Top 50 Most Popular Old Anime Of All Time

top 50 most popular old anime of all time


The Good Old Days! An era when we had all the time in the world to relax, enjoy, and just appreciate the beauty of life.


No hustle or hustle. Just simplicity and tranquility. There’s a reason why people still long for those moments in their lives.


And although it isn’t possible to experience those moments yet, we can indeed experience the pieces of art created during those moments.


In other words, we as anime fans can enjoy the amazing shows that were created during the 70s, 80s, and 90s.


However, which are the ones that deserve our priority? Well, that’s what we will figure out today. This is the Best Old Anime list.


I hope you enjoy it.




1. Berserk




This show has everything that you can ask for. A gripping story, with cultural impact, deep psychology, and so much more.


The show talks about a mercenary named Guts who gets along with a gang leader to rule the weak.


However, as time passes by, he realizes that his purpose in life is something far different. And that’s where he creates an unexpected enemy for himself.


The story of Berserk is dark, deep, and well-thought-out. And it is because of these features that this anime from 1997 still holds strong in the current generation.




2. Cowboy Bebop


Cowboy Bebop


Considered by many as the best anime of its time, we have Cowboy Bebop. A simple and sweet story of a space bounty hunter named Spike Spiegel who is trying to make a living in this accursed world.


However, soon enough, his past will start to creep into his life. And that’s where all the fun will start to surface.


The show is episodic. However, it still manages to entertain the audience and keep them hooked for the entire run.


This is why Cowboy Bebop is a show that will remain an all-time classic for the audience.




3. Neon Genesis Evangelion


Neon Genesis Evangelion


Neon Genesis Evangelion was the anime that stood way ahead of its time. It talks about the psychological aspects that focus on being a pilot of high-octane robots.


And although it may seem simple at first, the reality is far different. The characters go through anxiety, depression, and mind-boggling processes that change the way we look at any action series.


It is hard for anyone to stand up and fight for the welfare of their world. Especially when that warrior is a young boy.


The psychological aspects of this series are what hold it so well.




4. Rurouni Kenshin


rurouni kenshin


Released in 1996, this gem set the gold standard for all things sword-swinging and martial arts.


Talk about a timeless classic that’s still flexing its muscles in the world of fighting anime! A young wandering swordsman stumbles upon a martial arts school, and the stage is set in the Meiji era.


Yep, we’re talking about that old-school vibe that’ll transport you to a different time and place.


Rurouni Kenshin isn’t just any anime; it’s a peek into the roots of the classic series era, giving you a taste of the timeless brilliance that shaped anime history.


So, if you’re into epic sword battles, a dash of nostalgia, and a journey through the Meiji era, this anime is an absolute must-watch!


Get ready to witness the magic that made Rurouni Kenshin a legend in the anime and fighting genre! 



5. Grave of the Fireflies


grave of the fireflies


Prepare yourself for an emotional rollercoaster as we dive into the poignant tale of Grave of the Fireflies! World War 2 might be a chapter in history, but its impact is still etched in our hearts. Now, imagine experiencing the war through Japan’s lens.


That’s exactly what this movie does! Grave of the Fireflies unfolds the heart-wrenching journey of a brother and sister navigating the harsh realities of survival during World War 2. Get those tissues ready because this isn’t your average film—it’s a tear-jerker masterpiece!


The duo wanders through their war-torn neighbourhood, and the storytelling is absolutely amazing. So, prepare yourself for an emotional ride, and be ready to have your heartstrings tugged in ways you never imagined.


Grave of the Fireflies isn’t just a movie; it’s a powerful testament to the human spirit in the face of adversity.



6. Yu Yu Hakusho


Yu Yu Hakusho


Yu Yu Hakusho is a show that will show you the greatness of the olden days. Its story focuses on a guy named Yusuke who saved a child from an accident.


However, Yusuke was considered so evil that the Spirit World entities were shocked because of his act of kindness.


And so, when he ended up dying for that kid, the Spirit World promised him his revival if he helped them save the planet from the Spirits and thus, became the Spirit Detective.


