisuke Baji


Keisuke Baji


Baji Keisuke was a man with sacrifice. After all, he gave his life to the team that he cherished the most. And that’s why he is so special to the audience.


That man knew about Kisaki and his horrible plans. And as someone who wanted to make sure that Toman never loses its value, he was the one who took the initiative to end things with him.


In the beginning, Baji was nothing less than a dangerous bully to the audience. However, as time passed by, we realized that this man has so many more values inculcated in him than any of us can imagine. He is amazing.



5. Shuji Hanma


Shuji Hanma


Shuji Hanma is a character who knows how to plan out everything. He was the one who took charge of Moebius when no one was the head of it. And later on, he was the one who caused Valhalla to attack Toman without another leader.


This man is no joke as he goes on to shape the show with his intelligence and wit. And in terms of sheer skills, he is quite a menace since he was the one who stopped Mikey during their first battle.


And being able to stop Mikey is a feat that a lot of people in the series wish to achieve but can’t. Therefore, make sure that you don’t miss out on some Hanma action.



6. Takemichi Hanagaki


Takemichi Hanagaki


Hanagaki Takemichi is the main character in our story. And that’s why he is very important to all of us. This man lost his entire life because of his past.


And when he got the opportunity to set it all together, he tried his level best to make sure that it does happen. In the end, this man is nothing less than a hero for a lot of people in the story.


After all, he has managed the roughest of situations with his sheer skills and dedication. All in all, the entire show is a testament to the love that our boy held for Hina as his girlfriend.


And he may seem like a crybaby, but you gotta give him props for his persistence.



7. Takashi Mitsuya


Takashi Mitsuya


Takashi Mitsuya is one of the most sought-after characters in the entire series. This man is nothing less than fascinating for the audience, as he goes on to make a name for himself as a respected delinquent.


The audience’s perception of him changed when we got to know that he is really into sewing and is heavily respected by his colleagues in that area of his life.


This allowed us to get a clear idea as to how multi-layered a character he is. And that’s why Mitsuya gained attention amongst the audience. If you are someone who doesn’t admire Mitsuya then watch the show once again.



8. Kazutora Hanemiya


Kazutora Hanemiya


Kazutora is a lost hero. My man tried to give to his most important person but ended up taking the most important person from him instead. He tried to gift a bike to Mikey but ended up killing Mikey’s brother instead.


And that’s one of the reasons why people appreciate him as a character. Kazutora lost his sanity and started blaming Mikey for all the mishaps that happened. However, deep down he knew, it was all his fault.


And that’s why people love him from the depths of their hearts. If you are someone who is into broken characters then Kazutora might be under your radar.



9. Hinata Tachibana


Hinata Tachibana


Hinata Tachibana is a character who has run this show without even realizing it. Think about it, all the events that are taking place in this story were all done because of Hinata herself.


After all, it was after her death that Takemichi decides to go back in time and avoid her death from happening. This is why Hinata is a character who rules the show.


However, from the front, her personality is the sweetest. And we may not see it, however, this girl is just too good for the anime altogether. She is the one who does the least amount of violence while her boyfriend is a living punching bag.



10. Senju Kawaragi


Senju Kawaragi


Senju Kawaragi, despite being a girl, managed to become the captain of the fifth division in Tokyo Manji Gang. Now that’s an accomplishment. After all, this girl is nothing less than a menace in the series.


She was also the head of the gang named Brahman which happened to have delinquents in it. However, all of that was a part of her life before she joined Toman.


She is from the second generation of the Tokyo Manji Gang. And if you are someone who has only watched the first season then you might not know her. However, she is definitely worth the wait and effort.



11. Izana Kurokawa


Izana Kurokawa


If you guys remember Tenjiku, you will also remember Izana Kurokawa. He was the one who lead Black Dragon during their eighth generation. And that gives us an idea of how powerful Izana is.


He was the one who founded the S-62 generation which happened to be the reason why a lot of things happened in the story. In the manga, it has been clarified that he has relations with Shinichiro Sano as well.


And those relations extend till brotherhood for him and Shinichiro. However, that’s just adoptive in nature. All in all, this antagonist from the Tenjiku arc is worth all your time and effort as you watch him onscreen.



12. Nahoya Kawata


Nahoya Kawata


He is probably my favorite character of all time. After all, who else will be able to smile even after getting a hundred punches on his face? Nahoya Kawata is also known as Smiley in the series.


And the idea behind that name is exactly what you are thinking it is. He smiles a ton. After all, he is a living motivator in the show. And his ability to keep smiling even in hard times is what makes him so crucial to the storyline.


He is exceptionally strong as well, and that allows him to take care of some rough opponents that pop up in his life. This man is interesting and fun and that’s why he is placed here.