However, that is going to be a task and along with his other friends, Yusuke will strive to hold his own against the fierce spirit.



7. Fist Of The North Star


Fist Of The North Star


Omae wa Mou Shinderu! Every single anime fan knows about this catchphrase. But guess which anime started this catchphrase?


It’s Fist Of The North Star. Yup, a series that will shake you from the core with its narrative.


The show talks about a world where nuclear war has broken out and everything is destroyed. Now, in such a wasteland, the strong rule over the weak, and things are falling apart.


However, Kenshiro is going to bring justice to this cruel world as he possesses a special ability within his arms.


The fact that he can destroy anyone with his Fist Of The North Star technique defines his position as the savior of the world.



8. Legend Of The Galactic Heroes


Legend Of The Galactic Heroes


While Mobile Suit Gundam was known for its action elements, Legend Of The Galactic Heroes was known for its political elements.


This anime was one of the first anime to take the idea of political battle carefully and execute it in a way that was never seen before.


The clash between the two parties in the story is so engaging that people lose their minds over it.


Both the characters are correct in their regards. However, which one of them deserves to be the winner over the other?


That Dilemma made the audience scratch their heads. And that’s where Legend Of The Galactic Heroes’ excellence came to be.



9. Mobile Suit Gundam


Mobile Suit Gundam


Mecha is popular because of Gundam. That’s right, this franchise is what makes Mecha as huge as it is today.


And that’s why everyone is bound to respect it. The show set the standards for a typical mecha series that focuses on intergalactic battles and fights with huge robots.


However, the execution of this concept was so good in Mobile Suit Gundam that even to this day, it is considered to be holding its own against the technologically enhanced mecha series.


You know you are amazing when you created a genre from your story. And that’s why Mobile Suit Gundam deserves a spot on this list.



10. Ashita No Joe


Ashita No Joe


Nothing will ever be able to beat the legacy of Ashita No Joe. It was an anime that inspired millions.


And served as the basis for many sports series to come henceforth. The show talks about a guy named Joe who realized that his purpose in life is nothing but boxing.


Soon enough, things started to go well for his purpose. However, as he started taking this act more and more seriously, he felt that there was more to his presence than just boxing.


Filled with a ton of life lessons and motivational anecdotes, this anime is going to be the best for you if you are into engaging sports series.



11. Sailor Moon


Sailor Moon


The story was new to the audience, thanks to its unique narrative. However, it was so impactful that it became the face of the Shoujo genre altogether.


Sailor Moon is the most successful shoujo series of all time. No questions about it. If something that started back in 1992 can stay relevant with thousands of fans even to this day then the story won in every regard possible.


The anime is all about a group of schoolgirls who got special powers in coherence to solar planets. And their job is to protect the earth from any potential harm.


This series created a benchmark for the genre and that’s why it is ranked so high on this list.



12. Lupin the 3rd Part I


Lupin the 3rd Part I


Lupin is one of the most popular franchises in Japan. And it is all thanks to its sweet yet spicy storytelling.


The story is all about an international thief named Lupin who is always out there, trying his best to secure his victory over his opponents.


He is wanted by a lot of organizations. However, one group that wants him specifically is Inspector Heiji Zenigata VII.


And that’s where the fun begins. Lupin, along with his gang, tries his level best to escape any situation that can act as a predicament for him.


And he continues to perform his duty as a thief of international standards.



13. Super Dimensional Fortress Macross


super dimensional fortress macross


A Mecha series that changed the game for everyone. This one is so cool that people used to lose their minds over it.


And that’s why it is placed here on our list. The story is quite simple. An alien spaceship landed on earth around 10 years ago.


Although there were no issues during that moment, things started to get interesting with time. Soon enough, people started realizing that this ship will embark on the beginning of an intergalactic war.


And that’s exactly what happened. Giant Robots are our only option for survival. And that’s where Super Dimensional Fortress Macross will give us the chills that we need from an amazing mecha series.



14. Future Boy Conan


Future Boy Conan


Future Boy Conan is aspirational. It strives to push the narrative that will change your perception of adventure series.


And the strength that it has to offer is insane. The series talks about a boy named Conan.


And he is not afraid of anything that he faces. The story is set in a world of post-mass destruction.


And that’s where things start to get interesting. Because even though civilization is done, the people around are trying to conquer the leftovers as well.


But that’s going to be tough since Conan will save his friends and ensure their security firsthand.



15. Aim For The Ace!


Aim For The Ace!


You may never be able to enjoy an anime like Aim for the Ace. After all, it’s a series so deep that people tend to enjoy it for various reasons.


It talks about a girl named Hiromi Oka who wishes to become a professional Tennis player. And let’s just say that this dream is a tough one.


Why? Because the series is game-changing from the inside out. Unlike most sports anime, this one focuses a lot more on the characters and their relationships.


It talks about anxiety, stress, and love issues that occur when you wish to attain something great in life.


And those features elevate the narrative to the next level for that audience.



16. Astro Boy


Astro Boy


This is the first anime. Yup, this show is considered to be the first TV anime that had a notable impact on the audience of Japan.


The story of Astra Boy is quite simple. It talks about a kid who gets some supernatural powers and uses those powers to save his world.


Now, this may not seem like something unreal on the outside. However, you must remember that Astro Boy aired back in 1963.


Yeah, 1963. This show is so old that people went insane during its air. And that’s why it is considered to be a gem in the genre.


Nothing will ever be able to come close to this anime and its excellence.



17. Urusei Yatsura


Urusei Yatsura


This comic story will give you an idea of how funny anime used to be back in 1978. And that’s where the charisma of Urusei Yatsura comes into play.


The series is quite basic in terms of its narrative. It talks about an alien invasion of earth. And the invaders are only going to leave if the Champion of the earth defeats them.


However, this Champion is a hyperactive boy. And as someone who doesn’t have a clue about what’s going on, this boy will ruin the situation to an unrealistic degree.


This is why Urusei Yatsura is an anime that people appreciate for its comedy and storytelling.



18. Speed Racer


Speed Racer


The title may seem pretty basic at first. However, its simplicity is what made it so elegant, to begin with.


SpeedRacer is an anime that you need to watch as soon as possible. Because missing out on its hype would be sinful.


The story talks about Go Mifune who wants nothing but the speed in his life. He desires to be the best race car champion in history.


And he will achieve that goal with the help of his family, friends, and Mach 5. What’s Mach 5 you may ask?


Well, that’s a superfast car gifted to him by his father. And that’s why Speed Racer is a show that you cannot look down upon.



19. Top Wo Nerae!! Gunbuster


Top Wo Nerae!! Gunbuster


This anime changed the way people looked at the Mecha series with female protagonists. After all, this show was insane on so many different levels.


It had action, robots, sci-fi, etc. It was gorgeous. The show talks about a girl who is going to pilot a giant robot that will save the planet.


And she is doing so in memory of her late father who was also a pilot for such robots.


This battle is going to get very interesting with time. And Gunbuster will give you the feels that you need for the enjoyment that you want from such anime. The vibe is insane.



20. Space Battleship Yamato


Space Battleship Yamato


As the continuation of the Star Blazer series, the Space Battleship Yamato is a show that you wouldn’t wanna miss out on under any circumstances.


If you loved Star Blazers, this anime is a must-watch for you. The series talks about a spaceship being sent to the planet of Iscander with the intent of securing a device that will bring the earth back to its life.


The normalcy on the planet is gone for good. And that’s why things have started to get interesting between the distant planet of Iskander and planet Earth.


This is why the show is so entertaining for the audience. Yamato must hurry and there’s no way out.



21. Dragon Ball


Dragon Ball


Dragon Ball needs no introduction. It is one of the most popular anime to ever exist. And that’s why the series continued for so long.


The fact that Goku is still one of the most sought-after Characters is insane. And that’s just part of what makes Dragon Ball such an amazing series to talk about.


Even though it wasn’t planned, this franchise marked the beginning of one of the most popular brands to ever exist under the umbrella of anime.