13. Seishu Inui


Seishu Inui


This man took one for the team when he became the first division captain of the second generation of Tokyo Manji Gang. And that’s one of the many reasons why people look up to him in the series.


As someone who appreciates this anime from its core, this character does seem special and nascent to me. And if you wish to see him bloom then wait for the remaining chapters.


An important note here is that this man was also the Attack Squad Captain of the Black Dragon gang in its 10th generation. And that would explain why he is such a formidable opponent.



14. Haruchiyo Sanzu


Haruchiyo Sanzu


Alright. Let’s accept it. All of us thought that Haruchiyo is a female. However, that doesn’t change the fact that the way this man has influenced the audience is absolutely stunning.


He is the one who happened to be the Vice-leader of the Kanto Manji Gang. However, Kanto Manji Gang wasn’t his home from the start. Instead, he started as the Fifth Division Vice-Captain in the Tokyo Manji Gang and made progress from that point forward.


He has always brought something crucial to the table. And his high status in multiple timelines proves how amazing of a character he is.



15. Kokonoi Hajime


Kokonoi Hajime


This man is known for carrying the Kanto Manji Gang on his back. And that’s because he is the top administration member of the gang. He was also known for his position as the Black Dragon Elite Guard captain for the 10th generation.


However, this happened before he was part of the Kanto Mnaji Gang. He was also a member of the first division of the Tokyo Manji Gang which would explain his presence in the series altogether.


After all, he is someone who changes his group time and time again with an instance of him being part of the Tenjiku as well. This man is the antagonist you should be looking forward to.



16. Souya Kawata


souya kawata


Souya Kawata, also known as Angry, is one of the best characters in the entire series. Why? Because he is a devil behind the mask. While his face isn’t particularly deceiving of his true nature, his words definitely are. He is known to be one of the kindest characters in the entire series.


However, when you look at him in his prime, he is a different monster. Angry is known to be so kind that whenever he fights, he holds back a lot. But when this man goes on to cry, oh boy, he is an absolute havoc.


He can’t be contained and his power and strength will far exceed anything you would have seen till that point. That’s what makes Angry so impactful. 



17. Ran Haitani


Ran Haitani


The Haitani brothers have been the talk of the town ever since they were first introduced in the series. And one of those brothers is our boy Ran. He is the special attack force captain in a gang called the Kanto Manji Gang.


And that name does ring some bells for the audience. After all, he is a man with skill and strength and that explains his position as the captain. However, what’s important to note here is that this man was also part of the S-62 generation that we talked about earlier.


And that’s why, if you haven’t seen him at his prime, you are missing out on some good action.



18. Kisaki Tetta


Kisaki Tetta


Of course. There’s no end to our list without Kisaki Tetta. For a lot of people, Kisaki is the one who did it all. Every single point of misery experienced by the characters of this story is going to blame him for it.


Kisaki is something completely different. He is not only strong but also exceedingly smart. And that explains why he is placed here on our list. This man is just a menace in the series.


This man will shape the way you look at Tokyo Revengers and add a slayer of complexity to it. This is why, if you haven’t watched Tokyo Revengers yet then make sure that you do so.



19. Rindo Haitani


Rindo Haitani


He is the Haitani that I prefer in the duo. He is the vice-captain of the Special attack force. And just like his brother, he is also part of the Kanto Manji Gang.


At one point in his life, even he was a member of the S-62 generation in the story. And that would explain why people appreciate him so much. Later on, he was also spotted as a member of the Tenjiku and Rokuhara Tandai.


In Rokuhara Tandai, however, this man was nothing less than a menace since his status was 3rd in the story. And the most important attribute about him is his ability to stay quiet when he should.



20. Yuzuha Shiba


yuzuha shiba


Often considered the best girl in the series, Yuzuha is one of the most fascinating characters in the entire franchise. She is known for her relations with Taiju Shiba and Hakkai Shiba and the fact that she was the one protecting one and fighting with the other, makes her so much more remarkable.


Let’s just say that Yuzuha is a qualitative character who can’t be replaced by anyone at all. However, as we watch the anime, we realize that this woman is very emotional and sentimental about her brothers.


She wanted the best for both of them, regardless of how things went for her. And this is another reason for us to love her. 



21. Naoto Tachibana


naoto tachibana


Naoto is a crucial character in the series who needs a lot more attention from the audience. After all, he is a man of value and character. This man decided to become a police officer right from the get-go.


And his presence is crucial for Takemichi to get into the previous timeline. It’s a handshake between him and Takemichi that causes the magic to happen. And that gives us an idea as to how the time-travel system works in the series.