And the fact that there are millions of fans who have been a part of the Dragon Ball Fandom, proves that there’s no competition for this show.



22. Slam Dunk


Slam Dunk


Slam Dunk is just insane. That’s right, the anime is so good that you can’t help but fall in love with it.


It is the original sports anime that changed the game for the genre forever. The show talks about Sakuragi Hanamichi who has been rejected 50 times in his school days.


Now he wishes to change his luck and somehow ends up getting involved in the sport of Basketball. However, this game isn’t going to be easy since our boy has to put in a ton of work to hold a rank.


However, he is a beast with potential. And that’s where all the fun centers are for us. Slam Dunk is a one-of-a-kind anime series.



23. Trigun




Trigun is an interesting anime. It first aired back in 1998 and from that point forward, the show has always entertained the audience very well.


The premise is also quite intriguing. The show talks about a guy named Vash The Stampede. He is said to be the most menacing being in existence and thus, the bounty on his head is 60 Billion.


Yeah, that’s Billion with a B. And because of that, every single criminal organization is out there, searching for him.


This is a game-changer in every regard imaginable. And that’s why Trigun is a show that you wouldn’t wanna miss out on.



24. Knights of the Zodiac


Knights of the Zodiac


It wouldn’t be incorrect to call them the Power Rangers of their era. And that’s why their character holds a lot more significance than what meets the eye.


Knights Of The Zodiac is a series that talks about a group of people called Saints, all having a Cloth with themselves that allows them to have interesting powers.


These powers are in coherence with the celestial constellations. And that’s where the Zodiac part comes into play. All these guys have only one goal in their life, to secure Goddess Athena who is trying her best to make sure that the planet is safe from any other entity.



25. FLCL




This anime is just confusing to some unrealistic degree. And that’s why people still question how the series was created in the mind of the author and director.


However, the way this entire anime folded out gave the audience a completely new perspective on the anime medium.


The show involves a young boy named Naota who meets a girl on Vespa with a big guitar. Now on the outside, this isn’t anything extraordinary.


However, when you narrow it down, yeah, things are going to get a lot more interesting than this. There’s a reason why people appreciate the show so much.


And thus, we are into it for the long run.



26. Revolutionary Girl Utena


Revolutionary Girl Utena


A Cult Classic of its era. That’s how you would define this series. Revolutionary Girl Utena changed the way people looked at the Shoujo series.


And that’s why its impact on the audience as well as its influence overall, shaped our experiences for the better.


That’s why Revolutionary Girl Utena is a game-changer. The story is all about a tomboyish girl who is battling other girls due to unexpected obligations.


However, with each passing battle, her life gets more and more interesting as the world revolution is right on the horizon.


And this schoolgirl will be the one to hold it.



27. Star Blazers


star blazers


A Mecha Anime series changed the way people look at mecha as a genre. The sci-fi premise of this show revolves around an alien invasion taking place on earth.


And to secure the planet, the citizens have relied on a starship that is bound to go on a dangerous mission.


They must reach out to the planet of Iskander and come back to earth. If they don’t, the future will be darker than space.


However, if they do succeed, then there’s a chance that all this misery will have an end to it.


This is what Star Blazer is all about. And as a show with only 22 mins per episode, it is quite a packet.



28. Knight Hunters


Knight Hunters


Sometimes a simple yet engaging story is all you need to make a name for yourself. And that’s where Knight Hunters come into play.


The show hit the TV back in 1998. And in those days, these kinds of narratives were at their peak.


The story focuses on 4 Characters who take down gangsters, terrorists, dealers, etc using their skills. Now it may seem like a simple action-adventure series.


However, the execution of the premise is what defined the success of this anime. And that’s why Knight Hunters is a series that stands so high on our list of anime that are old.



29. Initial D: First Stage


Initial D: First Stage


Initial D came into existence back in 1998. Now that’s nostalgic. However, the show gained popularity thanks to its interesting attributes.


The series talks about a guy who used to be a young delivery boy. However, soon enough, he realized that this world has a lot more thrill to offer.