Using his intelligence and skills, this man has managed to attain greatness all along. After all, he is a police inspector in Japan. That’s quite a position.



22. Taiju Shiba


Taiju Shiba


The second generation of Tokyo Manji Gang had a lot of amazing characters as part of it. And he is one of them. Taiju Shiba is a man who managed to change the way things work in the series.


And that does make sense since he was the one who stood as the former leader of the 10th generation Black Dragon. He is the elder brother to Yuzuha and Hakkai.


And since he happens to have such relations with them, these two also get a ton of spotlight in the series. There’s a reason why Taiju is someone we should be wary of.


He is a beast who can take care of anyone with his fists.



23. Shinichirou Sano


shinichirou sano


Shinichirou Sano is the main character in the entire show. While this may not make sense right now, as the show progresses, we realize that this man single-handedly managed the entire show, even without his presence. He was known for his excellence in the hoodlum world.


People look up to him and many are still fascinated by his craft, making him a memorable character altogether. However, there’s a lot more than what meets the eye. And since we love this character so much, we will soon understand that this man is the one who was sailing the ship all along.


Shinichirou deserves all the love and respect he gets. 



24. Hakkai Shiba


Hakkai Shiba


This man is nothing less than fascinating for the audience. And ever since his introduction in the anime, fans can’t help but fall in love with it. This man is Yuzuhu Shiba and Taiju Shiba’s younger brother.


And so, he happens to have strong brothers who can help him when he needs to. Although, it doesn’t seem like he would ever need any such help since he himself is exceptionally strong on his own.


He is a bit shy and that’s why he has to rely on Yuzuhu a lot. However, when it comes to action, this man is nothing less than a menace for the audience.



25. Wakasa Imaushi


Wakasa Imaushi


This is yet another character that isn’t a part of the main group. However, the way he influences the story is absolutely gorgeous. Wakasa is one of the best characters in the series.


And the way this man has managed the Kanto Manji Gang as the Commando Unit Captain is what makes him so exceptional in the first place. He was also a founding member of the Black Dragon.


And since he was assigned the position of the Special Attack Unit of Black Dragon, this man just changed the way people perceived the show altogether. That’s how crucial he is.



26. Atsushi Sendo


Atsushi Sendo


This man is one of the most sought-after characters in the series. And this idea does make sense since he is someone who is not into delinquency all that much.


However, he is very close to Takemichi as he is one of the most crucial friends he has had all his life. And that would explain why Atsushi is someone whom you can’t help but admire as a character.


Takemichi is a warrior who is lucky to have friends like Atsushi in his life. And although some mishaps have taken place thanks to Atsushi, there’s no denying that this man won our hearts without breaking a sweat.



27. South Terano


South Terano


You may know him as Minami Terano. Or you may know him as South Terano. Whatever it is, this man is a menace that you should look forward to. He is the one who represented Rokuhara Tandai during their time.


And let’s just say that his stature is quite intimidating. However, his stature is not the only thing that intimidates the audience. Another crucial thing about him is his position in the core storyline.


He is known for being the main antagonist of the Three Deities Arc. And that’s why, if you are someone who wants to enjoy some high-octane action then look forward to him.



28. Emma Sano


Emma Sano


You will not understand her value until you read her name properly. That’s right. She is Emma Sano, a girl who is exceptional, to say the least. The idea about this girl is that she is connected to Sano Manjiro.


And that’s via their father. She is Mikey’s sister who also happens to be Draken’s girlfriend. Mikey is someone who admires Emma Sano from his heart. And she is also recognized for her association with Izana Kurokawa as the adoptive younger sister.


She is adorable and has made a significant impact on the audience with her presence.



29. Kakuchou




You may remember this guy as the Defense Unit Captain of the Kanto Manji Gang in the series. And that’s why he is so special to the audience. He is known for his position as the head of the four heavenly kings as well.


And since the group was part of Tenjiku, his connections are as strong as they can get. He was also a right-hand to Izana Kurokawa. And it is said that he was also a part of the top administration of Rokuhara Tandai.


He was referred to as a Leader in that space. Now that’s something impactful. And the list goes on for this man with his excellence.



30. Kanji Mochizuki


Kanji Mochizuki


This man looks like a bodybuilder who will break you in seconds. And that’s one of the many reasons why he is standing here on our list. Kanji is the one who stood as the commanding officer of the Kanto Manji Gang in the anime.


He was also part of the infamous S-62 generation. And he was also one of the Heavenly Kings in the story. Later on, he decided to join Rokuhara Tandai and stood as the Number 4 of that gang.


This is where things worked for the audience so much. After all, how else are you going to appreciate this man? And his looks just make him more menacing.



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