And that’s where Initial D comes into play. The story dives deep into the charisma that comes along with racing.


High-octane, top-speed adventure is what the series is all about. And that’s why people loved the anime back when it first aired.


Initial D will give you the chills that you need.



30. Serial Experiments Lain


Serial Experiments Lain


Serial Experiments Lain will play with your mind. And let’s just say that this anime was way ahead of its time.


It’s a psychological horror series. However, the horror here is not jumpscare or some inappropriate imagery. Instead, the horror here stands for the degree of content that the show has to offer.


It focuses on a girl named Lain. And she is going to dive deep into the idea of virtual reality that she is living in.


This is where things will get interesting. Because the more she dives into this topic, the more mind-boggling it gets.


Serial Experiments Lain is a series that will change your perception of life.



31. Golden Boy


Golden Boy


Golden Boy is an interesting series. It focuses on a guy who has given up his studies. Now on the surface, this may sound like a dumb situation.


However, what happened instead is that this boy is now on the streets doing odd jobs, meeting new people, and finding countless women for himself.


He is a kind-hearted person who just wants to make ends meet in his way. And that’s where it all begins for him.


Golden Boy is a story from the olden days that has a lot to teach us. And that’s because true education is inculcated outside the boundaries of the classroom.


And that’s why the show is unreal for all of us.



32. Captain Tsubasa


Captain Tsubasa


Any football fan will remember this masterpiece. Captain Tsubasa is the original football anime series. And it was so popular back in the day that everyone was going insane over it.


Even today, during multiple conversations placed within communities, Captain Tsubasa is widely regarded as one of the best sports anime to ever exist.


It is a long story with a ton of episodes and a lot more entertainment that holds the series together.


And this is why a classic like Captain Tsubasa is here on our list. If you are a fan of soccer and enjoy some high-quality shows from the olden days then this is a no-brainer.


Give it a go and you will fall in love with it.



33. Akira




Akira is huge. Unrealistically huge. It is one of the most commercially successful anime series of its time. And the fact that people still watch it, goes on to show that this series is something in its league.


The story uses the sci-fi concept that allows one of the characters to get psychic abilities. There’s a reason why people appreciate the story so much.


But more importantly, there have been countless instances of Akira being appreciated for its animation. Our main character is a gangster who will save his friend from being affected by Psychic powers.


And this is how the story unfolds itself. Therefore, you must watch this anime for some high-octane entertainment.



34. City Hunter


City Hunter


One of the classic anime of its time, City Hunter is a show that every kid watched during his childhood days.


It was the coolest thing of its era. The show talks about Ryo Saeba who is a hunter ready to take on any job.


The idea is simple. Ryo will battle anyone and everyone, as long as he gets his chance with Woman.


And that’s quality if you ask me. This is why City Hunter was the gangster show of its time.


This is why the anime released in 1987, has managed to stand the test of time so well. Moreover, everyone realizes that this entire story is a lot more captivating than what meets the eye.


The daily adventures of Ryo are going to be unreal.



35. Ninja Scroll


Ninja Scroll


Are you a fan of Samurai-like action? If your answer is yes then Ninja Scroll is the anime for you.


The show talks about a swordsman who happens to have a lot going on for him. Firstly, he can take on enemies like a pro.


Moreover, he has a woman beside him as well. And that’s why he can take on enemies a lot more efficiently.


This is the story of the warrior, trying his best to make ends meet with his effort. And he must take care of the clan that consists of demonic killers.


These guys are a real threat. And there’s a lot more to this story. For instance, there stands a ghost that can cause a lot of trouble for our main character in the story.



36. Outlaw Star


Outlaw Star


Action and adventure are two of the most promising and potent genres in all of anime. After all, everyone loves a great show that can entertain you for hours.


That’s why Outlaw Star is a series that you must watch under any circumstance. After all, it dived deep into the hardships and fun experienced by the outlaw crew of the advanced starship.


There are a few spices of sci-fi here as well. This is what makes the show even more interesting.


Moreover, the anime first aired back in 1998. And since it is before 2000, the animation has that nostalgic feel that can’t be compared to anything that we get to witness in recent times.



37. Ranma ½


Ranma ½


This anime will show you how creative the world can be. Just the synopsis is enough to give you an idea of how fascinating this anime is.


The show talks about a guy who is extremely good at martial arts. However, he happens to discover a feature about himself.


And that’s his ability to turn into a girl. Yup, that’s how it goes for him. Ranma is our protagonist and whenever he gets in contact with cold water, he transforms into a girl.


Unique, right? But that’s not the only part. This process is reversible. And so, Ranma tries his best to secure himself from any form of trouble.


Needless to say, that’s a bit more difficult than what meets the eye. Moreover, the creators added romance as well.



38. Space Pirate Captain Harlock


Space Pirate Captain Harlock


The story is set in the future. Although the show itself was made in 1978, the story is placed in the year 2977.


This is why the contrast for the audience was so impactful that they couldn’t help but look forward to the show.


The story talks about a world where everyone is trying to have fun. All the work is done by machines.


And the best part is that the earth has been abandoned and now everyone lives in one or the other space colony.


However, when an alien species tries to invade these space colonies, things start to get interesting between people. And there’s only one person who can save them.


That one guy will be the game-changer here.



39. Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind


Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind


The planet is in danger and everyone is trying their best to make ends meet. This war is going to be a remarkable one.


And that’s why it will be worthy of your attention and effort. The series talks about a warrior who is out there, trying her best to save the world from the trouble that it is forcing upon itself.


Two nations are going for absolute destruction. And this pacifist would try her best to make sure that this absolute destruction is stopped at all costs.


The world will see a brighter side if these two nations stopped. Or else, the entire planet would have to face its misery.


This is why this series will give you the chills that you need from a series that was created back in 1984.



40. Castle in the Sky


Castle in the Sky


This story will bloom your heart. And that’s why it is so captivating for us. The show is from the Ghibli studios and you know that those guys don’t mess around with their content.


That’s why this anime is going to be a game-changer for everyone. The show talks about a girl and a guy who are in search of a legendary floating castle.


However, this search is going to be an amazing one. Do you know why? Because the girl and the guy have been blessed with a magic crystal as well.


And this is why the show will change your opinion on everything that you have watched so far. Ghibli is known for its exceptional performance. And this is no joke either.



41. Ghost In The Shell 


Ghost In The Shell 


Set in the technologically advanced city of Niihama in 2029, cybernetic enhancements have become the norm, allowing citizens to replace their limbs with robotic parts.


Public Security Section 9, led by the determined Major Motoko Kusanagi, is tasked with maintaining order in this interconnected world. Their latest mission involves tracking down a mysterious hacker known as the “Puppet Master” who erases victims’ memories.


With a body almost entirely robotic, the Puppet Master possesses formidable abilities. As Motoko and her team dig deeper, they encounter other organizations and face complex moral and philosophical dilemmas.


Motoko realizes that the Puppet Master holds the answers to her own existence, leading to a confrontation that will uncover the truth.



42. The Slayers


The Slayers


The Slayers first hit the TV back in 1995. And it lasted till 2009. That’s a lot of episodes if you ask me.


And this side series focuses on some entertaining action adventures as well. The story focuses on Teenage sorcerers who are out there, trying to secure glory.


However, in this world, success is a challenge. And it is determined with the help of Gold. If these sorcerers are unable to get their hands on enough gold, they might be going out of business very soon.


And that’s why the show is going to be worth all your time and effort. And maybe your gold as well.



43. Tenchi Muyo!


Tenchi Muyo!


This adventure comedy series will make you lose your mind. And although it’s from 1992, the comedy still ages very well.


The show focuses on a guy named Tenchi. Now on the outside, Tenchi is a normal person who is trying his best to live a complacent life.


However, he will soon have to engage himself in some real action involving bounty hunters, ancient demons, and mad scientists.


Yeah, things are going to get very interesting. However, Tenchi is in luck because to save him from his troubles, he has 6 women, longing for him.


My man was winning a bit too much. And that is why he is placed here on our list.



44. Armored Trooper VOTOMS


Armored Trooper VOTOMS


There is a lot of action in this anime and that’s why you should give it a try. The series is all about a soldier who has been stuck in wars all the time.


Firstly, he was a part of an interplanetary war between Bavalent and Melkia. He belonged to Planet Melkia. And even though this man survived that war, things start to flip for him when he ends up in another war.


Things are not slowing down and our soldier has no choice but to keep on fighting and striving to make sure that he secures victory.


But victory is not the only thing here. After all, survival is also at stake right now. Things are looking tighter than ever.


That’s why the hype of the show never takes a break.



45. Barefoot Gen 


Barefoot Gen 


Set during the peak of World War II in 1945, Japan is under immense pressure as US forces bomb its cities.


In Hiroshima, a spirited young boy named Gen Nakaoka faces the hardships of war, grappling with scarcity and hoping for Japan’s swift defeat and the safety of his city.


Little does Gen and his family know that their fate is sealed with the impending drop of “Little Boy,” the US atomic bomb that will bring catastrophic consequences and forever change Japanese society.


Despite their optimism, the devastating reality looms over them, painting a harrowing picture of the wartime turmoil and the tragic events that unfold in Hiroshima.



46. The Vision of Escaflowne


The Vision of Escaflowne


The story is set in another world. And that was grasping for the audience enjoying this anime in 1996.


And so, if you haven’t watched it yet, make sure that you do so. The Vision of Escaflowne talks about Hitomi, a girl from the current world who can use psychic powers.


That wasn’t all that impressive but when she gets transported to the magical realm, things start to change. This place is called Gaea.


And here, our girl is going to face some of the darkest beings in existence. It’s all on her now.


And she must make the right decision. Or else, the future of this world is absent forever. This is why the series is so capturing.



47. Patlabor: The TV Series


Patlabor: The TV Series


This TV series was brightening for the audience. After all, it aired back in 1989. However, it impacted the audience so much that they were always excited about it.


The series talks about a futuristic Tokyo. And that was game-changing for the viewers back then because a sci-fi concept was always fascinating back in the day.


And in this series, that concept was used to make sure that the characters explore the world, while also adding a layer of fun to it.


It talks about the life of a Police Robot Pilot Squad and their mess-ups in the process. However, they enjoy their heart out at this place.


And that’s why this series was so impactful for the audience. It was worth every penny.



48. Space Adventure Cobra


space adventure cobra


This anime is a story that needs more recognition from fans. And that’s why it is placed here on our list.


It aired back in 1982. And the entire movie is worthy of a re-watch. The story focuses on a space pirate named Cobra.


This man happened to have a gun hidden in his left arm. And that’s what made him so intimidating in the first place.


However, the important thing here is that he was supposed to be dead a while ago. But now he is back again.


And this time, he will save the world no matter what. He has fallen in love with Jane Flower.


And his attempts to impress her will involve him going to war with some serious criminals.



49. Getter Robo Armageddon


Getter Robo Armageddon


This anime is from 1998. So you can bet that it marked the beginning era of the upcoming Mecha franchises.


The show talks about Dr. Saotome who was sent to jail because of being accused of murder. And Ryoma Nagare continues to realize that the threat to humanity is going to be far bigger than what we have imagined.


The Shin Dragon is out there, ready to destroy anything and everything that stands against it. And that’s why this battle is going to be a remarkable one for everyone who is a part of it.


Will Nagare and his team be able to stop this destruction? Or will the entire society collapse under its burden?


That’s what we are going to figure out today.



50. Pokemon




This one is a no-brainer. Pokemon is one of the most popular anime series of all time. And it is one of the biggest media franchises to ever exist.


You can’t go wrong with this series. Even though it started back in 1997, the show still holds up very well.


And it is all thanks to Pokemon’s continued ingenuity and attempts to bring something new to the table. With every passing season, they are bringing something new to the table.


Either it’s in the form of new Pokemons or the form of a new mechanic in the games that is inculcated in the anime later on.


This series continues to pave a name for itself. And that’s why it is placed here on our list.



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